The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 6, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1900. II : .1 r.esmem oi western federation of calling for troops and the president A FAREWELL DINNER. PLOQUENT TREATMENT OF CAMPAIGN ISSUES. (Continued From Page i.) Prominent Mining Men Give Dinner in the line of ihe Iturliugton or Northern Pacific railroads. Mr. Duhamel expects to put in HOO or 1500 head of cattle in the spring if a suitable range , is fouud. I 7T tn riiaciiHH it. I am onlv eo- Miners. ' j was i,oun( to semj them. (Applause.) "Executive Mansion, Washington, ) Now one of the other bugaboos is Secretary of War: Important. In- i the "consent of the governed" and Mr. mier "i"ltary com-! Hwijamin Tillman, of South Carolina, mander. This condition, if-true, must , .. . , , , . r , be stopped UcKIN'I FY " ' Kt tS Up 0l the 4th f July' ln 1 d0D 1 Th'io ,..,. .v.. ... : ' ' 'know what kind of a convection it Honor of J. V. N. Dorr. A farewell dinner was given last night at the Bullock in honor of Mr. .1. V, N Door, who expects to leave to morr. vv inornin-i for Colorado. Mr papers in the spring of '87 of a poor, lean, hungry, frightened looking steer, "The Last of Five Thousand." There is always something pathetic about the "last" of anything even tho it be the political aspirations of a band of calamity howlers, and the onlooker feels that the call to "Our Last Rally" should have been accompanied by slow music and a flag at half mast. "uai. cue piesiueiu, as soon Hospital Notes. Mr. Alexander McNorlon. of Nemo. S D , was admitted to St Joseph's this week, suffering from sore evs. one- eye Dor:- luts been chemist at the Golden Gate Cyanide plan; for a year or more and before that, hedd a similar posi tion with the D & D. Smelter for a nun:' . r of years. He has resigned hen to accept a position at the new siiie: r iu Florence, Colorado, nf whh h Dr Franklin It Carpenter has chai- During the six or seven years was they had at Kansas City on that day. reads the Declaration of Independence, and his heart bleeds within him for the poor Filipinos are to be governed without their consent; when he has brazenly stood up in the senate of the United States and said: "We intend to maintain our supremacy in South' Carolina, and if we have to kill enough niggers to do it." Thank God not uiue l" j " ins to address myself to the one question did McKinley do aught but what as his duty In the matter, and if there were any outrages and atrocities there, was he responsible for them? i ay emphatically upon my honor as a ",an that this report shows that he was n no way responsible. The gov-onuir f Idaho, Governor Steunen-bt.ri; was elected by the populists. All"the state officers were populists. : the constitution of the United Sfi'te-i it becomes the duty of the president- when called upon by the L, ruor of a state, to furnish troops, te ri,din putting down a. rebellion, . the "report ofthTs TonmrtTW. ','1)lh the minority and the majority ,Hllt every member of the eommit- as he received this demand of the president of the Western Federation, says to the secrtary of War: 'Important. Inquire of governor and military commander. This condition, if true, must he stopped." And on the 2Mb day of September, two days after the telegram of Mr. Hoyce. appears the following dispatch: "War Department. Washington, Sept. L9. IMci. Hon. Frank Steunen- I was in such a bail conduit n that. Dr. j Verccif thought he had to remove it . yesterday, but today be found it very much improved. I Mr. Herman lliimi came to the hos-I pital ye.-tcii.i suffering from stum a h trouble Mr. ('has i 'h n -1 r. sen is taking a i much needed i cm at Si Joseph'.-, i- .-M-f- X4-w4"-te4l.--7v.plH-----, Mcl.aughliu coup. u.c. brougni to Si ,lo.s, ph's with 1 phoid fever Just a Dog Fight. A dog tight between a bulldog and a big black mongrel attracted almost ' as nun h .attention yesterday as if it ' bad been a. political discussion. The bulldog began it out on the sidewalk ' in front of Hutler's jewelry store. Ho bad some tumble in stirring tfhe lldaek d up t" lighting pitch, but when he finally .-in ceeded, the. in wMch he has made Dead wood hi the men of the north that maintained ; n()) Mr. Dorr lias made friend Jjr-i; Xitu:x:tuui:Mi-liitt4wj l-k)i-H-44-hH--T -JJ-Uim,.,.du -jiutha.vjui.-tu-f?u .ltt.Sttu4h.. i ne ionowing communication just received by tli,- president from Edward Hoyce. president of tb.. V..-.t,., n he (uiiciirs in uie inuijuaiuuu mai. m'- te of Idaho was authorized to and that the president afiTr r? ill liner last night "was" given'7 by t1 mining men with whom he been .t-'soriateil during his s:a. Tic dinner was an elaborate one, of sevi i'iiiiivk and wan ser ed in a styh- that, would have done credit to j any i ..del I Tim,.' present, wen .1 V . N Dor: t he c.. st ,f honor. D C Holes . super- ' intc;,.;, at of the I lolden Gate mining j i I 1 j I laugh Carolina for their interpretation of the Declaration of I ndeixuidince nor their construction of the constitution of their country. ( Applause. 1 They talk about consent of ihe governed, when it i not 4u years ago when 1 states of this union seceded and set up a government for them selves, that we. in the north, put a ..ill K.r troops ...titieil in sendiliK them tliere. I loll A 10. Fi ,i til. is In hop. :ng able to up soon M rs Zach '!',( lor and . m in: ter ai''- doing . i y 1 1 1 1 i Mr. John Hocking of !'cr admitted tli is morning wjij, . of typhoid fever Mr Grant, of Ihil (it.., w w&, II. : 'n the demand of the governor: black dog went in to win. They fought all over the sidewalk and all over the inside of the stoic and it took all of the Second ward and most of the city water supply to separate them When it was over the bulldog wasitaken away by bis friends k have his .wounds dressed, while the mongrel stood in the gutter and wagged his tail and laughed. 0 REPORT OF CITY TREASURER. Report of City Treasurer for mouth ending October 111. 11100: Receipts. Halame last report $277'.) S7 "Itoise, Idaho, April 1!'J, lV.ti). 1 1 p. m. President: pursuance of the statute in such made and provided, I, Frank The has million men m the field to giv them I com; - - r i , H l.ojd. general man dropsy of the heart, 1 , very low Mr. Liboli is still quite a sb k man. Tim following left St Joseph's within III., past two weeks entirely roov ''"d Mr H ' C. Armstrong. John .ells. Maurice Gleider, Jas. Connors, John l'et,i,on, T Moliter . Corn ager of the Golden Gale. .1 M l'en niiiL-icii a-ssayer Golden Gate. Anson lligb superintendent of the Kildoti ! an mining company . H C rnL supei 1 intt mil nt Cook ami (libbs cyanide plant at Gayville; N W Chapman superintendent Portland minim; com j pan . 10 IS Saw ver. chemist . Portland ! Recei ed- taxes . Received Hall Kent. Received concert ball Received lines . Received Saloon lie l is lires.nalien, Snlne Trelore 1'271 15 r.O 00 100 00 5 00 . r.r.o oe .$3750 02 mining company, John .M, Ibiiioi erat ion 'of Minors : , " 'I'risoneis in ihe Wardner hull pen held under military authority have ben placed on a bread and water diet, and their treatment has of late been so brutal that some are contemplating suicide rather than longer endure such misery. They are even refused to consult with their counsel' " - 1 need not read it all again. " T snould be glad for any information which you may deem proper to an 1 swer this question. 1 "EI.IHU HOOT. "Secretary of War.'.' , "Boise. Idaho. Sept. :;. 1 Miil. -Klihtl ' Root, Secretary of War. Washington. I ' U: Ed Hoyce s communication to.j president is false in every particular. Letter follows: "STKUNF.XHKRG. Governor." Hack to the populist, governor again. : Mr. McKinley says: "Important. If; true; stop this thing. ' What more ' could he do? The president of the ! United States has to govern 7 ;. m i.ui n people, lie cannot do these things each individually by himself. Je must do them by others. All that he j can do is to do his duty. All that he ' is responsible for is his dut. and when he sets in motion the machinery ! of the government it is all that is in ; his power and all that he can do. : Now on the same day. September j "'.. IVCi. is the following dispatch: ! "War I lepartment . Washington . government without their consent. M.reat Applause ! And we gave it to them and we maintained it. Now 1 am not saying that in any way to arouse sectional feeling because I be. lieve that the Spanish war was worth all it cost when it brought the men who hail worn the blue and the gray, fighting shoulder to shoulder, under the old Hag of our country indissoluble forevir. it was glory enough that Teddy Roosevelt and Gallant Joe Wheeler rode side by side up the mil at Santiago. (Applause.) It. was compensation enough that after all the travail, the suffering and the trouble we again hail a reunited country, with, unl'oi -innately, a few lien Tillmans in il I Laughter I clien. -t Dakota mining com pan . .Tno Kan. lull, superintendent Gobb n Crown cyai.ide plant ; F F Seal oi superin Total Disbursements. Police and Salary fund . . . Kleotrio Light tuna St reel s and Allies fund . . . Fire fund Kngineeriug fund Printing fund M isoolluneous fund 3 1)9 II 33 . . 311 16 . . 101 35 . . 13 19 49 25 4 02 27 75 SteiiuetiberK. governor oi luano, me legislature not being in session and it ma being possible to convene it, do heP'hv apply to the president of the t ail, d States to call forth the military tones of the United States to suppress the insurrection in Shoshone ouint.v, State of .Idaho. This action , is sustained in the fact that all of tin- available Idaho National Guard volunteered for service in the Philippines, and said county is in a state of insurrection. I am of the opinion that at least 500 troops in the aggregate will he necessary, but smaller detachments should be ordered in as rapid-lv as possible. FRANK S T E U N K N I ! K RG . "Governor." A governor elected by the populists, .t leader in Idaho of the populist party today! The committee say that it heianie the duty of the president to tuini.-h troops. Now the president :M t., by secretaries, but as is usual in .-mil i ases friction grows up when Hoops art; brought in. Hoth sides may he, as hoth sides usually are. iu .-erne extent in fault. Hut on the j 1st of May, Russell A. Alger, secre Differences of Opinion. The ' Midnight Fdition" of the Pio- 11 times reporting t,,. doings of fusion demonstration Saturday night has caused aiLei.-e criticism by a few opubih ans and has been complimented for its fail lies- by others. If the situation and all the .onditions were rightly understood, criticism would disapp. ;a before reason and right. II excuses were needed they could be forthcoming in numbers. Tho.-,,. who criticise lose sight of the fa, I t ha! a new s paper can be lo al to it party and at the same time print all Ihe news that Is fit to mint' flo.t to ! t in i i ( Shawmiit mining company, j Chas Henley, ass tycr at. Central S l Jen.-. -ii chemist; II. P Cheairs. a-i saver at. I toadwood Tic pi esiilin: genius of the tnaten .1 j pari of the dinner was .1. I) Nichols. I I'onic fly chef at t he Mullock , w ho h,,- ' ' e e . : I y rctci ,c,l to 111-) old position Balance on hand 4736 97 i ougl lo Total City Water Fund. aiue last report lected during Oct.. 1900. . thai ject Ha 'o and tl il I'e.tflll tOlli tunc talked longer than I but tliere is one other imb-I want to say a Word ibout is militarism. The army of d States is going to overturn nmeiil' Il is a menace' republic is passing into the nd the empire coming into . .5756 02 . 1782 86 . 845 85 .$2028 71 . K',16 35 . 1012 35 .$2(528 71 the Unit, tlllS gOe Whv. He shallow ; hi,; St I I I is 11 Ln-, goal ', that iiiiels nerves. . brings appetite and ' weakened by illness, .on of the Anheuser- A.-s n, w Inch fact 1'ialily Sold by all ire Wholesale Total Disbursements. W'.i rra nt s redeemed Balance on hand es sllllllbcl :'th to tho.-. e prepnral i Hiewiiig IllleeS ilS :i-i- Job! l-t. "'. 1 swi. i The sane- day as tin ispalch to the government I "Tin illow ing nni m unicat ion " just rocei b" of any value as a newspaper It. must print the n,.Ws. It may have teen a mistake, from a purely parti sail standpoint, to have issued a special edition, even tno the same matter was printed in the regular edition. The only thought was to achieve a piece of newspaper enterprise. Any event that interests or engages the attention of as many people as did the little affair Saturday night cannot be the 1 orogroii n that at 1 ! i : 1 1 1 t and on all i h. I from the president of the W tary ot war. tcicgra His ueuciai .iei Total . Noveinb. Federation of Miners"- 1 need riam not 1. "I i, ( onimamlinK department of Col-j l''' lo, Denver, Colo.: "You will in- rea ! it to you again. It is in fi r lirst, 11)00". II. niSCHOFF. City Treasurer. oi ado '. The American army r Hill and Valley Forge fields of I lie i evolut ion ; s Lane and on all the republic in Ihe war of Cheresbuco, Moline del opec and I he City of M ng the honor and gh.ry should be glad for any which you deem proper ormation answer to inat at Lund field., of the I Ml' I that at Rev. Chepault ico, niaintaini J suppressed with Impunity by a news Notice. A H Bowman has moved his Dr. Liberty's Lightning Rods. The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor was recently struck by lightning and emerged unharmed. One bolt, struck the upraised arm and' another hit. on the forehead. Tho statue is protected by the finest system of ligthning roils ever made. Ligthning is no more dangerous than disiaso, and yet many people will of the Hag; that Jt Antictain and Shi- paper that pretends to print the news. If, however, it had been believed that one vote would be influenced from the republican ticket, by that, special edition, it would not have been issued. After the glorious victor- of today, those who have erltl- i iseil will see it 111 tile proper light. ind Gettysburg e ground; that' own first South loll, at ( 'hickumaii held, the Hag abov in this late war. yi Dakota, as brave i regiment as any united their homes, while exnosing this quest ion." "II A. CORH1N, Adj. Gen." "Denver. Colo. Sept. I!u. ISP'.!. Adjutant General Corhin, Washington. I). ('.: I have called upon commanding officer at Wardner for complete report by wire. MERRlAM, "Brigadier General.'' Now under date of May II. lS'.t'.l, is an application from the Pueblo Trades and Labor assembly. Pueblo. Colo., to President McKinley: "The Pueblo Trades and Labor Assembly. Pueblo. Colo.. May 11, lv..'.l.-William McKinley. President of the United States, Washington. I) C. Sir: At a regular meeting of the struct -Major Smith, commanding at Wallace, that he is to use the United States troops to aid the state authorities simply to suppress rioting and to maintain peace and order. These were your original instructions. The army must have nothing whatever to do with enforcing rifles for the government of miners or miners' unions. That is a matter for the local authorities to ucal with. It. A AI.GKR, "Secretary of War." That is the plain proposition or order from the secretary of war under the direction of the president. "You must not interfere with miners or miners' unions. You have nothing to do with that. That is the business of the state." Now, I understand that you have been led to believe that the president has refused to pay any of the into the Adams block, rooms No. 210 and 211. tf The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota, Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this property. V" have millions of tons of medium grade ore ln sight. We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop tho property. We have a few more shares at 17'4c For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address GLADIATOR OOLD M. & M. CO., Rooms 513-14 I. L. & T. Building, Des Moines, la. their bodies to this deadly enemy. The best protector In tho world is llostetter's Stomach Hitters. R will cleanse tho system, Invigorate the turves ami enrich the blood. It does this by strengthening the digestion. Good health depends solley upon the proper performance of this important, function. Weakness hero results ln constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia or biliousness. See that our Private Revenue Stamp covers the nock of the bottle. oi tliein. maintained in the Philippines 'he old traditions of the old army; that these men are going to overturn your government. ,,ien a man joins his colors, as it is called in the army, he may love them hut his love for the colors as times goes on becomes not love, but devotion. The man that slanders the American army is unworthy an American citizen, i Great Applause.) 1 remember that when the war of the rebellion broke out. altho nearly one-fifth of our officers by reason of their teaching as to state rights, superior duty and obligation to their state over the national government deserted their colors and went into the rebel army. The Last Rally. To ' Our Last Rally." the populist, leaders summoned the "White Hat, Hiigado" last night. One night more of blind enthusiasm, one last, mad dash into battle like "Harold, tho last of the Saxons, anil then defeat and oblivion They had not acknowledg-.1.1 it before I'ntil yesterday they were hopeful and entlisiastic. Hut yesterday they looked up at the torn, dilapidated Bryan banner that hung across Upper Main street, and then down to where McKinley and Roosevelt smiled serenely down from the republican banner, and they had a hunch or an inspiration, or something and gave up. They Issued the summons in small dodgers with "Our Last Rally" ln big black letters, and they floated all over town, and lay face upwards on tho sidewalk reminding one of the "Last of the Mohicans," "The Last Man," and a pitiful picture Pueblo Trades and Labor assembly on May 10. I was instructed fo forward to you the inclosed resolution, which will, we trust, receive your consideration, bearing as it does on a subject of vital interest to millions of union people in this country. The order of the attorney general of Idaho and General Merriam will, we believe, if allowed to stand, create a prece J. JULIUS JONES, CATERER AND PUBLIC WAITER, Parties, Luncheons, Picnics, Etc. BULLOCK HOTEL. New Cattle Ranges. Peter Duhamel and son, Alex., who not one private soldier of the republic deserted the colors he had sworn Hill City Is the center of . a district containing some of the richest vertical free milling gold mines, copper an tin properties in the Black HUU. Several prospects as phenomenal m the famous Holy Terror can be had o reasonable terms and at lower price than In any other mining district. Write for particulars to E. f! Jnha. -sold out their big herds of cattle to Corhin Morse last spring for $250,000. and Eugene Holcomb, who cleaned off his ranges pretty close this fall in anticipation of a hard winter,, expect to go up to Billings sometime this week or next to look for new ranges along co ueienu. (applause. j i remember one regiment that I knew something about that received its colors. You know every regiment in the army has two flags, it it is a regular regiment it Is the stars and stripes dent which will in time cause the shedding of much blood, to say nothing of the suffering and misery it will cause thru the forcible disruption of organization among workmen and the resulting lowering of wages, for we anticipate that if this order stands and is executed it will establish a precedent which will be quickly seised upon by corporations, and it may take the sabre, bayonet and bullet to again overthrow slavery. The subject i broad and deep and -tnerits your earlU i that went the rounds of the news- son, Hill City, S. D. 10-30-tf and the flag of its state. When that regiment received its colors the men were proud of them, the were de-' voted to them, but when "they got into their first fight and the colors were MiUinery Elegance Our Millinerv Depiiftiui'ii is now showing a bewitching array of French, English and American I'ATTKKN 1 1 ATS, portraying all t hat ist new and artistic in materials, colors and designes. if The fine assortment of the now and artistic designes was never better, and we are prepared to furnish you with fashionable Millinery at prices that take away all the extrava-.o-aiiee and make your f al i hat rost you but little. attention to the complaints that were made. Is that correct? "Adjutant General's Office. Washington, June 12th, 1899. Commanding General, Department of Colorado, Denver, Colorado. Western Labor union reports that many citizens and miners in the Coeur d'Alene district have been thrown into a corral like so many cattle for slaughter and have been denied the right of counsel and the actual necessaries of life.' Acting Secretary of War desires statement of facts. Any lack of comfort for these men should be remedied as soon as possible. "H. C. CORBIN, Ass't. Adj. Gen." "War Departant-, Wash. June 13 M. "The Governor of Idaho, Boise, Idaho It has been reported to the President that the prisoners at Wardner have been denied counsel, please wire the department if there is any; truth in the statement. G. D. MEIKLEJOHK Acting Secretary of War." "Boise, Idaho, June 13, 1899. Meiklejohn, Acting Secretary of War, Washington, D. C. "Report that prisoners at Wardner "have been denied counsel is absolute falsehood. The statement is on par with many; others circulated by the imprisoned murderers and the equally Suilty associates on the outside." FRANK STEUNENBERG, Gov. The proposition gets back again to the populist governor. Then: "Butte, Mont, September 7, 1899. "President McKinley, Washington, D. C. "Prisoners in the Wardner 'bull pen' held under military authority have heen placed onbread and water diet, and their treatment has of late been " brutal that some are contemplating uicide rather than endure such mis-r7. They are even refused permission to consult with their counsel. These men have now been imprisoned tor nearly five .months without any charge against them, and demanded "id sought speedy trial, but were refused by "the state court on the ground hat that court did not have Jurisdiction: and until they can have a trial, we demand for them,' In the name of Justice' andnumanity. humane .treat-t at least EDWARD BOYCE, Turban style, made with tucked silk, side, with a draped brim of ) tilted from one new black, ihades. orna - A stylish Hat in tin Walking Shape, in brown, gray and blue i vuvi'ilv trimmed and est consideration. & F. H. RICHARDSON, "ReeoruTng Sec." A reply to the assembly stating your views Inthe premises will be appreciated." , L- And then, the president desires to know whether his information on this point is correct. So I say, on every occasion when anyone applied to the president he promptly set in operation such machinery as was under his control to right this wrong, if it was being done, and I sav that in view of thfs report of that committee, the committee unanimously reporting that all these proceedings were had and taken legally it is unjust, ungenerous and untrue to charge President McKinley for being responsible for any outrage that may have been committed upon those miners. (Applause.) Now fair play is a good thing, and ct all men the president of this great union is entitled to fair play and justice. If he has done aught that is wrong he bears the responsibility for it. but when it seems that he has done everything in his power it seems unjust and ungenerous to charge him with fault in the matter. What nore could he t,, Hnne? He could not have gone to riddled with shot they were prouder than ever of those flags, and when in the course of the campaigns- of the Army of the Potomac those flags had been shot into strips so that they had to he kept folded every time every time; they were wrapped around the heart of every officer and man fn that regiment, their devotion for that flag was such that nothing could cause them to take a new set of colors. One day in the Wilderness I have heard it said that that regiment in making a charge had six color bearers shot down and yet the flag never toucned the ground because there was a strong arm and a stout heart to leap forward the minute the color bearer was shot down (cheers). And yet tnese-are the class of men that are going to overturn our government by militarism. On tomorrow, if you are true to your country and its flag, if you see that it does not traii or is not allowed to touch the dust as those men did, whe nthe smoke of battle clears away Wednesday morning, you will be able to say again as aid Key after the repulse of the British at Baltimore: "And the Star Spangled Banner ln triumph shall wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." (Great applause.) chou of mirrored velvet and ornamented wtih two pair of $2.25 indited with Coquc feathers wings and sweeping aigrettes. . . . , $6.25 1 1 I A pretty shape, -made of l,rwn fur felt, trimmed with green velvet and decorat cd with cream applique and drape of brown and pink satin with fancy pink carnatios unde Ah exquisite Napoleon of black tucked velvet, with Tarn O' Shanter top, .trimmed with a fine lace and caught in the from ., . . 1 rri-r a trt .i .fcJOlse. -.u - - with three black birds $8.50 Idaho He could not have done inese things. He must do them by his agents, and the evidence shows that he set those agencies in operation as soon as possible. Now eo much for that, and I have referred to it only to attempt to show you by this record that the president bears no responsibility for that thing. The report unanimously says the governor was justified in ELECTION BULLETINS AT THE BODEGA. The Bodega club room will tare a special wire and operator tonight to receive the election retycnB. Election "returns at the Bodega J. A. BERGER,Lead,S. D

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