The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY. PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. Bert and Willie Run Away. Bert Somerville and Willie Wilson aged 14 and 16, respectively, and residents of Perry, took the notion Uia' they could find money growing on sage A flood Shoe.... brush or tumble weeds in Nebraska and unlx-knowing to their' parents or friends, boarded a side door sleeper, on "onductor Flannigan's tram out id Terry Sunday noon, enroute.for De;ci wood. From here th y walked toWhite woimI. where they boarded the east Seeds of Kindness. In ministering to the sicK. the dyiu, ami caring for the dead. Black Hillers little lealize what it means to loving hearts far away. The following from a nice- of the late John Olson to Walter Simpson is one of many simflar letters coming to Ifcadwood. D.-ar Sir: - Although I am a perfect Ktrangi'r to you. yet I feel it iy duty lo write and thank you for your kindness to my beloved I'ncle John. My uncle, Mr. Nelson, told me of the great devotion shown him hy yourself and .Mr. Ferguson. Words fail to express my heartfelt thanks for everything evi r done for my uncle, for he. being our only I right i uncle, of course we thought the world and all of him. I can scarcely realize that he is gone forever, it all came on so sudden. Mr. Wing and myself went down to Fountain for the funeral and I must stay I never saw a nicer looking vorpse bound evening passenger for (he grass NmU No Lnnjr talk to soil it. Ours are all r(K,d, but at the saitu- time we ? want to talk to .you about sp.-inu; hopper state. Yesterday morning Hert s father. J r. oomerviiie. wno is an engineer at footwear. the Delaware shaft, arrived in this citv in search of his wandering boy. H t unfilled his troubles to She' ll'; Pliir, Ladies. heir no wiriHi iiiiwn the line anu learned that Ciindui tor Thomas had "unloaded" the boys at Sturgis, from tiie blind baggage, on which they had. socitred passage. The marshal at Sturgis was asked t my life. It just seemed to me that ipprclienil the lad. which he did ami Call and allow us to sdinw you the lot $3.00 shoe in the world. Any style toe, color or wcio-ht of ole or upper. We have them all. A SUIT OF WHITE. the former named was returned to tin parental roof, which he will douiitle-v appreciate more fully in the future 7f2N every cake of Ivory Soap there are 100 since lirding that traveling without money is not as pleasant as he anti l iapted it would be from the stories complete suns or ncn, creamy lather. Before dressing, put on a suit of Ivory Soap. Cover the entire body from head to foot with briatlcd into his ear hy his "ilium, illis. whose experience is said to b unlimited in counting ties and "hitting back doors. Willie's mother lives al Gentlemen. Our $3.50 Shoe v huyler. Neb., and it is thought tha the boys Wi re hound for thai city. lather. Take the suit oft with tspid water and you irill remove with it all the impurities of the body vhichhave been carried to the surface through the pores. Use a pure soap for thic. IVORY SOAP-99 H, PER CENT. PURE. Keavo Deal in Zinc Land. In all shades and leathers. i just s JOI'I.IN. Mo.. April i::. A gnat he was sleeping. 1 was so glad to timi him looking natural, for it will he much easier to remember him as lie was is life now. Mr. Nelson also told me that you hud spok"ii for the hair chain of I'ncle John s for inc. Perhaps you know it was my mother's hair it was made of. and, being his chain, I would priie it more than anything I could have in remembrance of him. So if you would plea:.e le kind enough to try ami get it for me I shall never feel able to repay ou I'o! your kimliies-,. As it is. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so thoughtful in trying to get lor me that which I would think more of than my life. And the knife ;.ou sivnl for my brother Arthur i- also somt thing which he i an keep for life, and though 1 didn'' n e him. I riow he thanks yon a thousand times. Il is mi hard for nie to realize thai we (an never again, especially my two voung'T sisters. Delia and Alice, for t very two weeks or so they always had a litter from him. and such letters as he use I to write to us girls ami such generosity as he has shown toward us all. As we have a step-moth"r. he al-was sympathized so much with tin-two younger sisters. a.s. of course, they were obliged to leave home on her in - unlit. I cannot believe We will never ei another b it"!' from him I o yen yinc-mining deal was completed her t his evening, the first, it is said, of 'i'i oral big deals to 1m- made by a $ln.ooii. simply ;ts o'ood as the best. You can't beat it any where, (live us a trial and we can convince You. ICE! ICE! ICE! 'inn English syndicate, 1 he property fa pure spring water ti iivered 1.1 purchased today was the South Sh Mining and Milling company's eight) IMt XAl'LTFCS ItK.MOVKI). Dr. A Fr. Naulteiis has removed his office ami resilience to the Canny building over Iowe's ilothiug store 6S1 Main s'reet. of the city In any quantity it trade a specialty. Bell t'-io acres if zinc and lead mining land at 191. (alina. Kan . lontaining ten mills ami JOB I.AWRF.NSON'. fifteen producing mines, sold hy C. C Moore of (ialcna to Henry Scelcy of Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. re You Ready for Easter? I I dxru u-u-'j-tj-u-u-uu London. The consideration was toe given, but is said to be about J.'.iio.iMiii Tin purchasers will organize a (mii.eni stock company to ierate th South Side mines. Lack of Funeral Carriages. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. April LI. -The body of Harry Keye.s. the Indian apolis bo w ho w a.s killed m the blow ing up of the haul 'ship Maine was net V take ".real plo.isiiie in ullciiii this se.i son's (iii' i; lur i 1 1 1" inspection. Itcin lnll :IWilie of the f;el lh;il H iMrciN nil pfi- ions (noils. it 1 1 sta m i ; Tin: i;i: i:nt ;i;i;at in: in i i:k;ii. misi; in on; i.i mo. w i: iiavi: not a i a n r.i ri: I'KK'KS IN ANA SINCI.i: INSTANTK. "! Our .Mill's I i j ;i il mi'iii is replete uiili buried here today, a.s was planned, oil FIRST NATIONAL BANK account of a lai k if carriages. I'hirle fuin-rals tm.k idaei in tie- i it) th;.- or Mr. Ferguson know wh"thei be ever got the letters we wrote him last while in Seattle? My sisters join on- in thankinu out fir your kindness, also Mr. Ferguson, and we feel very grateful to those who assisted at the fimorai and during Ins recent sickness, and to those who gave the beautiful Moral offerings 1 only wish 1 were tin re to thank I. . ,m.. i I si in for 1 111 II I cclllil atMinoon and tin- tuiicral director wl DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. had Kovcs' body in charge could not sei ure carriages enough for the curt ege. United States Depository Wlieu the i-otlin w a.s opened for com plete iifcnt i ii at ion a skeleton rapped DIRECTORS: t. j. grier. f,p. e. sparks p. a. ol'shurst, d. a. Mcpherson. O. J SALISBURY. I In- very l;iici !'r men's c;ir. j Mi-n's S ni ii u Oveivoals, in iill tin- nrwt'si j sliiidcs ;iinl styles, riin-iiiL; in 'ii from l&7.."0 to JjfJiI.OH. i j The hands si lin.- .f Men's Spriii". I Suits we lnne ever shown; ilie very latest designs in lii.uli -iide laileri iiu. r:in-in- from !;..-, to SLT).0(. I ITillye ii:il to talior made, ;it jusl - OFFICERS: President O. J. SALISBURY Cashier D. A. UcFhtmm . , nop Assist. Cashier ....J. S. UENMAIN V 1 V u I iniUDU I,.. ... . J. uavkiMak I in a soldier's uniform was found. Tin remains. io'eer, w ere ident iliol. Filed For Recoro. .las. W. Oman to Dennis Quinn. a part of lot 11 in block -, on Main street in the city of Lead. ifJ.-.'iO. (ialcna Smelting and Reduction com pail.V to K. It. Col line, the Yellnw Jacket IimIc, No. L", $1. H. C. Smith to A. W. Coe, a 12 in tercst in the Piedmont lodes Nos. 1 2. and. the Cell. Crook. !g Cabin, Congo. Pinto and Bessie, lod-'S, and .Wain Hear Bute' water right, comixising th -Piedmont group, tlso a 1-2 interest it', the Li. la. l-KUiis Napoleon. Last Chance, Climax, Eldorado. Little Maggie, Ibis ton. Nonpariil Fraction. Climax Fraction and Comet Nos. 1. 2. 3 and 1. composing the Lida group ot claims. ' I half the eost of mado-to -order -ool. show a little of my gratefulness, hut through a letter I can never say enough in thankfulness to the people of Dead-v 'in id. Hoping to hear from you in the near future, 1 will dose with all the heartfelt thanks to yourself and Mr. Ferguson in particular. Yours resjiect-fnliy. MKS. I RENE W'lNC. Madion Lake Minn. Easter Day Services. St. John's Church Celebration ot holy communion at 9:30 a. in. Sunday si hool at 10 o' -loi k. as usual. Morning prayer at 11 o'clock, Christ Our 1'assover Wiegiunl. Soprano solo with violin Mr:;. Wmt libeling liass solo - Mr. l'(grtV Sopnina and alto duet. MIXED CHORUS 're IVum I). Buck. Jubilate 1. Kuck. The Riser Lord. Alto eoIo. Tenor solo. MIXED CHORUS Sermon by the rector. "I Our Ito's I)ei;irlnient roiisists of every -tliiu- neeessaiy for ;i hoy's complete outfit, reliable -roods, ami low .rices l.eiii- our ONLY AIM. DeMouth's "Ark" No. 70 Sherman Street. Have made a sweeping reduction on a very large amount of their Stock This season we l.;ive na id on rt it u hi a 1 1 '" '" 11 '" t'"' and 1-2 interest in the North Hear i.utte viator right, mill site and LI Ha For Cash FOLKS. IWpiece Suits from 3 years up with vest jusl bk' Kfrom fi'.OO to $0.50. iitaml eellars just like Papa wears, n-s 4 years ami dEXTS' KUHNISIIINO I H-M'AKT .M KNT, eo.n in every detail, with the latest novelties, in fac t. - Are You a Cash Buyer? If so, it will Pay you to make an; investigation ranch, all in Bear Butte mining district. $1. A. W. Cue to H. C. mth, a 1-2 iutr (St in the Piedmont and Lida groups, with the Bear Butte water 'rights, mill sjte and lAi& ranch, $15. 'tited State patent to Iaariuit A Searight. 160 arrefe of land in section 9. township C, north of range 4. ens' B. H. M. One hil of sale, throe mortgages, and two location certificates. Anthem "Choir Angelic.'- Trio, quartette, soprano solo and mixed chorus. All iats free. Choir please txs on time; wrvices will begin at 11 o'clock promptly; strangers in the city 'cordially ir.itwl. GEO. W. WARE. Rector. that is new and novel worn by men. of the celebrated iMinlap and Stetson make. 1 bJ all good dressers, in all the new shape and shades 'shades for Rpring wear. best line of Fancy Caps we hav ever shown, in new style Plaids and Chec ks. Shoe stock is now. complete with the very latest in Shoes. Every pair guarantor! to irive satis- faction. FULLER & BROWN. PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) Hew Carriages ani Busies. Best Driving and Saddle Horsei AN HONEST .MEDICINE FOR LA GRIPPE George W. Waitt, of South Gardiner, Me., says: "I have had the worst cough, cold, chills and grip and have take lots of trash of no account, but profit to the vender. Chamherlain'i Cough Remedy is the only thing th has done any good whatever. I have used one bottle of it and the chills, cold and grip have all left me. I con gratulate the manufacturers of an honest medicine." For Kile by Kirk 0 Phillips. Board ino; Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. Three Reasons Why we Should Sell you Shoes! Our Shoes are better in Quality. And More-Stylish in appearance. And Lower in Price than any other House in Town. LIVERY FEED AND SALE STABLES. At the Baptist Church. Whil? thcie will be no specal muse: at this chur h tomorrow, yet the scrv ice w rll 1m? or deep interest to all wno. may with to attend. Pastor Kirk will speal; of Christ, the. 'Breaker1 of the "Victories of the Son of God." a subject of especial interest on this day. In the evening Mr. Kirk will give the third of th- lectures or. the "Plan of the Ages." In spite of the stormy night last Sunday a large number were present ami a deep and growing interest was manifest. Mr. Kirk will continue the line of thought presented last-Sun uay night in reference to the chief haia. terislics of the first age of the world-s history, $nd will use the large charts as. heretofore. The ojiinance of bapti&m will be administered at the close of the evening service. Good Saddle and Devils Howes I-uh. Heavy Hors 1 Teams Bought and Sold. Cohtrac ta taken to do heavy team work L to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for sale and CAUTION NOTICK Th; puUit is hereby warned nut to purchase- any alleged negotiable paper or contracts for lightning rods supposed to have been signed by me. as my signature was obtained" hy false pretences and payment will be contested. W. FRANK GARDINEK. Sturgis, S. D., April 13. 1'jQ. delivered. 509 Main St GEORGE BENNER,

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