The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 6, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1900
Page 2
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER c THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOO D, S. D. pockets filled with momTTi " coming after them with the intend of buying their votes. He say what should be done but a understnd it, he intends t , ,Ma.Te police. " the TO THE VOTER. Mr. Voter, you snould consider the political situation In a practical light-. Thtsgovernmentof ours was instituted for the benefit of the goerned. Parties rlivitlf on questions and are supposed to argue rtiem from the standpoint of what is best for the people. ROCHFORD, S. D., Nov. 4, 1900. GEO. V. AYRES, DEmDWOOO, S. D. The article which appeared in the Pioneer-Times of October 28th,'and signed by W. F. Owen, of Rochford, and contradicted by John R. Wilson in the Lead Evening Call supple-ir.e.u November 3d, is not a lie, and anyone contradicting the same is a liar and it can be proved by the records of the Clerk of Courts of Pennington County. A. S. AM MERMAN. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. -THE BLACK HILLSTIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1o97. Look out for roorbacks. Look out for scandalous stories relative to republican nominees, and particularly the nominees for the legislature, sprung at the last minute, when there is no time to refute them. Pettlgrew, who has charge of "te fusion campaign is capable of anything. Depend upon it, no story in which dependence can be placed would be held back until the last days of the campaign. You can safely set down anything of the kind as a lie, made out of whole cloth. Don't be fooled. This hasn't been a iro,i ve funny men on the stump The js have been too seriousca- ( ,. thp 'SUes uine laugh-producinrfariii,. t at?ea lacking among the orator PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. Ask any hone, t merchant in this lountry if he i , selling goods dearer now than he was four years ago, and he will te you that he is not, with the except ion ul a very few articles. Siiar is lusher, but the raw produ t i- higher al.o. , ie si. ar trust i- a ETERNAL VIGILANCE THE PRICE OF LIBERTY. Hut three more days rem an for active political work. About all that , an be done now is to see that the full vote i cast, if eve:y repubKcan, as well as those who are opposed to Bry-anism and all that it stands for, will Mr. Wetherell II. TERMS OK Sl'llSCIMI'TIO.N: DAILY Every Morr.nK. Kxtept Monday. One Year " '"' Blx Months ' "" One Month 1 '"' WEEKLY--Iui ,1 Ei.-ry T'.rtr lay. One Year Wx Mouths , 1 l'p in Wisconsin the democrats are anxiously at work trying to devise some scheme to rob the students at the State University at Madison of '-I" down hiU suf. "f Mood i ib muriatic in.-ti,i ' .m and contributes j It behooves the people therefore, to J east aside sophistry and ask themselves which party in this campaign I in the cwnt of success, will bring to ! them the greatest degree oi prosper-I ity. "The full dmiierp;iil" is a home- ly term but it tells the story in a nut-' shell. I The year 1 is admitted by all to b.t.e I ti tli" !. pro.-.peious in the ! whole pre ion history of the country. In tli" fall of that year tie- rcmilili- tllll' Were Olei Ollt. aild the le,o i.'llt- Were VOte, ill. " I 1 1 1 1-. MOW followed. In, IS!! a an pr.i d' nt was ::-aiii ee, i. , You I ::ov 'of your ow ;i knowledge t';at 'ill!' - l.e j can to impioe a -oun a- tie- result was known, and t,.r tie loeritry has do their duty to themselves, me reptm lie the demo t a; ampai n fun James Wetherell was h: from Yellow (reek Sunda' fering with a serious i poisoning. A few davr .kcuf i?eU ...big . leu . asaW cyanide vats in the Wasp where he has been at v, wound in itself v;is net was somewhat better -v. ', w fll onpntigeit ,iui.inii ihf dmt- ttratr-ti !' will win .ia the munty, thn i IhtMroJra-JUL-jLhjt xfljnjflg.. elecl ion,. i EDteri'il aa Second -i 'Ian Matter .it thu tteailwood l'lKtoMii ' They will call inome legal technicality in the election law. Naturally they are very imiih afraid to let state and the nation by handsome majorities. Failuie to poll the full vote mav lo e the coi.nty and legislative their state, smart W hile ti c lepublican poll of j young men wl me Ml - mill, yk- The He ' ':' i;.orn-' '"'i'ion. :"- I is in V...Je. i . ket ! latiun of (liO'.er Cleveland, wlrie i Viliam .1. Hi an w as in eongre ' 1 1 ,n eniey. r. the of the 1 .in -1 o i will ri'iin mber, condemn-;tle- i e ii !,l ii an.-, and contends the t.;.' i .ii i, 'the mnlh, i of t rust s" this I" an e the tarilf was airanr-e, to bene 1 i,t the pi ml :' i i s in the south and n line N. w Kii.'land Mates rather than I Mr. Ilaenieer and his trust. A U I any dealer as to the price of hard the vote shows a majority as large as .enough to gain admission to a univer-tw v. ars ji'.o. this can tie overcome : sity, exercise the right of suflrage. ,v the opposition if republicans and j Their instinct tells 'em that they th' ir allies do nnt vote or indulge in ! would vote for McKinley and Koose-the in.afi' experiment of trading. The j velt. i-, in I1'. an co'intv and le :islati ve. In- i 0 made greater proeres die in.' tie- pa.-t in-,' but is still in a cr.v , lie is at the Cillnioi'o h,; , t barge of Dr. (',, orge staeilt, Mrs. Ash of St'irgi V ' after spending a few da , j daughter Mrs. John K c! 1 w ay home f rom a month' . I east. three yeiir-i yeiws in This; f is dividual')- and collectively, is much than d 'M i n l; an v other ten its hi-fory. YYon know not necessary to dim; it 'am have heard it the :inip:iign opened. Chairman Jones of the democratic national committee is viewing with " Rome 'tli her . un her -' ia the into your every llav S III'''' You Know th'ii ars: :ii'-c stron-er than the opposition. No patty since the organization of the co'intv ever nominated a ticket so sect ptable. From the county judge wate to the cop-timer. AsK llolll herger. M Kinney or any fusion rm it about the price of groceries. Ask any ilothin' dealer about the price of alarm again. He warns the faithful ' that the hated republicans have their has been pi. ntv of work for all t rood wa ;es, that the lothiim. Without exception he will down to tonstahle there is not an ob- ' Tii-Iee.- i.f f-, rm ni'rln,-l j teive i.mtw. im NOTICETO VOTERS. that, yo.i have maile more money fir paid more debts during the past three years than yon ever did before in the same le ngth of time. Yon know that if you are given a few more years like the past three yon will be on tell win that you are getting more and better goods for your money than you did in I Don't be fooled by cheap, traveling mountebanks. Find out for yourself 'lo to the bottom of things on your own account. If you do, you will vote the straight republican ticket. o jet ti'inable t andalate on 1he ticket. 1 Carofuly compare these men with the I nun opposed to them: I,. I'. Ji nftins. H. Ii. Cooper. K II. Warren. John N. Hawgood. John Peterson Amos Patriquin. Line these up with the nondescript REPUBLICAN TICKET. t "easy stneet." If is for you to say. Mr. Voter, j whether' the next four years will be I eood ones or not. It will do you little good, Mr. Work ingman. to shout that there Is a dem- READY FOR ANOTHER RACE. Sir Thomas l.ipton. the man wt outfit on the other ticketcs who are beat in that vat lit race last year, has Kk 1n i. ,.,nt n Pierre vened up matters by running a sue ocratic president in the White house j I unless you can get work at living IJelow is ;i far-simile if (lie ballot mi Constitutional A iiicii(lineiit s lo lie voted up NO v niher G. The first Aiiieinlinciit on the ballot relates lo the State dispensary of liquors. To vole to retain the present license system you must vote "Yes" by plnrin; a cross before the word "Yes." The State Dispensary Amendment is-now in our State Constitution. Vote "Yes" to vote it out. Constitutional Amendments. tessful pork t oi ner on the Yanks. He induced a lot of suckers to agree to sell him a whole lot of pork very cheap for October delivery, and then while they were waiting he got hold j of all the pork there was loose in tho ! country. When settling day c ame around he i let 'em have the pork to deliver to j him, at twenty dollars, the previous , price having been seventeen. He said I he could just as well have made it a I hundred, but didn't want to squeeze the hoys. Still Sir Thomas is no i wages. Wages alone will keep the pot boiling and buy clothes for the wife and shoes for the baby. The fellows who get the offices will be al! j right no matter what comes: but you know and your wife knows, that your j hances to get an office are very slim ! These will go to the democrats h have crawled out of their shells foi i this one season In four years, for thi j particular purpose. They won't i Then examine into the qualifications of this list for county officers: Frank J. Washabaugh. Fred Dot en. Henry P. Lorey. John Wrlngiose. W. A. Zlnk. Sol Star. S. C. Polley. A. A. Moodie. Helen M. Dennett. Dr. Charles E. Zerfing. Alonzo S. Oates. Kdward Caehelin. Nathan Colman. Walter M. Quimby. James W. Ralley. Neri F. Ripley. Josiah 15. Stout. Wm. O. Stuft. ,T. W. Seroy. Can you better or beat it. To pull down the men who succeed. To boost those who never do well; To prate of tho shopowners' greed T'ward those who have labor to sell To darken all counsel with strife, Where patience and love Is the SAMPLE BALLOT. November 6, i9oo. trustor combination, simply a smooth, trader In pork and other things. Pork of course assumed its normal value on the first day of November. The lambs had to deliver it to him on the 21st of O.tober, which wasn't a very good day to buy pork cheap. Sir Thomas has made enough out of it to build a new yacht and will race us again. o . County. South Dikota. DON'T TRADE. ..The fusionists have abandoned all hope of electing anyone on the state or congressional ticket, and are trad Proposed Amendment to tho Constitution of t.ho Statu of South Dakota. Shall Article 27 of tho ConnUUition he repealed ? -mrpi " Shall the above Anicnd- V iVCC ment to the Constitution yJ I in relation to the repeal 1 ! of Article 27 of the Con ing their candidates for the legislative I need ; ticket. Republicans, stand firm Tq pJ)ow ,mt thp wrong si(e of fft stitution, which . proviiii'-t vote me i.CKei ore in Thia th,g ,s the Dryanite creed! for the Manufacture and these names are on your ticket NO Sale of Intoxicating hi I quor Under Exclusive ' Mr. Bryan gives it as his sincere ! and earnest opinion that the republican campaign has been a failure. And I this after it has made him work so Stale Control be approved and ratified '.' Electorera favoring the repeal of the dispensary system will place a cross he-fore the word "Yes." Those opposing the repeal of "the dispensary system will place a cross before the word "No." LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. HENRY T. COOPER. E. H. WARREN. JOHN N. HAWGOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. o - Statement From Mr. Moore. Mr. Ayres was not aware of my actions In relation to the account owing me by Burr H. Lien, and was not in way responsible for my actions. I was acting entirely on my own accord, and was not acting under the suggestion of anyone. I am not a henchman for any mariand I do not follow the dictate'of any party in my business transactions. All I was seeking1 Proposed Amendment to the Constitution: ARTICLE XXVIII. Sec. I. (Another Amendment will also appear on thin, ballot.) hard for bo many weeks, Mr. Bryan certainly cannot believe what he has said, for the contrary is true. And il he does not believe what he says, he ought to have the good sense not to say 1L The man who aspires to be presl dent must have a higher sense of honor and a graver regard for sincerity than Mr. Bryan has been showing in the last week or two of the campaign. The certainty of impending defeat and the consequent emhitterment might be pleaded as excuses, but they are only ton g Thin 1 Vs t was the payment of the debt that was justly owing me by Lien, which be Presidential Ticket. For President WILLIAM McKINLEY. Tor Vice 1'resident THEODORE KOOSEVKLT. Members of Congress For Presidential Electors THOMAS KITCII, (Iran!. CHAS. THOMPSON. Hand ARTHUR DROWN, Lincoln. A. H. MARBLE, Ilutte. Congressional Ticket. CHARLES H. HUKKE, of Hushes. EUE.V W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. State I icket. Governor C. N. HERRIED. of Mcpherson. Lieutenant (iovernor GEO. W. SNOW, of Bon Homme. Secretary of State O. C. BERG, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBER, of Hutchinson. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of Brown. Attorney General JOHN L. PYLR. of Beadle. Bupt. of Public Instruction B. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School nnd Public Lands DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LOCOQ. of Douglas. Legislative Ticket State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Members of House of Representative E. H. WARREN. JOHN N. HAWOOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. County Ticket. tariff FRED DOTEN. Treasurer H. P. LOREY. Register of Deeds JOHN WRINOROSE. Auditor , W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts SOL STAR. SUtje'e Attorney 8. C. POLLY. County Judse FRANK J. WASH ABATJGH. Assessor A. A- MOODIE. BuoerlntpnnVnt of Schools HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner DR. CHARLES E. ZERFINQ. Bwrreyor A. S. GATES. County Commlosloner Third District EDWARD PAPHIIMV. For Jtlc of the Pence N COLMAN. Deadwood. W. M. QI'IMRY, Tad. J. W. nMT.BY. Galena. J. H. RIPLEY. Rpcirflsh. For Constables - J C STITT. Deadwoofl.. '"'v rt:'SpFT,"'Tafl. J. W. SflCOR. Oaleaa. L o THE LABORINNQ MAN'S FRIEND. The affidavits of Peter Temperlno and Olo Vlrenzo, as published In the Pioneer-Times, shows that Joseph B, Moore, fusion candidate for Congress, la indebted to the miners in the following amounts tor work done on the Almeda mine in 1899: Name. Oay. Amt. Peter Temperlno 21 73.50 Dlo Ferdinande 64 234.00 Glo Gaspero 67 234.06 F. Marchlando 29-2 103.25 , Gio Verenio 2&2 89.75 . IOUI ... $734.50 Theat miners took out ore which wax shipped to the Spearflsh Cyanide mill and, paid for in cash before the ore waa all delivered. Aa a matter f fact Moore drew $200 more than the ralue of the ore which he refuses tore-- fund. Notwithstanding all this he continues to tell the men that he has not been paid for the ere. Here U another sat-ple of hie great lore tor the laboring man. On September 15, referlng to a Joint meeting . of the labor unions to discuss needed legislation, he said In the Lead Call of that date; The Joint meeting of the union 'was called for the purpose of deciding the dimensions of the growler." o 1 - I never reduced wages or encouraged the reduction of wages, either personally or professionally, but have always favored maintaining our pres-ent standards. Personally I have employed a good many miners at differ-vit times, and have paid them, wheth-r my enterprise have been successful or unsuccessful. E.W. Martin. mitigating circumstances. The rcpub IUJ JL111111Y TO YOU. himself acknowledged to be correct ; iran t.ampafgn nas not ,)fon a f,.lihlr(.. and satisfactory, and for whl'-h he . 4 , . I'lp-nt nut iT ivtirv ten r.ten win. l.j,r personally assumed entire responsi- I track of the situation know that M bility. Kinley will bo re-elected, and that is Mr." Lien called on me personally ALL OUR SUMMER GOODS 3 ftttrtns? TSfIS, spolre "of the account ) fh wry beet- evidence possible that the i.mpign has niot been a failure. know you after p!o tion, and you know-it. Mr. Businessman, your prosperity is bound up with that of the working man. The republicans offer you a continu ation of good times, which has no' vet reached their highest point You know they can make this prom ise good, because they propose to dr it by going ahead on the same line; that made times good after the foui years of depression that followed the election of a democrat president Ii 1892. The Bryanites tio not promise to make times. They ridicule the argu ment of good times and say that it bs an appeal to the baser part of man. They promise, and you know this statement is exactly true, to go back to the policies that made times bad under Cleveland. They propose to put the country on a free trade basist the same as tho Wilson bill did. The only other thing they propose is to give up the Philippines to Agul-naido to plunder as he will. But have you the remotest Idea that surrendering the islands is going to make times good? You know you haven't? You also know that the democratic cry that the country Is in danger is all rot. The democrats have been hollering this on one pretext or another ever since you have known them. You know that the democracy is nothing but an adverse echo of republicanism that if the republicans holler yes. the democrats will holler no, without waiting to consider which is right or which is wrong. You know that If the republicans holler no, the democrats straightaway holler yes. This Is absolutely all there Is to this phase of the campaign. Are you ready, Mr. Farmer, Mr. Mechanic, Mr. Clerk, Mr. Workingman, to give up the good things you have enjoyed during the past three years and go back to the democratic times that preceded McKlnley's election? Are you willing to do this merely in response to the democratic mule to breeching in trying to hold hack 'destiny . You know that Bryan offers you the very things you had under Cleveland, with the additional calamity of the free coinage of silver and a fifty-cent dollar. Yoa owe something to your family as well as to a party name. You are foolish to vote an old jacket on the back of your wife, an old coat on your own, shabby clothing on your children and. a leaner table for all of you, merely in the hope of being able to say that you licked the darned republicans. . And you won't even have that pleasure, because McKlnley is as sure of re-election as the day la to dawn. Bat yoa ought to vote so that yoa will have the satisfaction of knowing that you owe some of the good things you enjoy to your own sagacity,, and not go around for the next four years conscious that your neighbor saved you from yourself. They tell you that you are not more prosperous.? What difference does It make what anyone tells you In a case of this kind This Is something you know better than anyone else, as far as you are concerned yourself. They told you for several months that you got no more' for your products than you need to. Now they admit that you do, but try to blind you by saying you pay so much more for what you bo that it eats up all the difference. No one knowg better than you do that this is false also. All you need to do to prove It falsa la to look up your old j bills.. Ginghams. Dimities and Percales ri THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR "... : fl We have k idee new line ,, rn A V C: 35C NOW GO AT I of Stu-lin IWrWear which I 2bC NOW UU I The republican legisltive ticket in Lawrence county will be elected for tne good and sufficient reason that the majority of tne voters deisre to see the neit legislature republicn In politics. They are willing to trust to the sound judgment of the republicans of the entire legislature, and do not believe that they will elect as senators any man who is not a republican. standing1 op my nooks against his company, said the debt was just and honest, and assured me that he would pay It out of his own money after the first of the year, for all of which I can produce proof. He spoke further of the success of the machinery that had been purchased of me, and assured me that it was entirely satisfactory. That he was entirely satisfied Is evident from the fact that after having purchased one machine and giving it a thoro trial,, he ordered a second machine and had it installed at the plant he was operating, which was the Cuttysark mill. W. H. MOORE. In the rancor aroused by political by political passion and personal preju - I we are ilso orllliie t KrrHt O " I B,irKa,n. A b'niitiful line ot I. 2C. CS - Ll bed preadi. lace curtains, Maa 3 They all go at a nuifice. ic come a clr tntl cet in ou the ( ,KOl M I LO(jR :J THE LADIES BAZAAR. J The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. a, WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR INGT0N a 8. 0. No. 659 Main Street, De.dwood, dice men say a great deal against candidates that they cannot prove, and which are meant as weapons to beat them down regardless. The first duty of the republicans of South Da kota is to elet a republican legislature. The question of who can be elected senators can be fought out afterwards. People who talk about Missouri be ing "sure for Bryan, as Vermont is for McKlnley" are reminded that in 1896 the repubh ans cast 46 per cent of the entire vote In Missouri, while the Do you Know Boss Croker's advice to the Bryanites In New York state, that whenever the count aX any precinct doesn't give them the majority they expect they should rush into the polling place and "throw the republicans out," affords the Illustration of the democratic faith regarding governments deriving their powers from the consent of the governed. , Mr. Voter, are you going to swap McKlnley and prosperity for an Absolute uncertainty,, all to please somebody who wants an office? Populists who wish to vote for the republican legislative nominees place a cross In the circle at the left of each name six crosses in alL o Bryan conceives that his opportunity lies In setting labor against capital, class against class. He is a great manufacturer of distinctions' which patriotism wonld make every American refuse to recognize. . Contrasted with Bryan's utterances, hear McKinley democrats cast only 20 per cent of the entire vote in Vermont, In Missouri the republicans need to gain only the smallest fraction over 2 per cent of the entire vote to carry the state tor A Geod Thing When You See i t McKinleey. At Litchfield. Kentucy, the other ft;y. Kon. Amos J. Cummlner. r f Ne York, a high popocrat, declared in a speech that "in case of the olj ion of Bryan, 'William Goebel, had he not been shot, would have been, the next attorney general of the United States." Was Amos Inspired or was he 'merely ruesglni? Just imaeina If you do, then come and not only SEE, but taste V,'J our brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, POUT and MUSCATEL ' p They Are The Best in the West. 5 " Fine Old Whiskey of father time $3 .00 and op- FAMILY LIQUOR STORE say, as In a recent letter:. "I hare no sympathy with those teachings which Incite envy and hatred among our the late Mr. Goebel the chief law of- Case beer delivered free to residence. 635 Mai" people and wonld divide them Into fleer of this republic appointed by so hostile camps." . great a reformer aa William1 J. Bryant 7

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