The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 5, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 16S3, I HAVE YOU GOT THB KLONDIKE I FEVER T IF YOU HAVE, BUY IS r; Rr4 ta-Jue th tot4 par, irlMtaMttslMkw WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA I n a i TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSB IN TOWN. THE CITY. For elegant slippers to to Zlpps. ilume made apple butter and mince meat, lii pint Mason Jar, at Dead wood Ciish G:ocery. TRY STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL. Fresh cut flower and floral deatgna 0, A. E. (Gene) Hoyt, ot 8uodance,Wyo Is In the city. Gene is loyal to his town and la doing some hustling In the Liebmann s ZasriaVtollsBlxckca X070, interests ot that section. II Judge and Mrs. Bennett entertained fev of their frleads at high five, 3 Thursday evening. Prlsee were won by Mr. and Mrs. Fllnterman. Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. Qconinn Pop 1 for any occasion at Mrs. Llebmann's. If Have you tried the new Swan's Down Flour. There Is nothing to equal It Try a tack and you will use no other. Sold by all grocers In Dead wood. Children and adults tortured by burns, scalds, lujurles, eezeoia or iiklu diseases may secure Instant relief by using Ue Witt's Witch Haxel Salve. It Antone Grand is, who was arrested at Terry the other day on a charge ot at at iMlutaly thtrw a h tempting to kill, was yesterday put under 1300 bonds to keep the peace. A trolly line from this city to Dead- wood la within the possibilities of tbj tottk umm Moot m., mi yem. la the njreat Pile remedy. N. E. Frank lin; K. Q. Phillips. coming yar. In fact It Is almost cer ft G OT Sip! is 9mm tain, if favorable action la taken re gardlng Ft Meade. Advertiser. The People's Grocery on Sherman Zlpp can at auy foot to perfection, street, tor groceries, produce, fresh and STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS THE LWe Are Receiving Our ; The Carberry and Smith cattle steal' BEST. salt neat. Quick sales and small profits Is their motto. Ing case dkt not corns up yesterday aa If you want the best of meats call was expected, owing to the non-arrival MILLER DERBY Whooping cougb Is the most distress at Fargo's market In the First ward of Col. Stone. The colonel missed the Ing ma'xdy; but Its duration can be We have oysters, dsn, celery, poultry train st Sioux City and telegraphed cut sbjrt by the use of One Minute that he will he here today. and everything In the market. We will please you every time. tf. Cougb Cure, which la also the beat Joe Berry, who arrived about a week 3 known remedy for croup and all lung ago from South Afr'ca, expects to loave Wagner Bros' Palace cafe, on Lee street Is the place to get the finest and b-onchlel troubles. N. B. Frank on Monday for a trip to Alaska before lin; K. O. Phillips. returning to the Transvaal country. Joe meats, vegetables, entries and relishes, served In the city. Everything Is serv spring Goods j used to live at Deadwood and vicinity and went to Africa aevoral year ago, The First Shot ed hot and prepared to ault the moat fastldeous taste. The best cup of oof' fee or tea In the city. where it la said be Is doing very well and making lots ot mosey. Of the Season, SATURDAY, FEB. 28, K7For Sale A fine matched driving The popular Delmoolco restaurant, under the postofflce, is now In charge team, t and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. Top Notch In Hat Excellence. Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear ma&e it more than satisfying moneys worth. Graee in every Line, Goodness in every Particular Jud&e ther Uerits for Yourself. The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat We Are Sole Agents. Cperin Day of DUNLAP HATS Bowman. Well, I've been there. Where, n of Mrs. Weyman. The tables are supplied with the choicest of meats and everything In the market and with For Spring and 8uinmer. S. BLOOH, Al competent cooks and help the greatest Wlat pleasure U there In Ufa with a palna win be taken to please the pat rons. i pa B e ma? Why down to Chase's where they sell cheap, and they do Just what they say they do, and there Is no humbug about It They were getting In new goods all the time I was there, and there were people buying from all over T" ATT XT headnche, constipation and bilious In publishing the newsy letter from nesst Thousands experience them who could become perfectly healthy UA1L.I, j; ilni Ctfr a Finer Mssortment than any previous Season and at Lowr (Prices. Al Burnham yesterday we neglected to state it was written to his brother-in-law. W. E. Adams, of thla city. It by oi Ing DeWltt'i Little Early Risers, this town. They have some beautiful dress goods and their shoes are from 60 cents to i dollar less than I have 3 the funoua little pills. N. B. Frank lin; !!C 0. Phllllpe. Don't annoy others by your sough was one of the cewsleat letters ever written from Alaska and vas carefully read and favorably commented on oy been paying, and It la only a tew steps d jwn there. Why, I could see the sign Inc. Ad rls your life by negletelng a a great many of our readers. Chase's Where They Sell Cheap E We Aim to Please and do it. cold. On Minute Cough Cur cures cousis. colds, rroup, grippe and all Copies of the Indemnity bond being from way up town. gotten up by the Trani-Mlsatssipp! throt t and lung trsubles. N. B. Frank commissioners have been mailed to nu ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE 0-' MALT AND HOPS ONLT, meroui parties about the country for sLa HENCE ASK FOR IT. ' the signature of prominent and reapon slble men and the bond will be present ed to the commissioners next Wednes BLOOM'S THB MOST RELIABLE day at their meeting. HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. LEADER lin; 1C 0. Phillips. TV 0 BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON. Afer yean of untold suffering from plies B. W. Pursell of KnitneravUle, Pa., Wiis cured by using a single bos of DeWltt's Witch Haiel Salve. Skin d la easera such as ecsema. rash, pimples and obstinate sores are readily cured by t'i!e famous remedy. K. O. Phllllpa N. B. Franklin. A meeting of directors of the Olym- . . ... M Oo to McQILL'S for HAT, ORAIN. and ROCK SPRINGS and DEER mm 15 i-arger and More Complete Today Than Ever Before. CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel ephone No. 114. OF Low Prices pfc association was held Thursday evening, when all bustiiets pertaining to the Inaugural ball was gone ovor and disposed of. The club cleared about 1260 from the ball which aid materially in paying for the new furniture and fixtures. ElgM new members were taken in and the membership now Is close to 180. How happy you look, Mrs. Al Well, Mrs. J., I have saved over six dollars by waiting for Chase to get his new LA ORIPPB Za A'dltion to Our Large Assortment of Si:it EirJnn, Iters, Si:ns, Ciitlsry snd Sporting stock of dry goods. You know when Syf Si he first opened, he didn't know wheth UP Mistaken for Consumption Given er to keep dry goods or all gentlemen'! wear, but his trade has been so good that he has added a lovely line of dress Ws Also Carry a Bull Line ot Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps Prices tho Lowest, Goods tho Best, o goods, and really aa good an assort ment of everything the ladles like to look at aa there are in the Hills, and real nlc stylish new patterns. Oh I I to Die. To some people the mention of I grippe calls forth a smile. To ar the people who have never had It Any one who has ever had even the alight-eat xiuch of la grippe knows well the complete misery it brings. And not only mUery for the time being, but unless properly treated Its aequella follow it month after month until the patten t despairs of ever getting well again. Peruna Is the remedy for all Dr. Riser, the Lincoln, Neb. occullst, who is sojourning in this city, has on exhlb.tlon In the. show window of Butler's Jewelry store, one of Uw finest col lections of olna In the country. His entire collection contains about POO coins and every country on the globe ia represented excepting a few small coun tries in Africa. He has a specimen of nearly every Issue ot United States coins, even to a Columbian 25 cent piece, which Is a rare coin. There are several Roman coins bearing dates before the time of Christ snd one of the most valuable and interesting pieces In I do like to trade at a new store where you haven't got to be shown all their G. A. GRIFFITH nAQDlVARE CO. First Rational lan OF DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA! TJ"3ad.teL States Ue-posltxDXT CASK PAID IV, 100,000 . . . . . . SURPLUS, $150,000 sufzorosta. 0. . BAUSBCBY, I. J. UKltK, P. K. NPASKS, P. A. QCSDOMT O. 4. MoPBtaxOM. en-xoaajtsj. Prcrfrtert a J. RiUXUitV I Owhlsr D. 4. MoFHCHSOV to-SiMMm T- . OaUB I Caviar 1, S. DSN The RED ANVIL. old stock, and you know their prices on everything Is way down and it u only a tew steps below the Bullock 023LOX: Ot, Doadwood. HoteL A thrill of torror Is experienced whan a brassy cough of croup sounds through the house st night But the terror such cases. Mrs. Lou Davis, Fay ett'vtlle, Tenn., writes as follow i: "I was at-fllciad with a dlstase common ml the collection is a tac simile ot the Widow's Mite." There are also a number of valuable Cb'neee colna that YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. J. C. Spencer jrturned horns yester ly mown are very ancient The doctor has also quite a collection of the old fractional paper currency or shin-plasters as they grli pe; the day. Q THE NEW GilSmore House Under New nanajgement. Judge Levi UcOee returned to Rap- were called. The collection attracts torn said I had con sumption. I had a dreadful considerable attention. Id last evening. M. B. Plnney vent to Keystone yes terday to see his son Robert soon changes to relief after One Minute Cough Curs has been administered. Safe and harmless for children. K. O. Phlllips;N. X. Franklin. For some time I have suffered with rheumatism, and tried every Imaginable remedy, without effect Mr. F. O. a Weils advised me to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm, tellllng me that It had cured many cases of long standing like mine. I have usod tour bottles and feel sure that one more bottle will make my cure complete. A. P. Konti, Claremore, Ark. ARE YOU QOINO TO THE KLONDIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY 13.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT You will be if you buy anything but the Genuine F. P. Ward departed yesterday tor FILED FOR RECORD. J. M. Wella to W. A. Campbell, 160 0Srt llcrs Attractions for less Honey tht.n anv oibtr Lincoln, Neb., on a business trip. Porter Warner, receiver ot the land acres of land In sections 7 and S, township 6, range I, $2,000. office, was up from Rapid yesterday. cough and could not sleep 'at ntg at. I was advised by a friend to try Pe- runs. I got one bottle, and the sec-ro! night my cough stopped. I took ten bottles, and I will say that I believe I would be a dead woman now If It !wd not been for Pe-ru-na. I rec-ommend Pe-ru-na to all those who suffer with la grippe." fend tor tree book on "Winter Catarrh." Address The Pe-ru-na Drug JMiaufacturlnf Company, Columbus, Ohio. II BECKUITI ROUHD OAK I J. J. Fayle, superintendent of tha .... Houie In the Olty Best meals, Best Dining Service, Best Rooms and Best Location of any House in the Citj Chris Struven to H. H. Weaver, lots and 6, block "A" south Lead, $500. Henry Schmfts to J. C. Holm, lota 23. Holy Terror mine returned home yes o O 8 I IS, t and 4, Hiawatha Park, Lead, $L terday. T. IL Hulbert, of Chicago, la la tha P. H. Smith to Joseph Smith. lot 6, See the Name on the Leg ii you want to be certain. olty, conferring with his partner, O. J. Carl Blank Prop. ITS COSTINO A CENT. block 10, Townslts of Dublin, Two Bit, IL Barrett. W. H. Tompkins, one ot the railroad 8ay, Dad, where did you get that nsw BOLD ONLY BY Jas. Conroy to Harry Reid, U Inter- hat? It makes you look ten yean commissioners of the etats, was up est In Little Blossom lode, adjoining the Hawkeys, $1. younger. I bought it at Chase's where from Rapid yestenday.' AYRES & WARDMAN Winter Qoodi Must Go. Blcarinrj 'Sale. they sell cheap. They have Just received 100 dosen of the latest styles, Jonas Fuller to Sarah Fuller, lot 8, Csptaln W. W. Marsh left yesterday for his home at Omaha, after a week' Patronise a thoroughly conscientious Druggist You will And him at Wilcox Pharmacy, Sherman street. v Lost A map of Blacktall and Sl eeptall gulches showing; groups of ct Jms thereon. Finder please leave at this office. St. block 1, Fuller's addition to Lead, also HARDWARE CO. SO Per Cent Dlaoount on all Winter Oocds. part of lot 7. block 1. $i. visit at the St. Elmo mine snd here. and they are celling them for one-half lees than you can get them tor any M. wells to W. A. Campbell, u Befota, Now. where else. Oeo. M. Johnson snd Oeo. Martin went down to the Southern Hills yester Intereet In water right, $100. ...$ ,75c $ .W There are three little things which 0. L. Blewers repair! aafea, locks, D. A. McPherson to O. J. Salisbury, day on a short business trip. guns, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, etc. Richmond. Eureka, Surplus, Fraction, Men's Wool Fleeced Linen Underwear Men's Wool Fancy Strtpsd Underwear Men's Wool California Underwear, Meo'a Plush Underwear Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, Ladles' Fancy Ribbed E"mt T.Ln&H ii.. dc more work than any other three llt-tl i things created they are the ant, tl e bee and D-j Witt's LUUs Early Ris Silver Terra, Grand Vein Enterprise. J. H. Graham, D. D. B., dental par Dr. Old Johnson returned to Cbsdron last evening after a few days' visit. He export to stsy hers five days a week, LOO L50 S lors over First National bank. Dead' Sitting Bull, Oeo. B. McClellan. Oca-man, Neptune No. t, Chicago, Tiger ers, the last being the famous tittle BEN. BAXB, Indefinitely. wood. Crown and bridge work a spe .7S .Tl M IM M M LOO Hi .11 .11 A. W. 001, Secretary. Tail, Florence, Blind, Custer and Vt In BIOL STAR, President Treasurer. pi lis for stomach and Uver troubles. X 0 Phillips: N. X Franklin. cialty. Mrs W. N. Berry left last evening terest In Savage lode, all In Galena dis Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Used Underwear,' Comblnatk.n. 118 ChnS'N"uralUbbd "" Vmn,w' L$0 Heavy Woolen Flannels, Gray, Blue and pink,'psr'yard,'.'.,..'.'.".,.,.l .15 for her former home, Cleveland, Ohio, trict, $25,000. BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE A customer said:" I have had the best meat since I have been buying of being called thither by the dangerous FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY Deadwood Baildins & Loau Association. '0 tnneos of her mother. Fargo, tha,. I have had tor a year." OTHER HOUSE. SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE. NoUce is hereby given that Oayviils Dr. Cants, ctntlat. over Rosenthal's clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE SOUTH DAKOTA NOTES. Caps, IlltUns, Gloves, Leggings, and Qdrman Boohs. YORK STORE. school district No. I has Hsned bonds No. 1 wheat la worth $5 cents oa the In the turn of $800.00, and has the same MASQUERADE SUITS OF ALL E ESCRIPTIONS FOR RENT AT MAX FISH ELS. From all over the country come words of praise tor Chamberlain's WORK. Zlppe tor fine shoes. Scotland market tor sals. Apply to C. S RUTH. ths Income from the land fund amount Caatlewood is agitating the matter ot Treasurer, building a town hall. DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVfc NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S Shares of Stock for Sale. Both Payments and Interest Payable Monthly. Call and Set W. COE, Secretary. Cough Remedy. Hers la a tample let The cash balance of Lake county now n8HEL'S BAZAAR. Has removed to Nelson's old stand ter from Mrs. Bhep, of Little Rock, amounts to nearly $45,000. KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY W.U0 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A Porter Bros. Co., of Chicago, will es aext door to Americas National bank. Ark.: "I was suffering from a very as-vera cold, when I read of the cures FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. tablish a branch wholesale house at J. F. EDMONDS, General Agent. ed to $lg.S6. During last week $11,000 worth ot Clar county real estate has changed hands. Ths greater part of these trass fers have beea tor outside property anl have been for snug sums of money. Ths Wessington Springs Co-Oprs dvs Creamery company has let the con tracts for ths erection of the creamery building and for ths machinery. The day the receipts amounted to $T,1S0.1S and on another nearly $5,000. Reporting one day'i buslnass the Sioux Falls Press notes: "Yeeterlay from 8 o'clock In ts morning until closing hocrs a tream of farmers kept pouring la and paying money over ths counter." Scotland looks forward to prosperous year. More building Is in progrees now then st any Ume for several years, and the Improvements la contemplation wUl furnish employment for the Idle t lat had been effected by Chamber Aberdeen. O. R. Brandt, ot Lead, has a novel plan for disposing of a stock ranch al 1 tin's Cough Remedy. I concluded t ) HfflwiMiiKMmiv iuhmwiir! immcs BflgafflgnnMa1 iTOMMBIBMI S1BS3 1 More than $5,000 ot taxes have been l We It a trial and accordingly procur paid through the Hutchinson County Hlghmore, this stats. The ranch ia d a bottle. It gave me prompt relief, good one and wort at least $1,500 bank si ace December. The Minnehaha county eomalsstoa nd I have the best reason for recom Read the circulars distributed in this Issue or call at this office for farther (lending it very highly, which I dj era appraise the value ot the bounty cost ot ths former will be $875 and 6f Keystone Restaurant j Avsxdsd Highest Honors World's Pair, Oold Modal, Midwinter Pair. ( j vrtth pleasure." poor farm property at (l$,08t.S0. particulars. laborers In town for several months. The good prices prevaiUns tor mi. George W. Lear will erect a brick Veterinarian Treacy attends Dead- Nick Hsuart, proprietor of the business block at Bloux Falls, the plans rood the first Tuesday of sack month. stock and hogs are very encouraging to T Reopened KMag!Lot J 'lfton house, 81oux City, for the past Telephone FV Meads. farmers and will indues them to put In for which art now being drawn. Buffalo county farmers will bnQd twenty years. Is now in this city permanently and will act as caterer ta the largest possible aorsage to crops 8TEARN8 DIAMOND COAL IS creamery at Oana Valley, sixty shares free lunches at Pete'i Exchange, on THE BEST. hiving been subscribed an to duts. ths latter $1,600, Work of construe-tton will be begun as soon as ths weath er permits. I ' At a recent auction sale Henry Lau-tsrbach of Concord township. Lake county, sold S50 bushels of wheat for $1.0$ per trshel. Oats sold for 12 cents, barley for Uk cents, cows aver. acd $3 per head, aorses brought from r.O to $70 each, and Ur. LauUrbach bought back his own chkkens at if seats atneos. Tie turn ot IfS&neh&ia county art Main street. Deadwood. where every one is welcome frta 10 a. m. to 10 p. The town board of Tripp has called a pedal election upon the proposition to We are anxious to do a little good in Ais world and can think of no plses-lntar or better way to do It than by m., to the best that can be had In the Bush & flundhenke. Practical Hotel men who will give tne bet'. 90o meal In h Citj. Meal Ticket $3.00. I Good Home Cooking i By a First-Class Woman Cook. lasue tS.OOt vortfc of beads for par city. pose of constructing a waterworks sys- That tired feeling Is daa to Impoverished blood. Hood's SarsapsrlUa enriches and vitalises ths blood aad tins strength, enenrgy and vigor. E .sera to get Koo rs. Hoods PUIS art pu.V.7 t:;I do not pain, 3m g or jpt;a. IP -r-gists S3 eaata. t7For Rent Fins office In the Clark recommending One Minute Coaga Cars ia a trevsntlrs of pneumonia, consump Hon and other serious long troubles that follow nrjleeted eolds. XL. O. rami; N. . FrsAklm. building, five fine offices, steam heated At tha praseat tlasa tha fund i:svtsU4 for the tnt ot tha schools ot ths and wired. Apply to Samuel Cush A es tif Oeasi tt Tartar fiw. belac raid prompter at ths rata of sev- man, 401 William St, or the owner, tt stats aaoants to $z,OSL0S. List year em taoasaad dolors per day. On one

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