The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1900
Page 1
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f The Daily -Times. li:AI)V(o. S. 1. i i;i.A('K HILLS), SATl'KMJAY MORXINC, APRIL 14 ri mi. FIVKCKXTS. Pioneer lib YEA I. 1 1 ' 1 ' i'Mll 1 1 . ' SHell!. Cllllsid, I llOSl -tatt HAL TROOPS , in "" i" Hi'' ilill Tli,' l.ri.l.- i. a con l.nouga republicans n o- nils to defeat mui' iid at ii n w In BY DIRECT VOTE OF THE PEOPLE ill ' ui-- w ith t ii t lit- I liailtliltee (ec WASHIMJ TON ARE SURROUNDED Ap sin h .diss I.., ma VahKuran. w II known In 1 1, ad wood. For Stealing Ore. April :: Craig, who was -, n v n -t-l of devflopniint of the group by running a tunnel started on the li v, 1 of t he City Crt t k road, at a point eighty f,t-t smith flolti the Possible lilies, but htl-adeil to-w hi ds the veins at water level. The complainants objet tod to this plan ol operation, holding that it was too slow a mi thotl of developing- their parti' ular ground and as it would lie some iiiuNVti before the cupper on- bodies would lie GERMANS ARE AGAINST DEWEY Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Is Interviewed. Special-y between Hand Tor-iii'chase of I he pric-e ITionnis dealing i out ract wa - c losed t nl.i ! le- gov i in mi, lit and t In- I b pecio I i int 1 1 1 m pan y lor the ; the siibm.ii in,' boat Holland agiee upon is $1 "0. nun Continues At Wepener ore mini tin- I bcx mine, telle (I to two yi'iirs ii has been scn-( Ik penitcn- e British Gaining Advantage. Smallpox in Mexico. CITY OF MF.XICO. April Hilling the past two weeks there i,e, u 1,-rty i ases of small pox hen t -V ellt V-t Wo cleat lis. liary ;it Canon City. Craig as a shit lioss at tin- llicx i n i ii- anil it took the .-itif hoi-iti.-s some time to Waco the man wlio was sti alint; the on. Craig was a miner ami resided lure a long ' i uif ami always bur,- a muni u,iila-t ion. Election of United States Senators to Be Taken From Legislatures. Sub-Marine Tarpedo Boat Holland Is Bought By the Government. have and disclosed, they brought-' action against the defendants for an annulment '" contract and for damages. The defendants proved to the court's satisfaction that the property was being developed along practical lines, aim that the terms of est row agreement hail Iveen fully carried .out. For these reasons h. decision was reinb ret! in ffl neicmiiaii uiu nui iiyni to South African Re Ex-Governor Campbell of Ohio Says It Will Take an Eastern Man to Win. public Troops. A Rich Stnke. i i:ii Pi.i: fti:i: k pi ii i: Fined and Imprisoned. SIOI FALLS. S. II, April 13 Warner llrown of Violin, who was re-o-iPly indicted by the federal grand jury for selling liquor to Indians on their favor. The decision is of considerable im- has it y . i licll Root !' Nell Are- I n I liolrl. e east ea made ,m th, L' of the I, It! in pail of th IflEMr'ONTKIN A mil 1... - .-n' lal st i ::. plop, i.i i m ipiia 111 tile WASHINGTON. April 13. Special. the Sessetoii reservation, apeparci in j&l troop at V peiicr appeal at . i....i.- .....-,.,.)... i ASHINCTO.V April US. Senator Jones, chairman o: ralie national committee. specin I --the delllo-savs in an Hi" house ihiss.nI a bill nmviilii.,. for the I'nited States court today ant! ilistriit. Th, U to oe l-uiniiM-i' 'J ' "..... . is owned was e property Mr. Him,! bv Knot A.- Sons. the election of s-nators bv iiire.-i vote ideatled guilty to the charge, lie was I w holding mil Mill cannonad-f both sides Mintiniifs and li is h.rllv president of the Ilenv I ..tilling ,-: the iM-ople. The committee reiort j btieci $1' and sentt-nctHl to sixty clays' favored the election by direct vote ol imprisonment in the (Jrant county jail the legislature, w hit h everthe tlilfiei I at Milbank. i that the liners will retire. ex. hango. The ore assays $3 to the ton. The company intends building a shaflhonse am! will put up m w ;:E0RIA. April US. Special. Rdchman. t tic United States mil-ittacbe, of whom reports have Itirtulated "n fining his alleged gjption in the fiRht at Sanijas- Jiiaoombataiit. lias heen absolve 1 We Make Ilusul Hay. Kei' hnian. according CLOUD ON MRS. DEWEY R LOTS Alegation That Gen. Hazen Won Them in A Poker Game. WICHITA Kan . April l:!. Mrs. M : I- Bf.was otdipi"! most, of tli" tine- poitaiiee. as it will encourage capital ItMiUmg toward the Hills for invest ment. It settles the (piestion in P-gard to thene development contract which an- comparatively new in mi i ing deals ill the HJack Hills. I ntii within a few years, eastern capitalist--, can.e in. Uuight property at a fan price, put in exiM-nsivt- machinery an : prtM-ettled to develop thir proposition. Sometimes it proved to lie a mine and sometimes it didn't, in which case t'n captalist was out the cost of mat bin ery. development and the price. If it developed into a bonanza, the original owner profited nothing ex-t '-pi the paltry price paid for the pros-pei t. Fuller the later method of development contracts, the interests of the capitalists ami prospector arc one. The capitalist unites his means with the rights of the propecto and if a mine is developed the prospet tor is paid the price of 't mine and not a prospect. In any even; it is tic prospector who !oss n ''!'ir" He ma.' win and h" can't lose. !!' ainniply gives to capital the right to cb vein, i the country and open up imnes. ling the Iut h military attache. interview that the democrats will not nominate Jieuey t ithe: for president or vice president He says that one of the first things Hewey said when he returned from Manila was that the next war the I'nited .Mates would have would lie with (Jermany. Senator Junes sas the democrats expect to gain among the Hermans t-his year and the nomination of Hewey would tlrie the "Jermans to McKinley. Mr. Jones says that liryan will be nominated. Kx-(Jov. Campbell of Ohio says the denio-ci.its tan 1 any enough eastern ami .southern states towin if Bryan is not nominated. He says an eastern .nan cm win. Signed the Porto Rican Bill WASHlNl.TOX. Api il LJ Spe, ml I lie pr, sid, lit signed Porto lie an i.l gm ,1 nrnejit and t il ill bills. Ins wounded. OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR .... Clark Will Fight. di d I iazeii to Wichita III, till" ,,f torn. it hiisl I leu ev may have to i utile shortly to straighten out some lots owned by her ind. Cm. W. H. Ha.en ItSHINGTGN. April US.-Spec ial. iSifnds of Senator Clark sav he is rained to right to the liitter eni Men and Boys ; Hi I .1 ga III, llllii se sin h hits were won in a poker here in early days by (Jen. Ha.en attention was paid to siciiting I Li scat in thi' senate and has noned the idea of resign inn. 'o. i'l til les'. and now '.'.ants to sell t hem , .1 II I.ot ln-callse t he 4 when Mis. Iiewey he has found she title is impaired. Another Trust Scheme. The public have lei n in the proier styles in male apparel, that which is newest pnd lies'. habit of looking to us Tor the Each season wo have shown i d have established the stand. WOLK. Va.. April I.!.-- Sue, ia I 1 1, is? I Ceil. Ilazeti played villi iae Han, roll, real estale pok'T leal. 'I la, n itmarhinery in the tack f;u lory at kHiyal has heen bought by ilo- ards in this section of tfie co.n tr which have met with popular vi on the. same lines as those in the male fashion tenters s.tting Inhind four kings. I blllfled the leal estate Iliall lilt, I I I trust and broken up. The trust put-town t e (tie factory for several nmnt li.s 1 1 ng up all he bad . in lots. After thai (Jen lulling fifty Haen dea ! t heavy rental, hut linallv it A Smooth Swindle. iiank (Jardm-r. tin- w-il known .Meade county farmer and stoi k raiser lias been mailt- tin- victim of tie smooth'si swindle ever perpetrate. 1 in Ibis part of the stale. It was the lightning rod swindle with new .s,-(TTngs. A man came to his place Tuesday and gave up a smooth game of talk about Mr. (Jarilner s influence iu the community, and aftei haing beTi flatly re tctlMV, lv in W ich a properly. i-or properl y. Itad that it was cheaper to buy tne country Our exhibit for tne coming siwun is really the most interesting which wo have ever made, 'i he styles of the men's garments seem to us to possess more rriecfiil lines, and the boys' and children's clothes are more tasteful to our minds than any em IClctory and destroy it. thus pi' - Jfif competition, Lost Silver Mine Found. AISTLN. Tex., April 13. I n forma -tioil reaches here t.x1ay that fhe lost r-ipanish silver mine near the li-ad "ot the l'no river has been re-discuvcre". after a century of inactivity, and prep antoins are being made to work it m. an extensive . The discovery was made by Tie - Hondell. a ranchman The mint' is r i ov.- ,ixty-live miles from Ponclo. Spanirh leconls say the mini is fabulous!'. ii h. 0 In- bought a half interest in the with Wililam Jr (ten stein, the ei. This infi ll st ne later tratis-by power "f attorney. 4 which have been produced in many years. The; fabrics thru Negroes for McKinley. It out the entire line show the progrr sr. which has been made in ar BOND. April 13 SjMTia.1. p Virginia negroes have called a COLONIZATION ATSIOUX FALLS Desperate Efforts Employed to Get "Hon and announced their intcn- fused an order, he said that the company allowed him one set of rods free to each county to lie put up for advertising purposes: that Mr. (Jartlner I: ui line building.-, on a main traveled Ito place full state and congrcs- li tickets iu the field, all for Mi - tbtltno negroes on the ticket. tistic cloth weaving, both in America and abroad, while the perfectly matched trimmings Rpei.k volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturers Taken altogether, this exhibit is well worth the effort it cost r.s to gather, and we will be more than repaid for our trouble ii it proves as interesting to you as we anticipate that it v ill. The spring shapes in Hats and the new shaies In Haberdasher' will also be shown for the first time today. We will speak of them in more detail at atio'.n cr time. The Tax on Beer. YORK, April 13-Special ; National Brewers' association. Millionaire Still in Jail, NF.W YORK, piil 13. The million aire mine owner, (ieorjre ST. Hull founder of I'rescntt. Ariz., made- an in effectual attempt uf be released from jail today. He was lot ketl up yeste"-day on a t hai'Kt- of perjury by his wife, from whom he recently secured a tii--. orce. and today a habeas corpus writ was isuitl by the supreme court. The writ wa.. dismissed and Hul sent bat k to pail. Ill In session here, is disc ussing Votes in City Election SK.II N FALLS. SD.. pril Li. -Special. -'I he city campaign, which is generally acknow ledged to lie the preliminary skirmish to the fight for the I'nited States senatorship mxt fall, has reached the atlidavit stage, there-publicans having procured from Kmil Wehrkamp a farmer living near Harlford. an atlidavit to thecfTivt tlK't th, fusion managers had sent tin n to his home and offered him $.' per d;( atld expenses if lie would come to Sioux Kails, remain, until election on the 17th inst. and vote for the fusion 'to secure a repeal of the special 'Hon beer. road and he would rod hisTiuiltlinKS free, provided Mr. Canine, would pay Sl.J.tlii. and. he would even throw oft the on cents if Mr. (Jardner would give him his dinner wte-n he came to put up the rods. He tilled in a blank estimate of the cost, marking each paragraph free.'' except the ornaments. This Mr. (Jartlner at first refused to sign., but on being asuretl it was nccissary to send it to the house sO that the agent could get credit for it for th" set : 11. ds. it was sipm-d. alter 1 careful leading ' Thursday, while Mi. (Jartlner was ill the fields. -a new set of men tame and set up the iihIs and on Mr. (Janlner's return to the ; ROSENTHALS PALACE Japanese Laborers Arrive. pniANCISCO. April 13. Special "tamer Nippon Maru is exmct- 'Vwith 5()( .lananese laborers. w Houfcand Japanes- are cxpeeteii ,1 the nominee for mayor, lie accept we In I'acilic ports diuing th.- sworn THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK proposition, according to hi Hooth. his neighbors. state nt. as did i of bouse, informed him that after de Deadwood, South Dakota. fix- His Health Was Bad. Rather than perjure s lesidenc" when he today he' decided to whom h n. .mis himself as to t w.-nt to iigiste ducting the free'' portion of-tlx tuns there was a halame due the pai.y of 331 ."-L A pretcmle.1 dupi Kington, adhi 13.-SDe. iai. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE. I- j'i I I I and ma'1" an aTid.nit rtlPorter. tlie'iiresiilent's nri . J li.. .-. s , com- lileUte 1 Mr. wit:: ,,f the ctititra, t w is exhibited an ( J.I 1 il!l"l' told he 1 ould set; i. an it- """iry, has resigned on account """Med ill health. Asistatu GIT?, COUNTS Two Breach of Promise Suits. PrCortelyou will be promoted PKINCS. Col. April I... Nellie l.-wMs against on trial in Kl Paso COLORAI'O S - The cast' of Samuel Strong. Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good iu All Parts of the World. Killed By A Bull. tie- lonipany. Mr. (Jartlner is at a loss to know how Jhe swindle was work d H.- read ;he contract over carefully and wa unable to discover anything but a straight contract. He can.e to Iad-Aotil estfiday to consult his attor-;ic s. eouit here, is attracting much general S- D. 'April 13.-- John &U Oll CC,l,li.r. .. .1 ,.f interest. Strong is the millionaire pres ('old Mining ident of-the Free Coinage presidents of Douglas ciunty. I this morning by an enraged Creek. He was companv of Crippl' i Hf COLI.ECTIOITS Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. mrril on February la to Miss Itegina Crinnle Creek dis- Neill of Altman. tri.t. Immediately following the niar- eeremi.nv Miss Vance of Coldti' ld FTJR1TISHED MONEY An Impor ait Decision. In the case of Kitbl. Moore, et al. vs Malcolm Mc Callum. Frank C. Andrews and the Detroit ami Ptadwool .linint; company.' a d cision was ientlered in favor of the tlefendanus by Judge Mooi" n of projnisi served nailers in a brea. borrtiwers names cr That suit Acts gently on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels manses the -System ..cP EFFECTUALLY suit for $J.'i.o il.unages. To anv extent warranted by .-dllateral- Hiss I-wis ; a marriage has notvtt Ix-en tried, suit is No. She alleg' ' 'e Marsh Married. Ia., April 13.-Special to Bee.) Charles Marsh, a tow Omaha, who also has ex- 'hUB8 interests In. the Black jij.8 -'"th VanKuran. were l tonight by Dr. John K. ' toom is a young busi-j Owaha, while his britle is 'eaders of society of this ta the daughter of Mr. ami various dates t ontrai t and mentions- was to have been it Accounts Solicited and and places when fulfilled. in the circuit court yesterday. 't his was a case in which the com plaints brought action to cancel an set run contract for the purchase of certain intt rests in mining claims. Over a ye .r ago the defendants pun based the Barrett property on City Creek, and at the same time entered into an escrow agreement with Kidd. Moore, e. al. to purchase their interest in one 01 the Barrett claims, know n as the "Pos Correspondence Invited. Our. Ion .cr experience in trie Black Hills is at the service of intentlin-r investors. OVERCOMES w I ft (.. VanKuran resiiJpnls hABlTUALCONSTlPAT'ON "UAL PERMANENTLTf ,T5BtNEr,c,;uffECT5- Km Tur CFNUiNt MINT D By Repair Flood Ruins. ANSTIX. Tes . April 13. -The Colorado river is rapidly assuming its normal (low and the settlers thruout the late inundated valley ar- already at work repairing the damage done by the unprecedented overflow. No steps have Wn taken toward rebuilding the great dam at Austin, but representatives of bondholders will reach here tomorrow to make a rebuilding propo DIRECTOHS Hfld Mr VanKuran. the father ' H engaged In business in 2 J well kpown thruout 5j e event w'aa one of the .Jc!al oecaaiona of th season. foopie departed this evening iMtc eastern wedding tour, '1 '&9 In Omaha. 1 "h th aon of Capt. " rf -.) Vnta Hotel JOHN TREBER. BEN BA.ER, Vlc Pre. i W. E. ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKIJN. Pres. sihle." They were to ie paia ior men interest, under terms of contract, from the net proceeds of the ore taken from this claim. It is on the Possible that the great copper dyke outcrops;. The defendant proceeded with., the URrWUTG$YKl'P(. WM. SELEIE, Owaier. 4 i(itin sition to th dtr-

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