The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 4, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1898
Page 4
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a kmo, . t I . -?.... 'm''''l'tm'vma'Vtoxe. . K i mini ii nirm in THfc DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 1823, LA GRIPPE mvmmmxciiil 1 r: Mistaken for Consumption Given Up to Die. To some people the mention of la grippe calls forth a smile. Th are THE CITY. For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. liouio made apple batter and mine incut, lu plat Mason jam, at Dead wood Cah Grocery. TRY STEARN S 01 UIOND COAL. Fresh cut flower, ai d floral designs a I I ftJ fcaaSlnMS 1 Sottas eVeaml' I the people who have never had It. Any one who has ever had oven the slightest touch of la grrppe knows wAl tnt Jaeytemtol5cla 1876. Ltebmann 's complete misery It brings. And But only misery for the time being, but un Main Street, Deadwood, 5. D. let properly treated ru sequella fol low It month after month until ths pa tient despairs of over getting wall i again. Peruna Is the remedy for all (or any occasion at Mm. Llebmann'a. If Have you tried the Daw Bwan'a Down Flour. There la Dotting to equal it Try a aack and ?ou 111 use no other. Sold by all groat.- L. radwood. Children and tu U tortured by burn,, acalda, injuries. eaiema or akin diseases may aecure instant relief by ualng DeWltt'a Witch Haxel Salt. It such cases. Mrs. Dconinn far mm sgsA Akaelutaiy Kre Lou Davla, Fay- ettevllle, Tenn., 1. ' I n writes as follows: "I was afflicted with a disease common ly known as la MVM. HUN MHI 00., MW MM. la the great Pile remely. N. B. Frank lin; K. Q. PhlMlpa. 'ine greater Included the less. Hood's Zlpp ran fit any foot to perfection, Our I grippe; the doc- We Arc Receiving STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE . I m T U.J Sarsaparltla euros l ip disease and ecrofula aorea and It may be depended wrw Mill A ii BEST. i consumption. I had a dreadful If you want ths best of meats call gt . ..'3tr!,i J f r.l f a f t z. cough and could not sleep at at Fargo's market la the First ward 1 - J.l -' upon to cure boll, n.nd pimple, and humor, of all klnda. ilood'a Plila are ths favorite family cathartic. Cure alck headache, break up a cold. We have oysters, fish, celery, poultry night. I was advised by a friend to try Pe-runa. I got one bottle, and ths sec and everything In ths market. Ws ond night my cough stopped. I took will please you every time. If. MILLER DERBY Top Notch In Hat Excellence. Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear mae it more than satisfying moneys worth. ten bottles, and I will say that I I Wagner Bros' Palaco cats, on L The People's 0 roc try on Sherman treet, for groceries, I roduca, fresh and alt meat,. Quick a lie and smtil llevs I wou'd be a dead woman now U It had not been for Pe-ru-na. I rec street is ths place to get ths flnsst ,- i n ii iiwtnfiiT meats, vegetables, entries and rallskes, ommend Pe-ru-aa to all thoss who suf profit, la their motto. served In the city. Everything la sort' Goods Spring fer with la grippe." cd hot and prepared to ault the most Whooping cousb Is the most distress Ing malady; but Its duration can be fiend for free book on "Winter Ca fastldeous taste. The best cup of cof tarrh." Address The Pe-ni-oa Drug fee or tea In ths city. Manufacturing Company, Columbus, t-7For Sale A fins matched driving Ohio. cut short by the use of On Minute Cough Cure, which Is also the best known remedy for ciup and all lung and bronchial troublns. N. E. Frank h Graee in every Line. Goodness in every Particular 1 team, S and 1 years old. Dr. A. H. HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE lin; K. O. PhllMps. Bowman. Well, I've been there. Where, ma KKVERT IF YOU HAVE, BUY li -ejrf WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET SlK.r-i!:jeJ CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA 1 I TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE (N Judge th9T Ilerits for Yourself. The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat tfeJwVW' TOWN. The First Shot Of the Season, SATURDAY, FEB. 28, I DAILY, 1 Ransol Q. McGUUs. an old timer and well known at Central, experta to leave mat Why dowt to Chase's where they sell cheap, and the do Just what thoy say they do, and there Is no humbug about It. They wars getting In new goods all the Urns I wsa thsra, and there were people buying from all over this town. They have some beautiful dress goods and their shoes are from 60 cents to a dollar leu than I bars been paying, and It Is only a few ctsps down there. Why. I oould see the sign In a few days for Alaska !And Qffer a Finer Jsworimcnt than any previous Season and at T mmm TXmUjm Opening Day of DUNLAP HATS i tj We Are Sole Agents. The ladles of the It. B. church will For Bprlug and Summer. S BLCSSS, At. give their monthly supper on Tuesday evening, March 8, In the parlors of the church. What pleasure to there In Ufe with a - 1 ('For Rent Fine offlce In the Clark "We to Please and do it. Chase's Where They Sou Cheap headache, constlpaUon and bilious building, Ave tine offices, steam heated from way up town. nessT Thousand, ssperlenca them and wired. Apply to 8amuel Cush who could beoome perfectly healthy ANHKUSER-DU8CH. ST. LOUIS man, 402 William 8t, or ths owner. tf by using DeWltt's Li ttle Early Risers, The elegant new Estey organ for ths AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER 13 MADE Or MALT AND HOPS ONLY, the famous little pll a N. B. Frank i?sHWii.W.IUl.s.eM.W.-s.,ei.V Congregational church arrived from Un; K. O. Phillips. HENCE ASK FOR IT. the east yesterday and will make Its Don't annoy other i by your sough debut next Sunday. BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE Ing, and risk your U s by negletctng a HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. There will be a business meeting of n ill. m$ cold. One Minute Cough Curs cures LEADER coughs, colds, rroui, grippe and nil Qo to McQILL'S for HAT. GRAIN, nd ROCK SPRINGS and DEER rfZ&fZlK"? Is Larger and More Complete the W. C. T. U. In the M. E. church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock shar?. All members are requested to be present. By order of the secretary. throat and lung troubles. N. E. Prenk' OF CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel lln; K. O. Phllllra. kzz?L-L3 Today Than Ever Before. ephone No. 124. i TWO BIT MAPS I OR BALE. A. a WILSON. Patronise a thoroughly conscien Low Prices tious Druggist You will find him at After years of untrid suffering from How happy you look, Mrs. At Well, Mrs. J., I have saved over six dollars by waiting for Chase to get his nsw stock of dry goods. You know when piles, B. W. Pursell of Kn'Ansrsvllls, Wilcox Pharmacy, 8herman street. I Lost A map of Blacktatl and Sheeptall gulches showing groups of claims thereon. Finder please leave at this offlce. ft. he fltst opened, he didn't know wheth Pa. was cured by us ng a slugle box of DeWltt's Witch Hasol Salve. Skin dla eases such is ecieua, rash, plmptoa and obstinate sores are readily cured er to keep dry goods or all gentlemen's Ta JL'lltioa to OurLrg Assortment of S!::!l KirS-xra, TInira, St:ii$, Catlsry Sportlnz We sMeo Carry a lull Line oi Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel ...... Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps Prices tha Lowest, Goods tho Best. wear, but hia trade his been so good e.a. La. Brown, vbn ha. -..i that ha ha added a lovely line of drees La... .. . . by this famous remely. K. O. Phillips rBUl m ueaawooa me past four or N. E. Franklin. Ave yeers, and has been employed lately at Hattenbach Bros.' grocery Say, Dad, where dl you get that new goods, and really as good an assortment of everything the ladles like to look at as there are In the Hills, and red nicu stylish new patterns. On! I a a ii a nouse, left yesterday for Cameron, mo., where his wife is visiting with hat? It makes yoi look ten years younger. I bought It at Chase's when they sell cheap. They bars just re do like to trade at a new store ehere her relatives. From thore ha m An. you haven't got to be shown all thslr Clde to go to San Francisco or som. ceived 100 dosen of th latest styles, The old stoek. and you know thslr prices other point on the Paclflc coast to lo C. A. GRIFFITH UARDViARE CO. red and they are selling them for one-half ANVIL. on everything is way aown ana k ir i cat. A . ft. - it.. 1 I less than you can gt t them for any Dherman at. Doadwood, where else. ' , Wi er carberry and Frank SmlA OF DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKO'A. 'staBs tesjsns T7'3ad,-to3. Statos IDe-posi-tosT-vr OUR PAID IN, $100,000 SURPLUS, $150,000 BTUXCTOM. o. i. BAUsBcai, t. . oKiui, p. a. upases, r. a. ombomtj D. A. Mi'PHaiWOM. oxrx'sraak Yfa-ml4 T. i. OfcUB I AMlMuit OMhlw i. S. DKMMAM num. I were taknn hafnn t...,i. nrn... I - v, nuwy I WV C. L. Slewera repairs safes, locks. SfwsJgjpHS A thrill of terror Is experienced whan terday for a preliminary hearing on the guns, bicycles, trunk t, eutlery, etc a brassy cough cf croup sounds through charge of stealing L. p. Btone's cattle. J. H. Graham, D. D. B.. dental par the house at night But the terror I They plead not guilty and the hearing lors over First National bank, Dad soon changes to relief after One Min- w" continued until this afternoon ute Cough Cure has been administered. "rnn Co1- Stone will be present Hs THE NEW wood. Crown and t ridge work a spe their conditions are lmprorlnc Yesterday Mra, Carlton had the misfortune to get a small bone fastened In Is expected back from Slous City this Safs and harmless for children. K. O. cialty. forenoon. Phillip, ;N. E. Franklin. A customer said:" I have had ths her throat and hastened to Lead and had It taken out. Richard Griffin left yesterday for best meat since I hi re been buying of For some time I have suffered with QlSlmore Hons Fargo, that I have h id fer a year." rheumatism, and tried every Imagtna 6 Mrs. Mary Wsyman, proprietress of Alaska and will probably go to the Klondike country. Mr. Orlffln Is an old timer in the Black Hills, having struck ble remedy, without effect Mr. F. O Dr. Cants, dentist, over Rosenthal's FOOLED You will be If you buy anything but $ 8. Welts advised me to try Chamber clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE the White House, has closed the din-tog room of that popular place and has rented the Delmonlco restaurant la ths basement of the P. D. Smith building, Iain's Pain Balm, tellllng me that U WORK. this gulrh In 187. He owned ths Blaoktall toll road until two years ago when all toll roads were abolished br Under New nanagement. OSwb ZIore) Attraction! tor last Monty than any Other the Genuine had cured many cases of long stand' Ing like mine. I have used tour bot Zlpps for fine shot a the county commissioners. A number O. R. Brandt, of Lead, has a novel ties and feel surs that one more bottle Houta In tha City. . . , . a a of friends were at the depot to see him 111 make my cure complete. A. P. off and wish him succesa Konti, Claremore, Ark. plan for disposing oi a stock ranch at Hlghmore, this statu The ranch Is a good ons and wortl at least 11,600. under the postofflce. She has taken possession and will serve her first meal this morning. Shs has retained (he White House and will maintain It for roomers, preserving her wetl known reputation for conducting a first-class house. The Delmonlco restaurant has BEGKVITH ROUND OAK W. M. Barker, resident agent of the Beit metis, Beit Dining Service, Best Rooms and Beit Locat'on of any House in the City. ARE YOU GOINO TO THE KLON DIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY Read the circulars distributed la this Issue or call at thin offlce tor further Edward P. AUis Co., manufacturers of all kinds of mining machinery has secured the offlce formerly occupied by the Times, in the Moody 4 Watha- 13.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT particulars. .Carl Blank Prop. ITS CGSTINO A CENT. been conducted .n a sort of allp-ehod way but Mrs. Weyman will build up the place and put It oa an equal foot- Nick Haunt, proprietor of ths baugh building, rear of First National bank, for his offlce. The place Is re Keno is, today, the leading magician Clifton house, Bloui City, for the past ins; with the best In the city, while her In this country. He depends upon no ceiving a thorough renovating and Mr. twenty years, is no r In this city per charges will be the same as More, See the Name oa the Leg: it you want to be certain. SOLD ONLY BY ... AYRES & WARDMAN HARDWARE CO. clap-trap advertising, and his repute Winter Qoodi Must Qo. Blcapinci Cnlc. 4 0 0 0 o 0 0 Darker expects to occupy his nsw quarters by Monday. Hs will be pre Mra Weyman Is a splendid manager tlon Is fast becoming national. CM manently and will act as caterer t,i free lunches at Pe :e's Exchange, on Main street, Deadv ood, where every and her patrons may be assured of cago Record, Aug. 28. 1896. pared to show drawings and give prices courteous treatment on all kinds of machinery. There Is no one like Reno. His work Is simply wonderful and beyc&d com SO Far Cant Dlaoount on ail Wintar Goods. r Before. Now. Men's Wool Fleeced Linen Underwear I ,7tc. $ .(0 The funeral of the late Jos. B. Schal- one is welcome froi i 10 a. m. to 10 p. m., to the best that can be had In ths city. prehension. Reno always faces a large ler took place yesterday afternoon audience in PlttsOeld. Plttufleld Re DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA from Oaborn'a undertaking establish ;l bsifiiiw wwts v w is, - - There are three Uttie things which publican. Nov. 26, 1896. ment and was largely attended by do more work than my other three lit friends who gathered to par their last DON'T GET LEFT. IF YOU HAVK tle things ereatrdtney are the ant, respects to their deceased friend. Ths NOT OOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S the bse and JWltt i Little Early Ris service was In accordance with the Men's Wool Fancy Striped Underwear, o Men's Wool California Underwear too Men's Plush Underwear Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, (I Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear .75 Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, Combination 1.25 Ladles' Fancy Ribbed Fleece Lined Underwear, Combination, .... Child's Natural to Heavy Woolen Flannels, Gray, Blue and Pink, per yard It .71 .10 uo . .CO 100 .IS .11 KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY 1J.U0 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OK A CI. STAB. W. COX. B3N. BAXB. Masonic ritee and the Deadwood ers, the last being the famous little pills for atomaeh as d Uver troubles. K. O. Phillips; N. S F -auklln. Treasurer. President. Secretary. FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. The entertainment to be given by tao nlty and pupils of the Deadwood public schools, st the opera house this evening, will be a splendid one and everybody should attend. The proceeds win be appropriated to the purchasing of books for the library. Everybody Is Interested in the welfare of the children and the public soUooIs, and should turn out and pack ths opera house to the doors. The teachet have worked hard the pest two weeks drilling the children in their selections until ths little folks hsve attUned perfection and may be depended on to entertain you. The entertainment will consist of vocal and Instrumental music, Including several very fine choruses by Lodge, of which Joe was a member, at tended In a body. As a mark of re M. Tllbert, of Central, who has been spect the drug stores of this city BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY underground" for 16 years, worked closed between 1:10 and Z:S0. The Deadwood Building & Loa his last shift In the Highland Saturday, remains were laid away at Mount M - OTHER HOUSE. He has bought a ranch at Spearflsh and Caps, Xllttonr., Qloyea, Laggings, anti Gdrman Socks. NEW YORK STORE. rlah cemetery. MASQUERADE SUITS OF ALL will move onto It Mr. Carlson, proprietor of the TeT DESCRIPTIONS FOR RENT AT MAX The Pioneer-Time, advertised for A, FISH ELS. M. Lane and found him, but now the low Creek boarding houM, at the Wasp mine and Geo. Rupell, a miner of that Shares of Stock for Sale. Payments and Interest Payable Monthly. man who wanted Lane la lost If any From all over the country come words of praise for Chamberlain's district, were brought down to Dead- Both the children. There will be a number one should find D. W. Greene, U. 8. wood Tuesday, being very sick with pension agent, they will confer a favor of unusually choCce and amusing reel Mr. and Mra. Dave Connor and her father, Rev. Lay ton, were up from Sturgla Mra. W. W. Ullft, of Rapid, who has been visiting with Mra Ford, returned home, Aaent F. A. Harmon, of the Elkhorn. Cough Remedy. Hire Is a sample letter from Mrs. Sh9, of Little Rock, pneumonia They were taken to Bk by returning him to this offlce or tell tatlona, etc, and the feature will be a Joseph hospital, this city, where they him that Mr. Lane Is alive and well pretty operetta. The price of admis Ark.: "I was suffe ing from a very ae Call and 8aa A. W. COE, Secretary. are attended by trained nurses and and an honorable resident of Keystone vere cold, when I read of the curia sion Is SS cents and every body should attend and encourage the little folka J. P. EDMONDS, General Agent. S. D, that had been efftcted by Chamber left hut evnlng for Omaha on a busi Ai anted Dont let yourself forget It Prof. Reno, the greet Illusionist, test lilt-heat Hooora-WtKid's Fair, medium, magician and Oriental my. Iain's Cough Reme dy. I concluded t give It a trial and accordingly procured a bottle. It gate me prompt relief, and I have the bei t reason for recom ness trip. Miss McCotnb left yesterday for Bm-Btetuburg, Iowa, for a two months' via it with rehUives aad frlenda tery worker will be at the opera house Monday and Tuesday, March 1 and I, Mra A. E. Hammond, whVhas visited all winter with her daughter Mrs. P. D. Sanders, left yesterday tor her home in Iowa. Dr. Clark, pastor of the M. hi church, went to Hot Springs for a brief visit wkh b!i wife who Is sojourn! 4 g there for her health. Miss AHce Scott, of Rapid, left for Rapid laat evening for a rrslt The young lady has been visiting with Mrs. S. A. Flower and family. Col. M. H. Day and daosfcter, Sitae ffega, left last ereolLg for the east Col. Day joes to Ombha on buslnssr, his daughter going to Kansas City for month's visit with niende, SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALS. Notice la hereby given that CayvEis echoed olctrlct No. I has leaded feed! to the earn of ftOO.00, and he the f for tale. Apply to C S tUTT, YESTERDAY'S PEHALS. I. H. Chase was up from Rapid. J. C. Haines waa op from Rapid. mending it very highly, which I dj The Reno Troupe of educated dogs, which have been seen hero will also Miss Nelson, of Chadron, who naa with pleasure." Oold Medal. Midwinter Pair. (i z!J visiting with the family of R. give an exhibition. It will be Interest Veterinarian Tmcy attends Dead- Flanders, the past week.returaed home Mlltea O. Conner, of Spearflsh. left Ing to those who have aeen these dogs wood the Brat Tne iday at each month. im i Roopened K'm oi yesterday. last evening for Chicago. to ke7' that "Daley." the highest Telephone Ft Mea te. John Wolsauth,imayor of 8pearflc, STSARN'S DIAMOND COAL If was la town yesterday. lumping dog on earth, "Fanny," the waltxer, "Prince," the only educated pug, "Oypsle," the leaping beauty, and Bush & flundhenke. J THE BEST. Mn. A. Shaw Is at Bpeartah Ylsltlng "Bud," the clown, are still with the We are anxious lo do a little good In a week with Mrs. W. D. DrtskllL company. this world and can think of no p) eL-a Major WeUa aad son Spencer, were Mrs. HuTlmaa, of the Northwest afagaaine, St Paul, went to Hill City and other points la the Southern Hills yesterday. Geo. O. Austin, who net, been aeeo-eiatsd with the Hardin and other mining companies at Two Bit aU wintar left yesterday for the east. Mr. A us-' tia expects to eater the earploy ct the Caloa Paciie raarood la ae chief ea-g2eera cCaa, . enter or better w ty to do It than by W. E. Cowan will move his candy fsc up from IX Meade yesterday. . . . tory iFStc the present quarters, In the Practical Hotel n n vho will give in he,' Soo meal In the Cttjr. Meal Ticket, $3.00. I Good Home Cooking B? HrstClais Woman Cook. 2 Kleiner building, to the basement of & recommending Ono Minute Conga Core as a preventive of jnenmonla, eonmmp Uon and other mi done lung trembles that follow afflicted eolds. X. 0. Charlie Hardin of the Hard la and associate minis eciBpanlen, cc Two Elf, left tor f&jpmgg yeiii' ry oa taporv f r V. Noble's new building oa Pine street. where-he has large and dedreble quar nznzvt BASAAS. Haa removal to NeUwa'e t aext coor to Aaerloaa .V A wa Ciaee Cresa ef Tartar rm 43 yzass nn STATZJAD. ant treslneax to fee ceae abort tea ters for his bust: Phillips; N. m. rrtakltn. ' 1

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