The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 13, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1900
Page 3
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TIIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWCOD, 8. D. : ' WANTED SITUATIONS. Pent ajord SSnTthU head ONE WORD each insertion when J than one month, three lines month, Payable la advar.. WANTED Position, by a first-class engineer and electrician. Address Engineer, care Pionoer-Tin.'s. 4-12-12t Republican State Convention. T'i the Itepiibli, an Electors nf Hi.. State (if Smith nak.iia: There will lie a ,1,1, -Kate i-oiiv. ii t ion of tlie i j u I , I i i -.. n h of (he slate of Soul I: Dakota. held in the ,itv of Sioux Kails, on W,lnes,ay. the INMday of May. A. I) rum. at Z i.Ylwk i tn . for he purpose of eiei'tillK einllt 1 1.1, 'Hat .s to the re ul.liran tia t i . i li a I ' e. Hi ve ii t ion to he WANTED-HELP. ' . ..ill, ,.nt i'bU i, ,, a rsinch. In- en to " , j. or Pioneer-1 imes. hH'l iii 'he .ity of l'liila.el,tna. June ;., A. of I)., I'.iimi, and for the further Liirpoe placing ill two rali)llate conKt'ess, a candidate fftr Knvernor. tor lieultnaiit governor. slate treasui er. state au.liior. superintendent of UrED-Ui'1 for Bengal l.ousc- public instiurtion. coininis.sioner of I anf direct agent for all the leading and best sti iiisliip lines ' run into and. out of New York, Montreal, Boston. l'hiladelpliia. It.iltii.ioi'.', (nil-,, vestou and P.nilic coast ports. 1 can sell you railroad tickets in .u,n ti.m with bteatnship tickets at reilu. '-d rates. If you wih to-wnd to the "l"i oiin'ry for your friends or relatives you will save iimn.-v by .alliim .it tie1 Burlington mute ticket olln e for full informal ion as to time, tickets. ,. W.T. ItOHElM SON, City Ti. n- t Aiienl. school an I nuhlic lands.l. attorney Ker.- CMrs. Oens, No. 19 L.n,om eral, railroa.l oiniiiisiioiier, four randi- ilates for ureii.len t ial electors, an.l also for rccomnieinliiiK a national committee man an.l for the transaction of such other business as may come before a republican a ir, mil woman ior k i" "" i-liP' state convention. All voters of the state . , House. St. belitviHK in republican princinle-i. aim who endorse the policy of the republican party, are invited to unite un.ler this call From Garrett to Cellar . i .... hirlwp trade tr. r ,TED Men w " " EM Q represent us; have worn . - totee at once; two monins CTilHIe.. new field, good House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Bcebc & Cleveland THE CROCERS in.". Sherman Stre't. Harrison Telephone 114. Are prepared to supply you if .vants in the line of groceries or i onfe lor. i y. With a ciunpl.'te stock it tlie Iovv c.-it prices, they respectfully solicit a ihare of your patronage. for the selection of delegates to said convention. The state committee has recommended that no proxies be allowed in the state convention, ami that the delegates and alternates present cast the full vote for each cmlnty. The ratio of representation will he as follows: Two delegates at large from each county, and one additional delegate for each forty votes or major fraction thereof cast for Hon. Kirk C 1'hillips. republican candidate for governor, at the election of ISM The representation to which the several counties will be entitled to under thi-i call is a follows. ssion, our nitiuuu . v, .... .a..r. vpara apprentice- K"T.. :L'in learn If you Lip: do ei' A lad v living at ! . i'.v: etu e, M iss., describes an interesting condition of affairs ir. her lum .c'iu. Id. When si, e first heard of Ripans I'abulcs she was having an . : v. . . i s;u-ll vith her stomach. She had had them off and on all lu-r life and swallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug store. " 1 was losing flesh everyday," said she. "Some days I was so weak 1 couldn't get cut of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I wouldn't be here t.ow " Two dollars' worth of Ripanj Tabules was all she ever used, and t'.iey made her a well woman. Her husband sivs she locks better no v than he ever saw her. Sh made lu.:i the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case, kians Tabules arc a regular stand-by in that family now . CariM'ts beaten. Carpets laid, Carpets sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. The Utor us; wr- " and particulars mu...u lu-ut of mfeieneeK Leave order as C, Barber College. Minneapolis. Milliner John C. Haines. Number of P of votes for K : in lv..y Delegat. tin. PTe:n'"(lemonsi..-ators; ai- 11 W- H. MOORE toL. C. Verplast, sncniiau sm-- WANTED A ouk of hrlU nl HITH1 will n..l nsnenv Tiw nuiiu p o P""V B. One p rrlf Not. th. word HI I' A N'8 mm UM llw. and I1 o uWltul. -l'l"J M for oDU, miij w. bd I Ul drag t..r. Tn .ni,l UI on thoui.C I mUmonUJ. wUi mm HlMIt n mmplw AIM dik uounno iMumunm wi lack. J. A. GREEN HEALER IN Gioceri's ant Cifsctiwy ftnnlnl U, Urn. IS myrw mL, mmm .1 FOR SALE. mroma mt tat t Mutators mmj adili mm . 1 Aurora Itea.lle Hon Homme HrookiiiKS Hrow ii Hrule Huftab) Unit ratllpbell i 'bai l, s Mi 4T'.i Blacksmith and Wagon Ptflaker aSALE-Sm.nd hand, in good r, mi ;i: Lr25 H. l'.Cruter Cnia eii. -. 1 L.P. side crank. 4 an.l 15 1!. HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE- AT 7 CHARLES STREET, f, w of his pi ices as fullov' es a announce that all tithe NO (,iii t.-s a and wish -iark ' ''' m r,nlnfi;ion j Daid.-oii ''; Iibular boilers, 6 H. l'. upi-gni. ...... ,,t!am pumps, wood lathe, p.illeyo, If U other machinery. bprague being told 'd th PAIRINVi UONE UN SHORT NOTICE All k,iuds of Carriage and Wag on Wood Work; also Carnage Ue Works. 1-1'- 'ones tt., i.n. i rm bis stock allow prices: .am. kSeb. . I lav Deuel Douglas KdMiuii'N Tall Itiver tt 4 ",1 4 jo 471 rSts I R . I tlmm- purnishings. 11 and 12 Pine St., - """""" rir.llll.Hl Rimmfrm i S.LE A seven-room dwelling a. 26 Water streu. A. L. Per Can. . . . .1-" .- i;o . ... l-' .... l - '! i.niat.x s p. st Plums ( ahfornia Ci. en C.ageti I. est Peaches Best KiLSpberrii'S I t 4N- Sown. Thoroughly Equippea Railway l 2n'. hSALE-rrendses at a., bow. r past St niwb.'I'.'les I veellellt Birdie Sauce or Picca Faulk ('.ran' Ila'lillli Hand II i Husib.- Hutchinson Hydo i, i .. .1 l - Kitu'sbury Lake .. ,- l.awr'ti'C'iln 1. Ml. in Marshall M.'ook b I'll. I w I . Lit street, ItiOD.OO; half cash, nails on time. Apply to R. M. Ma- lure Dyspepsia lilli, was I'.V qt . now I . st Mustard Pi. kles. per ql. . . v I...- i solicited, and j'i t h ' ml . J . 1 l'1" Diaests what vou cat. E1KABLE building lots on Lincoln The Shortest and Quickest Route to :.t . c.l- .V I I I a I . . . i . 1 1 st of 'satisfaction gu.u aiiti ,1. O. C. JEWETT, I MM, lnglesidc; lumber furnished 3 build. EDWIN VAN CISK. ttf) . 17 It artificially digests the food and aids Nature in strengthening and reconstructing 1 he exhausted digestive organs. It isi he latest discovered digest ant and tonic. Ko other preparation can approach It in clliciency. It instantly relieves and permanent ly cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn i.n ... ..i..., wor Stnmneli. "Nausea ft SALE A No. 1 location on Slier- ARCHITECT. street for sale at a bargain. M. ..I.' M :.. ! Miiii.ehah.i M !' Pennington r.iii.r K..I- rt Sanbor.i Spmk Stanley Sully Tin ii. r lidresa 1.. M., Gen. Delive-y. Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, EWant new Pullman Palace sleepinof cars, and Free Re- Nfiw Waite Block. DBADWOOD. B. O . T'it .1.1". . 411 . 1 ."'. . .'-'I I . I "-''. r i.ii uicni o.".i Sick'IIeariache,Gatralgia,Cramps,ani fc SALE- 300 head of mixed cattle. allotherresuitsor iniperie uukcmiuu. Prepared by E C. DeWItt & Co.. Cljlcago. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, JmUtius of milch cows, - and Z year Wiuers, 2 and 3 year old heifers ana J. P. HYMER I'nion Walworth ' Yankton . i n IWUngs. For t. rnis atply to T. H-mwiiiil, Centennial, or Henry Kraw- COL L ECTIONS-A DJUSTMEN TS- SOI ART clinino- Chair Cars. n all through trams. Ka.ln.a.l and steam- M '.'1 kDetdwood. ship Tickets to all parts of the world. For further informa FIDELITY BONDS, All kinds of bonds written: Appeal t- 1 norgaiiucl counvov to Huttc Delano and Scol.y (iregory ; Jackson. Nohn and S'e'ling Pratt I'resho . Ziebach FOR RENT. -.,,,1 e'.oii- Mo o'l poi-oii. .lit... i ... V.l v Hd allied trouble- treated, wider .. Wa ..,,r-et."- lorre-pon.leiicn f'r.rily priv..! p ('imitators are opyiun u iWrue l.irolle-lioilli-tj .h2 Curtis .t.. Vnvcr. Colo. tion call on or write. IfIRENT Small furnished room Uchment. replevin, bonds administrators. All Judicial bond, exe lllpr month. Enquire at room i. 1.012 hi House. cuted without aey. -friend to sign for you until you got out rate.. Lodge office, treasurer., official bonds specialty. V. A. HAMl'TON, City Ticket Agent. Deadwood. S. D. Cook Remedy Cc '''''''''Mheslao' Ily order o t th st a 11KHK,;ln. ( IIAIW' rhairman. IS RENT Three partly furnished Olymolo Block. Deaawooa. r,, u.eHn 1S8: Black Hill. ll Secretary. PHM, 11 Fillmore street. KHANK crank. ruuuw .-... . - Phone In residence. Harrison. 88. mace a wen nan or 1 Jf r-mmi M I r lrTT I Wat 1 HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR PMSHED rooms. Intiuire seconu PlllMAKY. SKCONDARY o Jtorof Mrs. L. E. Miller's block. Third Annual Ball Dc;iilw(.(l L;il"t" T. J- DC WD, BiENT Six-room house, SOT l'l- TKHTI AllY HLOOI) l'OISON 1'K It M A N K NT L Y CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can be treated at home for the same ojLOOD poison Ol ,..,. ntiilcr same GUARANTY. If yc tt.davtv if von Diiie umlcr same uuaho." -' ' HINDOO REMCDY pWn street. Apply to II. B- . r a t r ill -rro.. VVJafTK. ii. Wafchmaker Optician, Jeweler nrefpr to fonie hore we wlu l'Hrl. blWUIBWUWi a .a htl bills and no charge if we fall to cure. If .i,ir.. rtc, caused by rt no. . . ,1Kor and site to hk? J."V . oirel. restore, W ' Ldor JS??. PEENT Two good dwelling hoiis- .Opera House.. di:ai)W(ki. H. M STEARN. " K . lr'ih otfrith a it-rttun (marantic to o"" m "nZ-d. I.V T bCT IMITATION, boj Tuesday, Evening April 17 P KENT Three nice rooms, fur- ,0 it. will tend ll prepAia. dc,IK0 HEMtDV W.. . ropn. Cklcsto. Ill or mur f! WILCOX PBUkBJstACT DtrtvooA - Red or unfurnished. 549 W'il- TRIO ORCHESTRA P ilreet - 3-13-lui vfct4, 50 YEARS' , EXPERIENCE rr 1 a - REVTnm m i,;,rcr flnn; 1 1CKOIS- Xmmmm 1 ' VUllC 1 Lil , 1 J " - ftJ k WashabauKh block. Ap- COMMITTEES: r H McAllister M lto Mullen & Munn. Siigat E. C. Cammark. W. nlane. contrac t J'n Iv iVr r R Y I11 N B POTASH. aifll still have a. h.-s voii have taken MKHCtKi. lolJif'1" j.jj.KS rOpl'ER-COLOR- MITill-S IMTfHES in month SO ORB TH V OAT i 1 ws FA I.LI NO KD FPOTS. I I.CKRS on any ; par .of tre Njdv IIAlll or r OUT. it is thi, RWIOII OISON h . niA AT R ir AT: op t,,e M03T ' 'several of 'onr ro-.ot PUhHc n,; Kln. anKror, have auopumhPd to this cl i seas ven he n n .1, r the trtn, n REMEDY known unlimited wealth of nations could employ. '", ha0e Ir exIs,Pnce no low than only to ourselves. I,urin ,VV.n tate our treatment, prompted by OUT We Stand Atone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands an,, haa . world-wide reputation for speedy cure,, honesty and integrity.. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE .SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. d ahOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED Advice and ABbOLLT t. 1 uoor BRANCH OFFICF.S. GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO UK. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. mm mi REMEDY COMPLY, 1928 M? le, Chicuo, E Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Dead wood. pRENT-Overland hotel, Sherman Floyd Smallidge. William Ran I01; liewlv nlnatcrod thruout; Ti,r E. 0. Sligar, f w Trade Markj. triC llehta otnom hunt UfWlT rl- 4V Designs i key. ., , Chas ontlnn-f. H. McAllister portions, etc.; 24 rooms besides II'1 '- rt 1 1 ; ,1 T.i C. M'- Cover Flo'd fniaiuus. Laughlin. E. A. Hreeuing- Con- Dont Be Fooled. ti. h .renulne. ordinal tuning room and kitchen. Ap- "ftoJcn Baggaley, Agent. jT-Delmonico ResUurant, P'r to postoftlce. Furnished ...,v Arthur Wize. nors, William Chas. Lovinger. Palonl taken lhr..utll Ma in to. rul nMUt, w.ihout cliarve. la the Scientific American. A hnrtonielr Hln-trlVi weeklr. T "reP-t Hr- MUNN XGn.3616"- New York Brli.cb SmcW ' SU Wmolon. U. C. ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Mdlw" "ed: cine Co.. Msd.son. wl. It keTps you well. Our trade mark cut on each package. Price. 35 cent, N.ver jM In bulk. Accept no substi pua heat F. D. Smith. the white House SCELLANEOUS WANT. ' tute. Ask your onimu- Forrest Hill. ' - Lee-Glass -Ardreesen or The most desirable location )St (1 i 44 r n PI DENE at No THE FINEST MEATS Its attractttttis-ari? A! i Street; or P. U. ; "Box 785". Dead- l. i ma J v 1 1 hi : T-r.Lhf Drescnp- In the cttv 171 Mill a .i: nuickiycure rouof ail Defr Linn ui , . . A.i-.A.-ntivp ircat.. sum BS 7t . ..-...;.tive (ireai.s. sum as finely- AT vuiis orir' -Vr.bemipal fcnn.-si.n "StiSSi mi l .be horrnr. Impotenor. I r t Wholesale Hardware Bicyclesand Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST.. OAaAHA, j. C. CARSON; Agent. Deadwood Offlce Syndicate Bit I i or take sewing at home. ivr. Miller'i Lee street. PI NT I Cos Keller's Market BEFORE o AFTER ' tmMra FURNISHED ROOMS. RUNNING WATER. STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, STPIDESB "" "jMlwiiir. Is tu?.T. ..T jZrmuoa. k.l.tlmonl. Thi.7rrPinr-VE tn-""-n:" It not edl. pernio 142 Main Str-, Deadwood, -Boy,. I ot chain. Please return to No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable street, or this office.

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