The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 4, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1898
Page 2
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4t TIIK DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. FRIDAY. MARCH 4, SOUTH DAKOTA BREVITIES. ALL ROAD3 ARE ALIKE TO A C.lUJlMSO'.i, TOE PIONEER-TIMES. COSS1P. I l . i-l aooic untalu flxtures PCnOOIIOn IS roauu wi vui iwii sxparlenca. A license fur Indoor auctioneering (Established U7I-7.) hu been declared Invulld In Canton liy a...i a ... .ai.-y wuiie i am uown u a ui to her coiiipanloa j4 the city attorney. Two new Implement firm, have Junt PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. started In busln-s in Wrimlltnn, mak .'.;, mlr 1 go lo the pMlofflce' ing (our In all. b the time when you should take a Spring- Medicine to purify your blood, give you good appetite, sou ml sleep, steady .nerres aud perfect digestion. That scrotal oas tela., tliat akin troa- Me, that liver dlf- T-a flculty.thatbllloBS L. ., i.jif i j.uw aud you can select Hot Sprtnpt people ar ronflclcnt ol TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. securing the lo.ul Ion of the national DAILY Every morning, oscept Moo- ju uai oU wauu t gut ma a new h.iio-.i.ti u pretty the other day. sanitarium (or eld soldiers, the South tor. Dakota senators having wrlttuu thit One Taw 110.00 tba bill la In good ocndltlon. .tluiUr wauled md to buy her a coucn ami l fouud her u awfully nice couch, .cj..jU, unU a sweet Utile has- tlx Months 100 On Moalb LOO The Scotland creamery company U ... , - V . t at.. Hkl reported aa being In a flourishing con ito.'k loo. 1 uet wuiu eaw ui iuii- DarBaino! Carpnc! FOR 90 DAYS. 10 Per Cent Will be returned on all Cuh SAle. to Customers on Leather Goods in the Shoe Line. They are marke I in plain figure, leas in prioe than any other house in the tUte. Come and Supply Yourself at C. E. ZIPP'S TaS: WEEKLY-Issued every Thursday. dition, having lately secured 309 cows fonler, It was what 1 wanted (or my tired feeling, are all cured by Hood's 8amrrllla. Give this medicine a fair trial aud you will realize its positive merit. It la not what we aay, bat what the people who are cured aay, which prove that OttTtir 100 tm the separator which will begin op room, so 1 got l - Six Months LOO 'Maybe I can and a rocking chair (or erations in the spring. PIONEER-TIM 8, The new Delaware shad being sunk Nellie, she wanx oue ao mucn." , Deadwood, B. t) "O. yes I kno r you can, here we are by the Deadwood and Delaware com- ei n n pany, In the southern portion of Ruby I tnj, minute," and tbey went Into the of S!6'J 'Ark.' stared aa second-elasa matur at the Uasln, baa reached a deptn (eet, with no Indications of a change. Deadwood Postofflce. EFFECT OF EYE STRAIN. ATTENTION AFFLICTED. The physicians of the Colorado Bute WOULD AMERICA BE ISOLATED? sloe. C I Hood A Co.. Lewstt. Mass. c:::o;i o befioe bicycles Hood'i Pills Children Who Are Not to Blame fo; Dispensary of Denver, late In the Syndicate block, n ay hereafter be found Many Spanlsn papera are aaylng that, in the event of a war with the United States, Spuln couhl count on Their Dullness. ra th product of mechanical ingenuity. The influence of the eyesight upon in their new oflJces, No. Lej street, where they may be con Want Column. SliEES the active or passive aid of Eu intellectual work Is more recognized 50.00 u.yj sulted regarding all chronic and ropean nations. Several French, a each year by educators both In this country and Europe, aud some of the special diseased Including all affections Ccncrch Chalniosa uioo.uu WANTED HELP few Gnnau and one HuMtlan paper have had expressions which may of the Eye, CUronlo Nasal Catarrh, Deafness and tinging In the ears. All moHt important dlscuimlonit both teachers and physicians, bear up strengthen Spain in this view. Some STAR & BULLOCK Hardware Co. ax Wanted Upright and faithful diseases and weakness In the male, on this subject The most common chronic female dlaeases and all affec American papera appear to think this causes of annoyance and suffering are gentlemen or ladles to travel for responsible, established houv la Black Cand for 1830 Catalogue. Astnts wanted In open territory. r.:oriAncH cycle mfc. co.. Lake. Meleted and t'1c.hi? ranohew-NewYork, London and Hamburg. Ms a.eet etemee for e eeek of Monarch el"a 'JJ9 UHMn Neeeell, Tern Ooooer.Lee aioKereeoe end Welte donee. tions of the Mood and skin, nervous oversight, when the eyeball is too view haa a Utile Justification. Tbey HUla, Monthly $66.00 and expenses. debility, stomach and liver troubles, short so that parallel raya of light are are mistaken, however. The causes Dliea flstulo and all chronic aad brought to a focus behind the retina; Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The obstinate dlase affecting any or which have Incited this view In the Spanish press can be readily pointed nearsightedness in which the parallel rays of light are brought to a focus In Dominion Company, Dept., K. Chi gun of the tx dy of either sex. Our electro-ouygec treatment Is the only out. There la a tie of blood between front of the retina, the eyeball being cago. Heavy and Spain and Austria through the Royal I too long; errors of refraction are due peedy and permanent cure for Mine and to the irregular curvature of the cor sexual weakness. Consultation rree. u anted By an established house -ian or Woman, good church standing families of each. There la a financial tie between France and Spain through Hours, from 10 a. m., to 4 p, m. nea and lense and Insufficiency of the mum-lea of the eyeballs. It is useful Shelf willing to learn our business then to the circumstance that much of Spain's and 7 to 8 evenings, ursnsn omce Colorado Stat Dispensary, 19 Lee St, a :t na manager and etate correspond- for both the parents and leathers to Enclose selt- recognise the seriousness of the symp (Mra. L. C. Miller's) Deadwood, South jsnt here. Salary $900. T. Elder, Qea- addressed envelope to toms of strain due to any of these eye bonds are held la France. There arc racial bonds between Spain, France and Italy, the poople of all of them Dakota. Hardware. Dally Pioneer- era! manager, care Times. imperfections. l'ersons with errors of refraction suffer very often and se A CARD. verely with headaches, dlzxlne, flick This is the . . . AERMOTOR Steel Wind Mill that people are talking so mack about. , 'Uncle Si.m" tested U in competition with sight others and found that it wjuid do iwlos the work ol any of them in light winds. It rldot the storm Hks a bird, tt wanta a ponlilon oa a farm to pump water, jcrlod feed r saw wood, or would furnish water In olilss f jr domestio purposes. I hawe alao Steam or Gaaollne Xnglcta a&A horia towers at Fair Prices. Call or Addreaa mm S. C. FOSTER, Agent. erlng and various other nervous com swantea a compeiaui gin iot gu- i t t eral housework. Good wagea. En- SanltarV PlUmbing, SCWCf COIstieC- At the urgi nt request of many clti plaints. So serious Is the effect of any tens of this community who havs been i quire ui an, mu bwi i Imperfection of the eye '.bat the exam cheated and flim-flammed by various tions, Cornice flatting. nation of the eyes of children of having a strong admixture of the old Roman stock. Germany, through the kaiser and Blcmarck, baa growled at the Monroe doctrine. France la also opposed to that policy, and ao probably are aome of the other nations. Cut not one of these circumstances, nor all of them In combination, afford any ground for the belief that irresponsible itinerant vendors of spec FOR BALE. school age would seem to be lmpera ..hi i. iron h.. Hn ri,nv. I taclos. styling themselves "Eye Bpe All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. Re .l .Inr.i.1 fwvlM-t nM itllnpllnn. clallStS," "0. Ph. D.S" "OcU.lBt," 17 For Sale Two desirable building fru-tlonlsu." etc.. wo have placed in lion to study when they were unabie lots, Nos. t and 10, biock It, Inglsslde. our branch oiSce, now permanently lo Bee Mrs. A. Pollock, No. 61 Charles Bt, cated in Deiidwood, an experienced to endure the eye strain. Many have been forced from intellectual labor to leas congenial occupations through the tor prices and taring. J- oculist who nay be retted upon to do 8paln could get aid from any of these nations In a war with the United honest and conscientious work, either lovs-ttx SHERMAN ST. city. -t- neglect of eye imperfections. The sea CDeslrable building lots on Llueola RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINUTON ROUTIL TRAINS LEAVE AB FOLLOWS: States. Austria la tied uo at home by sonable remedy may be applied aud avenue. Ingleslds. Lumber turnlshsi In measuring the eye for glasses or la treating thtm for effects of any disease or accident. Doctor H. J. CDIESUE I RETf.lL to build. Edwin Vaa Clse. tf Ita benefits should not be denied to even the poorest school child. Dr Riser, the eye specialist, will be at the No. Ki Faasengsr, Dally, Hill Smith Is a g -aduate of Jefferson med vrLots For Bale Howaid's Addition. GROCERS. ical college, of Philadelphia, and the Stono'o Syndicate Restaurant Short Order House. Thy addition tc Deadwood, beautiful Bullock hotel parlors to.MatvhS, where City, Hot Springs, Chicago and all points eaat, south aad woet.......l:M p. a university of Berlin, Qermany, and his ly located on the Park benea, adjoin be can be consulted free of charge. ertlflcate Is registered In this county ing tho Dudley Spring, in the First its domestic troubles. France has an Issue with England in West Africa which threatens to bring o a conflict. Her hostility to Germany and her "revanche" aspirations will prevent he' from wasting her resources In a Qulx-otlo contest on Spain's side. Moreover, Russia's consent would have to be obtained by France before she could enter into a Spanish or any other sort No. JOi Local, Dally except Son- ward, Is bow opsn for settlement Bee as a legal physician of South Dakota. Always Opsn. idways Heady. Day or X7iL TO WHOM IT MA V CONCERN. Office at No. 39 Lee street, (Mrs. L. C. plat and prices at office of Edwin Van day, Bald Mountain and Bpearneh 1:6 p. m. Clae. Miller's) Dei A wood. I-J6-tf No. S04 Freight Dally. Hill I will not be responsible for any bills Colorado Stute Dispensary of Denver. contracted by parties living In my City, Custer aad Kdge-moat.... 1:00 a. fa. MISCELANEOUS WANTS. AND CIQAHS. STANDING BILL OF FARE. on mo Ann tuMDur j amu t fir as. ma. Breakfast aud Supper. FRUIT. FISH. 0T3TERS. RANCH EQQ8. Oatmeal with Cream for Breakfast. houeea In Deadwood, or other places, for bouse material, without a written The Plons ir-Tlmes gives twice the local newa p ibliahed In any other dally order fsotn the underttgned. 3REAT BAROAINS! RARE CHANCE I of an alliance, and It Is quite aafe to say that such consent would not be DEADWOOD, LEAD C C. TRAINS. Ireih Vnbsnser-Bnseh and Bt Louli In the Black Hills. Wit II. MoM ASTER. Beer oa Dranght given In the present disturbed condl Wanted. To trade a 820 acre farm, with good Improvements, In Meads county, for Deadwood real estate (Im Leave Deadwood. GC PER QLAOO. EFOST Of TBI 0OMDITIOR R Of Dally Except Sunday 1:10 a. ax Daily 10:00 a, m. proved or unimproved). Address "A" FARADAY'S ANCESTRY. tlon of Europe and Asia. Distrust of France and England and her own troubles In China would kep Germany out TJS rtMT SiiTIOSAL BAftg Ot DEADWOOD Dally U:U a. m. Mo. XN1. I ! Aeewptablo t the !hMlM Ea II DMriwood. I. U SUU of Koatta Dakota, at th Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. Pioneer. FOR RENT. lUh I'pper Crust. of a Spanish alliance, even It France Horn of baatBM x, raMoarj una, uw aaaovaoas. Dally 1:01 m. Allen's Club Rooir Osrsei Mala aad Wan na. Peadweos. THE CLO-TillE FCrL'UH mm When the bast OUjsis so4 Uaaoai la Bts rtr eaa kt ked day alk. Tea eaarl should enter it Italy Is bankrupted Porterhouse Steak, Tender lo la Steak, Sirlola Steak, Pork Chops, Veal Chops, plain or breaded. Mutton Chops, Sugai -cured Bam, Braakfast Baeoo, Pork Sanaa go. Corned Beet Hash, CalTs liver. Breaded, Brains, Scrambled, With a sigh of relief our English contemporaries announce the result Fried Onions, Potatoes In Cream. French Fried iotatoea, Homo Fried and Steamed Potatoes. Dry, Buttered and Dipped Toast Cream Toast, Hot Cakes, with Maple Byrup or Head Hot Biscuit, and Rolla, Hot Cora Bread, White and Graham Bread, Doc ton Brown Broad, Syndicate Cream Gravy a Specialty. Lnau. and diagonal MM, IM rrtrara. a -aa asd nma weil w,m M 0 . a. Boao to ow ofcwalatfaia 3S.nw lit B a. hnadi taa mra (!. a. dannalle.... t.iM no Dally Except Sunday I: JO p. Dally Except Bunday 4: SI p. Dally I:S0 iw E7For Rent Two nicely furnished of the investigation into the ancestral history of Michael Faraday. haa no interest tn the quarrel one way or the other. Russia's Interests do not conflict with ours, and, moreover rooms on Williams St. inquire at this PramlanM on 0 S. boada 1,fcx 00 auM-ka, MoartUi t, eta I4S.IM TO office. ! le leek sar aay aewat of t Dally Except Sunday ...... 7:00 a, m. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. ShoiIimi aooae, feraltore aad Sstarea.. S,eoo us 3Uiar roal Mtatu aad BortncM ovnad. , M she haa Asiatic and European corapll Dismay and conHtcrnatinn were Elainly visible everywhere when the isinuation was made recently that Dua frma national Baoa. (ax I Dally 1:00 p. 1 SIT so I cations which promise to keep her lo. n u CWan,ed Furnished room In a pleas Dally Except Bunday 10:10 p. m. the family of tho famous sciontiM busy at home. Cold Meata, Cold Fowl, Pltfa Feet, Tripe or Htad Choose for Supper, Daa from SUM batik, aad baakara Ova tron appro d mi is acoata Obwik. aad otbx reaah 1'aoM SiMM of otaar Satloaal baas. frmMiMiAl bad.. . Hunan, aldkala aad st,;o (4 6,ai S.4M ue ant and quiet home, near business cen Leave Lead. occupied a humble place iq the low er walks of life. The "nice people" What of Eng:and? England favors the United States, and would be on our mu....... IT SI Dally Except Sunday t:BS a. to. Dally 10: U a. m. who had been admiring the genius Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. FRESH FISH. CBLERT. Lawful aMoar r amt la back, lai Hnrla M.S3S OS ter; prefer a place wbere there are no other roomers. Address "M" this office. S-26-tf crpor Rent Slx-roota house, on City side If France or Germany, or both, laaaltaadaraom at.ia an M,n as of Faraday were horrified at the thought that among his progenitors was a common "day laborer." This Boiled Leg ot Matton, Pickle Bauoe, Dally . .11:10 a. Dally Except Bunday 1:11 p. Dally 1:11 p. Sadampaioa taa laitkU.S. Treaaareris aaroaatof all solatioa... 1.19S W Daa froai U. . rraaasrr. oU f toaa vmt aaat ladal iptraa raa Sno oil impremdon in now corrected, and Joy should take the side of Spain. la the Chinese controversy with Germany and Russia, England has had the moral support of the United States, and she Creek street, furnished throughout. and gladneiM fill the hearts of the Dally Exeept Bunday : p. aa. Dally Except Sunday 4:M p. at . tH1, OS .IMo,ons oo fraternity on the otby side. Total. uastunas. OaolUl (traipse la Samlaafaad.... Well appointed with all modern conven lenclea. Apply at this office. 1-27-tf. A representative of the family, Dally 1:17 a. Daily Except Sunday 7:SS p. Baked Spring Chicken, Stuffed, Irish 8tew, Spanish Stew, Stewed Mutton with Green Peaa, Matbed Potatoes, Sugar Cora. TeataUa Plum Pudding, Wins Bailee, Mince lie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie. Raspberry Pie, Cream Cheese, FrulU, NuU and Candies, 1UU.UU0 op knew It and appreciated It The re CadlTKIad proS . Ia. aspaeaai aad las. Boiled Coned Beef and Cabbage. Bo tied Beef with Horseradish, Boiled Sugar-cured Ham, Roast Turkey, lag Dressing. Roast Dunk, Onion Dressing, Roast Goose, with Jelly, Roast Lola ot Beef with Brown Gravy, Roast Pork with Apple Saueo, Roast Teal with Cranberries, Baked Pork and Beaaa with "John W. Faraday of Hayle, Cora i,sT is I AUU I cent expressions of some of ber lead Dally Except Sunday 1:11 p. at Dally t:SS a. m. wall," furnitiboa the information that "one Robert Faraday married Elisabeth Dean, the owner of Clap- Lf:3C:iS & PJIUIEELEE fcw and Second Hand Goods . , . If you went to Bay or Sell get their figures. Courteous treatment to ail. I,'3. 621 Lcr:r XL'h Mr::t. JOHN DAGGALEY, (.:!:!:! t:i EnlE.t!!3E:r Daadwood, 8. D. of DeaiT rJ Stock EieIhs. Dealer la kUaiaf atocka aad Real Estate Steamship aad Callroad Tleketa bought aad sold. The Elkhom U as beet line from Deadwood to the Eaat Thla statement lug newspapers and public men ehow Dally Exeept Sunday 10: H Bw this. England la making no protest Is verified 'j everyone who haa trav ham Wood Hull, in Yorkshire. This a. paid Rattoaa) baak a m oatstaadlae Daa to ettr sal oaal bMka, M.44S Bt Uaa to atatt. haa aad Doak- ra ..,. T1.171 Ot rXTtrfaada ttoptid .. . SO ua lafllrldaal dapc St. aebjact In f bank MX IS Damaed aarlta alas ot da- po.ll... .. ST.WS S. Tima artlSrati of dapoalt SlTi S SS (Wua Cbarka ,,,, ,i0i0 Dnltad Stota. d tenella. n,M U OpfMit. of 0. Ii. dJtmraiaa Wo. 101 (Eastera Pass) ir 11:41 1 m. ball, it is said, was of some beauty, Boston Brown Bread. against the Monroe doctrine. In fact, In the Venesuela case la 1886, aha gave ber official sanction to that policy, and Oysters Served la all Styles. eled over the road. Splendid equipment, excellent service, ur-urpsassi Urns and good eonnet 'ons, Call at th elegant new passsng? depot aad get and of a style peculiar to that part of the country; architecturally, it No. 108 (Sp'flsh Train) Ar 10:10 a. m. Na SOS (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a. ta. was very effectiva Robert Faraday Na 201 (Passenger) De'p'ti 1:10 p. at COFFXS, TEA, CHOCOLATE, COCOA.rMiLK AND PURE SPRING WATXX erred with all Msala. 8lngla Uealatfc up. Meal Tickets $5.03. Lunehtt 133 tiMer n I rates. Through sleepr leaves via tho was the great scientist s grandfath ...HaHM. n,im ia it Is now an integral part of international law. For moral and physical reasons EaglanTa interests would be Na S10 Spearflsh train) Do. 1:M p. m. No. 204 (Freight) Departa 1:00 a. Bt er, his own father, Barnabas, being Blkhorn every night at o'clock. .VHXnt os Total St.ts op Botrr i Dasoea, I , Gooatr of ia araaaa. I '!.. MrPb. tana. aaaMar of ba above aaaaad born at the hall." It is explained that be waa one of a large family, the members of which had to shift for themselves when they left th BIDS WANTED. kana. oo aoiaaaa r awaar taat tea aaaa naiiai la kraa to tba be i of aj kaowladaa aad baUaf. tn A. kfof aaaaoa. Oaaklar. .ISabanHbad u 1 (wore lo before lal. 3od da Wanted, bids for sinking shaft, SO or parental abode, but particularly em of Mareb, ISSS. 100 feet, size of excsvatlon, 7x10 feet. son a. fans, ponvy raoua. DEADWOOD & DELAWARE Sr.lELTlHG C0L1PAI1Y. pbatio is the statement that "in no instance waa their condition in life Shaft is now 85 feet deo. Timbers ' rXraotora. P.. Srtaaa, p. A. emt-an. T.t. Sana. oroperly framed will be furnished on anything approaching that of a 'day laborer, ' a class of men whose po the ground, contractors to put them in shaft 1n good workmanlike manner, sition at that period was peculiarly MRS. J. P. BRAKSFIELD'S No. 85 Bharmaa C tract miserable and degraded. Site of abaft Inalde of timbers, 6x8 feet, I Charter Me, 3.) Repoi t of the Condition of divided In S compartment! Contract on our side In a conflict with Spain or any other European power. Actlvt ' aid for us would wire out all the antl-Engllsh prejudices of a century1 growth in the United States. It would keep the food supply of the United Statue ope a to England and In case ol future wars botweeu her and France Germany, Russia or any other coun try. As against Spain alone the Unit ed States would be easily victorious As against Spain and any possible all) or allies she could get In Europe, Eng land would be on our side, and Eng land and the tailed Slate on watei could holu their own ainst all tb rest of the world In combination. Faraday's father was verger and sexton of the village church, leader of the choir and a shoemaker by F. B. A M. V. R. B, THE NORTHWESTERN UNO. DEPOT: Between Detdw'd and Pine Streets. Arrivta Depart a Though trains to Omaha Chicago. St. Paul, Uln-neapolla, with cloee ooa nectlons for all points weat and south, at Fremont and Omaha .... U a m., p m. DEPOT; Lower Mala Street. Whitewood 8turgia,Rap Id Chadroa and inter- mediate points 10:4Samt:8Um Belle Fourehe It:40pai Haas Whitewood only .... :7:S0 am M Hpn Dally. 1 Dally, except Sunday. the mmm kati:::al baxx ors wt'l be allowed use ot steam hoist and steam drills. W. H. 8 rVIFT, President. JOiEPiI 8WIFT, Treasurer FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, 'Jen. ral Manager. trade. Faraday 'a uncle was the own Location of shaft, head of Butch r At Deed wood, in the State ol fouib Dakota, l er of a neighboring quarry and em ployed a number of "day laborers' Qulch, near divide ot Twi Bit The right reserved to reject any or all bids. th. chaw buatmaa rabraary IS, aasocscas. Iiand dlae mtita t4S,int ts and "waa noted for his kindness to Please address Pi Bay d All Ora Prclicd li toBta! his employeeH." Fiiruduy's father, la faat aalalM aotonty a. waB as popalarta oalofloHM tact toat II I. I&a aaiy aitea ran aaa set laa bMt kind of kaia at Iba lowest acwa lav boMo U Uva aad lat lira, Herts loaves of read are eaeal to awn 10s loaves. Ska keep; s fall Una of bread, eakat, eeofelaa, eteasi pees, eaadias, dears, auk, etsv, aad ttMlas yea tsaaU Dont't Forget th number. SS SherninStrtet, it O. J. BARRETT. James, formed an attuchment for (Hcrdrarta, mi mtaixl nnaeraredu. a.Tva w II. H. Bonda Uil -rclfcultki0- 12 00 Mlnrka. rt-nnU a, Mo......... ,71 -iA Han kins biHiaa rurnltnia aad Bxturaa 10474 61 Care Bullock hotel, Deadwood, 8. D. Margaret Hunt well. whoMe "father DEADWOOD, SO. DAK. S.1NBI4 1U0H SCHOOL ENTERTAINMENT. n.m ti l)ua rrom nalk aal Bank, (not rcasnra lii. fnira appn Tnt nam afenM.. (tin-k. and olhtr caah Item. NntaataTothaf l alkmal Bantu ...... Fractional pa or curreocir, nickels waa a farmer and alxo an employer of day laborer." lie wua averse to the match, Mug ambitious for his daughter to murry some one who 1,100 00 I 4S SO ann oanai, SIT Gold Bullion.-,, ...... . Lwr L Muxbir KSatavs id Bans, vim.; had more cash than a youth who came from Clapham Wood Hall was ...MACKINTOSHES Krcl-... ...e 4S 1ft l;t.-1. 1 . u .1.. ..1.1 iL.i Bwar of fcfcSJfs laal Irmlar noUa I. MO 00 SS.tiS U KcfleniMioa -ui wits 'j. s. Traaaurar tekfle & r;:ui:Uet, -Mtejs at Liu- OAssi Baioai Boor UarSa A Maaoa nk. Deadwood, - - - - Boutlt Dakota. (I par oriit ol c'rcuialloDl Ml to Ror tho Beueflt of the Library. Friday Evening, Man-h 4. Programme: Chorus Morning Invitation. Waiter Drill and Burlesqus. Recitation Beeln' Thing, at Night. Song Flower of Liberty. Drill of the Little Patriots. Total.... ... MIS,: t M THE RUINED CALIFORNIA GRAPE CROP. The partial loss of the grape crop this year, caused by the heavy rains. Is estimated to exceed f 1,000,000. Fan. ere and vineyards all over the northern part of the state have suffered While this Is true It is equally a fact thct lost aa dialling strength may bi restored by the persistent, systematlt use of the great national tonic, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which renew and tones the activity of the stomach. iUSIUTiaa, 10.000 00 CaniuiaUH-k !.'. 'a -Siirrliit Mind . - icoreoo I'ndvkM r, Am. Was txpeoaaj aad laio paB .. , M.a) ts rf.tlmiM baac vya a.ita(aadia..H.H. ll.ano oo)1 Instrumental Solo. Tableau. Drill Spring Garlands, A Dance ef Dn. lo othar X lUoaal bank. UftCljr iw ll i mru rim lum James "followed the calling of a blacksmith" in London, and eventually married Margaret and took ber to London, where h- had to light hia own battle, aud like many another found it hard enough. Michael'a earlier yeurs are described us a struggle againMt poverty. All of v. birh is very interesting, bat scarcely worth the fuse that has I een made about it. However, it oeema as if old world prejudices must be consulted even when the recognition of genius of the highest crder ia involved. Weetern mm ti Hu. In Stale ha ik. and banker. .S M til OlfeS Individual dep aMmbject Jnakck ta l emand mtU aiaa depuaiu tl.ons 4 I OMan TVmO. - - TO OPIDt-R C4.C0 LADIES Bkci or Blu6 mere, with handaome RcJi t'.":, aaa-asw-aas-s Doublf Capeg with Velvet Collan, nade Id Cl yea. IIEH'S BIui or Eack Dir"'. Haot'eomeriAldLiiL-E-l 11 ', Detachable Uipa made to fityoo. G.e East,1 C:.:rs Hip and Length tneaiure. Bend 2.00 and iLzf c " i hall "be aoot a O. D. 3.88, or deduct 5 jtr ce .i f- 3 lend ctuh ia full and save return char's. chzat VaZOTzhri f.-Ac.ciNTcc:. ci. r SYPHILIS QONORnHOEA L03T UdillHOOD, KTitt ihs&m of Hum lueoNa&ly Je. . . W Uvw-awalV Total. live r and the bowels, counteracts a teadmcy to rheumatism and kidney - Soi..; SIOMaof 8 elt rUsta, 1 Ooaatr of La- .Mia. ! 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