The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 3, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1898
Page 4
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THE pAILY PIONEER-TIMES. THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1898. HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE tpe THh CITY . w-. . .-A'A f. - . .'A"A"A"A-lA' : Reyal the feS pmn. vh -t-t FEVER? IF YOU HAVE. BUY IS WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND OET A CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA sw r-"- i eX iS1 TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. Captain B. J. deacon, of Pine Ridge, I'm- f'U'Cai I Hlipiicra go to Zlpp's. iikiiih ii.ui.M uppie Lutnr anil uiluce mcHi, lu pi ii r M a !i Jan, at Deadwood null Oioter. THY 8TEAR.VS DIAMOND COAL. Kr.nh cut flower and floral designs I In the government service at that place Liebmann 's arrived yesterday. Capt Oleesoa Is Interested In the lease on ths school lot on the east side of this gulch, where a deep shaft la being aunk to develop a ledge of mineral that crops out on the surface. SsrtcatoXlavlaoca XsB7'. Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. Opening for F. L. Langon, ot MlnnstpolLi, was for any occailon at Mra. Llebmann'a. if The teat druggist In tha city now own SU'lu's store. Give biro a call anj you will be convinced. tf Have you u-led the new Swan'a Down Flour. Thee la nothing to equal It Try a aack and you will uaa no other. Sold by all jjrocere In Deadwood. Children and adulta tortured by an arrival yesterday on business con I 3 nected with the deal Involving ths Gunnison property at Bald Mountain Akaoiutaly Kre and the proposed smelting plant at ei MiM oo mw yam. Belle Fourche. Mr. Langan says a party of eastern gentlemen who are Interested In the deal will be out here In about a week. ppimrj Styrle of 189! Zipp can 8t any toot to perfection. STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE Mra. I. B. Judklns haa purchased the lodging rooms and furnishings In ths building ovsr ths Vienna bakery, on Main street, from Miss Joele Llndatrom BEST. If you want the beat of meats call at Fargo'a market la the Flrat ward, burna, aeal!ie, lujurtea, eaiema or aklu diseases nmy secure lnatant relict by ualng PeWl'.fs Witch Uaiel Salve. It la the great Pile remedy. N. E. Frank lln; K. O. I hl'llps. 1 ae great ir tncludea the leaa. Hood's Sarsaparllla curea hip dlaeaae and scrofula aorta and It may bt depended upon to curs boila and plmplea and iiumora of n-li klnda. riood'a Pills are tha favorite family cathartic. Cure alck headache, break up a cold. The Peojile's Grocery on Sherman treat, for irocerlea, produce, freah and MILLER DERBY. Top Notch In Hat Excellence. and took poeseeelon of the piaoe oa Tuesday. Mrs. Judklns managed ths mess at the Ulster mine at Ragged Top Wo have oysters, fish, celery, poultry t We Are Receiving Our ..--fc. .Bhtxeaf : i; W Spring Goods and everything la the market. Wa will please you every time. tt is the paat year and has had considerable experience In conducting a hostelry. A telegram waa received yesterday Wagner Broe' Palace cafe, oa Las street Is the place to get tha finest meat, vegetable, entries and relishes, served in the city. Everything la aer? ed hot and prepared to ault the moat aalt meat. Quick aalea and email fastldeoua taste. Ths best cup of oof-fee or tea In the olty. from Mrs. Cole, mother of Edith Cols, who suicided at Terry on Tuesday requesting that the remaine of her daugh ter be shipped back to Iowa. In accord ance with the request a short funsrai service will be had at the Episcopal church at Lead, at 13: JO today conducted by Archdeacon Ware, and the remain will be ahlced ria the B. 4 11. profit la their motto. f For Sale A fine matched driving team, I and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear make it more than satisfying moneys worth. Grace in every Line, Goodness in every Particular Judge their Ilerita for Yourself. The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat Whoopln cougt la the moat dlatreaa lag maladjr; but lu duration can be cut abort ty the use of One MlauU Cough Cunti, which la alao tha beat known rensriy for eroue and all luag Bowman. Well, I've been there. Where, ma ma? Why down to Chaae'a where they Lead Call: "Architect Glota la busily engaged at present oa plana for a new ten room residence for Baa Ward-man of Deadwood. When finished this and bronetlat troublea. N. E. Frank lln; K. O. Phll'lpe. (AW WWW aell cheap, and they do Just what they say they do, and there Is no humbug DAILY, house will be the finest In Deadwood. It Is to be erected on Ingleslde, and about It. Thsy Were getting In new goods all the time I was there, and there were people buying from all over this town. They have some beautiful will consist of two stories aad base And Qfer a Finer M:sortm$nt The First Shot Of the Seaaon, ment, the basement to be of atone, than ny previous Seacon and at i while the upper portion la frame." SATURDAY, FEB. 28, Lower (Prices. dresa good and their ahoea are from M cents to a dollar leea than I have Notices are posUd asking for propi ala to carry the U. 8. mall between ! 5j We Are Sole Agents. h 1 1 "We Aim to Please and do it. Opening Day of DUNLAP HATS Deadwood and Spearfiih for a term of four yeara beginning July 1st. Bids For Spring and Bummer. fc. BLOOa, At. can be left with Postmastsr Gerard. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hornberger enter What pUtaure la there In life with a tained about fifty of their friends on Tuesday evening In honor of Mr. Horn l4e..-4as.sieii.a.M. berger's sister and their son Julius, headache, constipation and blllou-neaaT Thouaanda experience tkea who could beeome perfectly healthy by ualng EaWltt'a Little Early Rlaera, the famoiw HUle pills. N. K. Frank both of whom will leave In a few daya for Pittsburg, Pa., to remain. The fore part of tha evalng waa apent In lln; K. O. Phllllpa. the rendering of a fine musical and literary program, after which delicious Don't annoy othera by your cough LEADER OF Low Prices rZ&fZir? is Larger and More Complete I ej TnHnu Tt,. C.,.. refreshments were served. All hand were then Joined and dancing and game were Indulged in until a late hour, after which the gueata took their ing, and rltk vuur life by negletclng a cold. One Minute Cough Cure eurea cougha, cclla, rroup, grippe and all throat and lung treublea. N. B. Franklin; K. 0. Phillip. wmmj i nail L,Ttl utiurci i departure feeling that they had apent a most enjoyable evening, and loud In their praises of Mr. and Mra. Horn- berger as sntsrtalnera. TWO BIT MAPS FOR BALE. A. D. WILSON. After ye ire of untold Buffering from pllea, B. W. Puraall of Knltieravllle, Argua Leader: "Haa "Annie Rus been paying, and It la only a few atepa down there. Why, I coul see the sign Chase's Where They iU Cheap from way up town. There are three little things whloh do more work than any other three llt-t'e things created they are the ant, the bee aad rtaWitt'e UtUe Early Risers, the last being the famous little pills for stomach and liver troublea. X. Q. Phillips; N. S Franklin. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST Ml LW AUK KB BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, HENCE ASK FOR IT. BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. Go to McGILL'S for HAY, GRAIN, and ROCK 8PRINOS and DEER CHEEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Telephone No. IU. How happy you look, Mra Al Well, Mra. J., I have aaved over alx dollars by waiting for Chaae to get hla new tock of dry good. You know when he first opsnsd, hs didn't know whether to keep dry goods or all gentlemen's wear, but hla trade La been ao good that he has added a lovely Una of drees goods, and really aa good an aaeort-ment of everything the ladlea Ilka to look at a there are in tha Hllla, and real nlou atyllah new patterna. Oh! I do Ilka to trade at a new atore where you haven't got to be ahown all their old (tock, and you know their price on everything la way down and It is only a tew steps below the Bullock Hotel. Xa Vltioa to OuT.Zarge Assortment of Sit Hiriiira, Tl:::r3, Sl;fss, Oiitlsry ni $;:rll:j Cecils. We Alao Carry a lull Line ot Iron, Dteel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps Pa., waa cured by ualng a alngle box of sell", the white girl recently taken from the Indiana by Superintendent Sherrard of the Children' tome had her skin dyedT Mr. and Mra. Turton, htm t n- - -I ' DeWltt'i Witch Hasel Salve. Skin dta eaaea auch aa externa, raah, plmplea who think the girl Is their long-lost and obUi ate aorea arr readily enrel by thla fantoua remedy. K. O. Phillip N. E. Frar kiln. daughter and Superintendent Sherrard are inclined to the opinion that It has. Prices the Lowest, Goods tho Best. Mr. Sherrard bat noticed from the Say, Del, where did you get that new Pipoi Rational Eanl OF DtADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA! 'flCJegexeaa XJnte3. States Ue-positox,"rr OAJH PAID IK, $100,000 . . . . SURPLUS, $150,000 BIKXCTOIM. a i. uunni, t. t. oriich, p. . spike, r. a. ousboimt,: D. A. Mcl HERltO. I. 1 !! I I ! ! hat? It raakea you look tan year younger. I bought It at Chaae'a where C. A. GRIFFITH HARDWARE GO. The RED ANVIL. start that the girl's banda and face were considerably lighter thaa her body. Since the girl has br sick with the meaalee her body hss turned consldersbly whiter and around tha neck of the night dreea where the child they aell sheap. They have Jaat re ceived 100 dotes of tha latest atylea, Ot. Deadwood, and they ire Bailing them for one-half leaa than you can get them for any zzJ where ela. sweats freely, Is quite f brown discoloration. Thla leads Mr. and Mra. Turton and Mr. Sherrard to believe that the girl's skin haa been treated with I IHWW P, I, lUUBUlI I wuw,i V. a, urniiFwyn VlefrtaeldaB T. J. aHliiM I AMlMeut Ouhiar i. S. ilBHMi.ll C. L. Bli were ' rapalra aafea, locks, guns, blcyi lea, trunks, cutlery, ate. THE NEW a atrong dye of Borne kind by the Indiana. Mr. Sherrard aays he It posit FISHEL'8 BAZAAR. Has removed to Nslson's old stand J. H. Or ive tbst ths child's hair la dyed. Mrs. lora over wood. Cr: asit door to American National bank. olalty. aham, D. D. B., dental par-Flrat National bank, Dead-iwn and bridge work a spe aer aald:" I have had tha tinea I have been buying of 1 1 have had far a year." Oillmore Hous A cuto Turton Is constantly by ths side of ths child, nursing hrt through the meatlet She Is alao buay making her aeveral new dreeaea ao aa to be ready aa Boon aa aha recovers sufficiently to take her to the Turton home In the Northwest Territory. 4) A lfete Cwk.' Formerly appredstire raoot&l- FOOLED You will be 11 you buy anything but the Genuine beat meat Fargo, ths Under New ilanegement. Dr. Gan j, dtntltt, over Aoaasthal's ore. CROWN AND BRIDGE 0 tion of successful effort waa absolutely essential to the aocompUahod cook. Some cooks were ao enaltive on this point that they could not Ao Justice to themselves If It waa with clothing Bt Offers Xlore Attractions for less Money than any Other WORK. FILED FOR RECORD. W. C. Kingsley to Homesteke Min Zlpps tot fine shoes. The Gr ind Central lodging house IpEGKUlTll R0UI3D OAK j held. The late Abraham Hayward gives an instance of thla In Felix, a .... Hons la the City Beit mealt, Beit Dining Service, Best Rooma and Bett Location of any House in the City. A thrill of (error Is experienced when a brassy cough cf croup sounds through the houee at night. But the terror soon change to relief after One Minute Cough Cure baa been administered. Safe aad harmless for children. K. 0. Phllllps;N. B. Ftanklln. For some time I have Buffered with rheumatism, and tried every Imaginable remedy, without effect Mr. F. 0 S. Well advised me to try Chamber-lain' Pain Balm, tellllng me that It had cured many raps of long atand-Ing like mine. I have usod four bottle and feel aura that ona more bottle will make my cure complete. A. P Kontt, Claremora, Ark. t'Kound On Central roail. a watch Knqulre at tt' office. Frank P. William returned to III i City yexterday. ing Co., SO feet In Independence lode, 1228. (over Zoo kler'e market) has been put noted chef of hie time. This artist waa In tha employ of Lord Seaford, Jessls Meaningly to Oeo. R. fenncr In flret el taa ahape and la now under tha management of Mra. Kunse. Good clean bedn 21 and I cants. tf 160 acre of land In aectlon 27, town- who was obliged to dispense with hie services for economical reasons. Borne monthe afterward a distin See the Name on the Leg it you want to be certain. hip 6, north range, 4 east, 1. .Carl Blank Prop. J. D. O'Meara and C. E. Williams to 0 O. R. Brandt, of Lead, has a novel N. J. McGoffln and W. J. McOoffln, Williams Fraction, Strawberry gulch, guished connoisseur waa dining with Lord Boaford and before) the flrat course waa halt over he detected the SOLD ONLY 3Y . . . . 4 a 4 in a am m i plan for d Isposlng of a stock ranch at Iftghmore, thla state. Tha ranch la a good one and worth at least 11,600. fl. CON HOOD'S CONTEST. handiwork ot Felix. He made in AY neb & YJAKUMAN Geo. D. Barsa and Geo. Earl wine to . C. Boley, St Clair Noe. 1 and I and "THE UNRULY JAT." Oh! cay, do you remember, Weeks, months, yes, yeara ago, Read tha circulars distributed la this Issue or call at thla offlea for further 0 quiry and waa informed by fcia boat that the greet chef waa again in hie service. He bad gone from him to Lead Call "Con Hood k ... -i- Eagle lodea, Polo Creek, 11. HARDWARE CO. particular i. Bam peon Jeffery to Ellen Jeffery, waen you and I both want La vkui J. C. Ryan, of 8parflh, left yev.- feated for county oommlaalonar of the 2nd commissioner district by John H. Russel of Spearflab by a narrow mergJa Nick 1 auart, proprietor of the east half of lot 1, block 6, South Lead, At the school-house on the Uiow? 0 nRAmunn riith nAKOTA day for St. Joe and other aoutb'rn Clifton hute, 81oui City, for the past fl. one day when you vera uiti. point. Chamber Keller filed certificate of twenty y ars, la now la thla city per Which was a boylah prank, ) " Q C;000OOOOChChJ &aOOO 0000000a " ' " iueuiuoea cousst proceed ingt tome time aco a&int rn, Bute Treasurer K. O. Phillip ,!.u appointment aa resident agent by Al wife left last evening for Pierre to t calling me "curly headed Joe" And "Crow Creek's creay crank," aloner Russell to Ust the latter'a UUe len Bros., company, of Omaha. manently and will act as caterer to free luncioe at Pete'a Exchange, on Main Btr,.t, Deadwood, where every Roue a couple of weeks. loniaomce. Hood has employed Frew J. U Woodbu'0 to F. J. Waihabaugh xou anow when I waa standin Vi Interact 1n Magnetic and Magnetic City Justice Early ha bem quite ill BIN. BAX3., On the oid stove by' the wall, one la wt'eome from 10 t. m. to 10 p. sol has, a. w. COB, President. Secretary, No. 1 lodea. Carbonate, 1260. Treasurer. for several day and was compelled tc tou were pulling my curls and m., to the beet that can be had In the the Duke of Wellington. After a brief experience with the latter he had returned to Lord Beaford and begged to be taken back at reduced wages or no wagee at all, for he waa determined not to remain at Apaley House. He confessed that tha duke was the kindest end moat liberal of masters, but that when he eerved him a dinner that would have made Ude or Francatelli buret with enry the duke eaid nothing. When Felix went out and left tbe duke to eat a dinner prepared by the maid, the duke uade so complaint "That, my lord," Felix acid, "hurt my feel-laga." New York Sua Wm. Butcher to Thoa. N. Mathewa, iuty to prosecute his content while Hussell haa quite aa array o' legal Uleot, having employed Moody k Washabaugh and Rice aad Polly. Hood haa appealed to ths populist central remain at home. He wa out yester city. tost , 10 and 11, block 23, Uhllg ad day for ths first time and la feeling And trying to make me fall. dltlon to Soearflsh. 1250. much better. BLOOM: GIVES BETTER VALUE FOR YCUR MONET THAN ANT When I stooped down ani klnuj Deadwood Building Loan Association. Jullu Rebsameo to John Walker, Vi ARE YOU OOINU TO THE KLON A girlish, child-like, kU OTHER HOUSE. Interest In Nickel Plate No. 4 lode, DIKE THIS SPRINU? IF SO BUY (For ootatng la these old Dare Butte district, fl. 13.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU Waa ever thought, emits, i MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUt SCHOOL BONDS FOP. SALE. ITS COS TIN Q A CENT. Tou blushed as red aa a ri Aad eaid something of "gay girls committee to take up his Bgat. aad make tt a party measure, as the CI-Penee ot conducting the proceedings waa more thaa he could bear personal ly. Sentiment amongst populists la Mr. Hood's own district Is pretty even-ly divided, as to the advisability of the Party taking up this contest, and ss near aa we can learn from the mem-bera of the party la Lead, the eeuti-ment la almost unanimously against ths contest, and solicitors for mhifm.ii. Frank J. Waihabaugh, Tuesday even Notice is hereby given that Gayvllla With hcael eyes aad smiiine Una lag, entertained the official of the MASQIKIUDE 8UIT8 OF ALL DESCRilTlONS FOR RENT AT MAX FISH Eli". From all ovr the country come word of praise for Chamberlain' Cough Romedy. Hera la a sample letter from Mra. Bhep, of Little Rock, Art.: " waa suffering from a very severe colli, whn I read of the cures that hatfi been effected by Chamber- The Ware, Was Cp Laae. A father waa leotuHns hla mnn nn Shares of Stock for Sale. Both Payments and .merest Payable Monthly Call and Bee A. W. COB, Secretary. school district No. I haa Issued boadi In the eum of $100.00, and has the same Aad shaggy yellow curls." United State court and a few of hi attorney friends, to 7 o'clock dinner. the evil of eteying out late at night . I . a . m . tor sale. Apply to C. S RUTH, 1 Another time we were tttailim The evening was very pleasantly Treasurer. ana rising iaie in tne morning. "You will never succeed," heaaid. Oa the platform ouUlde the door, pasad. J. 7. EDMONDS, General Agent. lions to the contest And this so. The "unless you mend your ways. Bern ember, the early bird catch ea the ia my band I carried a pencil And you a alate rag bore. For you had written oa thi wall. t Vfj BWHBMMBTM1 TOfUffifSTOlM1 IWff & laln'e Ccugh Remedy. I concluded t E. Z. Kldd and A. D. Steward left last evening for the north-central part ot Wyoming to investigate soma sand and gravel beds with a view to taking their iaea seems so prevail that It Mr. Hood thinks he Watts tO Contest the elarttnn Ia letters large aad black, worm. "And what about the worm, fa tbert" eaid the youna man aneer of Russell that he ahould pay for hla give It a trial aud accordingly procur d a bo le. It gave me prompt relief, and I ha re the beet reason for recom concentrating and amalgamating n rhlnea out there to operats. ingly. "Wsin't he rather foolish Something about a "gay girl Who waa as sharp as a tack." And I had written something About my "unruly Jay" mending It very highly, which I dj in getting np ao early I" DON'T GET LEFT. IF YOU HAVK I NOT QOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S "My eon," eaid the old man, "that worm hadn't been to bed at all He Which made you cm He ea-l blush Keystone Restaurant j Reopened J!Sig& J Bush & flundhenke. 1 with p Injure." Veterliianan Treacy attands Dead-wood thin first Tuesday of each moats, Telephw a Ft Meade. KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY W.OO WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A xtla, Worn than tha other d;v. waa only getting home." Vbe yotiflg man eocghed. Pitta burf Chronicle. FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Thaa you bent your head and whls- STEA.tN'8 DIAMOND COAL II own amusement For la the long run It will be a source of amusement to the republicans, and a bill of szpenee tor members ot the populist party, as tha case will undoubtedly go to the au-preme court if the circuit court should decide la Hood'a favor, where the chances for Hood to win are about aa favorable as ths chancee for a snow flake to eilat In the aether rtfioui. The time to fight a political battle la during campaign preceding the election, and not after the ballots are east and counted, aad the candidate dude himself shy tiro votes, M Sturgls Frees: "In a letter from Avarded H!&-hst Honors -World's Fair, Oold Modal, Midwinter Fair. V JP" " "f A, "I ejtfj wat'ta as . ,,, , . ,. -i s3 W VrsDeMMi A Pn Step Cnea ef Tsstar Pivta 43 TH3 STAIOAT-D. THE BUST. Chat. Francis from camp In the Oregon mountain of New Mexico, where A Shae perea, Ia a voice that was not aad, "It does not matter anyway," Yes. dear It is too bad. Barnes People talk eboas Jonah he haa extenalve mining Interests, he tboaf be were tbe aalaokleet bub the Wa ar t anxious to do a little coed In this woi Id aad can think of bo ileae enter or better way to do It thaa by The years have come aad gone since world ever aaw. states that his health hat not been extra good thla winter, but la feeling Praotical Hotel men who will itivc in-Zoo msal In ths City. Meal Tickets I.V00. I Good Home Cooking i By a First-Clsss Woman Cook. better at present He reports activity la the camp, aad Colorado and eastern reeomm mdlng One Minute Cough Cure as a are reatlTe of pneumonia, encamp tlon aal other eerloua long troublea that follow at looted eotda. K. a ghoM Aad aa he waa. Think of the kecd to ot a aaaa wke has bism aaroagh b's experience la not balnea e!tae TfUh iUactark tl-tL-L-H whale erijerfiiwa f J.-- er'4 have rlaytt fee t 1 tmm t-i- capitalists making investments. He Aad I am tar away, rt I remember thoae old school, dyn, Aad -KarB!y 5ay. ' T. K.O. speaka of a pleaaaat visit from the Good wcrk. rfw j . m Phllllpe; N. . Franklin. eldest aoa of the late Colonel Otla." fHeea ta the tt?c:a.

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