The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 3, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Thursday, March 3, 1898
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The Daily lONEER-TlMES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEADWOOI). S. 1). (1JLACK HILLS), THURSDAY MORNING, MAUGII 3, 18U8. FIVE CENTS WILL REDEEM 10 PEH CENT. LONG IS CRITICISED. haa soma very good Indications ai.d Is doing thorough development worr. THE MINIM6 INDUSTRY. Perfection In Quality 'Moderation In Price). I'CIiUSHliKS AItU INDICTED. Los Angeles, Cal., March 1. The grand Jury has Indicted tho proprietors of the Kurm, Field and Fireside, a Cblcngo publication, for an alleged use of the mulls to f irther a swindling a 'heme. The paper boomed a lund colony scheme in the Ulg Ko-k district north of this city. It Is alleged th, lan i Is not us represented anil the titles tn It are poor and defective. 11. S. Swea, one of the owners of the Chicago pi per, was at the Uis Angeles end. O Iver Miller made the complaint. A former grand Jury Indicted the sane men, but they escaed trial on a te hnlcallty. mm r-i n jvii UOUZ 11 f M ii i i : n 4 CO GOOD. people of the Unltel State, from going over to that Island, running all over lta length and breadth and driving from Cuba these barbarous robbers and lmltutors of the worst man who ever lived In the world." Shermun has never changed hi position on the Cuban queatlon. He favored Intervention during Cleveland's administration. He has favored it during this. He wanted to give DvLomc his passports, Instead of letting him leave Washington attended to the depot by half of the diplomatic corp,, But Sherman Is a sidetracked secretary state. The public and the presa have often Inquired during the present exciting period: "What has become of Sherman?" The real truth of the matter Is that Secretary Gage and John Sherman do not agree. 8herman knows the Cuban question from the time i the ten years" war to date. Gage Is not posted as to detail, but he insists on a plan of procedure that Sherman cannot and will not sanction. If Sherman Is not going to run the state department Is going to get out. Th? old man, while physically weak, la not so mentally daft but what he can see the anomalous position In which he If placed. M. J. VERTIIIIEiMER & DHO. o WE SELL. Dry Goods Cheaper than any other House in the Land. . For This Week wo Offer 100 Dozen Ladies FAST 11LACK HOSE at 10o per pair, value 20 ie:.t?. 50 Dozen Ladies SILK INI1LVL HANDKERCHIEFS, also plain white, hemstitched and Colored Borders at 5 ceils each. Hi Actual Valne of Every 15 to 25 M I t'icnTiiticiMEri p. nr?ft U r.i. j, wtni illicit. iLii u uisus in County Commlsiloners Preparing to Talis Up a Pari of the Debt. The county commissioners at their session yesterday adopted a resolution authorising the county treasurer to transfer from the general fund to the 10 bond sinking fund $20,000, for the redemption of $30,000 worth of county bonds of that class in tho near future. There Is already about $16,000 in the sinking fund. The treasurer called the commissioners' attention to a discov ery he had made, that about $186,000 had been transferred from the bond sinking funds to the general fund alnce the year 1880. There are 10 booda to the amount of $214,000 outstanding at a time. an- they will be redeemed and the excessive Interest stopped as soon as possible. The total tax collection, for th. month of February amounted to about $120,000. The commissioners appointed S W. Storey road supervisor of district No. 13. Boulder Park, to fill the vacancy cauaed by the death of Frank Eberle. The remainder of the day waa devoted to adjustment of taxes. STATE RAILROAD COMMISSION. W. O. Tempi,, one of the leadlas members of the counsel for the suta railroad commission, arrived yesterday from Chicago, where he has spent the past two months with the commission: taking testimony In the actions brought by the eleven railroads of this state against ths commission, the purpose of which is to prevent It putting into enect the maximum schedule nt rates adopted. In accordance with the provisions of an act of the last session of the legislature. It will be remem bered that the railroads obtained an in junction restraining the commission from enforcing the schedule. The re straining order, walch waa Issued by Judge Carland, was made returnable on June 20, at Sioux Falls, and the com mission Is engaged at Chicago taln evidence which will be submitted to Judge Carland la printed form. It already makes about 1200 pages, and the Milwaukee case" haa cot been finished yet In taking this testimony the commlr- sioo Investigates Into the cost of con structlag, maintaining and operating the roads, the gross earnings and net profit and the percentage of profit on the investment It Is a very Interesting case. The commission contenJs that the rates in thia state should be based upon the receipts of that portion of the large railroad systems within ths state, while the railroads contend that the rates should be regulated upon a basis of the receipts of the entire systems and the proportionate numL, r of miles 1n this state. The examination Is In progress at Chicago and Mr. Temple will return to that place on the 16th Inst HOOKS ATTENTION. kegular monthly meeting ot the D. P. H. ft L. Co. at hoes parlors, Thursday evening, at S o'clock. A full attendance le requested. W. H. MOORE. Foremen. OLYMPIC CLUB OANCINO PARTY. Owing to entertainments on Thursday and Friday evenings, will be postponed until Saturday evening, March 6th. Dancing will begin promptly at 8 o'clock aa Is customary of ths club and juit at 11 NOTICE TO TEACHERS. Ths regularly quarterly examination for teachers will be held tn the county superintendent's office, March 4 and t, 1898. KATE U. KEMPER, Bup't Schools tor Lawrence County. w-Me-d-l-t-M. it p ) Both the method and results when Bjrup of Figs is taken; It is pleasant and refreshing to the teste, and acta f-eatir ret promptly on the Eidners. liver aad Bowels, cleanses the system effeotoftllr. diapela oolda, heed- aehea and fevers and onree habitual eo&tdpaUoa. Syrup of Figs Is the otuj ranedTot its ux y dooad. e&aasinff to the taste and eeotable to the stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in lta eSeets, prepared our from the most healthy and agreeable robetftooes, its maar excellent qoaL'tiea commend it to all and have made It the most raoolar remedy known. tjrtp of Fitf it tot sole La SO it botdaa bv all leadiss dm. fiats. Any reliable drn-jt who ejey net have it on handwiS pro em it promptly for any one who wLsstatryit. Do not seeeptssy sccsutmav. t I y s 5 vlXj The Challenge Mining company's as sessment became delinquent on Tuesday and the assessment on the entire capital stock excepting about 34.000 shares haa been paid, this amount now being advertised to be sold on th, 16th Ins.. Lee Day returned Tuesday from a prospecting tour in the Central HI1!, In the vicinity of Roc h ford and Castle Creek. He says the ) is a very lane amount of work being done tn that country and the prospects are very promising. The Golden Hill Mining company's shaft In Two Bli district, Is now about 100 feet deep and is still In trachyte, with seams of highly mineralised material appearing. Three eight-hour shifts of miners are now employed, and good progress Is being made. R. M. Maloney has receive I the cagt for hla hoisting plant at the Snow storm property in Nevada gulch and the large pump Is being lowerol !n the shaft preparatory to emptying th, worklnga and commencing sinking the shaft to the alatee. Walter Joy, assayer for R, M. Malo ney, yesterday made an assay for Captain Dotson upon some ore the captain got up in Montana, near Helena. The result waa a fin, button and a value ot $ii4,04O per ton In gold. The ore is a galena, full of flakes of gold and la partly free-milling. The captain says the ore is found In small vertical veins lying between granite walla. John Gresnough was down from Portland yesterday. There has been a rumor afloat recently to effect that Mr Greenough bad encountered a large body of high grade ore In the D.'vldend He informs us that in the drift bearing toward the Decorah he Las atruck th primitive foundation or quartxlte with evidences of an ore body In cloae prox imlty. S, H. Bassett, of New York, president of the New York and Black Hills Oold Mining company and C. B. McHugh, superintendent of the company, left yesterday for New York to perfect the organisation of their company and make plans for operations tocommence in the near future. This company is owner of the Pyrltlc Queen group of six c'.slms, situated on the south divide ot Two Bit Creek, oppoelte the Golden Crest. Mr. Bassett has been several days sampling the Two Bit country and taking observations. II, returns home highly pleaoed.wlth the appearance of the new district and con fldent that hla company has a valuable block of ground. BLACK HILLS EXHIBIT. The committee of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition movement were not ready to present their petition for an s sroprtatlon to the county commls- slouprs, at their session yesterflay ana consequently the county dads adjourn ed to meet again on Wednesday, March 9, for the purpose ot acting upon the matter. The committee proposea to petition the county for an appropriation ot upward of $10,000 for dsfraylng the expenses of Lawrence county's ex Dibit at the Omaha exposition, and to support ths petition vrlth an lndemcl tying bond to be signed by the reepon-slble citizens ot the oouaty to guarantee the commltaloaen against any loss. The governor haa promised that the legislature next winter will make an appropriation to reimburse the coun ties for the use ot all moneys thus appropriated. Hughes county, ot which Pierre la the county seat, h&a made an appropriation on such ft plan, and number ot other counties ot the state have done likewise. There la no good reason why we cannot do so and every reason why the commissioners should act favorably upon the petition. Unless the county furnishes the necessary funds, an exhibit at tho exposition Is out ot the question, aa there te less than three months' time left In which to collect the material and arrange the display before the opening. Lawrence county paya ft large stais tax and should our commissioners fall to make an appropriation on the plan suggested at present, our county will have to contribute largely toward relm burslng the counties east ot the river that have voted funds to exhibit their products and we will receive no benefit whatever. This is a more important matter o this community than mar.y of -ur prominent cftlsene are willing to admit There Is not sufficient time left to make an exhibit by private aubecrip tions i'J u i matter of fact we are too Indifferent concerning It Every cltisen should attach his name to the Indemnifying bond and Interest him- If to the extent of urging upon the commissioners the necessity of com plying with th, petition. Beet of all to cleans, the system in a gentl, and truly beneficial manner. wtoen the Springtime comes, ate the true and perfect reccsdy, Syrup ot rift Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig 8yrup Co. only, and for sale by all druggists, t CO cents per bottle. A. F. AND A. M. All Master Masons are requested to meet at Masonic hall at 1:10 o'clock this afternooe, to attend the funeral of our la brother, Joseph B. Schaller. By order of W. M. ADOLPH FISHEX See. Ths Ploaser-Tlast to a grant airsr- The Secretary's Mandate Not Popular War Talk Seems to be Subsiding. The Holland Torpedo Boat to be Tasted Secretary Sher- jaartfay Resign. WuhIi ItiK'oti. Man-h 2 Spoclal: Everything lit very ii l-t at the state and navy ilcpurtnii'iitH tHly. Hrvrelary 1iiiK Ih Mvcr'!y rrll Irlmil by Home per for iMttuliiK hlit orji-r yesterday forbidding tin me roli!Kt'tt'1 with the In vftttlKut iin of ttm Mul ue talking to anyone. They rlulm Hint hla viewi create the lr.iprrilin that the administration I weakening. The court of Inquiry t'lay at Key West examined more of the survivor of Hie dlHUHter, the testimony bearing on couIIiik of the battleship here. A NAVY IiKSTItOYKIt. New York. March 1. The submarine t iri'iMlo boat, which wan built by John 1'. llollaiiil, left Nixon's shipyard at hilzal.Hlifot ami proceeded to l'rlnce's buy. She Ih being put through a series of trials to tetit her ability to run under water, and, while submerged, to attack a vessel with her dynamite g II lis. For a few days she will bo run upon the surface until her machinery has been shaken down; then she will be trle! beneath the surface. A force rf ileteetlves had hovered day and night about the shipyards, watching every movement on the strange little craft, which Is designed to move beuealh the tturface of the sea and destroy vessels a hundred times Its size. It hns not performed these feals yet, but it is expected that It will prove Its abaillty to do so. The boat was completed within the paHt week. Then tho Vlzcaya came Into the harbor. The government had fully deci'lcd that If anything happened to the big Spanish cruiser It must be able to show that every precaution hail been taken to prevent a mishap having Its origin outside the vessel It-solf. It was decided that If the Spaniard blew up It would be unpleasant to have hail a boat In the harbor that possessed power to navuKiito unseen and dull card fifty feet under water, carrying three, dynumlte guns and enough explosive to blow up a city. The government has an Interest In the Holism!, inasmuch as It Intends to buy her If she proves a success. There was an elenent of the ridiculous In watching her, but the administration decided to leave no room for reflection. The submarine torpedo boat which was designed by John P. Holland and built at Lewis Nixon a shipyard, was launched on May 17 of last ear, and at that time attracted world-wide attention. It was then expected that she would be tried by the end of June, but a series of several slight accidents oc curred which delayed her completion, and then, when she had made several runs on the surface. It was found ad visable to make soveral changes In her construction. The work has occupied the past six months. Owing to the dangerous chir arter of the work for which she was designed, every detail had to be thor oufihly gone over, that she might be perfect Her submersion will be gradual The Holland Is dosigned to navagate to a dppth of fifty feet, but her first submarine trial will consist of a aerie of short, shallow dives. One of these will tell the tale. If, when the man In her conning tower pushes the button that throws her fin like horlsontal rudders down, she pokes her nose deep Into the waters sinks beneath tho waves, and then at the command of her rudder rises again to the surface, a new and powerful fac tor will have entered Into the problem of marine warfare, and the Vnited States government will receive a pow erful addition to Its sea force. FRICTION IN TUB CABINET. Washington, March 1. Sentiment In Washington rather tends toward the belief that there Is a disagreement In the cabinet over the question of th. present relations with Spain. It Is of course a very delicate matter to talk about, but It will not be surprising If Secretary of Slate John Sherman should step down ami out. It has been said that Sherman Is not well, but his physlcsl weakness will not be the cause of his resignation It It cornea. Sherman la opposed to the policy of tne peace at any price ele ment here seeking to control the ad- mlnlstra: n. He has alwaya been op posed to Spain's methods In Cuba. Pur Ing Grant's administration In 1870 he Introduced a resolution recognizing a state ot war betweei Spain and Cuba, and two years ago. February 28. 1898, Sherman, speaking In favor of Cuban recognition In the senate made this statement: "I wish to say on my own responsibility, that. If this line of con duct Is pursued by Spain la Cuba, and If the people of the United States are Informed ot lta condition, aa narrated dally in the public press, there Is no of he be a Continued Activity in the Two Bit District-Liveliest Camp in the Hills. The Penobscot at Garden City a Bonanza Holy Terror's Flm Showing. There Is no cessation of activity in Two Hit. On the contrary some if the cuuipanies have Increased their forces and are crowding development work harder. As a number of the hafu approach the depth whir, the ore xone should be found the Interest the camp becomes more Intense. It generally agreed that when the ore struck In two or threw more places Two Hit will have a great boom. This Just what tho mlno owners of the amp uud the people of this city are trying to avoid. It Is safe to say there ire 400 to duo men at work in the district. Including miners, engineers and .ill others connected with the plants. Ihingu look very prosperous Indeed uid everybody Is huppy and contented. The Hardin company Is working steadily with three eight-hour shifts. The new Worth lug ton steam pump Is being lowered to be held for use In case of an emergency. Drifting toward t!ie south has been stopped, and the east drift Is now being driven. We undnr-stand It Is about 70 feet In length and Iti at the ore body hns remained uui form with that found In the othci vlrlfts In extent and value. Water was encountered In the Chi .'iigo and Great ICustcrn shaft Tuesday tilglit at a depth of 175 feet and th pump Is now being put In place. The appearance of water is a good Indira (Ion. The matorinl has been a hard shale with no water at all through It and this indicates a change In the chai ncter of the muterlal to a much softer stuff. The water came Into the shaft through a drill hole that was put down about four feet In the floor. The Chicago and Two Bit shaft la 220 feet deep and sandrock Is the material at the bottom. - The Great Northern shaft Is 70 feet deep and Is going down rapidly. The Hercules company stopped worn tn the shaft a few days ago, at a depth of 90 feet. Water was coming In to.. fast to handle by baling and hoisting in the bucket and the shaft Is too deep to windlass to advantage. The brick wark around the boilers has been fin Ished and a fire was started under them several days ago. A large force of men Is employed putting the hoisting m j chlnery and pump In position and the management hopes to start the plant 'n few days. Charlie Hardin Is working like a bea-er on the Hardin Standard hoisting plant and hopes to have It In operation within two weeks. The Golden Crest companv la work- ng a large force of men steadily and he shaft Is going down at a rapid rate. The material In the shaft haa changed within the past week and Is now highly mineralized. THE PENOBSCOT. Prank McLaughlin Is working a small crew of miners at the Penobscot ground, at Garden City, belonging 'o R. M. Maloney. The main tunnel has been run over 200 feet with the formation and the face at the end la 12 feet wide and 10 feet high, solid ore with no waste, and an average sample shows a value of $36.70 per ton In gold. Mr. Mclaughlin Is not shipping at present; his men are engaged running a cross cut tunnel toward the west to explore another shoot of ore known to exlt only a short distance away and which It Is thought will prove as large and rich as the main shoot. THR HOLY TKRROR MINB. Rapid Journal: "The Holy Terror mine Is looking much better than ever before In Its history. The main shaft Is being extended down another 150 feet and already It has reached a depth of thirty-five feet below the five hun dred foot level. It Is now thought that the new level will be reached In forty days, when the work of opening up a new chamber will be commenced. Tho shaft Is all in good paying ore and It Is thought the opening of the station on the 650 foot level will be In a much richer grade of ore than Is found on tho upper stations. The bullion output for the month of February is the greatest In the history of the mine. It Is reliably stated that the total bullion yield for the month just past will exceed $30,000. which with a ten-stamp mill treating the ore Is by no means a bad ahowlng. The Holy Terror company has Just purchased from the Mlllwauke mill Ing company the ten stamp mill, and also the nineteen town lota on which the mill standa, for a, consideration of t2n,mo. The deeds were on Monday nlaced on record In the office ot the reglsterer of deeds. The Holy Terror company haa an option on the Keystone mine and mill nrt the management la at present at work thoroughly prospecting th. mine." CONCENTRATES. J. M. Ready was In town Tneedar from his mining property at the head ot Slaughter Rouse gulch. Be says be Handkerchief from Cents. o- CssUsr. Soma VtseMs, National Rank 1 SOTIB AAXOTA, 4 , r JOttM TStUSS, - - SI lift. liua rsASBua, Ftm. Bin Sabs, j the American 4 07.X3XA2W00D, POPE IS EIGHTY-EIGHT. Home, March 2 Special: Pope Leo celebrated his eighty-eighth blrthil ty today a id the event was generally b-served I ere. The pojie Is In fair houlil: and gool spirits. LEASING OF SCHOOL LANDS, rierre, March 1. Preparatory to the leasing of school lands for the coming year, tha state lands board, consisting of the governor, land commissioner and sta e auditor, met the pust week and set the minimum leasing price In the different counties of the state. The leasing will lie done in the months of March end April, and there Is demand this year for lease of lands in portlou of the tate where it has lieen Impossible In the p;st to get even an offer. This will help to Increase the avallublc school fund for the present year. COUALT IN EVANS MINE. Grand Encampment. Wyo., Feb. 2S: Cobalt Is s-Md to have Wen found In the Evans mine. This property Is an extension of the -famous I loon mine, and at u depth of UMi feet this ore is found. Sh'Tmnn Ludwlck. who Is working a claim near by this property, brought the samples to town ami they are now on exhibition at the Town company's ofllce for Inspection. Some of It will be sent to Denver foj the pur pose of getting it sampled. TO HIS ETERNAL HOME. Joseph II. Schaller in a Fit ol Despon dency commits Suicide. The b Hly of Joseph n. Schaller, col j and rigid in death, was found In El. Ryan's luil room, at Terry .at 10 o'clock Tuesday night. It was evident that he had been dead some time, possibly sv-seral days, as ih'e body had become ills olored iiml mortified. Coroner White head was notified and yesterday morn- ng held an Inquest and autopsy, the verdict of the Jury being to effect eceasei! had met death by an overuse of morphine, with suicidal Intent. As near as we have been able to as- ertain, deceased was Inst seen on Sun- day forenoon and It Is bellcvod that ho committed the deed that afternoon "Joe," as he was familiarly known, had resided In Dead wood and the .xunner.i urns, engaged in various . c- upatloi s, since 18S3, and had an extcn vh acquaintance and was highly es teemed. He was born In Michigan. where ha was reared and given a good education. He took a thorough course pliar n.icy and when a young m:in had a fl le drug business In a prosperous town In that state. He was aUo reaaurt r of the county in which oe lived for- two terms. Joe moved to Clark, K. D., tn the early eighties and was eny aged la the drug business. He came to the Hills In 1SH5 and his first employ I lent here was In the Home-stake n Ine where he worked about a year, subsequently he was employed at the Iron Hill smelter at Carbona.e. Joe left that work and entered the employ of Dr. Stein, in this city, remalu Ing there a few months. He went to work for K. G. Phillips In 18X9 and re malned In the position of manager of Mr. Phillips' drug business until 18!i5 when h" quit and went to work for the Golden Reward Mining company, at Terry, as a miner. Joe was a very com petent man In every capacity he sumed i ji bis employers speak in the highest terms of him as a ver con sclentio is and loyal man. Joe vas a whole-souled fellow and many a needy person has found on his part a cheerful response to an appeal for hel. He was generous to a fault and potMessed an amiable disposition. cheerful and accommodating on all oc casions and treated everyone alike, Decetsed did not leave even ascratcb of a pen to clear the mystery surround ing his designs upon his own life. He had be it in 111 health for some time and friends believe tht fatal drug was taken , htle in the throes of a fit of des pomlen y and remorse. His untimely death l universally deplored and It was the chief topic of discussion In this clt;' yesterday. Joe was of German parentage, and was 41 years of age at the time of his death. His parents still reside In Michigan. Deceased left a widow and two beautiful daughters, who reside at Chicago, the young ladles being In their teens and the elder being a very talented musician. A telegram was re celved lart evening from the elder daughter, saying they are u"al-;J to come liere. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from Os bom's undertaking establishment on Shermnn street, under the auspice, ot Deadw iod Lodge No. 7. A. F. and A. M of whl. h deceased was a member good itandlng. He also belonged Terry Pak Miners' Union. ATTENTION RED MEN. Regular meeting ot Tecumseh Co. No. 1 tonight. Meeting of LakoU Tribe lomorrow (Friday) night, work In the Witrior's degree. W. W. OSBORN, C. ot R. In is is Is i Does a General Banking Business. Will psy Interest on tuns cortlflcfttes of Sepoelt Will buy ana s;i ( exonang, on all parte ct the Vnited State, anl larope. WYOMING SILVER REPUBLICANS. Cheyenne, Wyo., Mar. 1 The Sheridan Knterprlse nays: "Hon J. K. Brown the popular silver lender of Dig Horn, was In Sheridan on Monday. Mr.Urown says silver republicans all over the state are organizing for an active campaign, and that a temporary organisation will shortly be perfected in this county. A permanent organization will affected later, and the silver republicans will wage an unceasing fight on the advocates of the gold standar t. Those Interested In the organization will do well to communicate with Mr. Hrown." At the suggestion of Dr. A. A. Johnson, national committeeman for Wyoming of the sliver republican party, ami acting temporary chairman, the silver republicans are quietly effecting temporary organization In all the counties of the state. A permanent organization will be effected later this spring by mass conventions of the sliver republicans In the various counties. The object of this organization Is to more fully co-operate with the silver democrats of the state In the ensuing campaign along the lines suggested by he recent appeals nt by the chair men of the national committees of thr silver allied forces. It Is now known that Hon. Chas. A Towne, chairman of the national com mittee of the silver republican party, will visit Wyoming tn April and deliv er some Ave or six speeches lu the lead Ing towns of the state, and aid In tho permanent organization of the party In this state. Silver republicans are effecting a temporary organization In or der to give Mr. Towne a rousing recep tion. FIRE AT WOONSOCKET. Woon socket, 8. D., March 1. Fire broke out this morning In Alonzo Peck's large livery barn clone to the rear of the principal block In the city. The barn and contents, Including one cow and sixteen horses, were burned. A high northwest wind carried the flames to John Hornlck'a frame shod In the rear of the drug store, filled with paints and oils, and three other frame stores were only partially burned. The losses are: John Hornlck of Sioux City, In addition to building. 1500; Insured In the Hartford; C. K. Loom Is of Hew York, livery barn, 12,- 000; no Insurance; Alonzo Peck, livery outfit, $1,500; no insurance; D. O. Hoot, Huron, horse and carriage, f 200; John E. Whiting, barn and contents. $300; no insurance; Smith Bros., building, damaged $200; Insured In the Contl nental; A. Sampson, paints anl oils, $1,000; Insured In the Queen and Ger man of Free port; Mrs. C. Darth, building damaged, $300; no Insurance; Dert Taylor, horse burned. NO CONCERN AT WASHINGTON. Washington, March 1. The decision of Judge Rogers at Fort Smith, Ark., yestorday, holding the United States federal meat Inspection law unconsti tutional apparently causes no concern to the officials of the agricultural de partment, under whose admlnlstratl in the law Is executed. They regard tne decision as largely technical and will not affect the practical operation of the law when applied to the Inspection of meats Intended for Interstate traffic or export to foreign eountrlea. Secretary Wilson: "The case on which the decision Is founded being criminal only, the government has not the right of appeal. The constitution provides that no man shall twice be nut In leooardr of life or limb. As the matter stands, we shall proceed to ad minister the law Just aa If no decision had been rendered." DISTINGUISHED VISITORS COM NO. London, March 2 Special: Pnn Albert of Belgium, sailed today for th United States, accompanied by Co'ionn Jungblutte and Dr. Melts. They will spend several weeks In America study ing the system of government of the United Statea. GOV. LEE SUSTAINED. Pierre, 8. D., March 2 Special: 1 h, supreme court today rendered its dii" Ion In the case presented by Ex-Insurance Commissioner J. H. Klpp, to test th, governor's power to remove Mm from office. The governor's action was Will make ft epeolalty on ail annda of eoUeotiona, aae ad beslnses r rll be transected on business prlnolptes. I DXXaXSOYQSMSe, SaMUlL W. ALLTKTOW.of OhlasM. WINTER GRUB STAKE A PURCHASERS Can bay their winter's supplies of Groceries, TEAS, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETC. . . . . . . At the low prices current before the advance occasioned by the Dingley bill. Everything except FLOUR and 8UQAR at the old prices nnnnr?rsHo JLJUULaU U 0 A. C. HORNBERGER, PROP. Hest Door to Fcstcflca. I 0 o f ) 0 f ) j- 4 Th's hcldi good for a short time only, at with all new goods porchased the advaooe most be added . , c::;e t, earthly power that will prevent taslsusUlael Using Nt1 9 '1-

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