The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 2, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1900
Page 4
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1900 HIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. PROHIBITION PARTY. CERTIFICATEOF NOMINATIONS, REPUBLICAN PARTY. J. Sykej Wilson. E. E. Ostroot V. G. ftude A. H. Reed Badger, S. li -Bradley, s. D Urookmgs. Si. D. D Huron, S. 11 MINES AND MINING. ' Residence. Address. Name. Thomas Fitch A. K. Brown Charles Thomson Mllbank, S. D. Canton, S. D Miller, S. D. O. A. Harpel. Mllbank, S. D. Cantpn, S. D.. Miller, S. D. .. Uelle Faun Ik-, Badger, S. D Bradley, S. D Brookings, S. D. . Huron. S. D Huron, S. D Sioux Falls, S. D . Brokings, S. D. . Lake Preston, S. Wesaington Sp, S. Weetport, S. 1). . . CasUewood, S. D.. S. r. Arthur H. Marble. . . Bella Fourche, S. Huron. S Ij Sioux Falls. s u Brookingi, s. D ' lke Pr.M., a . Pierre. S. D M. Rogers V, J. Carlisle. . . K. Lewis N. J. Davis J. E. Gamble... Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Representative 1 n Congrets Representative I n Congress ! Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of State.. State Auditor , State Treasurer Superintendent of Public lnstruc -Hon Commissioner of School and Public Lands THE SCHOOL OF MINES. "uip,,,,, Sp. g a Westpori. S o. H. H. Curtis Pierre, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Eureka S. V. Springfield S. D. Kedfleld S. V. Pierre S. P. Pierre S. I). Charles 11. flurke... Eben W. Martin Charles N. Herreid. George V. Snow... O. C. Berg J. 1:. Reeved John Schanber John L. I'yle Office residential Elector, presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Prooldfctlal Elector. Kepreieiitative I n Oongieda Representative 1 r Congress Coventor Lieutenant Governor Secretary ot State.. State Auditor ... Stale Treasun-i Attorney General .... Superintendent of l'uolic luitruc -tiuu Commissioner of School and rub-In- Land Kailruad Comtuui- Deadwood, S. Eureka S. D. . Springfield S. Kedfield S. D. Groton S. D. . . Freeman S. D Hurou S. D. ... Mitchell, S. D Geo H. Grace I Mitchell, s D Huron, S. D. i I . s B. S. Rhodes.. .' Rradley. S D E. K. Collins Vermillion, S. D. . , Pierre. S. 1). NATIONAL SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Valuable Specimens Being Added by Prof. O'Hara to Departments. Prof. O'Hara of the School of Mines has been making spuria! efforts to arid to mineral and geoloKical pe. i-m-ns in the department of mineralogy and geology. The Journal Hays He recently obtained :!') hand Rpt-eimens of minerals and a hand collection of too blowpipe minerals. Also a considerable co,,etion of t o. k specimens and thin rock sections to complete a collection of .0 ro k specimens and 250 thin rock sections which represent the typical rocks ot the earth. The thin sections are for use with the compound wi rosc.ope in ,.nS in netoeraphy. lwrniK his Pierre. S. D. Wilniot. S. D. David Eastman. Presidential Elector, j Ulrich Bosley Aberdeen, S. D. . . Presidential Elector. I Robert W. Haire... Danielson, lot 8 and a part of lot 9, in block .'i'i, in the city of Lead; $;i 1 00. Krwin K. (jarton to Ella M. Wider-man, lot 7, in block 2'J, Kamsdell's addition to tho iiy of Hpearflsh; $1. Kol Rosenthal and H. U. Young to 1'tt r Talarico, one-half interest in the Gulden Copper and Pnno ss lodea in' l.o a ull W. Valentine to Eiwurd A. Wideimau, lot 7 of plat of tbu subdivision of lot 1, seticn 4,-&Qwnship 6, north of range 2. east; $554.00. JosrplilKainsdell to Krwin H. Carton, lot 7, block in Kamsdell's addition to the city of; $100. W. K. Adams to Milan Hulin, a parcel of land on the s-outb. side of City Creek, $50. ..John lilatchl'oni to Antoine Glover, all his interest 111 the Square lode in W'hit'-wood Mining district; $1. Three lo at on ceitiflcate and one rep ,-i-.e of mortgage. Harrison, S. D A J. . . s. b. l,-r i , : . s. j. Kiankr.rr. a. D. Milbanl.. S. D. Aberdeen, S. 1) Frankfort. S. D Twin Brooks, S. 1).. I Frank I,. Lt- Cocq. Jr tlarriaon. S. D.. COUNTY TICKET. Presidential Elector, j Win. Wallace Swan. Presidential Elector. E, Francis Atwood. Llewellati P. Jenkins, Load. S. 1) be toted I hereby certify that the foregoing are nominations to oil... upon at Lho general election, to be held N ovomber 6th. PiiRi Witness my hand and odicial seal th is l'jth day of October. 1 tSeaJ.j W. A ZiNK. County Auditor hi and f or Lawrence County, S.,i. n Ijjkou. Whitewood, S. D. . Spearnah, S. D Itald Mountain, S. Hox filder, S. D... Henry T. ("oeper Ed want H. Warren. . Jo'jn N. Hawgood... John Peterson . 1 Lead. S. l. Whitewood, S. Li I Spearflsh, S. D. 1 'Terry, S. D. J Nemo, S. D. Lead, S. I) 1 Terry. S. D. Deadwood. S. D. field work last summer ho collected , lame numbers of rock specimens from various parts of the Hills, among which is an excellent series of cop Amos I'atrlcjuin.. Fri-d Dot en . . Lead. S. I) . .. Terry. S. D ! Lead, S. D per ores, colluded Horn the vatloi CIOUIP r locations in the inns copper Henry '. Lony.. John Wrinirrnse. . William A. Ziok. . . i Deadwood, S. D. . . , Sbyarfish, S. D. D BIT; A I.N 5 6 I 7 8 9 0 I Sol Star 1 Dead wool. S,. D... I Samuel C. 1'olley. .. J Deadwood S. I).. Frank J. Washabaugh' wood, S. D. . i Arthur A. Moodie. . . ' Nemo, S. D '. Stale Senator 3Slh :ii-tri(t State Senator 3sth District State Representative 4Mh Pi.U State Repie-iinu- live 4s:h DHt Sluie 1! piesenta tive 4sth Pi-it State Hirrrscnta- tlv 4S t ti Ii-t Sheriff Treasurer Register of Heed.:.. Auditor Clerk of Courts Stale's Attorney County Judge County Assessor. . . . Superintendent of School Coroner Surveyor Commmloncr ml District Justice of the Peace 2nd Justice Dibt.. Justice of the Peace 3rd Justice Hist. . Justice (if the Peace 6th Justice Hist. . Justice of the Peace 7th Justice Dist. . Curutnlde Constable Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Nemo, S. D. Deadwood. S. D. Lead, 8. I). Spearflsh, S. I). The Martin Meeting. New.-, The warm greeting that was accorded K. V. Martin in Terry Thursday evening shows that the honorable gentleman is popular in this vicinity as well as elsewhere. The hall was packed and Mr Martin delivered a tine address which met with frequent applause. He brifly covered the whole ground, making every proposition clear to the voter. Regarding the charges made against him by the Lead Call relative to the Annie creek trouble in KS'Jl, he made ; Deadwod. S. D. . . . Ivead. S. D Spearflsh, S. D. . . 1 he above is our cost mark ami an or our immense i-Un k of Men's and Hoys' Coats .Suits and odd Pants will be on sain at Cos r mail they Helm M. Dennett.. Charles E. Zertiug. Alonzo S. Galea.... Edward Cachclin . . . Neil I". Kipley Mining Options. Tken- Is over $1,100,000 worth of op tions lying in the Deadwood banks, to he taken up In case of the election of McKinley. and others are coming in .very (lay. These options are on ground lying within a few miles of Dead wood ami which if developed into mines would he directly tributary to thi.- city. - o Concentrates. C. I). Wood and his expert. Mr. Kuhnmuch, went out yesterday morning to spend several days looking over mining properties. Spearflsh, S. D Spearfish. S. D. are all gone. Spearflsh, S. 1. S. D William Quimbv. . . . .1 Lead I . Spearfish, S. D. ..Lead, S. I). i .; Deadwood, S. D. . Galena, S. P. . ! Deadwood. S. D. .! Lead. S. D. I Deadwood. S. D Nathan Col man. Kcincuiber no Clothing is reserve.: in this, i; le. an emphatic denial, substantiating his statements by citing the facts in the case as stated by the men who weie rpesidents of the respective labor unions at that time. These state Joseph V. Bailey...- Galena. P. D Itwlau C. Stout ilH-adwood. S. r).. W. G. Stuft Load, S. D Constable .. ...James W. Secor Galia S, D Galena. S. I). DEMOCRATICPARTYi ments are given in supplement form in today's News, which are a complete vindication ot Mr. Martin in John IV McEIroy, Sr John W. Martin... John M. King Fred H. Bacon Rapid Olty, S. I). . . Watertown. S. I). .. St. Lawrence. S. D. Canton, J. I) Lead. S. D Hill City is the center of a district containing some of the richest vertical free milling gold mines, copper and tin properties la the Black Hills. Several prospects as phenomenal as the famous Holy Terror ran be had on reasonable terms and at lower prices than in any other mining district. Write for particulars to E. C. Johnson, Hill City, S. D. 10-30-tf connection witn lixing or even suggesting the wages to oe paid by the mining company operating here at Itapid City, S. I). Watertown, S. D. SI. Lawrence, S. D. Canton, S. I). Lead, S D. Vermillion, S. D. Sioux Falls. S. D. Mission Hill, S. D. Heela. S. D. Ipswi-h, S. D. Chamnerlain, S. D; Mitchell. S. D. Main Street, Deadwood I Where They Sell Cheap Jo-ieph B. .vn.ore. . . Andrew E. Lee Burro 11. Lien A. L. VanOsdcl Fred B. Smith Frank J. Tracy Charles I). Tidrlck. Abuer E. Hitchcock. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Eh 1 lor. KepreientalU o i n Cotigiess Representative i n Congress Governo Lieutenant Governoi Secretary of State.. State Auditor State Treasurer Attorney General Superintendent ot Public Inatiuc - lion Cotntnisjiouer of School rtid Pub V'ermilliou, S. I) Sioux Falls. S. D Mission Hill, S. D. Ilecla. S. I) Ipswich, S. D Chamberlain, S. D. . Mit hell. S. D that time. Moreover Mr. Martin stated that he had always paid the scale of wages for ail work he had done for himself a fact that is susceptible of proof. It was a good meeting and Mr. Martin nof only made friends for himself, hut for the entire republican ticket. M. H. Aasved. .Webiti r, S. 1). . IPRIZES FOR NOV. 12 Webster. S. D. W ilmot, S. D. Chamberlain. S. D. Wilmot, S. D lic Lauds 'Edmund Cook Railroad Commis Chamberlain. S. D. W. T. LaFollctte. sioner 'First Prize a S4.00 Eastman Kodak COL'NTY TICKET Second Prize a SI.OO Brownie Kodak John A. Gallagher James Conzett J. D. Fairbanks A. C. McKinney.. CONDITIONS The above prizes.) will be uwaidid to the party clipping the largest number, and. the second largest number of these Statu Senator 3tn District State Senator USth District State Representative bh PHt State Representa tive 4Sth Plat.... Stale Representative ISth PUt.--- State Representative 48th PUt Chortff "ads" and bringing them to our store on or before a. m. No Theodore E. Geskey vember 12, 1900. Those who b ve already won prizes harm: from this contest. Republican Appointments. The following appointments have been made for republican speakers: COL. A. S. FROST, (Late Colonel of the First South Dakota Volunteers.) Custer. Nover 2, (with Tlieron I. Keator.) Hon. A. J. Plowman. Belle Fourche, November 2. Hon. Theron P. Keator. (Of Chicago.) Custer, November 2. Edgemont, November 3. Col. James A. George. Pluma. November 2. Hon. J. W. Fowler and Hon. W. G. Rice. Spearflsh, November 5. i Special Trains. The special Etichorn trains from Bald Mountain will be run in the evening and the regular ore train only, will run In the morning as usual. The special will leave Crown Hill at 5 in the Afternoon, Portland 6, Terry at 6:16, and will reach Deadwood at 7:15. C. Cardinal James B. Harris. County Judge. ......K. N. Ogden 'I A. C. Potter. , Lead, S. D bead, S. V. I Deadwood. S. P Deadwood. a. D. Greenmont. S. D Greenntcnt. S. D. Lead, S. D Lead, S. P. Lead, S. D Lead. S. P. St. Onge, B. D St. Onge. S. D. Deadwood, S. P Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. P Deadwood, S. D. Lead, S. D Lead. S. P. Whitewood, S. D Whitewod, S. D. Whitewood, S. P Whitewood, S. D. Deadwood, S. P Deadwood, S. D. Lead. S. D Lead, S. P. Deadwood, S. D Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D Deadwood. S. D. Load- s' D Lead, s. D. Spearflah, S. D Spearflsh, S. D. Spearflsh, S. D Spearflsh, S. D. Deadwood. S. D Ipeadwood, 3. D. WE SELL BABIES' Hygiene nursing bottles and Florence Wertman . . Th03. W. Thompson. A. W. Merrick "THE BEST Only the I)c:,i, and nothing but the Beit," 1'iiiy describes our STOCK OF DRUGS. health foods At a Bargain. John E. Sullivan.... Charles E. Davis Charles E. Johnson.. Clerk of Courts Superintendent of Schools Treasurer Register ot Deeds.. Auditor State's Attorney Surveyor Coroner County Assessor.... Commissioner 2nd District Justice of the Peace 6th Justice Dist.. A. E. Monahan More Democratic Tricks. After all Is said and done, the paramount Issue with every man is his own personal interests and safety and how best to secure them. With all sorts of yellow journalism falsities, the democratic party Is attempting to capture a portion of the negro" vote this year, and. aa a trap, to catch the unwary. Ms making a great bugbear of the Philippine question, and trying to work upon the prejudices of a people whom it pronounces ignorant and suspicious generally. But the American negro has long since begun thinking on his own account and only a few will permit the democratic party to dictate their manner of voting next month. And speaking dT the few, 1 am thankful to say that not one of them will be found In Deadwood, no, not one. The average negro voter is well aware of the fact that all he is and he can ever hope to be comes from and through the principles enunciated by the republican party, and his vote will almost unanimously be cast for the perpetuation of, those principles. In a recent speech Senator Hoar asked this question, which every Intelligent negro voter should answer for himself: "Which party Can you trust in this matter the party that hag done everything that haa been accomplished for liberty in the past, or the party which has resisted everything that has been accomplished for liberty; the party that Sustained slavery, or the party that abolished It r the party that made war upon the union, or the party that put down the rebellion; the party that adopted the three great amendments which made every slave a freeman and every citizen a voter, or the party that filibustered for days and nights against the Adoption ot the thirteenth amendment, which was carried by a Ingle' vote?" ' Hanson answered Miese question : I will say that every ( American negro should decide to remain with the republican party which not only stands spouser for our citizenship, but represents progression, prosperity and happiness for the American peiplel A COLORED VOTER. Daniel J. Toomey CIGARS TO BURN Try US wheu you want a fine fragrant, full flavored Five Cent Cigar. Joseph Cook Patrick H. Early. "Better Be Sure Than Sorry." You're sure of right treatment If you trade with us. You may be sorry if you don't. 7- PEOPLES PARTY. Rapid City, S. D ... Watertown, S. D... Presidential Elecljf. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector. ,John P. McEIroy, Sr. I John W. Martin. ... John M. King Fred- H. Bacon Rapid City, S. D. Watertown, S. D. St Lawrence ,S. D. Canton, 8. D. St. Lawrence. S. D. Canton, S. D WILCOX PHARMACY. Lead. S. D. Dad wood. S. Di Representative t n , Congress ........ Representative I n Congress Governor '; Verniifflollf. 3. D.... Vermillion, S. Sioux Falls, S. D. .. . Lieutenant Governor Mission Hill. 8. D. Joseph B. Moore. . .. Andrew "? Lee..... Burre M. Lien....... A. L. VanOsdell.... Fred B. Smith Frank J. Tracy Charles D. T.dlick. Abner E. Hitchcock. Hecla, 8. D Sioux Falls, S. D. Mission Hill, S. Hecla, S. D. Ipswich, 8. D. Chamberlain, 3. Mitchell, "S. D. Ipswich, S. D Chamberlain, S. D. Mitchell, S. D Secretary of State.. State Auditor State Treasurer , Attorney General.... Superintendent of Public lnstruc -tion Commissioner ot School and Public Lands., Railroad Webster, S. D. M. H. Aasved..,. Webster, a. D. Wilmot, S. D. Edmund Cook Wilmot, S. D The Club..... Restaurant. W. T. LaFollette. Chamberlain, a D. Chamberlain. 8. D. . ,, Largest Armor Plate. What is probably the largest single armor plate is to be used in the construction of the battleship Wisconsin. The plate will brcome the port plate of a turret on the vessel, and Is being cut at angle Instead ot being the arc of a circle, the Idea being to deflect a shot. What the armor plate Is to a battleship, Hostetter's Stomach Btltera Is to the stomach. It resists the attacks of constipation. Indigestion, dyspesia, biliousness and prevents malaria, fever and ague. It will restore a weak stomach to. normal condition. Any on troubled with the above ailments will do well to try the Bitters at once. For fifty years it has stood alone while its many imitators have fallen.. 1 . -MRS. E. P. 8LYFIELD, Osteopath and Masseuse, 14 Van Buren Street. - The following so-called diseases are successfully treated by my mode of treatment: Asthma, Atrophy of Limbs. Milk Leg, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Constipation, Neurasthenia, Coldness of Extremities, Paralysis, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Dizziness, Stomach Troubles, Dropsy,, Sciatica, Dysentery, Torpid Liver. Female -Troubles, Varicose Veins, Goitre, Headaches, Hay Fever, Indigestion, Insomnia,' Jaundice, Lumbago. Alcohol baths la connection. ; COUNTY TICKET. John A. Gallagner. James) Conzett J. B. Fairbanks A. C. McKinney Theodore E. Peskey Lead, S. D Deadwood, S. D.. Greenmont. S. P.. Lead, S. D Lead, S. D JOHN WAGNER, Prop Lead. S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Greenmont, S. D. Lead, 3. D. Lead, S. D. St. Onge, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood, S. D. Meals Served to Order. C. Cardinal James B. Harris. State Senator 38th District State Senator 38th District State Representative 48th iHst State Representative 48th Dist , State Representative 48th Dist Stats Representative 48th rut...... Sheriff County Judge Clerk of Couri...,, Superintendent ot Schools Treasure!' Register of Deeds... Auditor State's Attorney Surveyor .i., Coroner County Assessor Commissioner - 2nd District wvtvstt; Sty Onge, S. D Deadwood, S. D Deadwood, S. D Lead, S. D R. N. Ogden A. C Potter Lead, a p. Filed for heco.d. Daniel J. Kennedy et aL to James 8erson, a parcel of ground In the -Clty-of-Lead $200. Two location certificates, one mortgage, one declaration ot citizenship and one chattel mortgage. James Cuslck and Timothy Foley to John L. Sullivan, a parcel of ground in Sunnyslde addition to the city ot Lead; $1. - ' -.'-K;Jpicklnson et aL to Hannah Florence Wertman.. Whitewood, 8. D..... Thoa, W. Thompson. V'hitewood, 8. D... . Deadwood, S. D..... A. W. Merrick Lead. & D. Whitewood, a D. Whitewood, a D. Deadwood, S. D. Lead, a D. Deadwood, S. D. Deadwood. 8. D. , Load. 3. D. Spearfish, S. V. John B. Sullivan..., Charles) E. Davis.... Charles) B. Johnson., Deadwood, S. D Deadwood, 8. D...... WhV G0 T0 DEADWOOD OK LEA1. when-TV liJ can furnish you for less MONEY ? A. B. Monahan...... aa, 8. D... Daniel J. . Toomey. . , Spearflsh, S. D..,.. Joseph Cook. SprtIsh.-8r-Bv Spearflah. S. D. A - POPULIST PARTY. ay 50 Cents Gold and Silver Presidential Elector. Presidential Elector Hitchcock, a D Hitchcock. S. D Sioux Jails, S. D.... Sioux Palls, a D. Thos. Thompson, Jr. Erwln J.. Tracy Kettle Halvorson.... J. J. SU... Presidential Elector. I The Union assay office 8iseton. & D. Btaseton. 8. D. SO. DAK CENTRAL CITY, Hand County, a D. Hand County, B. D. Established 1881. Edmond T. English. . tankton, S. D Presidential Elector Representative la Congress , Representative 1 a 'Congress Governor Tankton, & D. A Complete stock of Joha M. Peasa....... TJo 37 Lee Street IDeadwood. . Will Qiv Clnrrert "RpenHa of TW1, Mt Vernon. 8. D... Mitchell, a D. Mc Vernon. ML D. MltchelL 8. n , Secretary of Btau.. u is. 8tair... Fred Nyitrum Prank Stout.. Lewlstoo, S. D. , Fleotweod. 8. n ' Lewlston, a D...... Fleetwood, 8. D.... Davidson Cox. 8. D. Frank W. Bailey.... Hay, Grain, Chop Feed Flour, Wood and Coal. DavMson Co., a & :i Gold ana Silver For 50, Cents. . - ON ALL SAMPLES U ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. M. H. Lyona Co. 0. I. Husabos... Trent. 8. D... Trent, a D. . mat Auditor.. .... Stats Treasurer.... Superintendent of Public lnstruc tion , Commissioner of School and Pub-llo Lands........; Railroad Commissioner ........... I ONLY Brookings, S. D. I. Stearns.. D. Blond! n. Brookings, ' 8. D.".... Lewlston.. 8, P ".. ASK,.... l1stoo. 8. D.

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