The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 12, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1900
Page 3
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APRIL 12, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWOOD. 8. D, jfCENT A WORD The white. House riiin sewing done. Will go out by the day, or tak dewing at home Roon- 9, Mrs. Miller's street From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning ....msnta under thU head ONE ..AD i ..-non P.ich insenioi. when IrtT A " "-"' 1 month, three lines than on .vn nne l""" I . !i9S LOST. LOST Hoys opeii-face-d ni-1 'vith part of chain. Pica.-,. Sh.-rnian str.-et. or tin ; CLEANING CARPETS fl N FLOOR month, payable iu advam Forrest Hill. The niiht lfir;ihlc location in the city. It attractimi are ii ne 1 y FFRNISHKD ROOMS. Rrxxixi; WAT ICR. 'I wijtch. H'ttirn to "trice. ypr A SPECIALTY. Carix ts beaten. Carpets laid, CarieU sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. The liest of refei ences. Leave order as WANTEO-HELP. WANTED- SITUATIONS. and ...rrn-.Man vif- without a ranch, ln- John C. Haines W'ANTKIV- I'o.tiou l,y ,t , ; , . florin..,.,- :liul ..l.-tri.-ian. , m,,-., .... sti:am hkat. i:li:ctric licht, j,iMren I'inics. c t iMiidv or Pioneer W. EC. MOORE I'limecr-Tim.-s t I ' 1 'i ntice girls to learn I-.VTED Api'r in ..i. : ......... ... A ,j ! i . 0 'Ulll VVOIlv I" su-mr tvL ty i- .iilinery . ..... ..:.. o .NOTICE Or ELECTION. Council Chamber, Iadw,,,),), S D. April .', l . Notice is hereby given ,lllt ,,. .,. IS. vt- .iaiu Blacksmith and Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE ' general house ''ua' municipal olo tiuu ot Ue City t-f No Inside Rooms. Rates Reasonable Bcebe & Cleveland THE CROCERS l" Sherman Street Harrison Telephone 141. Are prepared to supply your .vanls in the line of groceries or onfe: ;or. No. t,9 Lincoln 'ed wood. South Dakota, will I,- i . Line. PAIRING (JUNE UN SHORT NOTICE All kiuds of Carriage and Wag LXED A good woman for g. neral yisework 1-orrest riouse. . on Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. S. U. on Tuesday, the 17th day of April, a. D. 1900, for the election of the following officers of said city, for the ensuing terms, viz.: One mayor ot the City of DeadwiMirf. One treasurer of tb,. City of Dead wood One city justice of the p. ace One alderman from the First ward. long term. One alderman from the Hirst short term. 11 and 12 Hine St., - Deadwood. S. D ImSTED Men to learu uai ot-i uaue represent us; nave worn, lor A Inly livir..' at I. nv: e::, , M ,.,s.. ilescribesan interesting condition of affairs i:; l:cr !:., u eie'U WW w s!. j first heard of Ripans TabuleJ the was luvni;; a:i . -v: .i ?;e'l with her stomach. She had had them off and on a'.; her hfc atul s-.v.i! ued enough medicines to stock ltd! ( ry. With a complete stock it the low e.-t prices, they respectfully solicit ; : bare of your patronage. . A. GREEN DEALER IN at once; two months ex. .aduates i : n An new field, good prience quaimes, up a drus: st re " I v Lmmission, our method is quick and lu-i:-. fl-sh everyday," said she. "Som L;et out of bed. I kne-w if I hadn't got tkoro; saves two years apprentice- n lanrn if villi days I was so weak 1 co.ildn't relief I wouldn't be here r.. One alderman from the Secoml ward, i One alderman from the Third ward. One alderman from the Fourth waul ' u- " Two dollars' worth of Ripan Tabules w.i all she ever uscj. an. lorlc for us: busy season now. car- . i ;,iilira tnailrwl fY( ;ey made her a well vroman. O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEADWOOD. 8. D J. P. HYMBR COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- SOUR FIDELITY BONDS. Her Sh husbaml sivi ihe looks better r.n.v than he ever saw her. jlogue anu F'""1""- jioler Barber College. Minneapolis. One treasurer of the board i f education. One member of the scbooi board from the First ward. limn. made Ii::;. t. o the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Ripans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET, Luctes a few of bis juices as foilovs-and wishes to announce thai all otlio-foods in bis stock an' being told 'it tbe :.a:ne low pi u es and prolona VS WlHTtu A num ot nn bmlUi rt R I P A N s win c Iwnafll. Tber banlnh Mtt On afrm rtet NoL tb word R-l l'A ii H M UM iMrkiff &nit anMmt n mUli t diNTED-Cirl at ! rieudship hot.; , vuw. k i ri .i a for t mu, ror be bad al an, drug ptore. Ton mnlM ami on tbounnd teAtlmonlali will as aaj irtdriw Urn . aauia, Caraaroad Utm uipuj -tmlail Oa He. w 4no. ai, a iak 120 Sherman street. ilNTEDW'onien tlemonst.-ators; ap- plytoh. ('. Verplast, anerniau street. FOR SALE. One member of the school ho, ire' from the Second ward. One member of the si hoo bo.ini from the Third ward One member of the school lio.nn from tie- Fourth ward. The following places h.r. been designated by the city council as registration and polling places, and the following persons as boards of regis! ratTon ami judges of election of their r, selective wards viz : First ward polling piit,- n- vilion. .Judges M. ILirtwell, W. 1!. Anderson ami .1. W. MirieU. All kinds of bonds written: Appeal ft tachment. replevin, bonds for executors administrators. All judicial bonds cm t'uted without delay Don't ask yout friend to sign for you until you i?t -oil! rate Lodge officer. treasurer. ajid official honda specialty. Olympic Block. IVadwood. Phones Harrison, 138: Black HI1U. 10J Pbone In residence. Harrison. 88 i'er Can. I ' mai.H-., l-y. ' I'luins :'u elil'ornia Gleeii Cige, VM 'st I'eai ln-s -U ii si Raspberries 1 " . est Strawberries 12 -j Excellent Hirdie Sauce or I'h . a- lilli. was J.'.c (jt.. now L'O st Mustard Hhklos. per (ji. .. A trial is solicited, and ill'1 ist of satisfaition guaranted. MILES (OR SALE lynl hand, in good order, 23 II. I'. Center Crunli enin-. M H. P- side crank, 4 and 15 !I. I' tubular boilers, C H. P. upright boil sr, steam pumps, wood lathe, pulleys, tod other machinery. Sprague Mi-tiiine Works. 1-10 Jones St., Civ.t la, Neb. 3 GIG Thoroughly Equipped Railway Third Annual Ball dwelling A. L. .ludL'.- .loin Hhckauf .1. II Roger and Green Krvin. Secotol ward polling pbo Star i I ; i i 1 1 m k stop' Third ward pollinsr plac'e City ball. OR SALE A seven-room house. 20 Water stre-.i Brown. 6 Heailw 1 La In ii' I'niun Xu. 14. V. V. M Judges - W. II. Whealen. M. Oeraid and J. T. Gillmore 5R SALE-Premlses at .V Lower Hail street. $0OU.OO: half cash, bal-uce on time. Apply to H. M. The Shortest and Quickest Route to Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. It artificially digests t he food and aids Nature in' strengthen intf and reconstructing t lie exhausted digestive organs. It is t he latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach it in cfliciency. It instantly relieves and permanent ly cure? Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea .Opera Housm.. Fourth ward polling place Irvin tel. Judges J. W. Karly. II Wit ham an A W. Merrick The boards of registration will mci di;ai)v( x i, SIRABl.E building lots on Lincoln Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, at wieu icspfciive poiiiim pi. ii cs on Tuesday, Evening April 17 Ivenue, lngloside; lumber furnished o build. EDWIN VAN CISE. the "rd of April, Lmo, at 9 o'clock a m. and make a registry of the legal SickIIeadache,Gastral(ria,Cramps,ant all other resultsof Imperfectdinestion, TRIO ORCHICSTRA voters of their respoctie wards. Tin v prepared by t C. DeWltt Co.. Chicago. will meet again on Tuesday, April u Minneapolis and St. Paul, D..II !..! I . . 1 1 ID- Tickets - - bl -OO For Sale by K. G. RHILLIRS, R SALE A No. 1 location on L-dier-nan street for sale at a bargain, iddress L. M., Gen. De-live " . 1900. at S o'clock a. m. to complet said registry, and on this day will re main in session until eight iSi o'cloi k .1 :.. : m. .. :. . i i i l i. i. :. . . o : i - i 1 t: p. m. of said day. . ....... -...u., w... , .... .... t ,, , , u.S ,. .. .. XV.. , . . v,.v ...v. . i.:.. TV .1..... ... ... . r . l. t.v .. r...t :r I'OM.MiTTLKS. Executive --('. II. Mc llistcr M Caniiuack. W. D'daney. E. C Siigai Floyd Smallidge. Door E. G. Sligar. .William Ran key. Reception -C. II. McAllister, Chas 'elit ,.!':ell- I!mm1 D(H-on. llUrllt JiK-p.-. DorvIIlS The polls will be open continually li-lii! a v ;uid allied Iron I ile treated under a leffal upon the day of election from nine i9''. l 'o r re-x ui letii'W strictly private; I SALE-300 head of mixed cattle, insisting of milch cows, 2 auJ Z year i Heers, 2 and 3 year old heifers and rltngs. For terms apply to T. 13. inmond. Centennial, or Henry I'raw-F, Deadwood. P' a- ire ef itiutaier-t who uro c pym afver uc o'clock a. m. until four 1 4 o'clock 0 rile fur iue-tioii li-i.) 16 i Curtis St. . enver, Colo. tion cnll on or write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket A?ent, Deadwood. S. D. p. ni W. A. lCKL'S. Auditor of the City of Deadwood (Seal.) Stuver. Flo: d Smallidge. . C. M. - I.;uighlin, E. A. Breeding. Floor Frank Waugh. Chas. Con FOR RENT. Burlington Route. Indapo nors. William Deianey. Arthur W izc Chas. Ixivinger. Cook Remedy Cc No manges no delays no chance of missing connections if you go to macro a we Man of large airy front room for rent at Holzner. )R RENT. Small furnished room California via the Hurlington Route HAS THE ONLY SUrtEsCURE FOR The Hurlington Route runs thru T. 5 pr month. Enquire at room 7 sleeping cars from Omaha. Lincoln PRIMARY. SECONDARY M !r House. INDAPO and Hastings, to Salt Lake City and Till i.HKAT qILOOD POISON San Francisco, daily. HINDOO RCMCOV PRdtirrERTTTt ABO 1 TEHTlAItY HLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b treated at home for the aam J- DC WD, Watchmaker ; Optician, ! Jeweler furnished Dining cars all the way. Library KfHufm in SOdava. On.iM RENT Three partly Jus, 11 Fillmore street. nil Nervotii Di Fuinna farmrrT cars west of Ogden. Finest scenery in lionn ntr. rAtiftfMi hv nan! ahnMsi. ctim the world. ior and tin to ohmnkn orcBQ. and quickly bm price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will See nearest Hurlington ticket agent. urnij rMtoran ixtm Manrooa in old or young. Eanilr curried in wmt jockec. Price $m.OO prkftff 8ix for tiJi.OOvritfx. a wrxttn mtaraiiM to our K NI5HED rooms. Inquire secona x of Mrs. L. E. Miller's block. or write J. Francis. G. P. A.. Omaha. mntly rfutMi'l IXlWT BTTT AJt JUrTATION, DOl loiHt on han ag I KD iPO. If roar drassiai oai ml Neb. .oc l wn wt i sen a it nmxua. ttlOOO UtHtOY U., fropn. Cklctco. Ill m mr Kf $38,000,000 in Gold. WILCOX PfiO&MACT DM4wrxX 0. The Salmon and Clearwater placer contract to pav railroad fare and hotel lulls and no charge ir we rail to cure. II vou have taken MBRrX'RY. IODINE POTASH. and still have aches and pain). MlTOrS PATCHES In mouth. SOORE THROAT. PIMPLES. COPPER-COLOR-Kl SPOTS. L'LCERS on any part of tre todv HAIR or EYEBROWS . FALLLNJO OL'T it Is this PSLOO!) POISON that we Ot'ARANTEE to cure. We solicit tha most'onSTINATE CASKS and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT Cl'RE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST E M.I NEW PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public mer.. Kings and Emperor? of foreign land have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known only fo ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS ot our existence no lw. than twentv different concerns have started up to imitate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; today not one of the remains in business. RENT Six-room house, S07 l'-Main street. Apply to H. H. ug. RENT Two good dwelling hous-H. M STEARN. mines in Idaho, according to Wells-Fargo Express company's receipts JSmi4 60 YEARS' yielded Ik gold dust and nuggets from 'hirty-elpbt to forty million dollar Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Hlkhorn R. R. between 1860 and '64. Notwithstand We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, KENT Three nice rooms, fur-'! or unfurnished. 549 Wil Work and Prices Guaranteed. li Street. 3-15-lm Lee St. Deadwood. O- EXPERIENCE (MM 4 Trade Marks Designs rrrf Copyrights Ac. AnTon eTllIn)i a dktch and dowcrlptlnr, may Otilcklf ascertain our opinion free whether an invention la prntmhly pateniahle. fnmmunlrn. tioiidtrictly Nrfiii.-ntia:. Jlandtxwikon I'atenia aent fre. mreiicT for !runii(r patent. I'aN'nta taktti through Munn & c'o. recelrp $ptcml notice, without charue, in the Scientific Htitericati A handmely lllntrated wpklr. I.artreat rtr-rniation of hfit urutiT tlf "urnl. Trm. f.1 a rear : "four months, II. 60 M by all newnileftler. MUNN &Cn.36'Bro.y. New York Branch offic F fU, V.'ashtuuton. D. C. RENT Office loom, lower floor & Washabaugh block. Ap-'o Mullen & Munn. THE COOIyREMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands an t haa . world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty ami integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLED GES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DO-LARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Don't Be Fooled. ing the difficulties in transportation in those days, remoteness from civilization, and hostilelndians.the fame of the rich gold placers around Elk City, Florence, Oro Fino, and Millers-burg reached the outside world, and a stampede marked the opening of the sixties. Bancroft, the historian, long ago expressed the belief that these placer mines' were but the outskirts or washingsings of a richer central deposit, and almost simultaneously with the recent completion of the Northern from Spokane, comes the ann unee-ment that prospectors have discovered Immense ledges of gold-bearing quartz in the Buffalo Hump rang lying be Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Co.. Madison, Wis. It keeps you well. Our trade mark cut on each package. Price. 35 cents. Never sold in bulk. Accept no substl' 1ENT Overland hotel, Sherman uewly plastered thruout; lights, steam heat, sewer lections, etc.; 24 rooms besides f ning room and kitchen. Ap-Jtjn Baggaley, Agent. Mdrffi COK REMEDY COMPANY, 1928 H?SGDic Temple, Cbicajo, 111. cotio mi tute. Ask your druggist. THE RENT Delmonico fioor to postofflce. am heat F. D. Restaurant, Ftirnished Smith. FINEST MEATS tween the Salmon and the South Fork of Clearwater, along which latter stream1 the Northern Pacific is now building its Clearwater line. For a TRY MORMON BISHOP'S TILLS for all diseases arUin? from dissipation, self-abuse, excesses or cigarette smoking. In use over o'.t years, Brings back your manhood, sures deleted, wornout men, makes, rich, red blool and tissue. Cure wastin&s and all losses, makes you last-inlv dmnr cure imooLeucT. lost Dower, emissions, loss-of memory, AT Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicyclesand Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., OUA.Uk. J. C.CARSON; Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Bit OSCELLANEOUS WANT. constipation, adds lusture to the eyes, stops nervous twitchin of the eyes. Makes life worth living. A boon to young or old. MORMON Cos Keller's Market mapholder giving fuller information regarding this new mining region sen two cent stamp to Chas. S. Fee, St. Paul, Minn., or any general district passenger ageat of the Northern Pa RISHOP TILLS strengthens and restores small, weak organs. Mops an losses oy a,. r tinni delav. Price, within taJ For sale by N. E. FRANKLIN 50c Uken tor housecleaning or ilwrt Job of housework, at No. r ,teet. or P. a. Box 735. Dead- Price a tot. 50 cents. 4 for J3.50 by mall. Send for free circular. Address i ntstJOP REMEDY CO.. San FTanc4co. Che reach of till. Ouaateed to cure. 42H Main Str Deadwood. Palace Pharmacy, Deadwood, CD. cific Railway.

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