The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 26, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 2Sd YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), KIM DAY MOHXIXG, MAY 26, 1899. FIVE CENTS. UTjxrinjTJxruurLruTJVUTJ uu ruruxru urjxruxTLriu urmssuuu uxr rjnn GEN. EAGAN IS BASTED THE FILIPINO STATUS WALL PiPEB! WUJPEB! tracted considerable attention. Evans it a well-to-do ranchman living near Belle Fourche. The only other important case on the criminal calendar at this term was that against E. C. Hine, charged with selling mortgaged cattle, and that was continued for the term, owing to its being impossible to secure a certain imiwrtant wit "Some times, her narrow Wteheifwall Aguinaldo's Emissaries Depart A Honolulu Editor Says He Is the Poorest Quality of Horse Meat. From Manila For His Headquarters to Report. ness, on account of the high water in the- Fallen, Oscar. Those who have died from wounds, accident and disease are: Stover, Roy W. Harting, Edwin A. Eschels, Charles. Grenslit. Fred C. Mortenson, Martin C. Berg, Otto J. McKellar, Nelson B. Osborne, Wilson M. Willitt. Irving J. Dale, John. Godard, Jim. Denison. Frank S. Eidsnee. Askle O. Hull, Leon F. Smith, Royal H. McCordlc, Horace G. Nlekllam, Judson C Roberts, LeoUs A. Smith, Jay A. Link, James E. May, William H. The Filipino Junta In Paris Ad Stretched away Into stately halls," This happened to Maud Muller, but my prices on wall paper make it possible for it to happen to everybody. My stock is entltrely new and up to date. I cannot tell you about the, handsome designs. You are especially invited to eee them. 1 PAINTS! PAINTS! Now la the time to paint tout house. Remember that my shore la headquarters for all kinds of palate and painters' supplies, especially for the NEW ERA MIXED PAINT. Every can warranted to cover more surface and last longer Chan any paint made. Ooma In and got ootor earth ad study eater effect. The Old Reliable DrucsM, Main Street VWV C PUTT I IPS. Says His Canned Beef Killed More Men In Cuba Than Spanish Bullets. mits That the Rebellion . Is Crushed. Belle Fourche river.. Miss Kate Halbert, court stenographer, returned from Belle Fourche yesterday, having finished her work for this term. Judge Moore remained over to pronounce sentence upon Evanj. It is also stated that the attorneys for the defense in the Evans case were going to argue a motion for a new trial. Judge Moore had not any business on hand yesterday, so he and a party of others went out fishing during the day. He will be back In Deadwood on this afternoon's train. The Belle Fourche has been greatly swollen by the recent heavy rain, and is impassible, except by swimming or the railroad bridge. MANILA, r. I... May 25. (Special.) ? neadwood.S.D. "V" ' HONOLULU. May 14 (Via San Francisco. May 25. Special.) The Volcano in its issue today contains the following pertaining to General Eagon, who is sojourning here: The Filipino envoys'' finally departed today for the Interior to convey to Aguln-aldo and his officers the result of their aonference with the American commis- rkuruivuwijirauijvutnnr axrvrtnAruinnUUruil 1 ...1 . V. . 1 . I. I tioners.. iney bjuu wueu ujoj ich uai "Eagan, the canned beef scapegoat , Of the administration, and the man with ihey eipeHefi Kf' rWuTB Shsmy'SM' tB it American commissioners hope that they will return prepared to negotiate the THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK the loud mouth, is in town. He was dismissed from the army by court-martial, but was saved from decapitation by Mc- dual terms of peace. Kinley. He is being received here as the PARIS, May 25. (Special.) The Filip ino Junta here Is about ready to quit. It Schofield, Victor E. . Clark, James M. Sfillwagon, George. Jenks, Newell E. Mancher, Edward. Smith. William B. McElrath. Arthur A. Anderson, Roy I'. Mahoney, John J. Frazee, Samuel c. Felland. Olavus T. Preacher. Charles It. Whitman, Joseph W. Commander Karr makes the following recommendations to post commanders in connection with the list, which he will send to all post commanders of the slate. "It is recommended that the foregoing la admitted that the Philippine revolu tion is alxmt flattened out. and that the Deadwood, South Dakota- RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.6$ March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 o American Mining Company. The American Mining company will Rhip its diamond drill over from Newcastle, and it will probably arrive at Ragged Top some time this week. The drill has been in use In the neighborhood of Newcastle for some time, and it has taken time to get it together for shipment. The company will by the aid of the drill determine the depth and location of uuartz-ite Itifurt dniim any more sinking, and then by be n-guliited in the matter of purchasing new machinery. To put in machinery capable of handling the water in the shaft and hoisting dirt from the great depth that has been n-ached and i native '"' forced to accept what the :niTiiaiis fi;n in oner.. I he i nter ques lion of the hour, but he is horse meat, and a imor quality at that, fiive him a wide berth He killi-d more American soldiers in I'ula than the Spanish bullets did." o The Roll of Honor. I'lEHHK, M-ic 25 -(Special ) Colonel E. P. Karr. commander of the state CS. A. R.. has received from Adjutant Genera Corbin. the following list of members el the First South Dakota who have tion now nmc'Ttis AeumaMo s sjirety. and fi;ar is iM i' .xrd that he will le taken to America as :i prisoner. o Franchises Taxed In New York. roll of honor of the First South Dakota All ALUAXV. N. V.. May 23. (Special-) Branches of Banking Business Transacted, ITue .suit' senate toilay passed a bill to I tax franchises, in response to the recommendation of Governor Roosevelt. volunteers ! read as a part of the Memorial day exercises May 30; also that a wreath of choicest flowers be woven by loving hands and dedicated with appropriate ceremony to each young comrade whoso name appears on this list. Wherever practical let these special exercises be under the charge of the Sons of Veterans and Woman's Rllef corps, assisted by all the school children. o Yellow Fever In Havana. HAVANA. May 25 ( Special. I Two that will be increasi'it; rapidly would require an outlay of $111,000 at the first, and even that might not prove satisfactory for permanent use. Hut by using the drill it will be possible to reach the quartzite and figure oat definitely just what is required to operate with when it becomes necessary to continue the shaft. The drill will in aill probability be started up within the next week or two. lost their lives from the time of the mustering in of the regiment up to the last report, the 17th of this month. The list shows fifty-six ilea1, of which number twenty-two were killed In action and the others died from wounds, disease or accident. The killed in action are: Lien. Jonas H. Breed. Harvey M. Nelson. James W. Chase, Lewis. Morrison! Sidney E. I Shroeder. Frank A. asea of yellow fever have been discov DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rico, Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parta of tho World, at lowaat ..arkal ratoa. COLLECTIONS mado carafully and accountod lor promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers ered In the American colony here and ad- Mitlonal sanitary restrictions have been Lojoined by the authorities. ; responsibility or collaterals. -o- Bicycle Skirls Forbidden. LYNrN. Mass., May 25 (Special. ) The The Pioneer-Times has a valuable col . . Nephew ' Secretary Grwham. PORTLAND. Ore.. May 25. (Special.) THIS IS DISTINOTIVBLT -ZV. lection of photogTaphB and views of the First South Dakota volunteers, and has hJ. Neill Gresham, a nephew of the late recently received an excellent photograph school board has passed a resolution forbidding teachers to wear bicycle skirts In the school room. o A'ter Chinese Smngglcrs. jecretary of state, suicided here last night of the officers of Company M of Rapid 1? shooting hinnelf. He had been ar- Accounts of Ba:iks, Corporations and Individuals hsttd. clurirrd with fraud. r'ity. They if-1 Captain Mrdbury and '.ieutenants Hunt and Young. . The paper solicited. Correspond cnoo Invited. Sjicides Over His W fe's Death. came In possession or The picture through the kindness of F. W. Bower. Johnson. Oscar E. McCracken, Horace J. Green. Fred E. Peterson. Charles W DeJcan. Harlow. Rowen. Mortimer C Felker, Oscar. Ryan. Matthew V Keogh. Harry R. Ryan. Peter, Adams. Frank H. Jones, Guy. Stultz. Charles. Lowes. William G Lizer. James A. AUSTIN. T. x. May 2.V -I Special. I The United Suites authorities are making a strong effort to put a stop to the smuggling of Chiii'-se emigrants across the Mexican border into the Unite"! States. TOLEDO. o . May 25. I Special, (-- The infant daughter of Mr. "and irs. larney catn,y visited his wife's grave DIRECTORS Marion Rickmnn. Ethel, aged 11 i d a t night, ihi-n walkid down to the rail-track and ih This has Is n going on in the Rio . E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, ProsldaoL BEN BAEH. Vlco PraaldoaL Grande country for some time, and it is half months, died at the home of the parent-, at I'luTua Widn'-'lay morninp of spiral nicninsiitis. after being ill for sev moving train. Me was horribly mu- fatrt. and will die. charged that Americans are at the head of it, getting a stated sum per head for! KM. SELBIE, Oaahlar. eral '.v'fkf. The funeral was held yes La. each Chinaman they bring across. terday afternoon from the home at Pluina Sehl y I Denver. at 2 o'clock, conducted by Dr. E. E uisnvER, Colo., May 25. (Special.) rlough, pres'dlng eldr of the M. h conference. The remains were burled In r11 Schley was accorded' an eulhu- Nte reception upon his. arrival here to Mount Moriah cemetery. ft. Thousands The Deadwood Knights of Pythias who r Th dmlral will next go to Colo- ! Springs and then to Pike's Peak Still Working On the Paris. GREATEST DRY GOODS SALE! Ever Held in the Black Hills. M. LIEBMANN'S NEW STOCK! fAUlOCTH. England. Mar 2R.-(Soe are to attend the Institution of the new lodge at Spearflsh tonight will start from here about 4 o'clock this afternoon, and will go with teams, as many of them will have to be back in time to go to work Saturday morning. About fifteen will go from this place. A telegram was received at Spearflsh Wednesday evening from the grand chancellor at Sioux Falls, stating that the warrant for the new lodge N-r-Another attempt at high tide this L 1 10 float e Parts was unsuccess 40(5 11 now seems practically certain P the steamer ! lost. nn1' t.v.n Bought by W. S. LOWS for Spot Cash at a great discount. The purchase Includes general lines of Spring rocks soon. It Is In imminent lr Wing to pieces. Dry Goods, -wfhdob will be sold tar much lees than ACTUAL COST. SALE BEGINS it was expected i had been mailed, and Spearflsh last night Joint C amission Meets. There is no question but that more fPIA. . Stmoa. Auckland, N. Z . water fell in the Black Hills during the F (8peclal.) . Ths taint hlrti recent rain than had fallen here for years. FRIDAY MORNING. MAY 19. And continues until all the Goods are Sold. WE WILL OFFER: i 00 SMnoan affairs has held it. According to measurements, more fell during four days than usually falls here Ub' whHe the deliberations eeret, ft 4a miui. during an entire year. At Rapid City the weather observer measured six and a U . 1 KauU w tunr quarter Inches. At Deadwood one man 1.000 pair Misses' Ribbed Hoee, 6c llsL? "P hU arm. Providing measured three Inches after the first pair; worth 16o I """" likewise. day's rain. It Is evident that Spearflsh did not have the rainfall that the rest 1,000 pair Ladies' tan and flack Lisle Hose, 25c; worth 65c. 600 Ladies' Shirt Waists, 50c and 65c; worth $1.00 to $2.00. 1,000 yards Assorted Drees Goods, 9c to 35c; worth 25c to 65c.. 500 White MarseUlee Bed Spreads, 55c; worth $1.25. 500 yards Organdies, Bmbroldered Linens and Ftoaey 6ummer Wash Goods, 15c yard; worth 25o to 50a 5,000 yards Carpet, Mattings, Oil Clothe at about half price. I Convicted of Cattle Stealing. of the Hills had. as' the Mall says the aovemment nuure there showed but 2.6 1,000 pair Misses' fine itele Ribbed Hoee, 25c; -worth 65c 1,000 pair Ladies' teat black seamless Hose, 9e; worth lSe. ' WU MmivIkI . nil. Inches. . VatU Py. and Is The city authorities are entitled to the- W?! all day Ladies', Misses' and Childrens' Shoes lower than ever before offered. thanks of the citizens for the work they have been doing along the creek. While the stream was running a good volume of U 0000 Wedn, whell at i. r Beautiful Millinery at half price asked bv less comnetent water as a result of the heavy rains men were put at work clearing away the . ' ,c,ock Wednesdey debris that had accumulated. It had not Milliners. been touched for twelve years, and In Our entire stock of Men's and Bovs' Clothino will be offArArt mam nliRM It stuck ud three and four feet Men with picks and shovels were at ACTUAL COST during this Sale. unable to make any headway, so the fire h, of Z, U5d T- w- La- 21"" "a. city wa. on. of W. J? "H that Bram hos was brought Into use. The pressure was heavy, and it made the gravel fly In great shape. The bed of the stream has BEEHIVE.' W.E.LOWE. been greatly improved, and the filth bas been entirely removed. -

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