The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on November 2, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1900
Page 1
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Daily Pioneer-Times HE :;,tU VEAK. DEAD WOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), FKIDA V. NOVI-.M I5EK J, 1!M0. FIVE ('12 NTS. ; t ruiuvs arc by his friends regarded a.; wholly to his credit. Waller Well- HALLOWEEN WITH 0. J. SALISBURY FOR M'KINLEY Philippines has met the unqualified admiration of republicans of every shade in this region. "It is hard to tell what the dominant is.-ue- of Lie campaign are in I'tah. The deinoi racy is waging it, light in ei ,i ii ism et everything the re publicans have done and in promises of what the deinoi raev will do if lie get the i ham e. ami during the last few days ti desperate effort is b. made to inlluencc the people again on the silver i.--ue and to keep from them the fact that no matter how much Mr. Bryan talks -ilver he never was a thor ougli silver man. hut a greenbai ker. The republicans are making their light on the gen. ial pro.-perity that prevails in I'tah. mi the misfortune which would follow the removal of the protective tai'ff and the inevitable panic which would sw eep the country in case of Mr. Hi. van's election, and I may add. in In arty support of the administration in the Spanish war, in the Philippine rebelfion and in the splendid triumphs wheh it has won n the handling of the Chinese question. What the Dingley Bill Does for Utah. "I'tah is exceedingly prosperous, and for many reasons. Her mines of gold, silver, copper and lead are the ing indi iduals when it :i n is called for. bar Hung is the to-i.pai n badges and :..i , n aw ay by the idqua i ters and v on- n cv i TV w here v et a i nt il re til I '' no i ': van bad a eh i nee ' Now e V ei body ' a I a . bn 1 il 1 .in b ting i ham ami Hi t a ma :. .t of anlred thousand. h i i i ain. t he 1 1 ult i ii country will not he a ' iiid'-l i,e on. vay If Hi. van is elected ho d thirty six o! the for :t. pi 1 V Lai dm r just d replied in. I i.!; a moment's leisure, but will t ban thi- evening. "or.Pallv vouis. WHIT. DON'T TRADE. The fusionists have abandoned all hope of electing anyone on the state or congressional ticket, and are trading their candidates for the legislative ticket. Republicans, stand firm. Vote the ticket straight.. - See that these names are on your ticket: LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. HENRY T. COOPER. E. H. WARREN. JOHN N. HAWGOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. i : ui h . pr, e no! h it, an .-o I -ta iiln i mI-ii and it w oald de tioti-m in In 'hirty ,1.1 I i .I-Ule to .ii ,. F:!ij i I V Tnat Whitbc cent i h.i- b k Lct'ei en !'nh: Th circulated tieer I line WliTli. k the rea-oi of liryan demo pop about town llil- a lei' that the ni I . d org which it that i! Well, In people I i w it I, In i ;1, il 1 : ; I y ale for -MIC' , ml if I b. i a tii i T i Icome lf comfort I'mni it t In My Dear Ilonhani Politics are so verv of time, t bought and n ab. airbiii.- bo' u lew -pa per spa, e writing until a: atter of personal pleased with a that I abstain li'mn ter election. As a ma interest you may be line or two. In many is the most peculiar , my recollection, and particulars this iiinpaign within in nothing so much as the uncertainty of conditions. I never saw so much interest muni fested, so many meetings held, s i h large attendance everywhere and se h great excluslveness In the political teake up of the public press, nor so . L 1 1 The Horse-shoe Brand Overcoats are "Equal to custom-nude' ! licir Extreme fancy patterns a doj the same amount OI won II. have, oiisuii im' for y is t lie chic!' inducem lo measure. which niadi- I!ul one nicasuremeni, readv lnvear imm.'dialely. wan I .. killing Am, In- turf I the Pi-.llip! otln r I ! . one. Fin i ' aid) the ho h.: - . erii ans an. that au 1 1 1 1,1 u rd i : .-ftom all L . f 3 ' ..- V , 11 1 tin"; lire value servic,. any a vi requisite I canty, clothes with merchant Ti True Economy l in clothes I'liyin.; inenis ot.(. the gri-ittest ui.-si!lc nictis (if sii I isl'iici ion iind intrinsic lor the smallest price. A suit or oveicoiit which is to veil in eithei in;' disappoint op styl -i llol rhclp at j l ice. Our chillies are huilt with w to pivirir the carers the strermtli, style and which makes these successful rompetitoi'H the product of first-grade tailors at about half man in 'Time leiald Special Caution Sent Out. CHICACO. 1 already aph iOviditlre the i;ran ulate from full every and' state-i- elers aireany apie;u :ii i hat ' ' i ir lies have arr.uie. ., dav to da ,- nn'il , ,. e"II( l ivable report, tnent. which may ; aisiunst lepuldi-an , lahor vnt,. is e-pec iali and e y re. (II t is au mad, to nt for ! I I'v our aroase env n.ii '. , lili work. I'le.l-,. i,t,r nunty eluen; stale iii wspapei s ' a fe.tnanl by forew ; and false interview -t.. 1.1 i -1. in i m; with '11. I'r i nt to the ' 'leveland. predii tim; llrvaii, published la! first of their series i fake at tie ks upon t In d'dates for presid, nt dent. We may epe a Jan. 1-1 ly. is i' roorli repulil and v f anvt but ek , and an ean- e prcsi- iiu' no or how matter how onteinlpible. I'KRKY fa Is how , base I'ATI Si'i retarv ANOTHER OF LIEN'S DEBTS. Fusion Nominee for Governor Owes $700 for Mining Machinery. State of South Dakota. Countv of j Lawrence, ss.-- William II Moore says I under oath that he is acquainted with I'urr II. Lien, of Sioux Falls. South Dakota, now a candidate on the fusion tii ket for the office of governor; that lie had certain transactions with Lien during the time that Lien was opera! mt,' I ei ly as se Cuttysark , fiiliyrail. t he Cut;. iii i n i li ; prop-isurer of the !' : I hat the ret a ry and ! I'ea -M iniiu; i .mil'iev M itiiir; i did panv chased ei ta i rv i I i : ml bin anneint of ($7'ioi. and :in . nut. aid. it to th sevil llllll that the .11 1 dollar, it .-III! I--! The afii.-ir.t sa.'.s that the debt was contracted during th" j -:ir 1 Mir, ; that tne machinery and supplies were pur- based upon the personal order of I .ien or hi ; an' hoi i,-.. ! repren nt'' lives; that a affiant to Itur treasurer of ill was n II. Lien, th" Cut! ndered by the secretary and sark Mining lompany. for th'e full aniount. during the year lMia, that, on or before .Ian-nary 1. 1Mb;. Lien called upon the affiant and acknowledged the bill to be i orrect. and stated further that the machinery and supplies purchased of the afiiant, had given entire Satisfaction, and that if he would wait until after New Years. 1 MHi, he ILien'i would .assume the responsibility for the debt, and see that it was paid. The affiant further declares that this agreement was ignored, and that notwithstanding repeated efforts to secure the payment of the account, it still remains unsettled. On October 4. Lim, the afiiant sent Lien a true bill of the account, to Sioux Falls, and asked him to remit the amount of the indebtedness. Lien diil not reply to the letter, ami the affiant sent a sight draft for the amount to Lien, from the First National Hunk of D"adwood to the sums Falls National bank, on October LT., limn. On O teller L'7. 1 Hint, the afiiant was in reciipt of th, following letter: "Head'tiuu t' rs liryan Campaign Conimittee. Dead wood. S. D. Oi toiler I'Tth. Lien Mr W. II Moore. Dead-wood. So. Dak Sir- Mr I! IT. Lien of iouv Fall letter of ( '. to against the c pa n y , in u b e holder. You ; Mr. Lien m t raters you -, ing about tin were ordered Mr. Licm had - ha- handed tne your ii r Ith. i li losing a hdl HU'.-an. Mining cotn-h Mr. Lieu is a stoi k-ic- hereby notified that iT HI llereil th" i (),. (n- e U (if and knows tioth-in. The com entrilors by Mr I (ickover . fiefore iinytli'ng to do with the company. 1 Mr. Diokove,)' reported that they were no good and they never were used. Mr. Lien is able to pay any lawful demand against him. and there is no need to resort to any blackmailing nmthods. "You are at liberty to 'publish' anything you like, but it would be advisable for you to consult some attorney who is not in politics and could, therefore, be fair and ascertain the line of distinction between a proper dun and blackmailing; and be sure and tell him the kind of letter you wrote to Mr. Lien. Yours very truly. James Cusiok. Chairman Populist County Central Com. of Lawrence County." On November 1. 1900, the affiant received the following protest from the sight draft forwarded to I. ien: State of South Dakota. County of Minnehaha, ss. Sioux Falls. October 26, 3900. Sir: A sight draft for $700 on B. H. Lien, payable sight, signed by you, In favor of the First National Bank of Deadwood, S. J)., endorsed by them, being this due and unpaid and by me protested for non-payment, I hereby notify you that payment thereon has befn truly demanded, and that the holders look to you for payment, damages, Interest and costs. , Done at the request of the Sioux Falls National Bank, at Sioux Falls. To W. H. Moore1. Deadwood. S. D. H. C. FENN. Notary Public. WILLIAM H. MOORE. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of November, 1900. A. S. HA YD EX, (Seal.) Notary Public. THE PRE of Children Invade Ihe Dozen Yard of McKinley 's Canton Home. They Cheer the President His Wife When They Appear. and CAN'H'N'- )., Nov. 1. Special. Several liozeti children invaded the president s ard last niht. with pumpkin lanterns and tin horns to let him know li as Hallowe'en. Mrs. Me Kinley titne out on the porch ;ind spoke kindly to the young folks, who cheered In r and her husband and disposed Ship Building Material. GLASCOW, Nov. 1. Special. Scotih shipbuilders have just Jilaced orders in America for a hundred and fifty thou and tons of ship building material They are Having fifty thousand pounds on the prices of the material in Scotland. ii- Poisoned a Millionaire. NEW YORK Nov. 1. Special. - ('. I. Jones, ;il"t to Millionaire Kb e, who died rciintly under suspicious circumstance.;, has confessed to Lawyer Patrick that he gave Kico poisoned pellets which killed him. To Save Cartridges. BERLIN. Nov. 1 . Special A (Jer-maa soldier writes home that seventy-four Chinese were punished for killing a (lertnan patrol, by being lined up and bayoneted to death. This method was chosen to save cartridges. To Leave Her Husband. PARIS, Nov. . Special. The Gould family Is urging Annie to leave her spendthrift husband, Count de Castellane. The Count's brother is engaged to an American heiress and is now en route to America. A Count in Trouble. CHICAGO, Ills., Nov. 1 Special A bogus Italian count with a long string of titles is in jail. He was, charged with numerous forgeries and had a pocketful of forged notes ready to pass when arrested. Hard Coal Advances. NEW YORK, Nov. 1 .Special-Hard (oal at tidewater tins advance.! to $4.50 a ton, to make good for the advance in miners' wages. The coal "Mujmnies have agreed, on tin Tance. ad A Muddled Situation. OMAHA. Neb.'. Nov. . Special. Hosewatcr and, Thompson refuse to withdraw as republican senatorial candidates and the political situation w decidedly muddied Clearing Away the fyiins. NEW YORK, Nov. l.-Speclal.-of fcWOrk f cloaring away the debris of h b'S fire tontinuesi anl tne list the missing now numbers a dozen. How Cleveland Will Vote. NEW YORK, Oct. l.-Grover Cleve- land will vote for McKinley and Ho hi. J I ! w go to the polls and cast his 7"0t for republican electors and Jcratic state and local candidates, "lie this is true and Its truth is M known to me that I make tb. r"nt wltH th utmost positive jJ??7Mr- Cleveland has not author-JMyone to 8ay how he is going to know few of h'8 int,nate friends tk' thoy have no authority to Ut r?"V rtI,r;6entaUori8 about it.' - tier n lf,VIaad Uteres the proprie-rtali Wrftlon demand that Ee di-,. . acTely engage In political Mon at this tlme He Is not so nst'''ined by the fact that he State. PreJdent of the United va he a by the fact that h - part- Tv?.chosen President by the If h J1 he cannt now support. U mu8t be in op" teiT w tn P&rty of which for tt he n he was tte Mt'ular leader, hi to!" announce how he is gold h, Jf would have Proclaim ho h7"? t vote against the man of u,,,: kia place at the head Clere!,rCratic W M'-to da Z06" not feel BPn 1nito t tte deraUons which m" from more-pointed xtt- One of the Original Homestake Stocknolders Declares for the Republicans. Four Years Ago He was Working and Wi i ing f jr tne Rusionists. D. .1 Salisbury, of Salt Lake, one of the original1 stockholders in the Homestake and president of the First National bank oi Lead and the First National bank of Deadwood, is out in au authorized interview declaring him-Mdf, in favor of McKinley, prosperity at home, prestige abroad and honest money. Four years ago Mr. Salisbury wrote a letter to the papers of the I'dack Hills, setting forth why Bryan should receive tin; support of the miners. His principal reason was the silver question. Keiently Mr. Salisbury was interviewed in Salt. Lak" City by a correspondent, of the Washington Star, and made tiie following statement : "At the present outlook 1 do not .- e how Mr. Ilrvun can count on an;, northern or we, tern slate this year with ihe possible exicptions of Nebraska and Colorado." said Mr. Salis-1 1 1 1 : y, "As it looks to me. in all t he noilh and west Air. I!iau cannot oiint upon more than twelve elei tor-al votes at the outside. "The issue of imperialism is looked upon by I'tnli republicans as a bogie only. I believe the great majority of democrats consider it simply as a foolish phantom upreared to influence sonic timid people, to supply an excusi lor the harangues of the Schurzes, (Tokers and liout wells, w ho are never happy except when finding fault; that generally it is a fraud gotten up for i lection purposes and which will disappear in a day when the election is over. "Some of our gold democrats will vote the republican ticket. A good many will go back and vote the democratic ticket not because they like it, but because they like to be 'regular.' The German votes in this region will tollow party lines, as usual. "Most of the people of this state are binii'tallists. They do not take kindly to the insistence upoji the gold standard, but the effort to get up a free silver issue here is a failure here this vear for two reasons. One Is that, the arguments of four years ago that more money was needed have lost their force The other is that, when seii -ible no n rend the Kansas City platform they sit that silver is but a secondary matter with the so-called ib ino. rat s ; that the populists must have run that cou,vention .and that the paramount idea of that convention and its candidates was to flood this i ountry with greenbacks. A careful reading of the platform shows all this, and that to accomplish it an amount of crecnhaiks would have to be issued which would more than equal all the silver if coined at Li to. 1 saved to all the world fronf the mining of Ave t nousand years. "The wording of the Kansas City platform makes it reasonably clear that when Mr. Bryan four years ago was advocating the restoration of silver he still had in his mi:id the thought which impelled him to vote for Gen. Weaver in 1M'2. Moreover, it will be noticed that in the platform where the opening of the mints to the coinage of silver at 16 to 1 is Insisted upon, no provision is included to make the dollar thus promised a legal tender for, debt. Hence, I say, there is no free silver issue this year. The real struggle is between a gold standard and an irrerteemable paper money standard, which would mean, of course, a panic and all its attendant disasters. Republicans Making a Hard Fight. "I think the democratic party has been a brake on the progress of the country for at least forty years. Its sincerity can be estimated by thp howl abduf imperialism and by that spirit which disfranchises some hundreds of thousands of native born American voters in the southern states, because they are black. It stands where It always did, for office and spoils, and when given the chance lacks, the capacity to administer the government wisely and economically. "Utah is for expansion, honest and fair expansion. Utah can see no difference in the way the Philippines were acquired from the way California and Utah were acquired, and they Believe the government, like an individual, ought to hold and defend, what it honestly possesses. "The president's course In regard to Cuba, Porto fUco, Hawaii and the si I real foundations of her prosperity. They create so much wealth every year that could it all remain here the state would be rich beyond estimate In a few years. Then the tariff helps the lead, wool aim stock industries exceedingly, together with our large sugar ami other agricultural products, and makes every branch of industry profitable "The farmer Is receiving splendid prices for the products of the soil. TP mine-, owing to the tariff on lend and I ne large advance in the price of copp r, are realizing as much, il nut more, per ton of ore mined than at any other period in the history of the country. The stock men are getting from fib to ion per cent more for their ! beef and mutton than they did while ' the democratic Wilson tariff law was a effe t The demand for labor ex-eeds the supply, consequently the laurel- has steady work and good wages, lur merchants and business men, as ivell as the professional men of till kinds and classes, have and are sharing in the general prosperity, all of which is attributable directly tcft the Dingley protective tariff law ttnd the wise, lonservative and patriotic administration o' President McKinley. "I think the democratic howl of government, by the consent of the governed is a bogie for election purposes only, and onsidering what they are doing in the south it certainly required more gall on their, part than ever the democratic party manifest ed before. "As to the alleged democratic 'guarantee of thu Declaration of Independ ence that all men are created tree and equal,' the declaration does not say that; it says 'equal,' but nowMere 'tree, and when it says equal it means that all men ought to have equal opportunities to forge out for themselves a fortune and fame, if possible, without the restrictions of unjust and discriminating laws; and. as Mr. Jefferson, when he wrotothe declaration, did not manumit his slaves, as he did not extend the declaration to the savages in the wihl. of the Atlantic coast, as he did not consult, the desires of the people of Louisiana, it Is well enough for us to follow what Jefferson did. "As to the. Philippines, the do, ti ine does not apply, because the testimony is universal that that people are not yet fit. for self-government, and to give them self government would simply he to offer a rew'ard to Aguin-aldo and his brother murderers for A COHEDY In Five Acts. SCEriE The Store of J. C. HAINES and his .REMOVAL SALE. Goods carried away from the Store by shrewd buyers. ACTS ACT 4. The Removal Sale. ACT II The people buying. ACT UI Low Prices. ACT IV. The people are delighted. ACT V. Leaving the Store satisfied. TABLEAU Grand display FALL GOODS. of NEW BSSSKSS! ROSENTHAL'S A AAA A AjSl J. J A A rf THE AMERICAN trice. limited quantity to - your tailor excitli veness vour clothes ira ri ui tiI I one a ml li'llts ; that o have "I ry-on, money voiir e!( if I lies vi. a Palace Clolhingr House VV ( 3 NATIONAL BANK i STATE. AND names or and Oeadvvood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE : CXTT COTJITT Drafts and Lettersf Credit Issued. Good in All Parts of the World. COLLECTIONS I Attended to Promptly and Intelligently FTJH.1TISHED To any extent warranted by borrowers collaterals, t Accounts Solicited Our long- experierct Correspondence Invited. in the Black Hills service of intending invcswTw " at 1 JOHN TREBEA. BEN BAJER, Tic Prm Cuhlcr. DIRECTORS W. E. ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKIJN. Prea. 4 1 WH. SELBIK,

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