The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 12, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. THURSDAY, 'APRIL 12, i900. "MY OWN SELF AGAIN Also that his candidacy "will, if persisted in. cheapen him as a man, rather than exalt him as a statesman.' Yet only last September, when Oewey was a hero simply, the Oregonian to such persons as like that sort of thing, but it is a trifle inconvenient for the busy man who drops in lor a 'quick lunc h." It is said this Cliic a.:c restaurant is besieged by hobos as .1 result of the proprietor's announce THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. placed his name second on the list of Mrs. (Nates Writ to Mr. rinkhra. Follow ilrr Adilce and Is Made Well. "Dkak Mits. 1'i.nkhaM ': For nearly two and one-half years I have been in feeble health. After my lit tie child came candidates preferable, in its estima it seemed I could not get my strength ment that persons whose appearand 'tokens poverty sire not allowed to pay for their meals." Which rub' leads lis to neier that th.' reicrn.c ! drunkard bus not jet recovered fmn. !iis fatv.vcll jag. The city election occurs next Tuesday. A It ho politics did not e nter into it, the avaricious pops have a majority of the candidates. No objection is made to this, so long as they are good men. For c ity justic e two of the , an diclates are pops and one republican Spain. 1 have chills and the severest pains in my limbsandtop of head and am almost insensible at times. I tion, to McKinley for the republican nomination. Turning f'oni Oregon to Georgia, we find the Atlanta Constitution, which last lull fell behind none 111 its glorification of the admiral, commenting on his candidacy in an article headed "A Dead Duck,'' and saying:: "Sue n a rfoi mance as that thru which the admiral has just gone has calculated to put several large holes in th" tin Mile of reputation. H" has let himself down to the level of the ordinary politician, and in t his country CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Moiiiing, Except Monday, One Year $10.00 SflMonths 5.00 One Month l.Ot) WEEKLY" Issued Every Thursday: One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. also have a pain just to the right of breast bone. It is 0 Candidates for alderman, long and short term, from the First war I are the ordinary politician is not regarded SO severe at times that 1 cannot lie 011 my right side. Please write me what you think of my case." Mks. Ci.aha (' A I KS, both pops. In th' .Second and Ttiinl wards two good republicans. ;'crt- as a hero in any sense of the word. Dewey has held a unique place in the enced in affairs, are opMsed by pops imagination of the public. On the sea Johns P. .. Miss., April mt. of no practical experience in public af he made no mistakes. We see now Jul &K7 THE NOMINEES. For Mayor JAMES M. FISH. Fer Treasurer H. BISCHOFF. fairs. In the Fourth ward a good Jef- that his reticence was due to the care Dear Mrs. Pinkiiam: fulness of his watchful flag officer, lyefl to himself he runs up the wrong I have taken Lydia K. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound as advised and now send you a letter for publication. For several years I was in such wretched Kr Treas. School Board MARIE J. GASTON. fersonian democrat is opposed by a wild-eyed anarchist, whose occupation is stirring up the baser passions of the ignorant. For members of the school board the First ward named a republican, the Second ward a democrat, the Third a pop and the Fourth a republican all good men. Second and Fourth Warders are especially interested in th'e city election For signal, and the result is that his ship is ashore." Headers who will recall the manner in which Admiral Dewey leaned upon Lieut- Brumby for prompting and assistance during the long-drawn pageantry of the admiral's reception at New York and Washington will recognize the force of the Constitution's Justice of the Peace P. H. EARLY. NATHAN COLEMAN. JOHN SHEEHAN. SOLD ONLY Aras & Wardman Haiflnn u health that life was almost a burden. I could hardly walk across the floor, was so feeble. Several of our best physicians attended me. but failed to help. I concluded to write to you for advice. In a few days I received such a kind, motherly letter. I followedyour instructions and am my 'old self again. Was greatly benefited before I had used one bottle. May God bless you ior what you are doing for suffering women." Mrs. Ci.ara Gates, Johns P. O., Miss., Oct. 6, lbW. - - - v v V lend should not let it go by default liTrrHrr-rtr" reference. It is hut fair to add, however, that Dewey's refusal to attend the reception given Lieut. Brumby by the city of Atlanta left a sting of its own, the irritation of which has evidently not much subsided. FOR ALDERMEN. First Ward A H. OLSEN. allen Mcdowell. Second Ward GEO. V. AYRES. SIMON JACOBS. Third Ward SFENCER V. NOBLE. A. E. HORNBERGER. Fourth Ward BERNARD MVLLEN. FREEMAN KNOWLES. Shortest Shortest In the Second Ward th" voters have an opportunity to place Geo. V. Ayres. a practical, wide awake business men in the council to assist Mr. McPher-sou in an Intelligent mannfr. It seems hardly necessary to urge an intelligent community like the Second warders to do their duty. The Fourth warders have to chouse between Mr. Mullen, a man of action, and Mr. Knowles, whose only occupation is to agitate with a pen. who will be of no more benefit in the council than he was in congress. Mr. Mullen is far the bet- ! "lost Direct Saves THE JIM LYE IDEA. An enterprising lover at Houlton, Me., intercepted a bridal party as they were ntering the church, carried off the bride and married her himself. Then bridgroom No. 1. instead of taking a sensible view of the situation and congratulating the happy couple like a good fellow, felt that he had been buncoed and went behind Hours Hours Troop A. U. S. V. Attention Every ex. member of Troon A, Third Inked States volunteer cavalry, is requested to forward his address to Ce--geant W. A. Rankin, Deadwood. on or I-fore the first of May, l!t(l0. It is the intention to form a permanent organization of the ex-members of the troop, and the 23rd of May, the (".ay of th" Hoop's departure for the south, has been fixed upon as the date on which to perfect the organization. Memoes of the troop who are at pr. sent in the li lis, or to whom this notiee comes l attention, will confer a favor by com -lying with this request. To et man lor the position. 1 ne menm of good ivei I'Tient should exert them-seles to fcur' the election of Messrs. Ay.i B atu! Mu'lca, the barn and tried to (frown himself MEMBERS SCHOOL BOARD. F-rst Wfcrd G. W. HOWES. 8ccond Ward. S. M. HOUGHTON. Third Ward F. ZIPP. Fourth Ward FRANK DENNIS. in a tub of water. The Maine idea of marriage is not at all a bad one, par Kansas City, St. Louis and all Southern Points And ticularly If the bridegroom who comes in at the finish happens to be impe Deadwood correspondence of th-Sioux City Journal: "The republican central committee met in this city Saturday and the county convention was called for April L'8 in Deadwood. cunious. It seems that in this case the man who arranged the prelimina By order of COMMITTEE. Days Days ries also paid all expenses, even to tk. prlrnari(,8 wili t(e ne(1 Aprii 23. A the bride's trosseau. Not only this. WEBSTER DAVIS A. YD OTHERS. There are a few Interesting side lights to the position of the Hon. D. Webster Davis, the gentleman who proposes to To but he had given the bride the ring, fearing he might loee the golden circlet on the way to church, or might delegate at large will be elected, a del egate from each precinct, and an additional delegate for each twenty-five votes or major portion cast for K. fJ. Phillips in 1898. There will undoubtedly be a warm fight in Lawrence Who Pays the Printer. lien you go around from printer to printer getting bids on a job and then giving it to the lowest bidder, you get an idifferently good job one with no Cape Nome Portland, Seattle, and all Pacific Coast and Montana Points, not be able to find it In his clothes at the critical moment. Altogether, he made things as convenient as possible for his successor. It is to be hoped county over E. W. Martin and Judge Moody, but it is confidently expected 1 transfer himself to the lecture rostrum In order to enlighten his fellow countrymen and Create a public sentiment in favor of the Boers. As an initial proposition, It may be said with elaborate truth that the oratorical labor the Hon. D. Webster Davis proposes to perform is altogether unnecessary. The United States is fairly slopping orer with sympathy. The people have W. T.ROBERTSON. TICKET AGENT. i by the Martin supporters that h will he did not fail to see the clergyman in advance. It will add to his reputation for kindly thoughtfulness if he will allow the couple to occupy the win out, since all the other Black Hills counties will instruct for him.' particular good points one that sells no goods for you, then who paya the printer? YOL' DO. When you pick out a good printer, giving him all your work, --uiicat-ing him to an idea of your needs, and paying a fair price for the work you get, your printed matter necessarily creates a favorable impression for you and for what you offer, and becomes a flat he furnished so elaborately in fond anticipation of his own happiness PASSING OF YELLOWSTONE PARK. It is stated on gooI authority that the geysers which have made Yellow-atone lark famous are gradually declining. Spots once the scene of extraordinary phenomena are now cover Maybe they will then show a proper appreciation by naming the baby for him. In future, Instead of being insanely jealous of the attentions of ri factor in selling your goods. Then who pays the printer? Y'our customer, HE DOES. I LAFAYETTE STOCK FARM g Lit'ayette, Ind. Of Has on hand 100 Stallions c onsisting of OLDENBUH'.i CEKM.tN fa COACH Stalljons, Draft Stalllo lis, consisting of NO It MAN" and ENG-S LISH SHIRE and BELGIANS, T rotting Stallions and Jacks. Anyone vals, lover3 possessed of some selt confidence, will encourage their sweethearts to smile upon other suitors up to the very eve of the eventful day. Not only will this be done as a matter of good financial Judgment, but the Gold At Cape Nome. an intelligent understanding of the causes which led to the present conflict, nd, therefore, the Hon. D. Webster Davis as a sympathy promoter would be superfluous and tiresome. The position of the Hon. D. Webster Davis, Jiowever, can be utilized to prove that ' the American taxpayer is entitled to little sympathy, and we are frequent- .-. If too prone to go abroad for our sympathy when it might be bestowed much nearer home. Shortly after the 4th. of JJarch, 1897, the Hon. D. Webster Da-iris took service with the United States government and subscribe! to an oath which Contemplates the faithful performance of public duty in return for tie payment of official salary- As As- ed by buildings, showing that nature's work lias been exhausted. Tourists who never visited the park are advised1 to do so soon, before they have passed forever. This information brings to mind, rather pointedly, the fact that decline is the law of the world, both geographical and physical. Health is the most precious possession In the world and too great care can not be given to it. In the spring you should renew your strength and vitalize your wanting a Stallion of any kind should address us at LaFayette. Imi . or write or call on our agent, WM. I.EKOKb, Belle Fourche, S. D. We can sell stallions as low as any other firm. Every Stallion guaranteed to he a good breeder. . J. Crouch Son J plan has less sordid attractions. There is a fascination of a purely psychic form in having another man pay for one's pleasures. In after year.', the man who didn't get married will probably cherish a great gratitude for what he now considers an unfriendly act The best way to reach Cape Nome is by steamer from Seattle. The best way to reach Seattle is via the Burlington Route. It is several hundred miles shorter and almost two days, quicker than any other line from the Black Hills. Advertising matter giving full information about Nome, and steamer reservations, can be had by applying to the local ticket agent of the B. t M. K. n. First steamer leaves Seattle May 10. J. Francis. General Passenger Agent Omaha. Neb. ' distant Secretary of the Department ot Proprietors. o blood and nerves with the best of all medicines Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.. It also cures stomach disorders. Try it. tht Interior it was the duty of the Hon. A RELIOIO US RE ST A VRAXT Custom Ore TROOP A. The young gallants of our city troop will bend every effort o give their patrons a royal Jolly evening, and will have the help of the following committees: Reception Misses Kate, Murrin, Stella Graves, Efhel Klngrcse; Capt. Ws are sow prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide cess at reasonable rates. In that center of sanctification "Chicago," there has risen a great reformer who thinks he is running a restaurant as "Jesus would." It must strike the reverent mind that the restaurant business is about the last in which Jrtus would think of embark-in?, and above all, he would be unlikely to establish himself in Chicago. Anything nioro immoral or pernicious in it eftect than the ordinary Chicago restaurant cannot easily be imagined. We are unwilling th believe Christ would assist in disseminating dyspep XX Webster Davis to remain in Washington and give his time and ability to : the government from which his salary was derived. By his own admission 2lr. Davis shows that he has been persistently derelict In having our great moral problems discussed it is just as mell to give a little attention to the details. Before going any further with his proposed lecture tour we re- spectfully submit that it Is the duty of the Hon. D. Webster Davis to open a businesslike correspondence with the conscience fund of the United States Treasury. ( ' , From national to local affairs is a natural and easy step, and in all kind-Bess, the Pioneer-Time, suggests to two moist excellent men of Law- Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co. First Ward, Deadwood - - South Dakota Homer Bostwick; Sergt. Emit Willoth. Executive Lieut. D. D. McPherson. Sergt. H. K. Moulton. Corp. Fran Smith. Floor Sergt C. B. Hot-ton, Corp. Merritf Moore. Trooper Clyde teitz, ' i- r-i O.potge Maitin. sia turnout the length of a lost worid. THE BILL OF FARE The price of a regular dinner at this .AT. holy sinker emporium is thirteen cents which fact at once arouses .suspicion. "No Eye Like the Masters Eye' You are master of your health, and if you do not attend to duty, the blame is easily located. If your blood is out of order. Hood's Sar-saparilla 'will purify it. Mis the specific remedy for troubles of the blood, kidneys, botuels or liver. Blotche$ "9ty fc used, to be covered with pimples nd blotches and I suffered from continuous headache. Hood' SarsAparitU 'quickly removed tht cause and my fact is smooth. Have no more - heAdaches." F. H.- SeHert, Hammond, fod- , Collations costing several . timei as LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP. The. orst consignment of tnls un-equnlieri ymp has arrived and Its rfflcecoonty theislblllty ol LJgqw&a-ouiU enough to foster total Is Spaiing fiestanrant Their table merits the patronage or the public. No. 19 Lee Street on equal division or tneir-ume De- depravity. When one reads that the proprietor of this establishment is a reformed drunkard, it is not possioie tween canceling stamps, for which they are paid, and politics, for which the re not paid. to repress a wish that he had stuck to :-GRAND BALL-: CRESCENT LODGE NO P- of H" MINERS" UNION" HaM- Central City April 26 1900 COMMITTEE?: i j-c E . Executive-Mrs. Armstrong, .w. Williams, Miss-AHda Yincelletw- Reception-Mrs. T. Connor , M Cerrans, Miss Alida VinceUet Entertaining-Mrs. J- HjJ J. C CTanaush. Mrs. a Wji. nlllisml Ml. I F Your Shoe -' ttt't it jtvt v it t pi nl strong waters. The waiters act as THE MIGHT 1 HATH J A L LEA fttangeist9 Md open the dinner exer-.. The .Portland Oregonian remarks wun prayer. Then the different that "such knowledge of politic-, as . rollPBev re interlarded with hymns, pure eence will always attract those m !m hnve once tasted it Physicians .'. "Maple syrup ts a natural medicine, 'hat prevents s number of U tneuu." Aud its aroma la tape nor to honey. 8TANTJARD CASH STORE, 4S Sherman street r Sole' Agentf-for Deadwood. S. IX o r DR. KLORA In. STANFORD. Homeopathic physician. Office and residence, S74 Williams street . Morphine, liquor and tobacco habit Needs a PATCH Dewey ha acquired in im inwim Take It to.. ftve minute discourses, and five minute Scriptural readings. At the conclusion of the meal all patrons are required to kneel for five minutes In silent prayer lfore departing. These JOHNSOHN between hia return from the Philippines and the announcement of hia candidacy for a presidential nomination "!s of tbat type which looks to person- SLse treet. Floor Mr. u. - 'I e:!-' rr.'.ter than the rational pood." 1 ejprf!?3 fire 1.0 dvjH vev ew'

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