The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAIJY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. S. D. WEDNESDAY, APRIL, H 1900. corner mo. l, wnence U. S. Loc. Mon. (Martin &. Maaoo. Attorneys.) LEGAL NOTICES. (Moody, Kellar A- Moody. Attorneys.) - MOTGAGE SALE. .vo. 1 Dears S.34 06 30 R. 4076. 4 feet In the Circuit court' within and for default has been made in the payment of thence N. S4' 51' W. 300 feet, ubetice N. 33' E. 90S. (5 feet, thence S. 84 51' E. Lawrence county. me lnomy seemed a mortgage dated the IN THE DISTRICT COl'RT OK THE teet, thence S. 7 46' E. 261.5 feet State of South iMkota. Eighth JuJoial thence s. i' 31' W 871.8 f to place of UNITED STATES FOR THE DIS circuit, ss. Thomas W. Matthews. Plaintiff. DEADWOOD vs. Republican State Convention. To the Republican Electors of the State of South Dakota: There will be a delegate convention of the republicans of the state of South Dakota, held in the city of Sioux Falls, on Wednesday, the 23J day of May. A. D l'.ino, at 2 o'clack p. m., for 'he purpose of electing eight delegates to the re ublii-an national convention, to be held in the city of Philadelphia. June 19, D . l'.ioo. and for the further purpose of placing in nolo mat ion two candidates for congress, a candidate for governor. lieiiUnant governor. state treasurer, itate auditor. superintendent of puM.c itisti iiction. commissioner of si hool an I public laiidsd, attorney general, railroad commissioner, four candidates for presidential electors, and also TRICT OF SOUTH DAKOTA. Before Granville G. ltennett. Refers. In Bankruptcy. it In the matter of Giistavus A. I.u caster, Bankrupt. laird, his John L li.urd an I Molln 16th (lav of I iwemlxr. A I). H!7. execit.ui by Fannie M. ((lack well and Eugene M Hlaikwell. inortuatfors, to Milton C Conner.--. morlijaKw The amount claimed to lie due n : " n t hi moriKUtfH tit the date if ihis nof i. . U 'he .r: re iji.ii sum of eiisht hundred and fifty ,l, i$S.",i with interest thereon from I ttx piiitT l)th. 1S'i7, and (he nun of ten dollars insurance paid with inoiest iliereoii fir. mioh.-r L'.'n.l, li. "i. and i lie sum of flfieen dollars m-surani. iiaul vwili Interest thereon from Noelnhe .I'l'li )ve, :,S1( ln,. tillIl, f eiKl leen md s7-lnu dollars tax- ii.ii.l wl'h iu' therein from November 11th. 1s:in, all" of said interest. Ieiii at the rule f Denver Helena, Butte, Portland SaltLakeCii San Franci Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louis and all points east and south. M'ginning, claiming io reet S. 5" 31' V ami 8t1.8 fe,t N. 5 31' E from discovery, plus 134.1 feet N. 68." 59' W. along the' presume! direction of the lode line and containing .142 acres. Magnetic variation IV K . containing a total area c f hi 2-'t7 acrea The locations of these mines are re-i orded in the Register of Deeds Otfi e or Lawrence County at Deadwood. South Dakota, in Uok 113. page 421. book 11.:. page Dl.t. book .TV page 14." and book 1 I I, page i;i2 The adjoining claimants arc. on the northeast survey No. ti:i4. Ilnlge Stone I'lacet, others, if any. unknown. Any and all persons claiming adversely Whereas, the above named Gustavtn wife. Dcf. ii.lants The State of South Dakota sends greet no; To the above nallie-l de'cli'lant.s: Viiij are beret. y uninioiied and reuuire-to answer the complaint i,f (he abovi A. Lancaster has this day bwn ad pol ana all west judged and declared a bankrupt, in ac cordance with the provisions of the ii.itne-i plaintirt. whiidi wtil i-e tib'd in tic Trains ea No. 2'2.Vesril as follow . 'led -;M, bankrupt act, notice is hereby Riven Itice of the" c..k nf the 'iloe entitled for re, otuiiiendtn a national coininittee- Hoi Sprtnn I.uimiK I tvtilve pet ( ..jit T antllllll. together with lan and for the transaction of such other that the first meeting of the creditor? Mirt at IIcu'Iaoo!. S, D. alio to serve ten doll in attorney's fees. l-olli'.v business as niaV come before a republican 'hi'-ai,'!) and a South dtM V,.r of said bankrupt, will le held at the NoM.e ji hereby xiveii, that the said copy uf your utLswer upon the suh.scnh 30 state onvent ion). All voters or the state lielii ving in rl'puldican principles, and I illv 'l! -ifld 1 Xr,.,,: miutxaiV" will Ih foretltned by a sale of N'o. L'bl, Loral .1., ilv , . , day. B.iM i,,, . , office of the undersigned, refere' !n rs at their olfice in the Martin fk Mason the moi't Kitted premises therein described any portion of said liM Hug 'and Ocean Wave No. 2 mines or surface ground ait-reiulred to tile their adverse claimed with the Hogister ' the Tinted States Lui.l Office at Rapid City, South Dakota, during tin) sixty days period of publication hereof, or they will be barred by virtue of the pru- ho endorse t IA- policy of the republican bankruptcy, In the City of Deadwood Mock, DeadwiKMl. S. I). within thirty oi some part or itiem, at public auction, at party, are invitiVl to unite under tins call the front door of the court hoiwe in the lays after the .service of ibis summons State of South Dakota, on the 21st day of April. 19W, at the hour of oil" 'iiv of I lead wood. South llakota on the for the selection J)f delegates to said ron-veiiitoii. The sule committee has recommended that no proxies be allowed in the state convention, and that the dele oti you. exclusive uf the day of service U day of April, 1 . at ten oYloek in Sn.artish No. -INI. riieht. .)., 1 1 .. Sun In v. Hill rr and EdBeimmr Sundays (his fieo-ln .M. Trains arrive as follow No. 2111. K.ntern r.(s Ni:,., No. 2n'.' Speartish Tr,,- the forenoon of that dav The said mort- and if you fail to answer the complaint o'clock p. m. of said day, at which meeting said creditors may attend and gaged pi"iui.s are situated in the I'tmntv vis'ons of the statute. A. K. OARDNKR Register It is hereby ordered that the foregoing Notice ot Application l"or Patent be pulj-lished for the period of ixty days in the gates and alternates present i ast me iuii vole for each county. The ratio of repre f uiwrei , e In the State of South IiakoLa within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court fur the relief demanded lu 1-' M l.,:lv li;l prove their claims, apimint a trustee and are described as follows, to-wit That sentation will tie as follows- Two delegates at large from each coun- certain tract or panel of land lyini? in the examine the bankrupt and transact 11 exi-ept Suniiav No. 21.3. FrelRht the complaint. IKaiiW'od 1'ioneer-Timea. a dally news soiimwesl corner of wnat is known as the Dated at Deadwood. this 10th day of Jones ranch on Spearftsh creek, heinu tv. and one additional oeiegaie ior eacu fort v votes or major friction thereof cast for Hon. Kirk G. Phillips, republican the north half iN'm northwest quart r paper puliiisaed at Deadwood. South Da kotu. and nearest said claims. A. K. GARDNER. Register. andidate for governor, at the election ot (N v ) an l the north half IN "... ) such other business a.s may properly come before such meeting. Dated April 3, 1900. GRANVILLE G. BENNETT. Referee in Bankruptcy. .-unnays mis train :,rnv,s - -., SIfepiiiK. diiiinu; and r.-:1!,ln',.hair seats free. all 1 Ir,.n, way and steamship ii, k,.:s s.' .,. gage rhpi'kol 10 all K,inis i n f iirm a t i..., northeast quarter I V E ) of section ten ls:W. The representation to wnici me ceral counties will be entitled to under Ml township six ()') N. K. two (2) eat I) H M . said tract fronting 20K.7 fept on this call is a follows: one- ( at, ,.s m,in; I lii'L'ul j M ,. maps I N u mber February. A. I). 1900. MARTIN & MASON. Plaintiff s Attorneys. To the above -named 'defendants : Take notice that thf complaint herein was filed in the office of the clerk of- the above entitled court at Dealwixxl. S D . on March 7th. i:v0. the public highway along the west side or sah' Jones ranch, and extending back of (Martin & Mason, Attorneys. I NOTICE TO CREDITOKS. Kstate of George CasseU. Jr.. de ' -'n 'i "Miahi. i of votee for K. (J in IV'S even width 20S., feet, being one (11 acre W. T R'lHKItTSONi f land exclusive of said highway, together 1 1. k"t ceased. with all buildings fences, structures and U -or i -'- J. L BKNTI.KY. rolnilhTi ial He.ldlr Notice is hereby given by the under with all the appurtenances and improvements thereunto belonging. (First Pub. Apil (Hh. 1900.) IOTICE TOvOVNER OF LAND UK FORE TAX DEED HALL ISSUE. To Charles Vestibule or to w hom i may concern: Boii Homme '-- Brookings Number P. of Delegates 11 L'H 44 1 1 3 17 IS IS llrown I - li. C signed administrator of the estate of (ieorge Cossets, Jr., deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having TR I N'S IIKUVKKN HKM.wj Plaintiff's Attome .:-..:.. 4,: Hated m I lead wood. Sooth Dakota, this h da of March. A. I). l:t0n MILTON C CONNORS. Mortgagee. MOODY. KKLLAH & MOODY. Buffalo '"' I First Pub. Mat ch V l'"i0 I You are hereby notified that on the Bun- -'" 11 day of Novemlwr, 1897, the follow AND l.i:! LK.W'K Dl-:DY'iii!i exrepl Suii'l.iy , eA.'i-pI Siiii la ... m Mix ampt barb lark ir.K described piece or parcel of real claims against the said (lecea-sett to exhibit them with t lie necessary vouchers, within ten months after the liist publication of this notice, to the said NOTICE OI' FORFEITl'RE. To H.ifney Franklin, adininisirator of the tiailv. Dailv Dailv. Hailv Attonevs for Mortgagee M TT I'H'NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. South Dakota. ( First I'ti). March C. J'.iOO 1 J i estate, taxed In. the name of Charles estate of John Weir, deceased, to the unknown heirs of John Weir and to w "oni Vestibule, and situated in the Countv i.linuiun isicr . administrator, at his office on Main of Lawrence, tate of outli Dakota, p.- t may concern You will please tale notice. That the iavid-Mi I tail v Hall v. Daily, liadv I la 1 1 v. :ice & Poi.f follows: Lots No. 11 ami 12, in block At torneys I eii'lersosiic.l, a co-own r wltn you dutl'is street, ln Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D. ;i; fiii .,K M.1 '.'TH ii::l ",!'! IM 111 t-" .171 x IS re'.s all the times hereinafter mentioned In the "o. 52 in the town or .Speriilisli. wps MoKTC.UiB SALE exi-epi Sm 11. I n . e et' Siiii'l.i 1x1 i pi Sun la . ex. i''l Su 11-1 1 . I. i:Yi: i.Kn -x. . pi S 1:1 I IV . . Dated at Deadwood. S. I).. March kookitm. Skookiitn No. '1 and Skookum No. and Oavville lodes i r mining claims, 11 1H 24 1 I 14 i:i 12 1 id 1 1 1 1 1:1 sold for taxes then due and delinquent foi the year ISOti, at tax sale by the treasurer of said county to iiwrene-? 17. 1 :i0. JOHN HAtiGALKV. W hen ms. Dofaull has bin n ma.le in (he payment of the iniere-it on the money secured by a mortgage da led h,. ml,' ,b,v of April. . I. ivei. executed by .1. lines Holler and Annie Holler, of the Count v ' I T Y 'in HlMli'l I-M'iiun I - F.i 1 1 liner I '.ill Ik i ;i .in' . . ... ll.lM'.llil Hand Il.ui-'in 11 ih. 111!'. Illlllll county, and was by said purehas. situate. 1 in the W'hiiewood Mining District, Davvience County. Snuih Dakota, has d ie and perforin, d the whole of the assessment and Jt'v. bipmeiit work thereon for the iv and 1Y'9. amounting to one hundred dollars per year on each of said claims, or the sum of four hundred dol of lwn-nee ami" of S,iuinh Dakota : lli l.l .duly assigned to A. W. Avery, who is Administrator of the estate of G.eo. Cassels. Jr., Deceased cStr..hj- Attorneys. (First Pub. March 18. llioo.i (o Joseph Ogden. of the Pounly of I'hil i-delihla ,T;td Stall' of Pennsylvania, an, now the lawful holder of the cert lit lady. Daily. Dailv Dailv . i 1.11 1 v. Dailv . 1 1.1 1 1 v . I'l-Hailv. Danv. i 'a 1 1 v D.i:lv D.ulv. , Daily . Daily. 1 whlcn niortgnge ;n recorded in the office eimer X. e. of the '(egDter of Deeds of the County or cate of purchase. That said taxes then due and delinquent amounted to Lawreiie State of South Dakota, in took '.- of WortgagB. on page 7.'. on the 17th lav of April, s'i;i. at !:!.". o'ebK-k a. in : . 3ts 4 ",7 . 1 "-' I M'I 7 "It . 7.1 . J...M . 1 .!'" . LT. . .". I ". $7.88, and that prior taxes to th lars per year in all and that .there is now due anil owing on account thereof f'om you the sum of thirty tW'ee atid i, ne thir l dollars ( $33 33 1-3) for and nil account of each of said claims for each of said years, or the sum of one .line died anl thirty three and one third i:t-3.'! 1-31 dollars or each of the yers lvas and ls'.'li or the sum of J266.66 2-3 in 21 ii7 and (Kdwin Van Cisc, Attorney i NOTIC ! TO CHKDITUUS. Kstate of Valek Moroaoezyk, W'h N'o nctlon or prrwee'ling.s at amount of $42.90 have ben paid, vvitn Interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $1.79, making total amount neeessarv lav. or ntheniso have been instituted to re Hvdi' I. !! .' I Kintrsbii: -v L.ii,- Law ri'iit f Liih'iln Marshall M. r.i.ik Mvl'h -i)ii M- .1 b Mi iht M mrit'liuhj ... de cover the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof: and all. 'herea-. II wsa stipulated in said niort- K 1: . M I: ;: Tin-: .MiKTHu i:s ri: 1: n link Ycu are further notified that you are required to contribute and pay to the un- ceased. Notico is hereby given by the iiniler-sigp.ed admiiiistratoi' of the estate of Valek Moronoezyk, dece used, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims .47:1 4 1 J gagr that if default would be made in trio payment of any portion of the princiixtl lersigned, Joseph I., totephens, your co- DKI'OT Streets. or interest promptly at the time the same owner -the sum of two hundred and sixty should In come due, or If default be mad six ana two thirds dollars, now due In the payment of the taxes assessed or 1 - tin in: to be asse-ised on said piemUes before th M st r.iui Ti'uii trlt i'hnao lieapoll-heel lull- sane become delinquent, then the vhole to redeem $52.57, and in addition thereto, the cost of "service of this no tlce, together with such Interest ;is may accrue after this date, must he paid, and that the right of redemption will expire and deed for Baid larfd b; made within sixty days from the com-p-eted service of this notice. Dated, at Deadwood, S. D., April t, 1S00. A. W. AVERY. Holder of Tax Sale Certificate. (First Pub. April, 1900.) with ,-oe 1 u1, for all 1 17 21 14 12 20 21 :i 23 21 4 K 24 11 31 3 3 sum. both principal and Interest, at on became due; 411 . 1.U7H id south at I't'1 it Whereas. Default has been made in the fixtn you on account thereof, within nlneiy days after the service of this notice upon you. and If you fail o to do your said interest will become the property of the said Joseph C. Stephens, in accordance with the provisions of the statute of the UnUed States in such case made and provided Dated at Deadwood, South Dakota, this 3rd day of January. A. D.. 1900. JOSEPH C. STEPHENS. (First Pub. Jan ;i;h. U'OO ) payment of Interest due on the first day against the said deceased to cliii it them with the necessary vouchers, within four months alter the lirsi pwi -liciition of this notice to the said Kd ward Hanst-hka, af ids r sii! r.. in in Headword, in the ;")iinty d' L.iw-ri nee. Soiitu Dakota. Dated at Deadwood. S. I).. April 2. 1900. Mihi.I;. I'i'iiniiiKion Toll. 'i Iliili-Tl; Sanli'iri Spink Sranby Sullv Turner I nnm Walworlli Yankl'iii L'n-rf.ini.ed com to Unite Delano and Seoby of October, A. IV lS'.i'.i. Clia Wherejti. Default has been ma.le in the .1 :u inoni and iin.ili.i DKI'oT. Lnvwr Man. Whltewood. Stuivi-aiel in'eriiie.h.ite p..i:;-- 23 a in. Itelle 1 W u i te -a ood only '7 - Kx. ept Pun la payment of taxes on said real property as agreed by said mortgagor in said mort gage: and Whereas. The whole amount of the prin . :ii'.; .l.ltii r,t 21 . lS'J clpa! and Interest has become due by (William R. Steele. Alty.) reason of such default : and NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR Whereas. The amount claimed to be due and EDWARD HA NSC UK A. Administrator of the estate of Valek Moronoezyk. deceased. (First Pub. April 3, 1300.1 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE HDi'Nil LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION "FASTKR Tl.Mi: KAT upon sab: mortgage at the date of this (Irekiory Jaeksnii. Nowlin S'erlms Trait I'resho Zi.-baih In the County Court in and for the 74 30 tia Iu the County Court of the County of 11 Not'l I A change of ;ittrt hetw. or i. tv or iwiwreuce. State of South Lawrence, State of South Dakota. and Sioux City enables i;L-ein;eisi notice, la the sum Of two hundred and ninety-two dollars " ami eighty cents ($2!'2.SO). io-wit. $.70 principal and J -- 80 Interest and a reasonable attorney's fee. stipulated for in said mortgage. Now. Theiefore. Notice Is hereby given that bv virtue of the power of sale con In the matter of the estate of 1.032 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE ? our train N'o. 4 to re.-n-h ; City at 4:00 p. ui. daily Thomas S. Carroll, deceased. Dated. February l'.iiiil. eommittee. Hy virtue of an order arid decree ot Ity order of the stale I Tn-nl lo.ura le-r.UTll Ml CHARLES N. HERKEID. tained in said mortgage, and duly recorded I he county court of Lawrence county. i NEAPOLIS. ST. FAI L and the 1)1. as aforesaid, and in pursuance of thefstat- Notice Is hereby given that Orman F. Orig has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Thomas Cbairman. FRANK CRANE. Secretary. South Dakota, made on the petition of ute in such case made and provided, the I HILLS. West bound. b-ue Mtnnl he undersigned administrator of the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale : olio ot 7-10- St Paul lit . I 41 a.I estate of Frank Eberle, deceased, for of the mortgaged premises therein described, at public auction at the front door of Iiakota. In the matter of the estate of Mrs. Ida Baer, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of the county court, if the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota, made on the 7th day of September, A. I). 1S99. in the matter of the estate of Mrs. Ida Haer, late of the County of Lawrence, State of Sobtli Dakota, deceased, the under-Kifrned, Ben Baer, guardian of the property and estate of the minor heirs of said deceased, will sell at private ! Sioux City at a: 0.3 i. m. Arrive folU Junction 7:40 I 111. loimei'l an order to sell the real estate of said deceased at the March term A. D. 1900. the court house. In the City of Deadwood and County of Lawrence, and State of with FREMONT. KI.K 1 1 UN & South Dakota, on the llth day of April V. D. 1H00 at ten o'clock In the forenoon I enrol VATIFV mil. ROAD t of (hat day. The mortgaged premises are NOTICK FOR BIDS FOR CITY liONDs Notice is Hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the city council of the City of Deadwood, for the bonds of said city to the amount of twelve thousand Jl2,0u0) dollars, which bonds were issued under and by virtue of an act of the legislature S. Carroll, deceased, and that Wednesday, the llth day of April A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court to-wit: of the March term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house in the City of Deadwood, in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for bearing said petition, when and where ! No. 3 due at Black IlilN stations situated In the County of Lawrence. In the Stale of South Dakota, and are described next morning. PAKTMVl.AR at. 1 tion ia e.illpil to the (halite uf timl as follows to-wit: All that piece or portion of School lot 73. situated in the City leavine- Slfll'V CITV. 3 "3 1' "1 connecting at Norfolk .lun.iiu" of Deadwcod. Lawreno'e county. South Dakota, described as follows, to-wit : Beginning at a point 378.9 feet northeasterly from the southeast corner of said School of said court, to-wit: On the 30th day of March, 1900, I shall, on and after the 16th day of April, 1900, offer the real estate hereinafter described for sale at private sale to the highest bidder for cash at the law office of Fraw-ley & Laffey in the Smith block. In Deadwood. South Dakota, at which place written offers for bids fdr said real estate will be received. The following Is & description of the real estate to be sold: The south half of sale, to the highest bidder, all the interest of said estate in and to lots six 6i. seven (7,, eight "7 of the State of South Dakota, approved train No. 3. thus enabling piu-sen fr.,m nnnnaMin line-l III llltll' '"OliJ and uine (9 in block forty-two (42), tlon at SimiY Cit- willm .t lay-ov any person Interested may appear and how cause why the said petition should not be granted. Dated, March 31st, 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH. Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. April 1st, 1900.) according to Rogers' plat, situated in the City of Deadwood, County of Iaw-lem e. State of South Dakota. Terms lot 73: thncc 37.5 feet northeasterly along the easterly line of Williams street to the line of a lot owned "by John Andis; thence southeasterly a distance of about 28.74 feet to the easterly line of Placer Claim No. 20, a distance of 37.515 fe.t: thence northwesterly a distance of 27.61 feet to place of beginning: said lot hertla Intended to be conveyed fronts 37.5 feet on the easterly side of South Williams March 3rd. 1SH9. entitled, "An act carrying into effect section 4. of Article 13. of the Constitution of the State ot South Dakota, authorizing the incurring of additional indebtedness and the issuing of bonds therefor of counties, municipal corporations, civil townships or districts, except cities ot Trains Into Keystone. uf sale, cash, or one-third cash and the northeast quarter and the north The first train to run into Koysl r.n q roir.,1!,- aphedule arrived Mod vest quarter of the southeast quarer cf section twenty-one, and the south tract at 11-15 a m Hereafter trains Dated at Deadwood, South Dakota, this west quarter of the northwest quarter Le run between Hill City and the balance in installments payable within two years, with interest at the late of seven per cent per annum, se-oureo by mortgage upon said property. B.ds in writing will be received by the said guardian, or may be left at his office at the American National bank. In the City of Deadwood, at any time stone three times a week. MonJ (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, Atys.) NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF AC , COUNT. nnH Friilavs. The tn 15th day of February. A. D. 19)0. JOSEPH OGDEN, Mortgagee RICE & POLLEY, Attorneys for Mortgagee. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County, First Pub Fell. 16. 1900.) the first class for the purpose of providing water for irrigation and domestic uses," which bonds were issued pursuant to a vote of the qualified electors of the City of Deadwood a3 provided ln said act. Such bonds will not be sold for less than par, and the city re In the County Court of the County cf Lawrence, State of South Dakota. will leave Hill City at 10: HO a. m.. arriving at Keystone at irl. (tart back at 1:13, arriving at City at 2 o'clock p. m. In the matter of the estatt of Ellen of section twenty-two, lu township No. five, north range four east B. H. M., containing 160 acres, situated in Lawrence county, South Dakota. The terms of said sale are cash on confirmation of sale by county court. Dated, this 30th day of March, 1900 J. P. LAFFEY, ' Administrator of the estate of Frank Eberle, Deceased. (First Pub. March 31. 1900.) Shannon, deceased. 14 THE ONLY SHORT, QI'lfK on or before Saturday, the 28th day of April. 1900. Dated, this 7th day of April, 1900. BEN EAER, Guardian of the minor heirs of Ida Baer, deceased. (First Pub. April 10, 1&00.) (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) M. A., No. 1185. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE. Rapid City, South Dakot. Feb, 3d, 1900. NOTICE. IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Charles Barrett, whose postofflce address la Deadwood. South Dakota, has this day IS THE BURLIN'CTON With from two to four days' serves the right to reject any or all bids. All persons desiring to bid on said bonds must address sealed bids to the City Auditor of the City of Deadwood on or before twelve o'clock noon on the ICth day of April, A. D. 1900. By order of the cltr council. and hundreds of miles sdnrter than Notice of settlement of nnai ac tovt Notice is hereby given that Elijah P Fowler, the administrator of t- estate of Ellen Shannon, deceased, oat rendered and presented for settlement and' filed in said court, his final accounr cf his administration of arid .estate and petition for distribution thereof und that Saturday, the 28th day of April, A. D., 1900, being a day of a other line to Billings. Butte. Ht'lona. died hit application for a patent for 1491.4 and linear feet, respectively, of the flold Bu and Ocean Wave No. 2 mines kane, Roesland. Seattle. I'ortlani an points en route to the west Train W. A. ICKES, City Auditor. or vi lui. bearing Kold, with sur.ace 30C feet in -'d , for each claim, ii'.oated rf.iw -i n m For tb-kets la Whltewood Mining District, county ei i .mnc .nd Stale of South Dakota, and call at B. & M. passenger de;ot Gold At Cape Nome. designated by the 3eld notes and official plat on file In this office as Lot Number term of said court, to-wit: of the The best way to reach Cape Nome is Special Saturday Excursion Steamship Tickets I f.m direct agent for all the leading and best steamship lines that run into and ''out of New York, Montreal. Bos ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Galveston and Pacific coast ports. I can sell you railroad tickets in connectior with steamship tickets at reduced rates. Also If you wish to send to the old county for your friends or relatives you will save money by calling at the Burlington route ticket office for full Information as to timer tickets, &c W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent Burlington Route Varch term. A. D., 1900, at ten o'clock a. m., at the court room of said ctir., t the Ciy of Deadwood. in said Lar- mum ivumlv has tiAAil rinl nrwiniw? II ;.-ijy. (Edwin Van Cise, Attorney.l NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Henry Walkling, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the tinder-signed administrator of the estate of Henry Walkling, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the Raid deceased to exhibit thein with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said John R. Jones, at his office on Lee street, in Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., April 2, 1900. . , JOHN R. JONE3. Administrator of the estate of Henry Walkling, deceased. . One fare for the round Springs and Custer every : to return on or before the f day. ,:r.e ' by steamer from Seattle. The best way to reach Seattle is via the Burlington Route. It is several hundred miles shorter and almost two days quicker than any other line from the Black Hills. . - - Advertising matter giving full information about Nome, and steamer reservations, can be had by applying to the local ticket azent of the n. by said court, for settlement of said final account and hearing of said pett, tlon, at which time and place any per-ten interested in said estate may a? 1352. in Townsbipt norm, luiin of Black Hills Meridian said Lot No. 1352 being decrlbed as follows:. GOLD BUG: Beg!nnlnat corner No. 1, Identical with corner No. 1 Ocean Wave No. 2 lode of this surrey, whence U. S. lots. Mon. No. 1 bears 8. 34 W SO" E. 407 4 feet, theno S. 4 51' E. 30 feet to corner Not 2; whence corner No. 8 Dead-wood Towniits bears 8. 46' 47' W 2726.7 feet, thence N. 5 14' E. 79S.J feet, thence H. 15 52' E. 4-4 feet, thence N. 42 46' W. 81 feet, thence 84 61' W. 170.T feet, thence 8. 84 2(T W. 62.7 feet, thenee 8. 17 07' W. 642.4 feet, thence 8. 6 ll' W. 544.3 feet to place ot beginning, claiming 40 feet 8. 5 22' W. from discovery, and 278.4 feet N. S 22 E.. Dlus 676 feet N. JAMES P. WILS01 rear and file his exceptions in writing to the said account and contest ths Attorney-at-La IM. R.R. DR NAUL.TEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Fr. Naulteui has removed his same, and resist granting said petition VBANK J. WASHABAUGH. 1 - County Judge, -d, April 5 Lb, 1900. . Olympic Club Building .Cornel First steamer leaves Seattle May 10. J. Francis, General Passenger Agent Omask, Neb. : 15 S3'. E. alone the presumed direction ot; the tode line and containing 10.095 acres. ' OCEAN WAVE NO. ti- Belnnln at. office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing stor 681 Main street. ,.. r:r - -.' UhermaLand Deadwood Stree4 (First Pub. April 8. 1900.) Souta Dl DEADWOOD,

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