The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 31, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1900
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31. 1900 TOE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, DEAPWOO n vegetables and everyday thmgs turn into info.i;,,,.. .. .aa ui dries tn the witchery of the hou r. If a girl ' Walks doWnsfuiV. k.i .... . .r." ""cnwards just at us midnifrhf , ; : Li; ai A GOSSIPY LETTER. We have had the finest weather since we came to Chicago thati I evel saw and the bracing air tempts one to Jive out of doors. We have put in a week hunting for a flat and at last have found one to suit us, and, hope to be settled in it next week. In our walks about the city we have seen much of life with "all sorts and conditions" of men. iv ..." 7,;r a m rror- e iH sure- . u,c iie or ice Si Our Shoes uini and other equally tnings ture. . sensible ami "equally Rapid City and will return to Mystic this morning. George M. Nix of the Aladdin Coal fields, returned from a short business trip to Chicago. E. R. Taylor of the Hammond Packing couipanv, arrived from Billings, Mont, where he Is now located. David Hunter, who has been visiting his brother. John Hunter of this ity," left for his home in St. Joe, Mich. Little Ruth Tilmarsh. who has been visiting in the family of her uncle. Prof. C.ainett Hedge since Friday, left for her home in Sturgis. Tonfght the Bachelor Maids will 'onjure all the towers nf ,. .,. .?."' jjfcjj" Ant I .J"i-V cvih-: Tl-1'.T. . One day we saw a. uoor worki,,,.,., ' . " u tn,'.lr tat s- It may will ever - - , l ut- uu last nieeting thev Kuius uuujti 11 um nis worn witn his : hold tiirwH hnr in nit. hnn.l .....1 i. ... . Who knows? Are Giving The Best Possible Satisfaction ""v " uauu Mil ue SlO)pl U .Miss It'Sii . It II will entertain ; in I PRICE Li'illLlii.rfNi a number of her friends ''en party at her home street at a Hallow-on Williams I! j J. M. Colter, w no has beu visiting , bis daughter. Miss Myrtle Colter, of agile of the Methodic t'hii.-tiau Kn-the Congregational. ne t.pworth I.. list (liiir.h and deavor society ot-"ill Uve Hallow, churches to whir Vited. it the en socials i 'erhodv Mi at a certain corner when- were a group of news boys whom he greeted in a hearty way and opening his lunch box distributed the contents ! among them, anil as I saw tnose grow- ing hungry boys greedily devouring the remnants of his noonday meal I thought of the fact that how few of us think of the cup of cold water whih Christ reminded his followers to bestow upon the unfortunate ones of earth. Yesterday while walking on Washington Street near Marshall I-ield's we saw ;i tine looking elderTy man stricken with paralysis. He was falling when kindly hands were stretched out. to him and he was taken : into a store but he could not sneak to The Reason ll When you want to go to Central, whether it be day or night, just go over on the street and climb iu Teller's hack f HIslfiOLD VnVp" REMINDS U A Tractable Prisoner. Mesi.-k Perry of .,.;,, es,-niav l,y Deputy Sheriff M. 'Ugh on a . barge 'of petlv lar imd brought .low,, and put in for this is we arc .-a'llinjr only Fir t-Clas Solid Footweai at Reasmiuhle Fi nes. sted Doii eny. jail. -McllonoliKh drove lip (lie stormiest part of tin to Lead in afternoon. " 11 I 'US horses exhil crated hv the the First ward, will lease this morning for his home in Ixividand. Colorado Mr. C. P. Robinson of Cambria, .secretary of the Weston county reptibli-. an central committee, left for home yesterday morning, after a visit with .1 K Grant at the American mine. .1. 11. Wheeler, formVrly manager of the liullock, left for his home in Omaha, after spending a couple of .lavs with his old friends in this-city. He i now in the employ of Balduff at ( Mnaha Mr. and Mrs K II Harrow, who have been visiting their son in I, cad and Mrs. K. R Turner of this city, lift, v estei day for home. They hope to be able to arrange their affairs so that they can return to the Hills tn re Main. Mi..s Jennie Jacobs left for Ala ban, a to spend the winter with relatives. On her way she will stop in Lincoln for a visit with her brother. Marcus, who is attending school there and will also visit friends in St. cold, pulling his sockets, and h mils out of their Wondered as he OUR STOCK 15 NEW AND EAN. That We Most Prepare Ourselves for the Inevitable Bluster and Blizzard Sure to Come. With the chilly weather of approaching winter to remind us, one's thoughts wander to what ih.y shall buy to meet Jack Frost's blustering weather, and the inevitable blizzard that will surely come wonder no longer, dear leader, but just call in at that old reliable department store of W. E. Lowe, where thev are, mi- Bu Shoes Bearing this Stamp WORKER? UNION I Jadotv H3?. J ioe. whether be had not made a mistake to g without taking hand 'lifts and shackles with him. The,-,, was no telling how desperate the prisoner might d,e. ,. had no trouble in finding his man. and when he made Known his enanad. the man remarked quietly: "There wasn't no need of your coming up. If yon just, sent me word I d a1 , ome down." Perry has boarded with liertrand before, and he likes the :1. mi m l ;i Hons. )j,i you put him in jail'.'" someone asked McDonough when he came into the sleu ill's ortice. There wasn't any need to pqt him in." he id. 'You'll hae to bolt (he .loots to keep him out. I jllst left llllll out ii. the stable w ith Ale. I;." The pi-is. n''"r said he hadn't had an thito' tn ' at all day. and alii how. it wa bad w 1 ai le r to sla out dnot .- tell them who he was or where to take him, anil as the throngs of people hurried by he was left with a few whose loving kindness impelled theni to care for the stranger Politics are very interesting and you hear all sorts of opinions expressed as to the out come of the elertion Mark Hanna was entertained by the Marquette Club last evening and the immense Coliseum was crowded bv an enthusiastic audience of the best men of the city. We are hoarding where there are several liryanite.s and of course we hear plenty of reasons why Bryan will be elected but we do not let this talk disturb our helief that : the supreme Ruler of the 11 n i verse w i ii , not let this blight, conic upon our nation. Coming out of draco chur h Sunday morning we met Mrs. Ciish man and f'.forge who have been here two months and they have found the climate very beneficial. Yesterday we met' Mrs. Charlos Marsh in Marshall Field's and she was assist ing her mother in furnishing and fi'lMii: I ouis. Zipp Shoe Co. THE CITY. u papers and three se re issued in county . ti1 November 1st. selling everything ..IT at actual cost, and fit yourself out for that weather that is sure to . ome now in a lew days at the longest. At this store, vou can lind anvtliing ond ourt Two l'n I apei s vv . sterilay Martian licence w.l.-. issued V ester Mary day I K an I '.. ii n i Thomas Harry and Miss . both of i. cad. 'I o the win- of Zaehary Tav- Tuesday. p'i's hospital daughter. you want, but espe ially are they putting forward their men's fall and' winter clothing, overcoats, suits, Aic, and their ladies', misses' and cliil- ! dreii's .apes, cloaks and jackets. In these departments vou can buy a suit j that formerly sold at $10. tin. for $....r.0; j at $ I.".. iiu, for tf'Ui.i; an overcoat that I formerly pold at $LM't. for 7'.!70; at i b.r. at Si Jo October ::n ; I'verv lio.i'. : ecial at th Seebick Wreck on the l he ca-t hound . Xort ile. , ', ar Itig Timli, r . . to 111. Melhoili-i good time. Hallowe'en church to Even body I.I: flat, and Saturday the parade McKinlev wi Will p'e'iabl. no a here Northern Pacific. pas,"iige' t r . 1 1 1 1 on 'llir was wrecked . 'West, of Hillings. H.le killed le train was passing cars were throw n it. tor a and In lie I . , 1 1 . -, ne: i friend SI Join iiliii to lb.- near and w 1 1 . i i. oil if li the largest and mo t irapos nine p. ,, i,, n btol-.e a H I M FORTH W AND DHSIGNFR OF .1 f. lle i r tfK.o.l. for cloak. . ape retail. ng at from to from JH.uO to . or jacket that j from $11.00 to to $:t.uu, or one s guild are inking, and will gn os them pat P" to " . sup r an i sevrmf lb" Ira- I.. i' who J I I uu i it. mi : has be f i r.iiii. that ha $10 (Ml. is iilde campaign. Tt will lie led bv a 1 i rdophant and there wiU . m I it ! :s ninny other features of striking in' est. to the people. Nellie Moody i.-, at Kenwood In Gowns and s be, Ming for from $S Oil to ii Pa -sengcrs were the sides of the .a !'.-windows. This is the r from tin- Yoa.-t to ti I" This for fi oin Jl.r.o .uu. to 'I.i (iu ii again-t and out of the l.uilington lly. St. Louis. -ti luiinr ti 7 : .'In fall to alb '.Veil by III lurch at t under the d the greatest sacrifice sale 1 1. .n I siipp. r : i opal . taurant ml the t 1 1 : i - and guiid of t lie i:,'iis-le I lelnionii o 1 is poslotfiee on Sat ....Milliner Art Exhibit. I'M of the pabl Nov, !rd mil i rust. ibi ai The ill g To n th. art exhibit ill Hie near y of na'urali ludge Washa tute enjoying the liest ailvan'ages posible as that s. lionl stands at the head in Chi ago as a v..nng lad'es' srniinary. We have visit.'.' the Nfew Central Library and wish I had voids to describe the beauty of the buildup: which is of pure white marble inlaid with green stone and mother of pe?.-. Hoping to have something of more interest to write -eon 1 am fratcnnily MRS. PORT I".!! WARN I'll Englewood. Oi t. i;.'.. l'.in.i. zation more bau::h gives Zell a little ever inaugurated in the Black Hills, or any section whatever of the west. The reason for this unprecedented sairilice is that we must unload our mammoth stink to give the carpenters a chance to work. With years of hard usage our floor has become worn and must bo replaced; with the regular trend of business enterprise and push, our front has becomo a "hack number." and must be replaced with a new and up-to-date one; to every new ly made citi Anierii an Hag whi. h is 1, buttonhole. No man st or second cili.en- fast, in , in his . an take out Ii I K)st of Attention I MY SPECIALTY Moving lYvn to Hoarding I I I future of copies of the great masters and others. Also pictures in oil iid water colors done by amateur artists. Many pictures are being donated and others- loaned. The association would be clad of the i-o operation of any leading artists, or anyone who has works of art. that she would he willing to donate. The members of the board will guarantee careful handling and safe return. BENNER GEO . (Jet Prl. et n ure Heavy Machinery d any of a citizen ash lined acconli egos of who is apets and be :hts and piivi I'nileil State- ;hip l the rii Of the our fixtures, win twentv years ot l of the st a rs and st ri pes. ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... have the lust roadste rs in the city and am prepared t constant service, havo done c their duty and must he set aside for the new and modern ones wo have or- furnish rio;s or saddle horses on the shortest notice. Harrison Phone 151 j" 539 MUI1 St. Old Phone 171. Footnall. The pigskin will be tossed upon the Tieadwood grid iron on t Saturday afternoon. The Lead High school team will arrive in In ad wood at 1 .,i) p. m, and will be met at the depot liy the Deadwood team and escorted to the grounds. i he game will be a clean contest and no doubt a good one as both teams are in excellent condition. The Deadwood hoys will he crippled on account of the loss of Farker and Moulton. but they feel confident of success. Managers Grubbs find Hedges of the teams wish to inform all parents that the game will be a fair contest, and all dangerous nlavs will be taken out. Mr. LOOM STRAYKD. From the hills wet of Cential City, one roan horse, while spot oil withers, had bell on. about 'J jours old. if the tinder will notify me where to get him or bring him to nie at Central or Deadwood. I will pay for the trouble. Patsy Ross. WANTED.- Four horse driver. .1. J. Feldbauseii. WANTED. Second hand lumber wagon. SU-inch. H. M. Truesdcll, 713 Main street. 10-31 -0t MRS. C. W. MATHER, (At Wilcox Pharmacy,) Makes all kinds of Floral Designs and is headquarters for cut flowers, Roses, Carnations and all other flowers of the season FURNISHED ON SHORT NOTICE. dreil, and hence It is that we must reduce our stock or move into other ipiarters while the work is being done. We decided to give the public the benefit so a sacrifice, rost-mark sale, was put on everything is going going fast, too, so come along Our old customers, especially', we and get your share of the benefit, invite to come, who have served you in many sacrifice and clearance sales during the past twenty years but we beg to say, that the sale now on caps all preceding efforts It is the greatest sale ever put on In' this, or any other country. LOWE. Leader in Low Prices. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Mrs. Jeff Midi, rniott is up from Ore-ville. Judge Levi Mi Gee of Rapid is in the city. Looniis S. Cull of Hot Springs is in the city. W. G. Moore of Colorado Springs is ai the liullock. Dr. Ilettleheiin of the Burlington, is in the city. J. K. Grant of the American mine, is in the city. S. V. Noble ami wife, returned from a visit in New York. C. B. Harris, wife and baby, of Galena, arrived from Newcastle. C. D. Wood of Denver arrived last night, accompanied by E. Kuhnmuch, of Paris. F. H. Long of Mystic came up from Mens ShoesforFall ,,;ll Hedges of the Deadwood team Irani-, ' "player umpire the game, and any y caught slugging, biting or trying in any manner to violate the rules will be barred. Prof. Hedge intends to show the people that a game of foot and Winer ball can be played without causi i it to be those who participate In Are Unexcelle Fashionable, Stylish Footwear. Tlic H''P1'' wi. know most :ihout SJIOKS arc 1 lie mics wlio will he quickest to bin TI 1 KSi: , sliM's. The stvl-'s, the (pialitv, lhe heaulv of s.iieh shoes as these, are appreciated hv lhe wert informed and particular customer. The low prices will he Jippret iated, too. on crutches for a week or so. The directors of the football teams of Lead and Deadwood will have a special meeting tomorrow evening, when all dangerous clauses will be stricken out and a good clean game will be prepared. Any parent or Kuardian who wishes further information may call on Prof. Hedges. Dead wood, or Prof. Grubbs of Lead. Football Is a good game when properly played, and on next Saturday you should witness the game as it will he a good one. Mens Shoes Good Visiting as we do the markets of the world, enables us to not only get the cream of the market In way of styles but Insures for our customers a saving of fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Our brands are the best the markets show. Every pair of mens shoes we sell Is a standard at Its price. Every pair Is guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for the famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE! Our method of buying saves one profit With us It Is from "maker to wearer." Ladies Shoes Good Shoes Shoes Hallowe'en. If queer noises and unaccustomed ;-ounds disturb the slumbers of the staid and quiet people tonight, they need give themselves no cause for alarm. It is only the rising generation (and perhaps a few oi the risen) observing the time-honored customs of Hallowe'en. There will probably be lost and misplaced signs and gates in the morning, and unusual sounds against the windows In the early part of the evening, but it is in the stillness of midnight that Hallowe'en is the most wonderful. Enough of the superstitious element belongs to this season to give a Fort of .crisp uncanny expectancy to the approach of the midnight hour. It comes down probably thru our Anglo-Saxon blood from the Drtiids who built fires on the night before November 1, to propitiate Jupiter. Fairies and genii and all sorts of things that bring good fortune assemble there and people who would get any good fortune for the year must be right on the spot. Anybody who goes tP bed and to sleep before midnight on Hallowe'en night need not grumble if things do not come hla way for the next twelve months. Then, too, you can find out almost anything you want to know if you ar ambitious, especially about ranr fralrs. Thev are all that I Men's Calf Shoes, in lace or congress styles, every pair absolutely soiid, every pair well made, every pair a good serviceable shoe, your choice, $1.50 MEN'S SHOES Fine Box Calf Shoes, with invisible cork soles. Kid and Calf Shoes made with the heavy extension soles and also in the lighter styles. Every shoo correctly made and finished, and perfect in fit, your choice .$2.50 MEN'S SHOES ?wgPH Fine Kid Shoes iu all the new styles and lasts, made with fancy vesting tops and finely finished 'a very dressy shoe; heavy Box Calf Shoes of the finest grade made with leather linings and is the best shoe for winter wear on the market, your choice $3-50 AX ODD LOT of kid shoes made with medium weight flexible soles, every pair worth $2.00 ; also ladies tan-shoes with fancy vesting tops, a $2.23 value,- your choice ..." , 50 LADIES SHOES ! Heavy Kid and fine Box Calf Shoes made with heavy welt soles a splendid shoe for winter wear. Ladies' Fine Kid Shoes, black or tan, lace or button, plain or fancy vesting tops, all styles and sizes, every pair worth $3.50, your choice $2.50 LADIES' SHOES Ladies' handsewed Shoes, welt soles., in kid or calf, In black or tan, in all styles,, including the extra high. Ladies' hand turned shoes, with Louis XV. or plain heels, in a very pretty variety of styles, worth up to to $4.50. your choice $3.50 Look at the Fine Shoesin OurWindow, J. A. BERGER,Lead S. D, really matter on Hallowe'en, and nuts 1 dancing on a hot stovtf, apples com-

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