The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 27, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 27, 1898
Page 2
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TIIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1653. THE PIONEER-TIMES. Want Column. Strong, steady nerves I n i n i !1 (Established 1875-7.) ALL -Cr IE 3 ARC ALIUS TO A r.TOeiARCii Vc.ccttcn Id tt.o result cf cur Icrj cxptrlcnca. WANTHD HELP majority In the aenate will defet an sound- money measure that may conn up. With that situation apparent, It wou'.d be merely a waste of time and energy to attempt any further financial legislation during the present s Ion. This alone is a source of cuufl dence and 'nsplratlon to the buslnes of the country, which always hesitates ! Are needed for success Everywhere. Nerves Depend simply, solely, Upon the blood. Darpino! Carpin 8 PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. Pure, rich, nourishing when a financial upheaval Is threaten v Wanted Men to learn barber trade. Th law In Minnesota require apprentice in barber shops to serve three yuar. Average time to complete here ts two month. Can stay longer If nec-usser'. diplomas granted backed by state charter. Outfit of tools donated. Experience in city shop Saturday. Prepare now for busy season next 71 ed or regarded as a possibility. Thu s Blood feeds the nerves And makes them strong. The great nerve tonic is Hood's Sarsaparilla, good fortune Is that the financial system at tt now exist In law Is all right. A9 I M TERMS 07 SUSSCOIPTION. DAILY Every morning, sxcept Monday. Oat Year flO.W Six Month 6.00 Ob Month LOO WEEKLY Issued every Thursday. On Ymt 2.00 Six Month 1.00 PIONEER-TIMES, Deadwood, 8. O. or nearly so, and with assurance of ltn perpetuity for some years of the coun Because it makes spring. '98 catalogue mailed tree. Meier System Barber College, 1 try will expand and Increase In activity and the whole people will share th. blessings of Industrial confidence, pro FOR 90 DAYS. 10 Per Cent Will be returned on all Cash Sales to Custom-en on Leather Goods in the Shoe Line. They are marke I in tlain figures, less in price than any ether house in the state. Come and Supply Yourself at CE 7 SOO'Ct MAIN STREET, The blood rich and Pure, giving it power To feed the nerves. Hood's SarsapariUa 1 gress and prosperity. The outlook now 1 exceedingly bright, and it In safe to say that for torn years to com ) there will be such an era of prosperity W Wanted Upright and faithful gntlmn or ladle to travel for responsible, established houv In Black Hill. Monthly 186.00 and expenses. PoslUon steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped ant slop. Th Dominion Company, Dept., K. Cures nervousness, Entered as sooad-claM matter at th D4wood Fostofflc. that the evils of discontent and flnac clal heresies will seek their own fate of oblivion. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, Catarrh, scrofula, And all forms of Impure blood. MINERAL IN PLACE. THE RUINED CALIFORNIA GRAPli CROP. f Wanted A first class pbotographar, no other need apply. I. M. Ellis, Lead m Th partial loss of the grape crop THE MINING FOOL. Studio. this year, caused by the heavy rain, Is estimated to exceod $1,000,000. Far o Rudyard Kipling's Vampire Localised. f.r::.o;i m:o befoe ciswjes ar th product of mechanical lnjnu!ty. CCDXD C0O.CO CC0.CD cncixh Chdn!e3 C!C3.CD Cand for tZZS CitilcrrJ. Atnls wsntpd In cpar? isrrttory. r.:c::AuS.i oyols r.:ro. co. Lake, Malated end fuMon Streerte, Ohloago. ronohosr-Now York. London and Hamburg?. t ,.anted Uy an established house man or Woman, good church standing willing to learn our buslnes than to ers and vineyards all over the north Among the proposed changes In tho United tSate Mining law la one which eould permit the lunation of a mining claim without the discovery of mineral. Objection to this Is made on the ground that tt would be a reversal of the policy of the government which ha thus fa prevailed, and also that It might lead to the occupation of parts of the pub ern part of the state have suffers! STAR & BULLOCK fool there was and he mad hi prayer, While this la true It is equally a fa :i en -i manager and state correspond' ent her. Salary 1909. Enclose lf that lost an d falling strength may U (Even as you and L) restored by the persistent, systematic For a "rag and a bone and a hank of addressed nvlop to A. T. Elder, General manager, care Dally Pioneer- hair." Hardware Co. use of the great national tonic, Hosts t tor's Stomach Bitters, which renevi They called it "hash" at th restaurant, lie domain for speculative purposes without development Under the pres and tone th activity ot the stomaei Tim. Wanted A tew good solicitors to so licit th town of th Hill for a self where gws sh etsmps for s Seek of MeesreM PlerM? OefM IHmS Uiite Reeeea. Tent weee,ke Rtehareeen en Werter eeee. live r and th bowels, counteracts The fool had a meal that he called tendency to .'heumatlsm and kldun) ent law there can bo no valid location of a lode claim without the discovery square, (Even as you and I.) selling article; big commissions. One man says: "I hav mad a high as complaint, and prevents malarial dis order. After exhausting diseases ha rt $30 per day Belling your good." A? Oh, the time he spent and th cash he run their course, recovery Is great 1 ply at once Address P. O. box B)2, of mineral In place. The discovery ot the lode 1 the origin ot the title, and, properly, no title can b acquired unless at some stag mineral Is actually accelerated by th us of th BUM , spent On claims that did not pay. Deadwood. Heavy and Shelf Hardware. which Improve appetite and Impart Mine and Mill Supplies. re newed vigor to the debilitated phy t7Wanted A competent girl for gen found In place. It doe not suffice to elque. eral housework. Good wage. En find float or other Indications of the presence of mined al, but an actual quire ot Mrs. Ben Baer, Inglesld. CHURCH SERVICES. ir Wan ted Situation by a man cook. rein or deposit of some kind must he disclosed. It 1 true, that under a la Good references. Mrs. L. C. Miller. This If tho . . . AERMOTOR Steel Wind Mill-that people ar talking a mtwk about. .Unels Sm" tsiud It la ompeUtlos with olghl others and f..uod that It wwild do twice th work of toy al ibem in Hgbt wind.' It rides th storm Ilk a bird. U want a posltloa oa a farm to pump watr, grind Cod or saw wood, or would furnish water In oitUs for domsatlo purpose. Z.haTt also Cteam or Gasolins Erjlns t-J horso Fowars at Tair Price a. Call or Addroas n - S. C. FOSTER, Agent. Alone is known to the mining fool Who plugged along like many a fool, And lived in any old way. A fool there wis who his grubstako spent, (Even as you and I.) He put up his honor with sure -intent Against the money his friends hadlen. But a fool must follow his natural bent, (Even a you and I.) Oh, the toll he lost and th spoil ht lost As he nosed around 'mong the Hill. enforcement of the law, mining claims FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, a L. Kirk, Pastor. 10:10, morning prayer. 11:00, preaching by th pastor. "Th Word of God." 11:00, Bible school. 1:00, Junior Union. omethnee proceed to patent without Wanted To learn the present or whereabout of A. XL Lent, Sanitary Plumbing:, Sewer Connections, Cornice ricking. All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. the discovery of minerals. Out It 1 difficult to see how a man with a sen for purpose .which will b of InUrest to him. Address Pioneer-Time, Dead- sitive conscience can secure a title un wood, or D. W. Orean. special agent, 1:10 B. Y. P. U. 7:10 Evening Worship. Rapid City. der such clrumstance, tor although "Readiness," the loatlon ce rifle ate la not sworn to, FOB SALE. the affidavit attached to an application for patent Involve a declaration that a Rev Kirk w.d preach at Lead at I 00 e'clock, p. m. A cordial Invitation to friend md stranger. RAILE3AD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTE. TRAINS LEAVE AS FOLLOTSl outh error Sal Two desirable building lota. No. 9 and 10, block IS, Inglesld. Xeseavca. Oitjr, SHERMAN ST. WHOLESUE & BETAIL Was known to all other who loudly cried, "He can't make a (take, he' often tried," But sometimes a "bob-tall" fill. Th fool was near stripped to hi foolish hide, (Even as you and L) Before he struck dirt that was Dead-wood' pride, discovery ha been made. A patent one iMtied, even though tt be for See Mr. A. Pollock, No. 61 Charles St, tor prices and terms. No. 202 Paassngsr. Dally, Kill ground within the limit of which GROCERS. there was no discovery of mineral In Stdnd'c Syndicate Restaurant Short Order House. City. Hot Springs, Chicago and all points east, south and west 1:80 p. tt tr Desirable building lota on Lincoln avenue, Inglesld. Lumber turnlsheJ to build. Edwin Van Cls. tt place, cannot be attacked In a collator No. 206 Local, Dally except Sun Where many had passed, on a mount Always Opaa. Always Baady. Day or X?l3atV ICt.l 9 lAb..M..w.t ain aid, day, Bald Mountain aad Spearflsa l:tl p. m. al proceeding. It stands as evidence of a valid Utle until set aside by a direct proceeding Instituted on the ground of fraud. Proceeding ot this kind are ex CONGREGATIONAL. Rev. Alex & McCoonell. D. D., Pa' or. Residence No. 15 Centennial Ave. Services are held avtry Sunday morning and avenlng. Sunday School at II: IS. Endeavor odet at 1:80 p. m. k id week meeting every Thursday evsn tag at 7:10. The Ladle' Aid tocUty meet on in two week on Tuesday at 8 p. m The Ladies' Missionary society, on th first Wednesday of each month at And many there were, who thought he OT AN DIN 3 OILL OF FARO. om mo inn tuMDir Jtmim ts, mi. crLoU For Bale Howard a Addition. This addition U Deadwood, beautifully located oa th Park bench, adjoining th Dudley Spring, la th First No. 204 Freight, Dafly, Kill IVIiiES, LirJITi lied, (Even as you and L) City, Custer aad Edgt-mont. ...8:00 a. at ceedlngly rare, and consequently the law requiring a discovery It frequently AND CIQAH3. ward, la now open for settlement Be plat and price at offlc of Edwin Vaa Breakfast aad Oupper. rfturr. pisil otiters. ranch koos. Oatmeal with Crsam for Breakfast DEADWOOD, LEAD D. C TRAINS. rrosh Vnheuser-Busch and St Loult defeated throuhg willingness ot owner ot mining claim to secure a patent in the face ot their own knowledge that Beer on Draught And It Isn't his luck nor yet his pluck, That makes us tear our hair, It coming to know we didn't know enough To pan out th gold In that poor looking stuff That's made him a millionaire. Allc Harriman. Leave Deadwood. MISCELANEOUS WANTS. 1:10 p. m. Choir rahearsal on Saturday even ug, at 7:10, in th church parlor. Dally Except Sunday 8:30 a. m. f3C PER QLAOS. Dally 10:00 a. m. 3REAT BARGAINS! RARE CHANCE! Morning Theme: "Th Warship, or Wanted. To trad a 820 acr fare. Dally 11:33 a m. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Spain." Allen's Club Rooir Ohm Mala aad WU da. DeMwes. with good Improvements, in Mead county, for Deadwood real estate (Im Evening: "Th Meaning of Manhccd" Dally 2:0$ p. NOTICE OFDISSOLUTION OF PART Porterhouse Steik, Tenderloin Steaj, Slrlola Steak, Pork Chops, Vsal Chops, plala or brtadsd, at sttoa Caopa, Sugar-eured Uam, Ereaktast Eeooa, Pork Sausag. Corned Beef Bask. Calls Llvar, Breaded, Brains, SerambUd, Fried Onions, Potatoes la Cream. Preach Fried Potatoes, Horn Fried tad Steamed Potatoes, Dry, Bnttrd end Dipped Toast, Cream Toest, Hot Cakes, with Maple yrap or Hssxa Rot Biscuit, aad BoUa, Hot Cora Bread, Whit aad Orahaa Bread. Boston Brcwa Bread, Syadieat Cream Oravy a SpeoUlty. Dally Except Sunday 8:20 p. m. proved or unimproved). Address "A the clo-ti:epcfiuui::ht NERSHIP. Notice la hereby given thu th part Pioneer. nership heretofore existing between H. Dally Except Sunday ...... t:2S p. Dally 6:13 p. Dally Except Sunday 7:00 p. Dally Except Sunday 8:0 p. Where th best Olgaii and Uest m sas Itrcsahessayeralgat Tnssrl seed as leek te say sewer et seaer. H. Dickinson and E. L. Brewer, under LOST. the firm nam ot Dickinson Brewer, ha been dissolved by mutual consent Dally 8:00 p. n. t7Lost An English pointer dog wear Dally Except Sunday 10:80 p. m. METHODIST CHURCH SERVIC1. Rev. C. B. Clark, D. D., Pastor, ass Meeting at 10:10. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday School at 12: IS. Junior League, S:00 p. m. Rescue Band S:30 p. m. Epworth League 6:30 p. m. Morning Theme: "Leave Christ O it - What Thenr Evening: "Music As a Force In Pa. trlotlsm." Cold Meats, Cold Fowl, Fig's Feet, Tripe or Head Chess for Supper. ing a collar with Sturgls City dog tax Leave Lead. All accounts due the firm are payable to H. H. Dickinson. Dated at Deadwood, 8. D., Februay tag No. 100, and owner's name Inside. Dally Exoapt Sunday 8:82 a. i.::;izis & PAitiir.LEE . DtALtMS IH , Nov and Second Dally 10:28 s, Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. I-RrSH FISH. CILX3T. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to tho owner, W, C. Stewart, 23rd, 1898. H. H. DICKINSON. E. L. BREWER. Sturgls. Dally 11:60 a Dally Except Sunday 1:22 p. Dally ' 2:28 p. Dally Except Sunday .. .... S:6 p. Hand Good3 . . FOR RENT. Dally Except Sunday 4: CO p. If 'you want to Boy or Sell got Dally 6:7 p. f For Rent Two nicely furnished they bar not really complied with the statute. But such a man, op to th tlm tht he acquired hi first patent, 1 insecure in hi holding, for a discovery of mineral by a rival claimant would defeat hi possession provided he had mad v discovery himself. All this would be avoided by frankly permitting th location of mining claims without th actual discovery ot mineral. It should be required that a certain amount of annual work should be done, and in that case there would be no ground for objection bated upon the allegation that location would be mad for purely speculative purpose. On object of th mining law Is to promote th development of th country' mineral resource. Th object would he Just a well attained by permitting a location without discovery as tt la under th present law. Congress might well leave it to th Judgment ot a locator whether he should spend hi mon-T in ground where he had mad no actual discovery of mineral. In th event that i-.e should subsequently abandon hi location, th (orrnmut would b subjected to no loss. But, on th other hand, If, 11 th rveult ot hi work, hi should discover tar beneath th eur-face a valuable mineral deposit, th object of the law In respect of mineral development would b attained and th locator would be prelected In all his Baked Spring Chicken, fetaffei, Irish Stew. Spanish Stew, Stewed Muttoa with Oreea Fata, '. Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Cora, TseaatA Plum Pudding, Win iaiea. Mine Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Raspberry Pie, Cream Cheeae, Fruit, Nat sad Caadlea, Boiled Us of Mutton, Pltkl Sasos, Boiled Corned Beef aad Cabbage, Boiled Beef with Horseradish, Boiled Sogxr-eured Has. Roast Turkey, ag Dreeatng, Roast Duck, Oalofl DmMng, Roast Uooa. with Jtfly, Roast Lola of Beof with Brown Oravy, Roast Pork with Appls Sauce, Roast Teal with Cranberries, Baked stork and Beta with Dally Except Sunday 7:22 p. room on Williams St t-'n quire at thla Dally Except Sunday 8:22 p. office. their figures. Courteous treatment to all. li. 621 Lcz:r Mrsit, Dally :22 p. Dally Except Sunday 10:66 p. f Wanted Furnished room in a plesi ant and quiet home, near buslnes cen No. 201 (Eastern Pass) Ar 11:43 s. ter; prefer a place where there are no Bottoa Brown Bread. I Orstsr Served la all Style. OOOaXsULX AND PUKX SPRMNO WATXJL JOlin DAGGALEY, No. 209 (Bp'fiak Train) Ar 10:20 a. m. Ne. 202 (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a. m. other roomer. Address "M" this office. 2-28-tf coryrn, tia. chocolate, coooa. enred with all M ATTENTION AFFLICTED. The physicians ot the Colorado Bute Dispensary of Denver, late In the Syndicate block, may hereafter be foflnd In their new office, No. 89 Leo street, where they may be consulted regarding ail chronic and special disease Including all affections of the Eye, Chronic Nasal Catarrh, Deafness and ringing in th ear. All diseases and weakness In the male, chronic female diseases and all affections of the blood and skin, nervous debility, stomach and liver troubles, pile flstulo and all chronic and obstinate disease affecting any organ c: the body ot either sex. Consultation free. Hour 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. and 7 to 8 evening. Branch office Colorado State Dispensary. 89 Lee St, (Mrs. L. C. Miller's) Deadwood, South Dakota. No. 202 (Passenger) De'p'U 8:30 p. m. CALLED THE TURN FOR 8i. Some of the sport last night imvo the tiger a lively chase, and for a :tau It looked as though they would lake the striped beast In. There wee .i couple of sport in town from the out. side, side, who seemed to have monev to burn, at least they bet it as though they had found It, and while the im went on made it exceedingly lively for the dealer. The sport at last bro ight up In front of the game presided over by Jew Jake, and, as the boys ha "changed in" big money. Jake "look the bridle off and cut a hole In the celling, lust to give them chance to r. laro their beta." The game see-sawed 1!cl and forth for an hour or two, neither players nor banker getting the brtte: of It. It was the last turn. There wa . a queen. 7 and a 4 in the box. Rc ten No. 210 Spearflsa train) De. 1:66 p. Slcs'.t CUiU up. Ue&l Tickets $5. CO. Ltsashss Kit p. No. 204 (Freight) Depart 8:00 a, m. NOTICE OF SPECIAL SESSION. Offlc of th county auditor,. Deadwood, South Dakota. Deadwood, 8. D. tsi!!sr'iifDe2!7r.lStoctEict:, To J. M. Fish, R. B. Stuart and John H. Russell, county commissioners cf Dealer la kilning F. B. M. V. R. R. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. DEADWOOD & DELAWARE Lawrence CouL'.y, South Dakota. EsUt. Steamship gafl SUUroai Tickets bought a&4 nclL You are hereby notified to meet in DEPOT: Between Detdw'd tnd Pine Streets. CELTitJG co;:.?AriY. Vi special session at the auditor' office, ip Deadwood, 8. D., on Tuesday, March 1, 1898, at 9 o'clock a. m., to transact Arrives. Depart. urs. j. f. era;;sfieid's th following business, to wit: "THE LIOHT OF THE WORLD OR B To make transfer from th county Though trains to Omaha Chicago. St Paul. Mln-npollr, with eloMooa sections for all points west and south, at Fre W mm O OUR SAnOCR IN ART." general fund to the county linking No. 05 Elianaaa Itruat W. H. SWIFT, President. . J03EPH 8WI3TT, Traaaurtr FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, Gen ral Macg-tr. fund of such a ua as deemed suffi Cost ovr 1100,000 to publUU. Cob-tains nearly 200 full-page ngriTUsji of our Saviour, by th great masters cient tor taking up certain 10 per cent mont and Omtha .... Ml m., l p m. bonds. lng into hi pocket, "Wild Bill," on-n th sports, pulled out a roll of bill and called the turn queen-7. Jak-coun'ted the money. There waa f 8 0 I", the roll. He studied a long time ani then made the turn. BUI won. .Tak gave a gasp and fell out ot his chair Those around the game went to hi i assistance and as they raised him uj h murmured: "Run up to the boloft? and get me a drink of mrbrayer v his To adjust tax matters. DEPOT: Lower Main Street Whltewood Sturgls, Rap Id Chadron and Inter- Every picture is reproduced from so mo famous painting. Agent ar taking To appoint a road supervisor for the Ui-KF d'Al! ira K;::::iliE Elr.ra from three to twenty order per day. westerly portion of Road District No. U tm stala lotwilt m wtd a scpniettw nUflolkl tmri SM II I. a ftm jam MS setttMbMBleSsf bakta at Mm towesl Sw eraoMolaUfssa let nv. . Isavse ef W.a are aal t. bms! M. laaess. Bks atsUUMafbnad, mIms, eeaktaa, , ssdtss, dgsn, atlO, M as tevita ye tsaak Dontt Fof&rtt tho 17 amber. SS ShsrmtsStreet, mdlat point 10:46am8:26am Btle Fourth 1 8: 40pm 11am 19, to fill the vacancy caused by the Th book Is so beautiful that whet peo nl see .t, they wast It Th Hermit death of Frank Eberle. Whltewood only .... 17:20 am I4:4tpm DEADWOOD, SO. DAJC age, Prado. USUI. Plttl. Louvre, Vatl And to perform such other business Dally. 1 Dally, except Sunday. ky." Ills request wa complied with. can. National of Loados, KeUaJ of as map properly come before the ses Berlin, Belvldsr and other Mlesrated and after taking a few swallows hi waa able to reach his home unassl rted sion. right. No law should be so framed that It would practically put a premium upon falsehood , If not actual perjury. A man may make a pretence of discovering mineral and violate hi conscience by securing a patent which the law says he Is not entitled to unless he has actually made a discovery. Th lew might prescribe that no patent should finally issue, unless a discovery were mad. This would be unobjectionable, provided th locator were protected in hi location during all th tlm prior to th actual dlucov-ry. This protection, however Is net afforded him at present, and because of th Insecurity in hi title on ot the strongest objection to the present statute arise. He would be secure If he could Iccat without discovery of mineral. Th Elkhora to th best Pa from European galleries have placed their Witness my hand and official seal Deadwood to th East. This statement greatest and rarest treasures at our . . L1AGKINT0SHES this 21st dsy ot February, 1891 J. B. WELCH, County Auditor. Idlsposk: that they might be ecgrarsd Tir;?LE & .vcu'jrxi:!, Attomsjs at Lau- NOTICE TO LOT OWNERS ON I UN LAP AVENUE, WABASH AVE ft w thla superb work."FrR8T GLANCE Is verified ij everyon who has trav-alsd over th road. Splaadld oqulp-tntnt excellent oervtc. ur-rped tlm and good eoaaoctloa. Can at th elegant nw paangr depot aad get AT 'i HE PICTURES BROUGHT - TO ORDUR 14ARS TO EsT STES," says oi Ther Is no othr paper la th Hill "Cleared 1U first wk' work with rats. Through stop? leaves via th Deadwoed, ZouVl Insist. LADIES BoluChmere, with handsome Ra!J Ii sVlaV AV si A fit i 7 ev a s a s m a.. qua! to th Pioneer-Times a sa i vtrtlatfi; medium. Elkhora ersry night at o'clock. th book," says another. "Sods high grad man or wosum sheild secure the agency her at oa," says every editor, "as f600 eaa soon be mads tak Ing orders tor It" Nearly f 10.000 ex- pen a H os sew plate for edition com y..: NUE. FILLMORE STREET AND TERRACE STREET. Notice Is hereby that the city !ngl neer has filed with me an estlmaie o! the expense of constructing side alk- upon aald streets, as provided by s resolution of the city council of thlt cltv adopted on second day of August. 1R97 and the city council of the city of t d-wood will meet Monday, March 7. 1998. to approve the same. That ald estimate of expense of construction on Di.alap avenue I 32 cents per foot; that sail estimate ot expense of conhtrurtk on Wabash avenue, Fillmore street and Terrace street Is 82 cents per foot. W. A. ICKEI Clf" Audl or. lag from press. Also a man or womas GYPH.LI3 COWOriRHOnA LOOT MANHOOD. TtivtiM ttsiai ef Ea taoaesfy Cmi, . . female tzzxrt'rri-rr Lwuwe uipi wun velvet uoiian, etaae to tt 3.3. IJEH'S Blu cr Pm)c Wagon', Hantigome Plaid Ux'.zz 1' Dot citable Cape made to fityoo. Oiyr E--"C:iTS, Hrp and Length measure. Send 1C0 aad t.'.-;f c I bat! be aaot a O. D. or dfuot 6 per cii c I send cash ia fall and sire return earra. ; " ' ; ch'AT. vvttf :n?i . r.!Ac.ti:i7ccH co.'-- viTTfutfiOTS h-trf, tMli I V I of good church standing eaa aeeur po-slUoa of Msssgec sad Oorrespoadest ot thla territory, to devot all al time te employing aad drilling ageata aad MrrespoadUg with thta. Address for streitt in arrcn ti Uur',.lt.nwrf, . y ii a immmmm dor.A4 in m?" m S. mus miimii fc rvrtmmrm imuom W .-.i- mo- ... i1""S SSnnt V K , It looks like ther will he no further attempt at currency leglslatloa during the present eesaloa ot congress. It Is hardly posstbl tor any financial meaa-ur to pas both houses of th present congress. Th lower house will kill any and all wild achemee for Inflation and cheap money, and th tree-silver i...,- !. C" f - i , . 1 m I ' Ill (full aarUoalars A. P. T. ELDER. Pab- nocuns no PAY. Sox 733, Csadlwood, 6. C 8TI ansangsa Aveaas, raioago. NTsssuwusce.r.uH. X. rXAKXLDf. PAULC3 PItASlIACT, CSADW0C9, k u. Illlnela. e os

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