The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 31, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 31, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. 1 ClOIUiPIDIEjniAlIN MINES AND MINING. r L 2 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 !9! O friend Freeman Knowles, which were appreciated, evidently from the applause whkh they received. He paid a deserved tribute to Americanism and the men who have followed the flag to foreign climes; said that where Old Glory floated, freedom, the right to worship uuil as one pleased and the pursuit of happiness was guaranteed to all o'er whom its stripes and starry field waved. It was a masterpiece of eloquence, and the fervid The Gladiator Gold M. & M. Co. Organized under the laws of South Dakota. Owns property between Deadwood and Rutabaga Gulches, near Lead City. We are now developing this property. We "have millions of tons of medium grade ore in sight. We have a tunnel proposition. We are selling stock to develop the property. We have a few more shares at 17 c. For particulars call on Aaron Anderson at the mines, or Central City, or address - GLADIATOR GOLD M. & M. CO., Rooms 513-11 I. O. & T. Building, Des Moines, la. around Custer. and paid a few compliments to his is merely a surface blowout and a long working tunnel is beinii run The above is ouicost mark and all of our immense stock of Men'a and Boys' Coats .Suits and odd Pants will be on. sale at COST until they are all gone. ' . The Boom Day of the Seventies are i : TL,...Im.. to Intersect the ore body. The tun- Patriotism which every sentence and Remember no Clothing is reserve- !n this e; le. every word aroused in his auditors gavp demonstration in cheers. It was a fitting closing to patriotic speech, and his references to the early settlers on the bleak New Knglang coast, who had pushed further back the Iroquois, the Narragansetts and the other IndiaiiK-rWho kept and held that land for so many years, and those who followed after and kept them moving over and beyond the Alle-gheneys and the Ohio, were well put similes of what the word "expansion" means. HLpt.B Lilly . Ir I ( IVV . vs. There is more life in and around Custer than there has been for twenty years. In the Immediate vicinity of the town there is about one hundred men employed in mining and tl) i has affected business and the spirits of the residents to a very considerable decree. A nunilier of eastern capitalists are in town look iiiK over the mineral icsouii es of the surrounding conntiy and several de.ils have been made and others are mmhI lng. The (ilobe mine, owned by Capt.iin Hazerodt has been bonded to eastern capitalists wh will ros.u'.' deu-l opmerit. work. CHASE'S nel is in about 670 feet with probably 640 or feet farther to go before the- ore is i cached. There is a force of between fifteen and twenty men at work but the rock in which tliey an' winking, a gneiss rock, is so bard that it is impossible to make owr tllty feet a month. They have In en working in this rock for several n.onths and are daily expecting to get into ;oii!"tliing that will be easier . lid yink'r mining -n- I n the Klondike. Mrs Jeff McDermott has received a letter from her husband, who is in tin- Klondike, in which he says he is doing well and expects to remain all winter He is foreman of the biggest placer mine on Bonanza creek, about sixteen mill's from Dawson, and is getting a day. Main Street, Deadwood Where They Sejl Cheap CHEAP EXCURSIONS WEST Via "The Northwestern Line." On October 23rd and 3Uth. Novem-ler fith. 13th. 2tth and 27th, ONE WAV tickets will he sold to the following points: I'OCATKLLO. IDAHO. OGDEN. I'TAII UK LENA. MONT. GARRISON. MONT. At the very low rate of $2:1.00. To PORTLAND. ORE. SEATTLE. WASH. SPOKANE. WASH TACOMA. WASH. Only J2S.0O. Correspondingly low rates for the round trip to all above points. jWftWWgni'iwmm The May. whii li is letter known a-the "Hitf Can- stril'e" is fullillinn tin promises it maile when it was only .1 prosjiei-t with a nancsw vein of ore m: rich that, the owners pit. lied their Low Rates West and Northwest. ICvery Tuesday during October and ' November the llurlington Route will sell tickets at the following remark- i ably low rates: Ogden. Salt Lake City, Butte, Helena, and Anaconda, one way, $23. i Round trip. $10; return limit, 30 days. Spokane. Tacoma, Seattle. Portland. Victoria and Vancouver, one way, $2S; ' round trip, $43: return limit, 30 days. Tli kcts and Information at all T5ur-lington ticket offices. PRIZES FOR NOV. 1 2 tent beside it and took turns Kuaidinn Concentrates. The Titanic Mining company has i i niplrteil its new hoist and is ready to resume sinking from the bottom of First Prize a S4.00 Eastman Kodak Second Prize a SI. OO Brownie Kodak tie? 1 Ml font shaft j It is reported that work is about to I be resumed on the Una and Gushurst ' Republican Appointments. Call on V. A. Hampton, City Ticket Am.'iit. for particulars. School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the ontertn inments-' yet to come: Dr. Henson. November 15. Vhdelssohn Male Qur.rtet, December '.. S. M. Spedon. February 19. The following appointments havi i been made for republican speakers: CONDITIONS The above prizes-) will be awarded to the party ground on Squaw creek. The boiler at the American mine which went wrong a few days ago was repaired and tired up again last night The prospects are verv COL. A. S. FROST. (Late Colonel of the First South Da kota Voljunteers.) Rapid City. October 31. (with Judgi clipping the largest number, and the second largest number of these "ads" and bringing them to our store on or before 9:00 a. m. November 12, 1900. Those who h ve already won prizes are barred from this contest. it day and nijUit That was in- the spring of 'IIS, anil it has had a cheek crod caiier since then. Ilonds hae been taken on it and forfeited, the vein has been lost, and finally a company was formed of Custer merchants who took hold of the property and went to wink to develop it. in a systematic manner They have now a four-foot vertical of good free mill-Idk ore. The mine will be thoroly exploited, and when it warrants it a mill will be erected on the property. The (Irancl Junction, one of the oldest mines in the Hills, Is also making a kmh 'howitiK and a large body of free milling ore has been encountered. The Mayflower and North Star are being developed and ore Is being plied on the dump ready for treatment when the mines have been sufficiently developed and the best process decided upon. Plowman. ) Terry. November 1, (with Judge Plow man.) JUDGE PLOv.MAN. 'Continued from First Paget Custer, Nover 2. (with Tin eron' Keator. ) away, hut the very opening sentence WE SELL BABIES' Hygiene nursing bottles and health foods At a Bargain. of his speech held theni, and it was not until after midnight before the meeting w as adjourned, and lor at i i ast two hours he held the people 'THE BEST Only the Best, and nothing but the Host," fully describes our STOCK OF DRUGS. "Better Be Sure Than Sorry." You're sure of right treatment if you trade, with us. You may be sorry if you don't. who crowed Main street in close at- ' ti ntion and when he leased, tliev . City Creek Hand Laundry. All work done to order, gathered and delivered. Mrs. C. E. Storer, Harrison "Phone 85. . o John Jennack, The well known hnckniHU wtiose. lain Is that imposing struct ui-h nu t; corner of Carney unit Pine streets, is prepared to furnish the finest rigT In the city for funerals, i ailing parties, ph nic crowds, etc 'Mdence 'phone. S3 Harrison -ai i '- .- J. B. LE BEAU. The Central Jeweler, Is Headquarters For Black Hius Gold Jewelry, Any "design, made up on the shortest notice. MAIL ORDERS Write him just what you want and he will quote you prices by return mail. CIGARS TO BURN Try US when you want a fine fragrant, full flavored Five Cent Cigar. Hon. A. J. Plowman. Rapid City, October '.', . (with Col one A. S. Frost.) Terry, November 1. Hon. Thomas E. Harvey. Heaver Creek School House. Octo her ;!!. Hon. Theron P. Keator. (Of Chicago.) Terraville. October ?A. Keystone. November 1. Custer, November 2. Edgemont, November .1. Col. James A. George. Nemo, October 31. Perry, November 1 . Pluma, November 2. Hoi. E. W. Martin. Central City, November 1. clamored for linn to continue. It was the same way last nilit. II" was in- I teresting from the .start, hut, contrary j to the expectation of many who went j to hear him, he had not an unkind j word for any of his political enemies, if they will forgive the irony of his words when a. .tiding to Freeman Knowles and one J. B. Moore. i He started In with an allusion to . the fact that four years ao he had While the ores of the May and Grand Junction are free milling, most of the gold ores of Custer county are. tellurlde ores and are similar to those of Cripple Creek. It wjll probably bo found that these are most amenable to smelting, altho it Is possible that some of them can be prontably treated by cyanide. F. C. N. Graydon has returned from the east and Is preparing to work his properties on a large scale. Other mica mines are being opened WILCOX PHARMACY. W. G. REFERENCES Any bank or mercan Hon. J. W. Fowler and Hon Rice. Spearfish. November 5. Bp ana large impmrau win tm iitaut? from Custer county. drifted away from republicanism and had cast his lot with a party which he then really believed meant to labor for reform, not only in politics but in party affairs, and still expressed his belief in its sincerity. But since that time,' he has had occasion to know that the leaders of that party, and the other which Is now working with it, were insincere; that since that time new Issues have arisen, new conditions have to be met and that the GATES IRON WORKS REVERE ROBBER CO Detroit & Deadwood. The Detroit & Deadwood cyanide a treating sixty tons of ore a day now, .1 l. .1 ...... .. .1 I. nil tile house in the Hills. Blacksmith and Wagon IVIaker HORSESHOEING AND GENFRAL RE PAIRING UUNh UN SHORT NOTICE All kinds of Carriage and Waf on Wood Work; also Carriag furnishings 11 and 12 Pine SL. - Deadwooc. 8 I r Largest Armor Plate. What is probably the largest, single armor plate is to be used in the construction of the battleship Wisconsin. The plate will become the port plate of a t-irrct on the vessel, and is being cut at angle instead of being the arc of a circle, the idea being to deflect a shot. What the armor plate Is to a battleship. Hostetter's Stomach Etiters Is to the stomach. It resists the attacks of constipation, indigestion, dyspesia, biliousness and prevents malaria, fever and ague. It will restore a weak stomach to normal m INGERSOLL -SERGEANT DHL ,L CO. I PJ1U lias ucmuijBU ttetu urjuim an doubt that the ores of that district can be successfully treated by the process employed. Five teams are engaged hauling ore from the South Dakota mine and three are hauling Alameda ore frcm the railroad spur. Both mines show large bodies of ore of a good grade, and the management In very much pleased witn the outlook. A new dumping track has been put In the mill which Is a great improvement and will greatly facilitate the handling of the ore. r Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co Hoists 0. F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. 0. Ag-,t lor South Dak. ; conditjon. Any on troubled with the above ailments will do well to try the Bitters at once. For fifty years It has stood alone while Us many imitators have fallen. An Ounce of Eatray Notice. Taken up at my ranch on Centen C u stom Or A steam heating plant has just been put in the mill so that It will be comfortable for the men during the winter, but still the company is hoping and praying for a continuance of the good weather. The spur from the railroad will probably be put In before long and the trouble experienced by 'the company ever since the mill stated of getting sufficient ore hauled v 1r Aon iViA will! rnnnlnir ur 111 Vin -V nlal Prairie, one black and white cow, about four year sold, branded "D. U. N. " Owner can have same by proving property, paying for this ntolce and expense of keeping cow. We are now prepared to treat custom ores by the Cyanide process at reasonable rates. GoMen Gate Mining & Milling Company First Ward, Deadwood S.D , W. O. HEAKE. Po8toffice, Deadwood, S. D. Dated, October 30. 1900. Medicine, if properly filled, will do more good than five gallons of guess-work prescriptions. If you would have a sure Preventive pay strict attention to your doctor's advice, take his medicine regular and be sure It Is properly filled. Follow these Instructions carefully and you will find it problems now presented to the voter are so very different that a blind following of the diction of party would not conserve -the best interests of the country. At that time there was a populist, a democratic and a republican party In the held. . Now there are out two a Bryan party and a republican. This .year the Bryan party was anti-everything. Nothing . that had been good during the intervening years took a place-Jn the consideration of its leaders they were looking for some calamity upon which to build an Issue. He quoted from the St. Louis and Omaha platforms of the party which he had formerly affiliated with, and then read from Mr. Bryan's Indianapolis letter of acceptance and hlseffort at Kansas City, and then made a few comparisons between those famous documents and the recent utterances with which Bryan is credited. They made a hit with the audience and the comparisons were so appropos and to the point that even the demociats In the audience applauded. On trusts he convinced his listeners that never was any political party more guilty of fostering their malntainance than another; that men of both the great parties, and even those who held to the belief of populism would not, had they the means, hesitate to use their means to increase their capital. The money question was another subject which he handled in a masterly manner and showed that the demagog's cry which has been raised was purely and simply an effort to alarm and cause dissent in the country; that under the gold standard there had not been distress, but on the contrary times had been better and people had lived cheaper and better. On militarism, imperialism, expansion and the other frightful things that had been conjured up to frighten BLACK HILLS BRYAN DAY. TO Be Held at Deadwood, November 3 vlated. o . Ulster Group. Lee' -Hah and associates, who have a lease on the Lister group, the old A. J. Smith grounq, are working a force of men, and have uncovered a large body of low grade ore. No tests have been made yet on the ore but it is believed that it can be treated by cyanide at a good profit If this can be done, arrangements will be made to ship the ore to the Detroit Speacial trains as follows: November 3rd. Leave Buffalo Gap .... 8:00 a. m. Leave Falrburn 8:21 a. m The Club..... Restaurant. Lieave wermosa 8:52 a. m. Leave Rapid City &:40 a. m Leave Blackhawk 10:00 a. m Is Worth ueave neamont 10:16 a. m s ueaawooa cyaniae piant on Annie creek. - The shaft on the property is down forty feet and the ore bodv vu en Leave Tilford 10:28 a. m Leave Sturgis 10:54 a. m Leave Whltewood 11:15 a. m Arrive Deadwood 12:01 p. m, November 4th. JOHN WAGNER, Prop More to you than money. The secret of health la to take as little medicine as possible; and when you have to, it is better to take an ounce of the right kind ' than Leave Deadwood 12:01 a. m. Leave Whltewood 12:40 a. m. countered while "drifting from the. bottom of the shaft. .7 O The Blue Lead. ' R. M. Maloney made the final pay-men 'Monday on the Blue Lead group of claims on which he has had a bond for some time. The property includes about 140 acres of ground and Meals Served to Order. Leave Sturgis 12:55 a. m Leave Tilford 1:19 a, m. Leave Piedmont .-. 1:30 a. m. A Pound Leave Black Hawk 1:45 a. m Leave Rapid City ...2:10 a. m lieave nermosa ..3:03 a. m. " a uuu uj uuuiuer oi local prospectors. There Is on the property, one of the biggest copper blowouts in Leave Falrbtirn 3:26 a. m Arrive Buffalo Gap 4:05 a. m. the Black Hills. A number of nro of doubtful btuff. We are practical druggists, skilled In our .ae timid and scare' the weak, he November 3rd. OO TO DEADWOOD OR LEAD, when I pect shafts and tunnets show that It . spent the" latter part of Is address. profession and graduates of th Why Leave Belle Fourche 10:20 a-m. can furnish you for less MONEY ? best colleges of pharmacy. We Leave St. Onge 10:45 a. m. can fill any prescription with ab-l Arrive Deadwood 12:01 p. m. November 4th. Assay oo Cents Cold and Silver solute accuracy, and for this reason wo are safe to say that our' work will show the largest per Leave Deadwood 12:01 a. m. Leave St Onge .....1:10 a. m. THF TTnthw Acqav "(vvirv centage. Arrive Belle Fourche ....1:40 a. m. CENYRAL city. SO. DAK. UUA1 JL 1 JLJLi RATE One fare round trip. TICKETS on sale November 3rd. ' RETURN limit November 5th. Of Cures A Complete stock of - Established 1881. 37 Lee Street IDead wood. Will Giv. Correct Results of Both, ana Silver For 50 Cents. No Gold: Hill City Is the center of a district containing some of the richest Tertl- Remsmbar the Place 5 Hay, Grain, Chop Feed, 3 3 ON ALL SAAU-LES U ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE, -.r- cai tree milling old mines, copper and tin properties In the Black Hills. Ser-era! prospects as phenomenal a the famous Holy Terror can bo had on reasonable terms and at lower prices Flour, Wood and Coal. Palace PJiarmac? M. H. Lyon & Co, I ONLY W. L FAUST, Ph,G, Pro ASK man in any other mining district Writ for particulars to E. C Johnson. Hill City, S. D. io-3 o-tt

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