The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1900
Page 3
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APRIL. XI, 19W. TQE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. DEADWOOQ, S. D. LOST. A. WORD EjENT W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and ...mpnts under thii head ONE LOST Boys' open-faced m-kel watch Hith part of chain. Pica.- return to 5 -Sherman stre.t. or this unV... l-afl t , V0RI eaeh insertlon- whcu il ninntli thro lin.-t than one iuuuvj, v. ,.ni nivable iu aUvatu" The Bullrt and Ihe Mark. "General La ton," saitl an offlfer who served with that fearless' commander, -once said to me that the right bullei would- always tin, I its mark no matter how small the latter might be.:.-iiu then . related au incident which iirre.l iluring the civil war- 1,1 ": ' the eligagem.uits of Ids - 1 1 1 : 1 1 .-1 : i . 1 1 ,airi reniciuber now whether or not he ineiilioned ihe nhn'e IjO per B,u""" ' WANTED HELP. notice up election. Council Chamber, lH-a,lwood. K. D. April j, i:iuo. Notice i.-s hereby given that, the an-i.ual munU-ipul ele, tiou ot the City tf Deailwixjd. South Dakota, will 1,.. ),., Wagon Maker HORSESHOEING AND GENERAL REPAIRING UUNb ON SHORT NOTICE All kinds of Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. ami viff without ik on a ranch, ln- -mi iiii'Miay. llle i.l i t.iv til .,,-,l v or rioiNM-r-Timrs. ' 13"". ior t tie e.i t ,, ing officers of said city, for ill, terms, viz. : - NTEnAppiviitice girls to learn 11 and 12 Pine St.. Deadwood, S. D. aI1,l work in store at Ack- yiinery Main St. S. lo -a piece of shell . ,,. grolllltl UrUI' where a soldier was standing and scar.-d bin; s,, ,ady that he jumped straight up in the air like a rabbit. As he did si i a inline ball knot ked off the crown of Ins head. " 'Thai va ihe olio particular bullet intended to kill 1 1 1 1 1 1 said d-u.-ral Lawton. 'an, h,. actual!;, had to jump after it.' 'Tie p.,ke iii a light, olTlianu fashion, luil there was an undertone of seriousness in his voice, and I inferred from the story that he was. like most veteran soldiers, a ptououueed fatalist." Collier's Weekly. , One mayor ot the City of I K-ad woutl One treasurer of the City uf Dead wixid One city justice f ,(, a,.,. i- ... i i Dr. P. J. Ccmbs general house. No. (.9 Lincoln ward. Vcterinay Surgeon, wue aiiierinan from the 'irst long term. leaue. the K st wan'. One alderman from short term. Calls Day or Niyht Promptly Attended to. KviEU A woman lor general LseiforK 'T,sl "u"8-- 1- I Harrison Phone 171 Deadwood ' One alderman from the Second ward. One aldertnar. from the Third ward. One alderman from the Fourth want One treasurer of the board of Nasaf TED Men to barber trade school l,oard CATARRH Ilia represent us; have work for SOU Mte8 at once; two months ex. school bo.H'i' IHAY-rEVElT Lianrfl Qualities, new field. Rood One member of the from the First ward. One member of the from the Second ward. One mernlMT of the from the Third ward One member of the our method is quic'k and mission tiool hoard saves two years apprentice- A Lilly w.r.' at I ..i'.v; er.c, M iss . tlescribes an interesting condition of affairs i:; :. ).: ,c'...-.; ; V.' .si.e lust heard of Ripans Tabula she was !iav,:;; . 1:1 .i speli with her stomach. She had had them off and on a'.. . l.l'c and ha 1 su allowed enough medicines to stock up a drug-st. tc. - 1 was losing thsh everyday," said she. "Some days I was so weak I couldn't "t-r out of bed. I know if I hadn't got relief I vtt'.;!:;'t be here ::e.v " Two dollars" worth of Ripans Tabules was all she ever used. a:i 1 they made her a well woman. Her husband say, she i.x-ks better no v than he ever saw her. Sh made l.i.a i, ,.e the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Kipans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . Id all its il&ges there should be cleaulmess. Elj's Cream Balm cIt'iuisea,o()tUesand lifiils t lie discai-t'il nictnbrane. It eurfs catarrh and driwa awHy a cid la the hi-ad quick. y. Itiioro; no expense to learn if you sr!i nil hoaro lorkfor us: nusy season now . c.u- : .. 1 ; ,. I t from the Fourth ward The following places ha e been designated by the city council as resist ra- liopie anil paiucuiaia imu"i . yoler Barber College. Minneapolis. linn. ( renin Radm la placed Into the nostrils, spreads otit the ini'iiilirane and is alittnrtied. Itelief ia im-iiinliait' and a cure fo.lews. It ia Dot drying does not prodiire am-e.uig. Lare Si.e, 5tl cents at Druj;-ciittt or tiy mail ; Trial !0 centa by mail. KI.Y MKOTMEKS, 5ti Warreu Street, New York. I tion and pulling places, ami the follow. I ing persons as Uianls of registration O. C. JEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DEUDWOOD. S. D. J. P. HYMER COLLECTIONS-ADJUSTMENTS- N OIaR FIDELITY BONDS. All kinds of bonds written: Appeal tt tacbment, replevin, bonds for execmori administrators. All Judicial bonds i cured without dela7 Don't ask yout friend to sign for you until tou gt oui rates Lodge officers, treasurers. ant1 official bonds specialty. Olympic Block. Deadwood. Phones Harrison. 138: Rlack Hills. 1UI Pbone In residence. Harrison. 88. and prolone Ufa, TITAirrED -4 ot N.t1 blth that Hlfivn will ok N-neflt. Ty banlt V O110 irlvn ts.litf Nol the word R I ri ttn m ite tmrkmtr anil mmhii nn U'Trn Gii 1 at I-nendship hot", mi. B I p-i k-t m for I oanu. may imi liatl l mxj drug ttt.ira. Tnti ampla ami on thoumnd taaUmonlaJj wul aa atar .JiUf utr t eauls, Corearaeti k Uu illpmA ' Tsilnal a. is Huruus gfc a Xessk and judges of election of their r spce-t i ve wards iz : U) Sherman street. ANTED Women demons!. -ators; ap- p.-i- tol- l Verplast, Sherman street. It Andet- I nst ward polling place vilion. .ludges M Hart well. V son and J. W. Mirii k Jmlges John Click. inf. .1 and lirecn Kr in. FOR SALE. li Itog. From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Carpets beaten. Carpets laid. Carpets sewn. Carpets fitted to any room. Thc SALE Second hand, in yowl fOR P s-eciuiil ward pollin liullock store order, 2o 11. r. t enter ci ii.ik eiiejui". !lH. P-side crank, 4 and 15 II. tabular ln:ilers, C 11. P. upright boil MILES pla. C,ty hall M (,i raid I lord ward polling Judges NV. II NV1 and J.'T. (lillmore Fourth ward pollin Im-si ot releiences. Leave order as ir. steam pumps, wood lame, p.iuejn, wd other machinery. Sp.-ague dine Works. 1-1G Jones St., Cir.'i la, Xeb. I ri' i n in. I'i tel. Jmlges J. NV. K.iriy. i LrlocOoD Wit ha til and Thoroughly Equippea Railway dwelling A. L. MLSALE A seven-room house. Water stre-.l Brown. John C. Haines. Third Annual Ball lK',TiliMitl L.tImi!' I'liinn Nf. 1 4. V. V. M. .Opera House.. i )i:adv( )oi). Tuesday, Evening April 17 TRIO ORCHICSTRA Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. It artl ticially d igrats t he fixjd and aids Nature in strcntlieuintr aud reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. It is t he latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparatior ct'D appniiich It Jn r.tJiciency. It Instantly relieiinperniant'ntly cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn Flatulence, rSour Stomach, Nausea IR SALE 1'remUcs at .V. Lower Ml street. $iiiiiiuu; half cash, bailee on time. Apply to R. M. .Niamey. SIKABLE building lots on Lincoln ivenut, ltigleside; lumber furnished A NV. Merrick. Tin- boards of regi ,t rat 1-ill will mei-t at their ie.s,ii iiie pulling pl.u on the ::p of April. I'.tii", at oi l,'. lv a. 111. and make a registry uf tin legal oiijrs of tlnir ri-spiH ti.i- wards Tiny will meet again on Tuesday, April 1". 1 !". at s o 'dot k a. m to .omplel-said registry, and on this day will remain ill session until eigh im )'t lot I; ). m. of said day. The polls will be open emit i totally upon the day of election from nine I'.H o'clock a. m until four ill o't loci-p. in NV A 1CKKS. Auditor of th City of Head wood. I Seal. ) ) build. EDWIN VAX CISE. Uf) all other resu Its of ininerfeetdig-estion. The Shortest and Quickest Route to Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Kk'tr.'int new Pullm.ui Palace slot'jiiii"; cars, and Free Re clinino-Chair Car-s On all thnu.h trains. Kail mad and Steamship Ticket- In all parts of the world. For further information call on or write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent, Deadwood, S. D. .Prepared by E C. DeWltt A Co.. trjicago. For Sale hy K. G. PHILLIPS, it SALE A No. 1 location on Sher-lan street for sale at a bargain, ddress 1. M., Gen. Dellvry. TiskcN ;i.oo catile, Z year I SALE- 3,'iU head of mixed misting of milch cows, 2 and .'..ii.iii.iou- hliHnl poison, nitrlit Iih-p. iirvoiii l.'hilit y HriJ alli'' t rouh!pi t ratH, under a nrrfiMnliMirrt s'.rirt y private M wiin'of imitator who aro opyiu? afver uf Writ; fur ijur-t ion li-t .) if j Curtis St.. nvcr, Colo. COMMITTERS Executive -C. H. M, llister M Camraack, V. P-Ianey, E. (i. S:ig;:' Floyd Smallidge. Door E. C Sliirar. Willi in; Ihin-key. Reception--('. II. McAllister, Cha Stuver. Flo; d Smallidge. NV. C. Mc-Latigblin. E. A. iiretvling. FltMir Fr;:nk Waugh. Chas. Connors. William Ilelmiey. Arthur NN'ize. Chas. Ivovinger. Burlington Route. No changes no delays no chance of missing connections if you go to California via the liurlington Route. T'iif Unit lingtoii lloiite runs thru sleeping cars front Omaha. Lincoln and Hastings, to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, daily. Dining cars all the way. library cars west of Ogden. Finest sctnery in the world. St" nearest Burlington ticket agent, or write J. Fiancis. ;. !'. A.. Omaha. Neb. I Itcers, 2 and 3 year old heifers and irlings. For terms ajply to T. H. unraond. Centennial, or Henry Fraw-Deadwood. FOR RENT. lirge airy front room for rent at Holmer. Indapo f aoim (ED. t vfer3i; s mace a wen Cook Remedy Cc. HAS THE ONLY SUPE CURE FOR of ttV rSrfrN Man, INDAPO oil OOD POISON 111 tv oKEiT PRIMARY. SECONDARY ot TKKTIAKY I1LOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can b treated at home for the same HINDOO RCMCOY rhonrcERTHK abo 'I T. J. DC WD, Watchmaker Optician, Jeweler vVa.Ti ; ftmiilM it Rfi tin. PnnM nil Nfrron iitnmu. Fuinnir &.Jm"rr 0. K S. NO. DKAIIVVOOD. Regular meetings second and fourth Mondays at 7: TO. All members cordially invited. ANNIE. I. I'HII.LIl'S. NV. II. K. V. HATCH. W. P. LILLIAN G. HATCH. Sec. farfwis, bleep lo"ne. Nightly KrLiw mnsk tf rAiuMi h nn.nt ivhntsm. oin ; RENT Three partly furnished DM, 11 Fillmore street. NISHED rooms. Inquire seeon: w of Mrs. L. E. Miller s block. RENT Six-room liouse, t T Up-Main street. Apply to H. II. ung. RENT Two grxKl dwelling hous-H. M STEARN. price under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we will rlor and size to nhmnlien onrana. and Quickly bat urelj rastorep l Manhood ia old or young. hanily carrie1 in mt tocktH. thrice $m.(H) a packat Six for $li.OOrith a wrtftom ffMamnts to our ov mrmtv refvdi- Ux'T BUT H IMITATION, btj UsatMt oo barini I ND & PO- I f yoor droggiat baa tMf Lot it. mm will aand it nrwald. j9 tLNlKM) VEHDV Ctf.. t'roara. Cikfto. HI or Mr Ar4 $38,000,000 in Gold. WILCOX V&ABJLLCY Dtmftwuotf . The Salmon and Clearwater placer contract to pay railroad tare ana hotel bills and no charge If we rail to cure.. II von hav taken MEKCC'KY. IODINE POTASH, and still have aches anil paJn, MI TOl ? PXTPIIKa in mouth. SOORE THKOAT. PIMPLES, POPPER-COLOR- SPOTS, VI'ERS on any part of tre ttodv HA! It or EYEBROWS FALLING (IL'T It Is this HLOOD POISON that wr (il ARANTKP: to cure. We solicit tbm most.' OBSTIN ATE C SBS and PH AbLBNr.E THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT Cl'RE This disease has always HA K FLED THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public mer.. Kines and Emperors of forlirn laud have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the best talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known onlv to ourselves. Durint? FOURTEEN' YEARS of our exlBtenc no W- thn twenty different concerns have started up to Imitate our treatment, prompted bf vol uoprecetlented success; today net one of the remains in business RENT Three nice rooms, fur-w o"r unfurnished. 549 street. 3-15-lm wViA44o 50 YEARS' (TyfflSal We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor , Black Hills Jewelry to Order. Watch Examiner for the Elkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. RENT Office loom, lower floo: T & Washabaugh block. Ap-to Mullen & Munn. A Trade Mark THE COOK REMEDY CO. has permanently cured thousands and baa . world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLEO-rtfQ ni cusiivl in nlain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. tnlnes In Idaho, according to Wella-Fargo Express company's receipts, yielded Ik gold dust and nuggets from 'hirty-elgbt to forty million dollar between 1860 and '64. Notwithstanding the difficulties in transportation In those days, remoteness from civilization, and hostllelndlans.the fame of the rich gold placers around Elk City, Florence. Oro FIno, and Millers-burg reached th outside world, and a stampede marked the opening of the sixties. Bancroft, the historian, long ago expressed the belief that these placer mines were but the outskirts or washingsings of a richer central deposit, and almost simultaneously with the recent completion of the Northern from gpokane, comes the ann unce-rnent that prospectors have discovered Immense ledges of gold-bearing quart in the Buffalo Hump range lying be- Don't Be Fooled. RENT Overland hotel, Sherman t; newly plastered thruout; Wc lights, steaih heat, sewer Motions, etc.; 24 rooms besides dining room and "kitchen. Ap-toJcin Baggaley, Agent. . Designs "Iff" Copyrights Ac. AnTontPPTld!nff a cketoh and dpsrrtptlon ro qulrktf ascertain nnr opinion freewheth?r an invention, is prohahly pHteiitat)!e---'',,nifiiur!ira-tionn strirtly fonflrtiNtll. Handbook on I'atenu ent fre. (ilrtput atrfMiry for nM-urniK patents. I'atenta taken tiir-utrh Munn A Co. receive tpfutt natter, with. mt chwrye. (u the Scientific American. A handv'TnotT nintrntd weoklr. I.nrtrpst rtr-rulation of ahr Pfii'titillf: Journal. '1 frms. ( a Tiir: f'-ur nionfbs, L tHildbyall newi.d-aler. MUNN & Cn.3"!Bro.8,. New York Brancb OBtc trt F St, Washinmun. I). C. Take the g-enulne, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madlaon Medicine Co., Madison, Wis. It keeps you well. Our trade mark cut on each packaire. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. iuto COM REMEDY COMPANY, 1928 M?S0Dic Temple, Cfiicajo, 111. Price, iS cent. !ever aoia in bulk. Accept no substk scy' .... .. tute. 1Ak your JruMut. RENT Delmonico Restaurant, ' foor to poetofllce. Furnished team heat F. D. Smith. "CUPIDENE' MANHOOD RESTORED; THE FINEST MEATS Thl n-t Wsptabls WSCELLANEOCS-WANT. Viu.iizr,Uiepr.-rip. tiooof a limti'ji 1 : 'T-a pliysician, will quickly cure tou or all ner. tween the Salmon and the South F ork of Clearwater, along which latter stream the Northern Pacific is now building its Clearwater liDe. For a AT Lee-GI&ss-Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware Bicyclesand Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., 0iAHA J. C. CARSON, Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Bit I I-im-ilA. i' - 1.. I1 T-i t.tstminal J-.ujisSi' ns. r-,tvmi Lbulty. dt&L 1 rs, I t i ilarrv, LltiautlinK Inins, Vani-or-ele and I r.i-.-.'.ui-n. if-- a J lnw hd or rtcrt. I'm-mu qok V. s r's nf u -! nr". -i rotr-"s-t't l to sp"rmiorrhj.i.antl "- i,,'..... ,.ni.nrr. ll'PIil:KneuuuUiim,Ul( tnapholder giving fuller information BEFORE ano AFTER tiJn,.rt and tn...,n: arrorr.ifsol all impunuea. ' done. Will go out by JrW take sewing at home. r. Millers Leo street. U ka- for houseckaning , or llut Jobs of housework, at No. tetor P. 0. Box 785. Dead- Gus Keller's Market t?Fp,?,;i.rVnm cZ tii. nmry p-r crnt ars tirbil wit regarding this new mining region seni two cent stamp to Chas. S. Fee. bt. Paul, Minn., or any general district passenger ageat of the Northern Pacific Railway. 1 .''.rT-r w rii v i t th otilT known rm1 to pure rl l bout ao en-rmuon. awniumoim :&a.sT,r..hP..U. (s.ndfu,r.c.m.l1r.dt0mools. "2f WAV ' PUB 4ALM AT PAi-ACS PrUttMAJJl - U2hk Main S treat, Deadwood.

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