The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 26, 1898 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1898
Page 3
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TIIE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY, 26, 1898. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. THE DIG NOTICE. All persons Indebted to me are re-Quested to call at the office of Frawley ft Lsffey, where all accounts due me have been left for collection. O. NELSON. LKAU. 8. O. FEBRUARY 26 ties. (W. B. Eldar, Attnnay. M. k. Kn. 1m. thiv 1-11 ' "n'r' 1 ' l0"0'b ,'tc- la hvidlr ul,i, Ttit Ralntxi Mln-l. ni .r, I, .S., M. U.M,(h li. wnL !.. Katiltt. uMrna la lkw.lwii.Hl iih, Iih th fli, i . rl..B dir. ,,r IMj la.-xr f.rt of Hi. .il.lM,. .i..l .i..iii ). Mm,,,,, ,w. r,. M.Uviy. iMNtrli a ,ia .uti..-. k hum am I la in lli r-.. .iixH,, . tu(.l ,u l.l Uri Mlllln r:.-. 1 . ul ,.r mr. ; l of K..UCI, 1 k.,ia ,l ,l.i-lvd l.j b S, I.I Martin k Nwc,g AHnmara. ' Tica or mi fcai r r mu-iif Aotl.m. 4 am, of ftntiih tiakiita, ( ooiilf t.avraara, '. 1 Ir ult t'mirl, Bltbib Jmlltual oirmiii, L. il W. Vl.nun, Trim, UlollK, a. Jl,.r W. Aln.w.r,h, KIImi 0 Aaluma-th, bilwira. anil Ih.i.u; ...unljt, H. 11., dahakia N illlw I. b.Ul.j Hivi Ibal Lr Tlrtura ol 1 )Odf-ui-iil u l.,r'l.ur. and aai la tb ilin. iiiu4 k ll.Ki on tua i.Mh dj of Jatiuarr, a. 1. nka. aa4 in rulla laauad upoo Said JiliriMant, ife aub-'rilnr. Mall I'lui.kall, abatIS oTXavKraoaa aova-lr, aiou .4 K..nib ItaA.Hia, fiar ttaa BarMoaa ap-B.ilmd ,ll -all at Ruhtie am linn at lb. fr.n. ann to) tri y MINERAL DKLT. W. A. Qulmby had on exhibition In his show window yesterday large . s. : Wade baa moved Into the home , collection or rare coin numbering way Dr. Ul Rsatty for Fall ana WiatBr." up In the hundreds, and they were all foreign coins, too, the property of Dr. Mill. SlOCUllCOllBifi Afflllll .,, ,. , H1 .. ,h mcm mm M Riser, the eye expert, who Is sojourn I lnhinn. Soleagerit for H. 8. A M Fine Clothinc. Hi l I. NK T 7a ' II. K,a,lu, ., ltB .Nil ''I"'" - " '' W .IH mo,f ing In bead for some weeks. The col I recently occupied by W. Kink, oc Main street Hla office la atlll in Miners' Union hall. 1-29-lm. The Did Mails' Convention which was lately glv i In Deadwood, will be repeated In Central on Sutuduy March 5. for tho benefit of the Children JlJ Llllilg Everything for Children, Boys and Youths. 1 The oolv Complete Assortment in th llillj lection which contains coins of all the foreigin countries. Is very valuable and attracted the attention of all passers by. Dry Goods J Fine Dress Materials and Trimmings a Specialty. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY IT. Just but a local ticket to O'Neill. The bus will transfer you free to our depot (only one block), and you can then buy your ticket to Sioux City or any other point you desire. It won't cost you a cent more and you can save hours la time. The only route between Eastern South DaLjta and points In the Black Hills which does not compel you to lay oiw twenty-four hours In Sioux City la via. O'Neill and the Pacific fchort Una. feb. M J 1 1 n omr We are the LEADERS in Quality, Quantity and Trias. lUinilltJiy ( Everytning New, Nobby and Up-to-date. 1 InlC Ri AYQrkO l You must lee them to appreciate thein. bioaKs 01 TO THE LADIES. For the iatest designs In embroider?. latu. ft lu lii-r kwWli dllmlu. lna u.. , juHnami anal au oaraiBC wraps I A specialty of Infants V t ar. Ul-. v-ij, o.,u'.ll.l,,n au r of III lull .nr.. iatl at tMadwoKi, a. 0., Jan. W, lags. & QU nrn I All e New Toes, New Lasts and New Ct lors. Bulgarian tea cloths ant puiows, Ham-mon Knowlton ft Co's. wash silks, Tynan dyes, call at 723 Nobis Bloat. Lessons given in art needle work. Stamp Home. td M. Q. Fish la on the nick list of Central. Mrs. Jennings la quite seriously III at her home aL ve Deadwood. W. K. Snit-ad returned yesterday from a brief business trip to Sturgla. Mrs. Kd. Iryer haa gone to Grand Island, Neb., on a few wet as visit. Norton Storr, of Chicago, was Kin-ttt at the Hi'iivHtake hotel an I'Luaarrr. Sbarld ol Imwuuh aamul. auwimij a r iav4.uC LIVbuAK uma. rU'KU,uiiiM al ooruHr H,. 1, luanliual wi'b o.iruar tiu i, Uoiai.iu' Uala of Una aurvay, wbanra 11, o. ! ii uouuuwut N.t H b. ar. urui a? la.wratliA.I l.., ih.u. aiwili a , maai 11..1 i-rt l.. ooru-r N.k j, 1... u. a nurtt aa 'JO , aaat liu. il M u.ruar Nu. t, U'i 'Mm' s , , n mi i,, bjiim M,t. 4. thauca OULU tA M . wl I . . tA ... ... . W . .1... ing dote. 1-10-tf. "oi uvMii.uiuK a.toriii4i aiMI lc a.liu, ma. l - "' v uaoiuara tvaliar, avry tr . ... u uf jiart ia.Ni 10 la. miv.i aitk. wn in 1 ' uiilku. iiKivr'.kit NOTICE. o, t a IK Oi. Uva ak .la la, all araa I ofVUac,r. aUltb ca.luaj. 1 U U.IIUU r I ta ol Soulll lak.iU. - I.-ot-u ol fi To whom it may concern: We nave .u- - , "i. - '.'. 1 J.uu. U.J 11 1 ai VII Calk. M..uiuxl ulrv. ll a of wlil. a la nu, Ibaaal aud 4 .'taaall 11a Uaiatalia, tlaluua this day leased the "Modoe" group of claims, in Blacktall Oulch (S claims), . b oro Oasib Oold Mining Ckmipaor, a aorpora- C S. Harnett of Chailron has bought .Uia a-uiuili, .Ml I , n a ai.Mtliwaat.rl ana. Una Iroui Ilia .!, ov.rj and llla.a laH is a wa1b.aau.rl7 iiliwiUHi. Kal araa Li. , aa u-;m S.a arraa, u aknm a bh arv or I1.4I1 (i.M atiltia ami l.l.a Oak La 1aa of IV.M4 viraa. Maat- .anatloa l- i to la M IT. u. ,aw aira aiauuM aunr aon bv rta of ilia law. u tha alala of Saw Tor, and J oka James V. INitmans Jowelry store In IIH. and Klrbard Mo, wbuaalrua . - 1 ad. 'K MriiiM.iiiii.aiiitiwa raanrdnd ia tha I'lalb.ilT unknown, ownara and boluar of tka rorporala Ixiaoa laauad bf tha aaU Ore aah U..I.I Mm us 0.m,u7, and naauarad Is to M llialuvi. niunbvra II h M laji.a Hovtb 'talma. Mr. Holslein, of Central, who haa be'-ii (iilte 111 f 1 imi pneumonia, la on t smuara 41 It tlM oaWa. and a.. IK a 11-...-. K Mlauaar Haror.ia olfra of Lawr-ni-a rnm,!., m. J"""' !' M '"' ia a-IJ 'Inn rla man'a ara mi n .ur IWJ. on . iii,.ti,.wa. t. f.J llrtl.Uai. Hafll. a ... aarva Mo. i,ai. ...... ... . nnmt Stu I'Oli o., H ll-rrl. the improve. I.tianoliu; bond-Lmi.i a for lli .urn of Sadai ia. ljjjkjO vx. Oil U CO Everything from Digging Boot to a Dai cing Tump. LFofo JP. ronc Correct Cylorings and Shapes. 1 let LO VX VCtpb f Agent for Stetson's boU. -ft "d stiff. Pq Yrai 0 J?r D un VTh finest Carpet Room in the West. VClipe lb Q IxUgb Oil Cloths, Curtains. Shades and Matt ngs. fiPntQ FllPrlcVlinrrc lSpe ialty ofFine U.ulorwear, UClllb T UI lllbllllJgS fGloves, Hosiery, Net k wear and Shirts. Ktr-TCkO J?r Dnnrrnfi 1 All kinds, all sires ior Heating or Cooking. OtUVcb OL lAdllgcS f Our New Steel Kango is a World H-ater. H Q YA rc -rr Builders, Shelf and Heavy. nclIuWctlC f Faints, Oils, Glass, Granite and Tinware. Mine & Mill Supplies '&S8l&!u,,aM ClYrntY rr Tlis Largest, Cleanest, Freshest Stock UI Utcl ICS f In the Hills. Prices Correct. FLOUR, FEED, HAY AND GRAIN. Agents for PILLSBURY'S FLOUR. All kinds of Repairing, Spouting & Roofing, IBRlEOnESl TORE 1 aiao .,.h.. oi.n1 l. M..l..ui..u ii luiriw'i ala,. .y tfl,HM,. i. M..I..U1..U t w Ii and ,1.1-1 A,. J,h, laau, aud yaol to I'barlaa . Na-b, t'Ul-, ur larr on Aturua Henry Schnitzel expected to leave lnt evening for the east on a brief a.. n, an iu r yai'iiutiiariy davnrluad In tli. ooiudaiul In iiiia auao... lf. a.uuita. N ,11. 1 ia u.r. b. ki.ii. tliat bf v,na a Anj ami all i-r-onaclHlinlna; a.Taraal an? nor. at aald Kol.l.u.n. ,,. ,,T. , nilnaa or aurfan. tfronml ar rauulnul to SI lhir HWra rlaim witu tl, of th iii Mtalaa laml ,im,- u...i.. . .. . Tlx: the Modoc, Crown Point. Good Hope. Double Standard, and King Solomon lodes; to Fred A. Blonden, of Lead, a D., who will be responsible for all labor, material, supplies and other account, incurred in the operation of aatd group of claims. Central City. Feb., 4th, 193. HENRY HRE33ERT, BARNEY FRANKLIN, W. L. FAUST. SARAH vJOULETTE, MOLLIS OOULETTE, RASMUS NELSON, WM. A. Z1NK. J. M. MATSON. business trip. )u luiD.nt of two loaur aud aal la iba abura an- I'ai.nln.litn durl.i. Ui. rt.i, d. 7. od of .M lU 01 - U iaa, isil.ll.aii.ia br,rf, or ui will h lirtwd b, rlr' '"."L ' l""u"" '-J ".W JadaaV la I lua ,W lb. tirotlaloo. of ilia all..l. ' "wribar. Matt 'luuk.,S. aaarlS Ol Lawrauo 1 lb lirorlaloua of tu aUlula. Don't forget the sale at S. R. Smith M011, lay. for the benefit of the Chil coiut7, it una of aouia Uatota, It Iba Mrpoat aouiH iuhL will aall at uubiia aaoUoa a th. fn. C D. Halt. dren's Home. 2t Klatr. It la hrh nrdnl. thai k. f,.-..,..Tr:TZL'. I 0"Ort Uoa la Uia O.ll at Uaa.nro.Ml. apullratu for lant ba inil.ll.hd f,7uia nn,t ."" - . r"wr""V "L' ""b Itafcoia, James MrDride while at work In the mine Thursday, had two toes of hla left i rioa.aviiiia, a Daliy Mwatianar uubliabad at I .. T ' "ar. ram aatata Uaadwuud, 8. D. nawpar puuilaliaa at I m,,rtirad pnuiM altuaaa lu Ui Ooua7 of foot mashed by falling rock. f n I . " m m ..ia, mua airaotad r" lln aald JuUk-umut and KiauuUua kt ba Ouid and (First Pah. na 11 tu l - iurinaarnid aa hiUuwai " alfST.I I All Uut erlln .. ar 1..I. u . ' Joe Stev-ms. of Central, will ahortlv einge In the rr.ilk business. Hla route ahUd. aiiw niiiMiminf iiranoua jnalai of NOTICE TO TEACHERS. laUMUfT HOTIOS ,will be In Terravllle and Iad. ouirkaiinir and ulnar naiala, and altald In tas WuiurwwMj uuaria Mlaluff diairlot, la ltwrs CiMlly, foruid7 larrluM-f at iaaiaa. Boar naaaa The regUarly quarterly examination Ina Ohallanaw Mlnln Oomnann piioHpaJ plan M tbHitk ilaaota, and daKrilMs aa luLowa to-win S. R. Smith will give bargains on " faauwooo, Uwrano OCMIUtT, Soutu h '!': for teachers will be tld lu the county -i na oru iiaulia loda or niiiilua aouaa Unkatad oa HUblaud Obll Ulll btw.o lus Mala ' Monday at the special sale for the Chll WBlHjH. Rotloa I barab aian that t t ! superintendent's office, March 4 and P, 1I1 en's Home. 3 tba dlrortnr of iba abova n... oration bald In IMadwood. Mouth ii..k..i. ... .k. 1898. KATE M. K DM PER, Uuli'b nud Ui Kaal f ork of Hprnoa Uuwa, kouadad ,,u Iba aaat bf Uia rjtib aud Mai j luda, aald Oro Cacba loo bl UK n-arlj a fuU aiaad alala kus j tj 16ou il and lueatau In asvuruaaua wltb law and enrtlllrataa of louatloo r.H-d4 In tha ottoa of Uta ASSAYERS. LEAD BUSINESS DIRECTORY. attb d7 of Jiuiuart. Iiim. an alz () onta par .bar waa l.nrf Sup't. Schools for Lawrence County. T. J . DO WD. PRACTICAL tna eapltal atook of UiaanrtM,rEion Mai.i. I ratfiakwr..; o.ia ..r ... George Morris, tho company's head p.ilnter. Is at work painting the B. H. A Ft. 1'. passenge ' depot a bluelsh w-2-24 d-J-2-M niniadlatali to Uia ina,,., j....k u.-.l-i.-. In... . . . ' t . " ' M. H. LYON. M Hattanbarba atora, otiuorlta court anua i I Maid Oro Oath all,, in I w.... Jaadwood. Boa It. bakotn. I to Uia oro Uauba Uold Ml .ina Oouiuaui b unarlaa An atock auon whlob tbla akali . I M. Uo .i,l.r bv ua d.ii i,i. law, FISHEL'S BAZAAR. Public assayer Vatchnaker, v Jeweler ala an paid on lat da of March, laau, I dl raoordad In tba odtoa of Ma nariaaar utdaad 1U bacoma dallnqnaol and will ba adrortlaad tor I A-awrauoaUouBix, furmarlj Tarriiorr al nod nnlaaa pafniant aball bara bean vada ba I Bow aiata of Mouth uakot, lowhr wtlb all tba Has removed to Nelson's old stand Joe Slnmonaon railed at the hospital Thurstlay evening and had a maahed flngor. which he got In the Highland. aext door to American National bank. and AnJ OPTICIAN . . .. . ' p"nr aBouon, on tba lSto. I uipa, apura sua nnniaa, and au mmvu nwo. a. a n'oioca n. m. or aaiii Am I woio. atirar. naieaaii.. and mtnu.i . P7 u dalinquaot aaaaaamant, tna;atbar I qunrta, rock aud a.rth, tbaraln and all low real GUY LAMBERT. raooaaaoa to iiua uuu. LiTcry, Feel asi Boarainc Stalls Special attentloB (iTen to trrn.let and boarding Fin Saddfr Hortu a Sptcially Raddle k Bulidlig, Main Street, LeaJ. wiw ua ooaia or aa.aru.iu and axpanaaa of aal I aalaua, Biluaral lanua, macbinar and Oah.r hat. uit-.-u-d. STAMP MILL FOR 8 ALB SAMPLER. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA Biack Kills Jewelry Made to Order. a. r, aorlar., I provauiauta. Offla of aacratarr at Pal. w.. .... .. i .. 1 'i'lu,Hii,.r ii. .11 .mi .inM.i.. .1.. . . Kveryone should patronize the spe- Comprising of 20 fttampa, arnahan aad Waeh Eianinar tor the F. E. M V B St, IAl wood, S. 11. I barmlluuuanu and aiipurUinanoM, tharanv a- clal sale KhIi. 2Mb. at S. R. Smith's for everything compLatt, Will be sold a SSESBMIltl STOTtnZ " I "araiou and ravaralons rauaalndar aud raanaindar Ll I ranta, laauaa and produ tbaraof. Audalauad tba BLACK HILLS a Mai n1 I will nir.i. fftot In work .ul pruwk the benefit of the Children's Home. St Cheap. Inouire at this OfflSS. Bf i Cambrian Mlnln Com pan 71 nrlaslnal Bias ( I . . """7 Proparlj. in on, bn-dwood. bVu,' iKoaJSi? 3 oU4. wbru,wll ln Inw ('. U. Jonlon returned yenterday from Analytical Laboratorr and Assay OS a l" strit-1 '"totfiei. o minav ia-1.4 w . - i equBjiri w ns wa ura ueoM fjoia mibbji Oasm. iwkotaT pU7 of. In and to Iba aama aad 10 aawrf paVt aa4 a f-w days sojourn In the valley, where OFFICE 07 COMMISSIONER 07 M0U0 1 harabr airan that ala mmmnn. ... "". wita u appnrtanaoaaa. 01 ao aiaab OF lu haa iHH-n gathering up fat rattle fori SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS. Dr, Riser Eye -Specialist, board of dlraoto ..f in. . I tbaraor aa maj ba mfaolaul to aMlaff aald Jadir- kald Id IXadwood. no Januarr lu. iiaiiTa!. m""' a1 "S aoiounllnf la all to lb ana at hla chop In Ix-ail. Notice Is hereby given that en the Fowler, Call & Whitfield ATT0RNEY3 AT LAW. May Bloek. UtXa Htreet, Lee-Clark AnareesBo m.nt INo.1l of Uiraa-uaaruir. it. 1 ,7 r.,'11 I n(7-nva uooaand aaran bnndrad fojt aaraa bar waa la. d unon thi caoit-lk ,J '". albt7-Uira aanla. lIM,T4l.a wltb 12th day of March 1S98. all of the ua- Oi r I1;ht and wife are late arrivals .4 " " I inuptMI tnaMftn retina Iba da tarn . aaaali lat - - - Henry Schnitzel 1M4,B).D.. r.O BosOC Samplaa ar balllon 07 mall or aipraaa wlU rwaar. prauips nttanuoa. Tnataauds or I'M baat aoaptod.pronaaa ol 1 OF I Lincoln; Nebraska, leased school lands In Lawrence county will be offered for lease at public ImM, An? atock r-poa which thla In l.cud from Eilgcmont, Mr. Uaer having came up to accept a position at L. K. llalizly's hardware store. a nnrald on tba 'iiat da of hin.n Matt FLtnturr, BharlS ot t .ai.ana CloBBtw. auction, to the highest bidder, at ths WU1 u & Deadwood, a tha Bullock w ... w wuHiian ana nriia.tfi an ui. afnody k WaababaautB ana ... K . lr Hardware Company. Who.esale Hardware. Bicycles and Sporting Goods. I troni aoor oi us uoun nouae ia saia Hotel Jrarlors Karen 1. rtainua'a ainrt-ua. and anlan parmant aball hare bn nad bafora, will ba aold at publlo anotlon at tba od.r of tba bararar, a. L. Flcblar, Uaadwood, taant for ha llactrs OyanMa prnaiaa, C. 8. Pataa Mo. tuaj,uM. Yettterriay was Homesteke payday and L.,w i.i. .in k fc.i rirat fablloauoa FU 11, 1M, wiaaatAaT me awassaataaa a wr sm w awwevai mrw It Is with pleasure w mak the an ANTHONY TROUT, Plumber and Steam Fitter, Offloe In Campbell Howe Baaeaun Laboratory sad ammpllna work In Fa sat bandit. ... vmg an;ii, lw, a. 1 O'CIOCC V Ba. to par aald dalinq-jaat a mant, tnrthr with nounoameat that Dr. Riser, Eye Spe ssu OTIOS TO OBEDlTOUa. tweea ths hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 5 o'clocV p. m., each day, until all many hoiiIs were made hnppy, some by paying their debts, others by blowing In their hard-earned money. N1 . j "rwaina; ana aipanaa ol lala. taie.Sl.88 HARNEV - OHAM cialist, la to rislt our town March 1st " AOOB UABTBLaV BauraUn. Kaiata of Ralana Johanna Klamar, daooaaad. tracts of school lands have been offered J oy c&j Moslior, to remain a week. He Is a graduate In I iHMVlwrMM rc- nrnrileat Block. cumw aru7 givan 1)7 m tuiaarurBM taotilor of tba aLaL ot Mat an a joiut n mim Mrs. W. E. Alexander arrived from I for lease. medicine aad 1. licensed to nractlce In N 0X101 0f '". daoaaaad, to tb oradlton ot, nod all paraoB bar- J. C. CARSON. Agent. ASSAYERS. Pierre, 8. D., January f . 1888. KdKcmont Thursday to join her bus- waioM awatnai tna aaio, to xhlbll tbui, witn tlio no...ar7 '""ilt.r. wlUtui fc. this state, and thoroughly understand-. i 'nii, "ZJT&'VfZ traatlna? tha rarlouat dlnaauaM rti thai '" 0"7. hla balr. and aaalmuu I ,T. ..w wnuu uiw rau itrun uiaeaawn ua me I aatna artar tha Drat punlloaUou of thla noAiaa. Ba JOHN L. LOCKHART, Uam'. who haa liK-ated In Iead, where tu aald aaauulor Ixadwiud, a. IIM la tb aoaatf tin zt l-l-tro. Commissioner of School t, a i. ,7 . I . .. . , M I . . il. '"'urnial that I hara etprndad la labor I eye and the fitting Of Kitties and COmee I f"1 wproaiu.i,ta on tb Omnaraa U th. ana of I ' orflae: Pine Street, Opposite Ooart Bouse he has opened a general store. i lavraasa, cnita tanna LMad at Daadwuod, M. II., Iwbrnary a, IMS. Hli.l kuutaa. and Public Lands. Dead wood, Bo. Dak. highly recotneended by eminent phy-1 iwi'taict. tiwrno oount7, aouta uakotL i.r siclana and ackantlfla mm. Thar 1. ?hVVIiMt'.'?,'.d;n u"h' 'v "T". " Ktaevtor ot lb aatata ot Bnlaa Jannnna aiaaMV, A number of farmers came In from their ranches yesterday to din pose of farm produce, for which they find a JAMES V. PUTMAN, The JEWELER, Carry a complete lino of Walchee, Olocke, Jan 17. Diamond anl BilTerware ol all kind. EVERYTHING NEW. Tb only plaot In tha HI 11, tor n rrpalrlB In all branch. W mala a peoleliy of anvravliii and diamond nUU'w, and Sua walch rapauiiif. sat doo racttt Dalehant. at ILL STREET, LEAD. no doubt that tho-e who are suffering Sd!:,.?, TBS RAILROAD TIME TABLES. with their eyes and its train of evils I ?rrr barto, tor tha pariod andin ready sale at good prices on payday. Hot Sprhgs, South Dakota, iwiuuer au. irin. atrtrv, that. . . . . .. MILLARD will take advantage of thla oonortunity . tba an. f ihX rZlZTIZ; WMW,B "aay.) . A. C. Nelson, delivery boy at the to have their eyes examined. Your M Caxh meat market, in Lead, on yester eytlght 1. precious, more valuable I ir.'To," .T.-'tJfur;-1 Vi BURLINUTON ROUTK. TRAINS LBAVS AS FOLLOWS: day appeared on the street, with a new nil right, Uo there Will entertain you tlietli?r sick or well. for a chnnge. . . . tnan any oc ute special senses. Me i lzzzl m tna pr.10.rt7 I a ... I tba anbaertlarr, your on-ownar. wbo baa nian tha I "' 0. Farrn Sad Obarlai 0. larao aaa. delivery wagon, of which he la very J. E. Markel & Son, iB01SXXT0&8, atal Dafaudanla. No. 201 Passenger, Daily, Hill gives ipeCUU atentlon tO errors Of re-nqwditndltarasaarqalrtdkr aaction itii. proud. iiioHaLi.TTar "'ii"?7.i!raV,.!. - fraction, at oat neonle wear claasec I euhwvi n r.JZ rri.aa City, Hot Springs, Chicago and all points east. . ..... I I Bf banda, laraad oat of tba Olarka aotaaaf Baa Thirteeeth and Douglas Sta.l MIhb Helen Donaldson, who came tnai tan to correct ine last nsvmea irou 1 circuit onurt, n.T.nth Judicial ouwait, Ooautv ot here from California some weeks ago, south and west S:S0 p. m ble. Remember It costs no more to I :r:l?iuM.. LEADING HOTEL OF OMAHA. Ever.thing First-Class. i . jm . iub rua utuia ii. ni.Timn. I imw. . um. una ai aoai at the time of herbrother 's serious 111- THE BIG BRICK Depsrlmont Store ! Fall Ma of aeetythlna oonnantly on band. MILL 1TKKKT. Lgu, No. 206 Local, Dally except Sun amn'jw l flni .lui arnart Hiin tn rl.k I t Una. I O. Millar t aL onurtnara aa John It. allllaaaaut ' , ... , , .val rtt,,ty"oojotiba Oontr ot Uwtwtv- l''"P'''ndaainaia. 0 taraoaod Obarlaa , your vision with Inexperienced hands I aut of aoou, iiak.ta. I rro. aopartu.r a a o rarao a aon, at ai.oa aw noHS, left yesterday tor her home In the day, Bald Mountain and Bpearflsh 1:65 p. Bfoet daelrabto loeatton. Aiaartona Plato S S 60 pwf dav an 1 a a. r arnpaaa Po gl OO pwrdUf a . . E!r.ut Oaf In ooou otioo. '"aT " u wlk"' PAB8K HEADQUARTERS est. If you have blurring, ditslness, neuralgia, headache, sViU before the eyes. If you hare blurring, ditslness. neural- No. 204 Freight, Dally. Hill harab ('ran that David Kliar hat lied I . "0" daarnbad parwna propartc of said wltb tha Claik n u,i. iioum . -7Z "iT. I dfndant lo-witi Tnoaa aartam fan.,.. A number of persons from Ice Box City. Custer and Edge- DC AD WOOD. S. 0. Infln.mntJnn. rruulillnni. trmhlln I an ordr o( a.trlbution a.,d -.,,.... 3 , I randarad and awkwd iu tb oiroali Court u and ' I la th. au.1. ,J a K.i, . I Iih? Lawranoa Uouut. HouUi 1... u(n Lr. TaV 1 monU. 1:00 av St at ar aaa. canyon have been stopping in Lead nights for some days past, they being The New Murray, OHAS. BOHL, Proprietor, speua, iruraiag ana smarung oi tnr Uwt Mfru-i.jf, tb uu dftjr at rUrunrj A l7 ikH, PATENTS o. a. and roanot, PROCURED. witnesses In the case of Wade vs. Mc- w-witi a juua-matu raanarM on tna Viral day ot leuraarf luVA, In larur ol Ua abova Bamad a. fn uu r .atalul4auiBlfwiaud for thaaaaiot 'i.l.i alt . n Juduinl rnilar4 on tba Sam da u( auril, isam, ia ta.or of in abova aaiad LbaiC. - eyes. Itching of lids, various nervous r C. TRAINS. and brmtn affection, entailing not only SJ 5 IWLtSS DEADWOOD, LEAD D, U lb nil plac In town to jrt a ond Lunch. Followlua la tba MILL Of FARE. r - . Thoroughly Rf fitted. Rates $2.50 to $4 'erDay and Mtloat Oarl VIo lor tha aau, of lil.nti nosiavelnjury tO thS Sight, Out Untold I ' twr.noa, ha, bu bm I,: b-lu;url pui,oB aiao a oaruia jBda-nianl rannarad aa Iba lata da Dr. Bailor was railed out to Wood- Leave Deadwood. af April, lan. In laror of tba abuT noaiad da- Ham Sausige Iilood, Cheese Swlia rwailAiita an. i aaTa'IMt Altrad Laraw for IBa aaa ntf vllle Thursday, and on his return re h.tra. ava. i-tt I " -UU raf for dl . Dally Except Sunday 1:80 a. m. .apoa applleaUon "eoialratasbrwwokwr Cheese Lli iberger. Sausage Veal, JB.I.M aud 1 B0 aoatai aiao a ea.wala udaaaaat M.uv i.n. au. naooan. a. tna. ported that a baby girl had been given omant of tba aaaoulor. Dally .....10:00 a. aa. I Chese Drlck, Sausage Summer, A. at. STIOKlirr. EUGENE W. JOHNSON, . SOLICITOR AKO - ATTORNEY IW FATKlfT oases, ITH JT.W Tork kn., W ihliMtna,'D. 0. Office Xstnblished 1808. Charges Koderate. iMtad Janaar 11 to, k. V. imtj. Ctrma un4 Cngtiia tpoktn. a auxowaT' rraa, Mar. to the care of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ckwk Daily 11:22 a. m. rBoru on w itn amj oc man, taiM. la B.TW of th a bora aaaiea d'fannnnu a 4 saalnat I O, Stout for tb auiB of oTi 'At and Lt auatai alas a erula )udinnt Maderad on tba Sunday of October, Ui4, Il aur ot tba boot nacaad Cheese Snearcase, Saunage Liver, w , . , m a uda-a ot tb Oonalr Ooart. Hall. Mother and heiress doing nice- Daily Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. J - CXamiXiatlOXl XT6& Kaa-iiiartcri for Hack Hills Peiple. Chew. rrankforura. m s Feet, I t?.A..Ttll. .1 ttri.a..a.. t3a aarl Inna iy. Dally s:0 p. m.1 office hours, 10 a. m. to 4. p. m., at Eggs Bolkd, Wienerwurst, Sardines, otic i or roaniTuaa, n.i-L.uuu auu aaainaa uuul LHMaiHi lor ina ewok of aud f47 luaoaiai aiao a eartain luda;aMat rao lured ou lb Mib day of atarab, la, la Ueof nf tba abora naiaad deieudauie an i a-iwai Lobbi N To expedite matters at the Brick Dally Except Sunday 1:20 p. B. I Bullock Hote! DR. Sour Tiingue, Pickled Herring, To Jna.Dk Kalan. bla hair ar aaalvna. r. HiuM'.reno: tor ta. auia af ala n. aad all a.tiaj Chow Chow, I Store on paydaya. they on yesterday I Dally Except Sunday 4: 18 p. ta. McCREVV Voa ar Informad that I BBTa aanndd la labor Dill Plckleb. 'Idwuovd tbrB and ABat 1 aha.l on mama u and lniDromit on tba n Imum. Bin. Attn daj ot ",vr, A u. Mav at tba Boar ac a UI TVJi CBLT Ptckled Eel. Blue Fins, I paid at both window, one being fori Daily s:0 p. Dried Be it, I and aa Ban Antonio t rantion luda tba aaa of two o'oloca p. bj, at aald da, at tb trout door of tba ImMlM I Jnll.. I. ... .... It .. .. . . . The Club Restaurant. i p.fifn.w. A., tlrla Hand Cheese, ladles and thotte who receive contract Dally Except Sunday 7:00 p. m.1 ZSM.k UB.I.M .. MldOoVoW ani.iitf I -o mma nna.m fn. I . K" ... nans aa. a l- Private Diseases I Salt Sardel lmPrte1 Frankfurters. I t heoks. the other for day's pay checkc. j Dally Excspt Sunday 1:00 p. B. . ,.... .. I aa or ana aoove aened dlndanl In and to Baa rrao Antonio ' II II Lawreoe, South Oatnta, for Henry It de Malpoo CJ Ultd Stotaa and acta unuUinn i I l abora daaorlbad pr-prtr to aaUaf aald Jaor-nvaot. under tba prtr- Turin ui in nc it ncnovia, saimon, ixiuBter. variar, t i ne cnange waa Tory aaiiBitkcwr? wiwau , ....... . - and can, aiaouutuie; to aWkt BBS Stuuteaof th I nirtT-oue aoiiara aud UUrtT-ava eanuv amiaibae Appetite Salad. Neufchattel Cheese, I the patrons, as It did not require them I Dally Except Sunday 10: 10 p. EX. MEN ONLY tbarato tor tb - . . . . -. .- . wita ail aurnio. anata or ai a. im wltb all aaomlnd eoata ot aal and trnanai oa tb to wait s long. Leave Lead. Csst Tablojn City. Slrra Cheese. SO Tar Kxpsrienoa el the rat at inun aaina Aiaeawiiair iih, inpr, ano tnaa n ... i u.Tu ... j T-7ii. doe .a. tb.rwo tba an. ot SM apoa aaob of I r r?nt T-rfr? tTvbii, aald elaima. or Sliaj In alL Von are hrn BxaiBad I I,Jr!L.?tLf?i'Bl' ' u. ...w tu a. ..r mrw nouna I i . - . . , , . ''" D"kU' U" W Taara In Omaha. a.aa . I tot. ... . . . . . - .v. 1. 1 , . . .. ,. , .v. , DaUy Except Sunday He runs a good clean comfortable ...... .s aaki vt tauaw vu aunuuncw vw tai puuif CoBnlt Wat If wiibla alnaty Oar fro. pablloaUue of tbla I I Ilf III iJT t t la SraiTJ UI V V4 VASA1 btAIV Box 786, at U at TT-raKB-r. Dally 10:15 a. m. I tha on or about February 10th, hi wll place. Glv a him a call and be convinc "irV, w B r. tioati 1 liui aU w.i"-nmir oatAB Bonk lra Frwa. OMAHA. or Ia'M net at nose pariors oi sso. t ftrua tha, ".w r" laikeuau-iouia your proportion ot aald tpandltura a oo-owaar with ta atuira(ad dullrut end of tba fear ibm. BMitlnaavd soar in Dally 11:50 a. m. I open a first class metropolitan musii fleals all Hours. ed that it Is the "Only" place in town. Man. on Thurmlay evening and made arr- Bbarlff of Lawraoao OvanTtw. Bdwla Van Olaa, Plaintiaw Aorof. Ad IMnvdwuad, S. li. fabraory tta, ItSf. tret rah, F.b. U If.) tart In aald elalBM will baonni tba aman ttt Dally Except Sunday 1:22 p. m. I house la the rooms formerly oceoplm, teeauuearlber. roar a--ownr, who baa tnad tb rangoments for their department ball FEATURES OF Daily 2:2 p. m. I by 0. Nelson, next to American Natiur rwara aoBaitar aa rqalrd by rUon .. Tioketa $5. SINQ YOU, Prop, which will be given on Eeaater Mon Fit AX K LAKE. . , . at. t. ..laruuiubiaAt Daily Except 8unday 1:45 p. m. I al Bank. Martla a ataaoa Attya. wmvwmn, a. aaary Ut, liw day. The executive committee which iubobem Dally Except Sunday 4:50 p, m.1 He will keep In atock any musics have charge of the ball, are 8. K. GRAYMJN AND TEAMSTER. Stat of South Dakota, County ot Lawrwana, lu Olroult Oourt, a.htb JBdlrtal OlroaU. Ain-ed t, Bai'lh at truat, flalaua. Dally 1:57 p. m. I Instrument from a jwe-harp to A saxssbnurT itoTioa. Grand Firemen Smith, chairman; C. B. Cooltdge, Dan xTRacbineine Dally Except Sunday 7:22 p. m.! church pipe-organ. One half of thi fort land Ooceo Idatad atlalaf Odtaaauy, tisfaai ant. Eaulin g of Every Description. Oraatnn BTlnltuT Oompanr. rHaelpal plae ot Walch. George Morris. M. J. Wullen. R. H. Tackabury and Fred rJhackleford. Dally Except Sunday 1:11 p. m.1 pleasant store room will be occnpin swam, ia,, eoata Mow. Looatloa FOR MARCH. of worka, kuby baaln, Lcwtwbc oounty. BouU I ""7 " "7 "" "J of a J4. iik, aaiwrwawe oomniy, awuva I (MI, toraeioaor aad aala la lb abura nuu4 Deily 1:22 p. m.1 by riahel A Co. whUe the other will d Coal Delivered to any Part of n.. u.anrantnr of Tin Plkto. Char Motto la barabr atTan that at a aMetlna at Iba 1 '-""' - uwa, ana Joseph Edlcott and Miss Ada Gran Dally Except Sunday .10:65 p. m. I loaded from floor to celling with ever acter of the Mw-hlnnry Kniibijrwl In the Great tbe City. 'inard Patrick Ba St aid s thing in the music line by Mr. de al fell, of Central, were, Wednesday even ing. united in the bonds of holy wed ivtb day of Janiou-y ikm. m a -ut (Mo. .) I -f' 7" Ti ...7.kT!5 X""": Deadwcod, - South Dakota it ic 1 a 1 mill. pr ea-r waa nmad am No. 201 (Eaatern Pass) Ar 11:41 a. m. I ligaon. Hs also makes a specialty o aoor or tna eonrt noaar in waanwooa, aewet mt Lawrvnoa, and atate of SouUi lakaa.oa l.Lra. lock The ceremony being performed No, 20b (Sp'flsh Train) Ar 10:20 a. m. I tuning, tonelng aad reguUtlnf, and f aapttal atock ot tha ewpany, payable bauuadlale. I 1 to tba tiwawrar, Jullut aabaAninu, Deadwood. To be Given by the Any reel apoa Men tbla aaaeaamani aball ra New American loiluatry. iiiuatnueu. The Trapratt Ktwl I'rwjeaa. IK-arrl p-tlon of Hunt t KojtbI Arwml. Woolwich, F.nicland. In which the Mu' h IMoeuaaeil r rench Hyatem la In Kmi-eaafr' Wperatlmi. t aalinKS Made with small biuUmenL lluafrofcd. Machine) fbr K.'PrBtlnir flold Plaoer t.r)lB. Ornvt-la t 'arrylpi na Much aa Twenty l'nt to the fuhle Yard Can. It Is HI1. h Worked. By John M. Sweeney. M. E. JUuAtrrtlrd. Inst r n at the home of the bride in tne pree- Ne, 20J (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a. m.1 pairing all kinds of musical try 1Mb, at Itt o'oloct ta th foranooa oi that day tha ree. aatata aad Bvirwamarad pr.aiaiaa an, at la tb eoa ity of Laweaoo and aaaaa af aVma aula unoeld on Fabruarf SMb. laws, wt b da. ww ietWwVVV''V ence of a number of friends of the con-1 jj 2oj (Passenger) De'p'ts 2:10 p. m. I msnts. uoaaaat aad adrtled tur aaut, and unlee pay-nenl aball tin be aaado befora, will b aold at publl nuotloa at tna ntSoa ot tb Saoretary, oa Uakvta. and dlreetad la aald lBdABl and Uoo to ba aold, aod tharata dn-ilid as to C. G.&T.HoseGo. aaiowat trading parties. Miss Lizzie Noye act- Na S10 BDa4rflili train) De. 1:55 p. m. I Give him a call and be eonvincw Tha atlultia taa ta of ataren, liwi. at 1 oatoas a av. of rortland aa tba Paraaoo, ed as bridesmaid and John Oranfell aslff0. 104 (Freight) Departa 1:00 a. m.1 that he not only keeps a fine assort lay to par aald daiiBuaeM a. anL ttNratbat Poandli J I'OECTWIH. wita otai of aaratwauia ana eapapaaa ot aa. beat man. Tne happy couple win re-1 I mtDt but la alee maaUr of his art Orwan MouBtaia. aad about aaa aula a aaa Staid Jtruoa KaaBAWBB. At Misers Union Hall.Ontral City. T.nattntoi. Tmuhlee atounMttat atar. tna roruana baiu mm ana U side in Central where the bride has re II A PERMANENT CUSE 1 Kemedlea. Hv Bill attuatad Iberaoai bw all water rw bta aatatuj laa to aald aoeApany aad Inoladies wbl Is kaowa 1 of th mr RHtof OonofrlifsA sided for over a score of years, the be r. B. A li V. K. R, ftn1 Oil"', iimranftHwl In fmtn tu 0 I VaTOTIOB or SALS OF BBAL BSTATB. t "oe Bprini- aiao ue eraaiwar, alia aad toanlinai boua aaa In toat aa vtuaa, TaxnQc;ivT aau tionea. ing the daughter of Mrs. M. A. Gran 1 1 no nth' f lr -jtfniit iiiilrv. iy Mil unifiBifi. oayi OrTTanAf Thursday Evening: March 17, '98. tbey at a ad aiao Iba amfi ut sums known as tba TrolaB a-ruee. aana. felt. The Plonner-Tlmes loins with ItlalBAT tout bout artaatsal uteea By rlr'n ol aa order and deer al tb County Ooart ot latwreuos Onua. THS NORTHWESTERN UN fi. I Ji TMad woeS, Boots Daiot. Lor&Uoa Dakota, Blade oa tb petition ol tbe tiBf) otta Mlowlef Baaied Wat or eu. '-. towlli tbe Haptre SiaK ladiapaaaiiua, Oifra, Iu4-wr, Feraeuaiaaea, Trojan, all of tka aa.4 anoa DEPOT: Between Detdw'd and Pm i"' t-ri I .rT; Oounty. Soaia Dak'Ma. Iy, Bouth their many friends In wishing Mr. and Mrs. Endlcott a long and happy wedl laa of Ike pereoe and aetata of Meohanloal Urn ft. tu Advantages and th Conditions Under Which It ran be oaed with tba Best iiwaulta. By W. B. Snow. Jliuw-trotad. Ia and Aroond the Machine Shop. Ths Second In a ?rlt-d of Prtu-tlral Talka By f . t. Hamenway. M. E. Jlluafroutd. Trlnngnlnr Ijtthe Tool. Valunbla Polnu In Herman Hrncttcw which ara hew to Una Amtrlcar. Machinist. By Kobert Grlm-shaw, la. B.. Dresden. Lstast ChataleM Gear. Vaitoos Types Now on tha Market and the Merits Claimed fo Each. JKuatnWauV. rrortd! and AVrtk Arthar M arra ataj. Barra Streets. wabI Vajaae fa rjaibuviara baBKi B Baraoy at' ,.ui I ailalBt Braaarty batai la Whltewaod BHu4 .'. ' afwAB f iAaumaci ail LB real ded life. naaa uirt, ia Lawrano eounty, leal a of aouta i, tba reraary terra apoa fat tauowuc aaaannaa aaoea oa aaanant Of 1 1 mar aal So ?, kwted aa ta lMbaar at. eaaer Ba atlaota lor aa at ot aald ulnars M lta, ot aald aoort Arrives. DeperU aad aaa-laa aad ad lava, lint eel era! awAoaaa eat ovooalBi tba e a wen A very pleasant dancing party was I Though trains to Omaha laMaalaadae roraary, lava, I ebal to-wit: oa tb 1Mb day or I ;urtb ultb all tbe dip, apart ll, oa or attar tba 1Kb day ol I " aad prtrtllvaa tbereua aale aad aaU at private emle, at I turtuant nad all about, nabt, b k Ltty la tne a altb luoek I Tr btad aad aatare whatau m LaSay la the a altb Monk 4, p tuereuatn iBai ibiililai.. to-wfti aaaMsaf fbaia.aaetlTei uu aa law art of Btarek Bit oor tor Aran aa A'- tba of f rwMry TS Ovrt. BAwa 1 1 1 Bfeddea rut 1 0 lAtalatord.. lbrerf aa auty b udviut to awury aald ), oa Deadwood Rtrt la Deadwood, la aald county ..liaa) I ..lot ..luuo Tl given at the Shannon house, Central, Chicago, St Paul, Kin-last evening, by Miss Alma Oberg, In neapolla, with does eoa honor of her guest. Miss Nellie Nelson, sections for all points atent aad aoat. auvniotlna la all ta three hand mi taa rai set. ta aaernnaa a rotiew. to wit! Tl IUB V PTBaeraru All thi rltbt title and later!, palaaaaaa- 0 1 1US ! ST4 urhty-erhl tbiuaaad aarea i"ndrwd and , ei-ti dHiar ana fortfwa oen'a, wita icur tbaieon frOBt tba date el aald Jadaaaaad aad eat dtrtded tw TBiba Inter eat ol iid rrortdene HIV IK OfftuxUtteet M. iL Fish, Ohas. . Deetsea. B. Bveett. rioar Committee: Chas. Deutach, J. Johns. W. H. Thomas, J. Lutsy. leeeptlon Committee: O. Watters, J. XL Thomas, A. L. Palmar, Chaa. Nor ean. Stun Goddard. Imo's Orchestra, Prof. James Ryan. lA.iPQVMroWAiV91 IT. of Chadron. Neb. The reception com-1 west aad south, at Fre- lAue laj 1 11H 1 l'Ji MarreeBan aad Arthur narrafaaa of. la aod tu tbe na? eoata of aale Joins Cycle Framea by nydraulto Power. Orowden. the InretsUir of the Bejel Gear Chalnle-s, erfecU Uls Piwms for Dolna; Awy with Braalng. AJjn ppUcabto to B.)iier Tab Kpnnton and Other Irnport-St PUTOOB RenVarknbleKultaAchlered. BOP TALK" aod "BNOINK KOOaV De- "WW 1 ar W ' SV W WABBBBB g aa iuliaT n.lMn w.. Mlaaa. HtuiM flnlJMnnm Innilt l.l O.. V. .11.. M a al IMVI kit w. aSS. I .SB A 7 aootheat auarter ot tha Bortbaaat qarVr of SeetioB tea ( lu). tbe aootb bait of tne axirtbweat quarter and tbe aoatbweat euartar of Ibeaanbaaal Dated Deadwood, B. Wwun ITta, I. btAa i-Mietf-re. """"- ' I ' - . -r- m-MM. MtNeoortrjtrvr ST ..lotat ta-Z.. UL TITSM J .WM T and Lary. aasistea oy Mrs. isa. snsn-1 uamyr: lower iuib sireet, isi via Sbarlg af DawraBit Oguaay Aad as atroruinaa with Ma law aad aa erdet of q Barter af Been en aarrwa 1 11 ) Towuehls a (11 aorta ot aaaw two (91 aaat B. H. af. SaW non. Execeuent music was rurnianeo i wnuewood aKrArgia,8ap mt VwUfeilOUdbw In nalaitftaJabTBaTS. tnlnlna lad aaree la latwreae Oounty, South Bwraal of ewdtaMiea a. aaa wtu be I by Prof. George Beers and Arthur I Id Chadron and later ta abrnnkMi oiia. aa autekly war Dakota, oa taa touowtaa terraa. bwtti lor aaut a BbIum naaia.uiat tb auVw al taa nr wttOBie. I LmM JfsaAaM in ol eats of eouuty aoun ot "07 r ici,opra. Fietcner. ana was nisnir aonreciatea. i meaiata nointa iQ:taAinr.Z3a-n i a. a a aarri, a la veal poeam. rr k aa lb 1. day of rliT!?Z.Tl','. -v Dated lalt kid of St. (o (M.CM aHb a mr faaraaa. a ap I - ...... I LOWmoee tvMlilW, day rahrnary. A. a UM. There la B9 other pa?er la tit, IZil'j, partmeats are rail oi wwv m.a oks oottaa PIN VCAR. essiptg Don met. ubscrlpUoB Solicitors Wanted, flu torn rticabisry PubLUhlng Co cracAOO. V.T" i-ATioii, an. i Eleirant refreshmenta were semd anciiMiue fourths Io?ssi UAB I iih, m. eMoek B. aa. al aud day, to aw earwi "TlKSyf BMataV barl ia tirSAPO. tl rw wetw a ta I I I ... UA am proxpter. tapper at VLa. 3. 3. Lank's. AH remea requested to some la aai-Jorin. Tickets IL04. " iraterA bwte with tb aaeal ol qnai to the Pione eqtunl to the eaardlaa of tbe pereoaal aatata ol tbe albrtttld I FlOneer-TL " U f M k. ,'??r'hi ta I.- lft" many reestu nad a very pieasanti wajtewooa otuy .... :t:m ass i-r - . 1 an! a m a, at aal al aaaara ef ianwat land enjoyable time. I Daily. IDsJiy, except Saaday. . l'M MhlawaaMKM A. t

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