The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1900
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The Daily Pioneer -Times. j YEAR. Ii:.Ioo, s. I. i liLACK HILLS WEDNESDAY MORNINV, APRIL 11. l'H-O. FIVE CENTS. Her best known stories arc "The Tic b miii'i- UISH ARE ON "n : rat ic i. jc iii ! wi. h i- of the eoni-: ' public alls in l.v Clark was WILL NOT SEAT SENATOR CLARK that 1111' heddi in.' r.oven all over bin answered to their names. The reports of the officers and i nnimil-tees were lead and adopted. . i, solution rtqiiestin the census bureau to take a c lassified census of cuttle was adopted. The executive committee was increased from 2 to 17. All the pres THE DEFENSIVE l.ove Affairs of an Old Maid. ' "The I " in I' i- Sid.- of Things. " and "A Little Sister of the Wilderness." She is witty and attractive, dresses exquisitely and is a typical American girl. A year's tout in Euiope will follow th" weu- liiiK-' CONCERNING THE VICE PRESIDENCY Cornelius N. Bliss Will Probably - Be Made the Republican Candidate. WASHLW.TnN. Apiil u. Special. The senate by unanimous consent has greed to on the (Jiiay case 4 o c lock A' i i! '. L Forces Under Brabant Senate Committee Decides That Clark Was Proven Guilty of Bribery. Ire Having Hard Fighting ASIII M.TO.Y Ami il 1 u. Speed,' . Dojble Hanging. CKKKNVIl.l.K. TLX., April 10-McKeirney and Henry Brown, negro murderers were executed -Bob the here With the Boers. 'Ihe ways and means i mninitte in video reported in favor of accepting the senate Porto Kican tariff and civil govcrnrunt bill without amendment. ent offict rs were re-elected. New Baliot Law. DK SMKT. April .-Special. An important derision hearing on th" new South Hakota ballot law has been rendered by the state supreme .unit in the case of Roleert Moody vs. S. E. Davis. Moody and Davis were opposing candidates last fall for eouirt-y commissioner in one of the King-burg districts. The ballots contained tnree today. When sentenced tth asked for i deck of cards and declined the offer I of a bible. Mi Kierney murdered a Democrats Consider Pattison The final vote will be taken tomorrow. POrtO i Kepuhlican le aders dec lare that the bill The Final Vote on the Boer Prisoners Including o i xx a : negro man and woman and Drown murdered his wife. i' certain c t i iissage. taje ana oian nive As Desirable on the Bryan Ticket. Rican Tariff Bill Will Be Taken Today. At St. Helena. THE OLD BOYS. WAL. North Cape C'olonav. April Slaved. S ikm i ;i I . An engagement Undertakers Trust WICHITA. K AS.. April lO.-The meeting of the State Funeral Directors' association opened here today ami will continue until the 12th. This is a comparatively new organization, and its membership, no doubt, will be greatly increased at this meeting. I'ni-i'orrn rates is the object. .light today bet wen the Hoers and Inlish forces at A e pener. I usual - ' SHI.(. J OV. piil 10 -Special Tb ' ie ii.ite ce tuiiiittf e n day. after two tin. ii seSi( ii uu 'eie I to report unani: ac !' that the seat d Senator ClarR c f Montana Ic e;-da:ecl vacant. The iinnt)i':iuiis report is a-eleclded surpiise. tickets republican, union reform and people's party. I'nder the heading of the republican :icket apM'ared the names of the three nominees for the state supreme court and in addition the name of the lepublic an nominee for county commissioner in the district referred to. The union reform ticket contained the names only of the three union reform nominees for the state supreme court, while the people's party ticket kere heavy, and the liners are re- ; to have been checked, guick pins played havoc on both sides. The Pioneers Meet and Have a Social Time. A called or quarterly meeting of th Mack Hills Pioneer ass'Hialion was held at the city hall last evening tc. as President Conzett expressed it ie his opening address, advanc e the s ia: feature of the society: to revive and create a new interest; to become better acquainted with each other and. so tar as possible, extend ihe acquaintance to the- pioneers who are n 't members of the society. The president also suggi-ste il the prnpi iety ed aniencl-ing the by-laws at the next annual meeting to admit to membership those who arrived in the Hills in J877. it: Boer eorrniander is advane- SEW YOKK, April In Special Cornelius N. Miss, w ho is McKiniey s persona choice for vice president, and Senator Manna had a conference of two hours duration last night. Bliss today dodged the direct question as to whether he would be a candidate, but the general opinion among politicians is that the iK-rsonnel of the tic ket has been agreed upon. WASHIXC i ON. April lu Spe, ial There is a strong boom for Pattison tor vice president on the Bryan ticket. MariV democratic leaders here view I'attison as a desirable candidate. They save he would add stiength to the ticket pener "from Jtewetz Dorp. WAL. North Cape Colony. April cial Fighting at Werner was fed early this morning. We Make SJJON. April Id. Special. The contained the name only of the party nominee for county commissioner, the, fusion nominees for the state supreme J court being omitted. Twenty-one fusionists placed crosses in each of the circles at the- tops of the union reform and people's party ill (ones under Brabant had at Irpports been isolated at Wepener. Boers were said to be in fon e at OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR ... . h,nt. Brabant is supposed to nave VsW troops. He is said to bold wllent position at Wepener. but artillery and has his column up largely of mounted troops. Men and Boys ilopted to defense fighting. iXDON April 1m Sjxt-ial. - Iis- Mr. Hornlierger advocated more frequent meetings: a limbe ring up of the nieiiileers in the intercouse with each cither; more sociability and less of the conventionalism. He discussed the question of remitting clues and admission fees to those who Were unable to pay but as the constitution confers that power upon the Uiard of directors no further action was taken. Mr. lloriiberge..,- wanted to eat and drink and Hairy Smith wanted to dam ev It was decided to hold quarterly mee tings the. next meeting to lie hedcl July 14. from St. Helena Savs thai kpcrts have arrived there with th pnsoiers. I he prison) rs ai the public have been in the proper styles in male apparei. that which is newest rnd lies'. : habit of looking to us .for the Each season we have shown 1 d have establishi'd the stand. to be in good healt ii and 1. They will probably be Morrow. Arumg the numii on the same lines as those in the male fashion tenters ards in this section of the coat' ti which have met w ith popular .a v; a Crcrije and staff. All for a Dollar. CKSONVILLi:. Fla., April t ne country' Our exhibit for tne coming seas-on Is really the mot-t interesting which we have e ver made, the styles of the men's garments seem to us to possess more graceful lines, and the boys' and children's clothe are more tasteful to o6r minds than any also to bold the annual picnic this year on June lllth. In the general talk that followed Charles Stacy. Cal Allen and ileorge S. Hopkins entertained. Ihe meeting was' productive of a more fra-Jernal feeling among the old Ikij s and as a starter was a slice ess. pal-Charles Williams yesterday laded a dollar, whic h his wife had td washing. She refused and h ler dead, robbed the body of the it rod fed. which have been nroduced in many years. The fabrics thru- exit the entire line show the progrtsr. which has been made in ar : Got Drunk too Often. iflOMINGTON. Ind.. April. The circuit judge here t n old offender tx a fine tistic cloth ueavmg, both in America and abroad, while the jierfectly matched trimmings spe1. volumes for the painstaking good taste of the manufacturers. Taken altogether, this exhrbiT is well worth the effort it cost i:s to gather, .and we will be more than repaid for our trouble ii it proves as interesting to you as we anticipate that it v ill. The fall shapes in Hats and the new shapes in Haberdashery will also be shown for the first time today. We will speak of them in more detail at ano'uer time. ::mcfi-- " J Mtencc and declared that his rtw as a voter be forfeited for Mrs. The prisoners has been up 1 dozen times for drunkenness. Epworth League Musical. The entertainment given last nignt by the young people of the 1'irsl M E. e Inirch was most heartily enjoyed. 'He program us published was most xcel-lently rendered, and Mrs. Huti hins the pianist, who made her first appearance in this eity. was espeeialy well received. At the dose of the program Dr. Clark presented to Mr H. P. Robinson a beautiful editon of the Prince of India, by Wallace, as a testimonial of the Epworth le-ague and of the idbile class, of which he was leader, -of the high ef-tem in which he was held by them. The young people are to be congi atuiateel upon their suc c ess. THE FOREMAN. St. J'aul Pioneer Tress. Murder and Suicide. SCSTOK. N. v.. Anril 10.- Albert Merrit, Kingston's ROSENTHAL PALACE J Prominent merchant, in a fit of f"7 Insanity at noon today shot other fatally and then killed him- tic kets. These ballots ..wcrr1 rejected by the election board and S. E. lavis. the republican nominee, was given the certificate of election. The returns, after rejecting the twenty-one ballots, showed a total of !i';i vote for Davis and 110 for M"ody. the people's party candidate, mi,i was 4 TUT AMCDIPAII MATIflMAI DAMI lareAllurring Than Klondike. ' FRANCISCO, April 10. -Special Agent Evans of I nLHIflLniUHII I1H 1 1UI1HL UHI1IV brought t have the twenty-one rejected ballots counted the same as the tjie Dividends Paid. NEW YORK April 10. The Continental Trust company paid a quarterly dividend of 1 1-2 per cent today. NEW YOKK, April 10. -The Norfolk and Southern railway company paid a quarterly dividend ot 1 per cent today. TRENTON. N. .1.. April 10. The Trenton Potteries company paid a dividend of 2 per cent today. NEW YOKK. April in The West-inghouse Air Hrake company paid a quarterly dividend of 2 1-2 pe r c c ut today. NEW YOKK. April in. The American Smelting and Refining company pai I a quarte rly dividend of 1 3-4 per cent and an extra dividend of 7-' per cent toWiy. Was ,'i Ccntempt. Tl KdWards, editor of the- ead cL'it Tribune, appeared in court yesterday with his lawyer. G. el. Leim t Jo qnsw r to the c harge of contempt of couit and demurred to th" infornrifion filed by the state's attorney. Tin- demurrer was ove rruled and a week's time was asked and grant-cl fur th' defense to dei-jde whether they should others, the contention being that t lie intention of the voters was plainly manifested. ' Deadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE treasury says that 107 vessels engaged for the Caie Nome Tlcis vastly exceeds the num-' the Klondike trade when that ' first opened. w The rase was tried before Judge Hn- t 3 AND GITV, COUXTTV stand, on the ir ilemurr-r or answer .Iilge Bennett read the artirle in epics- at DcSmet DecetnlM r -S last, and iie dec ided that the twenty-one r j. ' ted billots should le .minted. Davis ap-! pealed the case to the state supreme j court, w hich has now reversed Judge ' Bennett and given the office to Davis, j making the board of commissioners of; tioan and claimed that it contained 17 Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. "ill Entirtain Dewey. CaG0, April 10. Special Prep-j re progresing to give Dewey Me reception when he visits 29 and 30. The festivities riUh a giand ball in the auto iiinex. nothing whatever derogatory to the court, but. only by implication, to the c ourt officials, who had impanneleel the Kingsbury county solidly republic an. jury, and this was an ac t out of court Arre'ican Linseed If ee ing. NEW YORK. April 10. The annual meeting of the American Linseed company was held here today. T!?.s is one of the successful combinations and a rise in the price of the reta:l John R. Wilson, who had been appoint C0LX.ECTXO2TS Attended to Promptly and ed bv the court to assist in the prose Grain Rates Restored. OMAHA. April 10 The rates on erain to the seatioard. both via Chicago Intelligently. cution of the case, claimed that ail Muted without Trial. April 10. Special. There "ffen in army circles. Funston court officials were a constituent part and St. Ixmis we're today advance five product may be announced MONET executing two Filipinos it N C 3 5 g si extent warr.-d To anv i i t 4 of the court itself and should be protected as such. ' e Olympic Election The a'nual mtting of the Olympic 5 2 dp ? ? 5- 3 5 cents per hundred on wheat and three cents on corn and other coarse grains. This restoies the ratewhich was in force before the receafoit bytheMis-snini Pacific. whicM was met by the 3 Sale of Oriental Objects. NEW YORK. AprilJ 10. The'Sale of William Churchill Castler's collection of antique porcelains. Japanese lac- c r EC z 3 3 f p club was held last night. The minutes ht for a time !c(mrs and Oriental objects of far more 1 s ether lines. It was r 'are Accounts Solic -i z. ' that serious complication. might grow-out of the reduction. and than usual interest opened at the American Art galleries today, ami will continue for five days. 3- Co g Goods. I? S 3 a S r- 9 ? 2,1 g S- 2 a O H a $ I a "! e? cr w CO" M 53 trial, who were captured Wiring to kill Macabee scouts. I Probable that a court investigate, as Funston's 1fry to the Instructions must betried before be- tttet Cabmen Meet irVr -April 10. The West-VStoclc association met in 5,1 1 . e86,n here today and ( to et-bJLttepresldent, -33rfOWard Wh deliverel after which th associa-loomed by Mayor Wood, el wa presented to the "gh the president., re- Our long- experie service of intenclino; inv i a rEY ST.. OMAHA. ;A LARSON, Agent. ,'ood Office Syndicate Bile of the last annual meeting were read and approved, the reports of the secretary and treasurer were read and approved, and the following board ot direc tors was .electe d for the ensuing year J. W. Carse, N. E. Franklin. M. J. Morgan, W. T. Graham, E. C. Daw-sor and W. L. McLaughlin. Immctdlately after the Meeting the lxi?rd of directors met and elected the following officers: president, W. It. McLaughlin; vice president, Geo. Porter; treasurer, N. E. Franklin, and secretary, J. W. Carse. . " ,' -I - . Opened for Setilemeit. LOS ANGELES. Cal.. April .10 Public lands embracing about' 4fi.0fM acres in four townships located along the Pacific coast, twelve milevs north of Santa Monica, were opened for entry today: Most of the lands affected" were settled years ago. patents being, how-yer,. unobtainable, bwing to the slowness of the government Surveron cunt Lillian Bell Marries. CHICAGO, April 10. Miss Lillian Bell the authoress was married yesterday to Arthur H. Eogue. Mr. Bogue, who is well known in'CSIcago.'is a son of Hamilton R. Bouge and is wealthy. Miss Bell is the author or a very clever article on the general unintereetlve-ness of the young men under, - Eg? W. E. ADAMS. HARRIS FRANKWN, Pres. sr t wm. sq

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