The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 26, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
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Saturday, February 26, 1898
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The Daily JrlONEER- MES. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR, DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 2(5. 181)8. FIYE CENTS BUXTON VS. GOLDEN REWARD CASE WAR TALK illTE!lS!FI0 OUACCO WAREHOUSES BURNED. Uwlsvllle, Feb. 26. Special The believe that the easterly line of the Bonanza was where it was fixed when the locutions were made, low it, one hun May Go to the Front. A number ot the Olympic boys are talking of organizing a military com Thelamtiff Rests and the Defendant Opens Its Side. immemse warehouses of the National lrfctton In Quality Moderation In Frio dred feet easterly from the place where an agreement with him to procure a patent to the Sliver Case lode claim. That application for a patent to the 811 ver Case was not made until the sum. mer of 1S88. In the meantime the proceedings for obtaining the patent to the Bont.aza claim had proceeded, and the time for advertising had run out, It Is now claimed to be and over and Tobacco Co., burned today. Loss over one million dollars. The plaintiff in the big damage cone pany and employing a man who Is up. m a across which It Is claimed they transgressed it We shall show that at ton Administration will Promulgate All Information as Soon as Developed. rested yesterday after occupying the attention of Uie jury for almost three SENATOR PROCTOR GOES TO CUBA wevks. The I'louecr-Times In order to lime they first went to work In those stopes there were but from one to three men at work on a shift In those and the Bonanza claim was entered. Pc in military tactics and discipline to drill them. The boys are loyal tc their country and aay if we have war and troops are wanted they will be the first to volunteer their services. The club baa a large fine room, large enough for t.4.wJ give iu readers the history of the cane ICey West, Feb. 25. Gjieclal U. 8. We shall show by the proceedings had and the plats with reference to the Bo senator i' roc lor left lor Havana tonight on the Olivette. His mission is two stopes and that there were from thirty to thirty-five men at work In the nanza claim that upon It not a clntlllt without publishing tie evidence in detail published the opening address 01 the plaintiffs' couusel una this morning lays before them the defendants NONE CO GOOD. a full company to drill and go through entire mine and that the entire output more In the nature of self gratification than public duty. "God May be Merciful," Said a Diver ''But the United States Should Not. of notice was given to the Silver Case that it had In any sense Impinged upon or overlapped the Sliver Case. We shall show you after the Bonanza had from all the mine was but sixty tons per day and show this for the purpose of demonstrating to you gentlemen side of the coite as outlined by 1U counsel. Judge Moody, of defendants' cuun the evolutions of the regular militia, and the boys Intend to meet two or three evenings each week and drill, preparing themselves for any ememen- TO REPLACE THE MAINE. Ihut the amount of ore taken out of cy that may arise. sel, addressed the Jury In a speech that was lUtened to with deep attention foi two hours. Space prevents us from printing the address in full and wc Tampa, Fla, Feb. 25. Special. The U. S. steamer, Montgomery, left this those two stopes Is necessarily greatly exaggerated by the plaintiffs. thus been entered and after the time for advertising had passed, the same agent who had been employed by the Buxton Company proceeded with the We understand from a rellublesource port today for Key West from where if 'Now lu addition to this we will it will outfit and go to Havana harbor merely give an outline as caught by our application for the Sliver Case. to replace the Maine. reporter. show you the exact returns of this property In dollars and cents from the $ OUR Counsel for plaintiff here objected t In the statement of the case Judge that M. E. Wells will be chosen as captain. Mr. Wells has something of a knowledge of mlHUry tactics and has a fine soldierly appearance and bearing, aside from possessing more than average executive qualifications. The boys bad thought of making "Bob" RoberUob first lieutenant but Bob does further discussion upon this subject, announcing that he would object to De LOME IN LIVERPOOL. Moody after a few Introductory re Washington, Feb. 25 Special. There have bee-n no now development In the Maine Imbroglio tcxlay, except that war talk anion all classes seems to Intensify wlih time. News from the commission of Inquiry is waited with unconsealed impatience. The government insists that the public shall have all the Information ao far. as known and as fast as developed. Activity In army and navy circles continue with marks In substance said: Liverpool, Feb. 26. Special. Senor Now gentlemen, what we Intend to reduction of It and from the returns from the United States mint, and that the average during all the times that they were at work In these stopes is almost perfect and that the returns do not show a value to exceed S17.73 oer any testimony upon this point, and desired to argue the admtssablllty to the court. (The court thereupon Instructed counsel not to address the Jury un Depuy DeLome, ex Spanish minister rebut, and what we object to In this to Washington, arrived to day on his case at the ouaet, is the terrible striv not know his left from his right foot and hta appointment will be deferred until such a time as he can go through way home. ing that has been had from the very til the question of the admissibility of commencement of this to exagger THE V1SITINQ CRUISER GONE. ate It In all Its particulars, both in its unaimien vijtor ana m consequence many wild rumors are set afloat and ton. We will show that the ore In these two sloiies was no richer than In other parts of the mine and that the average of the yield Is determinable only by the actual working of the ore a drill without having a bunch of hay tied on one foot and a bunch of straw on the other. originally, and in the evidence sought to be put before you. Sad their way Into press dl-ratchea. New York, Feb. 25. Special. The Spanish battle ship Vlacaya, raised an The president today appealed Col. Captain Wells haa been sUylng up The isU'.s iu this cone are very plain Henry C. Corbln adjutant general of There are three distiuct facts which chor today and sailed for Havana the army to succeed General Samuel late nlghU atudylng military tactic and will call his awkward aquad together early next week for their first you are to find, and there Is no neccHtii- body itself and the results of such working from the reduction plants. We shall show to you that one of the wlt-nessee who has testified before you as iim-K, wno was retired on account of The LaChampagne has not been ty fi any attempt at exaggeration. age. sighted though overdue. You are not to take the pleadings on "rehearsal." Someone was unkind enough to say that if the boys should huving inude many assays of the ore either side as true until they are sup NO DOUBT OF THE CAUSE. MAY HAVE BEEN CAPTURED. ported by the evidence. The plulntilT. while working for the Golden Reward was not In Ihe employ of the company go to the front and get wounded they would be shot In the back, but we don't believe that you have heard, In ltir original com Washington, D . C, Feb. 24. Th plaint claimed, ami in Its present com Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 25 A great nt all when working across the line anil had left the employ of the company long pi lor. But we will make use sensation was created on the street Washington Star has received the following cablegram from Charles M. plaint claims the value of the ore to U-$200,000.00 tuken out of two stopes on the evidence was established.) DefendanU' counsel thereupon continued upon other phases of the proposed defendanU. He stated that it was the purpose to show the Jury that the books of the Golden Reward company had always been open to the Inspection of the plaintiff where could have been ascertained the exact amount of ore furnished IU reduction plant during the alleged trespass upon the Bonanza lode, the exact value as ascertained from assay and the exact result allowed after reducing the ore to bullion and that no request or effort bad been made to secure lnformatloa from that source. That the defendant would show by the strongest character of evidence that the ore In the disputed stopes was mined much cheaper than the plaintiff could possibly have hoped to extract It Counsel then called the Jur.f's attention to the fact that the element of guilty knowledge on the part of the plaintiff entered to an Important extent Into the controversy for the reason that If the disputed ground was entered upon knowingly the plain here this afturncon by a report that the famous flllbusterer Dauntless, which of his testimony to the extent that It MR. L. WERTHHE1MER Sent us Last Week From New York 100 Dozen Corsets Which is entirely to many. We 'therefore Offer thia Week 25 Dozen at 25c Each. 25 Dozen at 50c Each. Which is exactly one half what you would have to pay for the eame articlo. in any other house in the land. JFLonji e otruLllr, LOST AN UNCLE. Eneeley, a D., 2 21, 1898. the Bonanza lode, and claim that th Pepper, Its staff correspondent in Cu ba: sailed from Fernandlna last week, has plaintiff was damaged by the taking out of the ore besides the value of the Capt A. M. Kocher, Hot Springs, S. D. "At this writing divers are develop been captured by the Spanish. ing Important results. From eumlai Dear Sir: I am In quest of an uncle ore. In the manner In which it wa The report la that she was taken into Havana harbor under the escort of a last heard of In the Black Hills of H. mined to the extent of 20,0iK). Now tlon of the Interior wreckage, they i . ... will show you that the ore In the stope was as rich Wore the line was reached as after It hud been crossed, and that the average gross yield did not exceed M7.73. And besides this we will show you by the records kept by this gentleman himself, the record of his assays, that his testimony has been colored in the extreme by his feeling which he ad D., In 1876. Was a soldier from Colo far as the damage to the mine Is con Spanish gunboat i rado In the late war, by name Alvln S. nave set-urea evidence wnicn seem conclusive that the explosion came from underneath the ship. Some of the cerned, wherein it was claimed to bt DIED AT CHICAGO. Carpenter. Can you tell me it the records of the 8. D. Soldiers Home have mailer magazines may have exploded $'!0,000, we shall offer no testimony, be cause no testimony whatever has been adduced showing that the plaintiff was such a name on file. rne main ten-ln-h magazine did not Chicago, Feb. 25 Special: Thomas nilts he has uKulnst Mr. Franklin, the Li' explode. The condition of the lnterio: Campbell, a well known real estate In any respect damaged. An attempt Yours very truly, E. D. CARPENTER of the ship shows further Drobabllitv as you will recollect, was made to show president of this corporation. "We shall show you that this com man, of Huron, 8. D., died to day at fassavant Memorial hospital, after a Alvtn 8. Carpenter never was an in the cost of cleaning these slopes, clean mate of the S. D. Soldiers Home. brief illness. Ing these tunnels of the debris, or these pany entered ujHin this enterprise of reducing those refractory ores, those A. M. KOCHER. drifts, but it was shut out uy the court. ores that held within their grip pre Now so far as that Issue Is concerned WATER-SOAKED JOURNAL. tiff would be entitled to recover the market value of the ore without deduct Ing the cost of mining. That to meet this charge by the moat satisfactory proof that they did not know and had no reason to know that they were up e will give It no attention, because CHEMICAL ENGINE. The fire and police committee of the cious metals with such tenacity that no human Wing had ever been found who could make It disgorge its wealth Washington, Feb. 25. No news has there !s no evidence whatever In sup' port of any such demand. been received by the government from Havana to day. Consul General Lee city council, under authority of that body and In conjunction with Chief En Now then, we come to the question on other ground than their own. That until this company put Its money, 1U time, Iu experiments and Its risk into n this case, and that Is the combine! sent the water soaked medical Journal the defendant expected to demonstrate gineer Frawley, haa ordered a handsome chemical engine from the 'Ire of the Maine. It will be kept for fu to the Jury that It was not under mor of the wreck having been due to outside force. "The further the Investigation progresses, the more untenable becomes the theory, which the Spanish government adduced, to show accidental cause. It Is evident the Rpanltth case will be based on the claim that a fire proceeded the explosion. "Captain Sampson and his colleagues of the naval board may have outside 'evidence offered regarding a torpedo float producing the explosion. "Said one diver who had been engaged In the work of getting bodies out from under the hatch: " 'God may be merciful to men who blew those poor fellows to eternity; the United Suites should not.' "This was before Long's order pro M J questions of how much the plaintiff was damaged by taking the ore out ol Btope No. 3 over the Bonanza line and ture reference. The state department Extinguisher company of Chicago. The al obligation to pay the plaintiff a dol . B V M as l m r haa authorized the statement that it engine la a No. 6, single cylinder ma lar, but by the enexorable rule of tha stoM No. 2 over the Bonanza line. The chine, having a capacity of 65 gallons has not been advised by Lee, either law they were obliged to pay only the I WERTHHEffiElTTrWOTp ihe enterprise, in order to solve the problem of their reduction; and that during those early years of the testing the problem wheth'-r they could 1)9 made of use at all or not. It required thi expenditure of capital and labor, and we will show to you that this very company and other companies expen plaintiff claims in Its complaint f-oo. ot chemical fluid. It will weigh about officially or seml-offlclally, that he ad highest market value of the ores ex 000, or one-sixth of an acre (here coun vised Americana In Havana to get tracted from plaintiffs ground and 1,200 pounds and la easily handled by nand. The engine will cost $600 and 1 sel was Interrupted by plaintiffs' coun with that It would have to be content away. It is thought that the report to that effect may have arisen from some sel who objicied to the use of certain expected In a few weeks. Chief Fraw- ed much larger sums of money In th maps.) remark by him in ordinary conversation to the effect that persons who reduction of these ores, and charged THE MIlIlliG INDUSTRY. Now, In order that you may under ley says It haa been customary for railroads to transport fire apparatus free of charge and he expecU this engine will be delivered gratia. much larger sums of money for their stand the rise, and the theory of the plaintiffs rase, I was atxmt to state that Btaais raacu, Ftm. Bsa lias, CasUsr. Joaa Tunas, Ylss-Fie have no particular business there might find other places more desirable. reduction than afterwards when the hibiting oiiUTri from talking. This The Wyoming Fake. ' new discoveries were mace, and new H. H. Klemer, of this city, waa not Thia will be a valuable piece of ap The Spanish legation asserts that diver evidently thought the explosion was not an accident He had an ex material could be brought in here by the value of this ore In one-sixth of an acre was $200,000. That would, of course amount for an acre to $1,200,000 be only man Uken In by the fellow paratua to be used In case of Incipient everything is absolutely quiet at Hav ana and there Is no cause for alarm. j the American National Rank 4 OT.DJEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. the building of railroads, and when It pert's capacity and opportunity for Wagner In the vicinity of Casper, Wy, fires which can be extinguished with a tiecame more of a commercial enter nd It would amount for the whale very little water and comparatively Judging. prise which was likely to continue In Mr. Klemer claims he was not worked and waa indignant that the newspapers should even Insinuate that be had been small loss. "The Havana public la not permitted About Insurance Statements. definitely than when It wai In IU In to know the Intensity of public sent! Bonanza claim. $12,000,000. Now, the defendunt will undertake to show that the general average of the ore In the uoes a general Banning business. YORK ribbed by Wagner. Mr. Klemer thinks MURDER ment In the United States. Only mev fancy. We shall show you that the market value of the reduction of these AT THE NEW STORE. Insurance Commissioner Kipp s pa Bonanza claim Instead of possessing the property represented by Wagner is gre details are permitted to lie known Will p.y 'Interest on time certificates of deposit Will buy and all 2 ores at the tine when they were ac bona fide. Dr. Wade, of Lead, A. A, per at Mound City , the Courier, appears this week with about $600 worth the value which these experts have sought to give It by getting some j exchange on all pane or tae united ?tate ana Europe. of what happens In Washington. Con' gresa Is watched with excessive anxle Jackson, of Whltewood and John Man Owing to the tact that our ne i Will make a specialty on all kinds of oolleotions, aid ail baataeee of Insurance statements In Its columns ning of tola city, were also duped, spring stock has arrived and we ire tually reduced at the smelter here, was $!4. instead of $8. and In addition to that they charged 5 per cent of the product Instead of 10 per cent" Counsel pieces of ore here and there, we shall show that the entire ore body, as I am ! w-11 be transacted on business prlnolplea. ty by palace officials, but the poulace knows nothing of hat Is liable to hap making room for It we are going to and the Sioux Falls Journal, another paper which has espoused the commis Wagner exhibited a specimen of ore to Dr. Wade which he had assayed and It advised, taken of the same character make a slaughter on SHOES, fro n tnc pen. Evidences of 111 feeling towards American people and exultation over then stated that the defendant recog 3 found In these stopes In the Dorian DIRKOTOMSa list to the 16th inclusive, on those days sioner's cause, appears with an equal or larger amount Politics aside, this nized that they were bound by an In went nearly $2,000 per ton. The doctor sent a man over to the "mines" to look at them and buy a claim but the za claim, has not exceeded about 115 a the Maine disaster do not lessen. aAMCKti W. ALLWRTOt.of Obtnwo. tOtH TSHl. agRBABa, J we will make a 20 discount on all shoes, Men's, ladlea and children's is a flagrant violation of the spirit of ton. Now, I was about to remark a "The Maine Inquiry dwarfs Interest WILLI B A w W W exorable rule of law to pay these plain-'iffs for the ore that had been taken ut of their ground, not by any moral the law and the next legislature should few moments ago that the things which follow couldn't find anything and came U In note ot this and don't fall to In Cuban politics, but recent devalep make a repetition of it Impossible by toii are to try are these: First, the back disgusted. John Manning bought ments carry official confession of the take advantage of Ui cut S-10-wSt. ibllgatlon but would strenuously ob permitting the companies to arrange Into a property and waa afterwards of quantity of the ore which was contain failure of autonomy." le- t to paving any profit to this plain- for their republican Independent of the ed In No. 3 west over the Bonanza line, fered $500 for a part of hti Interest, by Considerable Inquiry la being made iff or to enhance the value over and A. A. Jackson, but John In the mean department Aberdeen News. SAY WAR IS UNNECESSARY. for good farm lands adjoining the Hills and the quality of the ore In No. 3 west; the quantity of the ore In No. 2 above what It was worth. That It would The present law requires Insurance time had been over to the property and and good land la In strong demand. show that In both of theie stopes. In west over the Iioiianza line, and the companies doing business In the state was unable to find anything and aim- Chicago. Feb. 24. The Tribune has the number 2 perhaps more than in No to publish In one paper in each Judicial WINTER GRU the following from Washington, D. C, quality of that ore over that line. Those are the two first questions, ply gave Jackson a deed to his belongings and even agreed to pay for record- there was a large quantity of mate circuit, a statement of its condition I do not propone to do anything at all to precipitate war with Spain. Up t) rial that was not ore. That it cost Just Ins; the deed he waa glad to get rid of which you are to try and determine The Insurance commissioner submits to each company a Hat of three papers as much to break and remove that ma It without costing him any more mon The first question Is, the quantity. In order that you may arrive at the value. terial which does not contain precious from which to select one for the pub ey. We understand Mr. Jackson "got the present I do not think war Is either necessary or Inevitable. I would be lax In my duty, however. If I did not D rename for the future. The situation STANCE $ metals as that which does, and that the lication of its notice. The companies In" on bed rock on some property from Second, the quality that you may arrive at the value. Putting In the quan plaintiff has undertaken to charge thl are first held up by a state examiner and then held up tor the benefit of a PURCHASERS. defendant with la rue Quantities ot mi Is grave, and the policy of the admin Wagner, but that he Is willing to sell out pretty cheap now. We have been told by parties who have been over the ground that Wagner has several little party organ. It makes no difference waste. The defendant will undertake to aho that when their workmen 5 0 tlty and the qucllty together to make the proper reductions to which I shall refer, furnishes the market value of the ore In those two bodies. Now, there is another question which you are to try how Ignorant or incompetent the ex crossed the line In the No. 2 and aminer, the company must pay his fare Istratlon will be determined almost entirely by the course of events from time to time. There la no necessity for alarming the people, but congress must be ready to assist the admlnls'ratlon shafts and that his dumps show rich specimens, but that no ore can be found stope, they were wholly unconscious Can bay their winter's supplies of Groo tries, TEAS, COFFEES, PROVISIONS, ETQ. . . . . -XJ-FOE OASH-JX- from Pierre to Its headquarters, to ot the fact Wnnse It enters Into the element of In the shafts. gether with sleeping car fare, meals, c, W damages In this case, as the court, w Now we shall show further It sup without making too many Inquiries as hotel bills and per diem. Then the company la forced to publish Its state- CONCENTRATES. apprehend will advise you, and that Is, port of our claims that this ore was not to the course of current events. menu In a paper of little or no circu taken out of this property knowingly Thomas Bradley, Savery Bradley and To a senator who called upon him At the low priors current before the adyinet oaotdooedl kj V the Din trlnw hili. TVrtMn i,Trmnk TTMTn rA Rf!nA!l (' there has been some testimony adduce 1 on the part of the plaintiff to show lation from which it will receive no by this defendant In the first place, to ask some serious questions as to the J. W. Smith, of Philadelphia, extensive stockholders In the Union Hill that the defendant had knowledge of Both the method ana rorulu wbe possible benefits. The result is that policy of the administration. President there was a claim located called the Bonanza on the east side of what was at the old prices the fact, that underground In these ex left yesterday for their Bj"? ' FiMiatakan; It U pleasant company. McKlnley, with the utmost frankness the companies raise the rate to meet all these peculations and the Insured cavatlons which they were making In afterward the Silver Case. That claim homes after a few days' sojourn look the stopes and tunnels that they were was located by Martin Chapman, and pay for It Another Injustice Is that ing after their Interest. Mr. Brjdley has uttered the above words. There Is now no doubt that the government of the United States Is actually pre 70 SD running, that they had crossed the Bo papers carrying insurance. If not of the says they found things In good snap nanza easterly line, and were therefore same politics as the party In power at Galena and return home better satisfied than ever before that the proper paring for war with Spain. It does not follow that war wilt come, but the have no opportunity to play even. A by his testimony and that of others, it will be shown that the Bonanza lapped over on the Golden Reward prope'ty something like 18 feet; that through In some manner both companies applied aaa remaning to tha taata, ana ants gntlj yet promptly on the Kldncyi, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the rys tern effectually, dispell oolda, head aobaa and ferai and oorea habitual oonatipation. Syrup of Figa la tha only itanody of its kind dnoed, pleasing to th taata ana ao-oeptable to tha atomaeh. prompt In lu totioa and truly beneficial in Its out of their own ground, the Golden lwanl and Silver Case ground, and ti f.J republican paper in the Eighth circuit ty la good and that the company will In twrxtll tttM War Slid Til. TV de- i v " - i rtfrt over Into the Bonanza." undoubtedly resume development work , i. . ,,n-.iivhle to be I carries sj.duv iuu.i. uu I .... ..,., Km .1.4 reclDiwate Counsel thereupon continued and for United States patent through con shortly. . i uuim wvuiu m - MUX. concealed. I - . . ., , stated that the defense won. J under tract with a certain deputy mineral 8. D. and W. H. Kllpetrtck came up ,. . . . vi. .t.inot unit l as weu as 10 im aTr.iu ium prosiurm. u WA . m.lnmmA , do A. C. HORNBERGER. PROP. take to show as closely as Is possible surveyor, the line of the Bonanza was yesterday from the Ouster Peak dli it - v-11.. .V... n .nit nt all I CUiaUOn. ovn. mr; v. u uie mruri nun bunt ' i ..... .w 1 , . . . that wna ta- swung over on to the Golden Reward trtct where they have a bond on a Seats, prepared on)r from the mot healthy ana agreeable anbeSaaoea, ita mar y excellent analltiea ooimaend It vldcnee to the contrary, the explosion Next Doer to Fc-toHca. r so. Tea puuiicauou m iuw i me rai i mwhui . menu should be left to the companies 1 ken from those two stopes, No. 2 and 1 that oar for them no matter what po- and rebut as completely as possible the group of promising claims at the head of the Maine was the result of an un ground about 100 feet, making a conflict of an acre and a third In area In to ill and hey xsde It the most fortunate accident; but they recognize stead of one-sixth ot an acre. That neoilar remedy knovn. .v. . . .v.. -i.. , mfiv rvrove 1 Sllicat pan " of Jim Creek, and upon which they are doing extensive development work. They aay the ground la looking prettT good. Regarding the tunnel enterprise this surreptitious work was done with exaggerated statements made upon the stand by the defendanU witnesses, so that you can determine exactly tin amount of ore that was taken from firopof Figa la for sale ha 80 .ant bottles by all kadlsu dre true at almost any hour, and that If It 8TC. HOW ARE YOUR EYEST l shown even Infenenitlally that Spain out the knowledge of the Golden Reward company. That during the month Th'a hclda good for a short time only, as with all new goods purchased the adyanoe most be added Free examination of the eyes for all in the Ragged Top country they aay glata. Any reliable drnnglet vho mar nat hare it ea hand will pro had a hand in the catastrophe there ( ( v 0 i those two slopes. of December the Buxton Mining com the matter stands Just wbare It did errors of tlalon and accurate adjust will be but one thing to do, and that "We ahall show to your satisfaction osn U promptly lor any oca who wishes to try it. Donotaaoeptasy will be to seize the island of Cuba by ment of flaaaa. for the correction of I ... ...m K a scientlfle oculist at the that the Oolden Reward people did not t. tUia1 Iw I ..ww... 1 force of arms. I . , a, 1 i. .-J Vi. m munn to know thf.t pany employed Mr. White to obtain patent to the Bonanza claim; that during the month of January. Mr. Franklin, president of the defendant company, applied to Mr. White and made saotutate. ' M. A ja.a when they were up her a week ago, there has been no change although they believe the deal will be closed In a short time aa most ot the property ownen are la favor of fotaf late it At no Urn. alnce the war of the rebel Colorado State Pf. " " I . "Z , ..n- ,... but had crossed the Bonanza line, but . w - 1 wm t. i- uuierai. ueauwwu. they that they had reason to believe and dil lion has tne military oranca w i-'- . . seen so active as It is today, amlnatlon from 10 a. m to I p. in- f y. ff. ,0 jt j" f0 h1. tif7"- 'W "'' W W

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