The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 29, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1900
Page 2
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD, S. D. IN THE FIELD OF POLITICS. NOTICE TO VOTERS, THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 187-i. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. THREATENED CALAMITY. The Rev. Fleming M. Foster, minister and oracle of the reformed Presbyterian church, has deliberately announced that owing to the very glaring defects in the present bc heme of government, he and others of his Beet have decided that they must really remain away from the polls hereafter. There are bo many5 ohjec tionahle features to hi- found in our body politic they have concluded that moral men, particular Reformed Presbyterians, cannot lend themselves to the notorie ", and millions subsisting " on charity 1 1 I'd. or, "ii No- Kelow is a fur-simile f the ollltial d Constitutional A inendnients to lie voted vi inher (j. The fnxt Amendment on the 1 Killed el;lt(.s just as they did in Ih'.M." If so, vote for Bryan and you will get it. 0 DO YOU WANT IT?, Mr. Bryan proposes to give up that valuable stepping stone to the commerce of the Orient the Philippine TERMS OK Sl.'llSCRIl'TION: DAILY Kvery Morp.uK. Kxicpt Monday to the State dispensary of honors. To vole to retain the present lie eiise .11 v-llcin lv V plaeni"; a cross Inor,. lie One Year Mz Mouths. : One Mon i h WEEKLY- l-fu.'l Every Thunb One Your Mz Months r.(Mlfy f uprjsoval by th'' exercise of the 1 "" I ritdit of suffrage. i' "i i For the constitution of the I'tiited '"''.States, Mr. Foster ami his Hock have " ;i distaste amount ini to alnios posi you must vote wonl "Vos." The Stale our Stale Cu out. I isjieiisary Amendment islands. The countries commercially adjacent to Manila now buy $1,200,000,000 a year of goods chiefly of the kind we 11-iVV , '"! il nil. ol e " es ;it th otil-l'lasi Malic Bnterrd as Ile-aiiwood 1'ite.fliee . make. Yet they take only fi per cent of them from the United States. Now that we have the Philippines. BRYAN ATTACKS LABOR. At Anderson, Indiana, Bryan deliberately repeated his plea for burning the barn to get rid of the rats, saying: "The republican party has no plan for dealing with the trust question. Wo have. We say, first, put on the free list the trust made article, so that the trust cannot hide behind a, tariff wall." No regard whatever for the effe. t on labor. Not a moment's thought that any su h act as this would convulse nine tenths of the manufacturing in dustries of the country. Bryan's threat to remove the tariff from all things produced by trusts would take protection entirely away from nearly all the Industries of the country and' expose them to unchecked competition from cheap labor countries. Among the manufac turers affe. ted would be those producing boots and shoos, brassware, boxes, cigar moulds, clay and pottery, clothing all kinds, cordage, cotton goods, dentists materials, electrical apparatus, envelopes, foundry and machine shop products, furniture, gas and lamp fixtures. tive abhorrence. it is reallv a most amateurish pie. e nf work from their point of view, in proof of which it ! nee.I only be Raid That th,. frame-rs of the instrument did not ha.e perspb u-. ity to await the niniiii? of Mr I'ust'T and the other Kefori'ie.l I'ic-Ii;. (e,ians. I If the little uirls' i lass in Sunday s. bool pro.liir.. a le tier, more 'logical. c.impi'e..nsi . and satisi'ae Constitutional msndments. SAMPLE BALLOT. November 6, i9oo. we have a trading center Horn wiin n we can command a good share of that i business, just as Kngland is command- j ing it from her Asiatic stations at j Hong Kong and Singapore. j Already our eommoive in the ()ri-i in is rapidly increasing. ! But all these advantages in this splendid market Mr. Bryan proposes tory ilo' imietit. Mr I'o.l. r opines that the tea hitr.'s of his ecf have .not been sufficiently :e ipiire.l. The IJev Mr Foster showed a sin Kular bi. k of jiidL-nieut. in making his anuouin eineiit without, firit warning the country at large to prepare for a shoe. Indeed, be may almost be said to have forgotten some" of the to abandon, so that we shall lose that trade and not have more work for Our mills. Do you want to lose it If so. vote for Bryan and you will get it. County. South Dakota. I 'nixsei Aineiiilnient to the Consti; ticm of llie Stain of Smith Dakota. Shall A r licit) 7 of the Consinuiio i. i-p.-at.d" tenets of his church in bringing needless panic to his brethren in the darkness outside. A country wrought, up by the in Shall the above Amen. I I men t to the at mn in to Uie icihviI YES n REPUBLICAN TICKEI. ! of Article .'7 of the ".u stitution, which provi.l.-. for the Manufacture) an.l Siiki of Intoxicating l.i- NO gloves and mittens, hats and caps, household goods, scientific instruments, iron and steel pipe, leather goods, mattresses and spring beds, millinery and lace goods, plumbing and gas fitting articles, rubber and elastic goods, silk goods type, umbrellas and canes, trunks and valises, wirework. etc. THAT "CROSS OF GOLD." What about the cross of gold? Four years ago Bryan solemnly warned the republican party against crucifying mankind on such a cross, saying. "You shall not.'' ' I I tiuor I'n.ler Kx. lusuc Staiei Control tec approved ami ratith-.l ? Kluctorers favoring the repeal ef the 'liitH!isary system will placa a cross fore llie word "Yes." Those epHi.siii I lie ien al of the ellspcn.mry system will place a crtw-t lu fore the word "No.'' tensity of a strenuous political campaign, evil tho it he, does not deserve this added cnuSe for excitement. In these days, when men are standing breathlessly waiting for some one to tell them how the Germans will vote, for whom the Scandinavians are Inclined, to which party the farmers of Steuben county are tending, it is not right that the Heforined Presbyterians should suddenly crop up and Presidential Ticket. For President WILLIAM McKINLEY. For Vice President THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Members of Congress For Presidential Electors THOMAS K1TCI1, (irant. CHAS. THOMPSON, Hand. ARTHUR DROWN, Lincoln. A. II. MARBLE, Butte. DO YOU WANT IT? The election of Bryan would seriously affect our foreign commerce. Ninety-five per cent of the world's trade is conducted by gold standard countries, and only five per cent by silver standard countries. The effect of (hanging our standard of money from that in which ninety-five per cent of the world's commerce is transacted, to that in which only five per cent of the world's commerce is transacted, would be absolutely dis-trous to tlfe magnificent foreign trade we now have. Our foreign trade would be very much Iohh than it miff is, and our mills would run shorter time with loss work for labor. Do you want .c. if so vote for Bryan and you will get it. DO YOU WANT IT? In 1SH2 this country was more prosperous than ever before. Employ l'rcisel Amendment to the Ccinslin t ion . ARTICI.K XXVIII. Sec I. C Aiujther Ann tieltnciH w ill also apj.rar . ilns hallot VOTERS ATTENTION' According to Bryan the maintenance of the gold standard means crucifixion, and in his view such torture has been going on for four years and yet he will not even protest against it now. Where is "shall not" now? Silence gives consent. Is Bryan consenting to have mankind perish on the cross of gold" Apparently so. but brutally announce that they wont tend either way. The announcement may he said to come almost with the force of a thunderbolt and in its effect have something of the nature of a revolution. How can Mr. Bryan and the united democracy wage war against trusts and imperialism with the knowledge that Foster and the reformed Presbyterians are not with him? How can Mr. Hanna Indulge In the cheerful pastime known as "shaking down" a trust with the thought always that Foster anil the Reformed were sulking in their tents? It was not. right of Mr. Foster: it was undiplomatic of his church to do this. They should reconsider. At the same time it may not be premature to announre that neither Mr. Congressional Ticket. CHARLES H. BURKE, of Hushes. EBEM W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. State 1 Icket. Governor C. N. HERRIED, of McPherson. Lieutenant Governor OEO. W. SNOW, of Bon Homme. Secretary of State O. C. BERO, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBER, of Hute hlDson. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of Brown. Attorney General JOHN L. PYLE, of Boadle. Bunt, of Public Instruction B. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public Landt DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberta. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LOCOQ, of Douglas. , Legislative Ticket State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINB. H. T. COOPER. If embers of House of Representatives R. H. WARREN. JOHN N. HAWOOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AM09 PATRIQUIN. County Ticks. SThrl ff this is a case whereordinary rules do not apply. Bryan's silence in regard to silver ia compulsory, not a matter of choice. In his angry outbreak at Ann Arbor, where he forgot himself for the moment, his fanatical devotion for silver was revealed. He cannot talk about crucifixion on the cross of gold lest people laugh at him when they think of the prosperity coming to them under the gold ment was more general and wages higher than they had ever been. The people, misled by the assertions of the democratic office seekers, tried the experiment of changing the policy of the government on the tariff, question. What was tho result? On tho very day following election business began to decline, dealers canceled their contracts for home manufactures, factories reduced their working forces and curtailed their orders for the product of the mine, the forest and the field, and uncertainty took the place of the confidence In the Itelievilio- you to ll.lVe the- coin llie -lei;! I interest, prosperity ami e..n(.p;1 welfare of tin- Siabi at 1 1 earl, your t a refill consider;! I ion i f 1 1,, t i j -n-sary Amendment is requested. Our lal l.eis lal lire,- btdieviiio- tiie. Stale Dispensary Aineinl nient to he a had law and Itelieviiie il not to lie tile wish of llie people ol' llie Stale dial we linve Stale Dispensary; refused to pass any law in pro- ide ways and means of pullino' ii in force. Two years ajro tliis law was vote d mi ly ,i very few of the voters, as tliev did imt u iielersi.iinl t lie ballot or what il meant. Older states have profited by experience, ninl voters believed the license system to lie the only practi al and business way of hamlliii;: the liipior trade. The saloon men of this stale are j m vi to the state, counties and towns over s.".J."i.0ll annually in license. To put State Dispensary in force- would empty several hundred business and resilience buildings in the state. It would force the state to er,, several hundred thousands of dollars in debt. This is very important to taxpayers and property owners. Vote "Yes" and help vole a lnd law off our state constitution. Foster nor his co-religionists will precipitate chaos by withdrawing altogether from this mishandled republic. They will continue to do business and allow the laws of the country to protect them. standard. He has to nurse his fad in silence, but if the opportunity ever comes his devotion to it will be shown to be as reckless as ever. business world. What followed? Every workingman, every employe, and every farmer whose market was thus curtailed remembers. There was a panic, depression, gloom, enforced idleness and 'want All this was the result of a change in our tariff policy which affected the great manufacturing interests and which threatened labor. Bryan now threatens to lower the tariff and take protection away from labor. Do you want it. if so vote for Bryan and you will get it. THE JUDICIARY IN POLITICS. The better ethics preclude a Judge on the bench taking part In politics. Vital Interests depend upon the court's Impartiality and freedom from bias. A partisan campaign places him In Improper relations with different parts of the community, and the respect due the bench is lessened. The duty of exercising the rights of citizenship, voting and expressing private opinion, rests of course upon the Judge as well as others. While dignity may in private life sometimes be a cloak for ignorance, reserve and thoughtful conduct are demanded in a court. Running around making stump speeches and electioneering on street corners are glaringly Improper things for a judge on the beni h to do. No republican judge of this circuit has failed to appreciate this fact, and no democratic or populist judge has ever remembered It. BRYAN'S INJUNCTION. Although Bryan copyrighted his book and gives notice to the public that all rights are reserved, he could never protect them without the writ of injunction. If it was not for in junction anybody could pirate Bryan's book with Impunity. If Bryan, or any other author, should sue an infringer for damages he could not prove or recover enough to pay a third part of his costs. Hence it is that the courts apply the writ of injunction in such cases to prevent the injury taking place, instead of trying to rectify it afterwards. And it is that righteous process alone which protects Mr. Bryan in his right to his book. BRYAN'S CROAKING. With peace assured in the Philippines, a great' deaT of surplus American capital will go there for investment rather than be loaned to Europe. But that will not please Bryan. He complains if money is scarce fit FRED DOTEN. Treasurer H. P. LORET. Register of Deeds JOHN WRINOROSK. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts SOL STAR. State's Attorney S. C. POLLT. County Judge FRANK J. WASHABAUQH. Assessor A. A. MOODIE. Superintendent of Schools HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner DR. CHARLES E. ZERFING. Surveyor A. S. OATES. County Commissioner Tiird District- FDWARD CCH!TMV. For Justice of the Peoce V COLVV. rirndwood. TV. M. rjrTMWY. Tnl. ,T. Tt A TT.PTY, Calena. J. TT. Pin.EY. Sr"irflsh. For Con'nh'cs T C SJtTT',.'tii1stoo4: -v -' TV. nTTTPT, Td. J. W. PECOR, Oalena. DO YOU WANT IT? The change of tariff policv which THAT THIS MEANS lpset and demoralized every business and industry in '93 was bad enough. But now it is proposed to couple with it another change which would S top i Think TO YOU. If ALL OUR SUMMER GOODS rhome. arid he growls if we have so -BRYAN'S PROTECTION. Some out and out free traders have constantly objected to such protection as Bryan now has on his book "The Ginghams, Dimities and Percato much that we can lend a part of it abroad. He is determined not to be suitjrd not while running for office on a platform of discontent. o DO YOU WANT IT? Are you a Workingman? Are you a Miner? THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR it multiply its disturbing and destructive power upon business and every industry. "' Bfyan proposes to riiahgc Sound Money for Cheap Money a Hundred-Cent Dollar for a Fifty-Centy Dollar. Do you want it. if so vote for Bryan and you will get it. DO YOU WANT IT? If the Sherman law, which limited the quantity of silver to be added to the currency and promised to maintain the parity of all money, caused, in any part, the panic of 1893, certainly the prospect of a law which would authorize an unlimited addition of silver to the currency of the country and make no effort to maintain Its parity with gold, would cause a much greater uncertainty and panic. First Battle." The American people, however. Insist on protecting the work of the head as well as of the hands. Hence Mr. Bryan's book is protected by copyright. His' protection Is much more thorough than that 25c NOW GO AT 35c NOW GO AT 2nc. Wp have a nice rcw line nfMuilin t'n.lcrwour which we are lo wlline at a Rrent RnrKdln. A bwnitlfcil line- el beet iprpkdtf.' lace curtains. 12c. b THE LABORINNG MAN'S FRIEND. The affidavits of Peter Tempering and GIo Vlrenzo. as published in the Pioneer-Times, shows that Joseph B, Moore, fusion qandidate for Congress, la Indebted to the miners in the following amounts ior work done on the Almeda mine in 1899: Nam. Days. Amt. Peter Temperlno 21 73.50 Dio Ferdinand 64 234.00 GIo Gaspero 67 234.00 F. Marchiando 29-2 103.25 Gio Varenio 28 2 99.75 any manufacturer enjoys, for he has E Theyall go at a taciifre. c clime a rrei inrt ect iu on Hit' 1 MlL u in fact a complete monopoly a regu lar book trust and no one can com & THE LADIES pete with him at any price. Getting rich off this monopoly he has the au dacity to insist on stripping protection away from other people who are in fact not half as well protected as ma to be fac 1 o a.' total .. $734.50 Thesv miners took out ore which wau ahlniuut n e SnAsrflafi PvaoiMa ,nd WatchmaH Are you a Farmer? Are you a Mechanic? Are you a Printer? Are you a Railway Employe? Are you a Clerk? Are you a Traveling Salesman? Are you a Wage-earner of any kind? n DO YOU WANT IT7 Do you- want to continue the present good business conditions which give employment to all, and better wages than ever before paid? If so, vote for McKinley, for under his administration the protective tariff and sound money principles for which the republican party legislated, the depression, the Idleness and want of 1893-96 have vanished. The country is now more prosperous, and labor Is better employed, wages are higher than ever before. It is reasonable to expect that with a continuation of McKlnley's policy, prosperity and e. The Pioneer Jeweler he. Ingratitude is a despicable fault '. n If Stevenson had taken up arms for the "storm cradled , nation that fell," his courage might have saved him from criticism. But he did not do that Rather living In Central Illi ESTABLISHED 1876. BEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. A M. M ........ . i wriTOri . ee WAItM EXAMINER FOR THE Bu" u" ,Jwood. 1 mill and, paid for in cash before the ore was all delivered. Aa a matter of fact Moore drew $200 more than the yalue of the ore which be refuses tore-fund. Notwithstanding all this he continues to tell the men that he has not been paid for the are Do you want dt? If so, vote for Bryan and you ill get it. If it Is information Mr. John R. Wilson wants, he is directed to call on Mr. Charles E. Davis, candidate for states' attorney on the fusion ticket, who can tell all about the unpaid bills of the miners employed by Lien, Tate and Pettlgrew on the Cutty Sark mine. Does Mr. Wilson consider Mr. Davis a "reputable legal firm." and If so, why did he take claims for collection if they were not collectible? If these claims were not Just, why did Lien recently pay Ben Simonson in full? nois, he became an active member of NO. od main on.-- love ror me laoonng man. un oepi- ember 15, Tefering to a joint meeting Do you Know the Knights of the Golden Cirlle. and secretly furnished information and arms to the confederacy. The fife In the rear was harder for the boys In bine to stand than that in front This charge is not -a political one, bnt can be verified by .the oath of some reputable cltltens of central .Illinois today. Copperbeadism does not deserve, nor hi") It ever received th forgiveness of the hearts of the north. ployment would also continue. ..01 the iaror unions u discuss neeaea - legislation, he said In. the Lead Call .of that date; The joint meeting of the union . was callsd for the purpose of decid Good Thing The American citizen always enjoyed the most splendid advantages. Does be wish again to When You See it ? ing the dimensions of the growler." If you do, then come and not onlv SEE, hut I;lsIe, pEB SHERRY, ANGELICA, TOUT ana SHERRY, feel the humiliation of 1893 to 1896 when the question was: "What shall I and my family eat?" If he likes that he will vote for Bryan and Knight of the Golden Circle, copperhead, Stevenson and a return of hard times. . .. - . DO YOU WANT ITf Remember the panic, the depression, the idleness and want of 1893-96. That was a result of change of policy in only one great factor of our national welfare. , ' " The election of Bryan would mean a return to all the causes which led to that panic. It would also add to them two: other equally potent causes for nanlc a change of currency and a change In oor foreign policy. Do yon really want ihese changes? Do yon want a panic In 1901-4 far our brands of - 0 " 1 1 I never reduced wages or encouraged the reduction of, wages, either personalty or professionally, but have always favored maintaining our pres ent standards. Personally I have, em General apathy does not appear to be lingering In the better sections of New York City, where the registration of genntne and honest voters has been so great that there Is danger, of thousands of qualified republican' electors being disfranchised, unless many of the voting divisions can be divided MUSCATEL 50c : They Are The Best in the West- father time ployed a good many miner at differ. vit times, and have paid thenv wheth4etore election day. Tammany'a only FAMILY Cl&UOR STORE Wonld it not bo weH to vote tor McKinley and prosperity, for ourselves and families and a' good, fair chance, to him, rather than for Bryan, theo- nupo vi urerajininf in is great popu 5t lar uprising is thru the familiar worse than that of 1893-96? . Case beer delivered free t.o residence. 0 Ialll X my enterprises have been auccess- fuf or unsuccessful E. VV. Martln.T- ageney of frind. Do you want Idleness and starvation riesand BommWespjcmitjr?

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