The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 10, 1900 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1900
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. "ujrLnjT-ruAjajiruTjT n n p ? - i A Good Shoe.... Xeedx N Lnii-; talk t .el 1 it. Ours 3 arc all -food, but at the ame time we want tn talk tn u about i"in,o" footwear. T damage. The division of forestry has studied this question for some years in the northeastern states, where the same beetle has destroyed thousands ot acres of standing timber. It has been found that the only way to check the advance of the beetle is by removing the large limber whi.n is infested, and afterwards enforcing clean lumbering, namely, removing all of th-merchantable tiaiher. piling th- brush in th' stumps and after they have dried out, I. Hilling them during Unfavorable s-aon. ''und-r 1 ar-f il supervision. This is necessity . as the beetle breeds to large -xt.-n' between the bark and wood in stumps and lops A ft 'T I llis is dlUle t he Oe,-t 1 . s,,i,l kin's and rarely remains in any lo-calitv foi aiiv l.-nmh of lia.- a- !!- are very migratory. No 1)1 1 1 1 M some pel . .IIS b.l'i' Ihe impression that the government intends placing restrictions upon th- procuring of i iinlier. which will work a hardship. 1,-t them dispell su. b notions at once, the gov eminent s purpose is to protect the timber from !-structive cutting and wast-, thereby insuring a supply for the future iWSSIXG OF YKI.LOWS l'uF I'AItK. It is stilted on good authority that the. gevsei s w hich have mud" Vcllow-stone lark f ilnoiis are gradually declining. Spots one' th- -1 - -1 1 1 e of e-t raoi di iiii y phi nomena are now covered by buildings showiiu that liatii"-'- Studying Black Hilts Timber. " Mr. e7"m .""Griffith, of the Division of Forestry and Department of Agriculture, was a recent arrival from and is now engaged in making a very careful and thoro investigation of the iuaiitity. rharacter an ! ointii-n ial value of the timlier upon the reserved lands within tli- Black Hills Forest iteserve. This investigation is elalxir-ate in all its details and w;Ii b- on-din ted along th- lines of ns-ai. h, adopted by the government as th- result of many years of id one study and olnservation upon sci-ntilic prin-,-iplei. ill. ;nmt!i, assisted by study andidis-rvation upon si d-ntili-pfiinkipl-s. Mr. r.rittith, assist-.i by a i orps of experienced, competent men, will doubtless ! thus engaged diwing ihe entii- year li- is now in th- fore-Is and expats his assistants to arrive soon. Mr Oiitl'.th h is b-, n i n-ag' d the ia-t two .-,irs by the .livision of of Forestry, rl.ieKy in the ton-sis of th- northeastern and souther states, making winking plans by nieai.s of whiili the l.uge number of eoiupunie-are operating. By the- working plal.s the tiliib-r is cut, above a fixed iliaiuel"!' upon the stump, with an object of securing a delinit ! annual yield and at th- sain- time se-nring a second i -rop of tinibe'. Hy thes' methods Tli-" 'I'lib-r i titling is done sysl-uiuli-i itlly only t h- m-i a halilabl" timlxT is ilisiios'd of and Ihe forests are greatly improved in character. As tile fores' reservation r,; the Ladies. Call anil allow u to show you the liet $3.00 shoe in the world. Anv tvle tin.-, eolor or weight oi ole or upper. We have them all. THROUGH A GLASS. VORY SOAP is a skin soap. On one square 4 inch of your hand there are 2,800 pores. On the whole body you have 2,3b 1, 254 ot these little cavities to look after. Every one of these Gentlemen. Our $3.50 Shoe openings must be kept clear, or the impurities of the body can not pass out. Now, to cleanse the pores, you need a fine, pure soap. Scientists who speak not from opinion, but from scientific analyses, urge the use of Ivory Soap. 99 per cent. pure. work l.a.s b-i n exhausted. Tourists who level I -cited the pari-, iil'e mlvisco' io do so soon, before they l av - passed In all s-hade and leathers, is jut 5 simply a 0001 1 as the best. You can't beat it anywhere. Give ih a trial and we can convince v-u. I niti'l States embrace in Ih- aggregate about p;.iiiiii,ooii acres, and the secietaiy of the interior -has cal'.'T upon the division of forestry lo make working plans for these immense Zipp Shoe Co. 655 Main St. rBxTU UTJTJTJXTUT' 1J IJTJTJTJXTTJTJTJ UlJTJTJTJXTLnj UlSUXHSUXTU JJ1JTUUTU ITU jore.ei'. 'Ibis information brings to mind, rather pointedly, 1 1 1 fait that eerliii" is the lav of the world, both g-oj. raphioai and physical Health is the most precious possi ssimi in the world and too gr"iit care i,m not b-giv-n to it. In the spring you shoulu r-nevv your strength a 111W Tfn li.e your nloo 1 and nei ves vv ii !i ih " le-si of all iiiedici'ies- Hosteller's Stomach Hitters.. It also cures stomach disorders Try it. Circuit Court. 'I be cases of Sarah I . Cue el ill .gainst .1 oil ii .1. Murray, and Home Mining company against John J. Murray, action brought to quiet title to ci riain lots or parcels of land on City Creeii, vv-re tried to lb- court. Granville G lb iiii-tt appeared for plaintiff and .lam-s A. G-org- for ihe liel'-n-dants. 'I'll- decision of the court in both las-s was in tavor of tin- plain-lilts, am! ll-ir alto'iie v wis din -fl to dr. iv. Iindiiics of fa i t, conclusion ot law and m or in each . as- for tit-i i-spe, t iv- plain till's. 'I'll is v, as an al-tenipi on the part of tli- defendant to oimp gnu urd tliat bad long b n owned and possessed by 111- plaintiffs, and fin- vv I h h I b- company h-l 1 dd -. traits, i: is an undertaking that will consume a number of years. The secretary has decided, in view ol our peculiar -it ii at n Hi and the importance of a supply of timber in the development of mm mining and oth t resources, that the Mlm k Hills reserve is paramount, and Mr. Oriflith was hist ructed to make working plans for Ihis forest lost of all 5,?3i The first step taken in t, inking the proposed investigation and working plans to make township plats showing tiie reserved and 1:111 -served aim unoccupied landt. mineral, fanning and otherwise anil segregate tli-lll. For this purpose, Mr. Oritliih has jus! sp. ill a week 1:1 I lie land ollice at Rapid City, lollectiiig tli- iieci . sary arris will be taken in di'T-reni portions of the reserve, in which all Ihe timber down 10 live inches in diameter w ill be measured for its In iglit and diameter on Hie stump, beside a Burlinqton Route. No cnaiiK'-s no delays no chance of missing i oiini'ctions if you go to "alifocnia via the liuiiing'oii Itoute. Tin liurlingtoii Route runs thru sleeping cars from Omaha. Lincoln and Uastincs. to Salt Lake City and San Francisco, daily. Dining cars all the way. library (ar west of Ogdi-n. l'inest sn nery in the world. See nearest Burlington ticket agent, or write .1. Fiancis. O. 1". A.. Omaha, Neb. Troop A. U. S. V. Attention : , -rv ex.memlM'r of Tro id A. Third 1 idt'-d Slates olnnt- r cavalry, is re-,jii,.si.ii to ticw.ird his addivss to ( :.,; V. A Kai.kin. D.' on or 1., f,,re the 11; st of May. V. It is the inn ntioti to form a pi-rman :it organ:-zalion of the ex-ni.-mh.-rs 'f th" troop, ami the L'i'.rd of May. 'the .:.iy of th-t loop's departnr.. for th- -otnh, h 's 1,,,-n fixed upon as the dal- on vhi.-!i to perf.vt th- organization. Memli.' s ,,f th- troop who are at pr s.-nt in the li lis, or to whom this noti comes t attention, will confer a favor by com- H. E. Church Entertainment. Ues'day evening April l"th. Kol-rngis tbe program: PROGRAM: mm 11 ' I,aks led Chorus ' Old Settler's Story' C II. Sturer omental Solo "Tarant. lie'' .... wler Mrs. W. K. Hutchins lc Spirit of 'TO" Original Louis Heck he Lost Chord" Tableau led Chorus jussaint L'Ouverture" Phillips C. W. Conner, ingress Craml March" Mandolin I Guitar.... Miss I -earn. Mr. Yi.kiTs Romance- Andant .... F. . (Jotman ttrlight Serel.-ule. . K. V. Cuekerl Early Mandolin Orelie.stia. je Three Lovers" Will Cai letnn Pantomime. K "Our Motlu rs' Way Miss Cornwall and 11. 1'. Kohinson Xk of Ages " Taldeau and Sons Miss Bidding. DR. ifLORA rt. STANFORD, iameopathic physician. Ollice and idence. 374 Williams street. . . lorphine, liquor and tobacco habit tted. FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository DIRECTORS: 0. J SALISBURY. T. J. GRIER. ,P. E. SPARK8P. A. OUSHURST d. a. Mcpherson. OFFICERS: I lying with this request ProsMant O J SALISBURY I Cashier D. A. McPh. COMMITTKL. liv order i f t ,,0, Assist. Cashier ....J. S. DENMAN v io-rirBiunui 1. rf- Ulll I innnn' January Clearing ye LUUIWIS Spring Millinery. Tn- lat-st designs in .'.tshionable millinery will be shown this week at Mr. Seebii k's on Sherman street. F-clusive styles in bonnets ami hats suit-aid- or the eastern season, nnd early sp: ii. e weiin will b" show n on Thursday. Friday and Saturday. Mr. S-e-bick is recognized, not only Ihruout the Hills, but as far as his Irus travel, noith, east, south and west, as one ol tiie most artistic milliners in the west. The ladies of this and surrounding i it in- are cordially invited to call and see his line of turbans, and all styles ot bids suitable for stivet wear in tli" e.nlv spring. A specialty of them will be made this week. DeMouth's "Ark" No. 70 Sherman Street. Have made a sweeping reduction on a very large amount of their Stock During th9 month of January we will close oat several luge lines ot Men's Boy's and Children's Clothing at great reductions, GENUINE reductions, on the very best makes of Clothing Lot No. I We place on sale 2 Cassimere ami Cheviot its, in new patterns, handsomely tailored, worth and sold where at $10.00; our price during1 this sale $5,T5. Lot No, 2 We place on sale about 350 f strictly all wool cassimere and worsted Suits ?4 in the new stripes and checks, also black clays For Cash Are You a Cash Buyer? If so, it will Pay you to make an investig ation A COM M F N I C A T I ON Mr. Kditor. Allow nie to speak a few words in favor of Chamberlain s Cough Remedy. I suffered for thro years with the bronchitis and could not sleep at nights. l , tnai. si?vera: doctors and various patent medicines, but could get nothing to give nie any relief until my wife got a bottle of this valuable medicine, which has completely cured me W. S. B roc!; man Bagnell, Mo. This remedy is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips, druggist. careful study of the rale of growth will be cari-d on so that when the work is completed the average number of feet. Ixiard measure, will b- v-ry accurately determined. Thus when a certain diameter is fixed by th- department as a limit, for cutting, it will be known what the yield will he in feet, board measure per acre and aLo how much villains on the ground to form the future crop. Knowing the rate of growth, it is possible to foretell how many years must elapse b-lor- a second yield, equal to the first can b- secured, again cutting to the same diameter. From Ibis data the total cut from th- Black Hills Finest Reserve will be fixed so that a steady yearly output of sawlogs. mining timbers, lies and i onlvviKid may be depended on Mr. Griffith is also endeavoring, by means of interviewing the mining men. lumber drillers, cordwood dealers and consumers of timber in the various 'cities and towns, what are the annual requirements of the Black Hills and how their figures will compare with a fixed annual int. The government wi-dies to place the work upon such a basis that they will know just how much timber there will be to sell each year and then probably two or three times a year at specified times, the timber will le offered at public sale and sold to the highest bidder. It is hoped and believed that by this system it will Ik? much easier for the people to procure timber and also to lie able to secure their supply in advance and at short notice. Cutting out mature tlmbe r will vastly improve the character of the forest and give the young timber the best chance for rapid growth thus bringing the forests into the best possible i ondition for procuring sound, -lean lumber In the shortest possible time. The destruction caused by the pine bark beetl- has reached serious proportions within the .reserve This 'is the little insect that has destroyed a vast area of fine tinilier along the upper Ppearrish and in the Iron Creek region. It was supposed to have been t worm, but little is known of it here. It'is believed by the department that this timber should lie removed as soon beautifully tailored, made up by the Dost manufacturers of New York City, in round corner sack or square cut. worth elsewhere $15.00 our price during- this sale $8.75. Lot No. 3 150 mens elegant covert kersey and benver Overcoats and Ulsters made up in the very latest style, perfect fitting, and equal to tailor made, in all style, worth and burins1 this LIVERY FULLER & BROWN, PROPS. (GEDDES OLD BARN.) Hew Camp and Buceies. Best Mm and Saddle Horses Boarding Horses by the Day week or Month a Specialty. NOTICE. There will be a special meeting of the Fountain City Hixik and Ladder company tonight. April in, at o'clock. Business of imporan-e to att-rid to. By order of V. B. ANDERSON. Foreman. i a i i in J sola eisewnere a.L i-r."" t . m sale $7.50-1J Lot No. 4.-100 Boys Reefers tn beaver and chinchilla cloth, well made, worth and KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ATTENTION. There will be a special conclave ot Dakota Comniandery No. 1. K. T.. this. Tuesday, April 10. for the purpose of conferring the. .order of R. C. and Temple GEO. M. REEVES. Record-r. LMRY FEED AND SALE STABLES. Good Saddle and Horses Furnished. Heary Hors aM Teams Bought and Sold. Contracts taken to do heavy team wor J ; or to move household goods and furniture. Dry wood for ale and sold elsewhere at $4.00: our price during this sale S2.25- m b-vs alrf"Ell,UlrtfnS in all the latest patterns, well tailorecfand made by the manufacturers in thecountrv at greatly reduced price, the CUT FLOWERS. Roses. Carnalions( Violets. Lilies of the Valley and all kinds of cut flowers in season for sale at reasonable prices by Mrs. Mather, at Wilcox's pharmar rv Sherman street. Special orders, delivered. will convince you. 509 Main St GEORGE BENNER, i and orders by mail or telephone promptly filled. I as possible in order to check further iLOOM g DEADWOOD 4

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