The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 25, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1898
Page 4
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TI1E DAILY PIONEER-TIMES. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 16Sa See the Syndic t restaurant's BIQ DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Reyal auka lb toe pnr, wfc.lmn 4 saiicla. of Far elsewhere la the columns. ANNUALLY. K IF After taking Inventory we dlanooe d all our odds and ends. We hav big valuea in a few overcoats. THE CITY. t Found A purse containing a email amount of money. Call at the Pioneer Time office. i ROSENTHAL'S PALACB. BLOOM'S THE MOST Liebmann 's E' Al P a. 'M HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. jasjtaVtel . 107O. Main Street Deadwood, S. D. Mlac Ida Clemens will entertain a t i i j ? : I a ! t ! i tew of her chosen lady friends Friday evening. Mrs. SelU wiU entertain th W. R. . this afternoon at I o'clock, at her Qpoeieg f op residence, upper Charles street olutely Kr Have Just Received an Immense Line of . . . Born At Terry, laat Sunday, to Mr. For elegant slipper go to Zlpp'. Home made apple butter and meat, In pint Mason Jar, at,Deadwool Cash Grocery. CLEARANCE SALE Of inventoried Odds and End in Man's Trousers, great values, fashionable goods and immensely reduced prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. TRY 8TEARN8 DIAMOND COAL. Fresh tut flowers and floral designs tor any occasion at Mrs. Llebmann'a. If The best druggist In the city now owns Stein's si ire. Give him a eall and you will be convinced. tt Have you tried the new Swan's Down and Mrs. E. J. Robinson, a brand new son, as bright as a dollar, and the very 4 A Cf Image ot his pap. L(1f fl !A f For rent On March 1st, a fourteen room boarding house, No. 13 Chariot t3 ppmr street Apply at 402 William street, or at H. B. Young's office, Aw Embroideries. Stale Treasurer K. O. Phillips is con Zlpp can fit any toot to perfection, STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE BEST. It you want the beat ot meats call at Fargo' market in th First ward. Ws hav oysters, fish, oeltry, poultry and everything in th market Wt will pleas you every time. tt fined to his home with a severe attack of quinsy, hi old toe, Which give him MILLER DERBY Top Notch In Hat Excellence. serious trouble at frequent periods. Flour. There Is nothing to equal It Try a sack and you will use no other. Sold by all grocers in Deadwood. Titus Molltor Is quite 111 at St Joseph hospital, with pulmonary oongestlon INVENTORY CLEARING. Children and adults tortured by and Is unable to leave his bed. He is Enough odds and ends in Msn's getting along preUy well, however. Shirt colored bosom and white body, Extra ordinary Fine Patterns and Quality which we have placed on sale in Dr. Carpenter, manager ot the D. and Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear ma&e it more than satisfying moneys worth. burns, scalds, injuries, essema or skin diseases may secure instant relief by using DeWltt's Witch Hasel Salve. It is the great Pile remedy. N. S3. Frank Ua; K. O. PhlUip. , smelting company, who has been - s 2 i ) 1 f ! i i J quite sick and confined to hit homt since his return from the east, was able to be at bis poat of duty yesterday. He DON'T GET LEFT. IF TOU HAVE Three Lots. 3 -4e-t p3 Grace in every Line, Goodness in . every Particular NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S Is slowly convalescing. Captala Sherrltt, ot th Salvation to give you a good pick at manufacturer' price. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. TWO BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON. Wagner Bros' Palace cats, on Le treet la the place to get tht finest meats, vegetables, entries and relishes, served in the city. Everything la served hot and prepared to suit the most fastideous taste. The best cup of coffee or tea in the city. ODDS AND ENDS t. KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY 11.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Army, who has been a patient at St Joseph hospital the past three weeks, Seekers after gold know they may fast regaining her strength and Judge their Herita for Yourself." The man who Buys one comes back when he needs another Hat health, though It Is thought K will toe be dlsBapolnted, but seeker after health take Hood's Barsaparllla with several weeks yet before she Is able to Lot No. 1 at 5c Per Yard Lot No. 2 at 10c Per Yard Lot No. 3 at 15e Per Yard the utmost confidence that it will do get out them wonderful good. A private letter received In this city Of our inventory in men's suits at a Hood's Pills are the only pills to tak eays: "The Dead wood-Terra Mining saving ot SO centa on the dollar to be II We Are Sole Agents. 4Y t e with Hood's Sartaparilla Easy, yet LJ IT"- company ha published no reports tor efficient immediately closed out ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. years, but the officers say that on Jan' The People's Grocery on Sherman uary 1, 1898, there was a balance of $97,000 In the treasury, and the mine t-TFor Sale A fine matched driving 1 '-et-el i f street, for groceries, produce, fresh and team, ( and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. is paying." We Aim to Please and do it. salt meats. Qulok sales and small profit la their motto. Bowman. The city hat sold to the Fish A Hun- All Worth Double the Money, HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE tor company 100 feet of the ".. levy Hercules rubber fire hose that the fire FEVER T IF YOU HAVE BUY S WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A men have cast aside tor several years, Well, I ve been there. Where, mama? Why down to Chase's where they sell cheap, and they do lust what they say they do, and there Is no humbug about It They were getting in new goods all the Urns I was there, and CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA as It was too heavy tor service. Fish TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. & Hunter have a little fire department ot their owr. at the mill and lumter yard, on Sherman street, a wise precau pui. up mm m mil mm r.y mi I fcvr I ii : - -- - i rr n ittsii ti there wore people buying from all over this town. They have some beautiful dress goods and their shoes are from Hon. On account of the concert at the M. Z'y Is Larger and More Complete LEADER OF Low Prices E. church Monday night, the meeting Whooping cougb is the moat distress lng malady; but Its duration oan be cut short by the use of One Minute Cough Cure, which is also the best known remedy for eroup and all lang and bronchial troubles. N. E. Franklin; K. G. PhllHpa. 60 cents to a dollar less than I have been paying, and it is only a few step down there. Why, I could see the sign ilgflHiBSjBl Today Than Ever Before. of the Deadwood University Center I Chase'a Where They Sell Cheap has been postponed to Tuesday night at the same place and hour. By order from way up town. THE FIRST SHOT ot tue president m. KATE M. KEMPER, Secretary. Nick Hauart, proprietor ot the cf the season, Saturday, Feb. 26th, opening day ot Dunlap Hats Za Aiditlos to Our Large Assortment of Stilt Kiritrira, Timn, Stsns, Citiiry i:i Spartlii W Also Carry a lull Une ot Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps Clifton house, Sioux City, tor the past tor spring and summer. 2-23-10 S. BLOOM, Aft twenty yean, la now In thlt city per manently and will act as caterer to There are three little things which free lunches at Pete's Exchange, on Main street Deadwood, where every Fipsl Rational Dan do more work than any other three little thing created they are th ant the be sad DvWitt's Little Early Rta-ax, the last being the famous little one la welcome from 10 a m. to 10 p. m., to the best that can be had la the city. pills for stomach and liver trouble. K. OF DEADWOODi SOUTH DAKOTA. " TTaaJ.3. States Uepoaitoarw Circuit court waa occupied yesterday . Phillips; N. E Franklin. Prices th Lowest, Goods th Best. C. A. GRIFFITH IIARDME CO. redvl. OXxoxrxza.GaJcx Ot. Deadwood., Veterinarian Treacy attend Dead' with the case entitled Chas. McLavey et al. vt. Dr. N. M. Wade, L. P. Jenkins and F. C. Coram. The suit in wood th first Tuesday of each month. CASS 9Att VS. 1100.000 SURPLUS. SiBO.000 9 Telephone Ft Meade. STEARNS DIAMOND COAL 18 n 1. liljlgnw. T. i. HHIlk. P. . HPiaKH. P. A. GDUIIMT' U. A. MoPHSBHOS. fi THE BEST. volves title to a group of claims et Deer Mountain, south ot Ruby Brain, to which the plaintiff's are endeavoring to establish a title. It Is alleged that the defendants located the ground oirrxoaBxts. aMa.t n i a.t.iautm I iiukin n. k. MnPilCHRnit - ' ' T I ut U I ImIiUuI rWh J. H tlCHMAH H W are anxloua to do a little goad In this world and can think of no plaaa-anter or better way to do it than by on May 18, 1896, and that It waa relocated by the plaintiffs la May 1897. The recommending On Minute Cough Cur case will be finished today. as a preventive of pneumonia, eonsump tion and other serious lung troubles Peter Zoeckler will arrive today from that follow neglected cold. X. G Go to McGILL'S for HAY, GRAIN, and ROCK SPRIN08 aid DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Telephone No. 114. BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. ARE YOU GOING TO THE KLONDIKE THIS SPRING? 17 SO BUY $3.00 WORTH AT BLOCM'S, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. What pleasure is there In life with a headache, constipation and biliousness? Thousands experience them who could become perfectly healthy by using DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the famous Httle pills. N. E. Frank itn; K. G. Phillip. -ALWAYS TOO LATE" Will be the refrain if yon take not vantage of the inventory Clearance Sals at one. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Don't annoy others by your eouga-lng, and risk your Ufa by nsglstclng a cold. One Minute Cough Cure sores coughs, cold, rroup, grippe an- all throat and lung treubles. N. E. Franklin; K. O. Phillip. After years of untold suffering from p'les, B. W. Pursell of Knltaersvllls, Pa., was cured by using a single box of DeWltt's Wlteh Hasel Salve. Skin dt eases such as ecsema, rash, pimples and obstinate sores art readily cure! by this famous remedy. K. G. Phillips N. E. Franklin. Say, Dad, where did you get that new hat? It makea you look ten years younger. I bought it at Chase' where they Mil cheap. They have Just received 100 dosen of the latest styles, and they are selling them for one-halt 1ms than you ean get them for any where els. C. L. Slewers repairs safes, locks. Sioux City with two cars ot choice corn fed beeves for their large Deadwood Phillips; N. B. Franklin. B3AL VALUfii. and neighboring trade. The firm win FOOLED You will be if you buy anything but th9 Genuine make regular weekly shipment of eat With little ado are disposed of our annual Inventory Clearing Salt O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 lament Bargain in Underwear. ROSENTHAL'S PALACB. tie that ha?e been fed and prepared for market until range beet la aultable again. Mr. Zoeckler will return to Sioux City in a few dayt to purchase several cars of fattened sheep, for their ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS II BCICl7iTH ROUND OAK tic will not obtain any longer, snd hereafter all solid tip g will be done by the traveling agent Mr. and Mr. D. R. Connor, of the Sturglt Prees, spt yesterday In this city. They were accompanied by Mr. Connor's father, Rev. J. C. It l.ayton, of DesMoinee, who Is vlaltlag tew weeks with them, resting up nfter t four month of hard evangelical work. Rev. Lay loo spent altout two months in ths Black Hills during the summer of 1889, holding Merh&Uxt camp meetings at Whltewood, la tie lovely grove, at Piedmont and at oth places in the Hills. He held meeting about two weeks in this city in a large tent upon a vacant lot on upper Charles street 8lnce his visit to this country he had the misfortune to break hi right leg twice and It quit lame ti a result and ha to depend largely upon a cane. He observes a great change in the appearance of Deadwood and think we hav a pretty and a very busy city. MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, market The Zoeckler Brc. hav the HENCE ASK FOR IT. finest meat they can procure. The modern way commends It self Count Weber, superintendent ot the to the well Informed to do pleasantly Golden Creat Mining company, on Two and effectually what was formerly nit, says mining Is too slow tor him done In the crudest manner and dlsa and he ha gone Into the chicken rais YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. H. V rrla, ot Chicago, was an arrival yesterday, S. R. Jones was an arrival yesterday from Jersey City. Miss Crulkshank departed yesterday for Omaha to remain. Alfred J. Murphy, of Detroit, Mich-, left yesterday for his home. D. W. Greene, of Sioux Falls, special pension examiner, tt In the city. B. Stewart and wife of Alliance, Neb, were among yesterday's arrivals. S. A. Wheeler and wife drove In yesterday from their home near Minoesela Congressman Knowlea and daughter Miss Mary, left yesterday tor Washington, Agent F. A. Harmon rturnd yetter day from Omaha, where h spent several days on buelneas, L, D. Sstterle and wift are recent arrivals from Chicago and hav com to remain permanently. R. B. Hughe returned yesterday from Rapid and went up to tit Ci tops f mine, on Squaw Creek, H. D. Curtis, ot Yafcahama, who has been appointed consul general to Dead-wood, by th Japanese government, arrived yesterday. Lieut Young, ot th Salvation Army went down to Sturgla last evening to re man a few day and Infuse a new life into the troopf. uher. ft See the ITame on the Leg it you II want to be certain. 0 SOLD ONLY BY ... . AYRES & WARDMAN greeably a well. To cleanse the y ing buRlness. Hr wilt soon build a te mand break up colds, hradacaen, number ot large buildings for carrying and fever without unpleasant after on sn extensive industry and expect to effect, use the delightful liquid laxa put In Incubators. He has a hen set tlve remedy, 8yrup of Flfta Made by ting of 14 Jersey Game eggs, and the HARDWARE CO. California Fig Syrup Co. 0 0 chicks will be all rooster. He experts to train the birds and next fall ha will How happy you look, Mrs. A! Well, 0 nPAnwftin south Dakota take them down to Camden. New Jer Mrs. J., I have saved over elx dollars by waiting for Chase to get his nsw sey to clean up all the tenderfoot birds 00000000000000OM0 OO0O0OO S stock ot dry goods. You know when of that country. gun, bicycles, trunks, sutler, ate he first opened, he didn't know wheth A tire occurred Tuesday evening In J. H. Graham, D. D. 8., dental par er to keep dry good or all gentlemen ATTENTION AFFLICTED. The physicians ot th Colorado DIs-peatary, late tn Syndic tt block, may hereafter be found In their new offices, no. 19 Let street, where they may be consulted regarding all chronic and the beer warehouse belonging to the Jos. Schtlts Browing Co., that stand wear, but his trade has been so good BEN. BAER, Treasurer. SOL STAB, President A. W. COE, Secretary. lors over First National bank. Dead-wood. Crown and bridge work a spe clalty. on the R A M. track near the freight John C. Ryan, Jr , sailed from Best-tie Feb. , tor Skagway, say the Spearfifth Hall. He took a tine of staple goods, and if hs finds condition satisfactory will remain la Alaska for some time. Mrs. Ryan Is vlaltlnc at New York but will come to Bpearfish to remain Indefinitely. It la her Intention to go to Alaska at som future time If John remain there. Rev. C. H. Muse, who has been pastor of the M. E. church at Central and Terravllle for several month, depart-ed yesterday for Flttsburg, Pa, for a short visit He expects to locate at Falls church, In Virginia, permanently. The change Is made on account ot ill health. The Central parish will be occupied by Rev. O. E. Hutchinson, who came her from Virginia several weeks ago tor hit health. Announcement have been received In this city ot the wedding ot Miss Helen Wright of Cleveland, Ohio, and Ernest Clayton Johnson, at th homt ot ths bride' mother, in Cleveland, on Tuesday test Mr. Johnson Is one ot the promlnen t mine owner ot the Southern Hill, and own a residence on Ingleslde, in thlt city. We extend heartlost congratulation sad best wish" for their future happiness and Invite them to make their future horn among ua Coe Edmonds, agent ot the Swift syndicate, are proceeding with the moving of the frame building from Sherman to Lee street They have Investigated the matter sad ftnd that the city ha no ordinance to prevent th moving of buildings within the city limits and claim they knew the situation thoroughly before they started the work. The city has permitted others to wove building and Coe A Edmonds, who represent the mo t extensive property owner in the city, object to being discriminated against They Intend to veneer the building and mekt them fire proof and preventable. The Billing Qasett say th Burlington ha become tuck a strong rival of th Northern PacUfc In th matter of stock and wool shipment Chat th latter road ha decided to appoint a traveling solicitor with headquartara la this city, whose duty H will be to look after catUs, sheep and wool shipments la Montana, especially tn this tertian. In past season th local agent ha been relieved of his 000 duties for a month or six weeks during the wool shipping season and teat up to the Musselshell and over fato the Judlta eoenftry to 'solicit shipments, but th BilUngs ttatloQ hat earn to bt on ot mbb fasporta&o Chat Chi pra. that he has added a lovely line of dress goods, and really as good an assortment of everything the ladles like to depot A coal oil stove has been used for regulating the temperature in the special disease Including all affection look at as there are In the Hills, and building. This was left burning and of the Eye, Chronic Nasal Catarrh. A customer said:" I have had the best meat slnse I have been buying of Fargo, that I have had ter a year." Dr. Qante. dentist ovwr Rosenthal' real nice stylish new patterns. Ot.t Deafness and ringing In ths ears. All do like to trade at a new store where some time during the night exploded, throwing Kerosene oil about the interior of the oulldlnc It Ignited and you haven't got to be shown all their diseases sad weakness la th male, chronic female diseases and all afiec- clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGS WORK. Deadwood Buildiog & Loan Association. , . Shares of Stock for Sale. Both Payments and Interest Payable Monthly. Call and See A. W. COB, Secretary. but for the fact tint the building wai Uona ot the blood and skin, nervous TO OCR CUITG22XS. Chamberlain's Cough Ragy It t& old stock, and you know their prices on everything is way down and It is only a tew steps below the Bullock cloeed perfectly tight, would no doubt debility, stomach sad liver troubles. Zlpps for Has shoes. beat eoagh ayrop w hav srvtr toed have been destroyed. Fortunately there was no ventilation and the flames died Ths Grand Central lodging house Hotel. ourselves or In our famlll, TT. K. (over Zoeckler's market) has been put out tor the want of oxygen. The wood A thrill ot torror is experienced whan In first tfaas shape and is now under work was chared somewhat but tht pile flttulo and all chronic and obtttnat disease affecting any organ of the body of either sex. Con-euKation free. Hours 10 a m. to 4 p. m. and 1 to t evenings. Branch offlct (Mrs. L. C Miller's) Deadwood, South Dakota. a brassy cough cf croup sounds through th house at night But th terror the management of Mrs. Kunae. Good damage waa very slight, J. F. EDMONDS, General Agent. clean beds 26 and S cants. tf soon change to relief after On Mln There is hope for you as long asthir King. Is P. Xing and sassy ether la this vicinity, havs also prosooaee It th best All we want Is for ptcj'.t to try it sad they will be eavtaesa. Vpoa honor, taar la ao better that we hav ever triad, sag w hav many kinds. B. A. BUK1 4 G0X3. General Merchants, Pj Tea, Ve, Bold by all tntesta. ut Cough Cur ha been administered. la life. Turn fr m past disappoint Safe and harmless for children. K. O, ment, toward tut ire hope of recovery. Philllps;N. E. Franklin. It is not often that a physician reooo The specialist. Dr. L. Miller, devote his undivided attention to the cur of long-standing and nervous diseases o! mends a patent medicine; when he Keystone Restaurant doea, you may know that it la a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland. Olasgow, Va men and women. He cures catarrh. NOTICE OFDISSOLtmON OF PARTNERSHIP. Notice Is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between H. H. Dkklacoa and E. L. Brewer, under the firm name ot Dickinson A Brewer. rheumatism, St Vitus' dance, goitre, Reopened Management oi writes: "I hav used Chamberlain Colic, Cholera and larrhcta Remedy rupture, piles (without knife or cau tery), etc. Treatment guaranteed In curable cases. onsultatlon ire and A anted Highest Honors-World's Fair, Gold Modal. Midwinter Fair. (i '-J Ck A w 0mm w e dawmasj Mi JPae & W"e gestsjwsiii "ffli lisf t'UaJ A hm fetf Cnui et Tartar fWrtfL 40 YZAi TK3 STAI3AI. in my practice and it has proven to be an excellent remedy, where thorough Bush & riundhenke. baa been dissolved by mutual consent CAPITAL WANTED FOB A STAMP KILL, Th ewner ot a well hawa aac valuable ftree-milUag property, a&sated ia Deadwood galea, dsstr to arraaga wtta osM on to pat t tea, twag r thlrty-tan gm oa tea fresvty t aa lateres la & g&Saa, For r &Oa ' tar aulr ot D H Tvmstee, m Tisssa B. Hart, el CeaSrsl Ciy. & a course ot medicine has failed with m I recommend it to my patients every time tor holle or dlarrhna." Many An accounts dus th firm, are payable to H. H. DkklnaoCK Dated at Deadwood, 8. D., Februay 13rd, mt. . H. a DICKINSON. B L. BREWER. other progressive physician res confidential at C J 1 more house, Wednn-day. February St, fronr 1 to 5 p. m. O. R. Brandt of Lead, has a novel plan for disposing of a stock ranch at Bighmore, this (tat. Th ranch la a good on and worth at least Sx.tOO. Read th circulars distributed in this lssut or call at this offlc for farther particulars. Practical Hotel men who wl'l jiiro tne S6o meal in ths Citr. Mral Ticket $3.00. I Good Home Cooking i By a Firtt-data Woman Cook. mend and use this remedy, because tt always cure and cures quickly. Get a bottle and you will have aa xeeOent doctor la tht hoot, for all bowel tte plaints, both for hlldrea and adult. Estb wstjt a tssdalty at t& Ptcaeer egffs; Sjsi Cksod work, irsrvft is&imv asi tar. pas ta ta twtei sh

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