The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 10, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY APRIL THE DAILY PIONEEH-TIMES, DEADW00l, A D f. BELIEVED IN GHOSTS lv -a 1 V Assaying 60c Gold and Silver THE ONION ASSAY OFFICE Established 1889. No. 37 Lee 8t. Deadwoorl WILL GIVE CORRECT RESl.'LTS OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. .1 -1 ON ALL S,.... u announces an early expose of Spring Millinery M. H. Lyon & Co. Agents for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, .W.V.'.V for Thursday, Friday and Saturday depicting the freshest fashions rem the French designers. MINES AND MINING. For real millinery niheence, for correct and precept. exclusivists must, as m mer years, depend upon mag- od e Dead-wood'; for-Mr. rh.uidiMiit; t hi.s v ei k .hi ! small In; Seehick. The foremost feature of for ill.'"! - an. I shopuig a: i , . ! ,: Wait For the Elegant Display of MILLINERY AND EASTER NQVELTIF Ti' In." s,hnYll at w D.ttc An,...1Kv.l later ACKERM E The Ladies Bazaar f f. Ti ROl'OHT TO THE OFFTCET Shipping Ironside Ore. The first car of ore will he shipped froii! ijie Ironsides today, 'the averge car holds thirty tons and will be ship-p d lo the Colorado and Philadelphia works at Colorado Springs. Three verticals (jf high grade ore have been encountered and the mine is looking excellent. Tht re is plenty of ore to make regular shipments but owing to the bad condition of the roads between the mines and the railroad, no more will be shipped at present. I'liere is also some liifliculty with su' water. Central Hills. AT UOCHKOUH The Stand By mine boa s- t-li.ifts ai vxoi k in their tunnel, which is now SS0 feet: 300 feet more will n-a. li vein at x ,1 pth of 450 feet. AT HORN'M.END'i. The Chill mill is running on ore from the North Store mine. The mine is hiking good. Ieveloping work is done in r.'iiuerotii places in the camp. William Spencer has opened up pud ore near Flagstaff Hill, in the camp. AT MYERSVIM.E. James Cochran Is repairim; his mill, so as lo start up for his summer run I. .1 Kerney aai opened up a shute in a t x el e-fixt x'tin on grounds joining the ( oehian mine that rum $1". a ton in free fcOld. KSTKAY Norm-: ixen ;1, it the.- N dice here'"y carne to my d ice at Oavville. Law :i lu e county. S. !).. and was t:'ke:i up about Marc li 21, 1 900, one i Id roan .ow. xvhite spot in forehead, Ufa horn droo s. No other marks or brands visible. The owner can have the same by proving ownership, and paying: the (ost3 of keeping ami advertising. ELI-EX CHRISTEN. 1'ostoffice. Central City, S. D. April 4, lObO, Snow Kleaii. One of. the strangest of nil specks on snow is the suuxv Ilea tin mimic Ilea, but nn actual living and very lively midget, whose swarms sometimes cover the snow iu patches as black as ink or convert large spares of its surface to ti dark gray color. They are c,; a-tures of the thaw. 1 have seen patches, says William Hamilton (iibnui. two feet in diameter moving like a dark shadow across the ineadoxv, and I remember once when a boy xvalkiug ou the snow crust oxer a field of several acres that was everywhere peppered with their inilllous. The books tell us that the insects live In moss nuil lichens and the rocks and bark of trees, from which they emerge for, exercise in mild weather. This theory Is probably warranted by the facts, but It will be bo easy task so to convince many a rustic philosopher whom I kijow and to whom these fleas are as much a celestial shower as the snow Itself. Boston Transcript. Mmlta to Hla Gratltade. "I feel that I ought to make some acknowledgment to the people who were so kind to us during my late wife's last sickness." said Mr. l'hroogle, "and I would like to ha ve you insert this card of thanks In a prominent place in this week's paper." "We are obliged to make a charge for these notices," replied the editor of The Weekly Blizzard, looking over the manuscript, "and this will cost you $1." "Then yon needn't publish It," rejoined Mr. Phroogle. "1 am not qujte as grateful as all that comes to." Chicago Tribune. Easily Flint. "Awful affair at our hotel this after noon. Cook got angry and cut the end of a waiter's nose off with a carving. knife. But one of the guests fixed it np all right." Howr 'He gave the waitervanother tip." Erery mr1s tls owTTTtncestofrsna every man is bis own heir. lie de-rises his own future, and be inherits his own past. H. P. Hedge. The eyes of snakes are neveT closed. All v or dead, sleeping or wailrg. they ar always wide open. . . DR. ELLIOTT COUES SAID THAT OFTEN SAW THEM. HE The l-'aninUN Or ti : i holoKlnt'" Dmrrip-tion ill the Spirit of a lnl 1 rleiid W lio A ;i'iretl lo and I oiicrietl Willi Mini In Ilia Itooni. Ir. Kili.ill tholnglst and I'lIU .cade:i; famuli. "i ' the Am. IIP' of II is was 1 recognized a.-- tin-belief in lie- ei had prom, v, , , that, if a'de . ,! lo t hem at'ier Jii are si ill wa:!;u.-'. est, to see if li -i advei hi,-I gic-is ., lie .,1 1' li;-. l'r.i v. mid ,ip. II. 1 e i r tx II 111 I ii i Sf. ami I ie 11,1 lltlle illler cany out till i -a :i agreement. "1 have m; self seen the good many deml person",'" suid doctor one ,i.:y. "i remember on casiou xx hen I li:nl just gone to the light bi'.ng turned uiit, I was posing myself t., slumber when 1 ill :! til. ' IK' l.e.l illil Slid denly became aware id a presence ill tlie room. The impression conveyed Tii mv mind was it xxas the pies ence of a certain person lately de. eased, xvitli v 1 1 - : n 1 bad be.-n mi very in timate terms. In fuel, I felt an ever powering sense of the nearness of the individual iu question. "About the same moment there nrose slowly from the Hour a nebulous mass of what looked like shining while vapor, which began t, take shape, .'is did the smoke from the cas ket opened by the fisherman in tin-'Arabian Nights'' talcs. Gradually it assumed a more distinct outline, un til it presented a radiant image of my friend. The lips appeared to move, ami from Hieni came an intelligible ut terance, a message in short,, from the departed. I do not care to say what that message was. "I can assure you that the vision was no dream, and the nature of the ineii-sage was such as to eliminate, to my own satisfaction at all events, the theory of hallucination. What, then, was this shape of sbining white vapor? Was It ft human soul? It is a question pregnant with intense inten-st. "Each of us. I believe, has in him a ghost, which ordinarily is alined to the precincls of the body. When I die. my ghost leaves my body permanently, and, having done' so, perhaps It may continue to be the vehicle and means of expression of conscious xx ill, memory aud understanding. St. Paul says, 'There is a natural body and a spiritual body.' It is of the spiritual body that I am speaking. "Our seuses take cognizance of no forms of matter except those which are in a certain degree of condensation, but the spiritual body may be of a more raretied and tenuous substance. I 1 lie nonappearance of ghosts to us may be a question not of the existence of specters, but of the acuteuess of our percept i e faculties. "My own experience is that the com ing of an apparition is always preceded by a curious sensation which I call the 'ghost chill.' When this symptom arrives, the threshold of consciousness seems to be shifted to the extent of rendering possible a perception of something ordinarily invisible. The change Is usually very brief, lasting ouly a few seconds, during which the manifestation occurs. "One reason that I have for believing the evidence of my own senses in this matter Is that on several occasions the apparition of my own personality has preseuted itself to other persous In places where uiy body was not at the time. Some years ago I was in Chicago, at an ordinary evening party with about 40 frieuds, when an Individual in Washington, who did not even know where I was. was visited by my phantasm aud received from It a brief message statiug where I was at the time aud giving the names of two or three of the guests present persons with whom the observer was unacquainted. This was one of the rare cases where a ghost made Itself audible. "You ask what would happen If one should approach a ghost such as I have described and try to touch it. My reply is that there would certainly be uo dangor in doing no, fur-specters uever do anybody any harm, the fear of iSeni entertained by most people being simply a dread of that which Is unknown and not understood. Whatever Is unknown is always terrible. But the phantom is composed at matter too tenuous to present any obstacle, and 1 do not doubt that It would dissolve and disappear if you attempted to walk through It" Washington Post Flak Living la Hot Water. There is a pond at Golconda which ts fed by the waters from the hot springs. This pond has an area of two or three acres, and the temperature of the water. Is about 75 degrees, and in some places where the hot water bubbles up from the bottdm the temperature is almost up to a boiling point Recently a discovery has been made that this warm lake Is literally alive with carp, some of which are more than one foot long. AH efforts to catch them with a hook and line have failed, and they will not touch the most tempting bait A few of them have been shot, and, contrary to the general supposition, the Arab was hard and palatable. Sot Eaoairfc Pla Moarr to Co Raaad. Ostend -Ta, I want a dollar to buy a et of tenpins. Pa Well, you Just don't get It! If al 1 can do to keep your mother In pin money. Chicago News. - 5f Silk WaiStS fT this wtvk , g New Dress Patterns . Summer Goods i i-iv:iu- 'i;t:'o"i::i. o-. :'Ils. -v. :-:" l.:r- St: hams, and all tashionali St: tlixs,s,i;s anil shirt vait-s. Tailor SllitS fr t-'Vi-rvctu-. C nu ami g Mrs. Nott, - Main St. Deadwood Opportunities in Dead wood. The recent strike cn the Ironside.-; mine in the phoncdite tlist'iit of the Itlaek Hills seeflis to liave proven the assertion that the up-to-date methods, which have to a hi rue "Xtent made Cripple) Creek wliat it is today, will bring about equally gratifying results in the gold fields of South K.ikota. The I nullifies is one of the" oldest mines in the northern Hills, and after having been worked some time was abandoned as worthless: and it was not until a Colorado mining man happened to pick up a piece of lock from (he dump that the min-1 was thought lo be valuable, and work done on it sime has proved the Colorado miner to have been right. The other day $400ore was encountered at a comparatively shallow depth in the main toss- ut tunnel. Since that discovery was made threg carloads of ore hav been broken down and shipped to Colorado City for treatment". One ear will run $125 in gold to the ton and the other two $150. The company will make regular shipments from the mine until it can erect a cyanide plant of its ow n. A Deudwood miner was talking to a Gazette man yesterday, an.l not only did he emphasize the abov facts, but be said that if people only would it there a score of Cripple ('reeks in the Plack Hills if energetic miners would but -go in and develop the ground in a thorough way. He says that thf formation of the .phonolite district is very similar to the geology of the Cripple Creek district, and tl miners trom the latter would feel themselves at home in the former anJ be able to work Intelligently and wfth great success. He says that the opportunities for the investment of capital are manifold; that claims in fine localities can be bought for very reasonable prices, although in all the hundreds of square miles of gold country there is no more unclaimed ground. The Homestake mine, the largest in the Hills, la outputting vast quantities of ore. This stock, when It was last on the market, sold at $7' a share, and now pays 50c r share annually in dividends . The days of great excite ment are probably over, but in a more quiet way it Is thought that gigantic gold fields will be opened up. The activity is daily increasing and it is thought that the completion of the line will mark the beginning of a new era In the Black Hills. Colorado Springs Gazette. o General Mining News. - Bingham, LUh, reports that the West Mountain placer Is raising from fifteen to twenty cars of gravel dally. Sinking on No. 3 shaft has begun. The New York and Honduras Ro-sario has declared Its regular monthly dividend (No. 66) of ten cents a share on its capital stock, payable April 14 A letter rrom Phoenix, Arli., states that the Cobre Grande Company ha obtained possession of the Cananea copper properties in northern Sonora. J. Henry Wood has been appointed receiver. A correspondent at Frisco, Utah, writes that the Imperial, an extension oT the famous Horn Silver mine, has been acquired by an eastern company, which Is to push development. U ub property comprises 400 acres. Advices from Salt Lake tell of the posting of the regular monthly dividend of S cents a share by the Swansea company. Assays from the Red Bird claims, 'show 65 per cent lead,c eight to thirty ounces silver and a lit tle gold. ' Victor, Col, advices to "American Mining News note that the Gold Coin i-nettlnng "from- $125,000 tor $165,000 monthly. . . A carload of rich sylvanite dr was sent out last week. The AJax has shipped eight carloads of average grade ore,, running from $30 to $50 per ton."-. ; ' . 2 I i 2 I : Unod s aitr.iy i: VP f Dk Shilohs 7 hi loiKih and ?(on$uinpt.on J. HATTENBACH k Bl Java and Mocha: COFFEE is unexcelled. Have you tried it? Aetna Powder Go, Dynamite ana Blast' Powder, Fuse and Caps, Kleetric Batteries, Battery Supplies. E. ADAMS COMPANY A NICE RIG.. Is what you want. It . Isn't Everyone that can furnish you with a good irun- cmt JOHN JANNACK Is prepared to do It on Bhort notice M you will telephone No. 83 Harrison or call at his barn, corner of 17 LAJUU1I UltU IF M ........ ......! I , ,-. V. .!. Bl IiA tot: v . In i . III I sole paopn::. .'-:, ij! JS.CWeli A Co.! II LER )" . :s.Y. Lit 'L TORO'C JAN. J A Tor Sale by the Prince rnarmacy. GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER 00. IfEBuOLUERMT Lidgerwood Manutacturing Co. Hoists , M !..r suninu-r ..--'X WliatjH Vim K m L'on.l 'A ,1'ii'v Mi'' 1 v l,nrr.. nl nil i.m,s.,ii i! ,.i ii.J' olticiv Ul reil.'Hin.'.l sllrlirisf ' . Vlriltlv fOifi1! UllsllH'ss DRILL II T1WE1I 0, F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dai DeadwoodLoS No. 21 Lee St. BABY'S BIRTH The U looked forward bnnS, one into the worl.l. J wtja for the mrKt-!adoWtd f, x, .,,in,r event are T.J du ;rr, .n,i an tbe . noil ii". -- jTijiEi'i muar araiaea ut ine use 01 m...-- Uaiaient of priceless tsJm to ail women. M 7 all drugguu at one dollar per A booklet, rivin all details, wUl be eat free by Bradfiekf SUanlator Company, AUaata,. - -

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