The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 24, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1898
Page 4
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THE DAILY 1'IONKKR-TIMKB. THUKSDAY. FEBRUARY ?1, 1888, 1 A -A -vt. . 'A'WrAA' A' A'L. r ru - DAILY no:iELTIMES Ryel wvnrvnn n.nn n p v tlx mm4 par, weelmsn ass lillrtssii M f t 1HL CITY. f! See the Syndicate restaurant's Bm of Fare elsewhsre In these columns. ANNUALLY. After taking Inventory we dispose of all our odds and ends. We hare bis values In a fsw overcoat. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. THE FIRST SHOT I 1 For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. Home made apple butter and mince weal, lu pint Mason jara, at Deadwood Liebmann s L3H of the sea ton, Saturday, JQsrle1XlsTlaec& AO TO. Main Street Deadwood, S. D. Sft9SSf US Feb. 2Cth, opening day of Dunlap Hats for spring and summsr. J Pv aLa. Cash Grocery. CLEARANCE BALE Of Inventoried Odd and Enda In -23-10 & BLOOM. Agt ponina fap Have Jusi Received an LinL .i ttolutoly Hire tWanted Situation by a man cook. Good references. i.rFound A purse containing a small amount of money. Call at the Pioneer Times office. 4e S3 Immense Line of . . , The board of directors of the Society ievi sums nm oo., mw vow. Men's Trousers, great values, fashionable goods and immensely reduced prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. THY STEARN S DIAMOND COAL. Fresh cut flowers and floral designs for any occasion at Mra. Llebmann's. if The best druggist la the city now owns Stela's store. Qlve htm a call and you will be convinced. tf Have you tried the new Swan's Down Flour. There la nothing to equal It. Try a sack and you will use no other. of Black Hills Pioneers held a meetlng yesterday and decided to secure a room at St Joseph's hospital, this city, for the use of Indigent members of the s pine SwiIg " MILLER DERBY i 1 duty, where they can receive good med Aw Embroideries, Dickinson and Brewer will give you the best prices on fresh and smoked meat, of anyone in the Hills. We charge you nothing extra for delivering goods to any place In the Hills. Telephone 75, at 66 Sherman St, DICK INSON ft BREWER. leal attendance and aklllful nursing. Th) young people of Two Bit had a Z I t Sold by all grocers In Dead wood. r7L. Tmm ajn4-. IM U.t IrvMlln dance at the hotel Tuesday night which was attended by most of the residents of the town and surrounding country. Good music was la attendance and a Children and adults tortured by ZQ IVf MUlkll Ibl list WAVbllSIIVC Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. burns, aoalds. Injuries, eezema or sltiu STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE diseases may secure Instant relief by glorious time wss had. BEST. using DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve. It i Ess: J. W. Kyle, formerly of Galena, now Extra ordinary Fine Pat-terns and Quality which we have placsd on sale in If you want the best of meats call Wonderful Quality and Capacity for wear make it more than satisfying moneys worth. is the great Pile remedy. N. B. Frank lln; K. O. Phillips. Sllverton, B. C, was recently buncoed at Fargo's market In the First ward. 1 f i l - Ws have oysters, fish, celery, poultry out ot $5G0 at Spokane by the old, old confidence game of cashing a draft to DON'T GET LEFT. IF YOU HAVE NOT OOT A TICKET IN BLOOM 3 and everything in the market. We will please you every time. tf. accommodate a new found friend. Kyte Three Lots had started on a trip to 'Frisco and &ii Graee in every Line, Goodness in every Particular I KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY $3.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. met a "cattleman" at Spo'ane who did INVENTORY CLEARING. Enough odds and enda In Men's Shirts colored bosom and white body, 1 3 S him up. The People's Grocery on Sherman It is probable that the plaintiff in to give you a good pick at manufac street, for groceries, produce, fresh and the Buxton vs. Oolden Reward u eVfca) g turer's prices. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. salt meats. Quick sales and small profits Is their motto. Judge thar Uerits for Yourself. The man who Buys one ccmea back when he needs another Hat will finish taking Its testimony today, when the defense will uke the case. In BLOOM'S THE MOST RELIABLE Lot No. 1 at 5c Per Yard Lot No. 2 at 10u Per Yard Lot No. 3 at 15c Per Yard Be sure you are right then go ahead. view of the fact that the defense has s largo number of witnessva the trial will HOUSE IN DEADWOOD. TWO BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON. doubtless continue two weeks longer, Besure you get Hood's BarsaparlUa and you may confidently expect It will purify your blood add firs you appetite and strength. We Are Sole Agents. Congressman Knowlea has leased the Independent to hla eon Guy and Hood's Pills act easily and prompt Wagner Bros' Palace cafe, on Lm street is the place ' j get the finest meats, vegetables, entries and relishes, Roy Sharps, who have formed r. part' ly on the liver and bowels. Curs sick nershlp under the firm name and style headache. of Knowles ft Sharpe. The young men We Aim to Please and do it. served In the city. Everything Is Mired hot and prepared to suit the most HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE All Worth Double the Money. wili give the paper their undivided attention and being practical printers fastldeous taste. The best cup of cof &9I FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUY S3 WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A and experienced newspaper men, there fee or tea in the city. ODDS AND ENDS CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA Is every reason to believe they will TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN. make a success of their venture. We hope the youcg men will eallse to the Of our Inventory In men's suits at a saving of 60 cents on the dollar to be Whooping cough. Is the moat distress utmost, their ambitions. Mr. Knowlea Immediately closed out. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. 22 announces that he will assume person' LEADER lng malady; but lu durat'?n can be cut short by tho use of One Minute Cough Cure, which is also the best al management of the editorial col urons. C7For Sale A fine matched driving -ML-, tFrFfTT I Larger and More Complete team, 5 and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. known remedy for croup and all lung You may find the dot-tor, having ex OF ' Low Prices and bronchial troubles. N. E. Frank Today Than Ever Before. Bowman. Well, I've been there. Where, perience In the diagnosis and treat I lin; K. Q. Phll'lps. ment of chronic and nervous diseases, Go to McGILL'S for HAY. GRAIN, ma? Why down to Chase's where they aell cheap, and they do Just what they at the Gllmore House, Wednesday after noon, March 2d. With the co-operation o fthe patient, cany lng out In and ROCK SPRINGS and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Telephone No. 114. say tbey do, and there is no humbug about it. They were getting la new goods all the time I was there, and structions, Dr. Miller guarantees cures Xa Aldltlon to Our Large Assortment of Stilt Kirlnrs, T!:::r3, Si:?s, Cutisry sod Sparling iniu Ws Also Carry a lull Una oi Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE there were people buying from all over in the cases he undertakes. Some diseases he cures stammering, rheumatism, catarrh, asthma, St Vitus' dance, FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY this town. They have some beautiful dress goods and their shoes are from OTHER HOUSE. ARE YOU GOING TO THE KLON- 50 cents to a dollar less than I have been paying, and it is only a few steps down there. Why, I could see the sign goiter, rupture, piles and diseases of the stomach, liver, chest, throat, noso, disease peculiar to men and women, general debility and organic and functional weakness relieved. Prices tho Lowes!, Goods tho Best. - DIKE THIS SPRINOT IF SO BUY $3.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. Chase's Where They Sell Cheap from way up town. The conditions are most favorable There are three Utile things which Fipoi? QoMonol lanl OF DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA: 'ssfjgiwasw TTzrltecL States Ue-positozrrr CASH PAID XV, $100,000 . . . . . . BCRPLVS, $150,000 smxerosta. a . SSXIUDST, T. , tfHSICH, r. B. HPAkKS, r. A. OOIHUMTm P. A. MoPHSHHOa. PraddMlt 0. 1. ULimnkT I Oaahlar D. A. MnFHERMON G. A. GRIFFITH IIAHDUAflE GO. The RED ANVIL. do more work than any other three lit' for a prosperous season to ths fanners of the Black Hills. Many of them have finlnshed their plowing and have sown their wheat fields. There Is no 03bLOXxicui. Ct. Doadwood, tie things created they are the ant. the bee and DjWIU's Little Early Risers, tho last being the famous little What pleasure Is there in life with a headache, constipation and biliousness? Thousands experience them who could become perfectly he&lthy by using DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. N. E. Frank lln; K. G. Phillips. rvrr.v pills for stomach and liver troubles, K. J frost in the ground; on the contrary the soli Is mellow and In the best condition to be worked. We infer from Q. Phillips; N. E. Franklin. Tla-rn4a T- J. Skull iWilul OMbWr J. S. UK. MAX O Veterinarian Treacy attends Dead- I I "ALWAYS TOO LATE" wood the first Tueeday ot each month. talking with farmers residing In different portions of the northern Hills that there will be an unusually large acre Will be the retrain If yon take not dvaatage of the inventory Clearance Telephone Ft Meade. Sale at one. STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS age in wheat this year, probably 60 per cent, greater than last year, and that the prospects are good for a large THE BEST. We are anxious to do a little good In hOOLfcD yield- The seed having been sown, the this world and can think of no pleas-enter or better way to do It than by snows of the early aorlng will prove very beneficial. 8 recommending One Minute Cough Cure You will be ii you buy anything but the Genuine John Sanders and a man named Fla- as a preventive of pneumonia, eonsump Hon and other serious lung troubles ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Don't annoy others by your soughing, and risk your life by negletctng a cold. One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe and ail throat and lung troubles. N. E. Franklin; K. Q. Phillips. After years of untold suffering from plies, B. W. Pursell of Knltnersvllle, Pa., was eured by using a slugls box of DeWltt's Witch Hasel Salve. Skin dls eases such as ecsema, rash, pimples ter, woodchoppors, employed about 6 that follow nrslected colds. K. O miles west of Piedmont, became In volved In an altercation, Monday, Phillips; N. V. Franklin. HEAL VALUES i. which resulted In Sanders taking firs shots at Filter with a six-shooter, the With Uttls ado are disposed of our annual Inventory Clearing Salt fifth shot taking effect In the victim's side. The Injury la not serious, how- 8 0 i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Immense Bargains In Underwear. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. ever.and Flster will soon recover. San See the Name on the Leg ii you want to be certain. ders, probably thinking he had killed ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS his adversary, made himself scarce end would have too much regard for ths rights of others to Imitate "Its" action in the matter; but that makes no difference to "it", "It" got the paper flrat and Intends to keep It, even while "it" is eating and unable to read. "The date of ths city election Is rap-Idly approaching and la but a short time until thm cltlsens of Deadwood will sleet a mayor, four councllmen and four members of ths school board to serve the ensuing term. The election will occur on the third Tuesday In April. Aa yet there has not been much talk heard about the matter and the voters have not manifest much of an Interest A number of our prominent cltlsens have been Interviewed upon the subject of mayor and expreea tho opinion that tho Incumbent, Mr. Star, who has proven himself a careful, faith ful and broad-gauge executive. Is entitled to re-election. Certainly Mayor Star has devoted much of his time to the interests of the city, and while showing the most fair and Impartial spirit on all occasions, has been firm when decision aad resolution were required. He has probably given closer attention to the office than uy other man who could be chosen. The councllmen, whose terms expire this spring should he re-elected. They have been faithful In looking after the beet Interests ot ths city. Our city Is getting In excellent shape In every way and we should perpetuate men In office whoss ability, sagasity and Integrity havs been tested. SOLD ONLY BY AND PAB8T MILWAUKEE BEER tS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. has not been seen nor heard of since he left The officers are In pursuit of Mm two gsmgw a am gemv im a m em a. i HENCE ASK FOR IT. AYnfco & WAKUIYIAIN the fugitive and believe they are fol lowing a hot trail. How happy you look, Mrs. A! Well, Mrs. J I have saved over six dollars Mayor Star and the city council hare HARDWARE CO. by waiting for Chase to get his new stock of dry goods. You know when notified the agenta of the two frame buildings adjoining the B. ft M. pas he first opened, he didn't know wheth DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA senger depot, on Sherman street, that 0 they will not be permitted to move the buildings upon the Lee street lots east of the old Elkhorn paiaenger depot, as er to keep dry goods or all gentlemen's wear, but his trade has been so good that he has added a lovely line of dress goods, and really as good an assortment of everything the ladles like to look at as there are In the Hills, and real nice stylish new patterns. Oh! I tbey intended doing. We understand that the agents of the property replied SOL STAB . A. W. COS, BIN. BASK, lresident. Secretary. Treasurer. and obstinate sores art readily cure! by this famous remedy. K. O. Phillips N. E. Franklin. Say, Dad, where did you get that new hat? It makes you look ten years younger. I bought it at Chase's where they sell cheap. They have Just received 100 dosen of the latest styles, and they are selling them for one-half less than you can get them for any where else. C. L. Slewere repairs safes, locks, guns, bicycles, trunks, cutlery, etc J. H. Graham, D. D. 8., dental parlors over FL National bank. Dead-wood. Crown and bridge work a special ty. A customer said:'' I have tad the beat meat slnee I have been buying of Fargo, that I kavs had (or a year." Dr. Oanta, dentist, over Rosenthal's clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. Zlpps for fine shoes. The Grand Central lodging house (over Zoeckler's market) has been put In first class shape and is now under the management of Mrs. Kunse. Good clean beds 25 and 6 cents. tf There is hope for you as long aethers is life. Turn fr m past disappointment, toward fut ire hope of recovery. that tbey propose to proceed with their There was a rumor current in ths city Tueeday to effect that Col. J. H. Burns was organising a company to an ter the field against Spain. Col Burns aays there isn't any truth in the report at all, that he hasn't given such a thing a thought He ssys whsn the president makes a requisition on the governor for troops, it will be time enough to think about organising a company. The administration Is having trouble and responsibility enough to carry without being harraseed by cranks in rwmote districts seeking notoriety oy raising troops to go to war. Should a war come upon us and It becomes necessary to call for volunteers to defend our flag and the nation's honor, Col. Burns say s he would enlist and do what he could, but he wants It understood that he is not doing anything to annoy ths administration In their times of great trial. The remains of the late Mrs. Jans Cooper were burled yesterday afternoon, at Mt Moriah cemetery, tempo-raiialy and It is the intention of the daughters, Mrs. K. O. Phillips, Mrs. Jas. Munn and Miss Mary Cooper to have them exhumed and shipped back to the old home at Morrlstown, N. J., for burial In the family lot, at a subsequent time. The services were held ct St John's Episcopal church aad were conducted by Archdeacon Ware. A last request of the deceased that there be no pomp Incident to her burial was compiled with, and the serrtos war simple and brief, though Impressive. The beautiful casket was fairly hidden beneath bunches and designs of cholcs flowers. The funeral was largely attended. The newspaper hog is ths one that goes into a public dining room, where a newspaper Is kept for the benefit of the patrons of ths establishment, and seising upon ths only newspaper In the room, reads carefully all the news, ad-verttsements and patent Insldes, taking pienty of time for it, just the earns as though several other patrons of ths same house were not waiting to read the paper. Then, tf he has not finlnshed reading the paper before hit breakfast Is brought, this public nuisance. Instead of giving the paper up to some one whoa breakfast has not yet arrived, either braces tho paper gainst ths dishes and snatches gulps of food and news alternately, or folds the paper and places H In his lap m that "if may be able to hare it at once to finish reading when Its breakfast Is finished. Of course, there are a number of ladles and fsaUeeaea la ths Noaa, wishing to tee the paper, aal YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Prof. Jenney and wife returned to Rapid. N. Starr, of Chicago, was an arrival In this city yesterday. R. H. DeWeeee of Kansas City, was a prominent arrival. D. H. Lowenste'n of St Louis, was among yesterday's arrivals. C. Uominlck of New York, Is la the city attending to business matters. Mrs. John Manloa was down from Lead yesterday visiting friends. Louis Ooldsmlth of St Joe, Is looking after business In the Hills metropolis. Miss Estellin Dennett has returned from Hot Springs where she rial ted a week. Miss Fuhlbrlgge left last evening for Oelrlchs, to see her mother who Is quite ill. F. J. MoSban and wife of Omaha, were arrivals yesterday and are stopping at the Bullock. C J. Finch, assistant superintendent of the American Express company, Mt last evening for his home at Norfolk. Neb. Congressman Knowles went to Btur-gls last evening to meet and oonfsr with the people of that r relative to th Ft Meade matter In nonnees. C. A. Hallam, superintendent ot ths Two Johns Mining company, at Squaw Creek and W. J. Thornfcy, returned yesterday from a business trip to the Southern Hills. Mrs. A. K. Shuttles left last evening for Rapid to spend a few days with her parents before going to Norfolk, Neb., to reside, her husband having been appointed foreman of buildings and bridges at that place.' Jas. D. Hardin, general manager of the Hardin and other companies: at Two Bit, left yesterday for Chlcaga and New York on business connected with the proposed new smelter at &ed water and the coal deal at Hay Creak. He will be gone two wnke, TO 0U CUSTOJttiat. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to ths beat sough syrup we have srer wed ourselves or In oar families. W. H. King. lease p. King ana sonsy othnrs la this Tlelnlty, hsvs also pronoaal It ths best All we want Is far pecple to try it and they will be eon vis. Upon honor, there. Is no better that m tATa erer triad, and we Ut many kinds. E. A. SLAXS ft ax; 2, Oeneral kferehanta, lilg TmaaeL Ya. oU b all insist. u plans, even at the cost of a law suit 1 J' The city authorities are perfectly will S Dea dwood Mm& Loa do like to trade at a new store where you haven't got to be shown all their old stock, and you know their prices on everything is way down and It is ation 11 ASS0C1 lng to test the case In the courts and It Is dollars to doughnuts that the city o will come out victorious. We have only a few steps below the Bullock laws that must be respected and the Hotel. Shares of Slock for Sale. mayor win not be dilatory about en A thrill of terror is experienced when a brassy cough cf croup sounds through Good work, prompt delivery and low prices In the Pioneer-Times Job room. forcing them. The quicker we get rid of the old fire traps the better the town Both Payment!! and Interest Payable Monthly, m the house at night But ths terror will be, but If they are preserved, to "cflS" soon changes to relief after One Mln Jeopardise valuable buildings, we never will have a substantial town. ute Cough Cure has been administered. Safe and harmless for children. K. O. Call and Sea A. W. COE, Secretary. 3. F. EDMONDS, General Agent. Phlllips;N. E. Franklin. Remember that Dickinson ft Brewer can givs you beet prices and best feed At.ardad illghest Honors World's Pair, Oold Medal, Midwinter Pair. DHr in the Hills, No. C6 thsrman St The specialist. Dr. L. MlUer. devotes It is not often that a physician rseom mends a patsnt medicine; when he Keystone Restaurant j does, you may know that it la a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland. Glasgow, Va ATTENTION AFFLICT ED. Ths physicians of ths Colorado Dispensary, lats in Syndicate block, may hereafter be found In their new offices, no, 19 Lee street, where they may be consulted regarding all chronic and special diseases including all affections of the Eye, Chroalo Nasal Catarrh, Deafness and ringing In ths ears. Al) diseases and weakness In the male, chronlo sale diseases and all affections cf the blood snd skin, nervous debility, stomach aad llvsr troubles, piles fistulo and all chronlo and obstinate disease affecting say organ of ths body of elthsr sex. Consultation free. Hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. aad 7 to evening. Branch offlce Colorado Dispensary, No. t Lee street, Deadwood, South Dakota. writes: "I havs used Chambsrlain'i .Reopened xi!moi Colic, Cholera and Blarrhcsa Remedy in my practice and it has proven to be Bush & Hundhenke. J an excellent remedy, where a thorough course of medicine has failed with me his undivided attention to the cure of long-standing and nervous diseases o! rc3n and women. He cures catarrh, rheumatism, St Vitus' dance, goitre, rupture, piles (without knife or cautery), etc. Treatment guaranteed In curable cases. onsultatlos free and confidential at C JImore house, Wednesday. February ft, fronr 1 to I p. u. O. R. Brandt, of Lead, has a aorel plan for disposing of a stock ranch at Hlghmore, this state. The ranch Is a good cne '-nd worth at least IS.S00. Rtad the circulars distributed la this Issue or call at this omoe tor further particulars. I recommend It to my patients every time for e holla or diarrhoea." Many other progressive physicians W- X""1 mend and use this remedy, because Practical Hotel men who wilt give tne best 854 m.fcl la the City. Meal Tickets $5.00. I Good Home Cooking i By a First-Class Woman Cook. always cures and cures quickly. 0 a bottle and yon will hare an exeaQent doctor In the house, for all bowel oca plaints, both tor ehH4ren and Malta, Book work a specialty at the Ploaeei VtaaasCta, A Srspe Cresei e Tartar PvSue. 40 YEARS "HO STAXJDAHX

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