The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 10, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1900
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. li:.l m). s. It. iKI.ACK IIILLS i, Tl'HSDAY MoRNINC APRIL 10. 1nio. yeak. nvi: cexts. t 111 i ait. I . ' ( hi. a a sailor alio not . I . a: K'or.i; . ii 1 1 i i i a ii " said JE GOES TO MEET DEATH IN RUSHING WATERS 'A'. .'. i :tvi ni.yw . ii. ii'.viim. i! ,u,. i . II. W' i 1 1 w as a ppoiiiled t . have a is 1 1 i t ; i bit- l.aiit'i' Ili,.(i' to pre,.-in to III'' thief Hi a special tin Mini; t.i ! iali Ix-foic his ii part til . Tin- I ..nit. will ST. HELENA I I i : 1 1 r . I in in know !ci!i;. iiii nt ci I the faithful mi iii- t nii '1 tin- i - - I , !,' S Ml I rawl.y U, ha. Inn, atest Rep0rtS FrOm TeXRS clotted thfM' tinier i i n 1 1- ilanut; ids ad- woull have written you earli.r. You put the situation in your county, as we'l as in the Hills, vmv cb arly and. I iiMiivi coinitly. troia the intoima-tion coiiiiut: to me indepi ml. nt! a your lettei On 1'ebruary Lllh. after most careful consiib ratioti. 1 announced my candidacy for the I". S. senate and notified n,y friends I would be a candidate for that position, and not for the position 1 now hold. This an-iiuuiici'iiionl was- made af'i-r mature consideration. The iusiirani e- that have ivlue to me by 1 t-t I and by state presw ol support is so p-ueral and uigements Have Been Made I i u l li i si i a 1 1 1 1 a l!n iiitnili. i s!np Tells of Danaer. Damaqe NO SILVER FOR ADMIRAL DEWEY Dewey Will Make a Full Statement of His Political Views in a Few Days. i i The Admiral Will Go to Chicago As a Sailor and Not as a i Polititian. i for Cronje and a Thou sand Boers. 1 lew c . WASHINGTON pi il a Sp- . ial. It is lepnitt-d that M is. -1 i,-v. . v will re- iiouiiie the t'aiholic t.titli , i d I nie an Kpisi o -a I lan. bi'H. ce. Iitied tu discuss ti,e in.-. iter. M.- ti I bis life's icli.uion w -is not pilblo i :mii- : MOW YORK Apiil P. .special. A World six i ial liiiiii Wiisliingtoii says that Iit wcy has expressed his political' ouiniotis in private. They laake him a democrat in full accord with very-i liini;" w Inch llryaii si amis for except silwr. The world dispatch says that liewey considers silver a riuestiort t hiit was settled once i v voters and aain by congress. A full statement will be tort hconiiim. from liewey in a lew davs. greatly iiiiii.isul and the n t 01 d of the ib-pa: ! in. nt stall, Is sn mi I In mm.-. U, S. Court At Sioux Falls. ' . A and Loss of Life. Streams Overflow and the Dry Ravines Become Torrents of Destruction. Thinks the inaignny xo Charli- Cue rcliirin Sioux Falls, when- !i ITiited States m it . yi-sti r.lay from went to attend Hi siVs there Lje Should. Be Resented in Kind. is ijothinR of parti, uiar ii:tei.-st to omn' In fore the nut at tlieis term i i pt the Kirby which is to kpON. Apnl -'--.-pet : - j i-c t:ie, for tin fourth time. At the j b.r-t trial Kirli was eotivietetl and .tii" i-a.-e was then larried to the su-j pretiie court and i eina mled Inn k for a j new trial. Tin- seinml tune. jmy disagreed, ami the third time, after the ii auvnes say that arrangements n ro-mpb'fil for th" impnst.ui- Washington, April n. - special. - A committee from Chicago i alb d or. li. w.y today to dis--ii plans for his 'OP to Iliat iit. The ai'iiiir,.! ai: . ,'.i! :y wiU avt-. Washinrton A i n I 'S on a sjieiial train of the raltiimne ,v ' H W'.y will make ui .spee( lies u'k: in:: ici;1 I roin imia spring water (Ittivered l.". 'i'-.v part of tbo eity in any tiuantity Family trade a specialty. Hell f ie ! hone 191. J01! I.AWRF.NSO.V oi Crerij.- ami 1 """ ' apt an d widespread I am free to b--iieve 1 tiKik the wise course. You are authorized to stale t 1 am not now. and. shall not any condition .vhatevn, b-a candidate for the house of representatives, nor should I Hce- pt sin h a iiouiitrition it t'-ndered. I ion a candidate in ood faith for the F. S. senate. No man has authority to make tin-statement that 1 shall be a andidat-for coiiki's and whoever has done so has sought to do so to my prejudice and absolutely to falsify and misrepresent. I want to make this statement as emphatic and unconditional as it i. possible. I would be ashamed of myself to take any other course, aftei liiivint; made my anoiiiu i-a.ent. You an authorized to make s,, tj use of this letter its you see tit and brand it as false if anyone makes the assertion-tlmt 1 it in to be it candidate for con ... i I,; .', . .,, ,n tne isi - lS been limit v.ith ients for the bum-wood, where Napol- pnl Ills las! tl;iys. will be used AI'SIIN. Tex.. April !'.- ri;.- ual. -I he ;'o. hi situation today is worse than it was t w t nt y - foil r hours ami. Iht:ht luoie bodies wire ii'uiM'iid today, but none of tln-e were swept away with tne br-t tidal wave. The flood coti-linues to incieiise. tarryin death and destruction with it to the tnilf. The lives of the inhabitants in Saosauu. Llano and l'.urnet vall-ys are endan-pred by the rapidly rising river. The list of dead is increasi ng houily anil as yet it i.- imiKisible to give an accurate number of those drowned. 'I he names of missing peopl" are reported every houi ; nil the list wil probably i ;u h Boer commander. mo Maniu'.. April Special." lat'i li'ii tMvcii to tin- jury ami befoie a v. rda t had been rendered, one of the jurors went insane. Judge Mutiecr will t;o to Sioux Falls to try the .aw and .ladc Carland left Sunday for Omaha to hold court. Curtis Windsor of New York Mty. at on. t i mt . .1 member of the lirm of Kit-t r i 1 1 1; v Wind: or. Sioux Falls, has armed troiii New York '. i assist in K i I by s defense. Am.-iiu the indji tttieiits i-turned by Siiittt Mevn S inir".-.s in Ml" fclers was read at Ki tw nsMnt. i-We Make sail that if the rt poi t was prv-x that C'reuje is to le impris- at St. Htlena, mat me iaiei ronhne all British captive in gress. Yours very sincerely, ' ROHER . J. -lAMHl-K. OUR FIRST EXHIBIT OF 1900 SPRING CLOTHING FOR .... Mt depths of the .loliantr slim ; Buys Land for the Canal. Men and Boys I'W YORK, April. !.- Spo ial- pgton special to the Herald 'avs IVi-Kinlt-y lias praitii lily aiiam;- : tV- pun base M a t.-a-mi!- -n;p b throngli N: a raj: i : f--i 1 1" Tin- public hav.- p. t n ol tl1. proper styles in male appar.-i. that Willi h is new.-st ; ml lies'. habit of It oking to us for the Km h season we have shewn i d have established the stand. Artillery Officer Suicides. IICAGO. April. !e Sp--. ial - t Ottheim of the FriM I . S arid Olympic Election. The annual election of the board oi dirtetors of the Olympic club will le held tonight but never in the histoty of tin- club hits all eleitiol; aroused bs-' interest. It is proiiaop ihat it will Im necessary to elect an ill i re new board t,f dint tins as the dd dim-tors have t xpress.-il then un-willingnes to serve. A new pieslil'-nt will be t-lei ted by this board as tht pn sent iiu u miit-nt. Mi. Mi i.aughliu. hits nriisi-d to serve again. N-w will iilsso be appointed iiinl a; Renter, who has so long been abuti bed with the amusement of the tlub. positively rttused to serve anv longer in bis pres. nt olfice of - lialrmaii ot 'he entertainment totinniltc. W.-i.i-worth Car st' lues been sugg.-s.-t in su- -tee-l Mertwrt .Cabe as secretary, the only lucrative ohice in the t bib. but no tithe; suggestions t v -n haw beet, made. Ins found dead in his bed tie -:og with a bullet in bis temp;. . Itwouers jury returned a veida! ttideiital shootiii,'. out 1 1 h in - hi painted stroriKJy to suii i a . Kim was to have 1m-'I1 .narried to- (' to Mrs. Fva liru. c Wood id dir. arils in this section of the coui-tiy on the same lines as those' whirl-, have mot with popular ,; ;r in the male fashion comers tat- lountry Our exhibit for tne coming i-icmui is really the- most interesting whiih we have . vi r made. 'I In styles of tin.- men's gainieiits seem to us to poss"-s more grit t fill lines, and1 the- iwrVs'. anil children's dot he are more tasteful to our minds than any whiih have liee-n nrtnlucetl in many years. The fabrics turnout the intire. line show the progrtss which has been made in artistic i loth wc.ivi'ig. Lot it in Ann rica and abroad, while th perfeetlT matt hetl trimniings spe.-.l. volumes for the painstaking good tiiste of the; niiinufacturers Taken altogether, this exhibit is well worth the effort it cost us to gather, and we will "be" more than repaid for our trouble ii it proves as interesting to you as w e anticipate that il v ill. The fall thap-s in Hats and the new shaos in Haberdashery will also be shown for the lirst time today. We will speak of them in more delail at ano'uer time. -. . . 's lit Build the New War Vessls. iSHIXGTON. April !i.-Speial.-m presented a jx'tition in the ; v rt I "i't'--r- late urginc congress to build 'd the new ships in 'be govern-:aaval yards instead of building MMirely at private ship yards b ABOLISH ALL TRUSTS BUT THIS." " I -hi a . i a a in Aim : : an. "'t Gallini;er emlotsul the pe- A Gl.V.MI'lC ANN r A I.. Tb annual mivting an 1 .-btti-ia nt effirers will be held at tin- club loom this evtning. A full atenilam e of tin mettib'-is is tlesiretl as imMrtant business v. ill tome tip for action. As then see m to be no opiMtsition rh" pr-"s"-ent board will probably he : -. b-. t.--. a a strong speeita. N War Veterans Pensioned. R0SENTHAL5 PALACE J pHi.NGTON. April '..-Sp . ial - W pats,.(i a i.,iU clanti,1K a M of $s a month to all Mexican 1 the ci ami j'i:y was one for In ! steal-in u;:'iist Uroi.. ho I ill. the only - Tided Stat s pnsoni-i i'i l..:w : in empty jail at p:es-nt. Judp lb ldii.c rM'.n IK d ri Mr. For as far as Valentin--, trom . he Weill tl lt"S' blld ilL'ell. V to slll'1'.a 11. 1 w itn- SS.-s. lb' will ollie oil t" 1 i-ad-wix'.i aft' r I'ioii, Im Kill b.-'or. h. ro- tUII's Hterans, tin- pay datum tioiu lin the original bill to t'bat -AAA. A AAJtM r introduced. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK iral Otis Will Come Home. Deadwood, South Dakota. A" DEPOSITORY FOR THE Indror Base B.ill at Sturgis. "v.L- jv.- ,n- ' 1 ,1 w 1 - 1 . lie most j' AND GIT'S", COTJITTT STATE. w . ' s Jf Drafts and Letters of Credit riftv Thousands of cattle, horses and i ; sin ep p rished. This city is in pitch da: nn ss. w ith ; ar raging river, one nub- wide and swollen far beyond it natural hanks ; toarin through all tin- lower portion of the town, having spread d struction md death in its wake. The food is not tinlik1 the disastrous Johnstown flood some yais ko. in that it raging river. .ili.-,v suolbn lar !" yontl its eap.n ity. b-u- i m. !.. a i- 1 K upon an immense dam spanning the liver litre, breaking it and bnini, loose a reservoir of water thirty miles lone, half a mile wide and sixtv f.-.-t tW-p, to aid in tarrying th-st ru- ! i -ti down the valleys of the Colorado river. Last Wednesday night began to i tin v: y haul at this .l.icc. the storm .-xttndin;,' north of hero along the I water sheds ot the Colo: ado river. 'S he plat ipitation continue I until Sat-nrtiav inoining. the downfall averaging; .,s inches in an hour. All this vast .piitntity of water along the water sheds of the Colorado river swelled this current until at S otltxk thi-. niornitig the rivet, which h.el been : ising sfeiitl- ' iiy. was ;t i aging torrent, having risen forty ft et within ten hours. In addition ti. the losses here the international A. Grei-t Noithetn rail- I nviil ai'itl tl." Austin & Nm thw estenr railroad, bmh entering this t ity. hav ! suffere.l severely, the first named hav-ine a serious w rei k by reason of the ' tlooes t bis moi nine. iSHIN'GTON". April ;..-Sp. . i.,1 for Gen. Otis says that C.-ii. "Mttrneil to Manila from a s i. - Wp to Minadano.i and the lie fourteen towns have be. r. ar-bT Anidimn troops without by the natives. " Cigarettes in Chicago. HINGTON, April 9.-Special.-ited States suprem- court has J the constitutionality of the . Antl-i?arete "ordinaui . 'ctically prohibits a liens- ! of cigareetes. k el Frawley Resigns. 5 Issued, Good in All Parts of the World, t 1-: Uktc-.Z. S-ute-"'rS. i coXjT-ectioits i Attended to Promptly and Intelligently. J , and il,!' rest Hit i-.iliM s .-I lie a-', ''as'-l.,,ll s ' 1 n 1 1 i- - ir a- ;''' ' Satuid V -miiiui: b.-tweiii the Matopana ( iu'i d t ! M ' H ati'l lh'-tdyt: pu lu'- -i i .-ad.vicd. I in- lat-t-r toinint: '!! the i. lor l- s. on-of la to 11. The v'iline u;us r pb-Ii with -xi iteii.t nt ami Koo'l felloe-hip. not a tie. i; ion b.-ing ti'iistiotieil. whii h was iue to tin ectl!etit impiriiii; f V. H Hwin. 11. assist. I by Gay Ktit wlis. Ill- playinp of C'onl-r and hath I the Miefv of the Snuris t.ani is worthy ol mention, a-s is also the work of Flavin at short and Folk at iciifd. Foi .Deaylwood Keuiui ami AIU11 ir-e tiilitlel to . onsitlrable erttlit. For Sturgis th- li-adw-.u team (anuot say enouch of the manner in which they wore . nt. rtam -d anil hope tlity will '"' '-'fer. d the opportunity again ?t an --toy .late t" leciprocate the lourt.sies Store by" innings: MatojHjha - " 1 " " 1 : 11 Olympic . - - 1 3 - 1 ' ' x Mato'paha ' - - 1 - 1 ' - Wivwl --, ,i . , , , nr. -in- .-vtctit u-'i rr-tiitfii H- luarr. iv.-r Tirim.- r.r - .nr ufyarinient iitiu t night and transacted all iness. Resolutions were collateral ? 4 . W thsnWt .. "OyfoT Its -o.. . . , Acts gently on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels riCANSES THE YSTEM EFFECTUALLY wtlUAU PERMANENTLY 4 4 Accounts Solicited and 118 6f thank'' fronl Qty eomercial oin were ac- Correspondence Invited. J - resolutions will be re Our 1 n r experience in the Black Hills is at the J service of intemlin'.' investors. I o l..un Dn.n. 4hA RpiHnAc RohinH Mim . oi extiecUne to mart i 4 "O UViam. J . .. vxvu, out tne depart- DIRECTORS 1CFAL V1 - nc uut us int. uewyvj WVI...IM Hotisi of RepiesentaUve. ". L'. . S.. Washfngt-on, D. C April 14, 1900. Mr. Ceo. V. Ayres, Deadwood, S. D. My Dear Mr. Ayres: I desire to thank you most heartily for your very kind letter of March 29th I have been Buy Th 6tMWIH- MMT O tY HARRIS FRANKUN. Prea. BEN BAER, Vice Pre. , f '-'i," an' wtloa to fill his - ' T ? tte&nUm. Hrst Asig-C 0,8 founuia Qtf Hose 1 take his place. "GEORGE M. BUTLER, has the moet complete Una of jewelry in the Black Hills and hi Prtcea are right. Call and see him. 651 Main A UI?RNIATGiSYRVT. WM. SELBIE. Cashier. 4 . atfii rvru w T"

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