The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 24, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1898
Page 2
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T1IK DA1LV 1UONEKR-TIMB8, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, IC:3. Inn n The "middle of tl rourt"' populism Want Column. TOE PIONEELTIMES. S2S2K1; have JilHt i'iii'rK''d fi'm the swamp o ALU T.OAD3 AR2 ALIKE TO A HOKAiriCK. Perfection Is the result of our long experiences (Established 1871-7.) WANTED HELP 31 h Nilil be In .very fmndv a Nli be In tvery fhiwly Iii .Ii.-Iim chest a.i t irwry I'- all I w Ibr itrlp. Thry rr 1 flll 11 1 1 ikI.Ib v lisn lha MnflBArM li In- chest fc.i I virjf n llr'. itrlp. They rr 1 1 ikIiIb v liar, tha ttmurB dinicx rui y, but they t annot be tolled onto the brum! highway of rfub"i. ai.- Ihiu. They will simply mull Into t!u rank underbrush of falsi- oi UKsin u:i the other side, and u ycur h.-i.t' will lie found flxhllnK '"''H '" 17 Wanted A situation, by a woman, to wash dishes, or uu chamber work. PI0NEKR-TIME3 PUBLISHING CO. I ut of neder; eur ha1-Mi. whomom., ni 1 . nr UuubU. MiU uul .ci.L iiwiu. Enquire of Mrs, L. E. Miller. .jwn, aHserts Mrs. Arnold to all his CJ'Wauted Girl, desirable situation auJ highest wages for competent girl brakes of oblivion, rliewins 'h.' hitter fi . 'lulu and associates. cud of obscurity. If we sre In the rlRhf he said to a fii.-nd at Harper's 1 erry, 'God will Apply to Mrs. Wm. Selble, Forest lillL 2-10-10 JACKSON A I'NION MAN. (hi I semper our unite; but If we are In the TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. EAILY Every morning, except Monday. One Year .... 110.00 Its Mentha ( 00 Cne Mouth 1.00 WEEKLY Issued every Thursday. Cue Year 200 Six Months 100 PIONEER-TIMES, Deadwood, S. D. wrong It will tome to naught.' (Wanted Position, by well educated young man. In office or store. Address (Louisville Courler-Joinnul.) Mrs. Louisa Jackson Arnold, only- "In his lust letter to me Thomas said n't think of crossing the line, my Oarpins! DarpinsI FOR 90 DAYS. 10 For Cent Will be relumed on all Cash Sales to Custom-ert on Leather Goods in the Shoe Line. They are marke I in plain figures, less in price than any other house in the state. Oome and Supply Yourself at OCT 7OOaQ MAIN STREET, C mVTT O DEADWOOD. K. K., this office. 1-0-St surviving sinter ot the famous Confed sister, till this cruel war is over.' "it was his belief In state rights," erate officer, (Jenwral "Stonewall" Jack (Wanted Traveling salesmen to sell son, has bn'ii slnco the clone of the war concluded Mrs. Arnold, "that placed Thomas Jackson In the Confederate a resident of the Shepherd water cure on the outskirts ot Ohio's capital. At most complete line of lubricating Otis, Greases, Specialties, etc., on the mar keL Liberal terms to proper part. Address, The Atlantic Refining Co., Cleveland, O. 2-18-6L army." Entered aa second-class matter at the Kxceptlng General Jackson's second this sunie institution died, In IMiO, the only sinter of the first President Har Deadwood Poatofflce. wife, who was alniut 30 years of age at the time of his death In 1863. and who rison, the hero of Tippecanoe. Mrs. Arnold is in her 7Jd year. She still Uvea at a modest home in Char if Wanted Men to learn barber trade, '1 he law in Minnesota requires appren Col. Thomas E. Moore and Deshua BreckenrMae. of Kentucky, aah, will is two years younger than the jcenoral. lotte, N. C, Mrs. Arnold Is the last of "Stonewall" Jackson's family. When fight a duel and divide the gate tice In barber shops to serve three years. Average time to complete here Personally she is a large distinguished looking woman, with strongly marked features. So well preset ved Is nor eyesight that she rinds without glosses. her health permits. Mi- Arnold spends the summers In her native mountains is two months. Can slay longer If necessary. Diplomas granted backed by of West Virginia. With the exception state charter. Outtit ot tools donated. A white man waa shot In Missouri recently while attempting to steal She has a pleusant voice and is of Mrs. It. 1). Hayes, she is the only woman who has held membership In that ;:iO!l O DEFIAIICE BICYCLES art the product of mechanical Ingenuity. C40.00 050.00 C00.00 fJIonsrcti Chalnloso 0100.00 and for 1853 Catalogue. Agents wanted In open territory. LION ARCH CYCLE MFC. CO., Lake), Hal tod and Fulton Strasxa, Chios. rsnchM-Rlaw York, London and Hamburg. Experience in city shops Saturdays. Prepare now for busy season next pleasuut coversatlonallst. She is rich In war reminiscences and her devotion to the memory ot her famous soldier honorable body. chickens from his coloreu neighbor. A race-for-chlckens war has therefore spring. '9b catalogue mailed free. Mo- STAR & gULLOCK .er System Barber College, Minneap brother la touching. NOTICE TO TEACHERS. developed. olis. A recent autumnal day I rode on to The regularly quarterly examination Shepherd's and was graciously received The Spanish-American situation is for teachers will be held in the county superintendent's office, March 4 and P, WWanted Upright and faithful About as follows: Minister, sinister; Hardware Co. by Mrs. Arnold, who has all the hospitable charm ot manner characteristic to Southern women. The water 1898. KATE M. KEMPER, gentlemen or ladles to travel for responsible, established hou in Black wrote, note; seal, steal; "crack," Mack tea S-eent etsmpe for a deck of Monereh wsyma osrae iiito.wis Ulllan Ruaeell. Tom Cooper, Lee Richsrdson snd Welter Jonee. Bpaln, pain; lye Lome, home. Sup'L Schools for Lawrence County. w-2-24 d-3-2-8-4, Hills. Monthly 365.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The cure is on the cottage plan. The entrance to Mrs. Arnold's cottage, which she has occupied for fifteen years, was ATTENTION AFFLICTED. The young men, of Atlanta, Ga., have organized an anti-klaslng club with a Dominion Company, Dept., K. Chi screened with stertlum vines, her special pride and rare. Heavy and Shelf The physicians of the Colorado Die cago. $10 tax laid on each osculation. 'What's iha matter down there? Do all tho pensary may, from this time on, ut On the portico guardng the entrance, found In their new offices. No. 39 Let- Mine and Mill Supplies. was an old house dog. His leg was in girls "dlpT" street, where they may be consulted Wanted A first class photographer, no other need apply. I. M. Ellis, Lead Studio. jured and bandaged by his devoted mis tress and bo lay blinking in the mellow regarding all chronic and special die ThU I the . . AERMOTOR 8to.-l Wind 11.11-that people are talking so much about. .'Uncle Bnui" tested it in competition with eight others aud found that tt wjuld do twice the work of sny of them In light winds. It rides the storm like a bird, (t wants a position on a fsrra to pump water, uriod ld or w wood, ir would furnish water In cltloi for doaiestlo purposes. cuses including all affections ot the while the northern farmer la his corn before a hot fire and sur Hardware. sunshine. Mrs. Arnolu reclined on a bed, a la Madame Recamler, in a roo.n t wanted Uy an established house Eye, Chronic Nasal Catarrh, Deafness and ringing in the ears. All diseases veying an Ice and anow landscape, it man or Woman, good church standing redolent of war sonvenlrs. She was always an ardent unionist. From hard and weakness In the male, chronic ft willing to learn our business then to la Interesting to learn that the Texas farmer near the Mexican line la plant male diseases and all chronic and obsti ships endured in the forts to relleva Sanitary Plumbing, Sewer Connec nate diseases affecting any organ of the in u manager ana state correspondent here. Salary $900. "Enclose self-addressed envelope to A. T. Elder, Gen wounded soldiers, her health has neve' ing his corn. body, of either sex. Consultation free. recovered. The Ohio volunteers in tions, Cornice flaking. Hours 10 a m. to 4 p. m. and 7 to . eral manager, care Dally Mexico la stocking up with 6,000 gratitude for her kindness to them, dubbed her the "Florence Nightingale evenings. Branch Office Colorado Dls rifles and 6,000,000 cartridges, and an All Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. pensary. No. 39, Lee St., Deadwood, of Virginia." Ostracised for her Union other big consignment la on the way South Dakota. S-y Wanted Aman with a small capital Ihave also 61 earn or Gasoline Soglsea and horse Powers at Fair Prices. Call or ddreaaBSSJBsV S. C. FOSTER, Agent. sympathy, she naturally sought Ohio Can It be that aha fears another Bryan to purchase a good business In Dead-wood. For Particulars inquire at or after the war, and at the water cure found a congenial home. I 'Wan ted To learn the present ad JOiltl BAGGALEY, tree sliver raid from this county T dress or whereabouts ot A. M. Lans, address this office. You never knew that Thomas JeN i y RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINUTO.N ROUTtti. TRAINS LEAVE A8 FOLLOWS: tor purposes which will be of Interest as o vat fca XT Ksesat, City, XLWni Rsal Estata Brcltsr ferion was a Union man? said Mr. 4. Arnold, with snapping eyes. "No? to hlr- Address Pioneer-Times, Dead' Wanted First class American cook Chicago proposes to have a "clearing and log rolling" March 1st. Four thou sand overhead wires, with the poles, wood, or D. W. Qreene, special agent, wanted at Keystone hotel. Woman You never read of It In history, and you Deadwood, 8. D. Rapid City. No. 202 Passenger, Dally, UtU preferred. are not likely to. But I tell you there Kemper of Eeaflwtrad Stock Eiclw. Dealer In Mining stocks and Real never was a stronger unionist man will be cut down on that date It the companies do not have them under Stone's Syndicate Restaurant Short Order House. house- City, Hot Springs, Chicago and all points east, south and west 1:30 p. m STOP. HOW ARE YOUR EVES? General "Stoneall" Jackson." f Wanted A girl for light work at Mrs. M. Llebmann's. Free examination of the eyes for ground at that date. When we had recovered from this Estate. Steamship aad Railroad Tickets bought and sold. No. 206 Local, Dally except Sun all errors of vision and accurate seeming sweeping historical contradlc Always Open. Always Beady. Day or Slight. adjustment ot glasses for the cor f Wanted Two cooks, t house girls and 1 dining room girl. Mrs. L. E. day, Bald Mountain and Spearnsh 1:55 p. oa, Mrs. Arnold, In response to the query .William J. Bryan is Indifferent about the reported find of gold on land owned rection ot the same by a sclen Miller. No. 204 Freight, Daily, Hill STANDING BILL OF FARE. om ma Ann tvutkt jtuumr 23. it 98. why brother and sister espoused different sides in the war, told this story Previous to the war, Mrs. Arnold re tlfl . occullst at the branch office of the Colorado Dispensary, 39 Lee street, City, Custer and Edge-mont. -...1:00 a. aa Wanted An experienced dining J. Hittmliich & Cro. SHERMAN ST. WHOLESALE & RETAIL by him In Nebraska. What's a gold mine oa a S-acre tract to a man who has a silver mine ot unlimited out-put Deadwood. Examination from 10 a. sided at Beverly, in the western part room girl or chambermaid wants situ m. to 3 p. m. of Virginia. Thomas, who had been ation. Mrs. L. E. MUler. DEADWOOD, LEAD D. C. TRAINS. la his mouth T Breakfast and Qupper. FRUIT. FISH. OYSTERS. RANCH EQOB. Oatmeal with Cream for Breakfast major in the Mexican war, was a pro FISH EL'S BAZAAR. Wanted A few good solicitors to so fessor of natural philosophy in the Leave Deadwood. Thirteen millions ot dollars In gold, GROCERS. Has removed to Nelson's old stand licit the towns ot the Hills for a self military academy at Lexington, Va. Fried Onions, Potatoes In Cream. Dally Except Sunday 1:30 a. m. Daily 10:00 a. m. next door to American National bank. representing the balance of trade be "Both of us." said Mrs. Arnold, "felt alike in politics. Loyalty to duty, as selling article; big commissions. Oua man says: "I have mado as high as $30 per day selling your goods." Apply at once. Address P. O. box (92, 'tween this country and Australia have been shipped from that country to this STAMP MILL FOR BALI he conceived it, placed Thomas unwll llnzly In the confederate army. A Daily 11:23 a. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Dally 2:05 p. m. Daily Except Sunday 1:20 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 4:23 p. m. In the past year. Oh, yes, the rcpubll Comprising of 30 stamps, crush ers and evarythlng complete, will be sold vsry Deadwood. clause In the state constitution of Vlr Porterhouse Steak, Tenderloin Steak, Sirloin "Uak, Pork Chca, Veal Chops, plain or breaded, Mutton Chops, Sagar-enred Ham, Breakfast Bacon, Pork Bausaca, Corned Beat Hash, CalTs Liver, Breaded, Brains, Scrambled, can party is sending this country to cheap. Inaulre at this offloa tt Kin la was the primary cause. That 1100011 AND CIGARS. the etsrnal bow-wows. French Fried Potatoes, Hon Fried and Steamed Potatoes. Dry, Buttered and Dipped Toast. Cream Toast, Hot Cakes, with Maple Brrsp or Haasy Hot Biscuit, and Rolls, Hot Cora Bread, Whits and Oraham Bread, Boston Brown Bread, 8rndlcats Cream Orav? a Ipsotaitf. clause converted Vlrglnlalnto a blood ur Wanted A competent girl tor gen Dally 8:30 p. MURDER AT TH3 NEW YORK stained battle field. 'We reserve,' read Dally Except Sunday 7:00 p. m. eral housework. Good wages. En STORE. Daily Except Sunday 1:00 p. quire of Mrs. Ben Basr, Ingleside. the clause, 'the right to withdraw from the compact If our rights as a free China has authorised the floating ot 178,000,000 In 6 per cent bonds .Inasmuch as similar bonds issued during frasb nhenser-Bnsoh and St Loots Owing to the tact that o n ne v Dally 9:00 p. m. Daily Except Sunday 10:30 p. m. state are trampled upon.' " spring stock has arrived and we jr Beer on Draught 6C PER QLAOO. s7Lost At Olympic ball, In cloak room, a pair ot No. 9 dog-skin gloves. When the differences which ted to se making room for It, we are going to Leave Lead. Cold Meats, Cold Fowl, PlTs Feet. Trips or Head Cheese tor Suppat. cession arose, Virginia elected to re- mass a slaughter on SHOES, from tn. Finder please return to Ploneer-Tlmea main neutral, and when the war first 21st to the 38th Inclusive, on those days the war ot 1SC9, were repudiated In 1862 by that government, the new bonds are likely to float a long while, and like bread on the water, return af Dally Except Sunday 1:53 a. m. Dally 10:25 a. m. Dally 11:60 a. m. office. at broke out she declared that no army, of we will make a 20 discount on at Allen's Club Rooir Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. r.;E8H FISH. CELERY. whatever side should cross her borders. shoes, Men's, ladles and children's FOR SALE. In 1861 the Presbytery convened at ter many days. Make a note of this and don't fall to take advantage of Ut) cut 2-10-wSt. Rev, Enoch Thomas of Beverly, my CFor Sale Two desirable building OsfBet Mala sad Wells Dradweeo. TK 0L3-TIL!E POPULAR RES0H1 Wbare the bert Olgais sod liqoofs la Iks elty esa be had day at algal. Tea deal Dally Except Sunday 1:23 p. m. Dally 3:28 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 2:45 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 4:60 p. m. Daily 6:67 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 7:22 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:22 p. m. lots, Nos. 9 and 10, block 12, Ingleslda home, was in attendance there when Major Jackson received orders to take charge oi the troops of the military See Mrs. A. Pollock, No. 61 Charles St, To beg a man for a nlcfele Is a crime punishable by Imprisonment, To beg him for his vote Is a highly honorable transaction. To offer to trade for the vote la felony. Pciitics and business tor prices and terms. owd te look few any Baked Spring Chicken, Stuffed, Irish Stew, Spanish Stew, Stewed Mutton with Oreea Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Cora, TestaiA Plum Pudding, W Ins Sauee, Mince Pis, Pumpkin Pis, Apple Pie, Raspberry Pie, Cream Cheese, Fruits, Nut and Candles, Boiled Leg of Mutton, Pickle Sauce, Boiled Corned Beef and Cabbage. Boiled Beef with Horseradish, Boiled Sugar-cured Ham, Roast Turkey. Bags Dressing, Roast Duck, Onion Dressing, Roast Ooom, with Jelly, Roast Loin of Beet with Brown Oravy, Roast Pork with Apple Bancs, Roast Veal with Cranberries, Baked Pork and Beans with school and march to Harper's. Ferry to protect the arsenal. Despite histories w Desirable building lots on Lincoln Dally 9:23 p. m. Daily Except Sunday 10:65 p. m. of the rebellion state that Jackson was tvenue. Ingleside. Lumber furnlshe.1 snnt there to capture the federal arse are peculiar things when taken togeth. to bull L Edwin Van Clse. tf i.::2i;;;;is & pall:erlee . DtMLtHS IM . . flew and Second r. No. 201 (Eastern Pass) Ar 11:43 a. m. nal, Mrs. Arnold maintains that her brother was dispatched to protect the CLots For Sale Howaid's Addition. confederate arsenal. Boston Brown Bread, Oysters Served la all K tries. The verdict In the case ot Adolph This addition tc Deadwood, beautiful No. 209 (Sp'flsh Train) Ar 10:30 a. m. No. 203 (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a, m. No. 202 (Passenger) De'p'ts 2:90 p. m. No. 210 Spearnsh train) De. 1:65 p. m. No 204 (Freight) Departs 1:00 s, m. ly located on the Park bench, adjoln- tug the Dudley Spring, in the First COrFMl, TEX, CHOCOLATB, COCOaAiILK AND PUR1 tPRINO WATO. Served wlU all Meala. Single Keali 25o up. Meil Tickets $5.1X). Lunches 1C3 cp. Jackson refused to go without orders from Governor Letcher. When officially ordered he led the troops to Harper's Ferry, where he quartered them, and then proceeded to Richmond, where he ward, Is now open for settlement See plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Luetgert, the Chicago sausage maker, was peculiar. Ks was found guilt ot murdering his wife and recommendsd to be Imprisoned for Ufa. It Is equal to a verdict of "guilt, but not proven, out the defendant should be punished Clse. Hand Goods , . If you want to Bay or Sell get their figures. Courteous treatment to all. K9. 621 Lc::r strut. NOTICE OF SPECIAL SESSION. Office of the county auditor,. Deadwood. South Dakota. To J. M. Fish, R. B. Stuart and John H, Russell, county commissioners cf Lawrence County, South Dakota. You are hereby notified to meet in special session at the auditor's office, In Deadwood, S. D., on Tuesday, March I, 1898, at 9 o'clock a. m., to transact the following business, to wit: To make transfer from the county general fund to the county sinking fund of such a sum as deemed sufficient for taking up certain 10 per cent bonds. To adjust tax matters. To appoint a road supervisor for the westerly portion of Road District No. 19, to flll the vacancy caused by the death of Frank Eberle. And to perform such other business as map properly come before the see-uion. Witness my Land and official seal this 21st day cf February, 1898. J. B. WELCH, County Auditor. td sought the governor's consent to his F. E. K. V. R. R. f HE NORTHWESTERN UN 4. FOR RENT. resignation in favor of Major Preston, his brother-in-law, who was anxious to tor giving the sUte all this trouble. DEPOT: Between Detdw'd and Pine w For Rent The Terry Hotel, Fu-- take command. My brother aa anxious to return to his duties In the actd-my. He had the tastes of a scholar, DEADWOOD & DELAWARE SLlELTIfJO co:.ipauy. Streets. nished. An Illinois minister resigned a pul Arrive. Departs. and student life was more congenial to f For Rent A four-room house and a Though trains to Omaha Chicago, SL Paul, Min htm than carnage. three-room house on Burnham avenue, MRS. J, F. BRANSFIELD'S No. 95 Bhermaa Strut First Ward. Apply to Mrs. Burnham, "Governor Letcher declned to accent his resignation. 'You are the only pit to accept a position as conductor on a Pullman sleeping car. In other words, he resigned as Captain of the Ark ot Salvation at a poor salary to become conductor of a car ot d nation with more "plunks" in sight City Creek. 3-22-tf. man said he, 'that has been In service and we can't spare you.' W. H. SWIFT, Prwident. JOSEPH 8Wirr, Truiurer FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, Ocn tal M.o.tep. MISCELANEOUS WANTS. "A convention was held In Richmond b ImS lnlaa aoewtotF m mil m malwtto neapolis, with close cos nectlons for all points west and south, at Fremont and Omaha .... U a m., 6 p m. DEPOT: Lower Main Street Whttewood Bturg1s,Rap 14 Chadroa and Intermediate points 10:45aml:25am Belle Fourche ! 3: 40pm 11am Whttewood only .... 17:30 am !4- Itpm Dally. I Dally, except Sunday. estof to Ike isrt Sul It Is the ealy siase yea saa 3 RE AT BARGAINS! RARE CHANCE! in 1861 for the purpose ot taking a vote to see whether the state should secede or remain in the Union. I had ciany letters from Thomas at that time urging me to pursuade my husband and Wo Ely El Ml Oits Mini l! to Blst! Mi Wanted. To trade a 320 acre farm, with good Improvements, In Meade county, for Deadwood real estate (Im w im Met tins of aakla at tM iowwl igw. Bar Biotto U Mt. mmi M Ut, Ivh Iom at br4 sr. qMl to suet 10 loan. Bh hp .Mino.otbfd, jmi. MokU, una pat, MMllM, dfW. BJlk, k, Md amM JOt MMU Dont't Forget the Number. 85 ShermanStreet, The proposition ot a Chicago wan to lift the Ohio capital jullding and build a third story under it Is looked o:. by some people much as the project ot the man who proposed to lite himself by his boot straps. But then anything would be attempted by a Chicago man. neighbors to exert their Influence In fa. DEADWOOD, SO. DAK. proved or unimproved). Address "A" Pioneer. OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS. NoUce Is hereby given that on ths 12th da of March 1898, all of the unissued school lands la Lawrence county will be offered for lease at public auction, to ths highest bidder, at ths front door ot the Court House In said vor of union. 1 kept this correspondence," said Mrs. Arnold, "tor many years In an Iron bexx. To my dismay one day In opening the box I found mm & r;:uu:u3, Have on seen any ot those briefs printed at ths Pioneer-Times offlcoT Brief and book work a specialty. ...MACKINTOSHES that the letters had disappeared. fjounty. The leasing will be held be NOTICE. The Deadwood Fire Department will pay a reward of 126.00 for Information leading to ths yjnvlctlon of an per-ion Intentionally turn'ng In a false flrs alarm. W. H. MOORE, JIB. FRAWLET, Chm Fire Police. Chief of Firs Dept U. J. DONOVAN. Calaf ot PoUca. have never been able to recover them. In one letter he wrote: "If western Vir at Lay- Attorneys OSknt SnS SnarkUrlU S DR. PIBCOCK'S OFFICE Is now located In room 14, 8 rr 4 1 cats block. Entrance from elthe ' ee ot Main strsst tween the hours of 10 o'clock a. nv, and S o'clock p. bl, each day, until all tracts of school lands have been offered for lease. Pierre, 8. D., January 1, 1898. JOHN U LOCKHART. There are many silver bars lying In tho bank ot England which have been untouched for over 200 years. The ere snore valuable for their antiquity than for their Intrinsic value. The are more hoar than the Bryan chestnut atout wheat and silver rising and tailing together. Dedwoa. South Dakota. - - TO ORDER 04.03 LADIES BUck osr Blu Cdshmere, with handaome Pltii Lirj:- Double CJapei vritb Velvet Collars, made to Ct yci. t--2m. Commissioner of School and Public Lands. GYPHILIO Q0N0RRK02A MEN'S ginia stands firm to the Union It may save the eastern part of the state.' The Richmond convention was controlled by a mob of BOO men, who intimidate', the people Into espousing the cause of sesesslon. "The state was two-thirds loyal, but force was too much for the Union eld?, and she seceded. My brother was then a colonel In command of a regiment in the Shenandoah valley. One company canvassed at thia time, voted for he Union, with theexceptlon of alx men. This Union vote Inclined Jackson and all the officers In his command." That General Jackson's sympathies Blue or Black Diagonal, Han. aome Plaid Liak; tz I Det:chab'e Uspe made to fitjoa. Git Euaj, t: r, , The Elkhorn is the best line from r rit&niwwav i mr tj tr i m siaTYifinT ui m m M ftioei sal fuMU aTMacfc bta rsaVS&a. esrtlt swss m u LOST MANHOOD. Deadwood to ths East This LUttement 4 . - . - . t f r - - - p Is verified y everyone who has trav mil 0cMT, WM IfBMC , eled over the road. Splendid equip Hip and length me a sure. Send 2.03 and either 1 shall be sent a O. D. 13.83, or deduct 5 per cent t I end cash in full and sare return chart. j . . ..... CHEAT WEQTFJRN' MACKINTOCH' CO, widow In Maryland was astonished at shading her lover caught In a bear trap set to catch meat til eves. The fallow was courting bar and carrying c3 a ban or a shoulder ot meat each visit as a souvenir. She will probably burn the bear trap and marry to save the rest of the meat. ment, excellent service, nr-mrpsasil . . - lUMniMIMiniurinsnniiiM! lUHnHOMiiiufinmaHMwnMS v nrUIII HMJHHUd PMnMBPWI W tIJJWtCllttS11wwnfOr'f TM r Private timsae ef Mas BnooeasTilly Omred. . . . FEMALE ?lJ.-fr NO CURE NO PAY. 2 sac 723, Difviwaaa; Q. 73. o. . .. nhm iap- r9 do cmd sv feei"! e !. CC H Mrf S m tbo: tixm mnrat to r .,,, o c.r, t - I mMnummimiiMBAMf petariMd if Mtaat hsmbmmi mm for r mmi SmM lot wmmm nwiw mmniuss wforH-na.ffa time aad good eonneetloaa, Call at the elegant new passenger depot aad get feJSskW rates. Through sleeps? leaves via ths adsm..iwsBBscxn caw oawtwaawaesssMeavsa seraM M. t-RANSLXN, PALAC3 PSAS3UCT. DZAOWOCD, & & wers entire! with ths Union was well Elkhorn evsry night at I o'clock. 0

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