The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 8, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 8, 1900
Page 4
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SUNDAY, APRIL 8, THE DAILY PIONEEUTIMES, DEAD WOOD, S. D. f Assaying 60c Gold and Silver A. F. Seebick iness, hot to exceed forty words, they will give a $10 kodak, and to the see-on 1 a $5 kodak. Pupils from the Seventh grade to the High school are in eluded in this. Then to the pupils up to and including the Sixth grade, firs' prize, a $5 kodak, and second a $'2. V.( dak. The amount of any prize will be giv. c'l in merchandise should the winn-; uot wish the cinn-ra. Advertising fo announces an early expose of THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE Established 1889, No. 37 Lee St. Deadwoocl WILL GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTH GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. ON ALL S... li ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. M. H. Lyona Oo. Agents for the Bllckensdorfer 135.00 Typewriter, Spring Milline ry for Thursday, Friday and Saturday depicting the freshest fashions from the French designers. MINES AND MINING. For real millinery nificence, for correct 1 T A 1 K0 feet and in that distan.e the vein has widened from 5 inches to 5 feet and orecent. iJeaawoo mag-mode i a s hais an-! mimII hal- exclusivists must, as in former years, depend upon Mr. Seebick. The foremost feature of I 't';ih otxl's miljiiu'ty nifi h.uiilisiu? lb in nk will for slivis and slmping ai p ; uli: Wait For the Elegant Display of. MILLINERY AND EASTER NOVELTIES t. To K' lmvn at. Date AmiotllKVd lah ACHERMANN'S coy. r a'.y b. .li of st AN HONEST MEDICINE FOR LA GRIPPE. George V. Waitt, of South Gardiner. Mc, says: "I have had the worst cough, cold, chills am! grip and haw take lots of trash of no iiccount, but profit to the vender. Chamberlain'. Cough Remedy is the only thing tl.e has done any g(xnl whatever. 1 have used one bottle of it and the chill.-cold and grip have all left me. I con gratulate the manufacturers of an hon est medicine." For sale by Kirk G Phillips. KSTRAV NOTICE. N tii e i:j hereby given that tlu r ca,ine Jo my place at Gayville, Law re nee county, S. D., and was taken up about Man li 21, 1000, ono Id roan , o white spot in forehead, U ft horn droois. N) other marks or brand; visible. The owner can huve the sa,n.t: by proving ownership, and paying Uk costs of keeping and advertising. ELLEN CHRISTIAN. Post office. Central City. S April 4. VMM. Westminister Abbey. Everybody cannot visit Europe ai'd i r..ioy th" privilege of studying at til. st head the line old 'U'ildin1; !i which the richest, and mov.t previous tieasures of the past are stored. Mr N. K. Griggs has just returned t'ro-i. England. Most, of the month of Feb r.iary ot this year was spent by Mr. Gliggs in London. It has been sai l that Ioniloi is the most historic cif.' in the world and that Westminister Abbey is the most histor spot :n London. Most people find S'estmin!s-U r like the World's fair-too big to take in. Mr. Griggs made a very careful study of the place and rive the people of Deadwood the ben-lit of his investigation and hard rtud." by the aiad of a stereoptlcon. Eighty views will be given. City hall, Wednesday, April 11. Troop A. U. S. V. Attention Every ex. member of Troon A, Thinl I nited States volunteer cavalry, is re'-qeested to forward his address to Ce-grant W. A. Rankin, Deadwood, on or before the first of May, 1!00. It is the intention to forfn a permanent organization of the ex-members of the troop, and the L'.'lrd of May, the ('.ay of th t loop's departure for the tooth, ha.s h(en fixed upon as the date on which to perfect the organization. Member's oi the troop who are at present in the It lis, or to whom this notiee conies to attention, will confer a favor by com-1 lying with this request. Hy order of COMMITTEE. DR NAl'LTEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Fr. Naulteus has removed his office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing store 681 Main s'reet o NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The New York Life Insurance company will occupy offices In the Adam block on December first HOMER BOSTWICK. General Agt. NOTICE FOR BIDS FOR CITY BONDs Notice is nereby given that sealed bids will be received by the city council of the City of Deadwood, for the bonds of said city to the amount of twelve thousand ($12,000) dollars, which bonds were issued under and by virtue of an act of the legislature of the State of South Dakota, approved March 3rd, 1899, entitled, "An act carrying Into effect section 4, of Article 13, of the Constitution of the State gt South Dakota, authorizing the incurring of additional indebtedness and the Issuing of bonds therefor of counties, municipal corporations, civil townships or districts, except cities ot the first class for the purpose of provid ing water for Irrigation and domestic uses," which bonds were issued pur suant to a vote of the qualified electors of the" City of Deadwood as provided in said act Such bonds will not be sold for less than par, and the city reserves the right to reject any or all bids. All persons desiring to bid on said bonds must address sealed bids to the City Auditor of the City of Deadwood on or before twelve o'clock noon on the 16th day of April, A. D. 1900. By order of the city council. W.'A." ICKES, City Auditor. GEORGH li BUTLER, . has the most complete line of jewelry In the Black Hills and his prices are right Call and see hlnv. 651tt Main street, Beadwood, A ' l ne Ladies bazaar Silk WaiStS fr this week a New Dress Patterns for Irin ;i liar"t:!i. iWtl-.. Mi-ivcri.i-'l '"inr-.rir .r umiiH'r fa Summer Goods in iyivuKn, Ruby Gold Mining Company. A ihartcr ha Iwen rccei veil for the Hilly Gold Minim; and Milling nin-pany of Deadwood. which wa.-s recently organized with a capital stock of $100.-)((, divided in four hundred thousand Elaues at one dollar per shaie. The in-( or;)oiatot s are James Conzett, Nor-i-Kiii T. Mason and Orville 1'. I'lyce, all well known citizens of I leadwood. The company own the Portland mining claims situated in Ruliy gulch i.liotit seven miles southeast of Dead wood. Ruby gulch was noted in the early settlement of the Ma k Hills, as the richest gold placer diggiiins in Hear liilite Mining district, much of the giound having heen worked over two and three times, and each year during the spring while the water lasts placer mining Is still carried on in the gulch to pome extent. Kuby gulch lies between Strawberry nulch and Butc her gulch, with only nairow dividing ridges between the thiee -The Portland claims are locat. ed near the head of Ruby i?ulch (on a direct line between the well known Gilt Edge and Dakota Maid mines in Strawberry gulch to the southwest, wild the Broady mines in Hutchei F.ulch to the northeast.) and were located by . Mr. Conzett several years ago, who feels confident that he has found the veins which have been the principal source of supply of the placer sold that has been taken from the gulch. The formation here is a pho-nolitic porphyry now recognized as one of (he most prolific gold bearing formations we have. A number of shafts, tunnels and open cuts have been sunk and run upon the ground of sulll-ciont depth to clearly demonstrate the fact, that a series of parallel vertical veins run clear thru the property from the southwest to the northeast end of the Claims. In all of these workings ore has been taken out and exposed running in value from five to over seventeen dollars in gold per ton. the ore is principally a refractory ore. but In one shaft where a ten-foot vertical vein Is exposed ore that prospects freely in tho pan is found. The object of toe company now la to start systematic development woik In this shaft, and for that pdV-rosi? the incoi porators have s?t aside one hundred thousand shares of the capital stock of the company as treasury stock, all of which is fully ,iaid and nonassessable, fifty thousand shares of which will now be offered for sale at the low price of ten cents per M.are, which when sold, will create a ievelopment fund of five thousand dollars. This, Mr. Conzett confidentially lielkves will be sufficient to put tHe nroperty on a productive r.nd payiug basis. The other fifty thousand shares cf treasury stock could then be sold at a much higher value and th? proceeds used for the erection of a reduction plant, or any machinery that might be deemed necessary. The original pur- 1 M . V M A A 1- J V will , be the lucky investor1, for they - will get the benefit of all this Increased value, and the names of the incorporators Is a guarantee that the business of the corporation will be honestly conducted and the proceeds honestly expended in the Interest of the whole 'corporation, and each stockholder can feet secure in the knowledge that when the mine is on a productive basis, he arlll ma Ma nli .- nf Ilia nmraiwla Therefore, if you want a good invest. ) meet, get some stock in the Rugy Gold fining and Milling Company of Dead-wood. . The Lena. W. E. Haskell L. Swift, A. B. Jack- son, and F. Fayram, of Minneapolis, who arrived Friday, left yesterday, for Hili City to look over their mining interests there. Work on. the Lena mine, about four miles north of Hill City, will be resumed and the, shaft vlll be sunk to a depth of 300 ; feet on the vein." It is already down about hams, and all fashionable am! will average about $11 to the ton. free milling ore. A competent ir.ining man will be put in charge and (i"v iopment work will be. pushed dur ing the spring and summer. Procelain Clay and Marble. G. K. Noble, president of the lllack Hills Porcelain. Clay and .Marble company arrived in the city yesterday lioiu Custer and is quite enthusiastic over tho company s propeities in the Custer district. 'fT.e marble fxpert blou:ht from Vermont to examine the ground" has pronounced the marble as tine quality as he has ever seen. There is a vein of it, one and three-(juaiters feet by six hundred feet and from seventy-five to one hundred feet O. ik. It would be possible to ship i uu.woo wortn ol the munle every year and still have enough left for all the descendants of the members of company for a hundred years to come. Tl-eie are large quantities of the grave-none and Mexican onyx and the supply cf Kaolin clay Is inexhaustible. The company also owns two fine shipping inica mines and a claim of very fine lu by onyx. The onyx is i very tine ariegated variety in a bright ruby and white and Is of the kind much used in '.dlars and wainseotting. There is also on the property, the only good iltho-M'aph stone to be found in America. The property covers over Hun acres ot tround. The company has recently purchased a ranch and a force of twenty men are at work building four large buildings for boarding houses i nd quarters for the men. Mr. Noble expects to !egin shipping tho marble within the next thirty days and agen-( tes will be established for the sale of it in all the large cities of the west. The financial outlook for the company is exceedingly bright as nothing of the kind has ever been discovered in the west and therefore the markets will be near home and not at great distances '.'he Company owns, altogether, something over 800 acres. About $10,000 worth of machinery for cutting, boring ai'd hoisting, has been ordered, and active operations will commence in a few c'ays. A COMMUNICATION. Mr; Editor. Allow me to speak few words In favor of Chamberlain s Cough Remedy. I suffered for threa years with the bronchitis and could not sleep at nights. I tried severa doctors and various patent medic; nes but could get nothing to give me any relief until my wife got a bottle of this valuable medicine, which has com pletely cured me.W. S. Brockman Bagnell, Mo. This remedy Is for sale by Kirk G. Phillips, druggist. Pioneers 1874-5-6. At a meeting recently helu of th directors of this society at the county treasurer's office were present President James Conzett, Secretary H. O I.orey, Mr. McDonald, George Ayres, James Allen and E. A. Hornberger. It was decided to hold a meeting a City hall, Deadwood, April JO, of tee entire society for the purpcee of get-ting a register of every member whether in good standing or not. To this meeting are also Invited a' I now members in fact and persons who came to the Black Hills du 1ng or be fore the year 1876.. Any male repre seht&tive of any deceased persons is al 83 invited. Everybody eligible is heieby earnestly requested to come. Other business of great importance to the society will be discussed and ad. jurted. Preparations will re made for a good social time. Don't fall to come Arril 10, at City hall. o Pnzes for Pupils. The Wilcox Pharmacy, always looking after the pupils Interests, are con-, ing to the front with somd prises that will cause no end of competition. To the pupil furnlshingthem ine best local advertisement tor their bus- drosses and shirt waists. Tailor SuitS for everyone, Coiik am - Main St. Deadwood J Mrs. Nott, :i atliaitiVf arrr iy of "liri Steamship Tickets I t .m direct agent for all the leading i and best steamship lines that run into nd out of New York, Montreal, lies ton, Philadelphia, Ualtimore. Galves- , ton and Pacific coast ports. I can j sell you railroad tickets in connection with steamship tickets at reduced ' rates. Also if you wish to send to the old counry for your friends or relatives 1 you will save money by calling at the P.urlington route ticket office for full nforination as to time, tickets. &c. W. T. ROBERTSON, Ticket Agent. LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP. The first consignment of this un equalled byrup has arrived and its pure essence will always attract those who have once tasted 1L Physlciaun says: "Maple syrup Is a natural medicine, that prevents a Lumber of ali ments." Aud Its aroma Is superior to honey. STANDARD CASH 8TORE, Hit u vi vl vl viv vl vl vl 4S onerman street, Sole Agent for Deadwood, S. D. SPEND SUNDAY AT HOT SPRIN One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Saturdays. Good to return following Tuesday. r i 1 x . i i upuiar irain leaves iJeadwood 6 p. m. Via Northwestern line. DLSFASfe Karfs Cover Root Tea ni5?"lfi!" f16 Complexion, Purifiw the Hlood, Kirn a Fresh, Uni Skin. Cures Con fPJt'",, Indigestion, and nil Kruttions of IPZ. rkinfc A riibla Ljixa.'ve Nerv ionic, bold on alolutr pinrvnM b all drugirUti at 25c., 60c. and 1 .00 S. C. WELLS i CO., lercv. v. Tor Sale by the Pmace marmacy. Aetna powder Co, Dynamite and Blact Powder. Fuse and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, -Battery Supplies., , - i - . " IIS GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER CO. INBERSOLL-SERGEANT ILL Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0. F. PURNELL Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dat 0. - - What Thej If Von Kiiiiw ,,n tht y ,,iii.iii niev v Tliey lv luirrOW the i Slilf 1. - .-: I iirelMTty an -i , . Tf till- v.iii. Bum ne Mriri'7 - 0M THE THREE fill Loan W. . ADAMS COMPANY No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood

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