The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 26, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1900
Page 2
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26 THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOO D, S. D. 1900, J. R. Hlckox, Francis C. TucKe, , City Engineer. , You Can Bank U. 8 .Dep. Mm. Surveyor. IN THE FIELD OF POLITICS. VM ... - " s ine Mat In tie m I tins If you get it of . TUCKEM A HICKOX. CIVIL : M NI..G IKGINEERJ THE DEADW00DIP0NEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. ROGERS & SOI They alwayj hav. . w1 & nan . EBEN W. MARTIN AT HOME. The best place In the world to form the correct estimate of a man is at his fireside. If a man is a prince within his own domestic circle, he is sure to be a man among men and a good citizen. Measured by what qualifies a man for success in business or his, profession, his true character may often not be unmasked, but measured by what hi. is under his home roof his Surveyors, .looms 301 an0 30 Adams Block from hot air. The issue is good wages or theories. lioth have stock to select from and . 'u en always get just what you recently been tried. PIONEER-J I M ES PUBLISHING CO. 1 I r .THE IIOFSE MKMJtKKS. j E. II. Warren, .lolm X. I law-good and John I'elerson liil ex-cellent work in th. legislature t wo years ago, ami arc cut il led to re-election. Warren on appropriations; II a w g o o il on mines, and Feterson on mails; FIRST NATIONAL BANK OUR VINDICATION IN CUBA. We are not suppose. I as ;i nation to be in the habit ot linden at ing our ; mi n acliiew-tm-tit!-. And performed . h n a' hievemetit. and a strictly nation ' ill achievement, in the paciln ation oi' ! Cuba, which e hae h it pi fore!!.'.!! TKH.M3 OK Sl'llSCKll'TION: DAILY Every MimpIok. Except Monday. One Year Jlo.un Bil Montrm 5 .00 One Mrniih 1) IV KKKIY Ismicd Kwry Thumiluy : One Year 2.00 fill Months 1.0't DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA, i.bserv. I Bntun d a i .-t"i-oml-'lan Matter at the Iipadwooil 1'ostoflii'i. still I all, United Statr . Deposhorv f ole ervers i an i Ml t'l ci 1111 III' !lOI .1 1 lev ha ve not la ; !. .1 to do i ri " pondi ii' - i if I .end' n knew c'ui'.i end' i .-:: ' tl 1 1 i- trm :t The , pa pers u h DIRECTORS inle havi not that has be,. i) J BALtSiil i(Y H'lorr T. j. OltlKH, I i A P. K. 5-1' KKSI' Mcl'ltKUSON d li." : id''!' Alllc, le.lll nil.. ( I. Ii' I a! pen C'iIcim a' va'1'i, '.M- . 1 1 1 . 1 1 ! V I CI- ! Ii th.rii. ipi.-eil t'l lo-e OFFICERS: each made a record.' Kvp r j ience counts in these mailers, j and if these men are reinmeii the Law retic- ("ountv ih lea ' i I ion will lead ai I'ierre i his ; winter. That credii will he r;ii n this section in M-mling down aide men, and our i n I crest s I will he1 well served. There are a niiniher of measures of ini ! portancf to t he people of t his locality pending. There h-as 1 been enough crazy legislation, in this state, and until t he j pie learn to send eod men to the capital and retain them in ! Illle To theM inn, W'oiid W IliM' !.' II 'r 1 11 fa i ' s won 1. 1 be hi '-'h I . if lie had not lie n ;.-r cil in adniinis'eriiii.' opinion mij-'ht hi' -i l'rc' t nt i'ardi r. SALISBURY .) I. Assist. Cashier ' -ix'uer 1, ;ic-!'r ,!.!. t. ...T. J. OKIICK ... .1 s, DKNMA.N ol'li ial I it ll'lt Mitiu-iliing on account of tl intere-t of the man u ho form GEO. V, AYERS & CO, the opinion eantint fail to make an ;ni ptession upon every atidiil reader by dint of the mod. 'rat ion and i ir i unispection which have evidently 1:0110 to the formation and e pres'-ion of it. Here is what (lonei?,! Wood Kays :' "This brings me to some mo-t tin- , happy misapprehensions not widely. hut in fluent ial ly held in this country ! Successors to Ayres & WaLdman Har Jware Company. i REPUBLICAN TICKET. service I lie injury win continue. Every vear the voters of the I'liited States are seeing more clearly that legislation, slate and national, is a business of concerning the attitude of the Cu- 1 ban mind toward the I'niteil States itiiriMrniiifitiwiwiMiiriM, Presidential Ticket. For Prebident WILLIAM McKINLEY. Tor Vice president THEODORE HOOSBVBLT. Members of Congress For Presidential K lectors - THOMAS PITCH. C.runt. (.'II AS. THOMPSON, Hand. AHTIIUIt BHDWN, Lincoln. A. II. MARBLE, Ilutle. Hardware and Mining; Supplies.. and the present administration. I assure you upon my responsibility that It is an error, as complete as it is lamentable, that there is distrust of the I'nited States on the part of the Cu . bans. A few malcontents there are. j as there must be always and in every I country and under any conditions. Hut they are a mere handful, and , there can be no greater mistake than ! to interpret the ravings of these idiots I as an expression of Cuban thoT-'ht j and sentiment. The tiia.iojrity of the j Cuban people the Cuban people. I mav roundly sav. the ('Mentions are I importance, and good results can only be secured by getliii'r the best men for representatives. This changing off members able to accomplish something for a set of political era n ks, is about over. Amos Val ri(iiin has proven his courage in the service' of his country, and at I'ierre will stand as loyally for honest leg- iiiiiiritfiitiiitrffiiiirtff. is'at ion a ml t he pnbl ic w are. I so insignilii atit are fiiendly in the , I highest degree tl) the I'liited States, to the adniini. tratiim. nnd to the. j representatives id the govi'vnineiit. is it ti;ii:? Where is t he iioor, dishorn Den clwood I I With their friendliness go perfect ion- Congressional Ticket. CHARLES H. BltKKK, of Hushes. Ell EN W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. State I icket. Governor C. N. HEiiRIED. of McPhenwn. Lieutenant C.overnor CEO. W. SNOW, of Don Homme. Secretary of State O. O. I1ERO, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMDER, of Hutchinson. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of rtrown. Attorney General JOHN L. PYLE. of PVnnle. Bupt. of PitMlo Instruction B. E COLLINS, of Clny. Com. of School and Public Tnnds DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberta. Railroad Pnmrrviloner FRANK IICOQ. of DouRlaa. Legislative Ticket State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Member! of House of Representative E. H. WARREN. JOHN N. MAWOOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. : shortcomings arc easily betrayed. He may be an intellectual Titan, a Hainan In battle, able to move mountains with his eloquence, and a linn in society: jet if he is a tyrant in his home: if bis wife and children do not contemplate his homecoming wit Ii vdelicjit . he is seriously imperfect in the essential qualities that go to make the ideal type of t lie ma n. It is in his home t Ii at Hon, Kben V. Martin is seen at his best. It is there that tne man's character stands out full anil rounded. In public life few men of his strength of jiurpose, his energy., his ;'.liility. are so free from blemish as he. In his profession he stands without a peer. In his business transactions he is prompt, just, accurate, and possessed of the highest type of honor. In emergencies he Is lightning witted and vigorous. At all times does he preserve an affability that seems never to ruffle. He will interrupt himself in the midst of the most perplexing tasks to exchange a kindly greeting with a caller,, whether the one who calls Is before him on matters of the greatest Importance, or whether it is a neighbor or a reporter, dropped in to pass the time of day. Rut it Is when he Is seen at his own hearth that his sterling qualities become most apparent and appreciated. His home is his chief delight., and his domestic relations, would attract the Idealist.. There the business and professional perplexities cease. There is no "talk of shop." altho Mrs. Martin, his wife, is his chief counsellor and advisor and is a full confidante upon all matters seriously effecting her husband or his business. His evenings and Sundays are always passed with his wife and children when he is in Weadwooi', and nothing is permitted to mar the domestic serenity at these times. He is very methodieai in his habits, and keeps certain hours with with cIock-li!e precision. He has a certain hour at which he reaches his office, anil unless business of unusual Importance detains him, ho is at home again by a time that has been appointed by long practice, varying but a few minutes from day to day. His home on Ingleside is pleasantly appointed and furnished and here he Is free from the cares of the day, able to : shut out all unpleasantness and : worry, and revel in the glor les of a circle that idolizes him. With his children he Is equally : a parent and companion, entering with great zest Into everything that Interests them or per- : tains to their happiness. Towards his wife his attitude is : that of intense devotion anil at- : tention. Her welfare Is essen- : tial to his own. The fondness : that exists between them Is that : of young lovers. He has a good library In his : home, and here he spends many hours of profit. The adage that a man may bp judged by the books he reads applies nicely in : his Instance. The shelves of his : book case are storked with wholesome literature, consisting of most of the standard works and many classics, vol- : limes by the greatest thinkers on ' economic and sdriar prob- ": lems. and religious and moral treatises, from which he keeps his mind well replenished. : His purity and sincerity of : motive are everywhere manl- : fest, but In no place so much as : in his own home. His children : are taught early the lesson of : the New Testament, Christian straightforwardness and purity : of principle, .and In their father thevsee a living example of thifr teaching. Such a man is well fitted to represent the people of this commonwealth In the halls of congress. They will rest assured that what he does is well done, : with perfect unselfishness, hon- : est incentive and conviction, and for their best well-being. : THAT THIS MEHNS TO YOU. top 1 Think faience in the purpose of tile' United States to redeem every promise and unqualified contentment with present progress. It may lie said that. I may be misled by the general deference, naturally paid to me as the governor of the island; but the bounds of mere deference are easily and quickly recognized. When everywhere there are manifestations which surprise by their unexpectedness, warm outpourings of "interest and gratitude which deference could never have conceived, it is impossible to doubt either the genuineness or hie intensity of the amity toward this country that prevails thruout the length and breadth of Cuba." We do not see how any American can read this highly expert testimony of the condition of Cuba without a thrill of patriotic pride; we may add SUMMER GOODS- Ginghams. Dimities and Percates i THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR crank who f o 1 1 1 1 1 for three years the advaiM-ini;' prosperity of t his count ry wit h t he declar-atioii, "There ain't no jiocul times"? He has ;oiie- was crowded off the stae. Events expurocfl him. He was blown ont. Ilia friend, I'rvan, now says it makes no difference that yon have all the work you can do at hioh wages; that times are prosperous; that the country is entering on a proud and happy career; you are discontented anyway; things might be a little cheaper; I might be president; vote for what you did have instead of what you have got now. Stand around on the corner day in and day out looking for work and food instead of figuring how oil shall spend your surplus; but make me president just once. Cotton Bale Jones and Hick Croker will do the practical running of this coun 25c NOW GO AT j We hfivp n idee rrw line f Mu-lin I'tiiliTweHr wlilch wc-ftre lo K'Ulnu bi a 1,'tcnt HiuXHlti. h-Hiitllul I'lic ot bed fprcads. lace curtains. 35c NOW GO AT 20. 12c. . 3 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbVMbbbV - - They all go at anau!fce. nc cirut a ci r ml pet in on the i.H l ND H-0R THE LADIES f- AZAAR. I that we do not at all envy the American who is so carried away by his partisanship, either in the ordinary or in the extraordinary and "anti-imperialistic" sense of tnat term, as to refuse the credit for this great national achievement to the administration to which it properly belongs. The administration has clearly had no other motive in the government of Cuba than to put in the high places of that government the men who had County Ticket. Bheiiff FRED DOTEN. Treasurer H. P. LORET. Register of Deed JOHN WRINOROSK. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts SOL STAR. SUte's Attorney S. C. POLLY. County Judge FRANK J. WASHAP.AT10H. Assessor A. A. MOODIE. Superintendent of Schools HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner PR. CHARLES E. ZERFINO. Surveyor A. S. GATES. County Commiloflloner Ttilrd District FTVTOARn CrnTfV,TN. For Jtl'- "f th poipi, V. "CTfV. neadwond. W. M Ot'TVRY. .1. ''V. TtMT.H"Y, Oslerm 1. TT TJTPLEY. Spcarflsh. For Con nb'" .1 C ?tcttt pcndTHwI. TV n OTTTFT, Tjesd. J. W. PECOR. O&lesa. THE LABORINNG MAN'S FRIEND. 33- ISJLn GIL1I1ETTS T 1 1 Watchmaker Tl P loncer Jeweler nn 1 afforded proof of the presumption that ; they were the right men for the ESTABLISHED 187G. WATru.CC r-x rr is o imri c-r w r T T places. And it has not hesitated, a-! DEALER IN WATCH EXAMINES FOR THE G U r; L ! N GT0N 4 ; ! the career of Cetieral Wtiod himself ! bears ample witness, to set aside pre- try and I can expand my bean lil'lll tlleol'iev fin. I iiin in... t.l. .J K U 659 Main Street. Dejo". No. ' ' ' sumption in favor of positive proof. I. -V principality in Middle-I ..v-fSSSS BCTmvirar';i worlh an acre in sex is not Ftoj)ia. LEADING GERMAN DAILY HAS LEFT W. J. BRYAN. The New York Stats Zeitung. that when O TO DEADWOOD OK LKAD, Why :; f some , tiirFe ago supported Bryhn on in furnish you for loss MONKY The affidavits of Peter Temperlne "WHAT- OF THE MCJIIT?" the question of imperialism, has deserted his banner, and come out and Glo Vlrenso, 88 published In Ue Uatehman "All Ploneer-Tlmes. Bhows that Joseph B, IS well." I squarely for McKinley. The cut is Moore, fusion candidate for Congress, . TOE S-TTG-E The watchman could not so re Is Indebted to ..the miners In the following amounts ior work done on the HPhTRAi pity SO. DAK. -Almeda mine In 1899: a"- -si m k . - the severest Bryanism has yet received in the east. The Staats Zeitung admits that the current is strongly against Bryan, and says there Is nothing in the Bryan cry of. imperial-Ism and militarism. It Is against him on the money question. The Staats Zeitung Is one of the most powerful German papers in the ecountrty. Name. Days. Amt. Peter Temperlno 21 73.50 Dlo Ferdinande 64 234.00 Gla Gasoero 67 234.00 A Complete stockojt: Hav, Grain. Chop Feed, F. Marchlando 29-2 103.25 Gla Verenio 28 2 99.75 Col. Bryan has the pettifogging ability to ask sixteen questions, but Floui Wood aod Coal. v. he lacks the nerve to answer one. 0 I ONLY ASK... . Don M. Dickinson, who Is scathing In his attack upon vVllllam Jennigs Bryan and the political principles jjSJ that leader represents, stood his whole life long as a democrat among sjond four years ajo. Bryan's free trade, free silver, free soup tlreories of government had left the watchman no watch.; his time was up (in hock); nothing to watch, only to wait for the republican party, like the breath of Spring, to renew by wtse measures, the chance to live again. To-day, here at home, employers seek laborers on- every corner, and at the most certain and liberal wages. Enterprises of magnitude are delayed because because of lack of men. Luxury is only a fringe; labor and its just remuneration the substantive theory in existence. Some turned-down politicians say slaves had full bellies before the war and calves are often well fed. That may be, but the landju wWch4ntelligent labor is well paid, furnishes the highest civilization and the greatest happiness. There is an in total.... $734.50 Thesi miners took ont ore which ink' shipped to the Spearfish Cyanide Mill and, paid for In cash before the ore was all delivered. As a matter of faqt f oore drew $200 more than the value of the ore which he refuses tore-fund. Notwithstanding all this he continues to tell the men that he has : aot been paid for the ore Here Is another sai pie xf his great love for the laboring man. On September 15. referlng to a Joint meeting of the labor unions to discuss needed legislation, he said In the Lead Call of that date; "ThsT Joint meeting f the union , was ealled for the purpose of deciding the dimensions of the growler." Do you Know Next time the democratic party will hardly pick out a business-killer for its presidential candidate. e According to democratic reasoning the ability of the United States to loan money to other nations is an evidence that the republic is crumbling. A Good Thing When Y:;u See it? President McKinley has been at the helm during a remarkable period, and has won supporters steadily both democrats, until the campaign of 1896 forced him to separate from the organization that used his party's name. He was one of Mr. Cleveland's most Intimate friends, filling the position of postmaster general in his first cabinet for a year, and always being one of his closest advisers. He was the first man who ever succceed-ed in carrying the lower part of Michigan for the democratic party. Mr. Dickinson has always stood for several of the elements which this year's democratIaplatform makes most prominent, among them being his hatred of English influences and his opposition to corporations and their" abuses. His home is In Detroit He was once democratic national committeeman In MIchigana, and In 1896 i I never reduced wages or sncour north and south If imperialism has mined Porto Rico, as the democrats c!ainthen free-schoolsrcleanTstreets and gobod government are things to be avoided. If you dolbcn comeand notnly SEEhuL i;ii'' s our brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, POUT and MUSCATEL -r""r. They Are The Best in the West. 5U V Fine Old Whiskey of father time - M fnd r FAMILY LIQUOR STORE aged the reduction or wages, eitner personally or professionally, but have always f avoredalntaJhilng our pree-ntVtndard. Personally I have em-ployed a good many miners at differ. nt times, and have paid them, 7 my enterprises have been succes nil or unsuccessful E. W. Martin. dependence in a. well earned. Mr. Cleveland's great bulk prevents htm from entering any contests in sawing wood, bnt when ft comes to "savin nothing, he has no living superior. ' 1 , . . 1 uo wa tfiiet counsel ior tne united Well paid, well spent month's states In the - international inn, . - . - nn- A Tain kH. wages that you cannot eftraet lnto the sealing dispute.

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