The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 22, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1898
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 18S3. DAILY PIONEER-TIMES Reyal the ImS awe. 1 I t ; MUM Bee the Syndicate restaurant's BID of Fare elsewhere in these columns. ANNUALLY. After taking Inventory wo dispose of all our odds and ends. We have big values in a few overcoats. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. r '"I B H I t 1 I THE CITY. rvn rvii For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. Homo made apple butter and mince meat, in pint Maon Jars, at Deadwood Liebmann ted O. R. Brandt, of Lead, has a novel plan for disposing of a stock ranch at S i J3srtatollali.ea 1Q76. mgamore, in is stste. The ranch is a Cash Grocery. CLEARANCE SALE good one and worth at least 12,600. Read the circulars distributed la this Issue or call at this office for further Of Inventoried Odds and End! In Main Street Deadwood, 5. D. Qpcninrj foF Mcn'i Trousers, great valuer, fashion able goods and Immensely reduced particulars. f Wanted A competent girl for gen era! housework. Good wages. Enquire of Mrs. Ben Baer, Ingleside. price. ROSENTHAL'S P ALACK. Absolutely Hirs foztf Received an Immense Line of . . , 1 I I TRY STEARNS DIAMOND COAL. The South Deadwood Hose Co lost a rubber coat at the fire Sunday night, Freub cut flowers and floral design. evt imim Mn ee., mt remu which the finder will please return for any occasion at Mrs. Llebmann's. i IT t-TLost At Olympic ball, in cloak The best druggist in the city now Dickinson and Brewer will give you the best prices on fresh and smoked owns Stein's store. Give him a call and room, a pair of No. dog-skin gloves. Finder please return to Ploneer-Tlmes office. at you will be convinced. meat, of anyone in the Hills. Aw Embroideries, Have you tried the new Ewan's Down Flour. There Is nothing to equal It. tFor Rent A four-room house and a We charge you nothing ext a for delivering goods to any place In the Hills. Telephone 75, at 66 Sherman St, DICK Try a sack and you will use no other, MILLER DERBY. Top Notch in Hat Excellence. Sold by all grocers In Deadwood. INSON ft BREWER. three-room house on Burnham avenue, First Ward. Apply to Mrs. Burnham, City Creek. J-22-tf. Mrs. W. Rice, of Lead, Is convalescent rom a severe attack of bronchitis and a chronic neuralgia, through the Children and adults tortured by Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. burns, scalds. Injuries, eszema or akin diseases may secure Instant relief by STEARN S DIAMOND COAL 13 THE BEST. using DeWltt's Witch Haxel Salve, it treatment of Dr. Miller. Is the great Pile remedy. N. E. Frank If you want the best of meats call Extra ordinary Fine Pat-terns and Quality zvhich we have placsd on sale in Three Lots . - lln; K. G. PhlUIps. at Fargo's market In the First ward. '4 t 1 The remains of Miss Whiting, who died at the Elkhorn house, Saturday morning, were shipped to Chadron Sunday evening. Mrs. Whiting accom DON'T GET LEFT, IF YOU HAVE NOT GOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S Ws nave oysteri, fish, celery, poultry and everything In the market We will please you every time. tf. panied the remains. KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY $3.00 WORTH AND GET A CHANCE OF A INVENTOEY CLEARING. 9 FREE TRIP TO THE KLONDIKE. Enough odds and ends In Men' A number of hats were exchanged at the Olympic party - the other night Those who got the worst o the trade Shirts colored bosom and white body, The People's Grocery on Sherman to give you a good pick at manufae Hi i Wonderful duality and Capacity for wear 3 make it more than satisfying moneys worth. ji Graee in every Line, Goodness in.every Particular j Judge th9r Herits for Yourself. The man ig who Buys one comes back when he needs 3 another Hat I I We Are Sole Agents. I ? A 4- Tn J3 ,T street, for groceries, produce, fresh and salt meats. Quick sales and small can have their wrongs righted by call ing at this office. turer's prices. ROSENTHAL'S PAI ICE. Archdeacon G. O. Ware, who has profits Is their motto. That tired feeling Is due to lmpover Uhed blood. Hood's Sarsaparllla en BLOOM S THE MOST RELIABLE Lot No. 1 at 5e Per Yard Lot No. 2 at 10c Per Yard Lot No. 3 at 15c Per Yard i been on the sick list the past two weeks, vras up snd about his home for the first time yesterday. He Is slowly HQUSS IN DEADWOOD. TWO BIT MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON, riches and vitalizes the blood and gives strength, enenrgy and vigor. Be sure convalescing. to get Hood's. Born At Deadwood. about midnight, Wagner Bros' Palace cafe, on L.J Hood's Pills are purely vegetable and street Is the place to get the finest to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pickering a bouncing boy. Mother is doing nicely and old Pa Pickering is convaleeclng meats, vegetables, entries and relishes, do not pcln, purge or gripe. All drug gists 25 cents. served In the city. Everything is serv as speedily as can be expected. ed hot and prepared to suit the 1 HAVE YOU GOT THE KLONDIKE FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUT ?3 All Worth Double the Money 1 I fastldeous taste. The best cup of cof Today is Washington's Birthday, a WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND GET A fee or tea in the city. legal holiday, and the banks, postoffice, courts and all county offices will be CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA ODDS AND ENDS TION. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN closed. Poetofilce general delivery will Of our Inventory In men's suitsat a TOWN. saving of E0 cents on the dollar to be be open from 12 to 1 o'clock. The pub-I c schools will not be In session. immediately closed out Whooping cougb is the most distress lng malady; but Us duration can be cut short by tho use of One Minute (Wanted To learn the present ad ZDS ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. dress or whereabouts of A. M. Lane, tTFor Sale A fine matched driving for purposes which will be of Interest LEADER OF Low Prices team, 6 and 7 years old. . :. A. H. Cough Cure, which U also the best known remedy for croup and all lung and bronchial troubles. N. E. Frank- to him. Address Ploneer-Tlmes. Dead- Bowman. Is Larger and More Complete Today Than Ever Before. wood, or D. W. Greene, special agent. Rapid City. lln; K. 0. Phll'lps. Well, I've been there. Where, ma? Why down to Chase's where they An incorrigible tad of -15 with a tar sell cheap, and they do just what thoy Go to McGILL-'S for HAY, GRAIN, and ROCK SPRINGS and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel get gun Is making life of no uncertain curse to the resident of City Creek. The police have been notified and if a ephone No. 124. say they do, and there Is no humbug about It They were getting in new goods all the time I was there, and there were people buying from all over this town. They have some beautiful reform Is not affected at once the coun BLOOM GIVES BETTER VALUE ty attorney will be appealed to. FOR YOUR MONEY THAN ANY Za Addition to Our Largs Assortment of Sblt Hitlnra, TICT3, St:n$, Cilitry ui SpsrHni Ws Also Carry a lull Line ol Iron, Steel, V7ood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps Prices tho Lowest, Goods tho Best. Born At Deadwood, Sunday morn dress goods and their shoes are from OTHER HOUSE. ARE YOU GOINO TO THE KLON 6 ing, to Mr. and Mrs Walter Simpson, a charming daughter. Mother and lit rx 60 cents to a dollar lees than I have been paying, and It Is only a few steps tle one are getting along nicely and DIKE THIS SPRING? IF SO BUY $3.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YOU down there. Why, I could see the sign Chase's Where They Sell Cheap the father well he's too full for utterance, not of prunes, but of Joy. MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOU t from way up town. ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. A bird dog wearing the Sturgls dog There are three little things which Or DEADWOOD. SOUTH DAKO'A. bSbbbbbbBss "CJa3jLto3. States Uepoaitor CASH PAID IK, $100,000 SURPLUS, $150,000 What pleasure is there In life with a headache, constipation and bilious tax tag No. 100, has been hanging around the D. and D. smelter for the do mors work than any other three lit C. A. GniFFITll IIARBVJAHE CO. The RED ANVIL. tie things created--they are the ant, ness? Thousands experience them past week and If the owner does not who could become perfectly healthy aii.wxxxa.TX Ot. Deadwood, call for him socj, he may meet an ac the bee and DjWIU's Little Early Risers, the last being the famove little by using DeWltt's Utile Early Risers, cident a J. AXIBBUBT, T. J. UM1KA, t. B. SPABXS, . A. fCSHClWl D. A. MoPUESaoN. pLls for stomach and liver troubles. K. 2E A grand masquerade ball will be gtv Q. tHUMps; N. 13 Franklin.. J"-. o..jAuencar i chir d. a. mophkhhow O the famous little pills. N. E. Frank lin; K. G. Phillips. "ALWAYS TOO LATE" imnmi v J. aaiuS AMUtaat OmUw J. a UK MAM en at the Green Front this evening on the occasion of Washington's birthday. Veterinarian Treacy attends Dead- wood the first Tuesday of each month. John A Bowler, who wss made chair The management promises an enjoy' able time and extends a cordial lnvlta Will be the refrain if yon take not vantage of the Inventory Clearance Telephone Ft Meade. The sheriff's office received a tale-phone message last evening from Deputy Tim Mahoney, who had reached Belle Fourche on his way home from greatly attached and who was loved by all who knew her. The Ploneer-Tlmes extends its most profound sympathy to the bereaved In their hours of sorrow. STEARN'S DIAMOND COAL IS man of the democratic state central committee In 1C94 when there was no hope of success and any old Clng could be chairman, and who sold the tlon to the public. We understand that a number of elaborate costumes THE BEST. Sale at once. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Don't annoy others by your cough are being prepared for the event We are anxious to do a little good In following A. F. Wood, the bunco man, who ran the employment agency. Mahoney followed Wood to the 11ns of Lent will commence on Wednesday. this world snd can think of no pleas Yi ruuLtu X You will be if you buy anything but X ing, and risk vour life by negletclng a cold. One Minute Cough Cure cures There will be services at St John's anter or better way to do It than by party out in ' and beat Deadwood out of a state convention, was la town Saturday night and Sunday.. He did not call on the Ploneer-Tlmes and there Is no regrets that he did not for Episcopal church at 11 o'clock in the recommending One Minute Cough Cure forenoon and every day during Lent at O the Genuine as a preventive of pneumonia, consnmp 8:30 a. m. On Wednesdays and Frl tlon and other serious lung trouble we had no time to waste on a Judas. days there will be services at 4:00 that follow nrtlected oolds. K. O He was taken to the club under the m. Then will be special choir prac Phillips; N. 8. Franklin. supposition that he was a gentleman DEC! (17! Til ROUND OAK tlce at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. ATTENTION AFFLICTED. The physicians of the Colorado Dispensary may, from this Urns oa, be found In their new offices. No. 21 Lee street, where they may be consulted regarding all chronic asd special diseases Including all affections rf the Eye, Chronic Nasal Catarrh, Deafness and ringing la the ears. All diseases: snd weakness la the male, chronic female dlifoasee and all chronic and obstinate diseases affecting any organ ot ths body, of either sex. Consultation free. Hours 10a.m.to4p.m,aadTtot. HEAL VALU tl but disgusted every one by his profan Kltfle lAtham, the wayward girl who With little ado are disposed of dur ity, vulgarity and loud boasts of how he would "smash the face of the edi was taken from the 400 recently and ing our annual Inventory Gearing Salt North Dakota, but could not overtake him. Wcod had too much of a start. The authorities of North Dakota have been asked by wire to look out for the shark and take him In. Sheriff Plunkett returned Sunday from Sioux City and O'Nell, Neb., and had In custody Peter Carberry, who Is under arrest charged with complicity In the stealing of Cot Stcue's cattle. Carbf rry Is in the county jail and refuses to talk upon the subject. The sheriff left again In the evening for Sioux Falls with Wm. Dudley, who was sentenced to one year In the "pen" for attempted rape. He will probably bring Howard Smith, who Is la Jail at coughs, colds, rroup, grippe and all throat and lung troubles. N. E. Franklin; K. G. Phillips. After years of untold suffering from piles, B. W. Pursell of Knltnersvllle, Pa., was cured by using a single boa of DeWltt's Witch Hasel Salve. Skin dls eases such as ecsema, rash, pimples and obstinate sores are readily curel by this famous remedy. K. G. Phillips N. E. Franklin. 8ay, Dad, where did you get that new hat? It makes you look ten years younger. I bought It at Chase's where they sell cheap. They have Jst received 100 doten of the latest styles, given a home by the Salvation Army, immense Bargains In Underwear. tor of the Pioneer-Times'' left the barracks Sunday evening with ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. determination to pursue a life of ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS O. O. P. are not the initials of Orleans Pyramus, who wants to AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER 13 shame. She waa arrested and confined in the county jail and as she la under go to war, but they stand for "Old Oa MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. ii See the Name on the Leg it you J want to be certain. SOLD ONLY BY ... . o AYRES & WARDMAN g HARDWARE CO. evenings. Branch Offioe Colorado Dis age will doubtless he sent to the re HENCE ASK FOR IT. car Pipper" the name of aa oily peaceful, old fashioned, hand made, sour form school. pensary, No. 22, Lee K., Deadwood. South Dakota. mow nappy you look. Mrs. At Well. mash whlaky-n old brand which It Is reported that the B. ft M. com' Mrs. J I have saved over six dollars by waiting for Chase to get his new mads Its appeerance at John Herr and they are selling them for one-half Sioux City, awaiting requisition papers, less than you can get them for any stock of dry goods. You know when back with him. pany intends to move the old frame buildings at present occupied by the Independent and Frits Ammons beer hall, having bought the property. The where else. NOTICE OF SPECIAL SESSION. Offlcs of the county auditor,. Deadwood, South Dakota. To J. M. Fun, R. B, Stuart and John he first opened, he didn't know whether to keep dry goods or all gentlemen's The ladles of St John's Guild cleared C L. Slewera repairs safes, locks, company has given the former owners wear, but his trade has been so good 1107.00 from the supper served Friday evening for the Olympic ball A meet guns, bicycles, trunks, eutlery, ate. H. Russell, county commissioners of that he has added a lovely line of dress permission to move the buildings off, and It Is reported that they will In a ing of the Guild was held yesterday af 1. H. Graham, D. D. 8., dental par- jtassiaisimaiEiHiafafafoaaaa aiBi&iiJsssisia raaraiaoKBiS! goods, and really as good an assort Lawrence County, South Dakota. ternoon when officers were elected as ment of everything the ladiee like to tou are hereby notified to meet la tors over First National bank. Dead-wood. Crown and bridge work a spe few days be moved on Lee street, east of the old Elkhorn depot and that one A. W. COE, BEN. BAER, Secret!?. Treasurer. follows: Mrs. Franklin R. Carpenter, I SOL STAB, President look at as there are In the Hills, and peclal session at the auditor's office, clalty. mann's yesterday in new form bottled In bond, with every bottle guaranteed to contain a full pint or quart, 100 proof and hermetically sealed under the eupervlsloa of a government inspector. Bach bottle bears the date of manufacture and bottling. The large hlpment received by Mr. Herrmann, which came neatly cased la pint and Quart bottles, was made In the spring of 1222 and bottled in tne sprins of 1227. Not to disparage other brands, ths o. O. P. is the finest on the market It Is especially recommended for family ass. D. C Boley, superintendent of the Boley Mining syndicate, owner of th. of them will be brick veneered. Sav real nice stylish new patterns. Ott m ueeawood. 8. D., on Tueedsy, March 1, 1292, at I O'clock S, m.. to transact president; Mrs. Wm. Belble, 1st vice-president; Mrs. O. O. Wars, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. M. E. Wells, secretary do like to trade at a new store where A customer aid:" I have bad the eral of the councllmen are opposed to allowing the buildings to be moved to Deadwood Baild you haven't got to be shown all their (fe Loau Association SSOClt ths following business, to wit: 152 beet meat slnee I have been baying of Fargo, that I have had for a year." another place within the fire limits and snd treasurer. .The Guild la preparing a missionary box for St John's school. to make transfer from the county old stock, and you know their prices on everything Is way down and It is It Is not likely that the council will al Dr. Cants, dentist, over Rosenthal's teneral fund to the county slaking fund of such a sum aa deem auia. at Ft Bennett, this state, one of Bishop low it to be done. The council should only a few steps below the Bullock Hotel. clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE Hare s Indian boarding schools. The raw the line pretty close on such old clett for taking up certain 10 par seat WORK. ladies will meet at the boms of Mrs. re traps that endanger other property. oonas. A thrill of terror Is experienced when Shares of Stock for Sale. Both Payments and Interest Payable Monthly Wringrose on Wednesdsy and Friday Martin ft Mason and Clark and F. D. ZIpps for fine shoes. The Grand Central lodging house afternoons to sew and to prepare arti To adjust tax matters. To appoint a road supervisor for ths Carroll and other mining properties on a brassy cough o' croup sounds through the house at night But the terror soon changes to relief after One Min Smith have put up elegant and costly stone buildings and the authorities cle for the box. (over Zoeckler's market) has been But BiacAuu and lessee of the m.u. westerly portion of Road District No. 19, to fill the vacanev mdi v. v. ought not to permit these elegant build 1 asr Gall and Sea A. W. COE, Secretary. Pursuant to call extended by Prof. Plant la ths First ward, v-,..- In first c)ss shape and la now under Ings to be jeopardised by such shacks Plnkham a meeting was held at the mornlng received word by u'.esrsm r the management of Mrs. Kunss. Good clean beds 2S and I cents. tf J. F. EDMONDS, General Agent. city hall last evening for the purpose of organising a local University Exten uis aesta or fits daughter, Miss Chris-tins, at the home Of her grand parents There Is hope to you as long as there sion Circle. There was a fair attend ance of our prominent literary people i ream, in..- at s o'clock yesterday morning. Mr. Boley and his sob, W. A Boley. Jeft last evening for P.kin Is life. Turn fr m put disappointment, toward f ut ire hope of recovery. The specialist. Dr. L. Miller, devote Avardsd wjrhc,; honors World's Pair, dold Medal. MldwInUr Pair. DH' and a deep Interest la the work on f to attend the funeral which will c.,. ' BS- "B -BW -BF -BW BB- bbW'bbW' BBBB SJW "g -ssW BBS- JSW ' Keystone " Restaurant their part waa manifest The following officers were elected: N. T. Mason president; J. P. Hymer, vice-president; his undivided attention to the cure of long-standing and nervous diseases of on Wedaeeday. Miss Christine w T J been afflicted for several years with men and women. He cures catarrh. ute Cough Cure has been administered. Safe and harmless for children. K. O. Phillips ;N. E. Franklin. Remember that Dickinson ft Brewer can give you best prices and best feed In the Hills, No. C6 Sherman St tf It Is not often that a physician recom mends a patent medicine; when he does, you may know that It is a good one. Dr. 3, P. Cleveland. Glasgow, Va. writes: "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Blarrhosa Remedy In my practice and It has proven to be an excellent remedy, where a thorough course of medicine has failed with ms I recommend it to my patients every time for eholie or diarrheas.' Many other progressive physicians recommend and rse this remedy, because H eonaumptlou and during the past few weeks had failed rapidly. Mrs. Boi Alex. Strachan, secretary; I W. Still-well, treasurer. Prof. Btrachaa was chosen leader for the ensuing year. P. death ot Frank Bberls. And to perform such other business ' ss map properly corns before the session. Witness my hand and official seal this 21st day of February, 1298. J. B, WELCH, County Auditor. U ATTENTION. Regular meeting ot Deadwood Com- No. I Jr. O. TJ. A. M. la Society hall Tuesda, evening. February 25th, at 7:20 O'clock, as this !a a patriotic As run attendance is deeii-sd. NOTICB TO TEACHERS. TK reralarly quarterly examiaatloa for teachers will be held la ths count, euperiatsadeat's offlos, March 4 and I, Reopened 2t- rheumatism, St. Vitus' dance, goitre, rupture, piles (without knife or cautery), etc. Treatment guaranteed In curable cases. onsultatlon free and Mlnlter, Mrs. Bullock and Miss Cos. eaae to Deadwood with her daughter last fall, hoping the change of climate would effect a curs or afford relief and Bush & flundhenke. $ were appointed oa the executive board. Mrs. Belle W. Hammond waa chosen iot awnus the changs benefitted a.. Practical Hotel men who will giro tne hes. too meal la the Citj. Meal Ticket $300. local organiser. The first regular meeting will be held next Monday evening and It is expected that the Circle will materially. Two weeks ago the young lady's condition suddenly changed for the worse and the attending physician Urtsed another change of climate, when aha was takea hok to mit. confidential at C Jlmor house, Wednesday, February 3s, froa 1 to I p. m. We have Just received the latest novelties la Waist Silks and Ready Made Waist worn by the best dressers in New York. We offer then at eastern prices. Aa Inspection of the goods Is invited. M. J. WERTHHEIMER ft B30. tart out with a membership of up $ Good Home Cooking i ward of 100. The expenses are the an always cires and cures quickly. Get a bottle and you Trill hats an excellent doctor la the house, for all bowel ectn-plalata, both tor children and adults. nual membership fee of 22.71 which includes the mocttly pamphlets pertain By a First-Class Woman Cook. KIT! U vrumn it years of ags at the time of her death and was a sweet v- was ox aer oeatn and waa a sweet w,. A re Grass Crsaa si Tartar torst. 44 YEABSTK3 STAICDAIUX I .. . . . ---, to whom Ur 1- U" ing to tne course oc stsdy.

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