The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1900
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEEB-TIMES, DEAD WOOD. S. D. SATURDAY, APRIL 7, Uoj five, north range four east B. H. M., corner No. l, whence IT. S. Loc. Mon LEGAL NOTICES. (Moody, Cellar te Moody. Attorneys.) MOTOAGE SALE. No. 1 bears S 34" 06' 30" E. 4076. 4 feet, containing 10 acres, situated in Law RES South Dakota. The Oefault has been made in the payment of mm thence N. S4' 61' W. 300 feet, thence N 12" E. 90S. 6 ,.feet, thenee S. 84 51' E ;0.5 feet, thenee S. 7 48' E. 261.6 feet, me u.onfy goetned a mortgage dated the 16th day of December. A. D. 1S!7, executed :hence S. 5" 31' W. 871.8 feet to place of by Fannie M. Filackwell anil KuRene M ..egmning, claiming ID feet S. 5" 31 W DEADWOOD Hlaikwell. mortKagors. to Milton C Ton md HM.X fer-t N. 5' 31' E. from dls ner.-:. moi tijagw. The amount claimed to terms of said sale are cash on confirmation of sale by county court. Dated this 3ufh day of March. li'OO J. 1 LAFFL'Y. Administrator of the estate of Frank Kberle. Deceased. i First l'ul). March 31. 1 :". i overy, plus 134.1 feet N. 6S. f,9' W. along the presumed direction of the lode line fie due upon thi-r mortgage at the date of Lincoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, this notice is :he principal sum of eight md containing 6 142 acres. Magnetic varia Denver Helena Butte, ' D . hundred anil fifty dollars i$K,-,ll with in lion IV K., containing a total area o; (Edwin Van Cise, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Henry Walkllng, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Henry Walkling, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claim.-, against the safer deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first pub. Mention of this notice, to the said John K. Jones, at his olfice on Lee street, in D ad wood, in the county of Lawrence. Sooth Dakota. Dated at lJeadwoxxl, S. 1)., April 1'. 1 :n"i JOHN R. JONES. Administrator of the estate of Henry terest thereon from Iteeemtter Pith, 1 H'.i Pi. 2,17 acres. Kansas City, .uriand. and the stun of ten dollars insuranie paid ihe locations of these mines are re St. Loulsandali $alt Lakecih, will' intciest thereon fro1:. October :!'inl orded in Ihe Itegister of Deeds Office of IN THE DISTRICT COURT OK THB UNITED STATES FOR THE DISTRICT OF SOUTH DAKOTA. Before Granville O. Bennett, Refereo in Bankruptcy. In the matter of (liistavus A. Lancaster, Bankrupt. Whereas, the above named Oustavti A. LancaHter has this day been adjudged and declared a bankrupt, in accordance with the provisions of the bankrupt act, notice is hereby given that the first meeting of the creditors of Bald bankrupt, will be held at the office of the undersigned, referee !n bankruptcy. In the City of Deadwood, IK. is. and the stun of fifteen dollars in points east an Lawrence ( ounty, at Deadwood. South and ancio snrance naid with interest itiereuii from south. Dakota, in Umk 113. pae 421. hook 143 page t'.l.'t. book 3". page 14" and book 143 Winn for Nownihe. ii'ith, lvee as() the sum of west i. Martin A- Mason. Attorneys In the Circuit loiirt wi'hiii and .aw p n ! i oouty. eighteen ami x7-ii dollar-i lavs paid with Trains eae page i)2. The adjoining claimants are f'lllim. interest therein from Novetnher Hlh. lv.itt .No. L'OL'.V, on the northeast survey No. li'.'-t. Ridge Kighlll .lui'ial Hot State of South Dakota Stone Placer; others, if any. unknown quint's I , ,. ' la"-v all of said interest being at the rate of tvMlve per c"tit. per annum, together with Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said Hold Itug and Ocean circuit, ss. 'hieag,, and all , eJ!la South and w,.' "Ls . V !,, . . . IV, ten dollari attorney's fees. N'otiee is hereby Kiven. that the said Wave No. 2 mines or surface ground an Thomas W. Ma'thews Plaintiff, vs. .-."' daily . ,eM s . nioitgage will lie foreclosed by a sale of '. . UM l required to file their adverse claimes with Ihe Register o' the 1'nited States Iiind the nun-tnuKcil premises therein described Spearlhsh ... "... '" a"' ' John I. Haird an 1 .Moltie ."- tiairu, ins Walkling, deceased. (First Dub. April 3, l'Joo.) or some part of them, at public auction, at Office at Rapid City, South Dakota, during Tleght. ,a,v P the front 'loor of the court house in th Ihe sixty days period of publication hereof wife. Defendants. Ihe Slate of South Dakota sends erect or they will ! barred by virtue of the pro l ily of Deadwood. Sooth Dakota, on the "n.iay. Hill rv c ' and K.lgetn,,,,, " ' us;" Sundays this f,,.i , :.;..' ' 21s' day of April, I'.mmi at ten o'clock in 51 iFdwin Van Cise, Attorney.) a di the fiM-eiioon of that day. The said mori Is'ons of the statute. A. K. GARDNER. Register. ing In the above iiainei .leieiiuaiiis. . Trains arrive as fn.... at--.wi. 1 i n gageo premises are situated in the ( utility You are hereby summoned and required NOTlCK TO CREDITORS. Kstate of Valek Moronoezyk, It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing of uiwrecee. in the State of South Dakota lie- 1 P 01 to answer the complaint of the above Notice ot Application For Patent be pub and are described as follows, to-wlt: That State of South Dakota, on th? 21st day of April, 1900, at the hour of one o'clock p. rn. of said day, at which meeting said creditors may attend and prove, their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the ' bankrupt and transact such other business as may properly come before such meeting. Dated April 3, 1900. GRANVILLE G. BENNETT, except Siin,.,v ' 11 V' r. n .. . 11 f.- certain tract or parcel of land lying In the li.sheil for the period of sixty days In the Deadwood Pioneer-Times, a daily news named plaintiff, which will be tiled In the office of the clerk of the iNive entitled southwest corner of what is known as the .10. -oj. freight . '"""Mil Sundays this u.,in amve, " 5 sl''n'"K. 'lining ami ..., . P Di paper published at Deadwood, South Da "Jones" ranch on Sptiarfinh creek, being the north Half t.N'H) northwewt quarter Lota, and nearest said claims. seats free n ,,11 ' IN. . '4) and the north half IN. Vi ) A. K. GARDNER, i Register, court at Deadwood, S. D , ami to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscribers at their office in the Martin & Mason northeast quarter (N. E. V4 ) of section ten way and st'eamshi',, ,k gage . beekisl t , S 801(1 W ba8. 10) township six (H) N. K. two (21 east H. H. M . said tract fronting 2H .7 feet on ror iiiforinaiKH t.., ...L, NOTICE OF SALE OF HEAL ESTATE Referee in Bankruptcy. block, Deadwood. S D. within thirty tickets, call r wnlo , ,,7' a" U the public highway along the west side or ceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Valek Moronoezyk, dece ised, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit I hem with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of Ibis notice to the sai l Kd-ward Hansthka, af his rsub'ii.c In in De.idwocil, in the county of Law-t i nee. Sotitn Dakota. I trod .it Deadwood, S. I)., April 2. Oeneral Passenser A,., ol. i.l davs after the servii e of this summons said Jones ranch, and extending hack of AND PERSONAL FHOPEK'I V Notice is hereby given, that in pur ii- "niana. eK T. KOBERTS0 nn you, exclusive ot the itay or service, even width 2HX.7 feet, being one 11) acre of land exclusive of said highway, together with all buildings fences, structures and J. I.. RKNTLKV TlCliet AMt suanee of an order of the county court and If von fail to answer the complaint folium rcial An f the County of Lawrence, State of U'etlt within that time. Ihe plaintiff will apply with all the appurtenances and improve nients thereunto belonging. Dated at Deadwood. South Dakota, this South Dakota, made on ths 10th day of March, A. D. 1900, in the matter of the to the court for the relief demanded In the complaint. D. C. TltAIN KK. riE.vuwonn -...... - (First Pub. Apll 6th. 1900.) IOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BEFORE TAX DEED HALL ISSl'E. To Charles Vestibule or to whom lr may concern: You are hereby notified that on the 1h1 day of November, 1897, the follov-ir.g described piece or parcel of real estate, taxed in the name of Charles o i,r;.n state of George Welge, deceased, the Dated at Deadwood. this 10th day if LE.W'E DICADWooi), undersigned, administrator of said except Sunday 5th day of March. A. 1). lHOil. MILTON C. CONNOltS. Mortgagee. MOODY, K ELLA It & MOODY. Attort eys for Mortgagee. MATT I'Ll'NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County, South Hal.ola ( First I'uh. March li. l'.ion i Mb a . I'.IIHI. HOWARD 1 1 ANSC1 1 K A. dniinistrator of the estate of Valek estate, will sell at public auction th "ln-unry. A. D. MARTIN MASON Plaintiff's Attorneys. Pallv. Paily Daily, Pailv I lailv :und epl a in I P 3ii ml highest bidder for cash, ana subject to 1-:H an titiflrmation by said county court, on To the above-named defendants Take no- Moronoezyk. deceased. (First I'ub. April 10OO-) iturday, the Tfh day of April, A l that tin complaint herein was filed ij P B I 4 :n l p til i 10, at ten o'clock a. in. at the front Ytstibule, pud situated in the Coun'v of Lawrence, tate of outh Dakota, c. -follows: Lots No. 11 and 12, in lilocU No. 62 in the town of Speai fsli. v in the office of the clerk of the above ell- NIITIC1-: 1F FORFKlTl'ItE. P I oor of the court house in the City ot tled court at Deadwood. S. D. on March i Rice & I'oiiey, Attorneys ) MORTGAGE SALE Whereas, Default has been madi 'cudweed. County of Lawrence, and th, l')i. the sold for taxes then due and d 'liiiquetu 1 'HI p l'1-!!) p i State (f fiouth Dakota, all the right, itle, ni'jMVst and fsl.ito of the said fot the year S9(i, at tax sale by tin treasurer of said county to iawrenc-: county, and was by said purchus.v patnent of the Interest on the money secured by a mortgage dated the llth day of April, A. D. 1.c:ni, executed by .lames Holler anil Annie Holler, of the County of tawrenco and Sll of Soiinth Dakota, to Joseph Ogdcn, of the County of Phila I'laintift", Man h . Jeorge Welge at the time cf his death 1 First Puli Pally, i . , p' Snnd i Pally, t i cp- Suu l.i Paily Paily. i i . pi Si,., i,,, ilaily Paily. i- epi Suudi l.i: i' 1 li.'iil v pi Sun Pailv I 'nilv. . i i 1 1 1 Sun-I.i Pailv Palh . ii. . ' pa-.-ei . ; I 'ally, i s, r.i Sn:i ! , Paily. i i , j : Sun l.i Pilii . . I Lilly. , , ,.,: Sun -I ,-I lailv. ex. ,.. Sui,d , Paily 1 lally, t., i-pt Su !: la i mil all the right, title arid interest that duly assigned to A. W. Avery, who is the estate has by operation of law or ll'iawley delphia fiinl State of Pennsylvania, and now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. That said taxei Mi'lli'i: id' A" llle MlOlll'A- I SIIKHU'I'S SM.K HY Ai'THiN :h I'.ikeia. rouniv of which mortgage was recorded in the office of the '(egister of Deeds of the County or : in i r. Stall then duo and delinquent amounted To F A. I'olk: You are intoriiied Hint I have exprnnwl in labor aid mi pi o men t.s upon the Nellt" IP,-,., i 'levi'laml ai.d Vangaj'd lodes or Uiining claims, situated In Whitewood mining di-i'nct. Law rein c County, South Pa-I 'Ca. at least Jinn nil per year tiMn each said claims for the years A. P. IV",. ls'7 and ivv all of which n done for j. purpose cf holding the said claims or Ir.des iiiuler :'. provisions of section I'.'iJ I K. -.ised Statute of the 1'nited States, and ., i, aim mlaijii y ilicteto. for the periods 'eiillg I lei ember :'lsl. IVlll. peccllilier ,"iSt, 1 :i7. at.-! Peieinb.r Hist. ls!i. Von are hereby further tiotifled that if. within ninety i:mii days from the service of this notice you fa' I to conl rihiii " your portion of said cNpcndi : ii i cs a-i co-owner with the iindoisigu, d during cich of the years above mentioned, your Interest it) said claims will become Ihe property of the subscriber, according lo ihe prnvisidns of said section :::. liev ised Statutes of the Cnited Stales I1KI.FN M STOI'T. P.Ced Head", mult,? P.. Pec 18. 1VI. P nl : f a I Lawrenc." Stale of South Dakota, in Hook !' of Mortgages, on page 72. on Ihe 17th dav of April, 1S!I!. at !1:13 o'clock a. m.; and Whereas, So action or proceedings at law or othewise have been instituted to re '"pal ...m pi cover the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof; and. f t: .v i i! i: MiliTII WKSTKliX LINE Whereas. II wsa stipulated in said mort 'tn 'ircii;r ('.cnv Kii:hili .lii'li' ial I'lr- iiit nicric;in Nit 1 1 1 in.i 1 II, ink. ;i i 'nrinrn 1 ion . riainiilf. s. .Inhn i'. Clancy. Kich.inl lnmlap. Cn I Hutu. Kiincllirinhi Flaw ami William A. ;ray. the a'lmitiiMratur nf the csiaie or .film liilaiinay. ilcccasc.l Mary Clancy. II innali dhcre. Jacob iloMhcrK. tnlrew MaihiMin. Henry I'mi'ini aid William V Kcncr. I icfcinlaiiis Notice herehy mcn. that by virtue of jii'lKineiil of foreclosure atel sale in the iue eiiuilr'l actual on the L'Tlli ilay of otherwise acquired other than or m addition to that of the sain (ieorge Welge at the time of his l".ith, in and to till that certain piece or pared of land, situate, lying and being in said County of Lawrence ,ind State of South Dakota, and described as follows, to-wit: The southeast quarter of Ihe northwest quarter, and lots one (1), two (2) and three (3), in section thirty (30), of township six (6) north, range four (1) east, Mack Hills Meridian, containing 14&.71 acres, according to the government siti'vey thereof. Notice is further given, that in pur-' sujuce of said order of said county T 1 1 K Pi:i'd i Streets. 1:, : , , , a 1 i, j I u ,nd a::,l I gage that if default would be made in th payment of any portion of the principal Unvrs. D-narR or interest promptly at the time the same should become due, or if defartJt be madr In the payment of the taxes assessed or 17.88, and that prior taxes to th" amount of $12.90 have ben paid, with interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $1.79, making total amount necessarv to redeem $52.57, and in addition thereto, the cost of service of this no tire, together with such interest as may accrue after this date, must paid, and that the right of redemption will expire and deed for said larfd made within sixty days from the competed service of this notice. Dated, at Deadwood, S. D April i 1&00. A. V. AVERY. Holder of Tax Sale Certificate. (First Pub. April (ith. 1P00.)" Tniugh tram.-, to ' chiiago. St Paul, neapol i . w i ' h dose to be assessed on said premi-ies before the same become delinquent, then the whole Kotiruaiv. A. H I: anil an execution is- sum, both ptincipal and interest, at oik o became due; neil upon -;aei juilirnicn!, (he suhscri her. Malt rinnkett. .sin-tiff of l,.irenrc County Whereas. Default has been made In the Siale ot South Dakota, for lhat purpose payment of interest due on the first day i Mi l.aiighliii - .Mc,:,ii-liiin. ..A'.ys.)., NOTICI-: dK SCTTI.I-JMIvNT OF A ' COI'NT. I n ; he Ci nut y Coin t of t lie ('mill !.' i-f-i-iiwreiiee. Stale of SiiiiPi Dalpi'a. Pi the t it of III estati nl" Klh n ii.'ililliill. dec caseil. j neci ion y e til i I i ,1 a :. -i !!' !:. a! ; moni ,mi-I itin.ili.-i 1 1 El i IT t.n a !' ' I Vl,H.-w.... S-..t.-I a nd 1 1 1 ' i l u 1 1 1 1 i - - pi I s jr, a in. ll.-ilc I o.ii . in j Willi. -,M... I HI.'' i Kx- . pt I.ii poinicil. sell at public auciion at of October. A. D IStift. the tiont .loor of the court house m the Whereas, Default has been made in the City uf Hcail aikxI. County of lirence and Si tie of s.,,,ih lii.kola on Tuesilay. the payment of taxes on said real property as agreed by said mortgagor in sanl mortgage: and court, made as aforesaid nil the said loth day of March, A. D. l!oo, in the matter of said estate the undersigned, administrator, will sell at public auction for cash to the highest bidder at pill, ilay of April. 1 ai in o'clock j thej Wherea. The whole amount of the prin fun noon of that ilay. the real estate nml mortuac! preniist s situate in ihe County of La v. ivoce. ati-l Slate of Eolith Dakota, ami ilireeteil in sab! jii'lmnent aid execu cipal and interest has become ilia by reason of such default; and nd; en v i;i.Ni'-l the late residence of the deceased. Wh reas The amount claimed to be due I'lili PI I is 1 1 1 i 1 ci.'li 111, It S'.linl I NOTK'K Not li t' bids will upon Eahl mortgage at the date of thin I (;(,(.RP Welge, on Saturday. March nollctV'la the sum of two hundred and I NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of I In I In- l ItV ruM- he I i i tion lo Ii" solil. a n. 1 therein ilescribe.l, io-vn. Ml the right, liile anil uiicre-it of the saiil John ('. Clancy. Kichanl I tun-la j llus (HierK. KiiKclbriKht Flaw nml John til of the ClIV of l ,1-iuiMnl, fiif ,11-' ninety-two dollars and eighty cfntJlt, A. l. r.nm, iu two o ciock p. ni. (2!2.80). 10-wlt. $L'70 principal and $'22. SO , th(1 fHowiitK articles of personal nrop- lioiiils of said i Hi in He- amount Inlerest ana a reationauie anorneys iee. Thomas S. Carroll, deceased. twelve Ib.ill.-.ill-l 'J;.'. lui.als Notice is hereby given that Orman which lion. Is w.i.- issued uiiil'. by virtue of mi in i of t he l.-gislat'ir' I F. Ong has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Thomas of the Slate id Snui!. 1 mkula. approval Notice of sot'tle:netit of lintn ( il l. Notice is li'Tidiy ejvt'ii tpat t'.Tijali i' Kowler, the ailiiiinistiati'i' of 1' estate of Klli'ii Shannon, deceiusoil, Ii is .tadereil anil presenf oil for r,. ttleniep' Mid fileil in saiil coint. his final accotc.r i f his ailniinisliHlioii of si p estate an, I petition for ilistiilnition therenr : ml that Sattinlay. the ".'tli ilay of April, A. I)., l'.nin, being a day of .. k I in of said court, to-wit: of Ihv .':ifcli term. A. II.. i;0fl, ;tt ten o'clock a. in., at the court riHim of said cfiir. -it the Civ of Deadwood, in said La?'-I' l.ce county, has been dnlv appoint "! I y said court, for stpttleniet.t of rhp! foial account and hearing of said pet' tii. n, at which time and place any per r 11 interested in said estate may an i l ai and file his exceptions in witinp March ::rd. x. , biiiled. "An ad a 8. Carroll, deceased, and that Wednes rynu into effe. t sc. nmi I. of Ar;w- cryt: 1400 bushels of wheat; 100 bushels of oats; three horses; four head of cattle; one set of harness; one set of lead harness; one self-binder; one potato plow; one stirring plow; three wagons; about fifteen tons of potatoes; one stack of hay; one cooking outfit; one grain drill; one bedstead, mattress and bed clothing; one cook stove; one heating stove; one set of tools; one cultivator; four stacks of straw; one shot gun; some chairs; two cultivators; one potato digger; day. the 11th day of April A. D. 1900 I!! of the ('nlistitiilii)ll t if the SUP' Oil stipulated for In said mortgage Now. Theiefore. Notice Is herehy given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded a? aforesaid, and In pursuance ol the. statutes In such case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein described, at public auction at the front door of the court house, in the City of Deadwood and County of Uwrencf, and State of South Dakota, on the llth day of Aprit, A. I). l'.'OO, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of 'hat day. The mortgaged premises are situated In the County of bawrenre. in the State of South Dakota, and are described as follows to-wit: All that piece or portion of School lot 73, situated in the City of Deadwrod. Lawrence county. South Da-Wr. described as follows, to-wlt: Begin at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a South Dakota. aiilluii'iziiiK the iiMir- I iel;.uiia . on the iiil day of January. IS'.!, the dale of the making of said mortgage, or at any time sub-sequent thereto, in nml to the Carmen lode and mining claim, th" Pal ton lode and mining claim the llesie Iyixle and mining claim and the I'hroni.i hub and mining claim in Wliitewond niinini district. LiwriMiie couiHy. South Pakola. more fully described in 'h location certificates thereof of record in tip- offlc 1 of the register of deeds of ljiwrence county. South Pakota. or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy sap! judgment and co-its. amounting in all to tight hundred and six isiitli dollars and thirty Clot cents, with interest thereon from the date of sa'd judgment, and all accruing costs of sale Pated Peadwood, South Pakota. February 7lh, ll'iXi. MATT I'Ll'NKETT. Sheriff of lnwrence County. FHAWLEY & LAFFEY, Plaintiff's Attorneys. (First Pub. March 8, TJOO.) ..1 t ...bill, I illilelllCllllISS ! day of a regular term of this court to-wit: of the March term, 1900, at the I 1 UK I'l il'l'll' e'li'i' the issuing id' bonds therefor Of (OUD-I court room thereof, at the court house ties. municipal , m poraiions. ci'i- townsliitis or disti i. is. except cities o: I In the City of Deadwood, In the said County of Lawrence, haa been set for hearing said petition, when and where the first . lass for l lie pnri'ise of pr-vll-ing water for i minion and ilociesti' one mowing machine; one hay rake eight chickens; one churn; one seeder 1,1.-1, l.ninls were issueil P"'" ning at a point 37S.9 feet northeasterly from the southeast coiner of said School any person Interested may appear and show cause why the said petition some salt; one wheel barrow; 24 nam, i " c,ni t a vol ' Hi" qualilH'J flex-ion lot 73; thince 37.5 feet northeasterly along lbs. binding., twine; 100 lbs. peas ..r ti,u r-i.e ,,f 11,-inlwoo.l as providci " the said account and contest, th' same, and resist granting said petition FRANK J. WASH AH.VrOH, Cotinty Judge. Dated. April 0th. 1900. Provided that any of such articles ot the easterly line of Wliuams street 10 the line of a lot owned by John Andls: thence southeasterly a distance of In ..1,1 t.ct Such wmls will n"1 l should not be granted. Dated, March 31st, 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. April 1st, 1900.) sold for less tli.m par. nml the.i'yrf personal property as are perishable In character or likely to depreciate In all about 28.74 feet to the easterly lln of Placer Claim No. 20. a distance of 37.515 fojt- thence northwesterly a distance of t any or serves the null' t" I'J' value or which will Incur loss or ex pense by being kept, may be sold at All il.'M I intt f I'i'l on M"' 27.61 feet to place of beginning: said lot hettla Intended to be conveyed fronts 37.5 feet on the easterly aide of South Williams treet. . . . .., private sale prior to that time and ........... s.Mle.1 bids""1" persona are Invited to call upon the Citv Auditor of tlie City of D?d1 Hated at Deadwood. South uaKoia, iuis NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Barney Franklin, administrator of the estate of John Weir, deceased, to the unknown heirs of John Weir and to wbotu vt may concern: You will please take notice. That the undersigned, a co-owner with you during all the times hereinafter mentioned In the Skookum, Skookum No. 2 and Skookum No. 3 and Oayvllle lodes or mining claims, situate In the Whitewood Mining District, Lawrence County, South Dakota, has done and performed the whole of the assessment and development work thereon for the years 1898 and 1899, amounting to one hundred dollars per rear on each of aid claims, or the sum of four hundred dollars per year In all and that there Is now (Martln ft Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of George Cassels, Jr., de ceased. 15th day of February. A, D. 130Q. twelve oVlwk DOOIl tin I undersigned, and bid therefor accord, lngly. JOSEPH WiLIBilx, moriisniirc. . the ICth day of April. A. D. m By order of the city council. W. A. K-KKS. City, COL'KT CALENDAR. April 9, 1900. No. 9 Katie Ward vs. C. B. & Q R. R. Co. et al. No. 22 S. R. Smith vs. W. H. Whealan et al. No. 56 Sarah D. Coe vs. J. J. Murray. No. 57. Home Mining Co. vs. J. J. Murray. April 10r 1900. No. 5. J. G. Scott et al. vs. P. L. RICE & PULLEY. Attorneys for Mortgagee. MATT rLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County First Pub Feb. 16, 1900.) Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of George Casselg, Jr., deceased, to the -.TTTTTTi? i."iST BOUND '' due and owing ou account thereof A rnange oi dm o:.. r-i... ..nMiIes pasengers from you the sum of thirty three (Martin t Mason, Attorneys.) M. A., No. 1185. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. ITNTTIcn STATES LAND OFFICE. ina on third dollars S33.33 1-3) for nnu oiuiia v.... j nr train N... 4 t Sl0U anri tn ipNiiint nt ...k nl .o .1.1 . vu VL BMU C Oil 1U a I'JT (-, , each of said veara. or thu iim of nn. :,.,. ilnD8. n.nM citT. South Dakota. Feb, 13&, 1900, dred and thiriT three and Otl third I NfV 91 TnV r TrK,- . mi n.i City at 4: uup. .... ( MlS- NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, that (1M 33 1-3) dollar, for each of the yeJr' trn ' ",lry 18S8 and 1899 or the sum of I26fi fin 2.S lron- Charles Barrett, whose postofflco address Is Deadwood, South Dakota, has this day NEAPOI.IS.M. ..w - tut t c ir,t iweiiii . eae ll- I No. 24. .Tnaenh A Tlli r tk ntxi hi. annllcation for a Dateni ror ii ' You are further notified that tou r t . creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at his office on Main street, in Deadwood, Lawrence county, R D. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., March 17. 1900. JOHN BAGGALET, Administrator of the estate of Geo. Cassels, Jr., Deceased. ")IjUfeVtouiW Attorneys. . (First Pub. March 18, 1900.) nibuo. - in a. 9 -,. i. o i:nil at ':4U Sot oils ai i i". Sioux City at '.:''" P- nl- deralfrned, Joseph C. Stephen, jour co-owner, the turn of two hundred and ilxty ix and two thirds (266.66) dollars, now due conneftif?! and 1005. linear feet, respectively, of the Gold Bug and Ocean Wave No. 2 mines or vilus. bearing gold, with sur.ace ro nl 300 feet In vd .,- for each claim, il'.uatcd In Whitewood Mining Dlstner, County cf Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and designated by the Seld notea and official plat on Ole In this office as Lot Number i? in TMiuhin S North. Range 3 East fo k jHnrtion ..-"!' ... x-t- vi K HORN M1J Deadwood, S. D., March 13, 1900. EDWARD HANSCHKA, Administrator. EDWIN VAN CISE, Attorney. (First Pub. March 14, 1900. NOTrCE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of an order and decree of Ihe county court of Lawrence county, South Dakota, made on the petition of he undersigned administrator of the estate of Frank Eberle, deceased, for an order to sell the real estate of said deceased at the March term A. D. 3 600, of said court, to-wit: On the 30th day of March, 1900, I shall, on and after the 16th day of April, 1900. offer the real estate hereinafter described for sale at private Bale to the highest bidder for cash at the law office of Fraw-ley & Laffey in the Smith block, in Deadwood, South Dakota, at which place written offers for bide for Bald real estate will be received. The following is' a description of the real -state to be sold: The south half of the northeast quarter and the northwest Quarter of the southeast qtiarer ouiu you on account thereof, within ninety days after the service of this notice upon witn tKtu"-11' n.n triii 80URI VAU.EY K;:; teret will become the No. 3 due at Black inns " of Black Hills Meridian said Lot No. 1352 PARTia w I next morning. of tinie i April 12, 1900. No. 23. 1. A. Webb vs. Matt Plun-kett et al. No. 35.-W. P. McKinnon et al. vs. John Walker. April 12, 1900. No. 4.EIizabth M. Ellis vs. Tobias Castor et al. No. 44. Edward Kidd et al. Frank C. Andrews 'et al. April 13, 1900. No. 53.-J. B. Rose et al. vs. James Roche. being decrtbed aa follows: rini.n RUtV Beginning at. corner No. Joseph C. Stephens, in accordance with the provlslocj of the sutute of the UnUed SUtes In such case made and provided Dated at Deadwood. South Dakota. thl 3rd day of January, A. D., 1900 tlon Is callen to m' dailr 1, Identical with corner No. 1 Ocean Ware, leaving SIOI X " " ' n ,ion vital connecting at Norf-lk I"nct,n?er? No. 1 lode ot tnis aurrey, ikh -1. Mn. No. 1 bears S. 34 08' iV E. ; NOTICI JUSEPH C. STEPHENS. (First Pub. Jan. 9th, 1900.) Notice to artr Uvea that 1 Bare 1 407.4 feet, thence S. 84 61' E. 800 feet to corner No. 2, whence comer No. S Dead- train imo. o. cptfi . ,:., lines tn 1 I wood Townsite bears 8. w ' irorn couue. u.- iar-orer tion at Sioux City withct la. THE , ONLY SHORT. Onifh- tivit IS THE BURLINGTON to the Dakota Minim ao4 fctllllnf 0001-saay aa Badlrldod ae-haU latorast la AS following samod mlnlns claims: Th iMct, Mono. Vter Praettoa, O-S, Roll Fnobaeot aasS Day Fraction loots, ai tatted iw Omi Moantalo, pm Waltewood Qoarts mining dlatrtct, Lawraaee Cosaty, Booth Dakota, sad that Baltkar the aodar- feet, thence N. 8 14' E. 79S.2 feet, thence N. J6 62' E. (46.4 feet, thence N. 42 46 W. 81 feet, thence 84 61' W. 170.7 feet, thence 8. 84 20' W. 62.7 feet. i7 07' W. 642.4 feet, thence S. 6 SI W. Mul No. 54. H. M. Stearns vs. S I ler et al. With from two to four days" time saved and hundred, of miles shorter than u. JAMES P. WILS0 844.S feet to place of beginning, claiming 640 feet 8. 6". 22' W. from dljcovery, add ?78i 14 N. S 12 E.. Plus 6741 feet N. other line to Billings. Butte, Helena. Spokane. Roesland. Seattle. Portland and all' Attorney-at-LaW iirooa nor toe oald propartlea will be Uable tor any abor. atateriala. marktaary, toola, or anpplias in the workiajt of aaU 15 63 E. along the presumed direction of cf section twenty-one, and the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter pitna.i Da tad Dfadwood, 8. rx, Jane IX I tha lode Una and oontalnlnc 10.095 acrae. ..nta en rout, to the west. Train leave. Mlly at :M p. m. For Ucketa NOTICE OP REMOVAL The New York Life Insurance eoro- Pny will occupy office. In the Adam. Wock on December firet HOMER BOSTWICK, General Ajt Olympic Club BulkiiW Co' rvudwood Stref wrw. juun u lAJCT, Owner. OCEAN WAVE NO. J: Beginning at of section twenty-two, la township No.1 M. paseeoxer depot Bnermau " ,h DWI

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