The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 22, 1898 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1898
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. TWENTY-SECOND YEAR. DEAD worm. - . ' vivv,iv iullo;, lULSUAV MORNTNfi. vcnnir a dv - ' t IOVO, ,.. SITUATIOII IS CRITICAL already promised this desirable puce U two or three others, that Is two or ii Wl.ll I U wuig io a lata or room, but at the IHE MINING INDUSTRY. ."T",::.' ZZ LI'" ! yesterdays personals. oaus aud uaus leading to the three that have been heard from thus far. and It broke his heart that the new quarters will uo an al.un-t'auce of room and ibe result will oe a great improvement. The laundry Is enjoying a v ry lare pat -oii.ii and is I nitis. rOU boyhood Judge Uaguus J uas ueen lu me auid aud m.r Cause of the Maine Disaster rf.ctSon In Quality-MocUratlon In Price P. H. Smith Closes a Deal for Not Yet Officially Reported to Administration. Hubert Hood returned to Chadrou Sunday evening. J. F. Edmonds went down to lUpia last evening. Mrs. W. J. Barclay, of Bturgls, was In the city yesterday. Misses Alile Knowl n camps ot me tuctnu toast " 1 he tacts constituting the cause ot the war against the bioux in which Custer tost his His aie not reported," said Judge Alaguiie, , me records it .t....;ui iuuuiu taae mm at his word In any such fashion so he arrived lu Washington while Mr. Moody was ther- uad served notice on the president that If he didn't pull McCoy s nameaway from the seuate before I'et-tlgrew had the chance to laugh at his expense by securing his confirmation. in His Two Bit Property to an Eastern Syndicate. suing spivnuiu saturation. Two wag ons are kept on tho j j to'-lecting and delivering Mrs Flunders Informs us that sho has 14 hands employed, which is a M-g.j force during the winter months. Sbo has an able assistant in H. D. Hilton, who u 11 raj? Dajcfns Lb LI vQxmzr ivy uiwi Uncle Sam Trying to Hold the t. i i . , . . . iu war department Ths settlers ot tue Uauatiu vauey. lu fact, opened the war against the 8loux in 174, or two years before the troops entered the a competent machinist and laundry I Purchasers Subserihft Snffiriant " wouiu quit me administration told. The charges against McCoy are so seri nitltl Wa l...1l..., - . , ... I ".IIIWIVIII none co good. Hot Heads Sack Until the Blame is Fixed. ous that the chances are that his name ........ c ui iii-ve ir. anu sirs, t landers are entitled to great credit for Capital to Thoroughly De will be withdrawn on that account. wrow went to Bturgls, Cot. Thornby of the U. 8. assay office returned from Hot Springs. EmU Wiliouth returned Sunday fram Kansas City, where he spent a few weeks visiting. M. C. Conners, E. H. Warren and Doe Blllington, of Spearfish, were In the city yesterday. their success in building up an Institu neld lu retaliation of their tuarauder-ing expeditious to steal stock aud occasional massacre of whites who had ventured luto ttie Yellowstone country While In the senate gallery one day velop Valuable Ground. tion of this character In Deadwood, m Mr. Moody heard the debate on the free homes bill that It of so much in so short a time, that is superior to any in the northwest. from the OallaUu settlements to hunt and prospect The troops stationed at terest to South Dakota. Senator Pct- general oplnloa h.-re lu ufllclul. naval A mining deal was closed in this city tlgrew as chairman of the committee Mlaa Pauline Jones returnel to her - under pnmmiful ... . u Fort Ellis, INaPKCTKD liKAKLK'S 1JOOKS. v tuv u- . . . . una senatorial i-lrclin. la tUat the devil uprmiiits of Hid present week Will j.-.teiuay mat is one of the largest and most Importaut transactions that has having In charge tho Indian appropriation Sill Introduced the free homes J. b. Iui n and K. ii. Tullxit of Hus mented Col. E. M. Baker, were heartily . l wwtwood: last evening after In sympathy with the settlers, the col- t".i'' V,,!L ton were lu Omaha yesterday afternoon clearly define tlio altitude of this couu i our amendment aud secured Its passage taken place for some time. The deal Involves the P. II. Smith group of 12 onel extending them all the protection . "allam and Col. Thornby left en route eastward after a week's Inves iry on me tiuban q-iestlou ait well as yesterday for the Southern HIlis on ne could consistently with his orders and will be on the conference committee and Is going to make the fight of tigation or various western Interests claims, about 125 a'res of ground, ot me status of the United States and U .... I wt- mining business. L7n ifi f.-om the war department that have received more or less sensa ivo Hit, and the purchasers are Ho- oyaiu. me correspondence relating nis life on Its final passage. If it be "In the spring of 18T5 a strong armed tional notice of late through the con Frank Ankeny returned to his stock ranch, near Lakes'de, Neb., Sunday, af mti- Warren and associates of Detroit 1 MR. L. WERTHHEIMER comes a law the senator, Mr. Moody expedition of settlers organised at Bose nection or r rancls C. Orable with them und John F. Ueebe and Malcolm Mo- ays, will be entitled to all the credit. ter a lew days' visit man and moved down the Yellowstone nlliim, of Chicago. To I r ni,. I hey came to Omaha about a week ngi J. F. Parks, of Hot Spring, who has and up the Big Horn, knowing the In as representatives of certain atockhoH Hl city Is due the credit for Im.r. oeen here several weeks attending U. S. court returned home Sunday. BLACK HILLS STEAM LAUNDRY. ers In various Orable enterprises IIvIiik estlng the eastern parties and engineer dians under the wily sitting Bull would oppose their advance at all points. The hope of nearly all composing this expe in ixiHion ami rniiadeiphia principally. te 1"U. Mr. llaker has been an Sent us Lost Week From New York Miss Oertrude Wright left Sunday for her home, Chadron, after a few though they also represented some Indefutlg: ble worker In the Interests The Largest and Best Laundry Plant dition was to force their wav lnn h. io me conditions on the Island as reported and being reported by the consuls will be sent to the senate and house and thus be made public. It Is pretty generally believed that If the friends of the adinlnlsUatlon can suppress the hot heads and repress an outbreak until after the report on the disaster to the Maine has been made, the fulled States will then be In a posl Hon to act and maintain the sympathy ai:d approval of other nations. While apparently tho coolest and most (Uninterested man In Washington, the nr. Htockholdors of New York. They said ' the llmck Hills country, for many west ot Omaha. days' visit with Mrs. Went Carse. . W M. Black Hills, the existence of gold there io a nee reporter yesterday that they ''ars and has given his time and spent Chas. J. Finch, division superintend Two years ago Randall Flanders es represented iioii.ouo.uoo In capital, and '' money in his endeavors to Interest were convinced from their Investlit.i- capitalists In our ent or the American Express company, I and wife, left last evening for their I tablished the Mack Hills Steam Laun having long before been known to the Montana frontiersmen, but the business men of Boseman and the Gallatin valley, who provisioned and equipped country to develop ffl Hons that the Cralile interests would our nidilen resources, nome at Norfolk, Neb. come through the present ordeal ill jozen 'orsefs Mr. iiuker arrived a week ago yes C. W. Oreene. sneeiai dry. In this city. The Institution was started on February 14 and commenced at once to turn out work. Mrs. Flanders assumed the active management right teniay from Detroit, Mich., accompa interior department came up from I the expedition, bad ln view another and still more important object At the time their communication with the J. E. Leach said to thi Dee: '! camr nied by Homer Warren. Hobt. H. Mur napia Sunday, and went down Southern Hills pointa yesterday. ray, F. C. Andrews. F. I). Andrus. Al out here on the investigation ve-y skeptical. I shall return very enthusiastic. I believe the entemrlses outside world was around by the Union Pacific railroad, reached by a trip of ireu j. .Murphy. Malcolm Mi-Callum Samuel Brady, the mining expert of Samuel Ilrady and John F. Heche and ueiroit and John F. Beebe, of Chicago, j nve nunured miles to Corlnne. in Utah. Mr. Oralile has had In hand are all the past week was devoted to making a They wanted a direct outlet to the East right and the bulk of the eastern stock of the business and to her ability as a manager and close application to the enterprise, are due the phenomenal sus cess It has attained. There had been a number of attempts made to conduct a steam laundry business In this city, but they had failed, from diverse reasons, chiefly from lack of knowledge of the business wo are interested ln the deal Involving the 8mlth ground at Two Bit left j thorough Investigation of the Smith BY WAY OF ST. PAUL. holders will heartily co-operate with ground and the camp In general. Mr. yesterday for their homes. him In the development of the various ilrady is a mining expert of unusual Thoy felt they could only realise the hope by themselves taking In hand and Porter Warner, of Rapid, spent Sun. m bleut and secretaries of war and the navy are nmking active preparations for any emergency. The only messages received from Havana today were In relation to sending more divers, the present number being Inadequate. The board of Inquiry arrived at Havana today am; com menced an Investigation. It is thought that within three days the cause of the disaster can b positively learned. The refusal of the president to allow Spanish divers to participate In the Investigation may cause trouble. The Spanish officials are Insisting on compliance with their demands and the president lias given positive order not to permit Spanish divers near the ability and a spotless reputation. Messrs. Andrus and Murphy are attor- aay in this city. He was accompanied by his daughter, Miss MacPhetrldge properties we are interested In. I have been going over the liooks of the Orable Interests, and am thoroughly con solving the problem of Sioux opposition and acted acco-dlngly. The Boie-man expedition of settlers against the a ti s and were exceedingly careful in ana u u. Moody and wife. They re anu pia iicbi experience. Mr. and Mrs Flanders established the first laundry examining and passing upon the legal Sioux In 1876, a year before the govern phases of the transaction. The deal vinced that everything is all rlnht. That will be the basis of my report to the eastern stockholders whom I represent It Is a peculiar thing that In turned home ln the evening. MRS. COOPER DEAD. at I -a Crosse, Wis., which they man aged with splendid success for a num ment troops entered the field, forced was closed, papers signed and the first ber of years and added to their plait IU way down to the mouth of the Big Horn and then eastward as far as the cash payment made yesterday and now p fail constantly. Finally Mrs. Flanders Mrs. Jane Cooper, mother of Mrm K sue or old Fort Fettermau. It had sev health failed and they were obliged to all the parties Interested in the deal feel satisfied and a great relief from the anxiety Incident to such a transac Which Is entirely to many. Wo Iherefore Offer this Week 25 Dozen at 25c Each. 25 Dozen at 50c Each. Which is exactly one -half what you would have to pay for the eame article in any other house in the land. M. J. WERTHHEIMER & BR0. eral pitched battles with the hostile In-1 " Phul,P"' Mr- Jes Munn and Mlaa dispose of the business and come west this sensational attack on the Interests represented by Mr. Orable not a single complaint or protest against him has come from any stockholder, but It has all arisen from people on the outside." Omaha Dee. dians. whipping them in every conflict 7 cooper, died at 1:30 o'clock yes- They have made a study of the busi wreck. He has also given Captain tion. Mr U...lil. ... ... and returned to Boseman with the loss snwi cancer a iter a ness for years and understand It HI g bee positive orders to pay no severe Illness of nearly five months. ure for hi- - " ... ' 1 "Z M UUl lW0 meD- block- thoroughly. , : "T"r- n t the mouth of the Cl Horn. lenuon to any summons he may get from Spanish officials to attend their Deceased was fn her 70th year and has been a very acUve person during her The Black Hills Steam Laundry has ; e :r r" " of and d,,. w. i- occupied g building on Sherman street Inquiry. St'XHAV EVKXIXQ I1LAZE. At 6:13 o'clock Sunday evening the ' " ,, tor mined men remained In It WhenCu. his wife and daiit iter. The nnr.h..r. . . . ",ucu ,u ,u wneniUV nretlme. She was born at Belfut, Ireland and came to America when quite hi whlcb Is far Inadequate to the demands In many ways. The room Is Insuffici et a va.uable block of claims, whir 'T ? " lie ndineen. . ,h ,.,. ?TMrt,n he!d b" representatives of the Gal- young, residing at Morristown, N. I., The president and I'rlvate Secietary Porter left for Philadelphia this afternoon where the president will deliver an address before the University of ent and Is too dark for doing satlsfae frame building, second door north or the B. ti M. passenger depot on Sherman street, was discovered on fire; until ibe came 3 Deadwood ln 1885. Hard.n shaft ..., I. J . , J' l I lat,n the national if! I tory work. The water was unfit for the purposes and after experimenting fr.-... ..... "-.. .. r- flotln it uunng me paat four weeks her life has hung ln a balance, the dissolution Pennsylvania tomorrow. He will be .... ..... . . BIna. ln, ,.Tne n It irchllMcr nre men nf tur n...n. ...I I u when the alarm was turned in the entire second story appeared to be all .n several months Mr. Flanders added o Fl T being expected almost hourly; during , , . """"" """ concluded Judge Maguire, "have never intend to commence operations at on.- I . . ... """ UBT" never large filter to the equipment and this flames. The Ore department respond an this time, however, she waa in full Li the gueBt of the provost of the university and a wire has been run to the house so that be can have Instant communication with Washington and . - - j ueva accoraea me credit due them for and gave better results. It was with great to extensively, explore develop the yvnowuu m uer racuiuee ana was the Important part they played In sub- ed promptly and with two strong streams of water quickly subdued the difficulty that the enterprise was put ore Issues. This will be done by mean. JllKatlng bloodth '8oui bright and cheerful and her spirit took of a substantial shaft and It I. expected Lnenln. EM..m m " Hfht as though she fcu dronned Into flight as though she haa dropped into upon a paying basis, because of so flames. The second story was occupied by a colored woman known as Auntv - -. kuu vv cviara many failures having been made here, Dakota to settlement and civilisation.' because the first work turned out was a peaceful sleep. Mrs. Cooper had a treat many friends in Deadwood who Smith, while the Independent olllce oc Omaha Boa. not what it should have been and for cupled the first story. Mrs. Smith had will be pained to learn of her death. quartzlte can be reached In two hundred fec-t below the surface. There have already been some negotiations for a hoisting plunt and other mining machinery, which It Is the Intention Co put In at once. The purchasers will the further reason that Chinese laun-drymen were well established and were A PROLIFIC FIELD. been absent all day and claims there was no fire left iu the stove by her. C Taaaaa, TtM-rns. ZOLA HISSED AGAI.V. Paris. Feb. 31 Special: At the trial today Emit Zola was again hissed and ubjected to Indignities which fame near precipitating a riot. The Judge advocate made a flery address saying he hoped the Jury would convict Zola. competition hard to meet All these ine runerai win occur at a o'clock Wednesday afternoon from Bt John's Episcopal church, Archdeacon Ware officiating, and the remains win be burled temporarily ln Mount Moriah County Physician. Dear 8lr: Being therefore, the origin of the fire is a myBtery. The second story was com obstacles and disadvantages have been TP American National Bank organize inemseives into a company, exhibitors of curiosities and freaks ot and all the stock has been subscribed, overcome and the plant Is a thriving concern, the best and largest west of nature we take the liberty of address. pletely ruined Including Aunty Smith's furniture and personal effects. The It Is no stock Jobbing proposition but lug you. thinking that you are In a po- ownerJr Omaha. Mr. Flanders gradually added a clenn. legitimate purchase by promt' Independent suffered considerably from water, which damaged paper, al 0F.DIABW0CD, SOUTH DAXOTA. Dogs a General Banking Business. to the equipment, as his patronage In nent men of means as an Investment, YORK MURDER AT TEX NSW TORB. A ST. IXHM3 Ill.AZK. St. Inils, !!). 21 -Special: A lire occurred In the store of the NeMrlng-baus Furnishing Co, doing considerable damage. creased, until the facilities, at the start have been more than doubled and the The property Is 2.600 feet north anj south and 2,'iH) feet east and west and Is, as we have said before, the cream though the printing material was uninjured. The loss to the owners of the building will be upward of 3oo which is fully covered by Insurance, and tha very best of machinery put ?n. The WIL pa7;iatere oa time certlacatea of deposit Will bur a .V axohaareoa all part, of the United State, and i! 7 "d '" uwiaf to ue not uu our ne r spring rtocg has arrived and we tra making room for It, we art goln to work done Is equal to that turned out of the district. The ground extend by any laundry In the United States. loss sustained by Mr. Knowlcs Is cov entirely across the valley and upon the DOINGS AT THK CAPITAL. jwll make a slaughter oa SHOES, frost uc The plant will Im moved Into thfl hills on either side, giving the advan ered by Insurance also. sition to know If there la anything in your county In the shape of freaks of nature, or monstrosities, either In the animal or human family. We are constantly In need of good at tractions of that kind. It you should know of anything In that line, either In your own or surrounding counties, we would be thankful for any information regarding same. If you do not know of anything at present, but perhaps something of the kind that would put In an appearance at some future time, you will always list to the 16u Inclusive, oa those days new quarters in the Noble building on we will max a 10 dlgoooat oa all tape of both high and low ground John Walker, of Fraxer ft Chalmers Pine street, next Saturday and Sun hoea, Man's, ladles tad thndra'a. MORE RUMORS THAN WAR. Just now there are more local ru J. C. Moody returned Sunday morn tng from a three weeks trip to Wash Ington where he was called by sura mons from the sergeant-at-arms to ap day. The building Is a substantial &XnCOTOXU3a SAMUEL W. ALLtT.TOW. of Ohlaura. 0H!t TBIRla. WILLIAM 8. ADAMW SUaUs remarked that the ground Is tha Make a note of this anf don't fall to afxaiia. frame, covered with stamped Iron, an J "cream of Two Bit district." The Sun iivcxia. take advantage of Ue eat MO-wtt mors than war. All sorts of reports pear before the committee on Indian are set In circulation and given cred dance group adjoins on the south and the Buckeye on the southeast. The affairs to testify concerning alleged ir ence and when a newspaper man Is STAMP MILL FOR BALI f"VjPf, A K. A A ,m Golden Crest property. In which Ed regularities existing at Pawhuska It asked for a denial or confirmation of excellent imitation o! stone work. It Is 44x100 feet In, site, two stories and basement, the laundry to occupy tho entire first floor. Duck of this Is an engine room. 24x44 feet Eight handsome rooms, in the front of the second story, are being finished off as living Comprising of SO stamps, crashers aad everything complete, will be sold very these wll.l rumors he is called a chump Henderson, of Detroit, Mich., Is largely Interested lies a short distance to the nna us open to engage them. If you should Inform us of anything that may be of Interest to us, I will come to your dlan Agency, Oklahoma Territory and to assist In tho prosecution of the eaeaa, Inquire at this offlee. f If unable to do so. To relieve the strain, the Pioneer-Times has arranged south. This is a valuable block of charges preferred against Lieut. Col WIN town, and will Investigate It personally 11 ground, upon which a fine mining plant Freeman, the agent. Senator Petti in case any arrangements are made apartments for Mr. Flanders and his with its Chicago correspondent to wlro a bulletin every time any change In grew, chairman of the committee on has been erected. From the upper con tacts nearly $100,000 worth of high m ior received irom you, family, and they will be convenient and the situation occurs. In the mean Indian affairs Is after the agent' GRUB comfortable. and will amply repay you for time and trouble you may devote In regards to grade sllleious ore has been taken. time It is Just as well to keep cool, feel The equipment of the plant consists scalp and is determined that the ad ministration shall recognize the roo he Smith deal Is looked upon by ing confident that the administration the same. I remain. of a 50-horse power steam boiler and those interested In Two Bit as one of has the ability, patriotism ami courage bery that is taking place In and about S" Yours respectfully. Ml great Importance as It means the en $ 2 20-horse-power engine, four washing machines, two centrifugal wringers. the different Indian reservations. to meet any emergency that may arise NEAL VAN DOORNUM listing of another strong company and protect the honor of the country, me Indian appropriation bill that PURCHASERS. it must have been an Inspiration one Troy and one Sinclair high board the development of a plat of ground In other words don't lose your heads mai ,ea Mr, van uoomun, t0 wrlte shirt Ironers, two No. 7 Troy collar has just gone to conference provides that Indian agents shall be selected that holds the key to the situation. and subject yourselves to ridicule, that letter to our county physician. In and cuff ironers, two neck band iron Any fool can rush Into war. The wise from civil life and also does away with came in me nick of time and Neal has Can bay their winter's- tuppU of Grooeriea, TEAS. K COFFEES, PROVISIONS, Em . .. .. .. .. en one sleeve ironer and a body iron man, the humanitarian strives by hon GOLD FIELDS NEARER HOME. the custom of paying annuities to In er, one Bishop starcher, one Troy struck a rich field which If properly worked will prove a bonanta. Just now orable means to prevent the murder of wing point collar turner and one turn diaas through agents and proridir.g that payments will be made every 30 bis fellow men. roonaike Hush Will Help Spokane's we are long on Creaks and could spare down collar turner; one Hagen five' days by mall direct to the Indians. 0 few monstrosities. We could spare roll and one Empire three-roll man. GUARANTY RUPTURE CURE. Territory. Judge II. N. Maguire and L C. Wal a few "Cuban patriots" who are thirst Among other bits of gossip that Mr, gles. ' This machinery is all the best ing for the heart's blood of a Spaniard Moody learned while at the capital made and forms one o the most com nr. i. s. weyend has opened at 41 At tha low prioea current Wora tha adv.nca oocaaioned by 0 tha Dingloy bill. Everything azoept FLOUR and SUGAR O t tha old price rt Both the method anT Mlt. .t. Lee street. Deadwood, a branch odlc plete and modern systems In the west and yet If put to the test would not manifest the courage of a rabbit He was ths fact that the administration was not a little disgusted with our Mr. ler of Spokane are in the city on their way to Chicago to get machinery for Brrapof Fka ia taken; it la pleoaoat tad rtfmh&2 to tha taata. aA of the Guaranty Rupture Cure of Den City water is used and Is put through pressure filter at the rate ot l.JOi could exhibit them around and equip Klttredge, republican national commit the Lost Cabin gold mine, a Coeur vcr, Colo. This Is an ahsnlt-telv r. at vmcm - rtiy yet promptly on the Kldarnt, ped a la Con Quixote, placing before teeman, who has been acting as referee method of cure and without cutting 1 1 gallons an hour if required. A large d'Alene gold proposition. Mr. Waller was chief of police at Bismarck in the them a stuffed den or two and permit for South Dakota. It seems that Mr. loss of time from business. The time DUCLDWCOB jjtot cm ifewala, eloanaaa tbt era. tam fiaotoally, dltpeli odd, head. boom tad farm aad aana tv.if.; storage tank of 250 barrels capacity Is held in reserve in case of an emergen SO's, and Mr. Maguire was Judge of Klttredge was so blind to his own in required to effect a cure Is about sixty them to make "terrible onslaughts" on the "enemies of human liberty." But Gallatin county, Mont, when the dis ays. The patients are treated about cy. All steam and hot air are taken oosatipedoo, flyntp of Fiji la tha tereet as well as the welfare of the state that he represents that he gave then the reader's Imagination will tug- trict Included the whole of the Yellow flRf once a week and only a few minutes i from the work room by means of ex haust fans. The drying room is 7x7 Vi test other freaks. stone valley and extended to the Dako- 1 Charlie McCoy, of Aberdeen, of unenviable reputation for carrying a knife I : i border. He was also United States quired for each treatment. Call at once and he will give full particulars. For testimonials and references, call at his x21 feet and Is complete, each depart dooaC ftotaiag to tha taate aadaa. eaptahl to the atomaea, prompt la lta action and truly baaaSoial La Ita J2??' 11 from tha moat commissioner for this territory. He THB MODBlRN WAT. In his sleeve to be used only in the dark, a very warm endorsement for a Judgeehlp In Arizona. The president A. C. HORNBERGER, PROP. Commends Italf to the wall-Inform, ment having a system of steam pipe. The collar and cuff machines are a prominent feature, as they do not turn participated In the opening of the first mining camp In Idaho and Montana office No. 41 Lee street Hours 10 a m. to 4 p. m. to do pleasantly and effeetaally wca Bwuy aaa apaoabfenbataaoaa, ita Baa? azoailsat qoalidai oornaaai it to all aad km mad ktKs and later of Washington and British was formerly dost la tha andatt mat Next Door to PcstoGco. out work having rough or cracked Columbia, and was one of the first to STOP, HOW ARE TOUR EYES? aer and diaagreecbly aa well, ft cleanse the system aud break ap coldt headaches, aad fevers without aaalfw edges. The building is heated through out by steam and la well lighted by numerous large windows. enter the Black Hilia. when he represented the Pioneer Press and the Chi Free examination of the eyes for II errors of vision and accurate cago Times aa special correspondent popular rem!y knows, cyrap of fli ia f or a b SO Ktvorttoa it oa U&dTra rn a tt promptiy for aayeoa wLo aat after Secta, ose the deHgfctfat Hi The marking room where all soiled adjustment of glasses for the cor thereupon relying of course upon the ra-ord given Charley by our astute com mitteeman, eortlflylng to his honesty, great unsolflsh devotion to the republican party his guarantee that he wag as innocent as an angel In his connections with the Taylor defalcation scandal, politely appointed McCoy as Indian Agent at Cheyenne Agency In South Dakota. Now. Klttredge had Thid held good for a ahorttime only, aa with U new gooda porohtaed tha advance muat U He organised and led an expedition to ua iaxauv remedy. Srraa of flaa. rection of the same by a scien the Black Hills from Bismarck la the Mad by Califonla'rif lyraa Oa, clothing is received Is also another feature. The system ot marking and keeping account of clothes Is almost tific orcullst at the branch office of spring of 187 for the Northern Pacific the Colorado Dispensary, 39 Lee street Railroad company, which waa supplied perfect In this seme there hai been Deadwood. Examination from 10 a. nSHIVS BAZAAR, Uaa removed to Nelson's old ataad c:-e e:ly T3 t::::i in r::::i with two mountain Sioux 0 serious disadvantage it the old place. " - Wt J 4.W" LJb m. to J p. m. Indians then being oa the war patl ait door to AaMrloaa National w.-v W W

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