The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 23, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1899
Page 4
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TBS DAILY Pl.fBEB TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 23j99, ltMtMIIIIIHIIIfiailNaMtMMaMIIMIIIMMHfll9lllltmIR MINES AND MINING. WATCHES, niAMONDs : : THE BIG DEAIf AT KIRK. R. C. Barnard, representing the ICASH TALKS Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry, Black Hills Gold Rfe Croaby-Ehjdck syndicate of Colorado, set about thirty ment at work upon Che mining property he haa bonded adjoin ing the Homes lake company's posses alons south off Lead yesterday morning, making excavations. These men are at work on both sides of the road Sterling Silver Novclth We have got the goods and want your trade. that leads from Lead to Kirk, and it A THOUSAND TONGUES. Could not express the rapture of Annie E. Springer, of 1125 Howard St., Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery Jor Consumption had completely cured her ot a hacking cough that for many ymn had made life a burden. All other remedies and doctors could give her no help, but she says of this Royal Cure -"It soon removed the pain In the thodt and I can now sleep soundly, something I can scarcely remember doing before. I feel like sounding Its praises throughout the Universe." So will everyone who tries Dr. King's New Discovery for any trouble ot the Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price bOc and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Phillips & Steen-sen'a Drug Store; every bottle is the purpose to determine upon the beat Vocation for a shaft, and then to At Special Prices for tlie Next 20 Day we Come and see us, will treat you right. begin sinking. Mr. Barnard left yee-terdajy tor New York city, where he will be In conference with some other Interested parties 'in that portion of the country, exporting to be gone per : at : haps a weak or so. He started last A. F. SNYDEfi Ayres & Warflman Hardware Co. week for New York, but when he gdt as far as Edgwmant he received a mes Main Street. sage from Mr. Orosby, one of Ihe Colorado gentlemen Interested iwlth him ADDITIONAL LOCALS. and whom he expected to meet in New York, to return to the ground and in for Apartments for rent, suitable housekeeping. No. 41 Lee street augurate work ait onoe. So the new men were accordingly put on yesterday morning. It Is tine Intention to Blnk a shaft with a view to catching the big for Apartments for rent, suitable housekeeping. No. 41 Lee street. Homeetake vein of ore, and a hundred Furnished house to rent of 6 rooms. mn were put to work there about a Shoes With a Reputation. Inquire at 41 Lea street Furnished house to rent of 6 rooms. Inquire at 41 Lea street. month ago, working one day, when they were laid off. Mr. Barnard says work will continue until something la known of the lower regions. Arc You Prepared? LOST A black pony, weight about 800 Mr. Barnard has secured bonds upon pounds; small white spot on face; one hind foot white; will pay $5 for I Our Boys Seal skin Seamless return of same to W. H. Ward, Box 876, Deadwood. Ranch at Pluma. Jtev. & Ju. Kirk will preach the O. . R. memorial sermon next Sunday SHOES! evening at the First M. E. church. All X Are noted lor their wearing qualities a number of valuable mining clalinu, all of which. He adjoining or adjacent to Che Homestake ground on the southerly side Several agreements for deeds were filed in the office of the register of deeds yesterday for eleven claims and fractions, the amounts to be paid for them aggregating over 1150,000. In eacE of these argeements It is stipulated' that Mr. Barnard, as partly of the second part, is to continue development work at the rate of 250 shifts a month, and the final the churches of Che city will unite in Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. k includes all of the latest and -neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and our sto;k is the freshest as well as the largest in the Bill. excellent for school wear. this service. iDr. C. B. Clark will preach the memorial sermon at Lead. (H. 0. Alexander has become a resi L. C. VERPLAST. dent of Deadwood, having moved with his family from Terry to a cosy resi TVT X rffc av. . dence on Oity creek. The, Pioneer- payments will come during the sum Go to mer of 1900, although In each dnatance Times hopes that he will find Dead wood pleasant and profitable. E. C. Wilson, a discharged soldier of the First cavalry, at tort Meade, came ZIPP'S. up to Deadwood yesterday and left in Black Hills Institute the evening on the Elkhorn for . hie home In New Yotk. He was one of the first payment is to be made within few weeks. ' It is also a noticeable fact thai all of (hie business is being carried on through the First National bank of Rapid City. The escrow deedi to the ground are to be deposited in that bank and the payments are to be wade through the same institution, Mr. Barnard soya his syndicate has the money all up for the derelopment of the property nd is prepared to carry . out Its part or the agreements In full. the soldiers who enlisted for the Span OF ish war, and he was all through the Cuban campaign with his regiment. . Admiral W. S. Schte' the hero of Santiago harbor, will bass thi OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J- BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. Edgemont some time the latter part of this week on his way to Che Yellow THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would quickly leave yon. It you used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their match-leas merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They make pore blood and 8 long nerves and build up your health. Fasy to take. Try them. Only 21 cents. Money back If not cored. Sold by Phillips A 8teensen, Drugalste. stone National Park, with his wife and GRAND ARMY ENCAMPMENT. For several years a vigorous effort has been made to secure the state encampment of the Grand Aimy for the Black Hills. It is to be held in Hot Springs Jane 7, 8 and 9. The comrades east of the river will come at an average expanse of about $25 each. They are looking for ue to be there.. But will there be many of us go? We earnestly tried tf. party. He Is on a vacation tour and intends to spend several weeks in the west lie 1s at present baling wined TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. I v WHOOPING COUGH. i had . a little boy wh was" pearly -dead from an attack of whooping , -cough. My neighbors recommended -ChamberUln'a Coug Remedy. J aid ot think tUVWmedklne" would S bnf tiving him a few uosea of that remedy I noticed an lm-provement. and one bottle cured him entirely, . Ji is the best cough medi t&d dined in Omaha; M. & Donovan, a cousin, of the late get a very low rate from the north aSSLT cm,01.4taeMe m,cb- kidney and .tooacl ' h ,u!; S,b, V't""anoe "0 ht, moat of the ailments SllJ -T" hlr- We beoeflt about 90 per eat men? whK b"n0d " ,ncunlbI brother srstnarft meat waUe 78 per cent of them we cure and Injure none. Hills, but could secure only one-half The Effect of the Grip are overcome Michael Donovan, who died; at the Keystone hotel in this city a week ago resterday. arrived yesterday from I know that it ih disappointing by Hood's Sarsaparilla which purifies rat- to us, and will mak U a little harder BBAKCH OFFICE BBETTELL BLOCK LEAD CITY, S J. the blood, tones stomach, strengthens the nerves, and makes the whole ttagle drove, la., and intends to have the body of his cousin exhumed today for us to attend, but cad we slight our comrades from the eastern portion of cine i ever naci in the house. J. u Moore, Sou to Burgettstown, tu. For ale bv all rfniajrlot. system rigorous and healthy. and to start wttth H for Canada, where A vegetable cathartic tnat can be re-, the state? the brother and sisters of the deceased look lied upon to do its work thoroughly If w are not there they will upon it as a neglect. Sol Jefferson la -wnrkf nr m Hood's Pills. V . - 'T. f Mist Minnie Bendixon, one ot the cpon some mCnlng ground he owns in teachers in the Deadwood public I worked for the encampment for several years, ably backtd by Colonel Duc&s and others, and last year the eloquent Clark and Major Anderson be NOTICE, CONTRACTORS. Sealed bios wUl be received te O. L. SlEWERS. i Gunsmith, Locksmith, HEADQUARTERS lk " rr rr V"" " ' " " 7 V1 " schools, And her sister, Kiss Christina, I,MWm ?ttU ; Ulao of this cfty. received a messae J. 11 weacray, general manager for 'yesterday tolling of the death of their the British-American Gold and Copper ' f8jtAer Ohadron, 'Neb. They expect e'elock . m. May 11, ISM, for the en guiled them into coning. And now. comrades, shall we allow a dollar or two more than wo wanted to pay to Uoo and completion of a three-story aaf basement stone ladles' dormitory building, lining company, and Leroy O. Hoyi.1 to tonight lor Cnadron to attend asaayer for Che company, went down to fuT.eral. Mine Bendixon's achool Keep as away? In memory of Major to be erected at Spesrflah, Lawreooe ooua- LCD FOR- Anderson, I trust not the southern Hills yesterday. afternoon aa k ont yesterday esJternoon after ty, South Dakota, tor the regents of eda eatioa of South Dakota. Plana and speot the sb Intelligence was received. Let us plan to find that extra conpls of dollars and thus save ourselves from teations eaa be sees at the office of John ' Mr. George W. Andrus, a Chicago at being indBunderstood by oar liberal W. Olbbs. architect, Cotton Andrew torney la rn the city on business com BICYCLE SUNDRIES. ANO " on a copper deat-jr :. -alvitt Brooke, oT the Hory Terror, left Keystone Saturday for 5 northern Michigan, where he will observe the inethoda, employed In the Iron mines for. handling large Quantities of m building. Lead, 0. D. The right la re ferred to raject any and an btda , Cos- nected with the reoeivereblpof the American Budkling and Loan association of Minneapolis. - Mr. Andrua has comrades from the east BDOAR E. CLOUOH. o SPECIAL RATS ON LOW GRATJB ORES. The Most Complete Kepair Shop in the Hit traetors win. submit bids on blaaka rar-atahed by architect. AO bids mast be ed- cheaply, the purpose of his rial; being' f"" to to rtv hw tvm .. .vl i1 property adjoining the lee ssed to H. H. BUir, Ek Paint, 8. D. mnnnnC The smelter wMl give speeeal rates qnnwinnnnm uvvruiJVUUinurnjxrinjiAruuiu er left with J. W. Olbbs, arehHsot, as they trio light station, and occupied by the 5 i be forwarded In time te reach Elk . . w - "i'lw'7 eav benefit of the knowledge thus gained. Be will spend several weeks on thia mission, i.-;, 'i ?t7?&n Mat by I e'elock of the list day ot Kay. Houghton-Gratuun company. United ' States Marshal E..Q. Ken III ISM. ' JOHN W. GIBBS. npoa low grade ores where they art co of aa especiaUy on desirable character. If the ore is low la sUics like certain Carbonate Cams, Galena aad lead Ctty ores, ws will make a correspondingly low smelting rats so that ores running bat fS.00 or $10.00 may nedy left last night Cor gtoux Falls, ((1-Ut) : i ' -. Architect. The cyanide plant 4a this city will after spending number, of day In On aD personal P ot value. A large t1 unredeemed pledges nriafnerlv lour onCC .i be started up by R E. Roasiter In about the city on business jwrtaintag to eaten days, upon ore from Mr. Roaeiter 'a' curing United States cuurt oosrters la Blacktall gulch property, and will also' the otTJeadwood. It ie'likety that be mined at a profit. Can at ths works v . . A Wrong lotion Tor farther information, - business strictly coofidoi THAHXLXN B. CARPENTER. bid for custom ores from different j tease held by the corwrnmeat upon parte of the Black HDla. The plant I1 Deacfwood city ball will be renewed wHl receive a thorough overhauling. oomlng month, as; It ex- Tit Dudrofid tea Itlaaaktake toaappoaataat baby matt ad some nyoalra win ba aAid hefrv ! P11 " nay oi ens tnontn. ana Konoa BrunrnruvinnrrinnTirin nrvnruAjnnruuvvrririrririrvisvvvr''' w starts np, the marshal has been making suggestions for alterations tn the building. It aeaas with great pais and snffenag. Aa xpeetaat have year feather beds, pOlowa aad mat- Pull Line m la possible that be may. visit Deadwood Aetna Powder Co. sees elaaaed up before I leave town. I again before the new lease is made. wiB saly remain here to Jans L Please Bother lee 4 ealy aae the woDderfalnai- CAMERA'S AND 1st sas have yes erdara. asat sailed H OTHER'S - V. W. J PSPKB. ' ' v Overland Boose, Bhennaa 9L - Dynamite and Black Powder, BAROUN3 IN EXQUISITB OLLIN-. EST, ' ; Beginning Monday. May 22, ws off er our entire stock, of trimmed hat at greatly reduced prices.. Hate that were $5.00 and $8.00 will go at Jl 00. TV la Just a sample of reductions cf-tared. WE MEAN BUSINTSi Thia la an opportunity to' have an tip-to swell trimmed hat without pay-i ? a f -.ncy prioe. Come and examine SUPPLIES. Fuse and: Caps, to escaM the A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER -- Win often eeuae a horrible Burn, Braid, Cut sr Bruise. Bocklen'a Arnica Salve, the bes In the world, win km the pain and promptly heal It Cures G14 Bores, Fever Bore, incerg, BoUa, Felona. Coras, aD Bkla Eroptlona. Eest Plls curs on earth. Only tZe. box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by Fhmipa -.iif: dread, dingw, nais. diitraaa " Electric Batteries. - AT UaiJ3.ariiEr;ll2cPli8lriie.. Will rsosrrs PUPILS to Toaal , r sad Inetncanental IConlo at bar . ffssidsnosV' aad BamxMMM. DrBfTlStS ScU this il liaimr nt for $ 1 a bottle, wi-m ar in-1 Tlird to trod lor our free illnatratad book.'; Fishel's Baza: Battery Supplies. It will tell then tbioct tbey ought to kaow. rra aaAVOLD naauLtroa oa. h. e " reduced at Ackennann'e. J A Steensen. Drugglsta. W. I-. ADAMS COMPANY. No. JO Danrer Ays, Deadwood. BL XX . 66j Main St i,

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