The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1900
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY APRIL 7, 1901. LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP. The first consignment of this unequalled syrup has arrived and its pure essence will always attract those who have once tasted It. Physicians says: "Maple syrup is a natural medi cine, that oreventa a Lumber of U ments." Aud its aroma is eupenor to honey. STANDARD CASH STORE, IS Sherman street, Sole Agent foi Deadwood, S. D. ness, as they read of valiant deeds ac omplished, while to others, the bam Wait For the Elegant Display of Assaying1 50c Gold and Silver THE UNION ASSAY OFFICE message brings sorrow, when the note the death or capture of thei oved ones. There is also much bor row and suffering thruout our owt MILLINERY ANn Established 188J. No. 37 Lee St. Deadwood WILL, GIVE CORRECT RESULTS OF BOTfl GOLD AND SILVER FOR 50C. ON ALL SA-tii-LES U ROUGHT TO THE OFFICE. and by those who have been capture ry that greatest enemy Dysp' psia ('or this, however, there is a reined h OS I LD fV I f i and that is Hostetter's Stomach Hit ZzL Ul I LI ters. winch also cures indigestion, con stipation, biliousness. nervousness? and insomnia, "and usa preventive fo malaria, fever and agui , it is line To Ik- sho'wn at Date Announced later A f!TTWVs . M. H. Lyon & Co. Agents for the Blickensdorfer $35.00 Typewriter, ti quailed, it has a record or titty veui- of cures to back it up and a trial wil convince you that youikflfoae is not in curable, as you will find after taking a few doses your stomach wiH b strengthened. TOE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. AN HONEST MEDICINE FOR LA , GRIPPE. George W. Waitt, of South Gardiner ih i ne Laaies Bazaar MINES AND MINING. I V -V til- I waiSIS lor this week at a New Dress Patterns for sP, -m oarirain. frowns. Summer Goods m P quickly as possible, and an engine ami boiler procured, it jB the intention to linm ritirl 'ill fili,AUl . r. i dresses and shirt waists.' Toilnr- Ciihc fV,.- n Mrs. Mt, - Main St. Deadwood GATES IRON WORKS REVERE RUBBER GO, IN GEB S OLL-SER &E AN T ILL Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co. Hoists 0, F. PURNELL 4 j Deadwood, S. D. Agent for South Dak. Custom Ore We are now prepared to rr sat ceea at reasonable rates. Northwestern Gold and Silver Extraction Co First Ward, Deadwood - - South DaE Mr., says: "I have (J had the worst cough, cold, chills and grip and have take lots of trash of no account, but profit to the vender. Chamberlain'; Cough Remedy is the only thing th has done any good whatever. I have useifone bottle of it and the chilli-cold and grip have all left me. I con gratulate the manufacturers of an hon est medicine." For sale ,by Kirk G Phillips. - - T -O KSTRAY NOTICE. N tire iu hereby given ther came to my place at Gayville, Law fence county, h. ;)., ami was taken up .-.bout Marct21. 1 POO. one i Id roan -n white spot in forehead, 'eft horn droops. No other marks or brand visible. The owner can hive the saint by proving ownership, and paying th. costs of keeping and advertising. 'ELLEN CHR1STKX. Postoffice, Central City, h. D. April 4. 11)00. REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMIT-. TEE. A meeting of the republican county central committee has been called to meet at the City hall, Deadwood. S. D., on Saturday, April 7th, 1900, at 1:30 p. m., for the purpose of setting date tor primaries and county convention to s- lect delegates to the republican tate convention to be held at Sioux Falls, S. D., on May 23rji 1900. and such, other business as may properly come before the committee. GEO. V. AYRES, Chairman Troop A. U. S. V. Attention Every ex. member of Troon A. -Third t nited States volunteer cavalry, is requested to forward his address to Cer gcant W. A. Rankin, Deadwood, on or before the first of May, 1900. It is the intention to form a permanent organization of the ex-members of the troop, and the 23rd of May, the i.ay of th" tioop's departure for the touth, has been fixed upon as the date on which to perfect the organization. Membe-s of the troop who are at present in the Ii 'Its, or to, whom this notiee comes to attention, will confer a favor by corn-flying with this request. By order of COMMITTEE. o Nasal Catarrh quickly yields to treat ment by Ely's Cream balm, which is agreeably aromatic. It is received through the nostrils, cleanses and heals the whole surface over which it diffuses itself. Druggists sell the 50c. size ; Trial size by mail, 10 cents. Test it and you are sure to continue the treatment. Announcement. To accommodate those who are partial to the use of atomizers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for catarrhal trouble, the uronnetors nren&re Cream B&lm in , , g . , liquid form, which will be known as Ely's Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the praying tube is 75 cents. Druggists or by mail. The liquid form embodies the medicinal properties of the solid preparation. $38,000,000 in Gold. The Salmon and Clearwater placer mines in Idaho, according to Wells-Fargo Express company's receipts, yielded fw gold dust and nuggets from hlrty-elgbt to forty million dollar between 1860 and '61 Notwithstanding the difficulties in transportation In those days, remoteness from civil ization, and hostllelndians.the fame of the rich gold placers around Elk City, Florence. Oro Flno, and Millers -burg reached the outside world, and a stampede marked the opening of the sixties. Bancroft, the historian, long ago expr essed the belief that these plac er mines were but the outskirts or washittgBlngs of a richer central deposit, and almost jstmultaneously with the recent completion of the Northern from Spokane, comes the announce ment that prospectors have discovered immense ledges of gold-bearing quart in the Buffalo Hump range lying between the Salmon and the South Fork of Clearwater., along which latter stream the Northern Paciflo is bow building Its Clearwater line. For a mapholder giving fuller information regarding this new mining region send two cent sUmp to Chas. 8.' Fee. bt Paul, Minn., or any gtterat district passenger ageat of the Northern Pa cific Railway. -7- - ', . - It ' Carbonate Mines. Mining operations in the Carbonate dis-trict is rapidly aMsuminic important l:i oportions. New mines are being ( ,rned up and placed on a paying li sis and prospectors are exploring everv HI! and gulch within a radius of five miles. Several large blocks of grouno linve been located and formed into a group and systematic work inaugurat-pi . , All vacant claims, and even fractions, have been taken up and thos wanting mining ground in the Carbonate district can acquire it now only by pin ( base. During the past year d-'velop'iic:i: work haa been confined mostly to Sc uaw creek and points eust of the town, but recently companies have hfen formed to exploit the ground to the north and west. Several old residences have been fit--trd up and occupied by families, an i Curbonate is no longer a town of empty houses. The abundance of pure spring water, sanitary level, beauti'tful view and central location make it an ideal townsite, and residence place for health loving people. The Titanic is the largest company working In the district. They have some 80 claims, which are how beiri? patented ,and several thousand dollars In the treasury for a working capital. A shaft is being put down to quartzite under the competent direction of J. C. Wolf, a practical miner. A good, sub. stantial hoisting works will be erected In about a month, and sinking continued until the proper level is reached. The exposed geology of the Titanic giound Is shale, potsdam sandstone find quartzlte, with numerous dykes of porphyry cutting the formation in various directions. Several stringers and bunches of silver, lead and gold ore have been found on the ground, in various places, showing conclusively that larger bodies exist on the lower leel. Jenkins ft Hogan are developing a gioup of claims adjoining the Titanic rn the east, and have several large bodies of low grade ore exposed that vil! pay a profit by the cyanide pro cess. ' Work is being done on the Yankee Boy ground with very encouraging re sults. A large amount of the stock Lap recently changed hands, and the new owners intend to prosecute vigorous 4eve'Pnlent work. The Plattsinouth syndicate expect o resume work when the weather becomes settled. The Spanish R started last December in retimber the shaft, which had been ( sunk on a crevice 310 feet. Ten men pre employed and about 180 feet is completed so far. A large amount of high grade silver and lead ore ha been shipped from this mine, when the wagon haul alone cost I? a ton. It U said that a large body of gold ore, lying flat, was found with a diamon drill en the potsdam sandstone level. some distance below the bottom of the shaft. W. B. Johnson and Jacob Goldberg own a group of claims lying between the Jefferson and Spanish R on which a large amount of work has been done. In one place a tunnel has been run about 300 feet which crosscuts a porphyry dyke, in the contact of whieu was found a vertical vein of sliver-lead ore worth $70 per ton. A shaft hap been started in the tunnel on this , vein, and is now down 50 feet wltt ery satisfactory results. On the Jefferosn there is a body ot or exposed 150 feet wide and IS feet thick, averaging' S9 per ton. An experiment will be made on Pocahontas o!6 by, the cyanide process shortly. Mr. Ringley and Smith were nnfor. turate" enough to lose their shop build-ln by Ore two weeka ago. ; At the Cleopatra Yery extensive improvements are. commencing to be m&de. The boarding house is being enlarged and necessary grading being tfene. A cyanide plant will be built us ercales. t.rr,.r; i ' - N- - w 1 I.I I N..4 VJ for summer and custom ores by the Cjtnlll Vim Knon What Thej M that ynu can confiilj .ill the 111'Hiey you 1 I lll'V 11 Iv Imrinw nil nerMin :li ni-Miiertv iif value oilier V r;,rn a ?llltk rl.-Piiie.l pl.-.kfN t rriie'tl .-iirni'' J'"11- lli,sin,.NN Strictly ConfidMfl THE WHITE HO lu ikkest Hill. desirable W Its attraction: The ni"-in the city. finely. RUNNING WATEfl STEAM HEAT KLKCTRIC LIGHT No Inside Rooms. Rates Beaso :-GRANDBAL ,.(.nCE NO- CRESCENl T-VIOX HA1-1" , t T Central City April 261 COMMITTEES: irnistrauf. Execntiv Mrs. i.i. vincelletW Willlanu Mi" A Keceptio. vjncelleW ii Mrs. C-rrans, u m Entertain. ns-"' J. C. Cava.auga - MrJ Floor-Mr. b. .1 Axel fcw. THE THBEE Bl vurk the mine with air drills. An in.mense body of slliceo.ia ore has been opened up at the contact of pots i imi sandstone and shale, that works well by the cyanide process. R. H. Hughes, the superintendent i n iiiirge, anu sir. snarp, the assayer. hi'vo carefully inspected this process as used in Colorado and Utah, an.! know just what they are doing. The Khiift will be continued to quartzit". where no doubt, large bodies of ore exist. The Cleopatra mine is a winner, and will be a dividend payer in the near future, under the conservative management of Mr. ilughes. At tho Ironsides, several new strike have been reported and v ry high guide ore found. "No admittance ' to the workings is the order. A group of claims near the Iron ifill mill has recently been bonded and development work will be started shortly The surface indications of this giound are as good as any in the Car. borate district, but for reasons unknown has long been neglected. The exposed formation is heavily minera lized shale, porphyry, trachyte, phono-lile and sandstone. High grade float ere can be picked up anywhere and it is only a question of time for this ground to become a good gold producer ). (3. Kelley Is doing consideraBie pre specting on Spearflsh bntte, and ha.s iu.i several hundred feet of tunueis, ivts and shafts. He has round free gold, sylvanite, wolframite and carbonate of leacL The Spear fish butte is composed principally of phonolite, the first found in North America, and only known to exist in half a lozen places in the world. About flftean years ago I. B. Lea enworth shipped a carload of this rare rock to eastern points, ani opposed or it ss specimens to partif-s la Ing mineral cabinets, realizing a very neat sum therefor. Prospectors w ho cannot distinguish phonolite from ti-acyte can easily discover a difference by discovering the composition. Phr.nolyte is composed of a sandin or glassy orthoclasse base with nephehte ml some hornblende and pyrite.gand is p grayish blue to brownish gray color; when pieces are struck together it (.induces a metallic sound like bell niftal. Trachyte is composed prin?i-!ally of orthoclasse, black mica, oK-fulusse, glassy sandin crystals, smali ntedles of hornblende, scales of mag. n'tude and apatite, and is an ash grey when exposed, but a greenish to bluish grey when first broken. Almost tH entire body of phonolite on Spear-fish butte will assay $3 per ton In gold. Captatin William McLaughlin, M. D. Fdgertotn and others have a group or ft claims at the foot of Spearflsh butte and below the mouth of Smelter gulch, on which ore has been found averaging $12.', per ton lu gold. Frank Bryant has alarge block ot ground on Rubicon gulch and Lltlio Grow Peak on which he fs having considerable work done. Inside of sixty days the mining ac- j tlvity around Curbonate will be greater than at any 'time since the spring of 1886. CARBON A force of men has been put to work In the Labrador mine In Squaw creek, held under lease by Colorado peoplj represented by C. D. Wood.. o A COMMUNICATION. Mr.. few words in favor Of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. ' I suffered for three years with the bronchitis and could not sleep at nights. I tried severat doctors and various patent medicines. but could get nothing to give me any relief until my wife got a bottle of this valuable medicine, which has completely cured me. W. S. BrocVman. Bagnell, Mo. - Thia remedy is for, sale by Kirk O. Phillips, druggist. THE LATEST WAR NEWS. The Jatest war news is eagerly ought after. To some it brings hap Karl's Clover Root Tea Orrtpli'xion, i h.C'ic:ti Sin in. i i .it, hikJ ail Ki ;-rv-tlW; l..!X;u ;i "il ri r iiiitl l ."'I the stiuat i m, lin'iy tlie Skin. An Tome. Ndd n druKifists at 2", S. C. WELLS i CO., LEflO' Tor Sale by the Pvun.ce rnarmacy. From Garrett to Cellar House Cleaning CLEANING CARPETS ON FLOOR A SPECIALTY. Caixts beaten, Carpets laid, CarneU sewn, Carpets htteil to any room. The best of refeiences. Leave order as John C. Haines. J. A. GREEN DEALER IN tionery AT NO. 7 CHARLES STREET. (;i(. tes a few of his prices as fu iihd wishes to announce that all roods in bis stock are Ix-iiii; sold -same low prices: IV i Tomatoes I 'est Hums California Green Cap's best Peaches best Raspberries Test Strawberries Kxcellent Hirdle Sauce or Piccalilli, was 2."c q,t., now Pest Mustard Pickles, per tit. . . A trial order is solicited, and ltst of satisfaction guaranted. othc ' it the Can. .11!' j 20 I'D 2i) 12Vj 20 20 th. F Your Sh oe Needs a PATCH Take it , ,M JOHN SOHN Jio. J Lee tree!. Where it will be done with and DISPATCH. neatne8t) Coffee The besbr Morning, Noon and Night. FOB SALS BY J. THB cxEANsnta UID HKALINQ cukk ron CATARRH Eli's Cream Bala bqr and pi Meant to M". OMtaina bo la-Jartou drag. Itlqaicklrtworbed. 'MwIllieftom. Oiiena nd :atarrh B,SLS2S? tuLO'NHtAO I Jim aiiWf No. 2i Lee St. jhe Deadwood Loan Offi Aetna powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder. Fise and Caps, Eleetric Batteries, Battery. Supplies. f. E. ADAMS COMPANY THE BILL OF FARE ...AT... SnaaldiDs TUeir Uble meriU the patronage the public. No. 19 Lee Street or Beebc & Cleveland THE CROCERS 105 Sherman Street Harrison Telephone 144 f .? P,Ipared to PPly your wants a the line of groceries or confection ery.: With a complete atock at the low prices,. they. respectfully solicit a mare of your patronage. . TICKETS

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