The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 25, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1900
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Daily Pioneer-Times. ith YEA K. DEAD WOOD, s. 1). ( HLACK HILLS ), TI f I'KSI AY, ( M 'T'M! i; ; ir,, too. 1'IVK MS NTS. Fhe Agreement may Wiiikiiu- ll-anl sta inn at S o'clock k. re t his nitu n- tra.-surer. The board makes no distinction between the candidates for stat,- auditor in the preen. ,,f , () Keeve.s an.l F. .1. Tra, y..,n,i it tilkes tin' sain,, course with reference to the FUNERAL SERVICES AT THE CAPITAL lliat There ; - . t y mi, a nunc I : a . it, r depth DISFRANCHISING NEGRO VOTES. Hi ." passen- SOON BE REACHED, min.-s h. e than H ell llevel- o I ll 1 ' I -h.Inl candidate; dorsing !; wo heyoiid f 1 1 v t nii't ion . I Mi.-s hy iii-M . II Iv i -.-en-Seat-ail.uht -ho I purchase all the county w ill prodii, present more tha: in Custer county ! developed to a 110 feet and onl fi-Mt. With this . velopment. over 21 mica has I,. . a p don is eXpM. ted te a few da - and w of Dim ., w Vol which lie represt ignrously . inilihc i ! ' an. I e.iial : . aim .11 amount of d,--'"'.I pounds of cut "I. . o 'i: i! ; ' - . i- .' th- ..... :t. Mica i ":np.,in . d I' 111 I s 1 . ra I iniili F Hitch,-,, k tini: with th, tin. with lia-imI C,i,,K. Mi, It-. In the :iers and Mine Officials Believed to bs Approaching an F "-I" Settlement Episcopal Burial Services Held Over Remains of Jonn Sherman. mi, I Fell- I date,- fo. Message of Georgia Governor Intended to Disqualify Colored Votes. I', .UK 'A'lllte leortle will , . la d .:i-v,d. For -I li n 1.. I'ji,. stand on an , l".nl. unit tli,; vi,l Kaslman a arc t ho , am! i. of school an, I matter of Mai Dim lepnlilii :it, ,idute u ho is imicn. ami Dim On., of Mo- states thar' th ; Clover Leaf Montana. III. I Sbellf: p'lMie l ill Dili; t; pally li:.- 11 ' r ; 1 1 . 1 , !':i-iiM' ist :- llMlllllMl'S illlillll Officers. -id. 'lit iif III I ' hi ' candidal. . hat oi in : ,1 lc ll:. ; hae l'oi'i ! f th,- hear, I -hail' railed i to Work , Rpfiise to Return M Fieri v Clover I. Frank V Wihaux ,'al' Mil Smith. I. uu pa ti v ' Ilia ii i: ,. up 111 for skin He Body is Shipped in the Afternoon to Mansfield for Burial. ill Unless Tney Return in a Body. 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 U will, tie I al CI, nilue ! 1 1 a i 1 1 i n i; wolf the govern ineiil t tie ami . nt Hud T Mr cell ilia It Requires Educational Qualifications for Volers in the State. :.'! tees:. i ; Montana 1 da.vj looking , '.rest-', here h ma n and has li iness in Mont j sti-Mimtli in many ,!' the i Dim state an, I maintain,.,! J vote would In. lai L'e. 1 1, ii 'i!-oi 1 1 a i, In lent ly ' Ities I'll had I, e, n in -, U,e time. ount I,-- in I t hat the I saiil that In i ' a . I at ' 111 an I le th, arrived from V! will spend a few the com pa n s i lhaux is a .Yen, in the cattle b'i since Die early ei.: the most pronilm cattlemen of the union would he aid,. o- I around Stuims for w:is broimht in on -terdtiv 1 1 1 ) 1 1 1 1 1 1 in was immediately re-town Dial th.- niur- Til in ii o had been cap- hties. He is one of nt and successful state. He is also least 1 imI ween two thousand ami three thousand votes this year. In C.iant eonnty aloiiM Iim said that tiler,, were six hnmlrcl meinhcrs in th,. unmn "ho Will Vote the ticket selected. Oct. J4. Special, mine officials art' the Flkhorn shackle- amU pot lid all o defer of Mrs. t lll'ed SL'KANTuN I 'a miners ami II. C ral i WASIIINCTON. SpM, ial. The fun -I" '1 1 . hi v i ATI .A NT A . D.i . ( ), I The state legislature Covernor Candles s, .ial. toda ssiOl IX late sim- Shei , Oct f the today, it Die ,tml the Pellet is common lenient will soon he Jolm Sliermaii held was in at an a licing held ached. Th, men refuse to return o - .-- Pictures for the Schools. k,.,-in in a mm".- reconinieiidiiik' a constitutional amendment requil am; edll, aliollal qilillilica tions for voters. The message is ainiei.l at the negroes and is intended Seventeen new pictures for tin lie schools arritcl yesterday Chieano. They were purchased pub-from with Taken With Yellow Fever. a,, online to the Fpisco Many IokIi dignilai U s at hody was taken to M.ln.s-afl, i iioou lor Intel im ut 'le set vices i man home, I pal ritual, j tended. The j pel, in the ! I, ,11101 row . sfranchis to HAVANA- Oct. z t- special. -mi' president of the State National Hank at Miles City and has numerous other interests in the 1 nitcd States, in all of which he has been successful. Development work on I'm do Sam" mine, belonging to the Clover Leaf company, is prostressiiiR satisfactorily, and the new hoist is beinn installed. It will have a ;-dnkini; capacity of lOlld feet Mr. Wibaux is en his way back to Franco for a visit and expects to sail on the fourth o! November on the steamer Toiiraine. Howard, .chief army surgeon tor ji,-icinn ,,t' Cuha. has been taken the proceeds of the entertainment nivin for the purpose last, sprlntf. They may he seen today from 4 to 5 o'clock in the new Hi'lt school "SANDI E" MOODIE. Republican Candidate for County Assessor. The county assessor has to do only with the districts outside -of Dead-wood, laad ami Spearlish. and is elected, hy the outside districts. While the voters of Ueadwood. Lead and Spearlish cannot wit.- for ti, county h-ms or many of them own ploperty in th outMil,- districts and ca n u sm their i n II u, m , t u r,- ,u for the man who. duriim Die past two . .-4) - - - Rich Men in Quarantine. VANCOCVFK. H. C. Oct 2(. ciah- The steamer City of Settl (breii into two weeks' 1 1 u a ra u t i ii , til yellow t' W'i'. Spe- . or left TWO THROATS ARE SLASHED. Carlisle Will Not Vote. rY VdllK. Oct. - i. (',. Carlisle has issued a state Doiui Greenwood Tries to His WITH THE CAMPAIGNERS. -Et savinix ilnri-ift -wH4--l vote toiler pi-evidential candidate this ,t;on. Communicating With Filipinos. !i mi: cart Mr. Nicl 1 1 1 .-1 Will oweetheart and Himself. j 1 Kill-; (oeellWood alld Celtic .lam,-.- a," in the hospilal will, I. ml,- wound.- j on ti ir ne ks. 'Hie mi sa s t i reeu ; ... ,iei t , i. ,1 to kill lii r and t hen 1 1 led . in knl liiiii.-, II. .V iiiicr is in any j 'l.iiu'er I. 'tin. Ike wmiml.-. wlmli w.-,, Cut deep I linll-ll to lelO'll a Mlal pnlllt. ; I'HlCAt 1 1 ) . O. 1 .'I. Special. M'r Trew e, r the n by the lepuldi sires, it k of Ferry is in-'port. industriously fusionists. that he an this fall. Mr unileistood that he i! i ana nt ov , 1 1 ii hi 1 1 1 1 w as not a TleWci k ,1 .1 and a'-,'a;nsl the n .pud 'a 1 1, elected wini'd make the i.-fa, tor a i -siueiit I In-ever had Mi M... lime lietwi ell ; a I m in l- a a lid is Dun I'm . ipia I: !',. d m: i!im lepiiMt, an com d the i iiai '-;e today that mi to II 11 icat ti m with the ROSENTHAL'S DOUBLE-BREASTED SACK SUIT Model Fall and Winter $12 to $25 Less Fine makes $9 ROSENTHAL'S FROCK SUIT, CUTAWAY Model Fall and Winter $15 to $25 Less fine makes at $10 i-t mi -al i 1 1 1 1 li.-.-,;.. hill, in, in; i make a of Iiolh ar Heath '..,. rcii. w , M K in i .I'iHOS. lepnhlia ii a - -I num ;i , ever : he is u'oinp. to vote and support utile republican ticket, from .Mc . i., a t hat ! the i Im Frencli lb,- i u 1 1 i 1 1 Wils done in a Will,' loom at the real' of I'M llealy .-. saloon, where llrrriiwiiiiil and the woman weie drinking beer. They had not been in the room lino-', wlimi the men in the front Part of the saloon beard I Kinlcy's elector 1 Duess this I( - on down. avis no doubt as to MADRID. Steamers Collide, od. -(.--Special, is .Niatidiali .and in the MeditMir hind- e 11:11-- since c 1 1 1 1 1 1 y Fide l e Mr Ti e , k w ds politieully. from keen He and -rich stctini, tie collided -The Faid mean went s and fa i r ,.t i mat, ol the ,i iniueni I and am it all ura I .M r. Moodie came to t li Coloiado in ISM and lia a resident of I. aw i, nee owns a line lan.h on llo has exten dve mining inf. county. lie has a clear lies and makes an ideal a a .-eiu'tliim and Die owitiiinnm ol"i heavy ffr- 'I h' "arris l-'i :,nl, 1 i t, s Faidherh, passetmei C. Ii with im with t wciity tivi tin nitui'e. Ill an instant tne voinan ran out sci eamiiiK. with the blood idea s three and. ' 111 of or. V.' ins of l.ead Monday w, thousand dollars to one thou: s'ead of one thousand even Want McKinley at Canton. GEN. KEIFER TOMORROW NIGHT. CAN'TOX. O. Oct. LM. Special -- 'tii, klinn from gashes across her throat. She could not be stopped in the saloon. hu.t ran out onto Fee I street and in the direction of .Main street, scieainini; that the man was after her. and imploring protection. Kinlcy's ncojhhor.s and friemls ROSENTHAL'S PRINCE ALBERT FROCK SUIT, Model Fnll and Winter $18 to $25 Less fine makes at $15 ROSENTHAL'S ROUND CUT SACK SUIT, Model Fall and Winter $10 to $25 Less tine makes at $5 e asked him to remain in Canton otion nitiht instead of roiiih to hinRton. as he had planned to ns indicated by the typographical error in the Pjpneer-Times yesterday Harris Franklin Makes Another Bet. Harris Frantlin made a bet of $l.",nn against $" with Matt Carroll of lilacktail gub b yesterday on the election. Mr. Franklin bet that President. McKinley would he re-elected. Mr. Carroll said he considered that a prood bet if he lost. Mr. Franklin is prepared to take all the bets that can be brought to him p celebrate his reelection. bar-In a from floor, Sin.- was taken into A I HrecdinK ber shop and placed on a ( hair, jtew minutes she became weak the loss of blood and fell to th Received Funds Fraudulently. HICAGO, Oct. 2-1. Special. Wil ! coin inually moaniiiK and bi'KginK that Ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives Speaks in Deadwood. (ieiieral Warren K, iter, a Ken, ral of two wars and ex speaker of the national house of iVpreseiitat ives. will speak to the citizens of Dead-wood at the City hall tomorrow even-inn, October - Ceneral Keif. r is one of .tin- foremost men in public' life in the Cnited States. He was a brigadier general of the war of the rebellion, and was afterwards a member of con press fiom Ohio for several years. At the H Paulson was sentenced to three its in the penitentiary today for !;re Dr. ' and nwood be kept away from her. Fabco, k and 1 r. Moffitt arriveit. as soon as possible sl( wan re ptiDK deposits in the hank of fcich he was president while know- Ti u the bank was insolvent. . n Wholesale Defalcation. moved to the hospital. Greenwood did not come out of the wine room after the cutting until he was brought out,, The men in the sale on thovielil he had a mm and hesitated about miin- in before assistance arrived. John (Jorum was the first on the general election, at the same odds. morning. Mr. Franklin is bettingthree to one on McKinley's election, and he is not, finding takers as rapidly as he would like at -tht. Hon. Kben V. Martin will address the people of Terry in the Miners' f'EW YORK. Oct, 2-t. Special ROSENTHAL'S DOUBLE-BREASTED BOX OVERCOAT, Model Winter $18 to $25 Less fine makes at $12 ROSENTHAL'S SINGLE-BREASTED OVERCOAT, Model Winter $15 to $25 Less fine makes at $10 imelius Alveid. note teller of the outbreak of the war with Spain in 1 sits lie was commissioned a brigadier pi'iieial of volunteers am! served in Cuba. t Xational hank, the oldest na na! bank in the country, has an- found Drceii wood man to enter. .t lb fniied. An examination shows a -lit. I :nion hall tor -peak.T of the bouse ot rep's ilarinu' the Fortv seventh taee of f. vcn hundred thousand door to the wine try inu to gatli'T up e ground Mr. Co Die icar a ppa t , al l inu; from tl :ni.- lc Ins olltsidi 1 ootli -Ollletl i inn tl !ars. Alv, f'ved has and it Amen, rd is niissintr. L'one to South will : p: 1 ss::. ti, a: fi n in 1 to e mo.-t tl'llUll '.v in, an 'I Irii's d He was r, sent a ' i congress one of th ii.tlt : pea ami a ira ::.:ni am' October Hon. A. Deadwood ."o. on th, J. n po' He i d bill Stat. ' in,- i I " ti i t . I I fl I tow a i Deal issur-tr of the dav. i w:i' t hen ami him leihing n ood en aim : asp.-d is K. I I" i Mrs. Dewey Again. 'VASHIXCTO.V- ll. C.. O. t. i-F ;:al Mrs. Iiewey has hr; n a r MnipaiTii ; , a -sort her l -!"hl to :' ''Jfti!',' as , !.',. of t he admit al. DflCOTTU A I C Palace m-. and I' i l:t:l: , ;, ".ill v nit-; f-O'T ir int. Then-.(t ut'il: I' th-. d the Clothing: House , :"-. ' i . -Com. to In , tor tin ial;. V. li i ii"1 on and win It i SI'' " 'lll stiiy in 'rt ho ho l . '-Of natiin;. '' of l,,.r Tf.. N'ovcml ' first fnteita iml i n ' I'l'e -ented DVlD 'We" tin the first annivor arria-.e to Admiral er 11. she will give inment and for this r . .. : d Dr -la ll,: da 'a 'led t ho: : 'I OVIlt' for t x ai riv .' ll. on in :',.r the inloxic that ' ad'.' D, lb w; in house has been pita and a hi: i "POSe the Dewey jrplv refurnished his i r in- lb- V el .w inorn-itv ball, (he early morning, is to de THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK -id to: aK in lipuini Sat ur will sp, leave le ing. ami He will th,' 1 on day be f furniture left by Mr. Fitch "1 he sold his home to Admiral Tiiirlington train Deadwood, South Dakota. for Hot Springs, win A DEPOSITORY FOR THE J has boon packed away in the -c of Beauvoir. the Dewey's fbun-home. Mr. Fitch has objejeted to 5 as many of the trappings were ?reat family interest, and hp only them beratise of the admiral's liver an addn-ss Saturday night. A deception is l.eintr planned for him in Deadwood and Hot Sprintrs which the veterans" of the two war will participate. CITT COTJUTV am, STATE. 7, ear oid boy. When asked what. In had done the . utting Dieenwood said it was not liimCi'Ut the woman who had don" the cutting. The knife taken tioni his pocKet had no blood on it. and if the cutting was done with a razor it could not. bo found, alt bo a search was made outside the back door. He said he was sitting at a table when the woman cut him; that he was drunk and she was trying to kill him. The woman has three cuts, one extending across the throat, almost from . .. 4 1 PM request that the house besold P'shed. Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued, Good in All Parts of the World. Pit . ; mt -'-"i'-ym'HWfm CHOICE OF VOTERS' UNION. vuTf Board Picks Out Men It Be-- lieves 4a d - b Killed in the Coal Mines. A young man by the name of Dickinson was killed Tuesday night in the coal mines at Aladdin. He had just stepped from one room into another to speak to someone, when a part of the roof of the mine fell on him. killing him instantly. He was a single man and had worked for the company some time a year or more ago. but to ear, and tne omers across Neither cut is much more than ear jaw. COTiT-ECTIOirS to Promptly and . wL,, . li., Oct. 24 It 18 e that the Voters' union in this hicl as organized about a 8 may Cllt Knma flmio in tho Attended Intelligently skin deep, altho she Died proruseiy. When she was started to the hospital she pleaded violently not to be taken and had been barK Ptobe held In November. It ha, been only a month or two. FTJXtlTISHED I near Greenwood, saying she did not j w ant to see him. wy board for the purpose, to nch candidates on the state borrowers To any extent names or warranted by collaterals tor which the members Custer Paint Plant. The Custer paint plant is now in continuous and surcessfiil operation under the management of CJ W. Phillips, a practical paint man from Aurora. Twentyfour tons of ore a day are being treated, ten, of Iron ore from Nahant. and ten of graphite T C oailots. The advi- -um this union has just - meeUng and It has selected aairtataa the state tickets; lTny partisan are the Accounts Solicited and J Correspondence Invited. Our long experierct in the Black Hills at ? service of intending inves '.- from Oreville. Eighteen men omnlnvort !t the mill ami ten at SYRUFoFlGS ActiPwanty cwdFmmpty. Cleanses :he System Gently and Effectually when' bilious or costive. resents in the most cccepfablefbrm the lajr.itiyt.- principles of plants Anou-n loact most beneficially. TO GET ITS D E N-E FiCfAL EFFECTS frtJY THE CENl)IN.c. MANF'D. BY CALIFORNIA f M STRUPCO. 3AM rRANC-tJcO. CAt. LOUISVILLE , KY. fiv' Y0RK. N for sstt br duelists - "". - SO P" AowA?. There was one gash on greenwood's throat, the knife having penetrated nearly an inch, almost across the Adam's apple. The cut was short, altho so deep that the flesh was laid hack in a flap. It was near the windpipe but iid no particular damage. Greenwood is a harbor by profession and ran a shop in Spearfish from 1 Rfl3 until a year ago. when he came to Deadwood. Gertie James had been his sweethart until a few weeks ago. when thy quarreled, and jealousy srems to have caused the cutting. o f Black Hills Mica. F. C. X. Graydon. who has mica interests in and around Custer, is in the east at present and has closed a deal with some eastern company to by the board. As to the of congress, the board P Paru qnal diT!s,n between the f tvr ln(lor8e3 the elec-ftt: w- Martin and A. v. i 2 the eJecUon of the repub-unee for r 4 DZKBCTOHS senior, over the nIdate. Burr T ton mines. n . Mrs. Herdman's Murderer. Officers at J?ismark., N. P.. "re holding a man suspected of being the murderer of Mrs. L. B. Herdmnn. The man,rode into town and was first noticed bv Thomas Fortune, at Whose bam he slept all night. He refuse" to talk and Is being held in the county Jail awaiting fuller identification from officers here. i W. HARRIS JOHN TREBEA. BEN BAKR, Vlc Pre E. ADAMS. FRANKLIN, Pres. WH. SELBIK, Cashier. a folate for 6 icj,uuuu th. uTi 8CTetarT ot "tate, re-ai ?0T8ment of the board. John Schamber for rtat

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