The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIUNKER-TIMES, DBA D WOOD, 8. L. SATURDAY, APRIL7 MM. the language of a prominent Meade coMity republican, "li we can't get a needn't go gunniufi the construction of a sanitarium a Hot Springs for disabled soldiers; the nteded revision of our forestry law.s for the protection of the poorer classes. wr.ll bottled supply of the germ, ard uncork whenever occasion requires. Of course he may die of osme of ttu se diseases, but in this feature of t h nii-tter we are not interested. As fr congressman wi for a senator. ". THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED Al'JUL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13, 1897. the passage of the bill for a public TK'AI. POINTERS. Courier: We are vel rd to see that on: old-tine mi. i: V. M.ntin of Dead-a (ingre.-sinn;'l bonanza I '1 arkst 1 h ti-; . agm I I ln'ilding at Deadwood these and othe constantly increasing interests grow ing out of our immense mining intrv cits imperatively demand our repre These Letters Prove that Lydia E Pink ham's Vegetable Compound Makes Women Strong. Two Letters from Mrs. Costa Mutation in congress by some strong I.- leplll PIONEEU-TIMES PUBLISHING CO man who lives among us and 'who is I" rs nally interested in the protection illeans seem to lie ,10 Mil bis nomination. Why he is pure geld, a gei: ill circimisiance. We in the ineNt . a lively unanimous for ;!'(. uhin'l they: T It 11:111 uneer ; " - 1 nave decided t write ami asu your anvice in my case. 1 hiUt off and on for about eighteen years and been sick uivc been :i n ti development of the;e interests Now is the opportune moment. Tin.-place of lower is within cur g:"'sp. (ood politics, our multiform and on:- en him I, doctoring wiui uirrrent doctors, also be. n t tl,e TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday, One Year $10.00 Six Months 5.00 One Month 1.00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday: the victim, he should be satisliil .-' long as he succeeds in netting t h laugh en the lynchers. CERTAINTY FOR I 'NCKRT A I XT' The Journal's representative li us ;n-t i viewed the supporters c 1 both Mar:.!' Mnl Moody The Martin men fail . ) fvt why t-hc black Hills; should give up a certainty for an iin-("itainty. The p'irty men of the eastern part of the statu have eonicdtd to the Black Hills republicans a con-' giei-sman, and Mr. Martin, as the pros-K'tive candidate, has been taken up by a majority of the republican pur.-. 'I be Martin men say that Judge Moo ! will, in the first place, have to meet the opposition of Gamble, Stover and other senatorial aspirants. I Black Hills people of .ill politic:) I complexion want a representative in hospital but g-ot no relief. I am at slative light thru an entne session. m- er he, u d one of t he good scrap. . on the other side say one uie;u present in bed niori interests, and sou:,d biiHiiic.-u am I ei with womb disease. I hope throned: " you to fin,) judgment all demand our united ,ic relief. --Mks. L. Cost a Broderick, Cal ber 21, JS'JH. eptcm- ! turn in the cordial, undivided endow One Year 2.00 Six Months 1.00 " IKAH Mrs. Tixkuam : I more than th-,,,1. , for the advice (riven me in your ;irst letter. J 'Us,.,i T E. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound and it ,ii,i " good than all the doctors. I am n,,w a w,dl w,,. man and am able to do all mv work and rest w,.n ot :i, T ,..i; i' 1 ' 1 Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Deadwood Postofflce. .i- iiiKim. jjiuin i. 1 iiiHiiams Vc(Pi'taJ)k' ('. oin- merit of a (andidate from o'.ir section .'or congress. The large number of men in th"1 Black Hills, any one ut whom could ably represent us in Washington, has been in T.e past iath-c p detriment than an advantage. To aspire to public office is the i k rn right of every American citizen, 'nit a multiplicity of office seekers, each with his friends, has heretofore divided our council, vitiated our hoico Mid has led to inevitable defeat. While t-'osi'A, pound is the best in the world." Mas. L Broderick, Cal., Aug-ust 1, 1899. 1 tliiit; about Martin, and that meant a v e lot miller the circumstances. To knew him i- but to respeet and admit.' h'i,:. I lennosa Pilot : The , ,ai k Mills so tar seems to have no candidate for state oilier except congressman. This is as it should be Tile liills needs a congressman, and all other ambitions it this time should he sacrificed to that . mi Since Mr. (Iambic has der ide,! 111 t to be a candidate for :enoniination to ihe horse, it leaws the c oast deal f 1 i ongn ssic 111:1 1 candidates from the I1, lis. Nov is the opportunity from this section, and if our people will act u'sdy ami together, the prospects of Two Letters from Mrs. Markert the next congress a senator preferred. THE NOMINEES, For Mayor JAMES M. FISH. For Treasurer H. BISCHOFF. bl.t a congressman at least. Shoind ..'edge Moody figure very prominently j m the campaign, and should the sup- : J-'.hiiAM : t have fearful paiu in lower bowels so I can neither stand or walk I have a burning- pain in right side of bowels and have pain wnen I lie down. Menstruation is very painful aud has always been; am uUo troubled with leucorrlnea, pain in small of back and at times stiuging- pain in chest. Would like your advice in reg-ard to my troubles." Mrs. Minnie we have been disputing Ihe other fe! lows have taken the plums, and we lmve come home with an empty bask"'. are good. 1 he southern tuns success, imi oummu Ave., Uoboken, If. J., May Ftr Treas. School Board MARIE J. GASTON. For Justice of (he Peace P. H. EARLY. NATHAN COLEMAN. JOHN SHEEHAN. poll ot Mr. Martin decrease in any way. Judge Joseph B. Moore, the pop. j u'isi (andidate for congress would sain support, for there will be many repub- Means who will see1 the roolhardiness 'A trying 10 get a republican senator j from the Hills, against the strong sen- ! alorial aspirations of eastern Soutn' Dakota. The Black Hills people have been fooled in a similar way before, bet this time there is a determined i), J ovv. h rt.. . m n . t united on Mr. Martin, and county will give him its can bind the nomination. sei in slo b' if 1 iiwniio rnppoit he '"' i iNKiiAM : i was very sick when I wrote to you two months ag-o. The doctors Lawn nee county do ;t ' said i nan intiammation of the womb and ovaries, i Wi V The Pioneer.Times opened the bail some weeks since by placing before the Mople'thp name and cand.dacy or Hon. K. W. Martin. Thai any better man has appeared as his contestant. ik one will claim. His phenomenal success in his profession as a lawy-'i-l e eals his business ability, and the a curacy of his judgment as a man of at lairs. His integrity of character stands without challenge. His ability js a speaker is in constant demand amjl is stat"d i m Buuii pain uiai i could not walk, stand i tei town Opinio: It FOR ALDERMEN. First Ward or sleep. 1 nave now taken six bottles of Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver Pills and used three packages of Sanative Wash; also followed your advice in regard to other thin its and nm feeling all over the Hills that the light must be made for a congressman. The supporters of Judge Moody claim he is entitled to an election, and that hi' would ! a nower for the Hills. The feeling perfectly wel) and can do all mv work." 'that the Black Hills people will uniti on Hon. li. W. Martin of Deadwood for the congressional nomination. Mr. ?.'a;-tni is a most pleasing and able gentleman, and if he should get the rcpuiilican nomination he would be as-"good as elected." He has long beer one of the prominent lawyers and ( n-tei prising business men of the Hills. Mas. Minnik Mauert, 166 Summit Ave., Uoboken N. J., June 24, 189!. ' A H. OLSEN. allen Mcdowell. Second Ward GEO. V. AYRES. SIMON JACOBS. Third Ward SFENCER V. NOBLE. A. E. HORNBKRGER. Fourth Ward -BERNARD MULLEN. FREEMAN KNOWLES. Can Work AH Day " The doctor said my nerves were weak, blood impure. Was troubled with hands and feet .swelling also had leucorrhcea. I have taken six bottles of Vegetable ComJ mill fulil ll-ull iirw.a mnw.. I 1 . H will prove of immense advantage in th? hotly contested campaign Just pending. Every county in the Black Hills sai" f.nwrence is practically committed tJ Lis candidacy and Lawrence is not di vMed because of any possible objec -tion to Mr. Martin, but because of the interests of other able contestants. i iiuvu gained iwenty-sevca pouni auie to worK an day in the store and do not fed tired when I get iJ at night." Petka M. Lova, care of L. Wolf.son, San Aulonio, TenJ Every woman knows some woman helped by diiTereiiee between the candidacy of E. vv. Martin and Judge Moody is that Mai tin has no opposition whatever in the eastern part of the state, while-Moody has. Martin's campaign in the Hills is well on, and he has been royally received by a great many. Judge .Vocdy is not here, but is away for bis health. He will have to do in a few weeks what Martin has alreadv done in th past three months. It is considered that a congressman would be just as valuable as a servant to the Black Hills people as a senator. Dead vvc od Correspondence of Minneapolis None of the friends of these contest - LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOll, puts claim for1 them superior ability. MEMBERS SCHOOL BOARD. F-rst Wtrd G. W. HOWES. Third Ward F. ZIPP. Fourth Ward FRANK DENNIS. r.or can they give any sufficient reason v by they should be preferred. Thesa contestants have in nearly every cas He served in the legislature in territorial days. Buffalo Gap: It is truly gratifying to (he many fiieiids of many B..'i.,ii to th(- many friends of Mr. Martin in C istt county, to see how universally l' w universally he is indorsed by the republicans of the Hills. Mr. Martin is well known in this vicinity and his selection t 1 one of those high offics would be very pleasing .indeed for they believe it would mean the right man in the righ: place. Pierre .Journal- E. W. Martin of the Black Hills has announced his can-(Pdacy for R. J. Gamble's scat in the !.xt congress. Mr. Martin is an abb' pentleman and would make a representative in congress very creditable V the grat State of South Dakota atked, for and received office at tne bands of the people, and they have been faithful to their trust. Mr. Mar tin has never before asked the suffrag Journal. THE PRIZE WITHIN OCR REACH. Two questions seem to be definitely pel tied among republicans In the east es of the people for any important of. f ee, but his hundreds of clients in every part of the state have found him true as steel to their interests, and now ask his endorsement simply as a law yet and a man. The situation summarized is this: We cannot secure a senator from the Black Hills. Mr. Gamble and the eastern delegates have already decidea that question. The door is wide open gamble, martin, ihhkk. . Olivet Leader: The political atmosphere ha& cleared up considerable dur ing the past fortnight, and It is safe to say that Charles H. Burke and E. W. Maitin will be nominated for con press, and the senatorship has simmei-ed down to Mr. Ganmble and Col. Stover, with the former mil' h in the lead at least as we are able to judge. AVe would not discourage Colonel Stover s candidacy, but It is our opinion that Mr. Gamble i stbe proper nan to lea I the republican party to victory against the allied forces of Pettigrewlsm. Mr. ii ins ifr" - rKj? ern part of our state with reference to tiie approaching campaign. First. Tat Hon. Robert Gamble the natural and logical success of Mr. Fettigrew in the United States senate Second. That the Black Hills is fui-ly entitled to the successor of Mr. Gamble in the lower house, and tht tbelr candidate shall receive the hearty endorsement of the approaching stale convention. It now remains for the Black UiiU to determine thru their primary and IGNORE TRADITIONS. Minneapolis Tribune. "It seems at i first sight as if with the general dis position on the east side of the river j i'J P've the Hills a congressman the republicans of that section should settle their factional differences in a pre-lirnlnary fight and come to the state fcr a congressman. A unanimous en- doresment by the Hills mc f is a unanimous nomination by the state convention. The entire Hills save Lawrence county endorses the candidacy of Mr Black ' torention united on a candidate: ami Gamble is very strong in the yet. if they can not, this fact ought no, debar them from taking part in the general coimbination on their merits and getting what recognition Martltn. Lawrence county can present no possible objection to nis endorsement except the desires of other candidates. There is no other candidate who can bring to the county convention the support of the counties outside of Lawrence. Mr. Martin can do this, nnd things are already backed by a as. county conventions who they will endorse as their candidate for congressman. All attempts to divert the attention of the voters from the only place with fa our reach, by pushing to the front a candidate for the senate, will prova &ot only useless but suicidal. Mr. Gamble was fully apprised of the sentiment prevailing with reference to Ma own action before hepubllcly and without reservation of any kind declined to become his own successor in the lower house. There was no doubt of his nomlna- tlon, or of his election to this positioi Hills and bis popularity on the east tide of the river at once suggests hi in as the most available candidate tu bring against the opposition. He will shew Mr. Pettigrew a clean pair of heels in th senatorial race, unless all signs fail. After carefully consider-all emergencies likely to arise the Leader believs that Gamble for senator and Burke and Martin for congress would make a stronger pull than any ether three men yet spoken of, and we pre of the opinion that future events: v iil near us out in the prediction that these gentlemen will be the next .representatives sent from this state to Washington. We hope so at least. they can. There is ready no more reason why the group of Black Hillt counties should be obliged to stand together or get nothing than that arty other half dozen contigous counties fbould be obliged to stand together or tei nothing than that any other half clof.en contiguous counties should not r.ccessarily imply political isolation er.d it might have a good effect for aspirants in that locality to ignore the traditions cf the past and engage in a pcneral melee in the state convention. large number of the prospective delegates of Lawrence. Logically, we can do but one thine: Waive all other considerations and stand for the endorsement and nomi. nation of Hon. E. W. Martin. -'5 Ayres & irardicaii Hardwan J SERJOf'S BLOW. Lynching as a popular pastime in the south as received a serious setback. At Jenson, Ark, a merry mob went to the home of a fellow citizen with the had he desired it, but hevoluntarily relinquished this certainty for a "position which must depend entirely upon the complexion of the next legislature DR NAULTEUS REMOVED. Dr. A. Fr. Naulteus has removed his office and residence to the Carney building over Lowe's clothing store and upon his ability to compete with wcrthy purpose of hanging him. ' To I LAFAYETTE STOGK FAB 681 Main street. other candidates for this much coveted Allies. The eomlne renublican conven AN ILLY ADVISED CANDIDACY. Rapid City Journal: It has been announced with considerable gusto thai Judge Mocdy has consented to be a candidate for the United States senate This announcement wa3 not entirely rneipected and has been receiver lias ben in California for some months End it would seem that his local aaiser8 do not understand the nres- tion will not betray the confidence r-pesed in its action' by this able and 44 Actions of the Just ... ncvill-R'j GW1-! faithful leader by endorsing the candi S Has on hand 100 f?alllnnH r nnsisting of Ul.l""'"" COACH .Stallions rrrt aoinn n rnnsisti of NORMAN tf Smell Sweet their great chagrin they found upou arriving that the man was suffering from a malignant case of smallpox. Tnen the affair had to be called off . While one scarcely feels impelled to chide the Arkansas gentleman for hU lack of consideration, still the small pcx habit in a community whfere lynch-l.i is greatly in vogue should not 'e encouraged by those who have the best intents of society at heart. There i? really no reason why the people of Arkansas, or any other osuthern state LISH SHIRE and BELGIANS, T ratting nf any tm - wanting a Stallion led., or H s rt dress us at l-at-aur. ibjM en political situation. The republic-ar.fpf the Hills abandoned the notion of supporting, a Hills man for the sen. 8fr. as soon as Mr. Gamole has been given assurances of support by many Icrrind republicans of the Hills and by -cut. v-- I p We can sell or call on ul Belle Foun he, other firm- Hnn ns low as any dacy of any gentleman from the Blac'.f Hills, nor from any other part of the state. Those who reason to the contrary should reflect that the one hun dred and thlrty.four delegates from the Black Hills compose bat a small f rac tlon of the one thousand sixty-two df legates who make up the convention. They offer, us a congressman without reserve. If we insist upon, a sen tor when there is but one vacancy, they will simply close us out by endorsing the man to whom, because ol his past valuable services, they ari under honorable obligations. Our only to the republican press in eneral. It i.i canton sruaranteeil Krmi-Ior for that matter, should not lynch their ; tji0 concensus of opion that Congrees-ntighbors when so inclined. No a - man Gamble is the logical candidate tu.-.l harm is ever done, as it is'nearty fr senatorial honors. With a likeEwi Impossible to iriake a mistake in such r.i enthusiasm the republican forces matters in Arkansas. ' ; have agreed upon demanding a Hiii The fragrance of life is vigor and strength, neither of ivhich can be found in a person whose blood is impure, and whose every breath speaks of internal troubles Hood's Sarsaparilla. purifies, vitalizes and enriches the blood, gives a. good appetite and makes the tveak strong. Run Down "Jf? hasUndtos ran dotun in httiih tnd U iirtdoui. Thost excellent me&mes.Hocid'tPSIs ndSrs. parOU. baOt him up Again." Mrs. H. L w ' ' propria ......V.VA. Should the custom of having small r-.-an for congress, and Pennington, Vsde, Custer, Fall River and Butt? h'ix on such occasions become preva Lope then for representation in Wasfer f lcnt nuteh of the joy of southern er. Ington is thrn the lower house. ( The c'slene will be eliminated. Immenee ntlier paint'" ...t.t call M .1 Immense Importance of this opj6rtuii- pi,? nearly inexhaustible possibilities lty cannot at the present be tully esti- are suggested by the idea.; Once a matt so ni 'liy i" of 14 on rising ; BREAST 1B& criinties wil, beyond a doubt instruct their delegates to the state convention to use all honorable means to secure the nomination of a Black Hills man for congress. Some of these counties will go ereir further, and endorse the cacdidacy of E. W. Martin.-of Dead-wood, and it Is believed that the dele remedy is a -God -" j; h their. 1 MAP tlieiu carries icci ..rpal with ifcricci . .. -v,. . . . C1 1 It' o . vhi. is ripe for lynching becomes a srrallpox Immune, he can resort to Atfatic cholera,' yellow fever, bubon ie plague. and other equally undesirable and contagious maladies. . In there med fear n woman vho sea "MorHRB'a FaiirvT) 3wcd& SaUatgh meted. The necessity and Importance to the safety of Hills country of filling lip the regiment at Fort Meade, which is now so reduced that we are practi-chVy without defense; the enlargement en 1 rTftopment of our Indian school; " - !- cf an appropriation for thUd-birth for it rob thia ordeal of iu horror insure safety to mother and child. Oar book. " Before TUhv Unm " i worth MOTH gations from all of these counties will j scientific days he can time his indispo- be favorable to Martain, even though it weight in piid to every woman, and will RAt Hlrt Hr f!H . th

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