The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 21, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 21, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIOHEER TIMES, SUNDAY MOBNING, MAY 21, 1899. 0 "Q"' FREIGHT E!S. Hiiiiniii nliwii " mil mimilllliiHIUllH titmiij imHiliuiiMii i LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. LEAD'S 1S99. LEAD, S. D. MAY 21, Representatives of the Freight Depart -partment of the Great Burlington System Are Coming. Fifty-five leading representatives of the freight department of the C. B. & Q., the B. & M. and leased lines will make a tour of the entire system during the present week. Many of these gentlement have never been further west than Chicago and but few of them have ever been over the great system. Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments. I Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure They will leave Omaha Tuesday after noon In five special coaches, arriving at Hot Springs Wednesday morning, and at Deadwood Wednesday evening, NOTICE TO RED MEN. All members of Sitting Bull tribe, No. 32, I. O. R. M., are requested to be present &t.the next council on Monday, May 22, as business of Importance will be transacted. By order of Sachem. WILAJAM JOHNS. o JOE'S NEW HOMES Joe Seedall, the exclusive boot and shoe merchant, has concluded to pay do more Tent, eo he purchased the Moore residence, on Mill street, vhlcfl j that cough, or we refund Uo money. L. P. Jenkins. Druggist.. tt A. K. Reynolds, principal of the Whitewood public schools, was a Lead visitor yesterday. J. C. Carson, who represents the Lee-Glass-Andreesen Hardware company, was in Lead yesterday S. R. Smith is still selling the 65.00 Singer for $32.50 cash, and others at prices in proportion. leaving for Billings, Cheyenne and Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies. Denver Thursday. It Is hardly necessary to suggest to the Olympic club and business men the propriety of some sort of entertain O. W. Abbott of the Union Savinsrs ment worthy the occasion. Coming as they do from every quarter of the country east of Deadwood, they can do he will take possession of as Boon as ua a world of good if we impress them he can make a few necessary repairs. The residence Is one of the most desirable on theatre t, It being on a large fot and text a short distance from the rightly. Following Is a list: C. B.. & Q. R. R. Thos. Miller, General Freight Agent, With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we ask your inspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. business portion of town. association of Sioux Falls Is meeting with success selling stock in Lead. A. McGlll returned yesterday from SpearfLsh and has almost forgotten that he cut his head open with an axe a few days ago. WANTED Two dining room girls at the Springer house. Inquire at once. (5-3-1-m) Mrs. Mary Ellen Lease, the oiojt Chicago. ANDY'S IMPROVEMENTS. E. R. Puffer, Assistant General Freight Agent, Chicago. Andrew Bray, the popular policeman, is determined to hare as nobby and stylish a dwelling as there Is In G. P. Lyman, Assistant General Freight Agent, St. Paul. W. A Lalor, Assistant General Pas noted lady orator In America, will ad South Lead. His old house has been remodeled until It now bears much of senger Agent, Chicago. mm dress the people of Lead on the even In gof June 17. the aDDearance of a Fifth avenue pal' L. F. Moore, Freight Claim Agent, ace, and certainly compares favorably Chicago. 8. R. Smith Is having a nice trade In with any house on the street, which George Morton, General Freight Of WALL PAPER, he is selling at tne old U saying a great deal, as there are fice, Chicago. number of modern dwellings in that George Blackburn, General Freight prices from 10c up per double roll. 4-2Wf.) B. J. Thompson has completed tak part of town. o TERPSIOHOREAN HOP. Office, Chicago. A. J. Cross, Contracting Agent, Chi cago. log the school census In Lead and turns in the names of 1,414 scholars The Terpsichorean club gave another C. A. Johnson, Division Freight of school age. The young man made enjoyable dance in Society hall Frl Agent, Chicago. Lot Brown, Agent, Chicago. quick time and did the work thor day night There were about thirty- Gates' kulk anu urc crusnr oughly. five couple present, and all were in C M. Snyder, Division Freight Agent humor for having a capital time, which S. R. Smith has the exclusive sale ot Galesburg. they did. Prof. Emo's orchestra fur. the new HERRICK Sanitary Refrig H. D. Mack, Division Freight Agent, GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Dished the music, which could not be Rock Island. anything but first-class, Yhe members Fully Describad in our No. 1, Catalogue. erator. It is the only one made that has a circulation of air, and keeps dry when in use. (4-20-tf.) J. M. Bechtel, Division Freight Agent, BuBrllngton. W. J. Davenport, Assistant Division Alba Hey wood, the comedian, who Freight Agent, Council Bluffs.. has a national reputation, will be in John Vallery, Traveling Freight danced until they were hungry and then repaired to Brock & Alsip's, where a tempting lunch had been prepared. Dancing was resumed after supper and contlinued until quite late. OOLONmL TWOMBLT. Colonel L. C. Twamibly, the promot- Lead with hie company on the 5th of Agent, Chicago. June. The house will be crowded, for everybody has heard of the great William Austin, Traveling Freight Agent, Chicago. comedian. o Special Fine Crusher ? Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard. Gates, Snoos ek.i3.eL Dies Adopted by the Hcnestake xMining Co F. K. Kelly, Traveling Freight A great many old watches which are er, m at, present at the ; Paxton in Agent, Chicago. considered aseleei may be brought Omaha, where he 4s transacting mining into service by taking them to the UBlneaa,. In a letter to the Pkmear- B. F. Troxell, Traveling Freight Agent, Chicago. H. W. Crawford, General Agent, Cin Beemer-Orton company and have . Times representative yesterday he in. ti j them repaired. (tf.) cinnati. cweea i, iwtta the request that the amount be added to the fund for the iW- V. Taffner, General Agent, Pitts The Lawrence county teachers held oldler boys at (Manila. Our list bar burg. Jng been closed1 and the money for- E. J. Swords, General Eastern their eighth annual session in Lead yesterday afternoon and, in spite of the inclement weather, there was a good warded, we subscribed hie name to the Trcmain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friana. Founeen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. Agent, New York. CaJJ list, which has (been open up to G. L. Thomas, Contracting Agent, turnout and an interesting meeting New York. held. The fallowing is what was ithii time. The colonel (a a true pa- triot tnd he would rather have mimed OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt iB. B. Hutohlms, Traveling, New York, done: Music; "Reading (HoW to Teach It," Mis Ooldbloom, Terry; discussion an model classes, hdss Glenn, Mise Storman and Miss Pond, Lead; "helped the worthy cause. I6ATES IRON WORKS ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS, For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel W. B. Courtrigbt, Traveling Agent. William Garty, New England Agent, Boston. 'Conditions of Progress in Educsidon." REGISTRY OF LANDS PATENTED; The local land office at Rapid City has sent to the county auditor a reg- W. F. Swam. Traveling Agent, Phfl- Mr. Grant, Deadwood; discussion, Mr. Relts, Lead; Mr. Goggln, Spearfmh; adetphia. tetrr of rt.iui n trios nr mhani Child Study" Mrs. Tucker, Dead- A. C Anders, Agent Qutncy, TO. J. Diefenderter, Agent, Dubuque, la, J. A. Parker, General Agent, Minne wood; discussion, Miss Robbins, Lead; Miss A. Koowles, Deadwood; Miss " 71 ft Tf WfUVin VNftM M si!!tenltoaa ot the oSifiiy- tot the ar beginning May 1, 1898, and end-Ins April SO, 1899, to be entered on the assessment records of the county apolis. KUngenemlth, Spearfish; mrsle. Plants and Cot Flowers W. D. Seeley, Contracting Agent, 6t PauL GRAND ARMT ENCAMPMENT. For several years a vigorous effort has been made to secure the state en JOT UUW.WO. 11 wun auura iiuikst- tant facta concerning the mount ot business done by Lawrence county during that time 4,661 mining claims, during that time 4661 mining claims, eight final homestead entries, five timber culture and five cash entries. H. 9T. J. R. R. ST.. L. K. A N. W. R. R K C B. ft K. C. R. R. K. C. ST. J. A C. B. R. R D. O. Iyee, General Freight Agent, S. R. SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of SBHaBBniaMasMBMaisaaasanBsnaaaBBMBSsnaBBHnaaBaaaast Outnowert fornisbed on twenr-foux hour i notice for all occasion! from the cradle to the .graTS. Special ratet to wedding parties andfnnsrala, Black Hills T C IfNTCWT campment of the Grand Aimy for the Black Hills. It Is to be held In Hot Springs June St Louis. (H. R. Todd, General Agent, St There were but eighty-five mineral entries made, but these entries embraced Telephone 112. W. v. muwui. Louis. 7, 8 and 9. The comrades east or one river will come at an average expense ot about $28 each. They are looking for us) to be there,. But will there be ..New Iron BedAS 461 locations. The registry is sent W. C. MaxwelL General Agent, Keo kuk, Is, to the Auditor each year, so that all patented tends In the county may be JOHN ELMEHR, R. K. Smith, General Agent Leav many of us go? We earnestly tried tf. get a very low rate from the north Hills, but could secure only one-bslf With the Makble Fastner that never breaks or gets out of order. He ii lelling them aa cheap a others are selling the old fashioned bed. enworth, Kas. assessed. Quite a number of people were not aware of thie, and imagined that aa long at they kept their pat Howard Eltlng, General Agent, Han House Hoier and Repairer. rate. I know that It U disappointing nibal. Mo. to us. and will make It a little harder H. L. Lewis, General Agent Atchi AH Work Dons With Fro- mptaem mod dtopsjtclh ents in their pockets and said nothing about them they would evade the taxes. The government lays a system In for us to sJttend, but can we slight our comrades from the eastern portion ot son, Kas. William Fitzgerald, General Agent He Is headquarters for all kinde of Carpets Crockery, Wall Paper or anything in that Line- He is also a fall flwlged UNDERTAKER of 19 years experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. the wtaUT that respect that cannot be beaten. HIAWATHA PARK, - UBAD,a D. Dallas, Texas. If we are not there they will look A. Hamilton. Agent, Bast St Louis, upon it as a neglect. Tony Bernard was In Lead on business yesterday. ". ' ' -4 ' Bis. I worked for the encampment lor The Pioneer-Times is on sale at L. X. P. Cumings, Agent Kansas City. E. F. Btebee, Contracting Agent, several years, ably backsd by Colonel Lead Steam Ijimi and others, and last rear the tt tmiMtMittiMtiimtiisimn D. Jacobs' Basar, where you can also Kansas City. " eloquent Clark and Major Anderson be-gutted them into coming. And pow get the finest smoke In town, (tf.) - Henry .D. Seely of Minneapolis is jewning to Lead. comn AIDBY C, L. Beech. General Agent's Office, Atlanta, Ga B. a- M. R. It comrades, shall we allow a dollar or two more than we wanted to pay to E. C Johnson, the Insurance man, George H. Crosby, General Freight keen ns away? In memory of Major Is np from Rapid City. , , Tie ' Dickinson-Hay Foritnre Comjany. Agent, Omaha. W, Randeil, Freight Andrtor. Oma- Anderson, I trust sot. Henry Bdmttxel's assay office ". will Let m plan to find the extra couple 17 South Gold St. All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly Attended to be temporarily located ta tits basement of dollars and thus save uurserres from -DEALERS IN Wnff mtaanderstood by our liberal of Us residence, No. 8 Guma (Slavonian Alley). . Ew. Cterk Rratgbt CUtm B. a HAj-es, OcmtrsjCtlB OmsJMk comrades from tfce east JlCSoC, Yesterday's Fort Pierre mall train EDGAR E. CLODGH. Furniture, Crockery 8 Glassware- was forty-five minutes late. A. W. Brock, GetMrsi Trel&t Offlcw, M. 0. Campbell, the hotel rata, went FOB SAUL to Deadwood on business yesterday. HAEBISQX TEUPKOHE 254. Oat' Wagon will Gall on Deadwood Customers Daflv 5 All Work 65inateei. v 0. ROBERTS, Manager James Andersoo Aent. Omalm. On of the finest farms ta tt coun be be Everything Strictly up td date and prices that cannot J, J. Cox. Ooounsitflsl AceoA, Lta- ffSodatrwa ft Qx grrs yon tww bcactljl stamp portraita Car H tLOOf try. 200 acres. Price 8J.000. eoln. cash, be leans one two as CX3 and see them, next door to Es3 yr. VT. JohBsoo, OotiHnerc&J Agtat, at t per esoC (tt.) D. A. JIcPHKR30X Bartrlos, U. Boat AgmX. linooJn. - ED. HART, Agent, Deadwood. EliTAN & GESKET hare money to Undertakers f and Embalmers. Joan tn any quantity on good terms. . KOTICa TO KffTTLH Etabert Lair. Usascw BorUaftoa h AH parties knowing themeeires indebted to me are requested to can and NcsUiiwwtern Bafimy, Bnrltntton, Is. A." UdCrse, Genersl Freight AteaO, i.aal esUte, brokerage and fire tnsor- f-.-9 t ' j tra- axseu. All business I i-a w:;h promptness and care. H. A S. E. IL, Caarlnda. Ia ' settle their accounts with me at ones. Ctsorss Q. Bobs, TraOo Uaoacer, No. 3 Mam St Leadi South Dakota K. tt W. R. R-. Keokuk, la. l - V;, Lead. (3-23-tf.) I LI I, Chicago. ', - (t) M. LIEBMANN. . IL 8. Kelson, General FtefLt Aswol,

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