The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 23, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1900
Page 2
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23 1900. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMESj DEAD WOO D, S. D. PULL DOWN THE LIE Francis C TucKe. , J. R. Hlckox, n ft .Dan. Min. CIW Enalneer. I CAMPAIGN LIE NAILED. (Continued From Page 1.) You Can Bank. THE DEADWOOD IPONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. The Lead City Call, owned and ed Surveyor. 1 1 ited by Joseph B. Moore, candidate for congress, has Kept standing at the on letting the best in Ue M-Una if you feet It of . TUCKER A HICKOX, GIVIL D MM ENGINEERS Surveyor, .looms 301 and &OZ Adams Block. ROGERS & SON Thev alwiiv ho THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1 897; PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. . I:,.'.: . ,D a neat, fr,,v stock to select frnn, . head of its editorial columns for a month or more, the charge that Mr. Martin, his opponent, said to a com ? mittee, composed of the presidents of fcur labor unions in the winter of 1S94 that: "Your scale of wages is J ..viu. nn.i . I always .get Just who . u fa t.ity Miners' i nion in Dec ember, 1892, January and a part of February, lvS. I knew all that was taking place between the Unions and their representatives, and tne South' Dakota Mining Company, concerning what ig referred to as the "An-rie Creek trouble." I met as a member of the committees from the four Labor organizations, with Mr. iocke, and other icpresentatlve of that company, in January, 1894. I attended" at least one meeting held at Mr. Locke's- room on -Uppw Main street, in the city of Deadwood; aud later, a committee from ttie Kniglits of Labor of Dead wood, met with the Lead City F n ion in Lead ( 'sty. I know Mr. K W. Martin. He was not present at any of the interviews between tne representatives ol the Labor o: nunizat Ions and the representatives of the company, and our committee did not call upon him in con neetion with tlm.-e matters, he did not make any statement to the effei t , th-.t wages should be reduced from three ilol TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morulng. Except Monday. One Year J10.OO Six Months 5,00 One Month l.uo WEEKLY Isu'd Every Thursday: One Year 2. on lx Months l.oo FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. too high. If you keep your hands off I and let uh reduce wages from $3.50 to j $1.7"., there will he twice as much ( work, etc." No one evi r believed that ' Mr. Martin ever made mm I a state-, llient. hilt Unit it was concoctcil by Moore and bis man Friday, and was only one of his rflany unfair campaign to use no harsher term The statement of the oflii ers of the labor at the Entered aa Second -Claw Matter Deadwood I'oKtofTlce. United States Depository lars and fifty I . day . nor any st and if was not with iheiii that 'I h, compir .! v, loping t tie, wi'e pnvinjr th Mr l.ocl,,-. th.. on v , :at:oiis tl ' II , pi-c te( t() DIRECTORS: ids to one dollar and seventyfive cents per lenient of that character to my knowledge. laiim-d iit our meetings, or in (oiincrtion 1 1'. Martin had made any Kin h statement. . was at i he same time employing miner-claims ;it tin- head of Annie Creek, and regular wage. $:!.Thi and .; 00 per day. and eiieral manager, always represent) d in oii ii In- had no intention of reducing the wage.-'iv the standard w aires of this countrv .IA.MI.S f. immv.v 1 1 (I- fober 1!. I uiilon.-, logether "villi a M;i M-im ni, , jtioin Mr. Martin, appears on the first. O. J BI.ISBI HY T. j. F.HIER. P. K. SPARKSP. ., (jfsnfRST D a. Mcpherson. oage of this issik and eoiunts .lo-c pli : OFFICERS: ! f l'rel,lnt O. J. 8AL.ISBURT Cashier D a McPhert, j i Vice-President T. J. GRIER Assist. Cashier J. s. DKNMAN I ' a.iuooil. STATEMENT OF STEWART R. THOMPSON. I'. Moore of wilful falsehood. Nov. will In- hae tin. manhood to haul down the htanding In and apologize to Mr. Martin and the union-,, or , h I i az.-n it out lo the end of i h , am p.iign. That l.c .should malign and misrepresent his opponent was to be : expected from (ne man. but that lie should drag the unions into it and HI o,t!i- mines of the South Dakot.. w.i-, s.lliei'jdlile ig com pan v ' in.rtii oinpany'in.'J)nuary diiiinn is! I and was acquainted with GEO. V, AYERS & CO, Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. attempt to make them a parly to his illainy is the essence id' gall. lie1 thinks he owns the unions and can, use tin m a.s lie pleases to further his w Iflish and ( on upt ends. ;' REPUBLICAN ?,TICKET. vl r. Locke, the n inaeer, and other gentlemen conne, te, w 'hat (oiniiany. s superintendent I had chaw of the men at Work in connection with the comp;iny's mining oier;itioiis at the he,id of Annie Creek The company was paying the full stamlard waes. S.T'.O and $.'!.(lu per day for all mining work The company was employing at that time somewhere from fifteen to twenty men upon development work and wa. planning for much larger operations. No effort was made b the eompany to reduce) wages, and I think that tae con-had ri" intention of reducing; wages. Tin- company was constructing a ditch from upper Spear fish to Annie Ore for tin- purpose of brint-Tig' water to It-proposed lediKtiei, plant The wank was sn.ilar to ordinal" grade work. STKWAHT K THnMCSOX 1 1 vdtt.Miii. s i. ( , lober L'o. 1!00. A LONG RANGE FIGHTEER. j When Joseph Moore labeled himself Fii;htiiii; Joe." people who knew him ! Presidential Ticket. For President WILLIAM McKINLEY. For Vice President THEODORE ROOSEVELT. If embers of Congress For Presidential Electors THOMAS FITCH, Grant. CHAS. THOMPSON, Hund. ARTHUR IiROWN. Lincoln. A. H. MARBLE, Butte. smiled and cast about him for in-j MancoK of his prowess. However) much they racked their brains the only j vanquished foes called to mind was poor old Tom Edwards and numerous I I ci wins wno nan neen worsted in financial noes. Hut now a new liuht Hardware and Mining Supplies.. ol tl e- 1 if bollglll I ( Congressional Ticket. CHARLES H. BURKE, of Hunhes. EBEN W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. loe Moore or given jou in i of dollars the public treasiii-i Freeman Knowles ever i it rn for tin thousands have drawn from the by you;- vol. " What suit , K'n 00 all over lbe ;, et ;,g,- prices I oiieri 'loth, s Th' se T'nilcl given . dawns and 'Finhtini; Joe'' stands out in the champion long-distance fighter. Congressman Hi rke recently spent ten days in tin- Hills., making as many farmer pay the "a me States. low ' I ' tel. e- lib .. r lb. I" ( 'o il Flout has any candidate for the -late I, ui latui'e ,m the democratic tn-ki-t ev, ih'ii' for labor or the public good ' speeches at as many different places. He met. the Fighter but there was no hostile demonstration of anv kind J4 on J4ri r. '.- 1 -L""fic IJ" . '!(!, lnti ir.c Jl r.n'o:; wiiiiiiiittiitriittintt. Sill :,l -off, , K. i. Pl, l -,.t t,, -bnh. Now after Mr. ilurke has I n gone I ATTEND THE MEETING TONIGHT a wee!; and is p.t a safe distance way! Th" meeting called for this evtmn.' up among the fanners of the northeast j l. Mr . Selble, pie, dent of He- III. pel o. ...ii. oi .oe sooe. uie i-iguier gets:o: 1 I' e. niej,,, ,,,. , iea,w( I iad all over ami bellows like a young i than either ibe Hi.o, elt . it-,:,, T' Deadwood I, JS'.llO bis so pel i.-s ri-la- i re i'.t heller to-d.iy than of a cash buyer bull, lie rushes down liar to his blow oi. I.e, ,eyone la aiile p,,l tl'. pi i r,., i , i ,.,o, tic , in lor t wo hour- :iiu meet ,rs f i, mi -neighbor having a common in smut mill which he calls a ncwspapij-i'lid over his own signature he jabs, Upper-cuts and undercuts Mr. Ilurke ac er before. He ,v s,:,. i for l- ei vl bitm b - -.'Ms. til'1 i,,nnfr is prosper, And ho rem' rubers w I t. I'eSt it stake. If we do thi.-. and pu: jns-i us long as us. o was the "ad- ti 1 1 h on tenth tl ffort we do in pel agent ,f prosperity. v a no THAT THIS 3 It !l i I rim il IlDllilliie. - construction in the Farmer n ml There is uncle s top i 111 K i Think it us i fie result win be very gratifying and before another election come.-: round we will he so prosperous thai v. e can afford the diversion of a n il hot.--anipaign. Hut attend the meeting and see how your opponents li -have themselves. It will be found it? t the present time, ac- Vnited States. ; coi-iHiur to the lowing mileage online to the rules laid down by fhe distinguished Duke of Dogberry. Ho alla Mr. Ilurke a duffer, "this man." and uses other language known and understood only by the elite of the Bowery and in refined prize ring cir-cJes. -Verily, the Fighter is getting on. The b'dt is his. or any other od thing he wants. He tan resign that petty $L'000.a year job now, for his future if assured if he will only grasp the golden opportunity and take to the Tta i ;i y Age, of railroads: the fol- M iles. . . . 2.240 . . 9.702 In ''11 If Now ' )vv la nd Middle- States North Atlantic States ALL OUR ! SUMMER GOODS tei all that nope of them have r'hairriicn Wilson ami Ayres actually invited. State I icket. Oorernor C. N. HERRIED, of McPherson. Lieutenant Governor GEO. V. SNOW, of Bon Homme. Secretary of State O. C. BERG, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMDER. of Hutchinson. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of Brown. Attorney General JOHN L. I'YLE, of Beadle. Bupt. of Public Instruction B. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public Land DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Pommlfwlonor FRANK LOCOQ. of Douglas Legislative Ticket. State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Members of House of Representative E. H. WARREN, JOHN N. HAWOOOD. JOHN PETERSON. AMOS PATRIQUIN. County Ticket. Sheriff . FRED DOTEN. Treasurer H. P. LOREY. Register of Deeds JOHN WRINGROSE. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of Courts SOL STAR. State's Attorney 8. C. POLLY. County Judge FRANK J. WA8HAB.WOH. Assessor A. A. MOODIE. Superintendent of Schools HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner DR. CHARLES E. ZERFING. Surrey or A. S. OATES. County Cnmhitnner Tfclrd District EDWARD CACHELIV. For Jiwtlce of the Peace N. COL-MAM. Deadwood. W. M. QTTTMRY. Iad. ' J. W. nTT,EY, flalenn. J. TT. RIPLEY. Spearflsh. For Constables J. C. STOTT. Deadwood. W. O. RTT'FT, Tead. J. W. STCCOR, Galena. THE LABORINNQ MAN'S FRIEND. E Ginghams. Dimities and Percales i THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLO FOR Gulf of Mississippi and Valley Stubs 6.7I8 Central Northern Stales a. 623 Northwestern Stales 6,197 South western States 21,207 Pacific States 6,377 . Total miles 58.841 rtage. Thousands will flock to st e the long-distance chnmpion and the Magnolia Orator or man with magnificent gall. After his "theatrical career'' is over he can get a salary and free looze to sit around a saloon as an at W e have a nice new line ofMurdln t'nderwear which we are also selling at a great Kiirgain. A b'-iitlful line ol 35c NOW GO AT f 2c. 25c NOW GO AT 12c. uea preads. lace curtains. ' They ill go at a naciifce. c comt a ccr tnd pet In on tlie (.kUlND I-LOOK Much o this Includes double-tracking on the roads already built, the traffic between the Fast and West, and between the Southwest states and the Gulf ports having grown so fast that more trackage is needed. Trip building of 60. (ion miles of track moans millions traction, as old John I .. Sullivan is now doing. n A HIGH-PRICED ORATOR. Freeman Knowles, the professional pop haranguer calamity howler, sneer? at the oratorical efforts of Farmer Al Whr Dnlj- Ik Plain. "It is time to dismiss the, 'craven fear of tiding great.' to recognize the place In the World that Ood has given us. and to accept the responsibilities which it devolves; upon upon us in behalf or rhrlstian civilization." The.s,. are the words of Hcv. Joslah Strong, in his new hook. -'Expansion." The work -is, r ally, one of the most Interesting on this subject, so much tlist u.s.spil in this campaign. Attention is called to thf astonishing development of energy whi h has subdued the comment and which to-day makes us the in,, st forceful and r-souieeful nation f th" world. nir new m:l nutnetu ring supremacy gives eery promise of oei ni., nem e. im THE LADIES BAZAAR. 3 iiiiiiiuiiiiuauaiuiiiiuiuiiiiuiiiiuiaiuiuiuiiiiiiiuiaiugi of dollars to American wageworkers. ITTE who. it turn, expend the grearer proportion of their earnings, directly or lnuiroct'y. among- the farming element. The prosperity brought about by Tlepubli. an 'ideas and policb s has caused this re-, hail of railroad lerron and Hams Franklin, miner Mr. Franklin may not be able to hold the attention of a pop audience In flights of oratory or what would 1m more in line with their views, a ti rado against the government, and ev erythlng that is good and decent, but when it comes to making speeches tr tho Terry miners and members of the Dead wood Labor union, he is very ef fecttvc In fact, he is the high The Pioneer Jeweler and 'Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BUR LINGTON & M. R. No. 659 Main Street, Deadwood. S. D. Active Knelorle fniicc (;onl Price. ( ne of the largest glass ma nufact tiring enmpn njes of St. Louis, a company free from any eomhina t ions, reports that in 1 -!: -it ,p.'iid out "$43.80.7. 4f. for skilled labor, and $23,414.40 for unskilled labor, (tie being $H4.220.r,5. Ths same company disbursed "$105,-417.31 for skilled and $.",.r,.0!i0.20 for- unskilled hjbor in ISM. a total of $160.-507.50." The- uuplnye naturally had more tS liuy. ajid the formers who supplied them had so much the better mnrket. What is true with this one glass fnetor'.V is true w ith manufacturing establishments the country over. est priced orator who ever addrr ssei' a Terry audience. On tho 20th day o' cery month he makes n. $2.".00l speech, and altho he has kept this ur for twelve years no one seems tc weary of the monotony or even sus pect him of having selfish motives GOTO DKADWOOI) (Hi LK.M. 1 The manufacturing interests must inevitably become greater, so that our national welfare will be increasingly dependent upon foreign markets. Calling attention to the profound significance of china's awakening, h" argues that t. Pacific- is to become the center of i he world's population, commerce, wealth and power. We are thus entering upon a new "world life" r.Wjhich creates new necessities and new obligations whichjt will be impossibles to evade. Amid .these changing conditions we could not maintain a policy of political isolation. He continues: "It is quite too late to ask whether we will expand. We have already expanded. "Our polity should be determined, not by national ambition, nor by com Why can furnish .you 1 loss MOM 'A ? The affidavits of Peter Temperlno and Glo Vlrenzo, as published in the Pioneer-Times, shows that Joseph B, His addresses are short and pointed They are partly printed and partly written. There is a sameness about them. They begin like this: Deadwood. S. D American National Bank, TOE Ce-'TRAL,CITY, SO. DAK. .Moore, fusion candidate for Congress, la Indebted to the miners in the following amounts tor work done on the Almeda mine In 1899: Name. Days. Amt. Peter Temperlno 21 73.50 Dlo Ferdinand .64 234.00 Glo Gispero 67 234.00 F. Marchlando 29-2 103.25 Cio Verenzo 28-2 99.75 Pay to or order mercial considerations, but by our duty to the world In general and to ths Dollars $ HARRIS FRANKLIN. A Complete stock of Fnirm Prnilocta In the Orient. Four years ago we sold tn China and Japan a little over $12,000.00 worth of goods. In the year ending June 30, 1900, the same countries took about $50,000.-000 worth of American goods. The farmers of the West, who supplied the wheat end beef and fruit, and the-cot-ton growers iof the South were the chief gainers. Which think you is the best friend Hav. Grain. Choo Feed, to tne iarorer the man who pays a fair price for what he has to sell, the roan -who puts his money into enter Flour, Wood and Coal. prises that employs labor at good wages, or the agitator and demagog who rides into office by preaching the Manafartnrca Sold to Europe. American manufacturers sold to Europe In the last two years of Cleveland's administration goods valued at gospei-of discontent? ' I ONLY ASK. . . Ulpiiios in particular. ... I know of no w itness who has had personal observation of the Filipinos who declares them capable of self-grovern-ment. it Is the Tagalogs who have been in arms against the United States . but they constitute only one-fifth of the population In many provinces there was absolute anarchy, and from all sides came petitions for protection and help." "Po we owe no protection and help to thee fftur-flfth against the one-flftb? One other question I would like to ak the antl-expanslonlsta. Will they kindly explain why it Is that Americans, with the traditions Mid In-heritances of Anglo-Saxons, and with the experience of freemen, are Incapable of governing one-tenth of their Will the laboring men vote with the men who put their own money into the. development of mines and build $412,000,000. European buyers took j J629.000.OOO of American manufactures In the first two years of the McKinley administration. Which is the better ing mills and get other men to do so, Total $734.50 These miners took out ore which was shipped to the Spearflsh Cyanide illl and, paid for in cash before the re was all delivered. As a matter f fact Moore drew $200 more than the Talue of the ore which he refuses tore-' fond. Notwithstanding all this he continues to tell the men that he has Bot been paid for the ore. Here Is another sat-ple of his great lore for the laboring man. On September 15. ref ering to a joint meeting of the labor unions to discuss needed legislation, he said In the Lead Call of that date; ' " "The Joint meeting of the union was called for .the purpose of the dimensions of the growler." showing, and which policy is the beat for America to pursue? or will they vote with the men who drive capital away? Treat It as light ly as you will, but It ij a cold fact Steel. Mifis Close ....... Do you Knowj that If Lawrence county goes for Bry- nrrmm r eared. - an and the pop legislative ticket, no new money will be put into Lawrence county mines for the next two years Without money the mines cannot be number of Filipinos, and cannot even attempt It without sacrificing the republic and lowing their own liberties, while a trlb of Malays, who have neither the inheritances or experience of freemen, can create a republic and successfully govern, not only themselves, but also foar times their number Pt undisciplined tribesmen?" A Good Thing When Yu See it? developed or more employment given to miners. Without plenty of work ifor miners at good wages there The Illinois Steel company's plant, at Joliet has shut down for. a month, during which repairs will be made. President E. J. Bufflngton says that the reason for the suspension of work, la that the old contracts have all ex pired, and that It is impossible to obtain new orders as long as the possibility of Bryan's election is over the country. "Many of our largest customers. ' he says, "are postponing purchases for the reason that they wisfi to wait until they are certain of the result of the electron before placing any big orders." , Fear of Bryanism has thus dosed ne of the great steel plants of tne nation. How many more would rina Prices Tfcea aad How. Twenty-live years aeo farmers nald the following average prices for goods they needed: If you do, then come and not only SEE, but fast.-' our brands of SHERRY, ANGELICA, TOUT and v' , MUSCATEL They Are The Best in the West. 50c. Fine Old Whiskey of father time ?3 00 and up- FAIVIILY LIQUOR STORE can be no prosperity. Every voter in the county should think these things cut for himself, unblinded by prejudice; unbiased by tho prophets of evil who fatten on calamity. It is a serious question. Will you vote to retain the $2000, the $5000, the $10,000. the $25,000, the $50,000 a month orators, ot .will you Vote to replace them with men whose only Interest in you is your vote to place them in office What has I never reduced wages or encour. aged the reduction of wages, either personally or professionally, but have always favored maintaining our pre. ent standards. Personally I have employed a good manyrmlnert' at differ Vit times, snd have paid them, wheth-my enterprises have been or unsucoessful-E. W. Martin. Coal, per ton.... Floor, per bb $9.00 $12.00 . le EOo EOo t&oo Sugar, per lb. . Coffee, per lb..-. Kerosene," per gal tad . If the election of Bryan came about, -may be left to the Imagination, Shoes (if bouehtl oer natr Case beer delivered free to residence. err. Main St

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