The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 18, 1898 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1898
Page 2
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niK dai lv pioneer-tu, Friday, februahy ti, ices. TDK PIOJJEER-TIMES. Want- Column. !12i3iSSiSSS323;33SS2S55H ALL ROAB3 ARS ALIKE TO A r.lOrJARQ.! Perfection is the result of our lonj experience. (Eetabllehed 1474-7.) America's Greatest Medicine is Hood's Sarsaparilla, Which absolutely ' wiwrrn hm.p vi nffvnini 101 ' ,J Hirf .a ni a l 1.1 ia. a-fl kuow not. Iu a !" 'lay he hail tak'-n several young men lino "partneihhip in his buaintfg rwiulrtns: ilrpoettn ol ax much money as they hail there u no fixed prle for partnership in li enterprise. Wood did oui advertising by distributing dodgers and cards and Inn -rd everyoue who wanted employment y jargaino! DAYS. ml highest wagpg for competent girl 14 Apply to Mr. Wm. Selbie, Forest Hilt. Sj fii Cures eveJjTfcwar fjl I rn puresifcjeirff rom The pimple on your Face to the great Scrofula sore which Drains your system. FOR 90 10 Per Cont cr Wanted Position by well educated young man. in office or store. Address to call at his office Quite a uiuuImt responded to his invitatiun. 'I here was no limit to tbia game cither the applicant for a Job wns usually "tapped"-- PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY ISvery mornlne, eirpt lion-day." Om Year 810.) Six Month On Mont 1-W WEEKLY Issued every Thursday. OsTmt 00 Six Month PIONEER-TIMES, Dead wood. & D. r this office. 8-8-St. 1 i i the smooth Wt 1 sized i! 'he poor Disoonnl sucker's pile and made. tils fee accord Thousands of people ingly. Wood raanaWl to nond the poor fellows as far aa he could conveniently, from Dead wood, so they could Testify that Hood's Sarsaparilla cures Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Dyspepsia, Malaria, nt sutliack here for a week and allow i I Lr & Wanted Men to learn barber trade, ihe law in Minnesota requires apprentice in barber shops to serve three years. Average Ume to complete here is two months. Can stay longer If necessary. iMpiomas granted backed by state charter. Outfit of tools donated. Experience in city shops &aiuiday. Prepare now for busy season next spring. '88 catalogue mailed free. System Barber Cciiege, V IfiiSV Entered eeconasjnat)ir at th Deadwood Postomc. him to get in a "graft," before his thlevelng game was exposed. Twelve Wili be retnrne4 on all rash Sales to Custom-era on Leather Q ods in t e Shoe Line. They are m tke in plain fi" res, less in prioe than any oiner houto in tbe state. Come and Supply Yourself at men were sent to Keystone, where Catarrh, Rheumatism, Wood represented to them that he had orders for a number of men at )3.50 a day, working In placer mines. Eaen i victim watt given a letter addressed to a spurious company and upon arriving And That Tired Feeling. Remember this And get Hood's And only Hood's, AT THE ANNIE SHAFT. A broken wlnd.&s. C. c.ZIPP'S MA N STREET, DEADWOOD. A PAIR OK 1 HEM. It la learned that Johnnie Hlppi who Was toiuiei.y oign ia me cuuuci.a of tne repuDiicaa pa t, and siau) au dltor (or South DaOti, la iiow woia Ing at the cam in a souutry newipap. ottlce at Paraaton. lie keeps out o. eight, and refuses to tnlugie with au., of hie old associates or friend. TUc at Keystone found there was no such SWanud L'pi ifchi aui' uul.u gentlemen or ladies to i.aci -pousibie, eaia.ueU jui ,u u,a& riilla. Monthly t.uv u- i irat. X) concern. Some of these twelve met. iave returned to Deadwood, with blooc rosiuoa sieauy. tteisieute. .uuk u the'r eyes, looking for the "agent. eelt-audressed stamped eut eiope. 1 uv Other men were sent to Mystic, Roch Cpon it a a.dlrrel is p aying Uomuuon Company, Dept., K. -eart and chipper and frleud.y ord and vtrlous other places to work mn m mm dioygles art th product of mechanical Inganulty. C40.00 C50.00 CCD.C0 r.Honcrch Chslnless CIC0.C0 Sen j for ISS3 Catalogue;. Agents wantad In open territory. MONARCH CYCLE MFC. CO.. Lake, haSated and Pulton ttreete, Chicago. aranshoe-New York, London and Hamburgt. tm id kse 9snt stamps for e deck ef Monarch Playing Cere HlMejwaej position which no la uow holding "Glad to see you" he's saying. in mines, tthlie cne poor unsophisticated fellow was sent out nearly to Sundance to get a Job on a farm, ai down paya him about $6 or 13 a wee, and la probably without any degree ot permanency. Sioux Falls Press (Rep.) STAR & BULLOCK Wanted A first class photographer. This place was Jack' In the 70's bo other need apply. L at. filiia. Lead 60 a month. This cost the victim s jack waa a boy from the Buckeye It Is alleged that Klnp accompanied Studio. nhandy to meet In a racket. McLaren upon his raids against the Insurance companies where he was In fee of 10 and the expense and trouble of a long trip over there. We have heard of numerous other cases ot Though he never was huntin. for trou Hardware Co. anted By an established house ble. troduced as "Smith, an expert account aa or Ytoman, good church standing Ulllan RMeeelt, Tern Ooopaf, Las Rieherdeon en Welter J Wood's robbery. ant" and that after a cursory examina wining to learn our business then to Venterday about noon Wood hired a Then he kept everything shipshape. tion of the books they would pull the company's leg for any sum from 1100 to f COO. dlrlde th swag and seek other team and buggy at Jas. Oeddes' livery stable, ostensibly to drive out of town a:i - manager and a tale correspondent her. Salary f WO. Enclose seit-ad dressed envelope to A. T. Elder, General manager, care Dally And tidy, and bright at a dollar But the place has all gone to ruins Since he made his lat stake la the dig- a short distance, during the afternoon field Yankton Gazette (Rep.) his swindling business became general gin's. t Hippie was honest but Incompetent, and bla downfall was the result of s ly circulated ami led to Inquiries about him. At a late hour butt night Wood Heavy and Shelf Hardware. Mine and Mill Supplies. He named the ground after his sweet dishonest though ccmpeteut deputy. had not returned and the authorities heart. throughout the Hills country, where t-r Wanted Aman with a email capital to purchase a good business In Dead-wood. For Particulars Inquire at or address this oSce. Ktpp's downfall Is tin result of avarl Fair Annie, the Parson's daughter. And he meant to come back for the ever they could be reached by tele clousness and dishonesty. The publle girl. phone and telegraph, are on the look out for him. It is believed he has This Is the . . . AERMOTOR Btenl Wind Mill- that people are talking so meek abou. , "Uncle Shiu" tested it In competition with tight oilier, and found that it wjuld do iwloe the work. of an ot ihtrn ia light wind. Ii ridei the storm like a bird. U wants a position oa a farm (o pump wale-, uriud Ined or saw wood, wr Woeld furuirh H al jr In cilius fr doiueitio pcrposes. I have also EUem rr Gasoline Ecglsea and horse l'twiuo xt Fair Pnoea. Call or 1 rl ii 1 1 i as na S. C. FOSTER, Agent. tr Wan ted First class American cook Though never a word he told her. She liked Jack, and he cried when ne skipped out. wanted at Keystone hotel. Woman Some time ago Sheriff Piunkett re Sanitary Plumbing-, 5ewer Connec preferred. ceived a letter from the sheriff at BIs- Is the rlctlm of a political practce of elevating men to office who are neither competent nor entitled to It. There are plenty of honest, capable and deserving men engaged in newspaper work In the state without picking up the incompetents and dishonest. The left her. morck. N. D., asking him to keep an Cried, and took on like a baby house- eye peeled for a man answering the de t7 Wan ted A girl for light woi'k at Mrs. M. Lieemann'e. tions, Cornice flaking. AIL Kinds of Tin and Sheet Metal Work. And Jack turned his face to the west. To bide his own tean and was gone. scription of Wood, who is wanted there for conducting a swindling gsme similar to the one he was carrying on Hippies and Klpps should be left at wnen nis claim was utaked out on tne the eass. hilltop. here. Sheriff Plunked wired back that th man was here, but then the Bismarck sheriff didn't appear to want C7 Wanted Chambermaid. Enquire at Keystone hotel. C Wan ted Two cooks, 6 house girls and 1 dining room girl. Mrs. L. E. Miller. He slept on the ground in his blanket And never he minded the rattle j The presidential bee which was bus Xaoasct, C5ity. -1- Moutri 3 him. Of the storm as It swept through the JOHN BAGGALEY, l"li:i RnlEststiErcUr Deadwood, 8. D. temHsr ofDeaiwoos Stock Manse, Dealer tn Mining stocks and Real canyon. KLONDIKE ON THE SIOI'X. FOR SALE. But be shook the sleet from bis hsir sing so actively in Senator Teller's bonnet about the time that he made his dramatic exit from the republican convention at St. Louis seems to have been only disabled by the chilly reception which the Chicago convention gave him and the frosts which voters And merrily Worked in the rain. Flandreau tuierprloe: To reach the RAILROAD TIME TABLES. BURLINGTON ROUTaj. TRAINS LEAVE AS FOLLOWS: No. 202 Passenger, Dally. Hill City. Hot Springs, Chicago and all points east, south and west 1:30 p. m No. SOS Local, Dally except Sunday, Bald Mountain and 8pearflsh 1:66 p. m. No. 204 Freight, Dally. Hill City, Custer and Edge-mont ...8:00 a. m. CFor Sale The furniture and lease of ths best paying house In the city. Klondike of Moody count;', follow tht As he thought of his girlie so fair Stone's Syndicate Restaurant Short Order House. Always Open. Always- Ready. Day or Night. STANDING BILL OF FARE. OM At0 AFEH SUNDAY JAHUAKt S3. 1898. Oalton trail ever Chllkat. thence ol And of when he should see her again. Eatat. Steamship and Railroad Tickets bought and sold. Reason for selling; proprietor going the Coil-Coats tass to Skaguay, fron. away. Enquire at this offlee. Jancau to Port Hasvold. thence aloni And he worked for long years on tbe In the following November visited up 'oleman's trail, following Harris' lint Annie o Pikes Ford, about Purdy's Booth's Said never a word of his girl, though t7For Sale -Two iealrable building Iota, Nos. S and 10, block 13, Inglesld. Bee Mr. A. Pollock, No. 61 Charles St, fjr prtcee and terms. ermllye's Stone's acd Briggs' claims Nor heard from the home of his boy on hie party. The approach of another presidential campaign Is wanning it Into renewed life, and It Is believed that his reviving hope of being occept- jvhkh brings you near the scene of ex hood J. & Cm. SHERMAN ST. WHOLESALE & RETAIL GROCERS. Breakfast and Supper. FRUIT. FISH. OYSTERS. RANCH EOOS. Oatmeal with Cream for Breakfast Itement. For pack animals take bur 'or fear that his fond dreams might C7 Desirable building lota on Lincoln os or asses. I tovide yourself with t vanish. ed by the democratic party as the lead ufflrlent of food and an outfit to carr venue Inglesld. Lumoer turnlahe.1 o buU L Edwin Van Clse. tf er of a forlorn hope In the campaign ol Porterhouse Steak, Tenderloin Bleak, ou through the season of hardship Vt last he lost faith in his prospect 1900 Is the real pf his activity In press ou will have to undergo. You wl And drifted around In the Hills LoU For Sal Howard' Addition. Ing his resolution declaring that the nd steep and rugged points to cllml f earned for tbe scenes of his boyhood DEADWOOD. LEAD D. C. TRAINS. Leave Deadwood. Dally Except Sunday 8:30 a. m. Daily 10:00 a. m. Dally 11:22 a. m. Daily Except Sunday 1:00 p. m. Dally 2:05 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 1:20 p. m. Dally Except Sunday 4:25 p. a. nd wade '.hrough mud. The ne Ashsmed to go back bonds of the United States may be paid In silver dollars. Nobody exepectec Clondike Is located about twelve mile Fried Onions, Potatoes In Cream. French Fried Potatoee, Home Fried and Steamed Potatoes, Dry, Buttered and Dipped Toast. Cream Toast, Hot Cakes, with Maple Brraa er ResMrf Hot Biscuit, and Rolls, Hot Corn Bread, White and Graham Bread. Boston Brown Bread, Syndicate Cream Gravy a tpsutalew. vest of Flan lrcau. on the Big 81ou ihl addition U. Ddwood, beautiful y located on the Park bench, adjoin ng the Dudley Spring. In the Fir, vard, la now open for settlement. 8e Jat and price at ode of Edwin Vai :ia. ind then when he sought for compan 17II1E8, . LIQUOR, Iver not ten or twelve miles nortt tnat tat resolution would pass, ana even If It coald It does not bind tht ions. 8lrlola Steak. Pork Chop, Veal Ciope, plain or branded. Mutton Chop. Sugar-cured Uam, Breakfast Bawn, Pork Sausage, Corned Beat Bash. Calf Liver, Breaded, Bralaa, Scrambled, Cold Meats, Cold Fowl, Pig's Feet vest of Pipeu me aa the people of tht AND CIGARS. Blew his dust with the boys for bat governor to pay the bonds In sllve. ilace have advertised. We have kei liquor Dally 8:30 p. m. Dally Except 8unday 7:00 p. m. Let's not scold him for that coin, and It was merely for the tempo rary boom which Mr. Teller could ge nhenerBuseh and St. Look fresh Dally Except Sunday 3:00 p. m. uum up to dato to avoid a dush an iave given our neighboring the prlv ege of getting cicdlt for the new go. Bee on Draught for his presidential aspirations am. Dally 8:00 p. m. jally Except Sunday 10:30 p. m. i or Sale Cheap A new Singer sew j X machine. Enquire of Mrs. Duffy inglesld, FOR RENT. Trip or Head Cheese tor tapper. C PER QLA03. lelds, but we have the earth (dus. the advantage, which helmagined th Leave Land. ir.d claim It row, denying any ownei Nor his measly luck at draw poker. or was he not sorely punished Because of the life he wasted? or the bitter ashes of Dead Sea at pies With blistering Hps he tasted? silver cause would get that he brough Dally Except Sunday 8:52 a. m. hip whatever by our covetous and i Dinner Bill of Fare. SOUP. FRESH FISH. CELERY. dishonor upon the government and lt ious nelghbare. They can buy claim or cash only. Dally 10:28 a. as. Dally 11:60 a. an. Dally Except Sunday 1:18 p. m. Allen's Club Rooir Osraai Mala sad Wall en.. PasdwssA THE CLMIS.E POPULAR obligations, as well as upon himself The ground (placer) ccntalnlng th gaked Spring Chtoken, BtuSed. Irish Bur, 8panlsh Stew, by the performance of last week la tht Dally 1:28 p. m. ;old deposits has been assayed by th rhen seized with a uamelea remorse Dally Except Sunday 3:45 p. m. :hemlst of j state university of Mn ia Slewed Mutton with Oreeo Wasrs tbe east mats sal J. .le would tramp to his claim on the Dally Except Sunday 4:60 p. m. lescta and runs from $2 per ton frou Tea eaet eltr eaa ke aal day er atfaV hilltop Judas A. Bowler, who betrayed th -Tor Rent Three furnlshsd room. ,'or housekeeping, on Taylor avenue. 0 C. Lackous. ctTqt Rent Hons on Taylor Ave. inquire at Phillip's Pharmacy. U error Rent Two rooms, furnlshet. tor light housokeeplng. or would rem 4.0 two mun. Rent reasonable. En 4'ilr at thla oBce or of Mrs. Atkinson Dally ground one foot below the surface t o his cabin and shaft at the Annie- Boiled Leg of Mutton, Plekis Sauce, Boiled Corned Beat and Cabbage, Boiled Beef with Horseradish. Boiled Sugar-cured Bam, Roast Turkey, Sage Dressing, Roast Dnek, Onion Dressing, Roast Gooes, with Jelly, Roast Lola of Beef with Brown Gravy, Roast Pork with Anpl Sauce, Roast Veal with Cranberries, Baked Pork and Beans with Boston Brown Bread. democratic party of the state two 136 ten feet below. Several transfe .nd make friends of the birds am Mashed Potatoes, Sugar Cora, Plum Pudding, Wine SM Mince Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Raspberry Pie, Cream Cheese, Fruits, Nut and Canal. yers ago and beat Deadwood oat of jf land near the flr.d have been mad Dally Except Sunday Dally Except Sunday Dally ... 8:87 p. m. ... 7:22 p. m. ... 8:22 p. m. ... 8:22 p. m. ...10:88 p. so. squirrels. on the strength of the new dlscoverler 3ut one day last winter we missed hin th only state convention that ras ever awarded it, has been Interviewed Dally Except Sunday Men are on tne ground wlthmachloer And when we went up to the place .Ve found him so cold and so whit preparin g for mining. General ex and gives It out that th antl-republl leiS'ilS & PAIIIEHLEE . 01ALMMS IK . . New and Second Hand Goods ... Na 201 (Eastern Pans) Ar 11:48 a. m. citement prevails. One man going t Oytr Served In all Styles. With a touch of a smile on his fac Pipestone the other day was offered t t7For Rent Three room house. No. U Charles St., 310. Apply to S. Cushman or thla effio. tf . That we guessed he had struck It. No. 209 (Sp'flsh Train) Ar 10:20 a. m. No. 80S (Freight) Arrive 11:10 a, m. for the mud on his buggy wheels bu can force of th state will be solidly united at th convention, that Gov. Lee, Congressman Knowles and Kelly cnmM. tea, chocolate, cocoa,- milk amd pure bprinq watcs. Served with all Meals. Single Ueal25o up. Metl Tickets S5.C3. Lcnchis ICi is, the offer was refused. Various storle Na 201 (Paaeonger) De'p'U 2:30 p. m. We straightened hi tangled beard are believed rerardlng the find. On That lay on his greasy coat LOST. No. 210 Spearflsh train) De. l.SS p. m. No. 204 (Freight) Departs 8:80 a. m. believed the machinery on the ground Poor Jack! He'e made his last strike. If you want to Boy or Sell get waa for a feed mill. Another was toll Said a man with a lump In his and all populist itat officials will be renominated and reelected. If this Is true, the republicans may as well save the espense of a campaign, but It Is more than probable that they will play f Lost Bunch of keys. Will flndei pleas leave at American Express of that It waa to be used for crushing their figure. Courteous treatment to ail. throat." bones to fertilise the land. (We den) DEADVJOOD Q DELAVJAHE fice or this offlj. It The sun on the snow hurt our eyes (hettruth of tMs statement, however ti 621 Lc::r Ea 5tr::l. THE NORTHWESTERN LINE. DEPOT: Between Detdw'd and Pin Our land nee.1s no fertilising.) polities anyway and when th votes And our faces we turned to the wall And we thought that we'd soon get a call OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER 0 The gold is claimed to be found in a SELTIIIG C0LIPA13Y . . . Street. are counted, Judas and his pals will be SCHOOL AND POBUC LANDS. composition f sand and alluval soil Arrive. Dep. ft. ret'red. To go to see Jack and his strike. resulting from the disintegration of MRS. J. P. BRANSFLEID'S Though trains to Omaha JOHN RANDALL. NoUce 1 hereby give that en the metamorphlc lock (understand?) mak Chicago, SI PanL Mla- BIO PRIOfl FOR A BROKEN HBART Deadwood. S. D.. Nov.. 1897. 12th day ot March i8M. all of th aa W.n. SWIFT, President. JOSEPH BWIJT. Tfaaaarcv BAKBDIT Ing pdarer mining. As yet none ha been toun'l in rrstalllne forms of the e leased achool lands In Lawrence ooua Not loag since a Danville, III., Jury e 17o aeapolla, with clooeoo nactlons tor all points west and south, e; Fre 95 Sherman StTMt, ty will be rffered tor lease at pnbltt Isometric y.tem. I. e. ramifications auotloa, to th high act bidder, at the ordered the male defendant In a bsee.h of premise case to pay the oompetust sum of 884,823.83 to the) afflicted fair ncdules or nuggets (see?) but such F2A17ELIN E. CAEPEMEB. Qen, Zlgfr. We buy any and all ores produeodin U awt lsls aufitr m nC as aaaelail finds sre hoped for. front door ot th Court Hons In said county. Th leasing will be held between th hour ot 10 o'clock a. m., and one. Though It Is a pretfjr high eat! The Pipestone people say the find is tat toss fast Omi It kintsaatrBlaie yea eaa et Ike Saw kras ef sakla el Ike lewest afar. mat of, blighted affection, there Is located twelve miles northwest of their rsMMalattveaa M live, Bar leaves s the Blaek Hills. o'clock p. s., each day. antll all another avUtcal which, if net in flol mont and Omaha .... !! a m.. p m. DLPOT: Lower Main 8tret. WhiUwood Sturgla,Rap id Chadroa and later - mediate points 10:4eamS:2Caai Bell Fourth 18:40pm Ilea WhiUwood only .... :7:S0am 14 itpm Dally. ! Dally, except Sunday. place on the Sioux. Pipestone can't reach the SIojx river at the nearest kt t at aqaal kr aMst tea lias ke kaap. tall Um ot . eaksa, seektei, mass eeCs, tract ot school land hav bean offered NOTICE. To whom It may eoncern: W have ibis day leaeed th "Modoc" group of deltas. In Blacktall Gulch (6 claims) vis: the Modoc. Crown Point, Good Hope. Double Standard, and King Solomon lode; to Fred A. BlqrJdea. of Lead. 8. D., who will be responsible for s'.l lsbor, material, suppllee and other accounts Incurred la the operation of said group of rlalma. Central City, Feb.. 4th. 1808. HENRT BRESSERT. lars and cent exactly as high, ret In isiaa, ateara, alia, eta, aa ftnttae foe teaaB for leaa. point short f fifteen miles. The dis general consideration of excellence reach ae lofty aa altitude. This la Dont't Forgt th Ncznbr. VJOnilS AT DEADWOOD, S. D. tanee is fully twenty five miles from Pierre, S. D., January 8, ISP. JOHN L. LOCKHART, th eet'mat of th people a to the em 65 SherroanStreet, that olace. S'he real spot, however, is l-8-8m. Commissioner ot School eecy ot Hostetter Stomach Sitter as on the southwest quarter section. and Pnblie Lands a remely for eoaetlpaUoe. Th action town 108. range 49 (Rivervlew town The Elkhorn I the beat line from Deadwood to the Eaet Tale statement ot this gentl but effective laxative I never accompanied by the griping o shlp.)C C. Smith of Pipestone and other parties 1 ave recently bought TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. MACKINTOSHES teiifle & r::ufj:uaf -Ataoys at lav- is verified Vy everyone who ha traveled over the road. Splendid anlp-mcnt, xenent aarvte, ur-urpaaaal marked In the e$ station ot most I will not be responsibls fvr any Mils land there. taertlce. It Is an Incomparable remedy contracted by parti si living la my BARKEY FRANKLIN, W. U FAUST. SARAH OOULSTTE. MOLLIS GOTJLETTE. RASMT7S NELSON. WM. A. SINK, J. M. MATSON. for ant preventive of malarial, rbeo heuees In Deadwood, or other place STAMP Urn and good eostneetlon. Call at tfc elegant new psossng' de, ot and get CAPITAL WANTED FOR A matle and kidney complaint, and for house maUrlal, without a written MILL. TO ORDER C4.C3 Black or Blue Cashmere, with hand some Pi aid Lining;, Double Oapes witk Deadwosd. Booth Dakota rates. Throng aleeper leave via the proaosr of appetite and eleep. order tram th tmderstgned. Elkhorn avary night at o'clock. WM. H. McMASTZR. VaVret Collars, made to fit you. SYPHILID GONORRHOEA NOTICE. To whom It may eon cam: Th ewners of a well known and valuable frse-mllllng property, situated on Deadwood gulch, desire to arrange with some on to put a tea. twenty or flirty-stamp mill on th property for an Interest In ths mlns. For particulars enquire of Eli T. Forrester, or Thomas B. Hart, or Central City. . D. 1-18-lBB. f1"" - mi v fff irTPinrHEH: 3?t IM Oaaele am r wid !lr ewe mtKM I have thle day leased the 0ri Bine or Black Diagonal, handsome plftll Lining and detacbabl cape made to fit LOST MANHOOD. mine and th Hllderbrand mill, togeth er with all machinery, etc, belonging joo. Tjxra Bust, uissts, sip na Lienjth measure. Xxaa i fzrfata IHaum ef iUs Enosses&Jij Cms. . , thereto, to William Sorstel and A. J THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. About two week ago a tall, slender man, cf a mild manner and genteel ap-pearacne, inch aa would inspire confidence In htm. struck Deadwood and In a day or two hung a sign over the stair way leading to th second story ot the Culbertson block, over t'n Vienna bakery, secured offices and s tented an "employment agency." H gave th nam ot F. A. Wood what his name was at th last plac k "worked." we Welch, of Central City. S. D., who wfli t CO cad either eoat shall be sent 0. O. D. (3X3, or Cslnet 6 psr cart, tad lead oath ia fall and ears return chari. itress a ant , IWeaMeienMirT--.-seiaaa he respoMtble for all labor, matartai FEMALE I DR. BABCOCK8 OFFICE eup'Jee aid other aeeoenta isearred In tne oparattoa oe said satne and mill. no cunt! r;3PAY. I new located In rooas 14, Byviieate MACKINTOSH CO. P. U (S$B, Owner. Mock. Entrance tram ettav e or ea a itiiMramM aoe xr mm- u s.t i,. j a r ,i i i rrn m.i i k a u lur f.m. 1 1 na -r r- -'ri lr t ntsn eitcrHes o er tm na atMc M. rZAXTLPf. PALAC3 nUZiLACT. CSAiW0C IX CH2AR eVZZSTGRN ltin Vfca Surca Ci. . :-: :3 fizz, VttZvttS. & C Dated, Me, 8L m. Kai4tTTt '-ft'"-

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