The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 5, 1900 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1900
Page 6
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"" - THE DAILY PIONEEK-TIMES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. an Cise, Attorney.! ., TO CREDITORS. i KiwiP Va NOTICE ' LEGAL NOTICES. (Moody, Kellar k Moody. Attorneys ) MOTOAOE SALE. corner No 1. whence V. S. Loc. Mon No. 1 bears S 34 06' 30 E. 4076. 4 feet thence N S4 ' fit W. 300 feet, thence N , ' :' K. fl'lS.6 feet, thence S. 84a 51' E !l TIME TABLE Estate of Henry Walkling, deceased. Nidice is hereby given by the under-sigiuil administrator of the estate of Ave, north range four east H. H. M.. containing 160 acres, situated in Lawrence county, South Dakota. I h-" terms of said sale an- cash on nitiiir-mation of sale by county court. Dated, this .'loth day of Man-h. I'.""' .1 I', i..Fi'i:v Administrator of the ,tat- of i'l.niK Eli'-rle. Dcc.-;ls-i. Henry Walkling, deceased, to the cretl urns of. and all persons having elaini.i (Moody, Kellar ic Moody, Attys.) In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matte of the estate of Ethel L. Ledeboer, Minor. ' Pursuant to an order of the judge of aid court, made on the IMt'.i day ot March, A. D. lltun, notice id hereby given that William '1'. Powers, KuarUi an of said minor, made to the said court, and filed in the office thereof on Raid day, a return of said wile made by him on the 17th day of March. A. I) WOO, under a previous order of sail couort, of the following real estate, sit ' vated In Ijiwrence eounty. South Da kota, and lor the following bum, to-wtt: An undivided line-third Interest In arid to lots one, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve, In block five, in the town of Spearflsh, according to the Spear flsh Village Plat. Also piece of land adjoining said block on the west, de scribed as follows: Commencing at a point on said eat line of the S. V quarter of the S. W. quarter of section 10 which is 808 feet north of corner No. 6 of Spearflsh Village Plat or the S. E. corner of the S. W. quarter of the 8. W. quarter section ten for a start ing point; thence northerly on said east line of the S. W. quar' ter 8. W. quarter of section ten, one hundred, fifty feet: thence westerly at right angles to the above line fifty feet; thence southerly parallel with above line one hundred, fifty feet; thence easterly fifty feet to place of beginning, the same being lot 16, block 18, of Srhaar's Addition to the City of Spearflsh; said property being sold for the sum of C!.Mit.G'i) two thousand six hundred sixty-six and 66-100 dollars subject to confirmation by the court, as will more fully appear from said return, filed as aforesaid, and to which reference Is hereby made for further particulars. And notice Is hereby further given that Thursday, the 5th day pf April, A. D. 1900, at 2 o'clock p. m., at the court room of said court, In Dadwood., aid Lawrence county. South Dakota has' been fixed for hearing the said re turn, when and where any person in twested in said estate may appear and lie written objections to the confirma tion of the said sale, and may be heard and may produce wtlnesses in support f his objections. Dated March 24th, 1900. FRANK J. WASH ABA UGH, Judge of County Court of Lawrence County, South Dakota. (First Pub. March 25, 1900.) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION Iu the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of Thomas S. Carroll, deceased. ' Notice is hereby given that Orraan F. Ong has flied with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Thomas 8. Carroll, deceased, and that Wednes day, the 11th day of April A. D. 1900 at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court to-wit: of the March term, 1900, at the court room thereof, at the court house in the City of Deadwood, In the Bald County of Lawrence, has .been set for hearing aald petition, when and where any. person interested may appear and show cause- why the said petition should not be granted. Dated, March 31st. 1900. FRANK J. WASHABAUOH, Judge of the County Court. (First Pub. April 1st, 1900.) (Martin A Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of George Cassels, Jr., de ceased. Notice la hereby given by the under signed administrator of the estate of George Cassels, Jr., deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased to ex hibit them with the necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication ot this notice, to the said administrator, at his office on Main street, in Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D. Dated at Deadwood, S. D., March la 'it-fault ha.s been made in the payment of the inonfy seemed a mortgage dated the ltilb ('.ay of, A. I). 1 81'7. ewcitert by Fannie M Illacknell anl Kugene M lilatkwel!. mortgagors,, tn Milton (' Conner.-, moi 1 ?aee The amount claimed tn lie due u im in thi-i inorKw at t be dale l i Ills rmiii i is Mir i-r'i ncijial sum of ilit hundred and fifty dollars (v",.i. with in tcr.'i therein) from I , em l,-r Kith, 1V7. and thf sum of ltn dollars insurance oal'l with intt'irst thereon frre:. October 1'1'nd. lvv and the sum of fifteen doll. its iii-siir.inei oaid with iiitrn--t thereon from NoM-nilie :'.oth. lv'.; also the cum of einliteen anil sT-liin ilnllan taxes paid with Interest therein from November 14th, IVin, all of said inter, -st beints at the rale of Iwilve ier c"iil. per annum, together with ten dollar; attorney's fees. Notice is hereby given, that the said tlloltgaje will he foreclosed by a rtale of the mortKtiKcii premHcH therein dCHcnhed. or some part of them, at public auction, at the front door of the court house in the ("iiy of Deadwood. South Oakota, on the .'Is' day of April. I'."", al ten o'clock In the forenoon of that day. The said niorf-KaKCd premises are situated In. the County of i,uwrei:ce, in the State of South Dakota, and are described as follows, to-wit That certain tract or parcel of land lying in the southwest corner of what is known as the "Jones" ranch on Spcarfinli creek, being 'he north half IN'',) norlhwmt quarter I N V. and the north hair V ,) northeast quarter (N. K ' I of section ten I Hi) township six (61 N. K. two (21 east H. II. M . said tract fronting II'IK 7 feet on the public highway alonn the west side of said Jones ranch, and extending back of even width 208.7 feet, biing one (1) acre of land exclusive of said highway, together with all buildings fences, structures and with all the appurtenance- and improvements thereunto belonging. I '.(led ct Deadwood. South Dakota, this rth day of March. A. D MILTON C. CONNORS. Mortgagee. MOODY, 'KKLLAR & MOODY. Attortevs for .Mortgagee MATT l'MW'KKTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. South Dakota. (First Tub. March ti. limn ) . , itiee & Poiif-y. Attorney, t MORTGAGE. SA1.K Whereart. Default has Imn ii made in the lament of the it.tercst on the money sc ored hy a mortKate duteil the 11th dav of April. A. D efcnt,',l hv .lames Holler and Annie Holler, of Ihe Conntv of Ia'ren" and Stat - of Sonnth Dakota, to Joseph Opden. nf the County of Phil- lelitila and Stale of Pennsylvania, ami which mortKnue was recorded In the office of Ihe IteeUter of Deeds of the Count v of awrenrd State of South Dakota, in Hook i of Mortpanes, on pase 71'. on the 17th dav of April. 1K!M. at fl l", o'clock a. m.: and Whereas. N'o action or prm'eedines at law or otht wise have been instituted to refiner the debt sin urcil by said mortgage or liny part thereof; and Wherea-i. It wsa stipulated in said mort-irarc that if d, fault would he made in the payment of any portion of the principal or interest promptly at the time the same should Im come due, or If default be made In the payment of the tax(s assessed or to he assessed on said premises before th same become delinquent, then the vhole sum. both principal and Interest, at mm becii nte due; Whereas. Default has been made In the payment of Interest due on the first day of Oclobei, A D Whereas. Ttefaull has been made in the payment of tales on said real property as agreed hy gaid mortgagor in said mortgage; and Whereas, The whole amount of the principal and Interest has become due by reason of such default; and Whereas. The amount claimed to he due upon said mortgage at the date of this notice. Is the sum of tvo hundred and ninety-two dollars and eighty cents i$2!2.80). to-wit. $L'70 principal and $22 SO Interest and a reasonable attorney's fee. stipulated for In said mortgage. Now, Theiefore. Notice Is hereby given that hy virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded a? aforesaid, and In pursuance of the statutes In such case made and provided, the said mortgage will he foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises therein described, at public .auction at the front door of the court house. In the City of Deadwood and County of Lawrence, and Mate or South Dakota, on the 11th day of April. A. I). 1900. at ten o'clock In the forenoon of ihat dav. The mortgaged premises ape situated In the County of Lawrence. In the State of South Dakota, and are described as follows to-wit: All that piece or por tion of Sshool lot 73, situated in the ( Hy of Deadwcod. Lawrence county. South Da kota. described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point 37S.9 feet northeasterly from the southeast corner of said School lot 73; th-nce 37.5 feet northeasterly along h ejterlv line of Williams street to the line of a lot owned by John ndl- thence southeasterly a distance or tw,ut 28 74 fet to the easterly line Placer Claim No. 20, a distance ot n am rf i hence northwesterly a a stance oi 97 K1 fet to olace of beginning; said lot heitU Intended to be conveyed fronts 37.5 feet on the easterly side of South Williams street. noted at Deadwood, South Dakota this 15th day of February. A. D. 1900. JOSEPH OUDKN. Mortgagee. RICK ft POLLEY. Attorneys for Mortgagee. WATT PLUNKKTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. First Pub Feb. 16. 1900.) (Martin sV Mason, Attorneys.) M. A., No. 1185. APPLICATION FOR A PATENT. UNITED STATES LAND OFFICE. Rapid City. South Dakota. Fob, 3d. 1900. NOTICE IS HEREBY UI.'HiX. mat Charles Barrett, whose poatofBce address Peadwood. South Dakota, has this day filed Us aDDllcatlon for a patent for 141.4 and 1005 linear feet. reapectiTely, of the Gold Bug and Ocean Wave No. 2 mines or rlna, be wiring gold, with surface rro:.nd SCO feet in wid .. for each claim, ii'.ualod In Whltewood Mining District, Oounty of lrmn and State of Boutn Dakota, ana designated by the 3eld note and official plat on flle In this office as Lot Number l lis in TownablD B North. Range S East of Black Hills Meridian aald Lot No.. 1352 Mm decribed aa follows HOLD BUQ: Beginning at corner ino. 1. MentlcaJ with corner No. I Ocean ware, No. 1 lode of thla surrey, whence U. 8. Loc. Moa. No. 1 bears 8. W 08' 30" E. 407J.4 feetn thence 8. 84 51' E. J00 feet to corner ISO. z, wneooe corner no. a i-u-wood Townsite bears 8. 46 47' W 272.7 feet thence N. B 14' E. 79S.1 feet, thence N. 16 BT K. S4C4 feet, toe nee N. 42" ftr W. 81 faet, thence 84 61' W. 170.7 feet. theoea 8. 84 W W. EI.T feat, thence 8. 17 07' W. 84J.4 feet, thence . 6 81' W. t44.3 feet to place ot beginning, claiming 54 feet 8. 8 U' W. from dUcorerT, and S78.4 fe N. B. if K., plua 78 feet N. 15 BT E. along the presumed direction of lod(. UDa and coo tain i ox 10 095 acres. QCEAN WAVK NO. I: Beginning at of uf of of 40.:" feet, thence S. 76 46' E 261.5 feet thence S .V 31' V. K71 8 feet to place of beginning, claiming 10 feet S. f," 31' W and hiil.ti fed N. .". ' 31' K from din coven', plus 1 34. 1 feet N. 68.' aft' W. along the presumed direction of the lode line hi I containing 6 112 acres. Magnetic varia lion H. E . containing a total area 16.L':'7 acres The locations of these mines are re corded in the Register of Deeds Ottii e ot Laurence 1'ipiiiilv. at Deadwood. South Dakota, in l-..k 113. page 421. book 143 page 613 Ixxik page H", atnl b(snsJ43 niige 612 The adjoining claimants lire on the northeast survey No. ti!i4. Kfdge St, me Placet. others, if any. unknown nv and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said iobi Hug and Ocean Wave No. 2 mines or surface ground are reiiiired to tile their adverse daimes with the Ri'iriiter ' the I'nited States Ijind (Klice hi Ranid Citv. South Dakota, during the sixty days period of publication hereof or they will lx- barred by virtue of the pro vis'ons of the statute. A. K. GARDNER. Register. It is hereby ordered that the foregoing ',iice nt A unheal ion Kor Patent be pub lished for the period of sixty days In the Deadwood Pioneer-Tinier, a daily news i,mr oiibiisked at I lead wood. South Da kota, and nearest said claims. A. K. GARDNER. Register. NOTICE OK SAI.K OK HEAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL I'HOI'ER'l V Notiw is hereby given, that in pur snance of an order of the county court -if the County of Uiwrence, Stale of South Dakota, made on th? 10th day of March, A. I). 1900, in the matter of the oatato of Clenrte W'elae' (lece.Lseil. the undersigned, administrator of said estate, will sell at public auttion ( the highest bidder for cash, and subject to lonflrniation by said county court, on Mitimlay, the 7th day of April, A IK 10t0. at ten o'clock a. in. at the front ,'oor of the court houe in the Cily ot 1 'eudwood, Counly of Lawrence, and State ( f South Dakota, all the right, title. ni'-.M'int and estate of the taid Ceorge lge at the time of his death and all the right, title and interest that the estate has by operation of law or otherwise acquired other than ot in addition to that of the saiu George Welge at the time of his death, in and to all that certain piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in said County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and described as follows, to-wit: The southeast quarter of the northwest quarter, and lots one (1), two (2) and three (3), in section thirty (30), of township si (ti) north, range four (4) east, Black Hills Merid ian, containing 14H.71 acres, according to the government survey thereof. Notice is further given, that in pursuance of said order of said county court, made as aforesaid on the said loth day of Matvh, A. I). 1900, in the matter of said Estate the undersigned, administrator, will sell at public'auc-tion for cash to the highest bidder at the late residence of the deceased, George Welge. on Saturday, March 31it, -A. D. 1900 at two o'clock p. m. the following articles of personal prop-eryt: 1400 bushels of wheat; 100 bushels, of oats; three horses; four head of cattle; one set of harness; one set of lead harness; one self-binder; one potato plow; one stirring plow; three wagons; about fifteen tons of potatoes; one stack of hay; one cooking outfit; one grain drill; one bedstead, mattress and bed clothing; one rook stove; one heating stove; one set of tools; one cultivator; four stacks of straw; one shot gun; some chairs; two cultivators; one potato digger; .one mowing, machine; one hay rake eight chickens; one churn; one seeder some salt; one wheel barrow; 24 ns. binding twine; 100 lbs. peas. Provided that any of such articles of personal" property as are perishable In character or likely to depreciate In value or which will incur loss or ex pense by being", kept, may be sold at private sale prior to that time and persons are invited to call upon the undersigned, and bid therefor accord Ingly. . Deadwood. S. D., March 13, 1900. EDWARD HANSCHKA. Administrator. EDWIN VAN CISE, Attorney. (First Pub. March 14. 1900. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of an order and decree ot Ihe county court of Lawrence county South Dakota, made on the petition of .he undersigned administrator of the estate of Frank- Eberle, deceased, for an order to sell the real estate of said deceased at the March term A. D. 1900, said court, to-wit: On the 30th day March, 1900, I shall, on and after the 16th day of April, 1900, offer the real estate hereinafter described for sale at private sale to the highest binder for cash at the law office of Fraw-ley & Laffey In the Smith block. In Deadwood, South Dakota, at which place written offers for bIdrfor said real estate will be received. The following Is a description of the real estate to be sold:- The south half of the northeast, Quarter and the northwest quarter of the southeast quarer section twenty-one, and the southwest quarter ef the northwest quarter section twenty-two; la township No.' 3 DEADWOOD Llneoln, Omaha, Chicago, St. Joseph, Kansas City. St. Louisand all points east and south. Denver Helena, Butte, Portland, -Salt Lake Citv and all west Points Trains leave as fl,ms No. Vesibuled Kxr-M ,), '; spn,,. Li,,,-,,,,,, .;,;,1 ( liicai?o and ll pi,;i.s 1-. South and ',.vt ' No. 21... Local ,la,ly , ,; SV - " p a : -, ,, Spearlish .... ', Vn -'ill 1.-.-I....V.. ' . . 1 d.ulv Cltv. P 01 Run lay. f 1 1 1 1 and K,l(?emont Cll-'l Sundays this fieinht Trains arrive as -f. l.-av. iiow s a 0, ' a m No. Jul. Eastern p. as lii;er 'r daily 12 3 in, daily II D"". a 1 11 O.J a D No. L'un Spearlish except Sninlav No. 2I.S. FrelK'ht TlMili Sundays this tr.iln irrivm. , SI.epitiK. d.nuiK and n-:,lnK chair c, SPals '"' all thru ,r,;s r3 way and steamship ,i,.k,.u KaKe checked to all iniinus For Inforuialion. time tables, mans ant tickets, call on or write ....11- General Passenger Ancn. t.ha N-ebS' T. KOIIKKTSON' ' 1 lckci Agent. J. L. T1FNTLKY. Commercial Am-nt D" C. TRAIN'S IIKTWIoi: AN D 1.1-: l 1 I.K Mi wood LKAVK DI-:iUiiu except Sunday except Slllid.u Dailv, D.tilv Dailv. Daily ' :i'i a m 1" :!'. a m. 1-' 13 a I mi 1 v 1111 p tn -1 l." p m - -t -'11 p ra " p m . 7 .hi , u - I. p ni Dailv, Daily, sum lav Sunday Daily I laily. cxi pi Sunday . . ex, ept Sund i I.K i-: I.K 1 e, pt Siind.-y Xi ept Slitld.u . . oil llect s Willi iselmer 1 xeeit Suil'l.e cxi cp! Sun-lay a i I y . Dailv. 1" J.J il 1 .'ITV. Da i I v Dailv I lailv. 1 i.iilv Dailv. pa-Dai I.. . I Ml It, I tally 1 .ally, Dailv. Daily 1 ..oly. . x .... a m . a a . 1 1 '". a a p m p ID Ka.-'.-lll cept S-1 1 ti . 1 . 1 ' ept Sllll'l. IV cept Slltld. IV I'1 : ! m ; ta P 01 1-' K A- M N'i.UTIIU i: ltet w, ,-n 1 l: I'Ki'.V i.-adw.H r-. Till-. DKI'iiT Si rects. LINK il and Due TnciL'h i 'In. a. in -a ; -.' , 1 Mil 1 Mi Paul Jiei I In We-l ; mon t I .F.I . for ill til souih. . ind (.111. ilia U' LOW.-! .. I-' M on S'r.-, i. Wlniewood. and lliiei 110 di.i x J ", 'a 111 Holle I- 0:1 re lie. . Whltewood olil . ''Cin ;i in uiii Fxc d C'OL'KT CAI.KNI.AK. April .',, )"". No. A. 1!9. Catherine K Mcl'her.son , t al a I v.' D April !' No. 9. Katie Ward s H. Co. ct til- I!. A: Q it- No. 22. S. K. Whealan et al. No. .r(. Sarah ray. Sihitli vs. V. D (' J. J. Mtlf- J. 1 Si. r, Murray. No. :,. Gihhs. -Home Miniii, '". v- April C. Sc l: t itl. vs. 1" Mary )' v vs M. Matt I'l m- No. fron. No. :i. .Jj.llll Tidier l M. -Joseph A Lawrenson. April 1-' 1' n 1 A. i kett ejt al. No. :io.-W. IV M' Kinmiii John Walker. April U'. ot al. vs. Nr. A F.lizalx t h .! KHi v3. Tobias itl. Frank vs. Jam?' S I. Mul Castor t al. No. 41. Edward Ki'M C. Andrews et al. , . April 1-':, 1 :"'' No. f3. J. B. Hos.' t al. Roche. No. 54 H. Ier et al. M. SleHrns vs Steamship Tickets I r.m direct agent for all the leadioj and best steamship lines that run 1 and out of New orK. Galves- ton. PhiladelDhia. Haiti more ton and Pacific coast ports. 1 l"" -tior sell you railroad tlcketn in - with steamship tickets at send to the ratna A Ion if vrttl U lSH O' old counry for your fri.-n-is or re you will save money by tailing a Burlington route ticket .'nice fir Information as to time 'ilkeU' w T ROPBKT0. Ticket Agent- JAMES P. WILSON Attofney-at:LaW Olympic Club BuiWinP neT Shenriaa and Deadwood 3tnt DEADWOOD, - - South Dr. ji-.Hiist the said deceased to exhibit I h in with the necessary vouchers within four months after the lirst pub Ipalion of tins notice to tne saiu John It Jones, at his ollice on Dee sir. id. in DtadwtMMl, in the county of fii. c. South 1 lakola. Dated al Deadwood, S. I).. April J, Olllll JOHN It. .1 ONES. Administrator of the estate of IDuiry Walkling. decoitsil. (First I'ub. April llluo.) i Ed win Van Cise, Attorney.) NOI'K K 'YO CREDITORS. Estate of Valek Moronoezyk, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of Valek Moronoezyk, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having claims against the said deceased to exhibit tlieni with the , necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Ed-.vard llaiisdika, itt his r-siden. e In in Deadwo.d, in the' county of Daw-l m c. i In Dakota. Dated ..t Deadwood. 'S. 1).. April 2. l'.tuu. v.1 EDWAKI) 1 1 A NSt'" I i K A . Administrator of the estate of ulck Moronoezyk. ibn-ed-scd. , First Pub. April 19U'M N" TICK "I' !'( 1KFK I TFItK In K A Polk: You are nitonm-d that I have expended in labor and improvements (iMn the Nelli" Ko.-e. Cleveland at.l Viiigard lodes or billing claims, situaicil in Wlulewood mining ilis'riei. Diwretiic County. South Da-Info, at, least Jloo no per year umu each .h said claims for the years A. D. 1 v.. Is'iT and lvs. all of which was done for ihe pui'iMise of Iftilding the said claims or lodes under the provisions of section 'JillM Revised Statutes of the I'nited States, and acts amendatory I hereto, for the poriods tiding Hecetidier :'.lt. IVh',, Iiecembcr :;isl. 1 ..7. arc! December 31st. iviv You are hereby further notified that if. within ninety I'm) -lavs from tie, service of this nutiie yen fail to contriiiuie your portion of said expenditures a( co ow ncr with the iindet sign, d during e.ich -if the years above mentioned, vitir interest in said claims will become the propertv nf the subscriber. ;iieordipg to the provi-.inns of said section .':;.,l, lievised Statutes of the I'nited States " 1IKI.FN M STDFT. Tlate.l Deadwnod. S. D. Dec. IS. lvei IN THE DIS'l'HIC'l' COI IM' OF THF. I NITKI) STATKS FOR THE 1HS- 'I HK'T OF SOI I'll DAKOTA. Defore (iranvillc O. Ilennelt, Refere.1 in liunkniptcy. In -the matter of (;itslaus A. I...11 , cister, Hunkiupt. Whereas, the above nanied (iustavm A. Lancaster has this day lieen ad-jtuiKed and declared a bankrupt, in nr-i-ordanre with the provisions of the bankrupt act. notice is hepdiy Riven that the first meeting; f th- creilitors of said liankrupt. will Im 'held at the office of the undersigned, t'efet'i !n bankruptcy, in the City of Deadwood State of South Dakota, on th 21st day of April. lltiMI, at the hour of on" o'clock p. m. of said day. at which meeting said creditors may attend and prove their claims. apioint a trustee, examine the bankrupt and transact such other business as may properly come before such meeting;. Dated April 3. 1900. UKANVILLK G. BENNETT. Referee in ISankruptcy. $38,000,000 in Gold. The Salmon and Clearwater placer mines in Idaho, according to Wells-Fargo Express company's receipts, yielded Ik gold dust and nuggets from hirty-elght to forty million dollar between 1860 and '64. Notwithstanding the difficulties In transportation In those days, remoteness from civilization, and hosUleIndlans,the fame of the rich gold placers around Elk City, Florence, pro Flno, and Millers -burg reached the outside world, and a stampede marked the opening of the Bixties. Bancroft, the historian, long ago expressed the belief that these placer mines were but the outskirts or washlngsings of a richer central deposit, and almost simultaneously with the recent completion of the Northera from Spokane, comes the announcement that prospectors hare discovered Immense ledges of gold-bearing quarts tn the Buffalo Hump rang lying be tween the Salmon and the South Fork of Clearwater, along which latter stream the Northern Pacific Is how building its Clearwater line. For a mapnoiaer giving fuller information regarding this new mining region sent) two cent stamp to Chas. S. Fee. bv Paul, Minn., or any general district passenger ageat of the Northern Pa cific Railway. o O. E. S. NO. 23, DEADWOOD. VCB"iaa Becoixa and rourtH ANNIE, I. PHILLIPS, W. M. E. V. HATCH. W. P. LILLIAN Q. HATCH, Sec I First. I'ub. Man h :i I Martin tit Mj..uii in the Circuit in hi; Law ri ii1 a i ounty. ;',or;i. ) iu, i for State of South Circuit, ss. Thoma-s W. Maith Dakota, lanlilh .1 n-t. i.i 1 i.Dii'itr. V8. John L B.iil'l an I M 'ili- - M.nnl. Ins wife. I)cf. nilanis The Slate of South Ii.ikoM sen-Is cre.-t in To the aliovc nanu-l .1. fi miaul.-. You are hereliy siimmonol an,! required to answer the i otnjii lint nf the ahove named plaintiff, which will uc liled in the office of the clerk of the ulc entitled court at Deadwood, S. I . and to serve a copy of your answer uon the mibscrih- ers at their office in the Martin i: Mason block. Deadwood. S I . within thirty days after the service of this summons on you. exclusive of the day of service. and If you fail to answer the complaint within that time, the plaintiff will apply to the court fur the elief demanded in the complaint. Dated al Deadwood. this pith day Keliruarv. A. D. T'imi. M AUT1X & M ASn.V Plaintiff's Attorniys. To the above-named defendants Take in ttce that tht complaint Herein was tile In the office of the clerk of the above en tilled court at Deadwood. S D. uu Man 7th. lMOrt. Plaintiffs Attorne i Pipit Pub March s. 1: I l-'iaw ley & l.iffey. Mtorneysi NOTICK (IF SHKHIFF'S SV.I.K I1Y ACTION'. State of South Dakota. iVunty of Law rence In Cimiit Court. Kihth Judicial Circuit. American National Hank, a Corporation. Plaintiff. vs. .'iihn C. Clancy. Rnhaid Dunlap. Cus (UierK. KtiKellirinht Flaw and William A. (Iray. the administrator of the (state of .li hn Hi laiinay. deceas-d. Mary Clancy. Hannah Ob, tk. Jaenli i,olilherg. Andrew .Maihison. Henry Cut-row and William A Kenier, Defendants. Notice is herehv :iveii. that nv -virtue of judgment of foreclosure and sale in the uve enitiled action on the L'Tih day of February. A. H P. and an execution is- I upon said jlldirment. the subscriber Malt Plunketi. sheriff of Uiwretiee County tale ot South Dakota, for ihat purpose appinted. will sell at punne auction at the front door of the court house in the City of Deadwood. Counly of Diwrence and Slate of South Dakota on Tuesday, the Intl. day of April. P.'iin, at in o'clock in tile forenoon of that day, the real estate and riiortiragel premises situate in the County of Uiwrencc. and State of South Dakota, and directed In said judgment and execution to lie sold, and therein described, to-wit All the light, title and interest of Ihe said John C Clancy. Kichnrd Dun-lap (ius Obergi. Kngelbi ight Flaw and John Delnuriay, on the -I'nd day of January, lSii!. the date of the makim; of said mortgage, or at any lime subsequent thereto, in and to. the Carmen lode and mining claim, thf Dalton lode and mining claim the Desdo lxle anil mining claim and the Phronia lode and mining claim in Whltewood mining , district. Ijiwrenee county. South Dakota, tnore fully described in th location certificates thereof of record in th- offic ' of the register of deeds of UwrMice county. South Dakota, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy sab! judgment and costs, amounting in all lo tight hundred and six (XOiil dollals and thirty I'M') cents, with interest ihereon from the date of said judgment, and all accruing costs of Bale Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, February 27th, F.mii. r MATT PI.l'NKRTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. FHAWDEY & LAFFEY. Plaintiff's Attorneys. I First I'ub. March 8, 1K0O. I NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Barney Franklin, administrator of the estate of John Weir, deceased, to the un known heirs of John Weir and to wtora I may concern: You will please take notice. That the undersigned, a co-owner with you during all the times hereinafter mentioned In the Skookum, Skookum No. 2 and Skookum No. and Gayvllle lodes or mining claims; situated in the Whltewood Mining District, Lawrence County, South Dakota, has done and performed the whole of the assessment and development work thereon for the ye&rs 1898 and 1899, amounting to one hundred dollars per year on each of said claims, or the sum of four hundred dol lars per year In all and that there is now due and owing on account thereof from you the sum of thirty three and one third dollars ($33.33 1-3) for and on account of each of said claims for each of said years, or the sum of one hun dred and thirty three and one third U33.33 1-3) dollars' Tor each or the yeirs 1SM8 and 1899 or the sum of 1266.66 2-3 in all. You are further notified that you are requirea to contribute and pay to the on aersignea, josepn u. Stephens, your co-owner, the sum of two hundred and sixty sli and two thirds (266 66) dollars, now due rrora you on account thereof, within nintv uj luier ine service or mis notice upon you. and If you fail so to do your said Interest Will become the nronoHv nt th -.oa Joseph C. Stephens, in accordance with the provision or the statute of the United States In such case mada and provided. Dated at Deadwood. South n.kni. i,i. rd day of January, A. D.. 1900. JOSEPH C. 8TEPHENS. (First Pub. Jan. 9th. 1900.) THE ONLY SHORT. OtlirK t.tki. IS THE BURLINGTON. With from two to four days time saved and hundred of miles shorter than any otbr llM to Bllliiir- Rntfw., o Dotntfl an tni. - v. . - '. . uv irain leaves a7 at I N p. m. For Ucketa andf-t. oaU at B, It It paMMitW depot JT, 1900. , JOHN BAGQALEY, Administrator of the estate of Geo. Cassels, Jr., Deceased. WfeoutW . Attorneys. (First Pub. March. 18, 1900.) NOTICB- Kottes la hereby (tram that 1 have leases to U Dakota Mining ud Milling eoaa-"y aa aadlvtdea eae-halti latere ta following paiaad mis I a tialma: The .cy Mono, Lacy rraettoa, O-a Kail reaooKot aad Day Fiaettoa loeaa, attaat-4 acc. Ont Moaatala. la Walteveod Quarts mining dlBtrlct. Lawreaee Oeaaty, South Dakota, aad that aatther the aaear- rned dot U aald propartlas will be .Vtd for any labor, awtarlala, srhlaaljt, taola, or snpulle la the warklBa- mt aaM i-te.S Oatad I)dwood. B. D, Jua li. , , -. juuii u. iwtiT, Owaar. .

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