The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 19, 1900 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1900
Page 4
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rRIDAV, OCTOBER l?, lc,( TI1E DAILY PIONEEK-TIJIEf?, DEAD WOOD, S. D. COUPDETlAIN 1 SETH BULLOCK. The following la from the Times-Herald. The man who is responsible for iLs publication in the Pioneer-Times has Rone on a vacation: mad, but tie dkln't say anything. Two or three days later he meets thai man who wa.s last listening to him. aftJtl be invites him ovc1 to look at the new jail He takes him inside and shows j him everything and finally the fel-j low steps into one of the new cells. Quick as a Hash X. V. snapped the , MINES AND MINING. 3 4 7)89 1 Curtis Guild, .li., of Boston, panyinp Governor Roosevelt on his i western trip acndoniailv hf-anl men door on hiai 1 tion one dav the name of "Seth I'u ind he was locked in. SflVS tile fellow. let 11 11' 1 111 In. ... all of Hi, vou ... unr .Si, k I.. .... . will fin' aboTe is our cost mark aid Huy Coats Suits ami odd F'ant all rone and i lit ' Hut X V ! ioi k " Mr. Guild ask. , I afterward1' ! Who is Seth llullo. i. "" Mr Mullock's own .mwer to tha I ipie-ition is mo.-t flttiii- "1 am the man wh,, n- ceil. . I Sit I tin.; Hull in the Doad .vood country"' Is gone ' ett v soon be v it ii a stool in Ins hand I!. Mis down, tills his I OHM'S 1 i,t K and li.s pip DOES IT PAY TO BE GOOD. Fpigrdms From J. Frank Edmonds' Chicago Address. It i-, nut diflnult to find numerous iiistani es of tin profits to he derived liom heiim I i.i i Tin prodigal son THE PORTLAND. After 23 Years Experimenting Cyanide Is Found to be the Process. Tin first carload of ore was dumped into tl.' Hlake crusher" at the Portland cyanide pli'iit yesterday, ami tin )iianiii; mi nt cxi'fcls to Imvi- iH't'V tliiiii.' in pood rrimini; cml'T within a lew days. Sill' - tin- ili.-mcn and Ui iimn nf 1. ii span- pipe and maki'M ' 'l.el Hie out ' No I .!. X . '.:.. :i. t !e i . hi. l CliKtlll! li:iu.-'df i oin lortable. i av s the lei low . V ' ou i e going to 1 1 I :: I in. .toi liu .: n't 1 1 -ten ih. .a !.. . tot in If you cuan imasin. man. with the nose 'yt. of a haw k. the pa i one who knows more than the pavement an en .-Ollle- rout i.-ll( .1 o , i wo h a notalih- eainde. tho nut lii-l IV : .ife Oil. to l'llIloW times inuhi ha;, j,i n that th" i a If would h. Killed Now voii an eagle. Hi-l.meut k;ti of the pia Ulan unwilling , till- ei n of have in .'.uiir few - ii i v i i lr . let till t. ill I t(.n:;ii' e ll llll I lie I'll I , In. i( m , tl t d' I e ill. neat ! ( i ;t' ' t ha I lit ol tl ,1 of te In 1 1 (le, a hie f i ' n i olve, mind' hi tl 1 an mdon I ih. vou w one of th i i .' - II ,1 I We i. ! - lillillle i - ! n oi- GH tin- I'oi t la ii . I J 1 1 1 1 1 . ill Known process !u- Hi I old n "in siliceeu o ti ll ll In the I i i II tn iii i iii 1 1 1 1 1 h ' 1 li W'.l-hn. p-it. "I I'll ASE'S ' II .1 I !o:u.' vv, I h' ! eful ail iii-l. r I el I iii. M -w h w 1 1 ' I 11 e In 1. if thai it. p. i: vv I, I le Where They Sell Cheap Main Street. Deadwooj -u ;e hliii'l 'l l' ' ' t inie cud vv a I. ml.'. '" j-Im.i.i i i.i f tie ' mill .is I'll' h. I ' I. 1 tins i :'. ; . ' ' 1 a lin . ell h. , of :. i in ! i i elvvoitf . mil I da v I llll ih.- mot. ,f M.n ll-. '.:' ' 'he ;- ,,r (he I, .' ' I I',!'' tail i.i '.I.' tl'l'i' li li'.e ill. .,'.'1 II' Ill Id' h PRIZES FOR OCT. 2J i I fit .1 I'!' II W lil .'in , i '.lllie I III I I ,' to i ll . a I . ,'P aid In . i.ll- llll I'm! I'.'H I'M I, i, In, "!', ll' I, r .1: I'm:' i i al.'l x . ll v i 'l"i i. i I a liiliC a lei I'M : mi I I -a I - " p. in . d a la mil1 1 1 v dr. ill TIih ii i, I: I'.' I le ill known : "noil ( Ii ii.-, 1 ' I - a. a h -1 at 1 1 1 a I in. ii I to he i if. i t i v ,. a ii, i '.i s v Such an adju lor is verv prom.r, i;M. assured that In I er ih. wind ii, the ;:horn I. I w I ami t hat It lilrrtl. Ilia I, First Prize a S4.00 Eastman Kodak qni'l, t wiM tea lamb Hi In lie !al! i . '' M I M i Id: li. 111 I -ugll. torv JO.nIC3i-mnS1 nrl tFuniai;., 1 I i I I !,.. e 'I .111. I 111 1 1 ii'ilioi '; ni ell t. ll . Upel SOIIle of til in New York he tested by llllll . i ' I , in l li I and 1 OCLUIIU r MLC U ?laVS4-r LJIUflHIU rv UK3K1 I I e il New Villi: tl I MeiallinL'ii al works to f i h CUINl'lllu.Nij ino auove prizes-.) win no awarded to the partyl till experiment y suggested Mathey and ItioMe. Tuc.v i d with the ore and firm! la 1 1 clipping the largest number, and the second largest number of t-wl i ( i:i. . 1 1 then ciushlng. and and ' ads niatinK in a kiln bringing them to our store on or before 3 00 a. Oc- m., he had had a hand in the shearing. i Itoe ; the nianar-r find that it p:n - to be good? I suppose heniust. Ik-' i.iuse he is never nnvthing else. ! The m:inai;er knows lliaf consistency is a jewel, but he is unselfish and willing to let the other fellow wear it , in his crown. The m image r has troubles of his j own ;:nd lie sometimes finds the i "seats of the n ighty" tolerably hard i Those w ho ha vo already won prize !,:i.rcil f.-cml tober '., lam) this contest. School Entertainment Course. The following are the dates for the entertainments yet to come Dr. Ileiison, November 1"' Mendelssohn Male Qiif.rtet, Dei em-her . S. M. Spedon. February P" in-un'iii-; and 'I," next vv as If. in- !. lore Not a ive man, not a man inclined to lioa-l sure nu the Ing;. e enduring .ill things in lu at ami old. tireless, ti h iilh'-s. fr:. ml to all in nature, but friend to f. vv of in. ii. They iitote Si th Mullock as hiving l aid ot i c u ion a time "Thr only men like i.- I ho-a t bat does tilings." And his vocabulary 'doing thing.-." does not consist in following loinniei ial pursuits, in trading and bartering, in capitalizing great corporations or mastering the secrets of "pinching" a dollar. His kind of action was trailing big game, rounding, up cattle mastering wild broncho.-., defying law breakers, riding with the mountain wind and defeating the mountain s torni. This is the action that calls not (lily for enormous physical strength and (ourage. but a moral WH-N YOU WANT A POCKET-BOOK, BILL BOOK, HAIR BRUSH, CLOTHES! BRUSH, COMBS, TOILET ARTICLES, PERFUMES, thing in that line, don't forget t hat together with v: r any oliil'xcelled .' itt ing. To conceal oik's limitations is often the hardest work in the world When you Iiavp to stop to think whether a thing Is right or wrong, it is pretty sure to he wrong. A great deal has been said about insurance becoming a trust. It would be a good thing to enter Into a gigantic scheme to trust each other. I-apscs from virtue are all commit stock of Must Have Cork Helmets. Army oflicers were considerably i.r-(piisi-d at reading dispal , iies of the suf- fering of the American troops in China from the heat on aciount of their j hats. It was the belief that the ivgi- amalgamation Tim change was made in the mill and about aO per cent of the values were saved. I luring nil tills inie every system of amalgamation know n at I hat time was tried, and later on. all sorts of pulverizers were experimented with, the laieooppo and Cook fine pulverizer, the dnti'S pulverizer, and the Wis-wall pulverizer and amalgamator. In all these experiments, the Portland peoplo sueeeeded In Raving from thirty to fifty per cent of the assay value and no more. The ore was a high grade, averaging from $S to $40. while some assayed as high as JfiOOO. In '80 the Duxton made the first shipment of siliceous ore from the Black Hills. It was sent out in wag ons and the cost of transportation was $17 a ton. while the cost of treatment was $11.00. The Portland then commenced to ship, and for a number of years shipped Impe ihhmUUW of ore to Omaha. Aurora. Kansas City, and later on to the I). &. I), smelter and cyanide plant In Deadwood. It was after shipping considerable' ore to the -We C'.ni them. ted bv one whofn generic name is the "other fellow" snd wIiofp office R i quality suspected by f"W novelists, j analyzed by stili less. inenLs sent to China have been equipped with ,i ork helmets and their campaign hats had been discarded. The heat of the sun is dangerous, but overheating of the digestive organs is even more so. To overcome irritation ' Riding down into Dcailwood gulch your guide ponts to a clump of trees, Perhaps he is ' Hill" ! . aser "Hill" WILCOX PHARMACY. Fraser. who glibly introduces him difficult to locale Tt Is a prettv good plan to "know thyself." even if the knowledge must be kept a dead secret. There are not' many who are w illiir; to perform act q when others roe,,' the only benefits Most people who have an axe te rrind are willing to have someone else furnish the motive power 1 j and otluu- stomach troubles there is. 'nothing to erjnal I lostet ter V- Hit tt s. No i 'mailer how Wing vou have suffered 1 i from constipation, indigi st ion. dyspep-: j sia. liver and kidney troubles, the Hit. iters will cure you. It also creates a "The original axle piva ;o which ! greased the way for Seih I'.nlloi k In I ;,i't into this 'on town." i Mi. Fraser waves his hands mildly ; toward this clump of trees ami says-j "That's vvln-r- he did if and over there." pointing in another direction, i "is where he did it again." Ity allowing Mr. Fraser all the lime I be desires, von linallv ascertain i , Real Estite Transfers. h'...'ty ;.;.,, 'ii,- .iii.i is an exceleiil tonic for Ihe nerves. Try ir Joseph Kanmlell to William .1 Todd, lots 7 and block :!0 in Hams VfHiide In the First ward, that special tests were made and it was tier idvd that cyanide was the process to which these ores were most amenable. The Portland Mining company is composed mostly of Clinton. Iowa, men. and allho the company ha- been leorganized. the personnel of the company lias (banged but little and the property has never changed hands. dell's addition to Spent-fish. $1"".. re Mr. I !ul io I; agent-;, .-hoi Constipation Headache, biliousness, heartburn, indi-L'estion, and all liver ills re cuied by Itobert McShane to Crosby Klerick syndicate extension of option ivf pur 1 the spot s a le vv 1 i I he famine ro;'c dow n in I In i r t and .-.ent tin -in lo chase. eks. 1 heir capture ju.-l 11- fa. id t ll. Ill then,. : I -.. : 1 , GATES IRON WORKS SEVERE RUBBER GO ii INBEKSOLL-SEBGEANT IE j: LidKcrwood Manulactui'iiu- t : l 0. F. PURNELL Mine location cet t itiv ales, one moi l gage deed, three mortgages. I wo chat u. Hood's Pills Sold by all dru'ists. - ccnti The Lena Property. fel mortgages, three releases of mort Among the i.-.ilor in the ctt.y v es gages, one bill ol sale, one le. eivers is I; al ' lint ' Ktys ' I . l-'i i -' ' : ' Seth wouldn't I, nil n.ii....ii ' 1 i .lit . He u-js just doiu h I '0111. om- s .li t v in pi in. i ;i pi 'i ;i I o lie I !n keynote I l I ai 1 er of the .sib nt man who live years a::o uniile it. jvi-.-il lor An Ounce of! uak. ; '-'eadwooa, S. n. Ag-3rt loi IS law-abiding man to live in Deadwood w itbom baitiK to fiidit for his life. What he aecomi lislied was in a quiet way. "Me was the most persuasive man ever known in these parts." a s "Hill" Kraser. You can readily believe that when from well authenticated sources: vou learn of how lie gave the law Medii ine. if properly tilled, will do more good than live gallons of guess-work prescriptions. If jou would have a sure terday were U. ;;'.v ifl f A. H. Jackson, receipt, and one assignment o'" mor! W. K. Haskil and l'rejlerii k Fav i uin gage. of Minneapolis. The gentlemen are ,ymun F Hah, o k to John M. C m, prominent holders of the Lena proper V2 1:, ., : , Korest Hill A,l,h ty. 1.. Swift, being president of the tjl)u t() tMty ()f j a,i W(oil ; $7.',. ompanv and AV. K. Haskell reisdent ,, , , . , u i , , William Poison to Jacob Salmon, manager. The gi'iitlenien have been , ., ... a parcel of land on north Hox K dcr looking over thi ir property for the ' I'ri'ek S ' past day or so, coming from the mine ' ' overland yesterday afternoon accom- Catherine Erna Fieri to .Joseph panied by James Craham. suporln- Fieri, the Tomahaw claim on White tendent of the mine. They are well wood ireek, just below Yellow creek; pleased with the situation and they $100. may well be, as the l. na property is John F. Harry et al. to Thomas Jfiii'-rateil r.s one of I he most promisin g In ry. all their right In the Spearllsh "TOe" central ' aniT'soOttTern ITtTTsr" TUe" LV alls and White Ridge lodes in Ida cwnerj of the mine, will push the . Gray Mining district; $00. work of development agresslvcly Jonn F Mirvy ,,t al to Thomas Har-from now on. Manager Haskell, who is j ry lne Rurlap. Paystrenk and Pay-nlso president sind manager of the , treak No 3 lodes; $1. Minneapolis Times, having made nr- Joha Haltimor to chrlstlan Godfrey, rangew.ents to take up his residence (1,)e.thlrd ,nU,r01it jn tno skooUum liml at the property during the retain? navvnlu ,,,.,a in wh!t,-nn,i Mini,,., j Preventive 1 CustOHl Ore less element every opportunity to uet away from hiui. kind.lywarneil them of thefr danager. left loopholes for them -to escape thru, but when all thope chances Were despised and cast aside rhot. down the ringleaders with O arc llii'.v tin iirirei r. tm-i ,-,,i,.,i' ", pay strict attention to your doe-tor's advice, take, his niedi. ino Cyanide process at reasonable rates. GoMcn Gate Mining & Millin; as little ei r-'inm t ion as om would 1 regular and bo sure it is prop- I J ...... dill ,. i i iinpaii tirst ward, Deadwood eny uncr?. rottow there instructions carefully and joi will find it winter. As a coincidence and also as ,,,.,,. . . . ... district $U w a proof that some of the newspaper ' fraternity are t-harp enough to get) Joseph C. Stephens to Christian God-tiold o? a (ret thing once in awhile. It ' try- one-third Interest in the Gentle Ik mentioned that Lucian Swift, presl- i Annie- one-fourth in the Tactola, one-dent of the Lena company. Is also man ! ,hi,rd 111 the Pactola Extension. Gay-Ker of the Minneapolis' . Journal. TllIe- Spokum, Spokum No. 1. Spokum Prpsident Rwlfr A n Jekann .ml i 2. and two thirds In the Spokum TO-NIGHT Is Worth dispose of-a worm. "He would wait until the l.i't min uto." says the "irrepressible ' 'Hill," ' and then lie'd tort of shift his hand around as tho it were jerked lightnin'. and tho next thing you knew he was shootin' shootin' to kill. He didn't miss, he didn't." The "bad" men fled from Lewis and Clark county after lie became sheriff to the Deadwood country and took possession of the mining camps. Deadwood sent for him. In time he II THE BRiCK More to you than money. The s Frederick Fayrum left on last even- 14 I i. Ei Next door to the Rullock) C secret of health Is to take as little medicine as possible; and n when you have to, it is better to f take an ounce of the right kind than Myrtle V into .came, a shadow of a man in physique. InK's Elkhorn for Minneapolis, being accompanied as far as Buffalo Gap by Manager Hask?U, who will gro from tbwe 4o- H4U jCitjv where he will for the present make his headquarters. Journal. , No. 3, on the divide between Gold Run and Deadwood gulches; $1. Three mortgages. John Blatt et al. to Thomas B. Hat, all their title to the Old Virginia, Emerald, Golden Crown and Golden Crown Fraction, near Lead City; $1. Two affidavits, of labor, one mortgage deed, and two chattel mortgages. and wiry, nervy, enduring. He made himself known ir. a tone of voice as ,ent Compl1l, And Her Exc in the beautiful foj; A Pound FINEST ORCHESTRA In the City-Carry a full line of Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. You are always welcome. RYAN and RILEY Props. h i he UK- A Mothers Lo George Jackson has returned . from the southern Hills where he has a force of men at work on the Newark, near Custer. A shaft Is being sunk on the Tela and good ore is be!ng taken out. of doubtful btuff. We are practical druggists, skilled in our City Creek Hand Laundry. All work done to order, gathered and dellrered. Mrs. C. E. Stoner, Harrison 'Phone 85. low and soft as a woman's. He said he desired the law to be observed. When it wasn't he proposed to arrest the man who offended or kill him If necessary. In very short order his commands were obeyed. For months and years he stood as the unwritten law of the camps. Things had "to be square" or the malcontents must settle with him. Railroads, statehood, legislatire enactments, pettifogging lawyers, new population took his occupation from him. There has been proiession ana graduates of the 1 Wal tcr L Vcivitf. i v 1 t M ill best colleges of pharmacy. WS can fill any prescription with ab-j solute accuracy, and for this reaa-a on we are safe to say that our3 wnrlf will alinn tKA 1 . K - U U U U EYE AN 3 C- R. H '. tiarrt Occulist B. 4 Deadwood, S. 1- -- iaiSeai percentage. i 1 ; i ,l-,v ' I ' 1'- " ' J nothing left to hhA by memories, i THEvJjNIG m ASSAY OFFICE Of Cure s J.P. HV COLLECTIONS ADJlJ3' " NOTARY. FinELITY EOii ti Remember the Place Palmer house Nwaark Mock neat .ix.r to C. 8. Assay Office. NEW BUILDING, NEW FURNITURE. NEW BEDDING. In connection with the Restaurant are ten finely furnished rooms witA o4 34-tr and batbl Oren day antf night -Short orders peclaity. SiriC YOU Pro p Ho Gold 37 Leo Street IDeadwootf. Will GivCor. t Results of Both ana Silver ? For 50 Cents. 3 TV1 His ideal of humor the pioneer's ideal of humor is found In the story he tells of I T, Z. Beidler. They were building a pall in one of the Montana townsv and the new ells were Just' In position. No prisoners had yet been plaeed In them. , "One day," says Mr." julIockX; T. who was long-winded story teller rtarted out on one of his' yarns. He had two or three fellows listening, but one and another left until only one was left. , This fellow finally quit before the story was ended. X T. waa All klnd of twnds Uchmeat. rTlf"1'1'- pa cu:d wio;t f friand to sign tor yoi ON ALL SAiiVLEiS ii "BOUGHT TO TIIIS OFFICE. " M. Hr ti. Co. nl IttAn . omcer, W. L FAUST, P1- offldal bonds tptetolu- . , . Olyplc Block. D-'V., B '8- ... .l .-- w- mrmi .. - - 4 r - ..

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