The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 19, 1900 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1900
Page 2
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1900 T H V. DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOO D, S. D. jYou Can Bank. MORE AFFIDAVITS NEEDED. About how much comfort or confirmation can the contemptible curs responsible for doctoring the Patrlquin letter get from the affidavit of Mr. Printer .Iprfitni- Christofo Jones? In Francis C. Tucks.-, J. R. Hlckox, U. S .Dep. Min.' City Engineer. Surveyor. TUCKER A HICKOX, CIVIL J MINING ENGINEERS Surveyor. Room. 301 and 30 Adams Block A MALICIOUS MAN. Cachelin has two nouses . in How do you like Mavor Abt's admin-I Spearfish, both of which are credits, inration of the affairs of Lead? AM Me in every respect. Altho he is promised the sewage system and we ' row near.y flfty-iour year. ,o age he have got it? How about the former has never asked for or held an office mayor ?-Joey Moore in Lead Call. : of pulic trust in the Mack Hills. It The same old mali. ions spirit that i was only after much urging hat he aused the ignorant p. ttifogger to be j was fnOT. ed to consent to allow hi. in a continual row with everv court ! name to be ..sed in c onnection with before which he had a case. It is a j the office for which Spearhsh repub- me beet m tie UVi Ilnslf you get It of .. ROGERS & soil They alwayj have a neat t stock to select from, and ' k always get just what you THE DEADWOOD IPOiNEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1677. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO. TERMS OF SL'LSSCKIPTIUN: DAILY Every Morning. Except Monday. One Year Jlo.OO Six Months '' One Month l-uu WEEKL.Y Issui'l Kvery Tliur.-Jj) rWi. Year - f"' Joey owes the I m ans nave miiiuiuiru mm. three to one bet that rnrorv liitl I can say mat till Lacnenn is nui ne-u former mavor of Lead a or that he could not t trusted 13. OVT. GILLETTE e and trustworthy in He has the interests at heart, and having ous figure in the rant's i lutelv honorab everv 1 espect. of t lie people i beep a conspi'-i his affidavit he asserts finite positively that "that the said letter was in no manner changed in the office of the Black Hills Press." He asserted with equal iHisitiveness when not under oa'h tint the letter as it appeared in the I'n-ss "was shore enough doctored." that as it runic to him to be put ftito type it hail been rut from a Newspaper, panted onto a sheet of , white paper and the alterations writ-; t. n with pen or pencil on either side j After the burning of tin- (Jobb-n Ke ward C'hloi ination and cyanide plant, a number of families moved out of town, leaving empty ho uses here and there about town. l'he.-e empty houses are beinu occupied ayain and there can ! HO' til's sympathy for la boring I ns-es of la 'n.r nil his life quest ii hi i ega rd ing and .nteiesf in tin -The Pioneer Jeweler and Watchmaker ESTABLISHED 1876. DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELERY, ETC. -a WATCH EXAMINER FOR THE BURLINGTON A u No. 659 Main Street, DeadwoSJ JMs Months 1 "'' Entered as Si'ioii'l-flass Mailt: u Ihc Deadwood PtMtotllcr. til before winter sets in w and applicants foi uhethei- they he on the farm or in 'tim shop The citizens of this coinmis-ion. r distiiet i an subseiM- their ov. ii 1 1 . -1 . I - in no sal'ev or wiser in a n ' i ' i than to cast :i hailot on Noli ml, r i; for IM I'm l.elin f": i,nnt nui in ', --inner. !; a I does lie 1 future .il all Im more. . --ure. I water nt pr:c .lice dip. How i Were not Another o: tie- printed liiiiw the clump He- I'le.-s office iade in fliilavit of Head wood is has ri ached lo . who buy at pre-money on t lie ad estate Those make THE n'.ering Ibis point is in It is !ill up til the l'I'ess to t.-l! illl it Chop, ON TRUSTS. DEMOCRATS maltej- Was the EVOLUTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Hay, Grain, Feed, Flour V. the l-re.-s otlb or The Party's Record of Obstruction During the Last Congress. ::!.: I f the lo toted ill sent down d" If the letter a i il 1 1 (X tot Lend aheady published a fro I'ii a: was i id iuIiu-i. introdu. i lonal aimn lined letter it just as guilty Wood aiu Coal. Inning the last sess: a joint resolution w prm iding' for a eonstit nunt for the r. gulatii This resolution was the house .June 1 . !'0o yeas and b!L' nays. It : L..I of trusts, ought up in receiving 1 "' t quired a t DELIVERED PROMPT rc? nun of a forgery as tlio the (orrery had : been committed in its oi'th e, and the Jones aflidavit is only i otniiounding; the crime. .Jones does not tell "the j whole truth" in his affidavit, tho all ! he does tell may lie true. Ifis afflda- j it itnd his side talk makes positive! Hie fact that the letter as it appeared j thirds mi Of the jority and con-equently lost. 154 yeas 150 were republi- cans. Of the 132 nays 130 were democrats TICKET. REPUBLICAN i Press was changed by some and populists. The proposed amendment r d in thi one. Presidential Ticket. SCS vA J sh0UlJ you go ta Dead-1 v-o r J ii od or Lsad, wiion vnn cart I j V- y 0,iy in Cen'-raI fo' less money A Uy eipnse3 are nht and mj y ' ustomers reap the benefiet. I UNL ASK &rJ T-rictl Order iXM --o- follows : Article XVI. Section I. All powers hiiiIhImI by this article shall enxtend to the sever ai states, the territories the Distiiit of Columbia and all ti i ritory under the sovereignty and sibjeit to the jurisdiction of the Cnited State.-. For President WILLIAM Mc KIN LEY. Tor Vice l'rculdent THEUWIKE HOUSE VJil.T. Members of (Congress For 'residential Klci tors - THOMAS FITCH. Crant. ('HAS. THOMPSON. Han! AUTIIl It IIUOWN. Li in oh. A. II. MAItllMC, Unite. NEW GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE. Mrs. Homer Hodge of New York n'cured a divorce from her husband last week on the grounds of avarice nd religious fanatneism. It was tho ( ustom of the fanatically religious Mr. I lodge to force Jiis two year old son. the butler, the cook and the chambermaid to kneel in the dining room pov or dis- km FIRST NATIONAL B ( Sec. ". Congress shall ha to define, rejulate. prohibit 'solve trust--, mi nopolirs or lion whether existing in 'lie a corporal ion or ot herw ie. DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA, omhiiia I n m of out mile maiinei - of lie livery morning after breakfast bad I hern announi ed and offer a prayer for the redemption of Mrs. Hodge. My ! the time these prayers Were concluded j the lakfast. v.a-: always cold and I Mrs. Hodge generally quite hungry. I but nevertheless that persecuted vir-! tiin of religion was forced to read a .'chapter from the Hible before beinc; i allowed to tackle her cold chop. A 'more fiendish method of persecution I I he several stales may to exercise sue h power in all) I not ill i on tl ii t. with the la' j t'nited States. Sec. I!. Congress shall ha J v if this arti , to i n force the provision tlNI-fED STATES DEPOSITORY DIRECTORS: 0 J. BAI.IStlfKV T J. ;klKK, P. K. SPAKK.-T. .. MSItrKST tt. A. McI'MEHSON. T - ' r 'has seldom been devised. It is not 'cle by uppropi iajy legislation. Senator I'ettigrew s.-ml in hi-I speech at. Armour during the early ! part of the campaign: "Thev utider-j took to pass a constitutional amend only a mean trick to play -on a wo Congressional Ticket. CHAItLKS II. Ml'KKK. of Hugln-.-. EUEN W. MARTIN, of Lawrenw. State I icket. Governor C. N. II K R It I E I . of Mcl'hrrscm Lieutenant (iovernor-- OEO. W. SNOW, of Itnn I i t tt me Secretary of Spile O. C. BE KG, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMrtETl. of UuUhln-inn. Auditor J. D. RREVKS, of Brown. Attorney General JOHN I... I'YIjB. of Ilendle. Supt. of Publle Instruction B. E. COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public Lnnd DAVID EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commlwilonpr FRANK LOCOQ. of Douglas. Legislative Ticket. State Senators LLEWELLYN P. JENKINS. H. T. COOPER. Members of House of Representatives B. H. WARREN. JOHN N. HWOOOD. JOHN PETRRRON. AMOS PATrtlQUIN. OFFICERS: President. O.J. SALISBURY I Cashlef P. A MrPH i.olot Chin, I IH"'MAN I lV I limiUDIIl 1. W'"1." ' GEO. V, AYERS & CO, Successors to Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. ment in the house of representatives I went over to the house and prevented its being passed. I said: If you pass that bill we will take the question of trusts out of this campaign absolutely.' " Mr. Bryan himself has advocated an amendment to the constitution as the only effective way of regulating the combinations that operate to the detriment of the peopele. He said at the anti-trust convention in Chicago: "1 am in favor of nn amendment to the constitution thnt will give congress power to destroy every trust in the country." It is generally conceded that the existence of monopolies and combinations operates against the property of the people. They seriously affect business, manufacture and production. It lias been decided by the United States supreme court that congress is man to keep nor waiting neiore a tooling breakfast -while menials are praying for her soul, but there is something prculairly angering to a high-spirited woman in having a band of family servants huddled around her feet perfunctorily praying for her. A woman likes to do her own praying. Phe would as soon think of having her butler wash her face for her as offer up prayers for her soul, and the only wonder aroused by this tale Is that Mrs. Hodgo refrained from throwing the cold potatoes at her husband while the prayer was in progress. That she held her hand when the butler grew strong In special pleas to the throne in her behalf is striking evidence of her patient, long suffering disposition. o A FRESH RIFT IN THE LUTE. There Is trouble in the democratic camp. The concord that has reigned in the democratic states so long that the people have forgotten what discord sounds like seems to be in grievous danger. The Solid South appears to lie in imminent hazard of Hoftening to a fluid state in spots. James K. Jones, senator from Arkansas, boss of the Round Cotton Hale Trust, and also director general of the democratic national committee, re- yMrMIIHIMMIIIIIirM. FR0M"KICKER TO CROAKER without constitutional authority to Hardware and Mining Supplies.. County Ticket. Sheriff FRED DOTEN. Treasure! H. P. LOREY. Register of Deeds JOHN WRINGROSE. Auditor W. A. ZINK. Clerk of frmrts SOL STAR. State's Attorney 8. C. POLLT. County Judne FRANK J. WASH xDAVGH. Assessor A. A. MOODIE. Buperlnterirlent of School HELEN M. BENNETT. Coroner TIR. CHARLES E. 7KRF1NC. hfrveyor A. S. CATER p County Cwnlslnnei TMrTPistrl'-t KDWARfi CACHET.TN. For Jutlc of the Pence V. COWMAN. renilwornl. W. M. Ot'IMHY. T-enil ,T. W. WMLWY. Oalenn J. H. THTLEY. Rpearflsh. For Conitah'e .1. C STOT'T Tleadwood. W. O. STPFT.- Tynd. J. W. PECOR. Galena. A Set-llH('k I'm- I 'iiHicrn e y. Mr. ltryan and his lollowi rs are a li : I 1 time to convince the that th.-y are worse eff in T.IOO, control them, except where they can be reached thru the inter state commerce law. If it was wise to give congress power to control interstate commerce, it is unwise and detrimental to deny it the and i power t( regulate manufacture production. lentlv remarked when he felt that he : Hence the necessity of nn amend had to say something: "I think it al- j ment to the constitution enabling con-most an insult to them to consider the Kress to control the combinations and citizenship of colored men a thing monopolies or so-called trusts, apart from the body politic." He ' Tfepe are tho records of the two Deadwood didn't say that he was not willing to parties on the question. EDWARD CACHELIN, THE LABORINNG MAN'S FRIEND. 3 If . TIllC The affidavits of Peter Temperlsj nd GIo Vlrenio, as published In th i t THAI into top I flunk S Republican Candidate for County ; Commissioner. Dead wood men cannot vot for a county eomniissibneF- this-year, but they can lend their support to the de- j feat of a repudiationist like Joe Cook, j Ploneer-Tlmes, shows that Josepn B. . Moore, fusion candidate for Congi-ens, i SI With prelect inn :in! sollllil inuiiey. than they were in 1 Vi'". wilh t II - shaih'W of free siImm' impending- ." nd a free trade law in operation. A general cempaiison of artiiles of farm consumption ami farm production between the nvu years completely disproves the ltryan theory. In the Item of farm animals alone, the farmers are worth $.00.0'i0.iiuo mora than they were in democratic days. The table printed below, which is from the reports of the United States Department of Agriculture, is worth study: Total vnlue of. faun ni- y- rnals in lSOti. -U,727.926,684 Total value of faWrt nnl- mals in li'OO 2.212.7a6.87 Tho difference Is apparent in every class of animals. Divided Into appropriate groups, the increase Is strikingly shown: Value of Horses anil Malm. 1896 J603.344.643 1900. ... 715,686,534 Value of All Cattle. 1896 1872. 883,961 1900 1,204.298,366 Value of Xbffp. 1896. J65.167.7S5 1900 122.665.913 With all grain, animals and other farm products higher In price, it Is no wonder that the farmers of this country have little use for Bryantsm. i tf Ir ALL OUR I V SUMMER GOODS ia Indebted to th -ra4nefB"4n- -the- top lowing amounts tor work done on the Almeda mine in 1899:-rr Name. Days. Amt. Peter Temperlno 21 73.50 Dto Ferdlnande 64 234.00 CMoGaapero 67 234.00 F.'Marchlando 29-2 103.25 Gio Verenxo 28,2 99.75 g Ginghams. Dimities and Perca?5 F( i H 1 PC 1 PC s Ha It would be the greatest calamity that ever befell the county to place its affairs in the hands of men who would destroy its credit. It is important to have a majority of the board in favor o' meeting the nliiigatiojis. as, business men. The Spearflsh Mail says of the lepublican candidate: Edward Cachelln, the republican nominee for county commissioner, is one of the old-timers in the Black Hills, having corre to Custer in 1876. He returned to Nebraska, but in 1879 he came back to the Hills and has ever since been one of the progressive g THOSE THAT FORMERLY SOLD FOR 25c NOW GO AT I We have a nice new line ofMiiftlin Underwear which 35c NOW GO AT I 2 Q()p I Bftrfrain. A beautiful Une ot J I IiCC TU -1 1 - ,.,.IS,. . wt.A nnr in AH til T VSBVaiA VS " D H 7 A AR' inc LMUItO T.M.MinillUlll" insult them, if he thought he could get a few votes by it. nor otherwise put himself beyond the pale of forgiveness. Hut for gll that, the Macon telegraph, one of the leading papers of the South, takes the Cotton Rale boss by the throat, metaphorically, and- eavagely -lnfoTms htm Tie must either eat those words or swear he never said them. This is sad. Jones is a bit slow, except as a rainbow chaser, but he is a good southerner. He probably wouldn't be willing to see any colored man vote, unless it might be for Jones. He ought to be forgiven. He was in a corner, and all because of the foolishness of establishing democratic headquarters in the north by reason of the necessity for getting some northern votes. A few days later Mr. Bryana. being unfortunately held up on a St. Paul platform by the colored chairman of a committee of colored democrats aws terrorized in to saying that if he tbould be elected president there should be no more southern violations of the negro suffrage amendment to the constitution, or words to that effect. And immediately comes the Memphis Scimitar, another able southern journal,, flashes itself before Mr. Bryan's eyes, and warns him that this kind of thing will not do at all. with other truculent writing that means vengeance if it means anything. It doesn't even try to break the horror to southern ears by declaring it doesn't believe there are any black democrats in St, Paul) but that these were some wicked black republicans hired to playdemocrat by that pestiferous Hanna. Seriously, are not these gentlemen in danger of reaping an unexpected harvest in reward for their attempts to sow the. seeds of sectional strife between the east and the west? If so, is not the just verdict "served 'em rightr - - Breadstuff Abroad. and prosperous citizens of this sec lotal $734.50 These miners took out ore 'which was shipped to the Spearflsh Cyanide mill and, paid for in cash before the ere was all delWered. As a matter of fact Moore drew $200 more than the value of the ore which he refuses tore-fond. Notwithstanding all this he continues to tell the men that he has not been paid for the ore. Here la another aax-ple of his great lore for the laboring man. On Sept. . ember 15, refering'to a joint' meeting ' ot the labor unions to discuss needed ' legislation, he said in the Lead Call 'of that date; , i - ' The Joint meeting of the union was called for the purpose of deciding the dimension of the growler." Do you Know A Good Thing When You See it? tion. In 1880 he bought what is now known as the Weare ranch on Red-water, and engaged in farming, and emong other things he invested over $300 in apple trees and set out the first orchard in the valley twenty years ago. It was an experiment at that time, but Mr. Cachelln has lived lo see the entire valley blossom with as fine orchards as there are in the world. In 1883 he sold the Redwater ranch, came to Spearflsh, and followed his trade, blacksmithinglor three years. He then bought the fine ranch north ot the city .which is now the property of T. W. Matthews. On this ranch. - Mr. Cachelln spent about twelve years of the best par of his life.' and made improvements thereon whih will stand for years to come as IndlsDutable evidence of his igood Judgment and business capaelty. Aside from the improvements which stand to his credit in the valley, Mr I While Europe Is naturally our largest market for breadsruffs, the percentage of grrowth to other grand divisions is Increasing. North America (other than the United States), Oeeftnlea, Asia and .Africa all show larger percentages of Increase in 1900 over 1899. The increase to ' North America was 18 per cent, Oceanica 45 per cent, Asia 34 per cent. The Asiatic market for breadstuffs Is considered by flour shippers of Minneapolis, Portland and San Francisco to be the most promising In the world. Commercial activity with China will take on renewed energy after the difficulties now existing there are settled In some way. It is fortunate at this Juncture that this country has a president who not only insisted on the rescue of the Americans. in China, but Insists on the maintenance of the ""open door" by which Americans wilj trade with Chinese points on equal terms with anybody, no matter what political, complexion tht Chinese' imbroglio may assume. ... " $1.50 Nt. If you do, then come and not only SE. I"" pER ow KMn10 nf KTITCTlTrV AXTfJF.T,TnA. t'OlIT :Hl' GAL our brands of SHERKY, ANGELICA, tOI GAL MUSCATEL -They Are The Best in the West I never reduced wages or encouraged the reduction of wages, either . personally or professionally, but have always favored maintaining our pre, ent standard. Personally I have employed a good many miners at differ-int time, and have paid them, wheth-r my enterprises have' been success- ul or unsuccessful. E. W. Martin. . Fine Old Whiskey of father time ? M aDl M m. m - .',"-'- m m .A.n "T" Q P r-MlVIILT LIUUUK o i w.- Sl r i i r a- - :a& ioj T . ... , - - . Vitl ' -V -

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