The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 19, 1900 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1900
Page 1
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3aily Times. .th YEAR. DEAD V001, S. D. ( 1SLACK II I LLS Vl DA V, k ToHK 1IMMI. FIVE CENTS. Fhe Pioneer MISS HELEN BENNETT. I i. . i .nil. tit iiulutv any o tliwilr timn" WORKWILL START l th. i. .i an imp. . i tain il that I, I I I - I O I I i - I nn Ill .111 i I ) 1 It I" I II I M - . . '..'lai I'.i. n! I o !-.ut ! .nU o. .:' ; ;i til M K II h' II s i II. !) nnt-nt with th. .-.!u .itiori ;an:. i:!s which she now pos hut Miss :HV'i her a - a I ' aehcr. ;ui. in t he a r i. .1 V. t , oljcge. tier ! i ' i was nut . out unions. 1' ! S I l J. i V t ()I In i I UP NEXT MONDAY. a: Ii mo-. ..!.. I lo ; I in-alllolr. man n ' . . . . i ! i '' Republican Candidate for Superintendent of Schools. i N'M in it.flu.-i... :., ..... ,m. ;ll moulding tin- i ha- .,, i, ,,; , . , ,, , , "f th.. iwwv. i . : .. p i,, i, ... w '"''' " ' ,:U iti,po:i..,,:- of II Hon .1 ti,. I'll. ..r I a . n ' pol OUR PROSPERITY TALKS FOR ITSELF. Too 'Much Business in Order for Speakers to be Heard. Rumbling of Car Wheels in Ak n::i Pnmnanifc at ' I'llsto! tllll -Ul- . ar-. am), is ,ilst i u - I h is t "a r 1 1 .' I. of, n o 'ho Doail-. 1 ii. lion ii a a i -iiiuii' r all ! is II ' is ., hroih. r oi' i ol Kapi.l t 'il . . i : o I'n sum i si in al.- a.ilh I. ut I'.u.'l -a .. !io , i'... ! i; .....I , ' i oi .1 Hi v an nmi w ;i Ii I ho i . iu I ' i . a i .1 an a. I ! i . .. K".i; an :.i . I oi ani.'.l ia . ov in I h.- li.-l . t li.llin. ia I . ... . a,- of t ho ii." I . I . '.r i n I on oo al . : I . Ion i- .!. an .. a a i s MUlt til', qil.llillrut,. 1 1 w- .-in. I .. t,,,. r-1 ii t . -ii . 1 . -i: t -hould : ' t ar ( Mi.. Hi. 'in i.- Hi. iiu-r ui'l.'.. .'Ill ,..L. .11.1 Mll.l . III! a - 1 nil. ! Si ,. .or lt !. ., I ll III . I.'!'.. ' 'i.l Ii. T Tl'is t,a . . 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 : t i . o .it'.-- '. : i I" .!.!::i tin- Ii. .1 ; y ' I" ;. hiiis- .,ri,! nil. ; .IM.III- .( ,; III'-'! !..!. I. .11.. t full - inch . I.i.-- and -1 1-: t n; w l.n h -1... l- .i. I Kit . . I i! M . - - lai.ii.ii h.i- ii - in 1 !:. 1 1. .i.! u .. .'. Il :.- in. i ;..l..n.- m Scranton Concede to their Men's Demands. T!... i. aubl. I 1 unci:. iri ..hi :n i.-'-Ii'.- !.. Mi II. Hi,- i: 1 . . os noi I. on: in Id an !.. nn In. o 1 1 1 1 1 ol 1 1 .r a . 1 iiu'. in I lio ali a 1 1 - of 'ho . Oil II 1 I V 11 1 otices are Posted Informing n.. I I i - V . . 1 I ! . 1 ho I I hi... k 11:1'- lor : I an I: k. ' : p I. -II. I i.l IV. HI .1 ron Drowns Roosevelt's Voice. Th in iihl'.o t.i I Ii,. I : a- 111 h theEmploves of Their Big Victory. :r. nit is i oni'ii'i d In iin-n ol al i p.. al d- noiniti il loin- ami In l) mako inMid ofli, or a -i.t'.- all, a 11 hiitlo roillil v I..:., 'iv... :'i -p. Sp. I'Kll post i ii s; M . -1 ( 1 i. and I Iiil , nrs w oi , - ..on a -piriiod linoliiiL' at 'IVrry last 1 o l.i Tho hall was lilh d. and tli.'ir .'...'.1 was car: ,d away Willi tli.'ir i. '!' ..nit wit. Mr. Class is tho 111:111 t. ho pels Iho hoi .1 la. ts at liis no . u hilt' .Mi llolmos takos tin-. i.,.l with hi. happy soul i no lit . Th. v am at Tori ,a ill.' Inniitlit. Hon .1 C I. a-: ana . tho Krt in h u. n lloinan. who lamo out from Chnano tho foro part ui tho tvirk. loft list niiht lor Kansas llo hohl two nn "i-inus whilo in tho Illaok Hills, oiio ar Si. Unci', and Iho other at Lend. i St. ( Ins;.' ho spoke in Won el: and at 1. 1 . id ho spoke in Italian, and 11m v alio in aid and I nderslood him slah- K 1 .1 i. ) . n. I i' t i owl! In if ;. i ' If OII-'!' oil . ho I ' I : U 111 h al 'Is It'll I tout inn of t ho and tin- i innl'lii.i ,. i mpo- .si hlo tt ; . 1 tioosoM-lt .liil p: its own talliiin I .-.-(.-, J Col, .11,-1 ,i to talk l.iii th. ii hil.- that tin-oliiolivo wliisth-.-; I ho i ai as iiiadf it ..r liini. Coloinl p. ril y in Mil-- as,. fring th" l:" 11 all the collieries no-thai tin -ir di mauds .1. Tlif independent lied a conference for Ld been smut Ljerators Inn 1. VV 1H 31 Aia.llni man liu . on: i a Inn, , laia-a !v lo tho sum's . of Ilio f lisionists ill Ih" Hlark Hills four oais ;ic, was Col liinos A Coin;,.. Ho lias tin-tumii '''is .fall for Mi-Kinlov and prosporit y. and -ptik" m HI. irk hawk 1: st ni.L-lit. Col. (i.ii-L.-,' is a d.'iniit rat of tho old srlioiil savs ho is an Anion . nr. demo rat. and thoii is ml a pi nk"" on tho r opuhlicati phatfoim in tin- Hills tliis fall who Is fivini; h"i t. r sal isfa. tion Ho likos i a m na i l' ti ll .' aid tin- onlv fault In ha . I'm. I tomorrow V r , . k : : . i-c to an acceptance. ;i! , vj.oetation is that tin- . 1 ' " t v. r, fie Per: ... i . . .. ...-I Mir-lill TlUVt f.-U ten win l"1 " " 1 " i ft y - vj T i 'j r v All Union Labor Out. ( II VKI.ulTK. C . (let. is As a i. -nil ol a walkt,,,' ol tho i inployos in lln- six fin: ootti-i nulls of Alaiiiantf It is'i;iiiv 1 "iion' u i ii.u .-t-n.i- L Mark llainia has Drouylit aiioat ddri d.lm -phinliil a I effttlrm. in 1" 1 ' ' "IIM" ou 11 and th" ' ' "' ,1IS Liendlyoffir."- It is known that Mr is iu:-:-i. tit in ins noiiianns Banw -4.!oX- til kll.O. loilil i onai y on :ho t .. of it: -sal i -I.O't la up, I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s . ,.,:;oa to iho T- A ' I ' - ' 1 1 a I' U o 1 1 i'. I ho lion ;os .. o !'., h. . ii ui . . ti n;.. MM.' . b: tin1 "i" 1 '' Lions. iii'L'ai ' i! .p. no, i. Ml r l inslant. ho. an -o i i. i' a nliii i; i oia',1 i i il tipolat I Mm ho- I : .. X'.'orkt'i s' a ii ion j and nolilioil to a- j ' !n i oiii.,in i. -s Nn : a a. I on. Ii mill thai ' oh. nas ti, "a lal.or .... .I I. ui o ., h m l1 j iaaoi ial.oi oal'. I al) ftiiiil"'" ha. I ahv.av a. lion l.v " y irrratfs.t ' anizol !.il.ft ii . " ft ( Black Plaque Again. ROSENTHAL'S DOUBLE-R R EAST ED SACK SUIT. Model Fall and Winler $12 to $25 Less Foe makes $9 t W f ROSENTHAL'S FROCK SUIT, CUTAWAY Mcdel Fall and Winter $15 to $25 Less fine makes at $10 'N Fli -N 'li- '( - ( 1 v- Thf linil'k 1 Moi I- i .i.or Lake Shore to Grant Pensiors. thr. hi -'' h; in ( 'fi i n : -a n from t In ' I.l : Kl. M I i ' I i. t. is Koilew I'- 'm. i' . I I. ui a. : a i o! ,,, , ,,. r,s-, .. ,,i i ho ', in ,m m: -' '- ! .'.!.: I. .. a '".:: h mill i ih. ,:,jv ,. Slmie i.nlioad John Sherman Very Low. ll'-' ;!, 'an. .'.line . .,.- ii.ioidola. : l.laos for llel.sioll WSHIN:Ti'. M ('. I. Is '.'led. : -. h n a. mlv ll a ii.u il . in ih" ii Tiee III. I '.Lit ll i n il Kx : ii '""' .If 'b ii Sh.iinan is "' 'lie '.'l'e - ., MHOS. i 'i.l i 111 : 111! I 1 d"' : ' '"''' im I. .no hi en laken Inward- e. 'v Irw. lln tain ily and physicians ia -s w In, :, i,.i-all l.or ui, . :;i. s h.-r .aiiia lor the ol'li.o .-imtt i,id i;.. d I i ih it ho-, I ;n lot all liu pow er of an u nu - , hip ar 'he worst I Ha al eall.ild.alo l.o -." k- M,-s lion f: Hn Iio.elwood I -a .: h honor win Waldersee in Pekin. di- hina; a . 'ision ; ysleni . ac-din.' to the plans proposed no per- I i lli he eliail e to a pension until has n in hed the aa'o of Ha years or s Io n in tin s. i vice of the i (inl ea lit I to ii o and diseip!:ti. d lint"! : a , lit 1 1 i ma ply iinhiieil w ith an amhi i , , lion to do v,o what. 'M r she under-Ink, - She is nossi ssed of a ttmiii;' ; ,., PEKI.V. (k t I S . -Speeial ( on nt inn dri:m loll, ..,. -, liola rsh i n. ildcrsco. innininnder-in-t hiP'f of Iho Led fortes arrived hero. Ho was OTvod with full military honors. whieh was oITered as a prize for ( lass : laiidii::.': in lVui. afiei a full eoiirse at Iho Spearfish norinal s,-1iimI. slm i'raduatod from thai i list ;t ut ion with distiii! I ion. aft...- w hiih slio immlit in the- primai y di i.;ii'tnn nf of the Head ROSENTHAL'S PRINCE ALBERT FROCK SUIT, Model Kail and Winter $18 to $25 Less fine makes at $15 ROSENTHAL'S ROUND CUT SACK SUIT, Model Fall and Winter $10 to $25 Less Tine makes at $5 Arizona Census. and hopeful penonalily which is i-on- j ,-:mv ihnly veins. The Lake Shore taeiou , and wan. Id prove an mspira j eompany propo . s to eontrihnto $:!il.-Ilon to yoiinu' teachers with whom she . i,,,,, ., ,1,,, ,;s nf tif, (Jn,i .Jn,i to would const -i.-ii ly i-onie in t ontaet. . -Avi ll tftat aimiunt to tho nuiiirwl liro-Tho por, rait of Miss Iteiinett on t h is i ,,,( j,,ns ),v making a 1 jut cent ai-pace was taken ill the senior cap and seque nt on th,. monthly wanes of the town of W'.-lle' ley tidlcye iiuploves. It is the jiiiri se iif th" - . .-- . " 1 - 1 1 omiianny to have the pension sys- IS WASHINGTON, u. ('.. Oel Wlal-Itie Arizona census snows a , U((), vn,,.. srMI sue, e.ssfnllv for Mlalinn of 1'Ji; 212. This is an in j ,. v,..,,. MoM youni; won,..,, -would "iif of C2.I.S2. or I'll por cent. : ... . ... . .1 Erie and and Lake ( t -111 extended ovt r the Lake ! West. i n and the riltsl.urg Vermont Senator Elected. MOXTPELIKR. Vt... Oct. IS. Spe ll Forillfr (Jovernhr DillinKhain b elected senator on the third hal- state where I. haw- spok.-n recently. I have hi-iii impressed with the' in (Teasing out liusiasin Iho audiences manifest at every reference to expansion of American influence. A declaration that when the tlau i rais ed it shall ho ,ilHv-d to float. -Mitead ol lit-ins; hauh d down. isveoiil w iih today to sin reed the Into Senator Nil. ! Krie. Union Prisoners of War Reunion. NORMAL. Ill . Oct. 17 - The twenty first annual reunion of the I'nion ev Prisoners of War of the State of illmoi-s was hell! h",., today and will he i i oil i ii i i.-il tomorrow. The L-reet ins-s of the old -oldiers who had boon iioia nourished widely in the temperate zones of three continents, and Kti-iope, Asia and America each had its shaie Hut when the ice fields mov- d down out of the north the luxuriant vegetation of the age declined, and nun after another the different kinds cave way until only the Big Trees and Ih,. n .1 wood survived. These trees hate come down to us thru the vicis- Itlld'-s of Ill.'lliv centuries, solely he MO! of their ''ipelll l II 11 I i "l ,' 1 i Oil S . a In ; ha i k i - often I wo feet t nick . Registered Mail Stolen. ROSENTHAL'S-, DOUBLE-BREASTED BOX OVERCOAT, Model Winter $18 to $25 Less fine makes at $1? ROSENTHAL'S SINGLE-BREASTED OVERCOAT. Model Winter $15 to $25 Less fine makes at $!0 . .. trim tier and st ronirer applause as I! p'Eff YORK. Oct 18. Special. -A P. of, reeistered mail was stolen ( iinipaif-'ti prom ess,.-, showing that the Hryanite isim of ' pn the nrand Central Palace post- i. m ' is rapid I v pi 1 i nn: out I e siih-statinn. rontaininc $n.0nO otile.l. o ate pi i -on s til'' eve.,.,, and ll... , v. n'' - n, 'a companions were hou'tv P'oU'l't lay. The llii. aes are still at hirire "On ii.'iv hand I !:.". i - multipli- a :: 1 '.no-, in ll.o in a'ty fo: in South Dakoia 1 : French Cabinet Nervous. I Tin nil - 11" II!' I ioil of ovido'l.e III; 111,. r pul. ;i. an i n k. is m',) in ' ::i 1 1 : . I; u t 1 1 1 1 1 1 - T ! , ! lolled ar.- ,,,..,,. ;,.) -Ml the I'.'" ' ARIS. f). i IS Special The l h. ei I, i 1 I" e- Work- fi h cahiia ii. rtoiis over th. I 0'"1 re ..... ,,, pro dd nt Kru- ''hen 1m . in., os franco .u !" Hollar. I Th" ...-overnnn nt i ROSENTHAL'S Palace Clothing House nshnd re,-,- i,,.,-,,.,.,. offoiuled Til. Rich Nome Sand. 11' 11 EATTI.K. Wali O, t is.- Sue, ial a hen .th t'tti" advii-s sav tin- late storm Sullies for Cnn,- ri '. a i . U fo at i p'l upon Urn iminenso Th. w oi k is . (!. brink of P Nties of ruhv colored sand which !i ,- - '. a I !" la d Chi L'sth o"' PIIM Al'iKU'll! Oi I is pe, led Ih.ll the Ijljl'-d S' l' ,l:still-:!i-' ship Arethn-a .-a, na to !a Sin- saih-d on th. Mnninc out ov.-r $2.n a .lav nor 1 .THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK t IIUMITILIIIUHIl I1HI BUI1HLDHI1I i Pfince Hohenlnh R :niU, Oct 1S S.toeinl August from 1 hi cit . and mu 1 a-d in addition to ordnance' ami stoics. L'sn tons of ammunition. The mo age w as made by way of the Suez i anal. The .--tores 'ami ammunition ill be distributed from China to tlo- ,--. Is com po-ing the siatic licet. Oeadwood, South Dakota. A DEPOSITORY FOR THE pp Hohenln.' h:i resigned the pan chancellorship. (), age..Js P -as- TTie reason. Count von Will Have Them Ki'-.s the Flay. CINCIN'N Al ii nt is .hid,-, j I orris said t. .. : - ! onv.-i 'ed a i n 1 1 in he" of - hv na t u ia I i z a-i t ion : ' 1 "I'm " going to mal e this ceremony more impreS'Mo Tin' mere ,n t of I sew aring in lic- i'' people makes no impression . them. I iliall pro- i ure an Amen, an flag and every male andid.'.te for I zen-hip will have to F'OV. minis!,,,. t r..t ari , mieimi illliiiict. "I aDDnillteil hio oi,-.,or,.. hv CITY COUNTY am. STATE. 4 Mgr. Martinelli at Savannah. SAVANNAH. (5a.-. O.t. Is Mitr M..,tinelli ileilicatMl the IH'W Roman PUTH DAK0TA GROWS SAFER. kneel and k. i's folds 1 want to Drafts and Letters of Credit it oho "r tli" most important ,, .... , ... .1. . ,.i -ii the 'rfia'k r 'Mman Burke Tells of Notice-,n..'ble gains There. "0l'X CITY. Oct 1S"Tl,ro n,e K ssued. Good in All Parts of the World. ! aits of their !:ws. I want them to tingl" down '. their too-: wdmn they hear our national airs." It Made D,va--c Tic i'. :; :Y i; ! ; . ( i, i : ' a, 1 ; ! '.' , ! ' I'll hue .a- h,, fai n '-. i.i r-t I ' clan:: divorc" lo ill N '.V .! ! ' Legal Aa! as 01.1:0,1 Mm- 1'ii'l hl'ook. , ounsel for Hi" a.--.oi ial ui says tho off. r was prompted hv the fi'ct Ihat niativ poor p'-rsons had mil the necessary lands to procure di vorco. hut manv appli. ants aide to pay expenses took advantage f the t.'fer and that r any who applied for aid wre planning M marry again as cnotl as' they w en. diVon '.'d The Tobacco Output. MOW YORK. Oct is Th.' report of tho production of the to'eieeo CDm-panies shows that the husiness has fallen off compared with the previous year. The production of cigar, cigarettes and tohncco in the second and third distriit of New York as shown by stamp receipts during September were as follows: Output of cigars, fifty-five and one-quarter millions, against seventhree and three-quarter millions: paper ciearcttes. 101 millions against Lis millions; little cigars, thirteen and one-half millions against thirty-two and three-quarter millions: manufactured tobacco 61!--669 pounds, against r,:.8..'.4.1. The output of the year to October 1 makes the following comnarison: Cigars. millions, against .".sr. millions: paper cigarettes. Hn millions. against 1081 millions: paper cigars. 109'i millions against ISO millions: a.anu-factured tobai (. siv million pounds, against five million pounds. The Oldest Living Thing. WASHINGTON'. P '.. Oc t i - pamphlet just issued fnuu fl-e :v ernment printing office, icmpib ! t v Itlt democrats 'n the Hlack f,ln thlg cam Dai en than thero wpro COTiIYECTIOITS l at iieiirn i , in i in' .i ot-. , . . Roman Catholic bishops in the south and many from other so, tions of the country. The new strut Hire is built on th" site of the one burned two years ago. This event, is one of the most memorable in the historv of Georgia, as the golden jubilee, or fiftieth anniversary of the Savannah See. which fell on July l!'th last but is observed coincident with the cathedral's opening GLIMPSES OF THE CAMPAIGN. One of th. most striking feature-; of the presei:' campaign in the Ttlaok Hills is the sap. --confidence shown by Tears ag0 and mwh p8g mim uver republicans," said Con- Burke of South Dakota. "0t Several h t .l. .-.. J Attended to Promptly and Intelligently I MOITET" FT7H1TISSED To anv ex'c-nt warrantt'el bv borrowers jimk or ..wuia m tut viiy L' On hiR rptn P untry to join the Hanna train K W '. "There is this differ- ' both parties It is nothing unusual I for campaig' rs to claim everj-thing ! in sight, but in this instance both ! pat'ies app. - '. I ' sincerely of the belief that tl.-v "vi!l win. If they are 1 v histling to i c p up' courage, the dis- collaterals. Porto R co's Birthday. WASHINGTON. P. C'.. Oct IS Im, luu' jears- ago a "7 fold democrats in our state f0r Pre8iJent at all, as TM7 " elpvtors nominated. But .,rr thev m... it. s a splendid imitation i f lay they m: ; The friends of Porto Rico and those .fq pon,'np on nf hoth p;lr. most directly concerned in her ''l- j tj,.s arp tpiiMcr,,; the majorities they fare are celebrating in a qiet '' ; a,-,. pong t ! .ve with the same as It e K ouing up ror mc- Accounts Solicited and F' r. lnem' nke Colonel today her second birthday as a child surance th' wo t!d show in estimating the oir :: of a tract of wheat ready for : ,-v. sf They can't all fu - "u me stiver repuD-?4to7.nearlr unanimously re- of 1'ncle Sam. The flag that is never lowered was raised over the new pos--ssioh on Ottober IS. ISf.s While wuiipauuiiucnce invnea. Our lono; experier ;t he Black Hills at '-trvice of intenditi"; invcsl.. . 4 win. and r". Mani. i.e will experience a I j. n the stock of human wo weeks from next ' ? ! ceii. 1 have bef n having IP lent meetines In tho mu. the size of Porto Kico is less man Fdden slur n that of the state of New Jersey fti" j natIir( arK i. v. t has " filled considerable more Wednesdav spate in the public prints for the past hu . 4 l was sorrv in loavo Mr. Pinchol. the forester of the d DIRECTORS W.t.cancel three, aDnointmnt Another :, s part of this tarn P.M-.twti years, and nas nan a ions.. si. i time as tho her hohl on the rooks had parttuent of agriculture says 'h trees of the western slope of ;! taign is 'e way prominent men I been broken loose and the little isi-r have aligr.. 1 t! ' m selves. It is not W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TRKBEft. i HARRI3 FRANKLIN, P,f. ' BEN B.'JSR, Vice Pre Wil BELBIE, Cashier. , h err a Nevada- mountains make th m erra vvrtttrt- int. .....'. - tse to ft"16 Ver t0 thi 88We. in ih-M ta" of tte chairman ,8atorTTC0mmittee' to accom,. a tCanna, i pit h nn.I (... Know that there are anv prominent tnat tnen- are anv prominent n boldest living things Mr Pin- and -been left ' h,l a , Mr Pin- I and -neen lert ion an of i j glacial pe-'toss in the turbulent e a Na-th '-jmen who worked for McKinley four j J 1 Tyears rxgo th3? are to be found in the ftr .T.r.T-asaf-afTiat hefnre the 'n8and elsewhere in the riod thegenus of Big Trees. ( alT. d See Iant gale talTed' See Ianti gale. Rapid City, . D. "-

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