The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on February 11, 1898 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1898
Page 4
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Tllli. DAILY I'lONKER-TIMEB.FKIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1898. I Dr. Uattfs. dsutUt, over Rosenthal's . U.lhlim t. ... CKOW'N A NO nRlDO.K 1 wok:,. y.iP! for fin.' his. Usut WlUls. who arrived Wadaaa dsy. has greatly Improved tha alnglng of the amy. uWsnted A first class girl tor general housework a. Mrs. R. M. Male ney'a, Lincoln avenue. Nona other need apply. Watch for akatlng tonight Tha proapect la good that tha lea will ba la ipp ran St auy foot to perfection, Ul-UUM U1NXS USTTER VALUK .'Oil YOUR MONEY THAN ANY OTUKK HOUSE. STEARN S DIAMOND COAL IS THE UK8T. It you want tha bast of meats call at Fargo'a market in ths First ward Ws have oysters, fish, calsry, poultry I.. Si"frii iruitlic safrs. lock. ftunn, htrvrli'., iMiiik, rutlrry. etc. lit- itiutiU (rniral lodging houe i.n.r 7iH-klr'ri u.aiki't) ban been put i .ta -m. Liebmann s condition for afternoon and evening. snd everything la ths market Wa Ths avsrags person's stomach la hU will piesas you svsry Urns. tf. 1NVENT0KY CLKARIHO. Enough odds snd ends la Msa's Shirts colored bosom and white body, idol. About all wa havs la taia Ufa la what ws sat Wo carry nothing with us whsa w die, consequently It la nat In liibt rluHk kbai! and ta now uuder ih manitRfiUi'nt of Mra. Kun. Oood rlmn 1"'! 25 and 5 rns. it For cl.'jinnt .Uppers go to Zlpp'a. Home mad apple butter and mince im-at, in pint Manou Jar, at Dradwiiod Cn.h Gnxvrjr. ULEA.RANCK SALS Of Inventoried Odda and End ta to give you a good pick at manufacturer's prices. Men's Trousers, great values, fashionable goods and Iminansely reduced price. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. TRY STEARN'S DIAMOND COAU Freeh cut flowara and floral designs ural that wa want tha beat wa eaa gat; it la also naturd that tha public pat ronlBS tha Palaoa Cafa. where tha bast meals ta town ara served. Wall, I've beaa there. Where, mama? Why down to Chaas'a whars they all chsap, and they do Just what thsy say they do, and there la ao humbug about It Thsy wsro gstUng la asw goods all ths Una I waa there, aad thars ware people baring from all over this town. They have eome beautiful dree goods and thslr shoes ara from SO osats to a dollar leas than I havs beea paying, aad It la only a taw sups dowa thars, Why, I could aa tha alga Chase's Whsrs Thsy 811 Cheap from way up town. Wm. A, Ksllar, capuia ot tha Dead- for any occaalon at Mra. Llebmann'e. if Ths Palace Cafa. Le street The bat druggist In tha city no owna Stein's store. Olve Llm a call and you will bs convinced, tf Main Street Deadwood, S. D. 22 YEARS-- Of Constantly Incroaaing Businosa la not tha result ol aooidont or Good Lack. 22 YEARS-iv Of BttadfAst adnaranoa ol tha prtnclploa of Quality Flrat of opanadfaoad, clean cut, unmatchablo Prices on our UNION MADE CLOTHING, Oraralla and ahlrta of sterling merit have brought this result and anooaaa. WE NOW OFFER At Greatly Reduced Prices all Heavy Clothing, Boys Clothing. Working men's Pants and Shirts, Blankets, Gloves, Zlittena and Caps. Also Our Entire Line of ... . WOOLEN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY, But tha Grandest Offer of tha year la our Closing aalt of Overcoats and Ulstqro For lien and Eoya. Xt Snows no Equal. ' ' "We Aim to Please and do it. Tha Bradly-MartJn ball of N. T. waa ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. de lb Byndicet restaurant advertisement In thess columns. BLOOM'S THE MOST RELUBLai HOCSt IN DUADWOOD. Go to McGlLL'S fur HAY, GRAIN, and ROCK SPRINGS and DEER CREEK COAL. Prompt delivery. Tel ephone No. 134. TWO LlC MAPS FOR SALE. A. D. WILSON. Wagner Bros' Palace cale, on Las street is ths place to get th finest meats, vegetables, sntrles and railahas, served In the city. Everything Is served bot and prepared to ault tbe moat faetldeoua taste. Ths best cup ot oof fss or tsa In ths city. Ths Joaaw Uui v.u C.i Mb4ay u'gia Dr. L Miliar, formsrly ot Chicago, dsvoua his uuumasa attention to tas curs ot toug-siauauig and nervous diseases ol tueu and woman, slaving as ywiouce ne cut as rneuuiauaui, aiaiu weeing, aeiaiua, tit Vitus Oaucs, guitar pit, and aiaaaaee ot the atomaou, casst, thioa', noea, ate Tha reauiu (I treaunent guaranteed In all cases. Consultation tiee and confidential at On-more. Wedneaday, Feb. 1$, from 1 to I p. u. oLDfl AND ENDS We have just receivrd a very Fine Line of Silks tn patterns rof street &nd evening wear, also a Fine Line of. . . , ; Iridescent Tnmnangs Mousahne de Soie And late Novelties in Ttmmmgs all to match the Silks. Un Hand Complete Line of . . Kid Gloves In Evening Shades and Street Colors wood Foot hall club, ysatarday purcnu ed from Dr. J. A. Harding, ths stock of clgara, coafsUoasry. etc., that formerly bsloagsd to Charias tkalea, ths colored man kaowa as "ICloodiks,"wao bb1bsbb aaippsd out about a weak ao. Mr. Ksiiar wta build up ala stock cad sos duct business at ths teat kous c Dr. Harding's lot tha aoelatjr event of The opening ballot tha Olympic Club of Deadwood, will b tha Racharcha svsnt of 191. Wa ara prepared to? tha occasion. Full dreaa suits, latla llnad tad tha vsry lataat cuts, full draea aackwaar.full draaa shirts. Tha vsry lataat In collars, and tha haw styls link cuffa tor draaa waar. Patant leathar shoes, daae-leg pompa.full draaa cheat protector, Tha Ausricaa Eiprsos company, tor zn I in t . " t . i t 1 - 1 the benefit ot lu patrons la ths First ward, haa established a branch money order usee at J. W. Far go's a tor. Money orders will bs sold aad cash ad aad traveler's checks may hs pro cured. I-10-lt Reeldenta ot lakeside complaia that several resldsnts along ths west snd VanBuren atreet do not clean the aaow StJTSViJlfcta aTarythlng guaran- i off their sldswslks and It la dangerous ted strictly up-to-date. to walk along thsr. The walk la oa At BLOOMS'. ths shsdy slds of ths street where the Of our Inventory In men'a auita at a aavlng ot su cenu on the dollar to be Imuei'.lately cloaed out ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. ETFor Sale A Cns matched driving team, S and 7 years old. Dr. A. H. Bowman. Pay twenty-five cents and hear a fine mualcal program followed by dell-clouc rsfreshmenta. Fab., 15th, at Mrs, W. L. McLaughlin's residence. I' For Sale A hoaae and lot, desirably located In ths First wsrd. Enquire of John Baggaley. Have you tried the new Swan'a Down sun doe not melt the snow. Mr. 8 tarn auatslned a hard fall thars a few days sgo and others havs taken tumbles. Flour. There la nothing to equal It Try a each and you will uae no other. "he ladlee ot Ht Joha'a Episcopal Sold by all grocers In Deadwood. Mewtk-ia LEADER Children and adulu tortured by church will glvs a mualcal at tha home of -r. W. L. McLaughlin Tuesday evening, Feb. lita. The program wu, Is Larger and More Complete Today Than Ever Before. Is given by some of our beat singers burna. sealda, lnjurlca, eetema or akin diaeaaea may eeuure Inatant relief by ualng DeWltfi Witch Huel Salve. It ta the great Pile remedy. N. B. Frauk Un; K. O. PhlUlpa. ard will bs followed by refreshments. I. RICKS ,ftfS!'",, Low P Coe A Edmonds, real tt agents, DON'T OET LEFT, IF YOU HAVE yesterday sold ths little home on upper Chsrles street, known aa tha Deffasach home to Mrs. Msry F. Flng, for 11,100. mi NOT OOT A TICKET IN BLOOM'S KLONDIKE ENTERPRISE BUY 13.00 Dr. Johnson, the celebrated Chadron osteopath, will be In this city Friday and Saturday of this week, to attend the Shrine meeting. He will be glad to meet anyone wishing to consult him at the Bullock hotel. Consultation free. It la not often that a phytlciaa rscom mends a patsnt medicine; when h does, you may know that It la a good one. Dr. J. P. Cleveland, Olaigow, Va. writes: "I hav uaed Chamberlain's Colic, Cholora and Diarrhea Remedy Dr. W. Stuart Leech, of Brooton, In Addition to our Large Assortment of S:!t K:r.rxn, Tln:rs, Stctss, Cytlery snd Spsrtlnj 6c:i!s. Wo A'ao Carry Fall lint of Iron, Steel, V7ood Stock, Bellows, Anvils, Vises, Wheel Barrows, Powder, Fuse and Gaps WORTH AND OET A CHANCE OF A FREE TRIP TO TH3 KLONDIKE. Minn., arrived yesterday to tak In ths Ights of the northern Hills. Hs may The People'e Grocery on Sherman decide to Invest In mining property. Dr. Leech Is s nephew of Sam Houston i itreet, for grocarlea, produce, treah and aalt moata. Quick aalM and email who died at Portland aeveral year ago proflta ta their motto. lu my practice and it has proven to b Miss Co has Just completed paint Prices tlio Loucst Goods tho Best. 1 na greater Includea the leaa. Hood'a an excellent remedy, where a thorough course ot medlrins has failed with ms I recommend It to my patients every ing a lot of beautiful Utt favors for a Valentine party to bs given by her sunt Mrs. J. D. Warren, of Wauwatoaa Saraaparilla curea hip dlaeaaa and acrofula aorea and It may be depended G. A. GRIFFITH HARDWARE CO. The RED ANVIL. time for chollc or diarrhoea. " Many upon to cure bolla and pimple and OF DEAOWOOD. SOUTH DAKOTA --sBBsmBBBt- XT-nAted. States 33e-postoxT 0A1B PAXO XV, $100,000 . . . . . SURPLUS, $160,000 Wis., who visited hsr sister. Mrs Cos, here lsst summsr. Ths favjrs arc In othei progressiva phyn ,ans rscom humora of all klnda. C23.ex-X33.cxzi. Ot, Deadwood, mend snd uss this rsmedy, because It riood'a PUla are tha favorite fatally ths shaps of cuplda, for tha gentleman always cures and cures quickly. Get cathartic. Cure atck headache, break up a cold. and floral designs tor ths ladles. Thsy are painted In water colors, and ara a bottle and you will have aa excelleat J sxauEOTeai. T. J. HUM. S4BEB, . 1. OCSBUBST. D. A. kfoPBBB-JOM. O. i. SAUSBUBT, HAVE YOU OOT THE KLONDIKE very pretty. doctor la the houss, for all bowel com plalnta, both tor children and adulta. OT3TIOS3W. a. liUIDOI ; OMhlw D. A. MoMEMOB I A man named Cunningham, who haa FEVER? IF YOU HAVE BUY 13 WORTH AT BLOOM'S AND OET A Col. M. H. Day returned yesterday been driving a team for Mra. Ed. Qou- Capt Sherrltt of the Salvation Army who haa a well developed case of brain from Southern California, whars hs CHANCE IN FREE TRANSPORTA YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Wm. Moshsr wu up from Chadron lsst svsntag. lette, at BlacktAtl. wu brought down spsnt a coupl ot wssks visiting with fever, wis taken to the Kilters' hospt TION. THE CHEAFEST HOUSE IN TOWN. to St Joseph hospital yesterday to ra- his family. Mr. Day want to Rapid la I tal yestsrdsy. cetve treatment Mrs. Msrritt Is a pa the svsnlng. W. J. Dunovan. ot Dea Motnfj, la., Ouy Knowle has secured a position Whooping cougr la tha moat dlatreai Ths Olympic association ysstarday Is la ths city. aa bra?reman on the B. M. road, hli lng malady; but lta duration can be 0 Psrl W. Keen, of Chicago, Is a visit Meat at that Institution, having symptoms ot pnsumonla. J. S. Btsvsnson, chemist ot ths cyanide plant is also a patient at tha hospital, bsln-j treated old love, and will make his Initial trip cut ahort by the uae of One Minute Cough Cure, which la alao tha beat or la ths city. today, going out on 304. rscsivsd from ths sast a number of pieces ot slsgaat asw furniture for ths asw quarter. Two beautiful aad very costly Smyrna rags wars pnrchassd tor Col. W. B. Kei:r returned to Hot All members of ths South Dsadwood FOOLED You will be if you buy anything but the Genuine Springs ysatarday. for atomach trouble. There ara eight patients at present all of whom are Hoss Co are urged to meet at ths par known remedy for croup and all lung and bronchial troublea. N. B. Franklin; K. O. VhtlUpa. C D. Jacobl, ot Red Wing. Minn, sr doing nicety. ths reading and card rooms. Ths baths havs been completed aad ths details ot ths elegant quarters ara complste. Ths rived la ths city ysatarday. lore at 10 o'clock a. m. to attend the funeral of ths late Barney Klernan, a brother fireman. W. B. Tyler, Fore Mra. R. C. Barnard win give laasoni J. M. Harshbsrgsr, ot Leavenworth, 0 Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Mason wars at home oa Wedneaday evening to a larg number ot their lady aad gsatls- maaagsmsnt Is bow directing its To-Night Bornpani. Present "A Uors Leva" Ladles Free Night. Kan., waa aa arrival raaterday. man. efforts to arrangements for ths grand Mra. Emma Burrhua went to Chad- A bill for an ordinance to prevent tn art needle work at her home, VI Stewart atreet, on Tueadaya, Thura-daya and Satttrdaya, Inataad of at tha Bullock houl aa haratotera. I DEC K7lfll ROUND OAK maa friends. High Flvs waa tha prtn Inaugural ball oa ths llth last Tick roc yesterday to stay a taw days. crowds gathsrlng on ths streets wat Introduced at tha meeting ot ths city clpal amusement ot ths evening aad i may ba had at ths Amcricaa Ix Miss Kate Brock left yesterday for Omaha to rsmala with hsr mother. council Tuesday ntght It It Is intend ARE YOU QOINQ TO THE KLON i i ths playing wu animated aad vsry aa-tertalnlng. Thar war about forty ftrsssnt Mrs. Cans won ths lady's Dr. W. B. Smith, ot Sturgts, was la ed to suppress ths Salvation Army it DIKE THIS CPRINOT IP SO BUY prsss offics, Amsrlcaa National bank, oounty auditor's offics, county treasurer a offics, B. Vaa Clas's offlcs, Mania Mason's offlcs and Frank McLaughlin's office. ths city on his way home from Oalsna. may as wall be tabled. 13.00 WORTH AT BLOOM'S, YO" prlss and Mr. Wuhabaugh las gsnts' rienry O. Wear, the wsll known cat Doctor 0. E. Johnson, of Chadron, MIGHT BE ABLE TO 00 WITHOU r 4. prtss. Aa slsgaat lunch wu srvd, tle mu arrived from Sioux City y eater tha successful nstsopsthlc practitioner, ITS COSTING YOU A CENT. C such u ths charming hostess always latter has bssr. rscsivsd from Jos day. See the Name on the Lex it you want to be certain. SOLD ONLY BY ... . AYRES & WARDMAN HARDWARE CO. What ploaiura la there In Ufa with a prsparss at hsr parties. will corns up on Friday to ths masting of ths 8hrtnsrs and return on Saturday at utx o'clock. Hs will bs at ths b. K. Jone. or Jersey city, was s Sulcus, who want to Alaska last fall la tha Interests of W. B. Adams, stat 3 headache, coaattpation and blltoua-neeaT Thouaonda experience them prominent arrival ta the city yester ing hs has sscursd a good plsce ot 4- day. Anyons Purchasing a Reserved Seat Brotherhood ot It Andrews' lectors at Bt John's Episcopal church tonight Friday, at I o'clock. Tha Hon. O. U Plnkham, sx-auperlntendent ot public ground and la getting la shaps to take r. C. Oegood, traveling representa Bullock hotel. This Is not aa advsr tlssmsnt for ths doctor, but Information which many may bs glad to receive. out lots ot money. Tom Sparks, Oso. Ticket caa Reserve a Beat tor a Laay Free ot Charge. j who could become perfectly healthy by ualng DaWltt'a Little Early Rlaeri, the famoua Mttla pllle. N. E. Frank Un; K. O. PhlUlpa. tive ot ths Rand Powsr Drill company, Oatas aad thslr party, who want Into Instruction, will lecture oa "The Math arrived yesterday. 0 nFAnWOdD. SOUTH DAKOTA the Xlondlks last tall, sold thslr sup Josspk P. Butterflsld, ot Chicago, aa How happy you look, Mrs. At Wsll, ply ot provisions for tl 1,000 la cash od ot Intellectual Culturs by Perioral Effort" Prof. Plnkham will explain tha system ot university extension s-tenaivs owner ta ths Hardin and i Mrs. J., I havs savsd ovsr six dollars by waiting tor Chase to get his asw aad hsva returned to Dyss. Mrs. Kal socats companlss arrlvsd yssterdsy to you take not A Gold Wetah will bs Olven Away sa lax has rsoslvsd a letter from Mrs. R. work. The professor Is a vsry bright look after his Interests. vantage of tha Inventory Clearance stock of dry goods. You kaow whsa ha flrat opened, ha didn't know wheth McLachlaa stating that hsr husband ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS and pleaaaat appearing gentleman and Mrs. Oso. F. Davis, wits of the res Saturday Night Candy Matins urday Afternoon at I o'clock. Sals at ones. DAILY HONEER-TIMES writes that himself and brother Will, AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER tS er to keep dry goods or all gsnUemea's ident agent ot the Adams Bxprsss com no doubt his Iscturs will bs very Interesting. All crs cordially Invited to MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY, ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. Don't annoy other by your cough pany, left yesterday for Omaha, to are working near Dawson, making 1I.B0 a day .but aha did not state what HENCE ASK FOR IT. com aad hear him. wear, but his trade haa been ao good that he haa added a lovely line of dress goods, and really aa good aa assort spend a two weeks' visit with hsr par Eatare4 M aeccnd-elaaa matter at the Da4voo4 poanaSoa. hs Is doing. Hs said flour sells for lag, ana ma tour lire by negietclng a ants. J. 8. Orable, superintendent ot the Henry R. k Malipo3 J. H. Graham, D. D. 8., dental par- 160 s hundred pounds. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Bolay and dsugh Union Hill company, paiaed through cold. One Ulnute Cough Curs cures coughs, colds, croup, grippe and all lore over Flrat National bank. Dead- tr, lezt last svsnlng for Omaha. Ths the cLy yeeterdy so route to Lincoln, wood. Crown and bridge work a spe throat and lung troubles. N. E. Frank NOTICE HOOK AND LADDER. THE CITY. young lady's health la vsry poor and cialty. Un; K. Q. Phillip. Mrs. Boley will tak hsr to Artsooa A thrill of terror la experienced wheii msnt of s very thing the ladlea Ilka to look at as there are la ths Hills, and real nlos stylish asw patterns. OL! I do like to trade at a new store where you haven't got to be shown all their old stock, and you know their prices on everything Is wsy down and H ta only a few steps below ths Bulloch Hotel. providing sbs eaa endure the trio. Nsb. Hs says the recent troubles ot hie brother will not affect ths plans of ths company la ths least but that operations will continue probably oa a larg er scale than heretofore H says his Why do ws all trade at tha People' a braaay cough of croup sounds through Mr. and Mrs. W. B. J Ma, of Chicago. Member of tha Deadwood Plonerr Hock and Ladder Co will meat at parlors at 10 o'clock la uniform to attend ths funeral of our late brother flrsmsa Barney Klernan. W. H. Moors, Fore Orocery. on Sherman street T Why, the bouae at n'sht. But the terror who kav beea Halting with hsr par- beeauee we eaa do much batter there There axe thiee little thing which do mora work than any other three little thlnp eraatrd the are tot ant, tha baa and DaWltt'a Little Early Rla- soon change to relief after Ons Min sats, Mr. aad Mrs. D. C. Boley, aboat brother Francis C. Orabls hu furnish sad at the same tires get a fresher and ute Cough Curs has been administered. a wssk, rstarnsd horns ysstarday, Mr. ed every dollsr to defray ths sx pen see man. better clasa of goods than at most of Sate and harnlea for children. X. V aad Mrs. Jsss wsr married on ths Ind of ths company tor sons Urns past aad ara. tha but being tha famous little ths other stores. 1-tt-lm PhlUlpa; N. 3. Franklin. Inst at Chisago. If ths company would pay him what It TO TRADE rOR DEADWOOD PROP owes him hs would not bs distressed. Jaa. M. Bailee Una, of Boise City, After years of untold suffsring from pllea. B. W. Pur 11 ot Knltasrsvllls. ERT. STEARNS DIAMOND COAL 18 A.ard4 HlfiMst Honors-World's Pair. Odd MsdaJ, Midwinter Fair. Idaho, who haa sees spending a eoupls THE BE8T. pilla tor itomach and liter troubles. K. . PhUlips; N. B. Franklin. Veterinarian Treacy atteada Dead-wood tha flrat Taeedc? of each month. Telephone Ft Mead. NS14 Section II, T. 104, R. , sear Kimball. B. D. Houss and lot pratsred. Che. C. Boh), of this eity, aad Mrs. Mlnnts Clyde, ot Leal were married Pa- wss cured by using a single box of DeWltt'e Witch Hasel Salve. Skla dla ot wsks with his brother-in-law., su psfintendeet F. C. Smith, of ths Oold "Money Is a little magaxInepubUahed eases auch aa ecsema. rash, plmplee FRED B. HARRIS, Syndicate Block sa Reward company, left yeeterday for In New York, but It cannot tall you any mors about spending or ssvlng money Wlahae to anaoBBes te ths pwblls last oa or about February lOU, bs wCI opsa a first clsss mstropoliua amis houss la the rooms formerly sees sled by 0. Nelson, astt to Amsrlcaa Nafta alBank. ' ' Ra will keep ta stock any atustesi lnatrunsnt Craca a jevs-karp to s church ptps-orgaa. One aalt of tai pleaaaat stors room will ee eosepteK by Flshsl A Co, while the other will M loaded from fioor is selling with svsrv thing la ths musts Has by Mr. ds Ms-Ugnoa, Hs also makes a sts-lalty et tuning, tonsltg aad rsgvlatlag, aad re pairing all kinds ot mtnleal testrs menu. Give him a sail and be eoavlassd that ba not only ksepe a tae assert-ment bot ta also muter ot kts art DOUBLB EN0UiirVl0Li.:r Always trssa cut, tSe te tl per kaa-Orders by. m&fl or t&nriee afsscpt ly Clsd. sad obstinate sores are readily sural Wedneaday evening by Rev. Lin doer-far, German Lutheran minister of Rap-Id. Ths ceremony took plaos at ths horn ot Mr. aad Mrs. Bohl oa WO on Chicago. Mr. Ballenttns had a very by thU, famous remedy. K. O. Phillips TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Wa are aaxlou to do a UtUa good In this world and can think of no pleas aatar of better way to do It than by N. E. Franklin. sajoyabls visit aad Is favortbly 1m pressed with our country. Chambsrlala's Cough Rsmedy Is ths llama street aad wu witnessed Vy tas relstlvss aa a few Intimate trlaada. raooumendlng Oas Mlnuta Cock Core host cough syrup ws havs ever used oarsslvse or la oar famlllsa. W. R. Mr. Bohl Is proprietor ot ths Pais M a 7TaaMva of pneumonia, aoasump ia ui Bthar serious lung trouble Bay. Dad. where did you get that new hat? It makes you look Un years younger. I bought It at Chase's where they sell cheap. They have Just received 100 dosea of ths latest styles. bssr hall, corner ot Mala aad Oold ta, and Is wsll kaowa aad highly sctesasd TUB MODERN WAT. Com rasa is Itself to ths wall-Infer iS. to de ptsaaaatly and eS actually waa. wu fonesrly doas la ths eradsst mat King. Issaa P. Xing and many othsrt ta this vicinity, havs also pronounced it Us best All w wast Is tor psopls to try K aad thsy will bs eoavlncsd. than I eaa because tha Ark la the plsce t. spend It and aavs It, too. See the Syndicate reetaurant'e BUI of Fare elsewhere In thee eolnmna. ANNUALLY. After taking Inventory ws dtsposs ot all our odda and anda. Wa hsva big value In a few overcoats. ROSENTHAL'S PALACE. A customer said:" I have hat tha bast meat ainee X have bees buying ot rarge, that I have had far a yr." la this city. Ths brtds li wsa aad fa tut foUoir lrclacUd eolds. K. 0. PhiiHpa: K. V. Franklla. XITSiLL VALUJ2S, and they are selling theta tor oea-aaJ sar aad dtatirsoably aa U, Te vorably kaowa la Lsad City. Oa la Isss than you eaa gat them for any Upon honor, thsr Is ao better that ws sister of sSra, Oso. t Uigur, of Deed slsaase tie arsten aad brsak up telds where alas. aavs ovsr trisd, and we have tissd wood. Tks many trunda of Mr. aafi With UUIs ado axe dlipoaal of our aaBaal lavsatorp SIsertas W headaekse, aad twven wlthvswt caplf ast after sete. cse tts iCttat n "Ij jrf" 0 m ii" BBBBBBBejBBBe-a. A Pm 6nss Crsata si Tartar Fsps. crWanted Poeltion. by wall adeeatad Mrs. BcU txite wttS. thslloaaor-Tlaas many kiads.-R. A. BLAKE 4 SONS. young man, la ecae or store. Address Osasral tacteata, -Bla Ttmesl, Ta, ta g sc&grsttJaUoaa sad host Id laaarTe n-f'r. f?rf et ftgs, tBunaass Bargalaa la UBflarwear. gjOgSBfTBAVt PALAC. F. E., this eSsa, Bald by all trnc-1. wUhsa tor iUSr faturs axn-asea. 4A V2AM Tt!3 STAfTrt I m 1 . t '

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