The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on May 20, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PI01TBBB TIMES, 8ATUBD43T MORNING, MAY 20, 1899. uinmniiiiiniiT niimm-itt-TifT .... ..... . . MINES AND MINING. I WATCHES, DIAMONDS, I X e : THE BIO MINING DEAL. CASH TALKS I i i X : ..Fine... Solid Gold Jewelry, Blackills Gold Rings, Sterling Silver Novelties. At Special Prices for the Next 20 Days now thinking of putting In another. Mr. Young states that the property continues to look favorably, although the company has not yet resumed shipping. That will not be done until the shaft Is completed to the 200-foot level. Lee Berriman left Deadwood yesterday for Weiser, Idaho, where he goes on a prospecting tour. He expected to be Joined at Hill City by Henry Johnson of that place. Their destination is really the foothills of the Little Bicterroot mountains, where they are somewhat acquainted with the country, and where they believe they can make a hit. Mr. Berrl- We have got the goods and want your trade. Come and see us, we will treat you right. y Ayres & Warflman Hardware Co.; TOMBSTONES There has been, a great deal said la Dead wood within tbe last two or three days concerning the consideration in the big transaction consummated Monday between the Dead-wood ft Delaware Smelting company and the Golden Reward Consolidated Jlining and Milling company, anu a number of statements have been made with simulated authority, placing the price alleged to have been paid at figures ranging all the way from a million and a half to two million dollars. The Pioneer -Times has it fron headquarters that this Is all purely fueeework. The price paid was big i enough, though, Inasmuch as it bought tbe most valuable improvements ever made In tb? Bkck Hills excepting alone the Improvements on the Home-etake Mining company's property. The Deadwood ft Delaware Smelting company's possessions in the BlacS Hills were not only extensive In point of acreage, out they Included a world of ore, and the improvements were Of the most substantial nature lmag inable. Tbe matter of the combination of tbe two great Interests has been re ceived with some misgivings on the part of a great many In the Black Hllto, but It would seem that this Is unwarranted. The Deadwood ft Dela ware company has provided a market for ores and also for mining ground on the siliceous belt, and has proven. of a vast benefit to the owners of mining ground In this way. It has paid good prices for the ground It has purchased and has treated the miners and prospectors of the country with the utmost fairness and liberality. There has always been a sort of com petition between the two companies In regard to buying mining ground, and If a mine or prospect owner could not obtain the price he thought , MONUMENTS Foreign and American. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Arc You Marblk and Granite DEADWOOD, s. d. i Oi Fine weather has come at last, and now is the time to get that pair of summer Shoes. k includes all of the latest and . neatest summer footwear. No where can you find the same goods for less money. We always lead when it comes to Good Shoes at Low Prices, and our stook is the freshest as well as tbe largest in the Bill. Go to oiiucs vvun a Reputation. Our Boys Seal'Skin Seamless : at : A. F. SNYDER Main Street. IKON FENCING T TT AVT- J n, LALii, Agent eeeeeeeeeeeee TTTX1 I VERPLAST. liorman St. W SHOES Are noted lor their wearing qualities excellent for school wear. L. C. .SJo. OO was right from one company he had tbe privilege of negotiating with the other, and It is argued that this competition baa been done away with by tbe amalgamation of the two great concerns. These fear would seem apparently groundless upon serious consideration. The Black Hills has reached a stage where it is no longer necessary to depend upon any single medium for advancement. No single agency can retard the progress of the country to any eonsidersible extent at this time. Jlu to the matter of selling prospect boles, it Vs not likely that the Dead-wood ft Delaware company would bare made many more purchases, even bad ft continued in tbe mining business, as ft had about all the ground - I.nuld hare handled within anyrea-eenabls Sth of time. And as to the matter of a for th reion of custom ores of Blck mUt n ' not likely that any nwtcHal chn6 will fcermad In the aew7', exlBt' Ing nwtfcofl of tmying ore. v Black Hills Institute man la oonsiaeraDiy incerestea in Black Hills mining property, and he expects to return at some time In tKe" future to do something with his possessions. Charles Upham of Keystone, who jPent day In the city, stated that he had seen some of the ore from the new gold discovery on the Carr property, near Custer, and he conceded that It was the finest he had ever seen, not excepting that taken from the Holy Terror when It was a specimen producer. It is nothing uncommon, heetat ed, to see fragments of the ore half as large as a man's hand containing nuggets of gold as large as small hickory nuts. The discovery was made nine miles southwest of Custer, on Lightning creek. "Keystone as a camp has settled down to a regular thing," said Charles Upham, one of the business men of that town, yesterday, In speaking of the place. "We have good mines there and we hare some good men at the head of them, and it is really en couraging to observe the way they are being handled. Business is good and we know from month to month Just what we can depend upon. The competition of the two big mines, the Holy Teror and the Keystone, has been a grand thing for that country." DISCOVERED tiY A WOMAN. Another great discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady in country. "Disease fastened its clutches up her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her v tal organs were undermined and death teemed Imminent. For three souths she coughed Incessantly, and coaid net sleep. She Anally discovered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us a uottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con-Eumptlon, and was so much relieved on taking first dose, that ahe slept all night; and with twob ottle, has been absolutely cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lnta." Thus) writes W. C Ham-nick ft Co., ot Shelby, N. C. Trial bo ties at Phillips ft Bteensen's Drug Si ore. Regular sixs 60c and f 1.00. Every boUle guaranteed. o COMBINED. The First ward meat market and the Cash Market," tbe new firm Is styled j, "Omaha Meat Market." They aeff townees and will do It too. Meat' a. OfflW1 prices, come and see un and get a pleasant surprise st No. 627 Main street DBY GOODS AT A SACRIFICE. The Liebmaan store, upper Main street, will be reopened Saturday morning, May 20 by J. C. Haines, who has purchased the ENTIRE stock, and will sell ft out at .greatly reduced prices. The goods have been marked down and will be so&d without reserve. Call early and secure choice. HB roOLEO THE BURGEONS. All doctors told Renlek Hamilton; of West Jefferson, O., after Buffering IS isonths from octal fistula, ha world cie unless a costly operation was pfr formed: but see ured himself with fir t oxes ot Buoklsn's ftrntos 81 vs la he World. 08 cents a box. Bold by Phillips Stsensen, Drug&lsta, , NOTICE OT EXAMINATION. hs Msnrfar 'examination for teach' en' certificate wfll be held at the office of the userlntenaent rrwaj and Saturday, June t and I. - ffTTnfnBrtM to? state certificates will be held at tbe same tana end place. KATE B. MTJKRIN, Superintendent of Schools. ths Appmra o? i ooat. ; Is savlet ay all poor dyspepUos whose ttoeaaca aae Uver ere out af Srder. AD vch saeole know that Dr. King's Ntw iifePtna, tat wonderful Stoataok ess liver Remedy. gives - a spleedls appetite, Mil direatioe sad a regular keaOy habit that tnavree' perfect Caaita aae gnat OF OSTEOPATHY Rooms 6 to 10 Olympic Building Deadwood S. D. E. P. WOOD, D. O. J. L. DENMAN, Secretary. J. J. BECKHAM, S. A. S. O. Prepared? w I e e : e ZIPP'S. eeeeeeeeeeeea PROPOSALS WANTBD. Proposals will be received upto and ln- dudios May 22, 1899, for the sinking of a baft m the property of the Detroit a DeadwMd Mining company, on City creek, to the depth of fifty feet. Plan and specl- flostloos nade knows by applying to James 8. Lawaon at the Otllinof hotel la Deadwosd. Tbe right to reject soy ana all bide k hereby reserved. ROBERT H. MURRAY, Baeretery. Oi ' BTDB WANTED. run .T. flt K. mlnJ m. a. mA In. HaMag. m.. ,899. t u,, dtirlnc of a toBJVt eraaacuU a dlatanoe of savaa vnnA sswww avvvw w Maw y a vy f aw earw troit s Deadwood Mining comseny. City creek, Deadweed. Plane and saedflcatlona mar be sees sy applying to James B. Law-aoav Gllhnors house. The right to reject aar and all aids Is expressly waintt K. R. M CURAT. Secretary. Hanie Waner MfteMjiiu. Will receive PTJPTL8 tn Vocal and Instrumental Muslo at her reaktsnos. Na 20 Denver Avet. Deadwood, & IX Fall Line oL CAMERA'S AND SUPPLIES. AT Fist-el's Bazaar, 663 Main St. Aetna . Powder Co. Dynamite and Black Powder, :". Fuse 1 and Capsr ; Electric Batteries, : : Battery Supplies, TELEPHONES: Black Hills 155. Harrison 98. Treat all narrow end chronic dlaieswa such as llrer, kidney and atomsoa I trouMw rheumstiam, St. VKua daaa and In fact, meat ot the allmenta ta V which the peoela of this aeothn era hetr. We benefit about 90 per ceat 1 of all ehroaleaffeetlDaa abandoned aa locurable brother aritema of treat I meat while IS per cent, of theta we curs and lajurs none. I BRANCH OFFICE BRETTELL BL0GK LEAD CITY, S. 0. it seems almost assured that tbe 0ew oonJibinatiMi wHl be Instrumental In securing" the construction of a railroad to the Galena .and ' Strawberry fulcb wines, and this In Itself, will be a partial compensation for any disadvantages that may be entailed. It will be the means of opening up a section of the Hffls that Is conceded to be rich In gold end . other metals-re consummation that has been waited upon for years, and that might have been postponed indefinitely under any other conditions. The property owned "by" the Deadwood A -Delaware cora-anT in that part of the country 1s 'A NOTI OH, CONTRACTORS. Sealed btda wlU bo received up to I o'olock p. m. May II, 18, for the sree- Uoo and completion of a three-story mad basement stone ladles' dormitory buUdlog, to be erected at Spearfish, Lawrence ooun-' ty. South Dakota, for the resento ot edu cation of South Dakota. Plans and sped- ncstlont can b seen at tbe office of John W. Qlbba, areMUet, Cotton Andrews building. Lead, 8. D. The right Is rs-aerved to reject any and all blda Cea-tractors win submit bids on Masks far- l.V V a a . m. a M S. a a Si - -M v, mrauw ui wu Bm n- to H. H. Btalr. Bk Petat. I. or left with 1. W. Olbba. arcaMsat, ss mey asa be forwarded in Urns to reach Blk Point by I o'clock of the flat say ot May, 1899. JOHN W. GIBBS, (5-ll-Ut) ArcMteoL o SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE ORES. The smelter wHl give special ratea npoa low grade ores where they are rot of an especially andeslrabls ctMur- acler. If the ore to low In allies, like certain Carbonate Cams, Galena and Lead City ores, we will make a corres pondingly low smelting rata so that eras running but 18.00 or tlt.00 saay be mined at a profit Call at the work or farther Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Gen. Manager. "NOTICB. Ladles and lKtusekeepers, remember to have your feather beds, pillows and maM tresses cleaned op before I leave town. win only remara bars to June 1. Please let me havs yea orders. , F. W. J PBUPHR. "J Overland Booss. Bbsrmaa Bt 8UBUHBAN RESIDENCE FCH 8ALB AT A BAROAIN. Qood. eubetanitlal g-coom trams bouse, oaDar, fire aorea ground three-aiiaTtteni of aa sere feoced and planted to vhOes, asdjototng tbe Peck gar den: for saw cbxxto. Ywxm W. Rus- seU- , . . - --rr- NOnCa TO SETTLE. ' v : AH osrtles knowing themenrves In debted to me are requested to eaJl and aettls their aooounls wkh me aft onca (U , . ; IL LIEBMANN WANTEDr-iA HEAVT TEAM. I want to buy a good pair of bloeky draft horsm al be sorad and weigh not less thaa X.00. , Can at Deadwocat I j 1 C. L. SlEWERS, Gunsmith, Locksmith, BICYLCES, HEADQUARTERS FOR" nd BICYCLE SUNDRIES. The Most Complete Bepair Shop in the HlU' known to be among the most valuable In the country, but tt has been taapos-eibls to do anything with. It as lent, as the ore could not be hauled out. 'i. The chief object of the Golden Reward securing possession of the Deadwood ft Delaware company's nroDerty was that IC might reduce some of It Bald Moiiltaln ores that cannot be treated by the other pro cesses satisfactorily. ' :' The company had tbe matter of erecting a smelter of Its own under serious consideration Cor a long time ju these ores bad to be let lie, whereas wtth a' smelter they could be bandied to advantage. There was, a large, amount ot ore on the company's ground that could not be treated by chlorinaUon except at a loss. This loss . will bare been en tirely overcome by smelting, and tt to not believed that the country -to go ing to suffer by tt ; ; 8. E. Young, superintendent for the Crown Hill Mining company was la the city yesterday and the day before, procuring supplies for the . machine drills In ; the Spokane mine. The coTrpnny lias had air drills at work ,vunnnnniuuuvwwinruvrinnivrijvuuuu 1M L V On all personal propfj unredeemed pledges atsur prisingly low prices. j tni DeiiiDOi Lou OfflcM OANtU S - M A. --sSi- W ., I We E. ADA1IS , COMPAHT. 4b Detroit shaft, Dublin, S. D. t . . otratjb. rfvuvrwanAJVinnAnriwvvi rvuvvvvvvvvwwnrinnvfvvvvinru !i t'.tj mine for some time, and Oalr Xt at rwhps ft Btaeaaoa.

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