The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 18, 1900 · Page 13
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 13

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1900
Page 13
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THURSDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1900. LOST. Portland mine check No. 177. amount $70 f ior of S. Dinniek. is lost. Payment has been stopped. N V Chapman. To convince you that we mean bti-iiRos, we will give you the cost i ark, so you can select any suit or overcoat you want at cost. Coupde-maiu i the mark. Chase's Dead- If mr , s k.4 rp'j V Who Are Thinking of Their THi; ItAlI.V IMOXEKli-TIMES, DEADWOO wool j ' 'a li !nl I , (,--! ma! K W lion v.lll s,. to Ona-.-- io leiy elotliius: the- 1 ,i '. a -1 1 -1 .i I s.i lc i hi ini'Mi;il and j - .i! , n" L, - pa n ' - ;'.! "i"n and I 1 1 - i Fowcier i i; Cold Weather none so yCOOD ESTEY PIANO, Loth st i i.-hand tfl Fi ! 3 tiiswcar .m-v at H.,wi-V X.. '' V.v (.VW.W.V.V.V.V.'.V.V.V .'A i: .i,.. ;. I, j A Onamo for Sale. 1 Hi: AKOV OK iH'i! MOCHA ' 1 1 - ltru: . uy.anio 7 '" 1 1 1 - !i ' .em ! .1 V ('OKI':; IS I'NSCK- ! .!'. . .mi- :th e. "or an-: p-;s:::t TP.V I l' STANDARD : M.itiou iw tit.-, i. .id-. . ' i:. ' ' - ; ' i ; ': ri: v is - m:ii! N ST. I W.:1 I '! 'o: , ,i-!: CO oi .; - JS. M: , M. 1. 1 r i !;a - .u-t T I .1! I 'II A GREAT SLAUGHTER SALE WE CAN GIVE YOU AN IDEA AS TO THE PKOPER THING FOR THE REASON OUR NEW STYLES ARE ALL HERE AMD YOU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT. SEE OUR NEW. WITHIN REACH. ECAUSE of its low price Ivory Soap is within the reach of all. Besides its low cost it has the advantage that it is A Store of 0 Years Staromr Closmu 0..: i Is Mammntli Stud. .Hi! I ' ' ' i i an in-, v. ! :,:nl In ,iv la I:, a' - ,: IP'": f i 1 1 1 1 i . ai - oi , i in -; a n I a in! ina ' In 1 1 C a "d in ' 1 1 i i i ! . 11' 'A 1 1 - M n : '.; a I I II! : h;- .!-!. mi. !.- and mvit., in- I in I mini New $3.00 Shoe if in (if h:., w .ut'-r I entirely satisfactory for so many varied uses ; it will do the work of a half dozen kinds of soap each intended for a special purpose. IVORY SOAP IS 99".. PER CENT. PURE. Mi, a l.k. ly . ",1! r f: an la - : i C'i lip-si - ! !i v ei n out I: I ! th" only what IIIK1 !"'r: Anil the Red Cross Noiseless Footwear. Zipp Shoe Co. l in!i .i Ktemii td ,'. i-omi'letely rti- . . L"'. :il! i !.n-e- nf f.l-, th-it 1- why ' on. - " ' inn-! raw 5 :i ! I tr e--r i oi i am- J and snunie !o treiiMi s ufio ev.'rytlii n i; oll!"-t YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. .mill, w i . - , i ll.i linn i" "I i 1 1 1 - la! til!",, ... . w , ha'. d"' ided tn piai e " a entire stm k. in i ladiips 111.' IleW Mil KOOll.S Oil Mlk' a' ACTUAL COST. W" w ant no prolit on any of our tamds be! A oeU this and Novemher 1st. ' we are en!., too Klao lo set them off , our hanu so that the store can no, thru the no, essary itiiproveinents with a small stin k on hand to save us rent- ; ins other quarters and mucins while the work i4- h.'ins done. THE HOME OF THE GENUINE BARGAIN SEEKER will he at our store for the next (wen- ty days In the past twenty years we have had some sj eat sales hut thin will eclipse all former efforts on our part or on the part of any merchant in 1 he w . -,-t for our cut ire si ock. DRESS GOODS, incliidins our late pun hase for fall II ("lose of Kapiil i.- ill Ih- ' !l; 1 II. uir lt an. I V i -. M.'i'iill sins "I'll I.- i- o ikli v of Denver is at Hi" 1'iul- lilii" ami tin- ;,,,. .Mr. Port Marti & . Hi Ins li'!'- I"- 'I' lock ' " ' : p K Campbell of Mi'iU"! L- ;.t tin- 'pi. I .. .it "ill ! (.,. he fiil.) It in.iy b" laKi'n In all efin'l : ! i-nis .ma help 1m! il. yaa tiHi.t K'nk C. Phillip-'. It dull- the scyth. of Katle'i- Tine", drives awav wrinkles of appioachins old ,iii. the elixir of life, that puts maid rvi-n muli! ! Seebick jju0l ;.l th- l- i lv saloon in I .ad City. John H.-1'linj; !''ft for t Ii" i -'i i't i"ii iptur. d 11'" ;it Hi" riik.. walk cn official business., , onle.-i at th.- 'Labor Cian.l in I.Vuver C K. Scavcr of Hi" Shuvoiiut i. i." t . nit. i Oi hundred and fifty INl'ORTKK AND DKSIC.NICK1 OK hope in the human heart - Itm !:y Mountam Ti it. Ask your drns'si.-t . When you want to ,ko to Central, whether it lie day or nifdit. just KO over on the street and climb in Teller's hack. lira-p opportunity ready to your hand a l. I ) -M out h's Ark. and winter. A stock of these fjoods , I that will certainly cause your eyes to1 Gowns and sender. Prompt service. i u. i. to. i Th in- -i n.e: ir,. l . Anv hide wishin.s to so to Chicaso i , Is ilia aso or lae lain .. 1. .. , ,- I . I , . 1- 1 t ' hulse out in envy. You can pet your I choice of the lot for just about one-1 half tin ir usual retail price, until 1 1 1 1 ; . y- are sold. The earlier you come ; Kill.- pills Kai'. n ,1L u.1.1 e. am,i,-M i.. o. v... I .,s 1, Wi,,'s I.lnl.' vurlv U.-er. Kasv 1 ..'!'!,.. . I " 'o 'ak. N - v r srii.i' K::k (P I'lnilip- , ,, a , .,- (he stock to choose from YOI' Ml 'ST MM miss the Brand ,, wrM t,,.,,,,, ,l;l! i ,, Wo i w CLOAKS. SUITS AND JACKETS. ....Millinery. lull liiillHM-i-y opeiiins now on at th- , s h w ,., ;l , rn all, stop In tin-so jsoods we aiaj unsurpassed turned from Children lrs. ,. M. Prclsl'ord return.-, 1 tu her home in Hot Springs. R. M . Maloney wfiit down to Sln-i-p dan to look after his copper interest-Mrs. 1.. .1. Jacquet and son returned from Denver, when; they went with the excursion on the 1 1th. .James '! Wallace of Minneapolis K White of Taconai, and .1. ('.. Staling of eSaltlc are at the Pnllock. ' Miss l'lalt. who has been visit ins in the city the guest, of Mrs. own-. left for her home in New York City Mayor l-'ish and wife left, for I lot Springs. They also oxpei-i. !... i-d their daiialiter. Mrs. CaMnvli u-,iv Tilford, l.rfore returninir. Mrs. Culion left on lie K .v M ' for r.rnki ii l'.nw to join her lnr Lain! They , viei t to make tie ir hon-- in iljrailia in !!'." 1 .:t or". A, koimaii Milliner v pal lors. I. very P.. nun at. era,'. It huts c- ema aril ii. ! nana . ..n 1 tluus a, s;nipl .iniii"n-o HAlIdtOAD TlCKITl'S for man and i U-st of Attention MY SPECIALTY I M-oving I Heavy Machincrvl i ven to Ihiardiii,' H woman to St. Joe or St. l.ouis for ""' . ' ' . sab' at h:i!f price. Address Box 1 '' '' !: ,v ' !'"'"' "' :,l''! "'' S.s- Lead. S Ik If . - ' "" "' Ii' o'f- 'A'.'-'. Ha- I Mi-..;; I I ', i . of i a io,i, Pi .. ih, ,"n,,o", n DIO H'0( )! a i i i , I ;, ml ' ,, k"ii , n.i ' ..'" , o' ! )' ." 1 1 , !i! ., i ( 1 1 I i ' ( L ) w.i "T I i K . oltT i I GEO mm 1 1! arses. (Jet I'ri. os They ail so. and our customers are tl... otn . that reap the benefit. MILLINERY. In 'his department we can fit you out wi'h any thin-' your imagination . an i ,;".eoi o. and in tlii i cjieeial de-partn "' cost cuts no figure. CARPETS. CURTAINS AND WALL f PAPER. Vo , sot to La .-- a ii"',v i-pet :!,,.; i . . -nil.,' n.w , -i ! ta . n - and ynu ,,U'jL' !o !i ! ', o ou '.- Will: envoi', d .with ELNKCTS AND FLANNELS. 1 1 , 1 'ill"!;' I',: ! 'i I ....Feed, Livery and Transfer.... I 1kii tl:cl'i-t icadstiis in i lit- en v and am iirc';trr(l to !' i:k. v. i: i v i: ounl 1 , r"iin ml,"! "d 'I !." 1 oi" ,,!;; i - i .no,. lie lit iii. i .; o , : ' , am. I !,o L. -t . It i to y, ,r . n 1 lie s ! ! o r t o 1 liotivi r:'"- or -.tildle lior-c- 1 urn . l t ' ; i - ; 1 1 1 ; I y . I' D -in Harrison Phone IjI 539 Main Si. Old Phone 171 a. at THE CITY. --it'ti 'j.-ib.i X,.-ji...i.LIX','L!'. dii v in H ( ; I-', i a'li am nnd IL V, ILo 1; r Bmmcim3iaima t ! a . n IV: f, - llv Healthy p. op ! 1 1 1 1 . u a r.'u ii ; n; i -Ii i e a id potile find sood d:s. iSar'sanai ilia sies lln--o. CLOTHING (I . . a- and: of . " ;m i . i nf ! , lot '.. ' iili:, h wo p'a ! on our tilde-, only a few day..; as". with tlii- -!aushtor. the same n -- the new MO. of fall and w inter di e son,) -;. . MEN'S SUITS. S ; worth from !R.r,1 to ?2o oo will so ' arins this siilo at from I '. ' to $3 BOYS' SUITS win . we bousht. to sell at. from to - -i will so all the way from $1.2." ,, ,, : mm K h L PLiUo.-.. sood an I linUXHIaKCKirS CltKAM . OF H 1 1 WIH'AT CLOCK IS W1THUCT A I C , ii 1 I'KER-TRY rr. ST ANPAItn CASH on c.fcm I C.UOCKRV 4S SHERMAN STKKKT. j 1 ) .nt believe ail that is told you. i I- !'- , Lot mi ,-.!;. 1 si o eh. i. ' s clothing and load Hie pi i- oc It will surprise Mens Shoes for.Fall and Winter up. ma . os people lieall h a " I L ,'' ..ii (,, I only Hood - S:, k ll-ad.e !,- : ; I'illo EVERYTHING THAT ON IMAGINE, that it.:.! tho v.av of "losatit in , ! i . Pov. ti at A , i. ,-; ill -i HI, ' 1 i: 111! o do- o' fali op ' , oinnu ae. i ,--1- a d.o a 1 ' tinae -o.l , ,- am' t .e.-'n-' -. CArvJ I win. Clothins was r,o,r sold so low ; in the Hill'. ( ' V, Peadwood. ';' i Co oi- tL.e ,-,i.t ma:k when you w o intliins; they mi' to Oha-o's to hi, h I Are Unexcelled Carr, Lot!; id" I lonilwood (;,.,,, :,. c inn-. i u - L; , n o from .. ,i! "-I, td:i and pm in th i mint v iail mi t L cl.ii i : p., i ! e n u mp'llle!. The laldiom !:a:n L'ft Chadion es-tenhiy an huur and twent thn-e niiti utos late and pulled into lieadwood just t'.vontv minutes behind snhedule time. Mrs. F. f. Tucker was very low yesterday and serious doubts were entertained as to her recovery. Last nisht however, there was a slislit cbanse for the belter. F. II. P.rown. of Chicaso. fornieily cashier of the Whitewood hank, .'ir-rived in White wood yesterday morning to look after some business inter ests in the Hills. M. M. Junes and 1!. 1. Clifford, two barbers of Morrison. Illinois, ai rived in Deauwood yesterday. Mr. Clifford is located nt the Sprinkle barber shop on l.oo street. Frank X. Smith, who accidentally shot himself in the leg two or three "weeks ago, was out yesterday for the flrst time. He walks with a cane but Is improving satisfactorily. Six Swedes, Finlanders and Au-trt' 2ns took out their final papers in the counJ, court yesterday, and swore 1 be loyal citizens of the X'nited State .Eight others took out their first papers. Chief Grimsha'w was in the rislit Place at the right time yesterday, vheii he notified a property owner to tn&fce sewer connections and forbid on overcoats and o.ts for men and have a spei ial . in!- ' : ' oil h" :.RING YOUR F0CKETBOOK. Opening, of the Fall Season. I .im-.m " .11, d 111 ' m.P L,i- ', o V, oio-.op, Hi we l!io ,ip. i .lll-l pi , I l! I ! Visitiim; as we uo the markets of the world, enables us to not only get tho cream of the market in way of styles but insures for our customers a fav-ins "f fully 15 per cent over "stay at home" Competitors Our brands are the beat the mar- kets 'show. Every pair of mens shoed wo sell is a standard at its price. Every pair la guaranteed by manufacturers to us, and we positively guarantee them to you. We are sole agents for tho famous Florsheim Shoe for men. THE ImW eii ..liP lll-i IK'S-S. f UK 1,1 .Ml'! ' L 1 I, r.M.I. iHii! WIN". I il IP ; ,1111 -i -i ,'i ( Il' I 1 V- HIP il I 1 ell! ,1 mih-L- mi i'i lob I 1 lids. n i o.idy lo iii'!y iiii.v" "M i i I i I 1 1 1 l .Old I o I'ollilW ill.'' defull I II, '111 n;u ;i;.!i: ,mi:i; 'Han nvcrv one of h i now lilli u with i 1 : 1 ,i ions, MilliiKTv, Liidies ftn tt ...... i o -o-pi 'i'ii f iiii, MiiMiii- - J M-v ( i Is ami DIM'. HUH 'HI e"1 o'-o'-e " ishines, Tailor S t:i:s. Coats, Ca,'rs and Jark.ds. Clothhi,. f urnihi nu-. Sl.-cs foi yU'n, Women and -n, CarHt and lloby fnniisliin-s of kinds. i WORLDS GREAT FINE SHOE! Our method of buying saves one profit. With us it is from "maker to : wearer." , o, m i;i;en.NT tah.oking dei'AKTMKNT and llpiiiciiil'fr, also, that we now have a Mi; the erection of an outside closet. It Is well at this time to guard the sanitary interests of the city. If ordinances regulating these matters are enforced by the city officials, sickness may be averted. J- F. Edmonds sprang into national ame in one night He "went to bed a common Insurance man and rose a famous wit. At the recent mating of he Northwestern Fire Underwriters' association held In, Chicago, he read a japef on 'Ttoes It Pay to Be Good?" Tie metropolitan dallies devoted kfgo space to the-man and his re-"Ponse to the toast, then the weeklies nl the magazines took it tip and are ytng all sorts of complimentary ""ngg of him. This will be especially 8-atifyiny to hh Black Hills friends, fflong: whom he has spent twenty Jearg 0( tte begt part pf Wg life The Empire trio opens a sit weeks' eagtaaent at the Bodega tonight. aelentert8jnnent CQnslst3 of the test ballads, dutta, Bongs and dances na conieay- sketches. Particular attention Is. callel to Mr. Glllihan's Bck ""4 wing dancing. Mr. Gilllhan make clotlios for men and women make them hoiv in our own workshop. i ock nt the.Fine Shoes in Our Window, Ms '8 OOM

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