The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 4, 1900 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1900
Page 3
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4j 19W. tIi daily ii6iififeft-llilllES, 'deadwood, s. d. A. - - - .pRD- head ONE ":oa. when able W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Wagon leaker HORSESHOEING AND t ENFRAL REPAIRING UUNE ON SHCRT NOTICE, All kinds of -Carriage and Wagon Wood Work; also Carriage ... L Uurnishings, 11 and 12 Pine St.. - Deadwood, S. D. o-HELP. v. ilium'- RECOMPENSE ' What1 is tlie price of manhoods hat cale docs honor tinngfl Pot pur.', niiuiriili".! . Iiancwr (YuM luimiii in hi. tune's mgf Do haul. ! .-( I- 1 1 1 i.' llui ii ri"l, i u in r. iii. Tin1 pun M Lt 1 t . trjinplc .turn, T-. . n.-h. !--! i ;. . r. tnl tuam? Is then- no 1 1 in :. I li.m-.r 'tiausi' liulil.ilnl ti tjv Tht' all uiimhhuu 1I111M for lust TH411 lur. i li. in aua .' Iim-i 'hi ! -t . ! a i. 'I In- Hi. . 1 t w I. I. 11; N. "re . a. I ? Is lila. k . i . . r 1 1 1 1 i t 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 - Tli.- t!.i i- Hun,' 1 1 .-hi hi.-', iiij,tf Furyi't li' l i 'I..- I- ujl. f.iiii i 111! a Hons lj . ilai , And 1 1. ).. s u.i in. '1 at Ml' li a lie Min 1 v will i cj .ay ; For llicili in. .ill in. I i, j.i.lm A' 'ii tic - "i an, Tin- I.". I. llio j'it, (lie n'iil.-.'iis .Tiuige, 1 n -1 t , "iir i nin. .si In ai l . Comliliili I. "I. Hun. I pray i!i.t, l-'or ti t In s. li, lav May tu-i'k f. r nwn y tliy Ju.lup, W Iiijm' M rill'i ii'iiic ran sway. And uiiip.T all 1 1 iv judiii'-iiM .Ulth ion- and i illllIIK'li srlisn. The end wi ll ini rilB all 'tuill tirinp-; H hi rvi'.i full i i-i nmpi'iis.'. Edwin M. AI.I...U in 1'illnhuri; lnpti h. In- a ranch- .irk 011 """Republican State Conversion. To the Repuhliran Electors of the State of South Iokota: There will be a dele-Tfile iiiiiv miiiii of the republicans of the stale of Si.uih llakota. held. ill the city of Sioux Falls, on Wednesday, the L':;d day of May. A li puiii. at n'clnck p. in., for 'ho -iirpiise of oloolini; oiiiht dclonates to the io iil'lii-an national con volition, to he hold in the eitj ,,f Philadelphia. June i:. A- I' piii'i, and for iho further purpose of pl.K iim in niitn i naiion two caniliilatea for loiiuicsH. a oandi'late tur liovernor. li- n. i:it i-riior. stiite troasuii'r. ''a'1' alplrol. sup,. 1 1 n t otldellt of I'l'l'lli' I list I in t inn . oiHOIMl-isiotier of s- hool an 1 piil'lio lauds. I. altorlii y licti-oi.d. t'lih-iiiid i i.ninii-d'iner. four caiii-dalis l.r pi c-ideiit ial ol.M-tors. and al.-o for re iitiiinoniliiiK a nationai coin til il,t i-o-n i ii ti and for llio t runs. n-t ion of hui-Ii other i.i ltio.- as may ciilm- In fore a n-iu til ioan slat. , (,n .-nl ton All voters of the slate IiiIiimiik in republican pritniidos. and vs'ho endorse ttio policy' of the republican parte are invited to unite under this call for the s.-b . lion of (leli-nato-i lo said convention. The slate ciiininitiee has rceom-incii.lrd that no nrosios bo allowed in iho .stale convention, and thattjie delc-Kitos and alii-rnatis pn-siiit cast T"fu- full vote for each county T'"' rui" "f representation will he as follows: Two,flclei;aies at large from each county and one additional debMate for each fort v voles or major fraction thereof cast for Hue Kirk : Phillips, republican 'and'date for KoVernor. at the election or tvi- The representation to which the s. vera! counties will he entitled to under Ldv Pr e gir start' at A;H- ! Main US'- for g"'" lap Dr. F. J. Combs Vcterinay Surgeon, Calls Day or Niht Promptly Attended to. Harrison Phono 171 Deadwood s. n. 1 t&vj learn twrlH-r tl'i"1''' ,ao years' appren- aslant practice, ex- &c 10O1S MC- iocs, this call iH a follows grauutiiHM " " 1 our Number Llogue BiailM ire.-. Minneapolis, r .. . Number IV of Iiek'Katos 11 College. of volw for K 1 in is'js . . :'.r.s . !'S2 O. C. jEWETT, ARCHITECT. New Waite Block. DKADWOOD. 8. D. j woman for S nor-M A lad v livii, : ,-.t ! ..i .v:', M.iss., describes an interesting condition of affairs m lnc: cin'el. sl.c first heard of Ripans Tubule she was I'.jviii;; ;t;i .. o i i:l sped with her stomach. She had had them off and on all lie: nfe and had swallowed enough medicines to stock up a drug store. "1 was losing flesh everyday," said she... " Som days I was so weak 1 couldn't get out of bed. I kn?w if I hadn't got relief 1 wouldn't be here now " Two dollars' worth of Ripan Tabules was all she ever used, and t'.ic)' made her a well woman. Her' husband sivs she looks better no.v than he ever saw her. Sha made hi;n t.ic the Tabules for biliousness and they acted just as well in his case. Ripans Tabules are a regular stand-by in that family now . WANTED A rmf at tA kMltk Ui.l H IT A t will o,,t benefit. Thar buldl nil uid proloaaT We. OniirWf relief Noi. Uu word RIP A N tfe. p-k il ucpt o MrbaShiU. BI P7 M for s .w,iiia mar be luul At All, drug Mom. Ten aAmele. And UioaaAne UetimonlAl. wul he BMlMd SS ZfZuniiTa seeme, toreaiid U UUwu. Xiimi i w Xmm. St. .t.r.i'.; . 47'. lluiisi'. firrwt Aurora Ilea. He Hon Homme Hrookings brow n ... - Itrule burial. i Hull - Campbell ... Charles Mix Clark Clav Cmhtintoll Custer I'.o "ld it: f,:ts ','S'J s i 1 SALE. tend haml. in nond p Center Crank enin-. trank. 4 an.l 15 II. !' ,,6H. P. uptight $ wood lalli''. p.iHeys. iiinery. Sprague Mn-1216 JoniM SU Cir.a s . S r.oo ts t t::i 12" 171 J. P. HYMER C(LCTI0HS-ADJUSTMEMTS- XOIaRj FIDELITY BONDS, All kinds of bonds written- Appeal tt tacbment, replevin, bonds for eiecuior administrators. 11 Judicial bond eifr cuted without delay Dent auk yout friend to slip for you until you nt ou' rates Lod(?e officers. treasurers, suk ofbcls.1 bonds specialty Olymolc niock, Deadwood T'lonea Harrison, 138: Illack Hills, 10J Phone In residence. Harrison. 8H. WILES OF THE FOX! Rome (levrr TrleUn li. Which Reynard llu'llen III I'llrHUfrs, A fox is entitled to all that is Raid for its wisdom and fcanarity. 'Not lone apt the Washington hunt of Valley Forge started a young fox In the North valley liills. anil the lii.iiint wnv run IlltlK it in -ross the open field when the hunters were surprised to see a niueh litt'Ker fn I'omn-from the woods and run diagonally aeross the traek of the young fox ahead of the hounds, and when they struck the stronger traek of the liigger fu they took it up, young Iteytianl theivliy lieing saved from lie-lng run ilfiu n and killed by the hounds. Old hunters ay they have f iyiUent Iv witnessed this triek when young foxes were being elusoly pres-ed and in dan-pT of being run ilmvn and killed by the hiiuuiK. Another a ml all even sharper triek was played by iu old fo some weeks nun while being hotly c!iased by lioiinds. The t'o had run some L'c I u ' 1 1 - -. a nd lule erossing mi' open' st releh of i "iiiiili was in danger of being run dunn and killed. In a tii'lil through 1 1 i -f i flu- fo was run uiil'g Willi the hounds elose to its heels was the eellar of an old house, with a portion of, t In- walls siill sianding. The fox made straight f.-r Ihe old eellar. leaped into it and made i I - esi ape through a narrow o ening in the walls. The hounds, supji.nig the l'o was trapped, dashed into the cellar poll inell, only 1. 1 li;:d lo'. n ini gone and theinsel ves in a nap. as 1 1 1 . hole ill the Willi through which the fox had escaped was too small to permit them to get through. When I lie hunfers lode up. they found the pacti in a trap, with one of the hounds w.-d- d lasi in the hole through whii' h I In- fox had made its escape. I'.v the time the hounds were got ollt of the cell;.!- ill'- lox W it S Sill'e in its bole. rildadcbiilOl Tillies. 4ss :: is I lavid.-iin ! I av 1 I'-Ucl 1 i.iuirlas . . Kd'lHJl Is ' Fall Kiver I Caulk . - i ' '. I .i 11 ' - ; 1 1 1 . 1 1 n Maud 1 1. infill - 1 I Inch' s . . I nun h.n.sou ! llvde j.lciauld . .-I Kttu'sl.ury I Laic I Law rein e I Lincoln , 1. VIII, in I Marshall dwelling A. L. 1 jeven-rooiii Wer st it-1 MILES 1 1 :.i .s 0Sr 11' . 1 . 7?- CTises at 55 bower jijuO.OO; half cash, ual-, Apply to R. M. Ma- Tboroughly Equippea Railway . 17: 1 1 : J ISP-T-T III I II.l.TMI.U.y.U.I.II lilding lots on Lincoln side; lumber furnished fiS VAN C1SE. (tf) : r. in M. i -o ok b l'lu rsiin - - M.ado Miner Mono lialia Xlood' I'eiinington . Poller Hubert Salil'.u.. - Sptnk Stanley , Sllllv Vuiio-r t nioti Walworih Vauklon I'llorL'.lliicd to I :u: tc '. . n.-lano and lireifory . . .la'ksoti. Xo S'crlltl Pratt I'roho Ziebai h Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat. 1 1 iirti ticiall y d i-ests t he food and aids Nature' in stronKtht.-uin and reconstructing t lie exhausted digestive organs. 11 N t lie latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach it in cfticieticy. It instantly relievos and permanent ly cures Dyspepsia, Indices ion, Heartburn Flatulence, Sour Stomacli, Nausea Sickneadachc.Gafltralk'ia.eranips.ani all other results of imperfect digestion. Prepared by E C De Witt Co., Chicago. For Sale by K. G. PHILLIPS, lib) So. 1 location on Sher-r sale at a bargain. Gen. Delive-y. lead of mixed tattle, iiL-h cows, 2 and u year i ! year o'M heifers ami terms api'ly to T. B. ranial, or Henry Fraw- tics :.i is1' and The Shortest and Quickest Route . to Chicago, Omaha and the East To Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and St. Paul, ICk-yant ncW I'lillfrrfin Palact-'sleeping cars, ami Free Re-clinino ClbiTiNjars on all tlirou";li trains. Kail road and Steamship Tickets to all parts of the world. For further information call on of write. V. A. HAMPTON, City Ticket Agent. Deadwood, S. DJC3 Cook Remedy Cc, HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR RENT. -A UL . . . ...ii. .i ..;..!., l,.w ....pviiii, 'iriOIC!'"!- i.!""'i i'(i""n. uitn. ... . , lehtlity and a I Mod troubles treat oil under nlnsral -room house, MiT I'p-1 Apply to H. B. riiarantee. ' orre-potldelice Tiruy private It. -ware "f iinitatois who aro r.ipyinK u I u rilo lor oue-i inn in.j 1 .0.".2 Hat oil. February 1:1. U""b 1 1 v order of the state committee. CHAKI.KS N IIERKKID. Chairman. FRANK CRANK, Secretary. Special Saturday Excursion via Burlington Route. One fare for the round trip to Hot PpriiiKS and Outer every Saturday, good to return ou or before the following Tnvri, .,,.'. "FASTER IT MIDEAST BOUND." A change of limy between Norfolk and Sioux City enables pascngers us- g our train No. 4 to reach Sioux City at 4:00 p. ru. daily. Twelve hours saved between MINNEAPOLIS. ST. PAUL and the HI.AOK HILLS. West bound, leave Minneapolis at 7:10; St. Paul -at 7:40 a. ti., Sioux City at '5:05 p. m. Arrive Norfolk Junction' 7:40 p m.. connecting with FREMONT, KLKHORN & MISSOURI VALLEY RAILROAD train No. 3 dife at Black Hills stations the next morning. PARTICULAR attention is called to the change of time in leaving SIOUX CITT 5:05 p. m., daily, connecting at Norfolk Junction with train No. 3, thus enabling passengers from connecting lines to piake connection at Sioux City without lay-over. o good dwelling r si iv Mac?e a well ree nice rooms, fur-irnished. 549 ta&r.v nan or 4 sA-iJ Mftft ti M i LI' w - aJ ss-- V m ! " . S A J- DCOTD, T. IKDAP0 111 A lillll room, upper floor ihabaugh block. pOD POISON PRIMARY. SECONDARY M TERTIARY HLOOD POISONv PERMANENTLY CURED IN 15 TO 35 DAYS. You can be treated at home for the same HINDOO REMEDY FBonrcra mr. abo t K...i.iMArjil(iu.. 'n. nil Vannni IKmawII. FrI .inff i.mfrT 1'nraaiA 81eDltW6nel NishtW a.I- Watchmakfr Optician, Jeweler .l.,n- o f i-u ,. u. 1 hi .iskI .hniiML ffi M f ifror'and sire to -hmnken orRAns. and qnioklf tMrt price under same GUARANTY, tf you prefer to come here we will wITre.t(in lw flmi"n m oifl or 7(rans- . KllTr.rril in f Docket. I'rioe AT-.OO ft pArkACA NOTICE OF REMOyAU The New York Life Insurance company will occupy offices in the Adam block on December first. HOMER BOSTWICK. General Agt 8i l for $S .OO r o wrUtvn (TAvaraxX to our oy rfnOH. DOI'T BFT AB IHITATIOM, b a6 INT5 aPO, If rour draA!fhA. ua rland hotel, Sherman plastered, tbruout; steam heat, sewer fcf-M rooms besides om and kitchen. Ap-!5&ley, Agent. wot tk, spa will MQd it prepAia. H.MIXXI UEMtUV U.. froers. Ceicere. IH er snr Atn WZLOOX PKXRMACT Dswoo4 tt contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge If we fall to cure. If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, am still have aches and palna, MlTToOs PATCHES la mouth, SOORE THROAT. PJMPLE-S, COPPER C0LOR-KI SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of tre bodv HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING) OUT it Is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE 4o cure. We solicit the rnofit OBSTINATE OASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CANNOT CURE. This disease has always BAFFLED THE SKILL OK THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. Several of our most prominent public m(r.. Kings and Emperors of foreign lsmdJ have succumbed to this disease even when under the treatment of the bent talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SECRET REMEDY known only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEARS of our existence no lew thaa twenty different concerns have started up Vo lniWte our treatment, prompted br our unprecedented success; today ni?t one of the remains 1b business. wVsS4 50 YEARS' y 4 EXPERIENCE 'monico Restaurant, Woffice. Furnished D. Smith. Black Hills Jewelry to Order. "Watch Examiner for the Klkhorn R. R. Work and Prices Guaranteed. Lee St. Deadwood. We Stand Alone Without A Single Sut5cesful Competlter, OST. Gold At Cape Nome. The best way to reach Cape Nome is by steamer frpm Seattle. The best way tolach Seattle is via the Burlington Route. It is several hundred miles shorter and almost two days quicker than any other line from the Black Hills. Advertising matter giving full information about Nome, and steamer reservations can be had by applying to the local ticket agent of the B. & M. R. R. First steamer leaves Seattle May 10. J. Francis, General Passenger Agent Omaha, Neb. A AX Designs Sold bracelet with 1 Plate. A reward r return to the Pio- THE COOK REMEDY CO. hafjgrmanently cured thousands and has . world-wide reputation for speedy cures, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. D. METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES' AND UNBROKEN PLEDGES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. Do N'T Be Fooledi Copyrights 1c. AnTnnt?Hfndtn(i VkMrh and d-wicrlpdon ma? qnlckty ascertain our opinion free whether an InTention n probahly patentahlo. ComnnjiVr-ttonontrirtly ronlJtienttiil. Handbook on Patent eent free. ol.lpt mrenT for wourinir patents. Ha tent taken thnmifh Munn A Co. recelre wpftiMt notice, without charve. in the Scientific American, A handf-oTftOkir i11utrnted weeklr, I,rmt rlr-cillatiu -f a hy fw-ieniide journal. Terms. m year; f"-ir m.'t;ib8. L bold by all rtew-niealer. MUNN & Gn.36iBro.-w-. n6W York Brancb OfIii nTS V f? WMhiUKton, I). C Take the genuine, original ROCKY MOUNTAIN TEA Made only by Madison Medicine Co., Madison, Wis. It keeps you well. Our trade mark cut on each package. Price, 35 cents. Never sold I- ka.llr Arrant flW 111 Kf Address C03&: REMEDY COMPANY, 1928 M?sonic Temple, CDicaio, 111. Will go out by wliB at home. Lee street ....,.. ... tute. Ask your druggist. I! MAuunnn occTnocn housecieaniug or housewurt. at No. p- 0. Box 785. Dead- 'Lii'ii:iJ!i in ii i mil ii.":::.L'::"i:- THE FINEST MEATS AT lllf Vw W m w I Aiw nuuuviluirpinLiip' tton ol a faaic j I renoh phystrian. will quickly core tou of all ner OLYMPIC ANNUAL MEETING. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Olympic association will be hld in the association rooms in the Olympic block, in Deadwood, S. D.. on Tuesday, April iOTh, 1900, at 8 e'eleck p. nu for the purpose of electing a board of seven directors for the ensuing year, and to transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of March, 19Q0. H. A. CABLE. (Seel.) Secretary. VOUS Ol O. '. Ol Id- KC-I-I W "l - a.. ..J" ' ns i". hw.u.wu, I-cim- L, 1 . v- i'i t'..e r.-u L.berait'al tnnsaion. ferrous lability. J' -.- ev! t JJrrT. tXlumsUus: 1'f.lfa, Varicocele S"d (v.i- n.i;! n. 1 1 HT' a 1 locsc briii' or niC'it. prrvrnits qnl k- Lee-Glass -Ardreesen Wholesale Hardware -Jt.. Bicyclesand 1 Sporting Goods. 1219-21-23 HARNEY ST., OJaAHA. J. C. CARSON,- Agent. Deadwood Office Syndicate Blk. C V SW sw , Gus Keller's Market STANFTjRD. If Office and treet. " r" tobacco habit sl J ai i.irr-e. wl.icb if nolcis-kc. id to rsnermAloirrKK. ana t --!T-- ' Trro .iril,e.orn.r.otImpM-n.-r. ji-i nf.KlAima UieUver. lb B BEFORE ANO AFTER ki.lnev,, and the n-inarrorra' sol Aui uupunuea. 6 flPIDESE n"?J :Ci'T?Vor!;1rrH.tT per cent are trooolM wtt lSiww'--'l" r,i..r-sd If pi. boi. d.i i.o ettoct a permaoeoiear ' .11 T A.aAl M rnlf l" ' O tn 1 -Tsnc-,., o.t Hr Hr ti2 Mala Streak, Deadwjod.

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